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My car has a brand new stereo.

The Ford Taurus runs very well. It is great on gas mileage. The interior comfort is great, mine is from 2004 and has very few problems since I have gotten it. The only real issues I have had with mine since getting it is the exterior paint is bubbling and wearing away but that is because of the age and as well as the salt where I live. The trunk is very big, I can fit a baseball bag and golf club bag easily in the back. If I were you buying this type of car I would get rubber floor mats because of the material inside of the car the mats can wear through pretty quickly. Overall I have had very few problems with my Taurus and it is a very affordable and reliable car.

- Adam M

2004 Ford Taurus smooth and relaxing.

The quality of the car is second to none. The luxury of having power everything makes for easy use. The Taurus has such a balanced and smooth ride whether on the highway or inner city. Very comfortable and reliable in any weather condition. I find that it has just as equal performance as any other vehicle that is on the road today. It is not just a reliable car but also a very family friendly and safe vehicle to purchase and ride in. It also has access to a sunroof and capabilities for a trailer for hauling.

- John T

2004 Ford Taurus. Red exterior. 97, 000 miles.

My Ford Taurus if very reliable. It has a very comfortable interior. Tauruses are synonymous with getting great mileage as well as being able to hold up over time. My specific Taurus is from 2004 and it has held up great. Minor issues we have had has included leaks in the air conditioning unit as well exhaust oil leakage. The paint depending where you live may wear and chip mine does but I am in a place where I drive often drive on salt roads. All together the Ford Taurus is a great and comfortable car.

- Adam T

Attention all first time car buyers!

I without a doubt love my 2004 Ford Taurus. I have had it for 7 years and never had a problem with it. The performance is excellent, runs like a brand new car. I also love how reliable this car is, seven years is a long time to have a car and have absolutely no problems with it at all. It has a cool radio system, a/c and heat works, and tinted windows. If you're thinking about buying a car, I highly recommend the 2004 Ford Taurus.

- Tommy W

Cheap used car at 210k miles.

Purchased it used for $2400. The car's at 210k miles and still running. It is had its share of problems but being the first car I have owned, I do not have much to compare it to. The electric, heat, and ac has been broken in it for years. It drives fine in the snow, does a good job of maintaining traction. My serpentine belt has broken 4 times since I bought it 3 years ago. It does not turn very well, feels long and boat-like.

- Robert S

Good and bad review from the consumer.

Needs to have a CD player in the car. Drives good, handles good in the winter weather. Haven't had any problems with it. Drives good for having over 150 thousand miles on it. I feel safe in the car. It is roomy in the front and back seat. A great car for teaching my daughter how to drive. The bad thing is the 3rd brake light is out and to replace it is over 200. 00 Just to replace the led bulbs.

- Paula S

2004 Ford Taurus with long lasting, durable engine.

My 2004 Ford Taurus has performed pretty good for me these 5 years I have had it. Outside the regular maintenance, (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.), I haven't had any major mechanic problems. Through several years of experience with cars, I learned at an early age; with "any car" you'll have a better and longer experience if you at least keep up with the basic maintenance of a car.

- A A

Pre-owned 2004 Ford Taurus.

The 2004 Ford Taurus is reliable and makes me feel safe driving my boys around. My only issue with this car is the age. I would prefer a newer vehicle that does not require as much maintenance. Most of the time it seems like the accessories are constantly falling off. The previous owners took care of the vehicle so all work that has to be done is standard upkeep.

- Rebecca B

The Ford Taurus lx 2004 is a decent car.

Drives alright. Has torque converter issues and mine has given out previously. High rpm when idle and driving. Brakes worn down very quickly. If it has no problems and runs well and you take care of it though, it is a fine car. Seating is comfortable. There is plenty of room in the car and trunk for storage and passengers. Radio is a bit loose with the wiring.

- Jordan M

Don't buy a Ford. Stay American but don't buy Ford's they are nothing but problems

It's an older car with it's problems but these problems just keep coming and are to the point of the car cost me more money than it's worth. Struts went bad and destroyed two tires in the process, my gas Gage doesn't work and there is some issue with the engine and gas not communicating with each other. Every answer I get is the same nothing has fixed it yet

- Kasey L

Outstanding car and a very good investment.

