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The Ford Taurus is a reliable car that will get you to point A to point B

My car is overall a decent driving car. I bought the car used, and it only had one prior owner. The car performs pretty well. Only problems I have had are the normal things that you will experience with a car like brakes, needing new parts etc. However, I will mentions i have Had some oil leaks and the air conditioner doesn't work due to the pulley going out.The car performs well, and it's a very powerful car speed wise so you will have to be mindful of that. Also, the car has great gas mileage. If you are not a frequent driver and commute to work and home, you can go a week on a full tank. As far as features there is not bells and whistles. It has a basic radio, no aux cord or sub port, power windows, only seat that is powered is the driver's seat, and sunroof. Overall, it's a decent car that gets the job done..

- Shakeela B

Dependable and great gas mileage.

My car's name is Debbie. The only reason I have listed her as my primary vehicle is because my primary vehicle is actually a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville, but Pontiac was not in the list of makes for vehicles. Right now, Debbie is not my primary vehicle, although I'd like her to be because she gets good gas mileage. Debbie was my primary vehicle until her transmission started having problems and then I had to get another car so that I could get back and forth to school which is about 25 miles away. I really like Debbie, except the problem with the transmission and she has really bad shocks, but overall she's very dependable. This semester I plan to get her transmission repaired so that I don't have to pay so much in gas every week.

- Heather H

Important Words About a Ford Taurus

2002 Ford Taurus has been the best car I have had in my lifetime so far. It's amazing; has unlock and lock buttons, power windows and adjustable rear view mirrors. Also, my Ford Taurus currently has 250,000 miles on it and it's still running powerfully with no issues at all. A Ford Taurus has had quite a few bad rumors go around about it, but I now know all that is just lies. I am glad, happy, and proud to be the owner of this Ford Taurus. Under the hood is where it's most important. A good running motor and transmission are the 2 top priorities in a perfect vehicle. A Ford Taurus has been know for the motors and transmissions lasting for some of the longest times in history over running vehicles.

- Autumn M

Ford Taurus: Great for Hauling Things and People Both

I've moved to two different states in the ten years or so I've had my car, both moves several thousand miles, and I've been so happy with its reliability and space. Between the trunk and backseat, I've never had a problem fitting everything I need into it. I moved to college with one carload of boxes and was set. The middle console in the front row can convert into a third seat, meaning a driver and five passengers can fit inside. That came in handy again during my college years, when I was transporting friends to movies, events, and protests. The car is comfy and durable and is over its 200,000 mark without having failed me yet: just some maintenance over the years

- Sylvia N

Ford Taurus is a tank (and good for driving friends)

I like my car, it's been relatively reliable considering it is a used car. The seating in the car is very roomy, the backseat isn't cramped and the front seat has a third seat if needed located under the center console. My only issue with the car is that it has broken down a few times due to issues with the engine, but I took it to a reliable mechanic and it's been fine since. Another mechanic said that my car, if taken care of properly can actually last a lot longer than most cars and can even still be fine at 400,000 miles. Overall I like my car, and I think it's a good car especially for first time car owners.

- Clara M

An interesting thing about my car is the lights are not automatic.

My 2002 Ford Taurus se is a pretty stable car. Its small and comfortable but personally I hate it. I do not like the shape of the car its just extremely different and randomly curvy in unnecessary areas. I bought my car from a previous owner and I have had it for over a year but for that its been extremely reliable I do not really change the oil at least I haven't and it continues to run for me with no problems with the engine or anything at all. They are cheap cars normally only worth a few hundred.

- John H

It is a simple car and has no rust. It has a few dings, it is in great shape.

This vehicle is known as a 'disposable' car, but it is still going after 17 years. It drives well, but doesn't like going up hills. It is very reliable... starts up each time, and is excellent on gas! The car is very comfortable to drive although it has no extra features. It does need about $1,000 in repairs every year to pass inspection, but in my opinion, $1000/year in repairs is still far better than having a new car payment. The only thing I wish it had was cruise control.

- Debbie R

Dependable, great gas mileage.

Actually my 2002 Ford Taurus is a great car, there have been no major problems with the car. Gets good gas mileage and really the only thing I have had to replace so far were minor due to wear and tear. I would definitely recommend. Ford Taurus for very dependable, reliable vehicle. I have driven it daily and it is just a great overall car. If you are looking for a dependable and reliable vehicle a lower price than the Ford Taurus is the most excellent choice.

- Debbie T

Space for passengers and cargo area. The part that it has a secret compartment.

Roomy, , drives well and comfortable. It has a lot of space for travel and leisure. Its reliable. The problem it had was the engine. It feels like it has no power when you accelerate going uphill. But once it goes, the problem disappear. For its age, it is pretty good car. I the problem might have stemmed from lack of gas as I packet uphill sometimes. Well it drives pretty good at speed of 80 plus in its 16th year, its a real good car.

- Ester M

Ford Taurus is a great town car.

I love my vehicle because it drives nice, and it is not a gas eater for a v6 engine. Windows are powered up and it has a full back seat and in the front there is a middle seat as well, with it is own seatbelt. If you looking for a nice car, like for just work or a town car the Ford Taurus is a really great car for meeting those expectations. I've had this car for over 3 years and I love it. No problems and its really reliable.

- Roseanne G

This car has been in the family for the past 6 years.

The car that my family is currently using is a 2002 Ford Taurus. It has not been the most reliable but it has managed to get us where we need to go. There is a problem with the power steering, even when you put the power steering fluid in, it still has issues running. The ac is broken, as well as the two back windows. While it is not ideal to be driving in the Florida heat, it wasn't a terrible car when it was first bought.

- Jessica J

Ford: Built to Drive, Built to Last

I have no problems with this vehicle. It's super reliable, easy to drive. It has a lot of space in the front seat and the back seat and a large trunk. It can withstand all types of weather. When it needs work done, it's extremely easy to service. Ford is known to be the epitome of American cars and it definitely lives up to this standard. They are built to last. Gas mileage is good and it always gets me where I need to go.

- Nicole H

A car that does not go the long-term distance.

The hatchback is broken, the back window latch is broken, the defroster does not work, the heat does not work, the air conditioner does not work, the interior vinyl paneling is coming off. The car steers at such a wide radius that we cannot get it into most parking spaces or turn effectively at street lights. It constantly has a major problem like needing a new starter or a new water pump or a new radiator.

- Jen F

Ford's are pieces of crap for the most part, I have been "burned" by them numerous times now, and no more!!

It is comfortable to drive, but no head room to get into and out of. This is the third Ford my family has had, each of them have had electrical issues and do not consistently run correctly. This one, jerks and acts like it is going to die when you try to park it, and then does the same thing when you try to pull out of the parking space at times, but not consistently... so frustrated!!!

- Clint R

The ford Taurus. Personal review on performance and maintenance.

The ford Taurus is a smooth riding car and easy to handle on curvy roads. It has not given me any problems with the motor other than the regular maintenance. I had to have the heater core flushed due to low heat but it works fine now. I just wish the gas mileage was better. It only gets about 20 miles to the gallon city and 24 mpg highway. Really a good, solid and dependable vehicle.

- Barbara H

A sturdy beginner car, pretty average

The 2002 Ford Taurus is mostly reliable, I bought mine pre-owned and have had 2 problems, one was the starter the other is currently unknown. The car gets me from point a to point b with ok gas mileage (I don't know the specifics) and good a.c. My big problem is that my Taurus squeaks when driven, quite bad. It's got a big trunk and a nice enough interior. It's a good starter car.

- Winter J

Sturdy wagon keeps up well with a 20 something

I'm at least the third owner of this 2002 station wagon and I absolutely love it. It's had a lot of minor problems, but has overall been reliable and wonderful for all my people moving and furniture hauling needs. The cloth seats have held up wonderfully, and the sound system is still very decent for a 2002. I have a FM Bluetooth transmitter and it really updates the car.

- Danny S

My car gets me from point A to point B. It was just a learner car at first.

Well my car is an older car so there are a lot of things that needs work and renewal. I need a new o2 sensor. I also need a new dashboard light fuse. Two tires in the back need replacement. And the shocks need to be replaced as well. I would bring someone who knows about cars if you are buying an old one just to know what needs done for sure before you buy it or lease it.

- Tania T

I do not like this car. Do not buy.

After replacing spark plugs, wires, coil pack and fuel filter my car still sputters. I can't get anyone to tell me what is really wrong with my car. It drives but it eats twice as much gas as it should. If you're looking for a fuel saver, this is not the car for you. I've had it for two years and have had the same problem off and on the whole time. Buyer beware.

- Brandy D

Taurus: a car that lasts?

My Taurus was my mom's and didn't drive much. Taurus vehicles are know to be reliable and mine is extremely good. Other than the usual maintenance that must be done, it runs well. The comfort of the seats is baste on my disabilities. It does sit low and with severe ra and fibromyalgia it can be a challenge. My Taurus has less than 40,000 miles for a 2002 model.

- Jacqueline G

Great vehicle I have very little negative things to say about it.

My only problem is it's very hard and expensive to replace the electronic key and without the electronic key you can only unlock the driver's side door. Which makes it difficult for my children to get in their seats as they are always impatient. Especially in the winter when it's freezing cold. Other than that I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love it.

- Stephanie F

It is reliable! It doesn't have fancy features, but it turns on and gets you where you need to go.

This car is reliable and basic. You won't find extra features, but it gets you where you need to go with decent gas mileage (about 22 in City and 28 on highway). This car has a CD player and a middle seat in the front that you can fold out, so 6 people can actually ride in this car legally. I recommend this car if you need something reliable and affordable!

- Marta B

Be aware that you have to keep up on maintenance on older models.

I like the reliability of my vehicle especially if it is maintained well. But, because it is an older model and used car it does not function like current models or have current features. For instance, I notice at a certain age most of these models develop rust on the frame around the tire. Also at a certain point there's issues with the engine.

- Kim L

It's mostly reliable, but prone to front-end problems.

This car has a lot of nice luxury features and it is relatively easy to find inexpensive replacement parts. However, it is prone to many issues. I've had to replace the steering rack and coolant tank, and have an ongoing issue with the heater core that effectively renders the car useless during the winter as I have no heat while I drive.

- Bailey T

02 Ford Taurus, gold, 4 door

Its a 4 door car. It does have the 3 seats in the front and 3 in the back. Built in 6 disc cd player, ac, power windows, tilt steering wheel, trunk popping button on the dash. Does not have a key fob, transmission is messing up, pin striping on the side is falling off, the blower motor caught fire, struts have been replaced a couple times.

- Brianna F

My car ( Alice) is one of the most roomy comfortable, rides I've ever had.

My car is a reliable, comfortable ride. Its fully loaded when bought, and everything still works after 16. Years Ford really knows how to make a car. As we all know cars break down but I have to say for a car this old there has only been regular wear and tear kind of replacement brakes shocks. I have to say this cat was built to last.

- Marie J

2002 Ford Taurus not big on looks but stands the test of time.

2002 Ford Taurus is a mid sized sedan. Not very stylish, however, it is comfortable enough for me. It is a good starter car to get you from point A to point B. Has lasted this long so I would say it is fairly reliable. No severe issues that I can link directly to the manufacturer just some complications due to previous accidents.

- Aubrey G

Buying a solid professional looking used car.

When I first bought it I purchased it from a friend who owns a car lot. It was a four door, was clean, just a little dent and was also very roomy as well. The color was a grey exterior with light brown interior. The sound system was adequate at best. AM/FM with a CD player. There wasn't an iPhone invented during that time frame.

- Douglas H

It has an excellent heater and air conditioner. The sunroof is very handy.

It has held up pretty well but as with most things start to go bad with age and need replaced. I would say that the drivers side door not wanting to always close when it is cold is the worst problem. It is very comfortable to sit in with the plush leather seats. It has a nice sunroof and sound system for the time it was put out.

- Jason A

Ford Taurus: dependable, affordable, practical

It's fairly dependable, with almost 200k miles I've had to replace water pump, heater core, a few sensors and the air conditioner is messing up. Other than that it's a pretty smooth ride and as long as it gets regular scheduled maintenance I firmly believe it's good for another 100k miles. Not bad for an American made car!!

- Melody G

2002 Ford Taurus Nice ride with lots of features at your fingertips

I have had no issues with this vehicle. It is a comfortable ride sits up to five passengers it has air conditioning, a CD player, AM FM radio, stereo sound. Front seat can hold three passengers or be converted into a glove box and drink holder very spacious and comfortable to ride in whether your the driver or passenger.