It is my 2nd Ford Taurus. I purchased it because of my great satisfaction with my 1st. It is a 2004 purchased used in 2005. It had a little more than 25, 000 miles on it at that time. Knock on wood, but I have never had any major issues with it. Just yearly inspections and replacement of wear and tear items (brakes & tires). It is extremely reliable!!

- Lisa C

Option to check number of things in the driver seat.

I purchased my car used, however I do not believe that affects too much other than being newer. I haven't had any major issues with my car I check everything regularly though( oil, fluids, all around maintenance) I have never had any major problems and I drive my car daily. It is easy on gas as well. I would recommend the ford Taurus any day!

- Char B

Great 1st 2nd or even last car! Perfect for anyone and everyone.

Performance is great and mileage is great. The car is good on gas I could take my car to and from work 45 mins away several times before refiling. Also the gas tank is quite big for a small car. The seat and wheel are very adjustable which is good for a short girl like me. Only thing is that it does not have an AUX cable so you need CDs.

- Zo M

My Taurus has been a champ!

The Taurus has been a solidly made car, that has given me very few problems. It is very comfortable and smooth driving. The engine has been strong and has good torque for driving in my very hilly city. The gas mileage, According to the on-board computer, is not the best, but I do not drive a lot of miles so that is not really an issue.

- James Y

It is caused some heartache, however gets me from A to B (most of the time).

I bought my vehicle used. So I have had issues with the ac compressor clutch and the serpentine belt. So my car is not the most reliable because of those issues. It is an inconvenience that the belt controls the water pump, so when my belt went out, my car overheated. My Taurus gets great gas mileage compared to my old vehicle.

- Dina K

Best car I have ever driven with detailed driving information on dashboard!

I love the car. It has been through a lot of different weather conditions and I have driven it to great lengths but she is still holding up. I live that you can get information on your dash about how many mpg's it gets or how many miles until e. The stereo setup is already amazing. Overall best car I have ever owned.

- Ron L

14 years old, high mileage, and still running strong.

Despite high mileage the car still runs well. Repairs are super inexpensive as the car is easy to work on and parts are common. I bout it used for $400 and spent $200 to install a new ac system. It has been running perfectly. I will drive this car until it stops running entirely. Strongly recommend the Ford brand.

- Sarah P

Dependable transportation.

Dependable transportation, low maintenance and overall low cost driving. Gas mileage fluctuates between 18 mpg - 22. The body has very little body rust although have not inspected underneath. Given to us as a gift from reliable owner. Heater does not really put out much heat until high speed on major highways.

- Robert R

The power is still great. It has get up and go power!

My vehicle is okay for the most part, but because it has 150000 miles on it, I find that it sometimes makes noise that I do not know what it is or where it comes from. I replaced the belt and it still is making noise. I do not like this fact. Other than that the performance is still great on this vehicle.

- Sharon J

My car is the most dependable I've ever owned.

I love my car. It's been one of 3 vehicles that I've owned that has been dependable beyond my expectations. This car drives well on snow, rain, and any hazardous road conditions. It does very well on long trips. I drive it yearly to Florida and it gets really good gas mileage. I have no complaints at all.

- Christina E

I love the color. It's a metallic blue. I couldn't have gotten a better car.

I have always owned a ford. They are very comfortable. I have never had a problem with any of them. To me a Ford is very reliable. The Ford Taurus is good on gas. I fill my tank up every two weeks, and even at the two week mark its not close to empty. It is never broken down on me or left me stranded.

- Dawn L

Small cozy gold moves smoothly.

The car runs okay, but it sometimes when the heater there is this horrible smell. We've had it checked out but they says there's no problem. I also have a lot of trouble with it saying check the oil even though there is oil in the car, maybe it needs a different oil? other than that it's a good car.

- Tammy L

The Ford Taurus that just keeps going!

I purchased my 2004 Ford Taurus about 4 years ago. I kept it maintenance periodically; oil change, tune-up, etc.. It is a pretty reliable car, haven't had any major issues at all. Like any other good vehicle, as long as you keep the car maintenance and take care of it, you'll get the best results.