- Francisca S

The seating is very comfortable for car trip situations.

I like the amount of space the car has, mainly in the trunk. It has never broken down. It takes me about $40 to fill up the gas tank. The air conditioning in the car stopped working sometime last year and I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed yet but I plan to because of the reasonable costs I have seen to repair it.

- Alexandra M

The Taurus is highly overrated

Gas mileage of 18 mpg is very disappointing. I would have expected more from a 2002 vehicle. The #3 cylinder wire somehow became burned to the engine, creating a misfire, and my alternator is not sufficiently charging the battery. I've heard great things about the Taurus, but I'm not seeing the same in the one I own.

- Cindi H

My car's name is tweedy because of it is squeaky belt, and I lover for it.

My Taurus is a reliable car, with a few mishaps here and there. My door locks are picky and sometimes don't want to lock, and a belt has always squeaked in the engine. I have also run out of gas a few times because the has gauge is not completely accurate, but if I get gas before the scale hits the first bar, it's okay.

- Petra D

My ford Taurus, the highlight of the car is it has a sunroof

Well hello I have a ford Taurus wel a nice I have received the car it has done pretty good the problem with the car is having to put gas in the car often but other then that the car runs pretty good I would of liked it to be four wheel drive also come with a converter for the tape deck to be able to play by bluetooth

- Kerry B

My thoughts on what Ford should do.

Ford is a great quality it I think it could be better. It needs to be more adaptable for those who are handicap. Stop making the gear shift in the floor. The driver wheel console is so much better for those who have limited reach. Also, it would be great if there was a way to shut the trunk as well as popping it.

- Tommy M

Old car but works just like new.

I like my car because it is great on gas and I only use about $40. 00 every 2 weeks. I like my car because it has a lot of room for passengers and the trunk has a lot of space for groceries or anything else large I may need to haul. The back seats in my car fold down as well so that would help with a long haul.

- Tiffany M

Ford transmission malfunction

My 2002 Ford Taurus is a very good car to a certain extent. It has an absolutely terrible transmission. When you try to speed up the transmission slips and it doesn't like to change gears like it's supposed to. The car is also very bad about fishtailing when the roads are wet no matter the speed you are going.

- Haley Q

The vehicle has been very reliable.

This ford Taurus has been a very reliable car, I have had little maintenance problems and runs very well. There is plenty of room, the backseat is comfortable and the trunk has ample storage space. The vehicle rides smooth, no problems with the standard features. Peppy engine and has definitely held up well.

- Kat R

It's a Ford and American made. It has been around for a century. (All Fords that is) You should look at my car and see how clean it is and good looking it is. You would be surprised. It has 6 cylinders and gets excellent miles per gallon.The motor and engine are clean and does not pollute the air. It fits 6 people and is very roomy. Drives well, in fact it's a treat to drive.

My auto has served me well. I have owned it for 16 years now and counting. It runs good and I personally keep it maintained. That is oil changes etc. It only has 45,000 miles on it, but then I am retired and no longer drive a large amount of miles. It's pretty inside and out. I will keep it as long as I can.

- Edward K

Runs well. Low maintenance.

Just in need of a newer vehicle. Runs ok as of now. Just keep up with the maintenance, oil changes tune ups tires rotations. The vehicle is reliable. Runs well. Problems would be the car has many rust spots. I would consider buying another Ford but probably a Ford SUV or truck as my next vehicle purchase.

- Patricia M

2002 ford Taurus: proof that comfort is timeless.

Even though it is an older model, the ford Taurus has a very smooth ride. I have but almost 300k on it, and the only legitimate issues I ever need to have professional repair include changing the oil temp sender, and sporadic dash lights. All in all, a very reliable car. Which is accelerated about faster.

- Erin B

I'd like a bigger vehicle such as an SUV of some kind.

I love my car. It is cheap to put gas in and gets great mileage. There's plenty of trunk space for groceries and room for my kids and their friends to sit. There's a CD player in it but I realize now I do not have hardly any CDs to play in it. I do need to replace the windshield though which is expensive.

- Tiffany B

Time to trade in.. For a newer model.

My vehicle is 16 years old and it drove like a dream and was reliable for the first 10 yrs. I have had to repair gaskets, starter, power steering and now have oil leak that makes my car a local only vehicle must rent for long distance trips. I am looking to buy in next three years just not sure on model.

- Nicole C

the life of my car battery when everything is electrical in the car

I really love my car however the few minor dislikes that I do have about my ford Taurus is everything is electrical. If my car battery dies I can't do anything in my car including accessing my trunk. Also I can't listen to music in my car without my car engine running, can't leave my doors open to long.

- katrina G

Comfortable to drive, and love the gas mileage.

I like how it drives, I wish it was taller so I wouldn't have to fall in the car. . I'd rather step into one. Since we've had it we've had to put a transmission pan on, the rotors are warped and the brakes are whining. But all in all I really like it. I like the color of it. The inside is comfortable.

- Elizabeth S

Strong fast motor that is a great family car.

This care has been very reliable with low maintenance. The motor is very strong. I have the model that police use. Some parts can be costly but most are not. It is a mid size sedan but it has a lot of room inside with a big trunk. If you service it on a regular basis it will last for a very long time.

- Tony D

2002 Ford Taurus sel review.

The only problem I have had since owning my vehicle is a broken button on the dash and a bad fuel pump. It is the only part I have had to replace, which is expensive but not bad for an old car with 200, 000 miles. It is nice and big with lots of space and very roomy. The sun roof is also nice.

- Allison R

Poor vehicle purchase, buyer's regret.

Car is too big for me, both size and fuel efficiency. It is big and bulky and I do not feel safe driving it. Car gets me where I want to go but I do not like it. Car requires more time, money than I have. Vehicle is gas guzzler. Would rather have actual trunk than visible, open cargo space.

- Diana D

My car, my friend. Great vehicle. Love the room inside and comfort it provides.

I love this bar. However, it has a very common problem of rusting above the rear wheel wells. Other than that it's a good ride. Dependable, good on gas, has tons of features, parts are readily available and easy to install. A great car and when it finally dies I'll look for another Taurus.

- Walter H

This old car rides and rolls.

My car I call her Alice. Has always been very reliable. She is gray with leather seats, she rides smooth on the road and I have to say for as old as she is basically she only needed regular work plugs. Battery. Struts and as always a regular oil change which is the most important thing.