- A A

It's a very comfortable ride.

My 2004 Ford Taurus has been good to me for the past three years. I haven't had any major engine problems. I really do not have any major complaints. I've had to work on the charging system, gave it a complete tune-up, and have the usual little problems that you would have with an old car.

- Heather B

It's a spacious mid-size car that I can rely on for everyday driving.

It's not my first choice in a vehicle, but it's what I could afford. I like the size and reliability of it. I also like the availability and affordability of the parts. I dislike the avg MPG and the style which is outdated. I also miss a lot of the new technology available in newer cars.

- patricia b

A review of a Ford Taurus.

It gets good gas mileage. I can last over a week sometimes without having to feel up the tank. I have only had to get it worked on twice for things other than normal car problems. It may be small but it works for simple everyday life and I have had it for 4 years. It rides really smooth.

- Lindsay G

Taurus days- trying to keep it going and not fall apart.

My Ford Taurus is ok and has got me to work but I have put a lot of money into it for repairs. Last one was $800 for breaks. So I think it is an ok car but not the most reliable and has a lot of rust on it. I do get 300 miles when I fill up the tank and I think that is good gas mileage.

- Kim B

My car came in great shape barley any miles but to maintain it over the years has been very expensive. Not that the parts were expensive but constantly replacing parts was an issue

I bought the car at a very cheap price, wich is good. Because of the year make my insurance is pretty cheap. One main reason i don't like the car is because i have had to put a lot of money into it to keep it running. I spend more money on maintaining it than i do maintaining my house.

- Jeremiah R

Ford Taurus: a car that gets you from point A to B.

I have had some problems over the last year. More flat tires than I'd like to admire and a couple trips to the shop for inside work. It seems as though my gas mileage has depleted as well and I am getting gas all the time. I also sometimes feel jerks and other things while driving.

- Faith D

Hot ride for a little old lady. Car hits 100 mph in no time.

Great pickup, very smooth ride at high speeds, very reliable, maintenance costs affordable, comfortable with decent legroom. Only complaint is vision looking over right shoulder blocked by section of car between front and back window buy that is probably just because I am so short.

- Ann H

My comfortable car that is breaking down.

My car is very spacious and used to be pretty reliable until recently. I had to replace the fuel pump a few days ago and it seems to be doing better besides the fact my gas gauge is now not working. My. Car has a sunroof and it was great until it started leaking a few months ago.

- Jessica W

Love the heated seats. , add them on.

My car has all the bells and whistles. Personally. I love the heated seats. It has proved reliable. With only normal maintenance. My only complaint is the paint job. Mine and other Taurus have the problem of paint fading on the back bummer while the rest of the car looks good.

- Karen L

This car rolls very easily so you must be careful to watch your speed.

I recently bought this car used from a private seller. I have put just a little less than 1000 miles on it since obtaining it. It has been a reliable for car for the time I have been driving it. I have noticed no issues with it. The air is cold. It drives very smoothly.

- Becca R

My vehicle is very reliable.

It is reliable, but every now and then there’s a problem that takes multiple tries to get fixed. It is great for long trips to far away places and it does not take a lot of money to fill the gas tank. It does exactly what I need it to. We've put a lot of money into it.

- Alison M

Ford Taurus is a great choice.

This a great car over all. Very affordable and easy to work on. They hold up well over time and get good mileage. Lots of leg room and plenty of seats. You can fit three car seats in the back easily and safely. Over all a great car to own and Ford is a great car maker.

- Joe B

Super reliable and affordable car.

Very reliable vehicle, runs smooth, ac and sound system is good as well, great starter car for beginner or new drivers, very reliable vehicle, runs smooth, ac and sound system is good as well, great starter car for beginner or new drivers I would definitely recommend.

- Megan F

Il like the way it runs and handles. It has a overhead cam helps when passing.

I like it because it has front wheel drive. It heavy works good in the snow. Runs and start up good during the winter months. Gets good gas mileage. I tune up every 6 months. I change oil every 3000. The car seats are adjustable. Do a wheel alignment every 6 months.

- Ted J

My car may be older but still runs good.