- Marie M

Not the best on the market for a used car.

I bought the car used. A lot of rust on body and undercarriage, have had to do some work. I am not sure how they took care of the car, so I can't speak of the vehicles actual performance. Not a lot of speed and the sunroof doesn't work properly. Comfort is ok. Cup holders are terrible.

- Danny K

This is a really reliable car with good gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable which is important to me because I use it primary to get back and forth from work. It also gets very good gas mileage. I dislike the outward appearance of my car for the most part and I've had a crazy amount of issues with my heat and air conditioner in the car.

- Siarah R

Very easy on gas mileage and money saver.

A very reliable car. Easy to maintain and simple maintenance to be honest. Great brake system. Cheap tires and easy on gas. Only thing I don't like is how the electrical system is setup because it's understandable why its setup the way it is but very hard to understand how to fix it.

- Antonio C

Love keyless entry and all the trunk space provided.

Love my vehicle very reliable. Easy to find parts that I need to fix it. Love having a CD player as well as a tape player and love having the extra seatbelt in the front. I also love having the keyless entry to lock and unlock the car. Trunk space is also very helpful. A lot of room.

- Stephanie P

Cool gray color

It sits too close to the ground in winter I get stuck. Other then that it is a great car. I would buy another but it cannot be low to the ground. It is black and has a broken tail light. It was my grandma car. She did not like how low it was it was hard for her to get in and out of.

- Jennifer S

My vehicle is spacious I drive it every day to work I love it.

The only problem if I have to call it that is that is not the economical for people that used it for work or there own business. Have it see it on my point of view it a good car, strong and fast. I do love it. Special is big inside and commutable. Easy to maintain and it looks good.

- Gonzalez, M

my car is the best car ever.

my vehicle performance is in excellent condition it drives well. My car drives good. It does not shake or rattle. It doesn't make any type of noises when I drive it. it's a great car to drive. And it's even great on gas. The color is in good shape and so is the inside interior.

- portia D

Very dependable and reliable easy to drive and comfortable to ride in.

My car is really comfortable to ride in and it gets good gas mileage. Have not had many mechanical issues except normal wear and tear. I have over 100, 000 miles on it and feel like I may get a lot more. Ford is a reputable manufacturer and cannot be trusted for dependability.

- Toni A

The motor can carry very high miles and still run great.

The car gets great gas mileage. And there is to work on. We have to of the one of the already has 2596700 miles on it and still runs great the parts on the car are cheap. And there comfortable when making long trips. If you need a great car the tarsus are wonderful family car.

- april C

I really like the good fuel efficiency.

The 2002 Ford Taurus I own and drive is excellent. I have not had any major issues with it and it is very reliable. It gets me from point A to point B and has good fuel efficiency. I can typically get 25 miles per gallon on the highway and about 15 miles per gallon in town.

- Kay J

My Taurus is an old beast.

Great sturdy car! Since my car is 16 years old it needs more maintenance now compared to when I first got the car. Although I did drive the car from California to Florida, the car made it the whole way but now runs a little rough. It makes noise and had to replace starter.

- Kathryn N

2002 Ford Taurus- my dream car.

I have had my car for 2 months and I absolutely love it. I had to replace a belt when I first bought the vehicle, but it was super easy to get to and replace. It drives very well on the highway and has great heat and ac. My car is super reliable and I trust it completely.

- Beth S

strong and sturdy! Has a great security system as well!

It's an old car but has been kicking for years. Have replaced the alternator and battery twice, fuel pump, check engine light is on, and needs a new heating core. It has some dents in its bumper, and has over 200k kilometers. But still running just fine with no problems.

- Katie C

Awesome sunroof and power operates windows.

Back struts need replaced. Needs two new front tires the car is missing running boards. Rusty on both tire wells. Needs a new thermometer.the sunroof door needs adjusted. Front driver seat needs new leather and doesn't have any floor mats. Needs a new spare tire as well.

- Rebecca R

Ford Taurus knows no boundaries.

The Ford Taurus knows no boundaries. It gets great gas mileage and is generally a smooth ride, despite its age. In the mountains of Colorado, it has absolutely no issues getting up and down the passes and is generally reliable. I couldn't think of a car I'd rather have.

- Kyle A

I would definitely purchase another vehicle like this if I needed a new car.

I bought it used in Feb. because my other vehicle was in the shop. I am a delivery driver and put many miles on it but it's been a very reliable car. The only trouble I've had is the power steering pump needs replaced. Other than that, it's comfortable and drives great.

- Duchess P

It may not be super pretty, but it works so well and give you no problems so you can commute safely

It's very reliable vehicle that gets me to where I need to go. The main problem is whenever the car is on an incline, the gas meter appears to show less gas than the car actually has, which can be misleading. But overall it has been a very useful car that I can rely on

- Sam E

It is a white Ford Taurus.

My transmission acts up sometimes, it has no heat or air, the door light stays on, the battery light stays on, it has a small transmission leak, the back passenger side rim is all messed up, it jumps and tries to skip first gear other than all of that it is a good car.

- Hayley W

2002 Ford Taurus. Fast, great car.

Fast car, good gas save, and very comfortable. This car is fast! Do not underestimate the speed. Does come in various colors, I have a light blue and the paint is still great. I believe this car brand use to be used by police so it is very fast and has a good pickup.

- Von O

Family roadster we joke about it. Like the movie vacation.

The car has is roomy and a good ride. It fits the needs of the family. It starts good. Did have some front end issues. We take long drives on expressways feel safe in the car. Has plenty of storage space. Doors are wide enough. Back of car can seat extra passengers.

- Kris H

It is comfortable, rides well, and accommodates my family well.

The car is 16 years old, I drive it hard, and it has now started to have standard wear issues. I have had the started and water pump replaced, the transmission rebuilt, and a serpentine belt replaced. It is easy to work on, l for home repairs as opposed to the shop.

- Chris K

Strut problem but otherwise fine car.

Bought it a few months ago and love it. But did have front strut go out and spring went through new tire, the car was not moving but cost of tire and strut was about 400 dollars. Checking online showed this is a problem others have had and there has been no recall.

- John V

I like the fact that the outside looks nice. The inside is comfortable.

I was told that Ford is not dependable and that their parts do not last long. I have had my car for almost a year and was having cam/crank problems. My car was stalling out and no one could tell me why. The engine light wouldn't come on so that didn't help either.

- Kori H

Its just fine with me know.

Well I love to drive the car its a car that gives me from point A to B and I can make it so it will be ok. One day I will be able to get a better car but right now its just fine with me I want to have money to buy a new car one day and know I worked hard for it.

- Len M

Non-operable. May get rid of it very soon.

I bought it in 2017. In 2018, I started having problems with it: catalytic converter. Presently, it will not crank. I may have to junk it soon. I am very frustrated with it. I need a car but I cannot afford expensive repairs. It might go to the scales for scrap.

- Marianna L

Ford Taurus dependable family vehicle.

It sits to low to the ground is not easy to get in and out of but is comfortable once seated inside. Starts great rides nicely good on gas has good heating and cooling system. Is four door automatic locks and windows nice stereo system. Good dependable vehicle.

- Kimberly Y

The seats move and go higher in a way that vehicles of that year do not do.

It is reliable somehow, but it has some issues as well. I have it for 5 months now and it has been good sometimes and sometimes it is a money pit. I try to keep it well maintained but I will bring it back to the dealership and trade it in for something else.

- Josephine R

It is good on gas & also is good for long distances.

My vehicle has just went out due to needing a new starter. It runs pretty fine though other than that and is great on gas. I have a leak in the back of my car do not know where it is from. Also need a new pulley added to my car but that is no biggie you know!

- Croft A

There�s a sunroof and the CD player can hold multiple CDs at once.

It's a good car for college and even post college a couple of years. I've had my car for almost 6 years now and I haven't had major problems with it yet. Decent gas mileage, and if you don't like super big cars that's also a plus. The trunk size is big too.

- Sydney M

The vehicle of all vehicles!

I actually love my vehicle. It used to be a police vehicle. It drives smoothly, it is fast, etc. I do not have any problems with its performance. It is very comfortable in the vehicle. I love how it can speed up super fast in no time, I like the color, etc.

- Rachel M

Old faithful. I loved the style. It was unique at the time.

My car is too old. It is leaking oil and needs new brakes. It was nice in the beginning. I really do like the Ford Taurus. The poor thing is just getting to be to much for me. I am trying to figure out what kind of car I want to get next. A lot of choices.

- Judy M

My car is too old. And costs too much to maintain.

It is too old resulting in more major and minor repairs and looks bad due to scratches, dents and dings on the body and paint. Hard to start in cold weather and heater does not work. Needs new shocks and springs. Rides too rough especially on rough roads.

- Joseph C

My vehicle is a white Ford taurus. Year 2002. Four door car.

The most problems is when the check engine comes on. Most of this year model are out to dated with emissions testing. Ac nearing works but does not blow a lot or air out. But it runs good. Performance of the vehicle is fair but needs new work done to it.

- Ashley T

Oh what a feeling Nice smooth ride

My car gets good gas mileage and Is easy to Maintain It handles well and has a great Engine and gets good gas mileage Handles well on the Highway and also has good acceleration The best car I have ever purchased I have been happy with It from the start

- Larry R

02 ford Taurus ses great family car needs a little work.

She runs great but no air conditioning, and she uses a little to much in gas but perfect for a family car. Original head unit needs a top up and an alignment. Just got two new tires, she has made the trip from WV to TX a few times. No major accidents.

- Christine G

This is my opinion on the Ford Taurus car.

Car itself is very reliable, haven't had a flat tire or malfunction while driving on the road ever. It is very big and lots of trunk space. The appearance is nothing fancy but it is an overall trustworthy car. Good if it is a first car or something.

- Liz W

If pulling through to park, always go up farther than you think you should.

It is too long. I feel like I am driving a boat. There’s so much wrong with it and I have spent so much money on it just to make it run right. Not to mention how ugly it is. It is all dented and scratched up and the color itself is horrible.

- Cay H

Ford Taurus: Old but Reliable

Car rarely breaks down and while it is old, can still be reliable. Some of the interior decorations are falling apart and the paint is chipping but the care works fine. Not very fast but comfortable enough and had okay gas mileage.

- Solomon L

My Ford Taurus drives smooth.

I love my car it is very reliable. My car has a quiet sound we I crank it up. I have only had minor problems, nothing that I couldn't fix. This Ford Taurus drives great on the interstate it is the best used car I have ever bought.

- Rose A

It has a total of 45,000 miles on it and runs good.

My Ford has been good to me for 16 years and of course, I have been good to it. No major problems and keep the maintenance up with Oil Changes and other vitals. It still looks good and keep on running. Only 45,000 miles on it.

- Edward M

It is a comfortable ride with decent space for you and your family or passengers.

Something is constantly breaking on my car. It is very frustrating that the a/c goes out during the summer but works in the winter. But it gets me from point A to point B which is better than taking the bus for transportation.

- Taylor P

It does get good gas mileage!

I am not the biggest fan of this car! It does not have a good look and there is always something wrong with it, from the transmission to the brakes! I would recommend looking into another car before buying one of these!

- Haley L

It is a very dependable, well made car with a lot of options.

I like it because it is a comfortable vehicle to drive. It has adequate power and plenty of creature comforts. It gets decent gas mileage and is good in the snow. My only complaint is that it is getting a little old.

- John M

Very safe and dependable transportation, very economical.

Has over 200,000 miles on it and have not had any major repairs or problems. Has dual side airbags and good anti-theft system. Dependable car, I make a 5 hour trip each month and never worry about getting home safe

- Daniel L

Not the best, but blessed to have it.

It has a gas leak makes the car smell like gas through the a/c, shocks need to replace, it does have a hard time starting up, it creaks when I turn full lock to the left or right, has a good radio but no AUX cord.

- Rodney Singleton A

Excellent gas mileage. Fold down back seats allow carrying fairly large items.

It is a little small but gets great gas mileage. It is responsive and has good pick up for a small car. Comfort level is livable for a short wheelbase but on really long trips it tends to lose that comfort level.

- James G

great winter car! it has always started even in the coldest weather.

my taurus has been good, reliable transportation for years. it is easy to maintain. i have been able to do most of the repairs it has needed myself. it is, however, coming to the end of It's useful life.

- dan b

It runs well even though it's old.