My car runs good for a older model car, I have had few problems and is really good on gas. The only issue I have is it do not like to start on cold days. But for a older it really had few issues which is good. The interior is clean and the car is easy to drive.

- Daniel M

My perfect little family car.

It runs great and it's the perfect size for my family. I drive it every single day. I never had a problem with it and it's great for my first car. Everything inside is clean and perfect so my family loves it just like me. It's a perfect family car. Thank you.

- Autumn S

Car truly built Ford tough.

I have had the car over 4 years. It has over 150, 000 miles on it. Its a 2004 and I just replaced the alternator, battery and starter. For a car 14 years old, I consider this minor because with the exception of the battery, the other parts were originals.

- Brit A

Rides well, weird console.

I love my car. It is 14 years old already, I only got it this year, but it runs really smooth, and handles great. It is got a lot of room. The CD player is in the console which is odd and makes the console basically unusable but it is otherwise awesome.

- Adrianne H

The Ford Taurus 2004 is an alright starter car.

The transmission and brakes went out pretty early, shortly after 100, 000 miles. The car runs a bit crappy and it does have some concerning features to it that indicate it is not running very well. But when it runs good, it runs really well.

- Jordan M

It has over 200, 000 miles on it and still going strong.

Vehicle is older and has had some minor mechanical failures, but the motor and transmission is still working good. The mirrors are now screwed on, these came off on their own. It is a comfortable car, but can now sometimes be unreliable.

- Lisa B

I live in my car when I am on the road driving... it is messy but that is just me. There is some stains from a soda pop blowing up that I forgot one summer.

It is an old vehicle which has served me well.. It currently has over 200000 miles on it and is now to the point that it is going to take more than a front yard mechanic to fix the problems. I do/did love this car... mileage and comfort.

- Betty W

The Taurus keeps running.

It runs fairly well and we have had few issues with it. It is getting older but with regular maintenance, it has given us very little issues. The biggest issue we have had is the starter died on it and we are having a timing belt issue.

- Aaron C

The gas pedal is a little wacked out, not as precise press as other cars.

Very old model therefore is now having complications that cost money. Also lacka features most modern cars have. Not to mention is a casual consumer car and isn't very high tech. However it runs well after so long anyways which is neat.

- Juam O

It has a powerful engine!

The only reason I don't love my car, is that lately we've had a lot of repair work done. It is a 2004 after all! Otherwise, I love this car! It is a very smoother and comfortable ride. It has a strong engine, and a sleek design!

- Alice F

A reasonable vehicle that drives well

My car has been through hell and back but drives well. The Indiana winters I've grown used to present a challenge for it due to the lack of four wheel drive. It also has developed rust over the years that is primarily cosmetic.

- Geni R

It's got power windows and nice sounding stereo in it

It's got a few problems it drives and rides really good it's very comfortable on long trips it does really good on gas mileage the paint job is still good it does have a noise in the front end that I'm trying to figure out

- Christopher W

The most important thing others should know, is my car is old but safe.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and has been sturdy for traveling so much. Despite its age and high miles it still works great. I don't like how much gas it uses or how sensitive the computer programming is to flaws.

- Brittany P

It is only a starter car. Do not invest a lot into it. It will have too many problems.

I like that it alerts me of potential problems. I dislike that i can't go a month without it having to get fixed again. I also dislike the gas mileage it gets. I do not like that the battery can only do so little.

- Peter B

Looks like a brand new car when doing a walk around. There are no dings, dents, paint chipping or any defects.

It gets very good gas mileage and handles great on the road. No one has been able to fix what's leaking around the boot. Always have to vacuum water from the spare tire well. Other than that It's a great vehicle.

- Marilyn N

It still looks good and is comfortable but being old it needs lots of maintenance

My car is very old now. It has served me well for many years and got me through some very bad weather conditions. My only complaint is that now that it is so old It's getting time to trade it in for a new one.

- betty c

Miles per gallon is good.

I like that my vehicle is dependable. It is however a little older and beat up. I wish it had a little better gas mileage. Everything is working within the car as far as windows, heat, and air conditioning.

- Lisa P

The breaks are wearing out, and you have to break harder than newer vehicles.