I like the seat because it doesn't hurt my back. The ac doesn't work and I would like to have cold air in my car but it's very expensive to fix. I have to replace many parts on my car because it's old.

- Amelia F

It has good performance for the price I paid for it.

The things I like about my vehicle are the v6 engine and double headcams. The things I dislike about my car are the gas mileage and small side mirrors. Another thing I dislike are the stiff gas pedals.

- Jordan W

It is fuel efficient and roomy in all ways. The trunk is also very roomy.

It is great on gas, nice size vehicle. Roomy and comfortable to drive on long trips. I never thought I would find myself driving a Ford other than a Mustang. I guess with age comes change in all ways.

- Donna H

It needs some work done with the driver side mirror and rusted areas.

This car has black leather seats that tend to heat up in the sun. The best option is the 6 cd changer and sound surround. Larger than some cars but rusts terribly around the back tires and trunk area.

- Andrea S

It is one of the most high maintenance vehicles around; so much so it is the most common vehicle model in junkyards and used car lots.

I enjoy this vehicle because it is fairly reliable. It does, however, require a lot of maintenance even if purchased new. I enjoy the gas mileage but dislike the size. It is a great starter vehicle.

- Michelle F

If you are on the shorter side, it will be hard for you to reach the pedals

I dislike that the radio does not have a CD slot, that it always seems to have some sort of issue (oil issue, brake issue, etc). I like that it is fairly reliable and a smaller car, fuel efficient.

- Emily S

It is older and needs body work on it and some.engine work. We've put almost 80,000miles on it since we bought it and I hope to get another 80,000miles. She runs well.on the highway and gets pretty good gas mileage.

It is older and needs body work and other things. We've put almost 80,000 miles on it in the 4 years since we bought it. The engine is strong and I hope we can get another 80,000 miles from it

- Meghan C

Good for anyone who Is looking for a good simple car that will be cheap to own!

Reliable, have made very few repairs since purchasing! Body style looks up to date although it is 16 years old! I wish it had a screen for location and finding businesses that I am looking for!

- Ronald R

We had minimal repairs, nothing has really gone wrong with it.

The car is good overall if properly maintained and cared for. Fords tend to begin breaking down after 100,000 miles and this car is no different. The interior is prone to falling apart as well.

- Caroline K

Ford Taurus' are known for being reliable.

It is an amazing car to have as a family car but would also be a great first car for your teen! It is reliable without a doubt and wouldn't have an issue getting you to point A to point B.

- Destiny S

ford Taurus ses 2002 not a bad vehicle . runs well and it's very comfortable

Well I have a lot of tire issues and some mechanic issues. the car is not a bad car, it runs well and it is very comfortable. Probably the previous owner just didn't take good care of it

- Josefina R

It gets the job done...most of the time! Great local vehicle!

It is old and unreliable. It also doesn't like to accelerate quickly- like on highways. It also does not have working air-conditioning, which sucks because it is black and absorbs heat.

- Hanna S

It lasts forever and looks nice.

The only complaint I'd that it is currently without air conditioning. I like that the vehicle is easily fixed and can be taken to any repair shop. I also like the look of my vehicle.

- Jen B

It is a well-rounded car in style and very compact.

The car had lasted us a really long time. It runs smoothly. And it is good on gas. The only downfall is we've had to have repairs done to the heating and cooling system multiple times.

- Mm Y

It's a good reliable family car

I love the Taurus. It's very reliable. My car is older so it has needed work but I have owned it for many years and have never once been stuck in the side of the road with this car

- Kris K

It is easy to find replacement parts for it.

My car is very reliable and never gives me a problem. It is just getting old and rusty so I want to replace it. It is comfortable and allows me to always have room to load it up.

- Bob G

Runs very well very few issues with motor or transmission.

Runs well. Have had issues with all struts/springs breaking, which punctured two tires. Heat blower went out. don't top of the gas tank or you will get the service soon light.

- George S

It may be old, but it works for me.

My Ford Taurus has been extremely reliable, with very few mechanical problems over the years. I also like the fact that it is a wagon--very convenient for hauling my dogs!

- Lisa B

A silver Ford Taurus its a very bland car.

My windows work but take a minute to start, my air conditioner is broken, my car run well, it a okay car. It fine for the $1000 I payed for it. Less than 100, 000 miles.

- Ryan C

it is good for short trips but not really reliable once it passes a certain age no matter how well you take care of it

It is getting too old. There always seems to be a new problem coming up with it. It is way to small for a family. It doesn't accelerate well but it is pretty good on gas

- michelle h

my car has a lot of higher end items for its age, it is 16 years old

my car has plenty of space for 6 people. it has plenty of power but the gas mileage is not the greatest. it is an older car so now i am having a lot of problems with it.

- fred r

My ford Taurus car review

The care i own is a good reliable car of course it has its problems it is a older car. The gas mileage is good but the parts on the car are all slowly falling apart.

- Thomas D

Very reliable and easy to fix. Parts are cheap and easy to source

great reliable car. easy to fix. easy to find parts for this car. It is a little old, but that does not mean that it is a bad car. There is still life left in it.

- Gina S

It runs well for the age and gets you where you need to go.

My vehicle is old, but still runs pretty good. I would like to update it with one at least 2010 or later with one that has more options and better gas mileage.

- Kimberly A

My parents had a similar make and ended up having a problem where you would smell oil when you were stopped and the heat was on - this is the same with mine

It is a tank and has taken a lot of abuse from my growing family. It is getting small and cramped, this gh. I need a new vehicle that is bigger for a my family.

- Kim B

It is reliable and gets you to where you want to go.

It is old, but it gets me to work and sometimes to the store. I would like to purchase a newer vehicle that might come with a warranty and better gas mileage.

- Stephanie C

Ford Taurus--The Car For YOU--You will not be disappointed

My car has very low mileage. I have no complaints about my car. It is reliable. The only time my car has not started was when i forgot to shut my lights off.

- Sarah H

Take care of it, it will take care of you. Make sure you do regular maintenance.

It has run like a trooper. Granted, it is wearing out a bit on the inside and we have had to have some repair work done, but overall it has been a good car.

- Stephanie g

An interesting detail is it gets good gas mileage

I like my vehicle. I have no issues out of it because I have taken well care of it. I don't feel the need to buy another vehicle yet until I really have to

- Alicia P

Overall it's pretty reliable overtime, it's a great A to B type of a car. For the summer, it does have the best air conditioner I have ever seen in a car.