Gas mileage is horrible for in town driving, 12-16 miles per gallon max. Overall, a decent first car, but not extremely reliable as it gets older. As most older cars, needs a lot of maintenance as it ages.

- Elizabeth B

The water pump has needed to be replaced twice since I've owned it.

My Ford Taurus isn't in the best condition but has managed to live through needing a water pump and 3 accidents. I normally like Ford's but this one has needed more work than the Chevys that I have owned.

- Laura A

The car was a good deal and has been a good car for my teenager to drive as well.

There is a smooth ride and it has power everything (seats, locks, cruise, etc.). There has been a recent spate of things breaking - the multi-function switch and cruise control are inoperable currently.

- John K

The reliability of the Taurus is not apparent, but I have driven it for 240,000 miles. So, I guess there is something to that.

My vehicle's interior is falling off piece by piece in what seems like a yearly event. Also, the engine has nearly been rebuilt due to the parts failing. The engine does have good power output though.

- Austin C

It gets me to where I need to go.

The mechanics are good, tires are new, cruise control, radio and CD player. It has a few dings on the gray body. The tan interior is very clean and comfortable. It was a great school car for my kids.

- Jennifer K

My blinker always works great.

Has over 170, 000 miles and still runs great. Gas mileage is good, $15 dollars had me at roughly 160 miles left. The seat belts seems to go out in the front and back where they have trouble clipping.

- Lauren J

The most important thing about the car is that it can last for years.

I like my Ford Taurus because I have had it since 2004 and there haven't been many serious problems. I like the size and the seats. I dislike the color and the air conditioning takes awhile to cool.

- Renee M

14 year old Taurus still running strong

Full size sedan, roomy interior, lots of trunk space, seats 6. Older car so it doesn't have newer technological features. Power windows & locks, CD player. Digital odometer, good transmission

- Rhiannon H

Just keep up with the maintenance and it should last a long time.

It's an older car, but all-in-all it's been very reliable. It does need a few things and I have had to replace some stuff, but it's been great. Still has A/C and has never left me stranded.

- Carly D

It sounds terrible when you start it up but works just fine

I enjoy the size and how protected I feel when I drive it. It's a nice size for if I need to move items or carpool people. There does seem to be a lot of internal problems in it though

- Joseph E

I want other people to know that the car can have some issues.

I don't like how unreliable the car can be. After a few years the car tends to break down. However, I do feel like it was reliable when it was within It's warranty and a nice little car.

- Emily H

It's been pretty reliable.

I dislike that you can only unlock the door by the drivers side. I dislike the windows that get off track. I like the power seats. I like that it is roomy. I like that the ac works well.


That despite it being a older model it still runs good

I like my car it runs good and had few problems,It's great on gas and is easy to drive, And it has a roomy interior.The only complaint I got it it is hard to start on really cold days.

- daniel b

It is important that people know that my car has a lot of rust on the underbody.

I like that my vehicle is dependable. I dislike the body style of my car. It can feel like sometimes I am driving a boat. Finally, I dislike that my car does not have heated seats.

- Dan M

the car has decent headroom, even tall people can sit in the back.

The engine is designed in a way that makes it easy to check fluid levels myself. I like the way it drives, there is enough headroom for taller people. I do not have any complaints.

- jane p

It runs great and has plenty of legroom.

I like that it's a four door,is an automatic,has a large trunk.What I don't like is it is kinda hard on gas but not to bad. I also like that it is a Ford ,which is why I bought it.

- Jean G

Station wagons are great!

Station wagon lots of room great mileage great cooling and heating great winter driving easy access to rear area 3rd row rear facing seating individual second row fold down seats

- Nancy H

Nice sized basic midsize sedan.

It's a midsize sedan, which I really like that size. It has a nice sized trunk too. It works well as a basic car. This wouldn't work for you if you want all of the fancy gadgets.

- Kristin F

It does not hold Its value.

It is 2004 and has 150, 000 miles and does not hold Its value. It is unsafe to drive after being 10 years old. I personally feel that a Nissan or Honda hold their value better.