No true complaints about any overall built quality or anything like that, just the fact that it's an older car and it's close to being time for a new one.

- Rui C

Its gets me to where I need to go.

The likes about it it's a car. The second like is it gets me to point a to be. The last thing is I am thankful to have a car. I am grateful to have a car.

- Len M

Safety, dependability and mechanically sound.

Very dependable, safe & comfortable, over 200, 000 miles, no major repairs, routine service done regularly makes this vehicle dependable and economical.

- Daniel O

It is an older car so it takes a while to accelerate. It does not brake quickly so be sure to give it enough room to brake.

It's in great condition. I love that it rides well, handles well. Likes that it electric windows. Don't like the body so much, could be more sporty.

- Emilio G

Reliable , dependable, trustworthy. I feel safe in the car

The Ford Taurus I own is a very reliable car. I have only had to do routine maintenance repairs on the car. It has 150,000 miles and still going !

- Pam H

The comfort of driving and the cargo space

It is a great reliable car. I like the roominess and the cargo space. This particular model isn't being made any more so I take good care of it.

- Alice B

I go to the carwash every once in a while but I keep it clean.

A good motor very good mileage. It's a great automobile I bought it from a friend. Driving it feels smooth. Just put a new starter it runs great.

- Sundra F

Older car still works great!

I'm a young adult I don't really need a nice expensive car. This car is a great little car and does a great job of getting me from point A to B.

- Katie W

Roomie for children and their friends. . A great family car. Great on gas mileage.

I love the Taurus station wagon has three additional seats in the back. I also love it is great on gas. I can take my children to college in it.

- Wanda T

Dependability, reliable and cost efficient vehicle. Good starting vehicle for those who don't want to pay excessive insurance and car payments

Very reliable vehicle that has been a very cost effective investment. 2 major repairs over the course of 3 years and over 20000 miles of driving

- Joseph H

It's safe to drive and it's really nice inside.

It's grey and leather seats. I don't like it during summer bc I get stuck but it does cool down fast. I like that I can still play music in it.

- Juli D

It has a lot of features that are unique and helpful.

I like the size and the features it has. I don't like that the doors freeze in the winter. The car also has some issues relating to its age.

- Sarah T

It is an affordable good gas mileage car.

I like the sunroof and power options. I like the reliability. I am not a fan of its miles per gallon. One of my windows wont roll down either.

- Andre W

The insurance is very low. I only have 87000 miles on it.

It's old. But the insurance is low I actually bought it from an elderly friend for cheap. It has only 87000 miles It's really a mercury sable

- karen s

They should know it a good car but gas mileage could be better

I like that it's not too big but i also don't like the fact that's it's so low to the ground. i wish that it would have better gas mileage

- BruceT T

Easy to drive and ride for the age.

I keep finding new features and it is comfortable to drive. I bought it for my job. There is a lot of rust underneath and I dislike that.

- Katie M

this is a well belt vehicle

we have had very little problems with this vehicle, just had to replace small stuff like battery etc. It has been a very reliable car.

- Janet A

The car has never been in a accident and It still operates like a new vehicle.

It's very reliable. Also maintenance is easy to perform. Gas mileage is also reasonable. The car has plenty of room for the passengers.

- John K

Holds six people with working set belts.

It has a good working air conditioner. Has cruise control and electric doors. It drives smooth but has power. Turn on a dime. Love it.

- Melanie W

It's failing, so expect the unexpected on a ride to anywhere.

It's an older vehicle so problems are expected. I just hate that when I fix something a while after something else need working on.

- Sherry A

It has lasted 16 years. It has been a great car.

My car is 16 years old. It is starting to have problems. It does have great gas mileage, but I am having to replace a lot of parts.

- Martha N

It's a very dependable car that rarely has any breakdowns.

I think it is very dependable. It also gets good gas mileage. It's also easy to work on it myself. I don't have any complaints.

- Chris C

It's a good car durable and efficient. It does not consume a lot of gaz.

Good car. Can do long distance with no problem. Don't have to put a lot of gaz. Can go very fast and is efficient in the snow.

- Chantal A

Reliability of family vehicles.

Really good in the snow. Has over 200, 000 miles and still runs strong. Great family car. Has lots of room for road trips.

- Wendy J

Watch for your check engine light.

Transmission problems, alternator problems and starter problems but other than that it is pretty reliable. Run's smooth.

- Deborah T

it's difficult to see front and rear fenders to judge position and distance

i like smooth ride and ease of driving, its too large a car for me, difficult to judge space and how to position it

- peggy c

It can fit 5 car seats in the van.

Good gas mileage, a lot of room. I had looked for one for years and hold up good in a accident. Great family car.

- Anna W

Ford Taurus wagon is a good daily driver.

Compact size makes parking easy. Gets good gas mileage. Has a nice selection of optional features. Easy handling.

- Sus M

It is ugly but it works great for my family. It is reliable and gets me from place to place.

I really like the amount of room I have for my family. I also feel safe driving this car. It is easy to control.

- Ambrosia S

It still runs well even though it's old. I keep the fluids checked.

It's old. The ac doesn't work and it's too expensive to repair. Ford should have made better ac's in the cars.

- Amelia D

Its gray 4 doors great on gas.

No problems I love my car I have had it for almost a year now have not had any problems but I need a bigger car.

- Ashley Ward J

How am I supposed to breathe with no air?

I do not have air conditioning and that sucks sometimes because I live in Texas and it is really hot sometimes.

- Francesca W

it's reliable. I can get from point a to point b when I need to

old, hand-me-down. Needs new shocks, brakes, compressor, tires. I don't drive it much because I work from home.

- Jonathan B

Dependability and safety are paramount to me in purchasing cars.

My car is very dependable and comfortable to drive. It is sturdy and offers good protection in an accident.

- Martha D

She may not be pretty, but she's reliable and gets me where I need to go.

My car is reliable and gets me to and from places I need to go. It is not fancy. It's a comfortable car.

- Patty S

It is a great compact car.

I like that its reliable to go places. Dislikes I want a utility vehicle for my growing family and trips.

- Susan R

It is cost it is like having another child.

It is a wonderful car drive well gets me to we’re I needs to go and I have no complaints about my car.

- Jasmine B

This vehicle has been reliable in all circumstances.

It is a comfortable ride. It gets good gas mileage. It has been reliable the entire time we have had it.

- Melissa O

The brakes work very well but have warped twice now since I have had it.

I like the comfort and feel of my car but I dislike the low gas mileage and the little technology on it.

- Peyton S

Transmission recalls and issues that are recurring every few months.

Its old, does not get good gas mileage, has issue with abs. It is an old lady car and not really for me.

- Katherine L

It has good gas mileage for the size car it is.

The exhaust is loose and it needs constant maintenance because it is an older car. I do enjoy the size.

- Tara L

Good quality and high performance car. We have had very few problems with it and it just keeps running smoothly. We love it.

It is an older vehicle now but we have had very few repairs done. We keep it running good and love it.

- Barb W

My car really fast. It is old. But it runs and handles like a newer car.

I like the way my vehicle looks. I like the way my vehicle handles. I wish my vehicle was not so old.

- Donald F

The lack of power especially merging on to a highway.

Accommodates the size of my family. Good gas mileage. Would like a newer vehicle with a better radio.

- Renee P

All leather seats has a nice stock radio ran perfect before it broke down only problem is out of nowhere it broke down and it's really expensive to fix one thing

It is broke down and needs an engine harness it's not running was a great car before it broke down..

- Angela K

My car runs good and is safe, handles great and offers a smooth ride.

The car rides smooth. Haven't had any issues with it lately. It does use too much gas tho I think.

- Heather B

It has had many unique problems that have been very disappointing from 23,000 miles on. It was taken care of very well but many different fuel problems. It has leaks & fuel sensor problems. Which makes it run very rough. The suspension needs work as well.

It would be an awesome small car that SHOULD get good fuel mileage if the fuel system was not bad

- Linda B

When it wants to run it runs good

It's keeps breaking down. Runs good when it's not broken. Looks good. It's cheap to maintain.

- Morgan P

It's not that reliable. It shakes when it goes 60 to 80 mph.

I don't like how i have to fix it all the time. But i like how it gets me from point a to b.

- Andy P

It is very fun to drive my car

I wish it was newer. I would like to fix it up. I enjoy driving it. It needs a re-spray.

- John F

sentimental to me hate to lose it as i feel i will be losing my past memories

love cruise control keyless entry leather interior, dislike that it has reached Its end

- Diana M

It is reliable, runs well, well designed and comfortable

I like the reliability and comfort of it, but I not like the performance or features.

- James V

With only a few hundred dollars could last 100,00 miles more; a very good second car when I sell it.

65,000 miles. Like: trouble free and comfortable. Dislike: somebody scratches, age.

- Norman B

It's a great vehicle for the money. Very dependable vehicle

It accommodates the family. Great value for the money. The radio isn't that great

- Renee P

They should know that this car runs every time i start it, it gives me no trouble.

very dependable car. just the right size. air conditioner is broke and that sucks

- William H

it's paid for and has been for years. It's a decent car

It drives well. Looks good for 16 yrs old. Bought it used and got a good price

- sam h

It was cheap and gets me where i need to go.

I like the fuel efficiency. I hate the broken bumpers. I hate the cheap interior

- Sarah K

My car is very reliable and safe

My vehicle is very dependable. I feel that it is very safe. And is very durable

- Alan R

That it runs and reliable and gets me where i need to go

It is dependable and it gets me where i need to go it is a solid reliable car

- Ronald R

It's a good quality vehicle that will last a long time it you don't get in a wreck.

Decent gas mileage. Smooth riding. Long lasting. I wish it had an aux port.

- Lucas F

This car is roomy and reliable. However, there are a lot of blind spots so adjust your mirrors accordingly.

Acceleration is excruciating. Sharp turns are not gonna happen in this car.

- Tanya R

low mileage, only 52,000 stupid to make me keep typing

was dad's car: is good enough for now no complaints free is always good

- Karen Y

It is a gas saver and a very reliable car. It's the perfect size and easy to park!

It is very good on gas, I consider it a gas saver!! Very reliable car!

- Tay N

Good for a single person car.

I like that it is comfortable. I wish it had more room and was larger.

- Elizabeth P

Granted, it's a rustbucket. And it's gone through three engines. And it constantly surprises my mechanic in how it's broken THIS time. But it's comfy, with a big trunk, and I love it.

It may not be the best, or most reliable, or prettiest, but it's mine.

- Susan B

It is a very reliable car, so far!

6 cylinder engine Uses regular gas Has everything I need in this car.

- Ronald g

It runs well, but requires a lot of upkeep because of its age.

Overall, it is a decent car, but it has needed a lot of maintenance.

- Peggy D

It's not too big or small, a good size family car.

I like it because it's a mid size sedan, roomy and comfortable.

- Amy Y

Gets good mileage and runs well.

Gets good mileage. Is economical. Has room for hauling things.

- Su K

Everything works, and works well, plenty of legroom

Looks shiny silver and nice stereo Gas mileage could be better

- Jim B

It has electrical issues and issues with the ABS,

I like that its reliable, I dislike that it uses to much gas.

- Katherine L

it sucks and i wouldn't get this car again. I would like a better car

dislike how old it is. dislike no Bluetooth, like character

- Lisa p

Nice riding car good on gas always goes where I want to no problems

Like how relax you feel when your driving and the nice rude

- Robert M

that the car uses way too much gas. It's cheap to fill up but once you use it, it just eats it up.

it uses way to much gas. breaks down often. not reliable

- Becky D

I have owned 2 Taurus in the past 15 years and currently own my 3rd. These are excellent vehicles that are time tested. The 6 cylinder engines in the are as durable as they come.

Dependable car for the masses you see a lot on the road

- Steven B

has a good engine which is a 3.0 liter known to be well built

its reliable,good on gas,hasn't costs a lot in repairs

- david s

It is very reliable. The downside is that it is very bulky.

I like the 6 CD player. I like the adjustable seats.

- Melissa M

Reliable, easy care, easy to drive, reliable, Ford's are the best

My car is reliable and I've own it for 14 years now.

- Dawn J

Good gas mileage and very roomy and very large trunk

Its old and rusty and loud but gets good gas mileage

- Amy E

it's a good car that drives good it has power to move out of the way

I like that it is a v6 Im not to fond of the color

- Tara H

That it gets me where i need to go

My car simply gets me where i need to go

- Andrew B