- Michele U

Drives nice and very spacious

It drives nice. The car needs new brakes and windshield wipers. It's fast but has a slow get up and can't push it to hard or it can start to putt and that's bad for the engine.

- Selena M

My used but reliable vehicle

Getting oil changes regularly is important in maintaining this vehicle. Other than that, replacing the tires and brakes are the only other maintenance that has been necessary.

- Lauren M

Long Lasting Ford Taurus-The car that just keeps going!

The Ford Taurus is a pretty reliable car. I bought it used about four years ago and haven't had any major problems with it until recently; transmission seems to be going out!!

- Akina A

That it isn't the most attractive car, but it is a reliable car for teens just starting out.

My car is starting to have some problems, such as wear and tear issues that come with age. The car isn't physically appealing but it is comfortable. It has decent storage.

- Matt S

Make sure that it is all the way in park.

I like that it is a reliable car. I also like that it has lasted as long as it has. I do not like that sometimes it has trouble starting, which is common with these cars.

- Ashley A

My car is great for small families, especially if there are children.

I like that it fits my family. I like that it has child safety locks and the back doors and the windows lock as well. I don't like that my car currently needs work done.

- Amber N

Ford cars have the dependability to last many years and over 200'000 miles easily attained

This car I've had since 2005 and has been a nice car with minimal problems. The routine maintenance is easy to do Great vehicle. Only thing that is wrong too many miles

- larry s

I enjoy driving this car around town and also on the highway.

I like it because it looks good. I like it because it's dependable. I like the way it drives. I am short and I don't need a pillow behind my back to reach the pedals.

- Evelyn F

Very stylish and has all the features you would want.

I like my car because I have had it for years and it has been so dependable, never had anything majorly wrong with it (knock on wood!) And I do not have a car payment.

- Lisa C

Family size. Reliable. And holds together

I don't have to many complaints about the car itself. My problem is with the used car dealerships. These places screw customers over and that I have a problem with.

- Shannon F

It is important to know that it is reliable and has not let me down in the almost ten years that I have had it.

I bought my Ford Taurus almost ten years ago and it is still running very reliably with all of its features still in tact. It is a very sturdy and reliable vehicle.

- Hannah S

It's a good ride, comfortable and dependable

Used sedan loaded with features. Good price on purchase. I recently discovered how difficult it is to change spark plugs. Like the car but dislike the maintenance

- Timothy M

Good value for all the extras, sunroof power lock and remote starter.

I like because it is paid for. I dislike because it is so old and may not last much longer. No complaints though. Been good to me. Small things only going bad.

- Barbara R

It's a safe car will get you to your destination on time no issues.

I like the way it rides its powerful it glides on the road its very comfy nice car no problems no problems no problems no problems fast car doesn't burn oil.

- Peter J

Prone to rust at the rear wheel wells and along the rocker panels.

Nice driving, riding car. Very comfortable. The only problem I've had with it is rust, which started at the rear wheel wells and has progressed from there.

- david z

My very, very old Ford Taurus

Has a lot of power. It's not great in the snow. It gets pretty bad gas mileage - maybe 20mpg? It's very reliable though and has needed minimal maintenance.


My version is the SES 12-valve 6-cylinder, which has quite a bit more horsepower than the standard engine.

I like that it has been very reliable. Even the air conditioning has never even had to be recharged. It could have a little more legroom for my tastes.

- Robert D

It is reliable and comfortable.

Does not have traction control or esp, but it is been very reliable. Has good torque, but gas mileage might not be good for someone who drives a lot.

- James Y

Very dependable very good car

I can depend on it to get me to work had very little problems with it very comfortable just have the basic stuff in it but safety features are good

- Tracy A

She's been over a good share of the US, always starts goes the wherever we've asked.

She's the right size for our family. Beautiful gold color( doesn't show dirt as much as some colors). Runs good for her age. Would hate to lose her

- Edythe S

I faithfully get my oil changed every three thousand miles.

I like the size of my car and how it handles, and I also like its color and shape. I do not like how old it is getting and its engine light is on.

- Melanie G

It has been the best car I have ever had.

It is very comfortable. The check engine light comes on for no reason sometimes. The fan belt whines sometimes. It has been a very reliable car.

- Melanie S

It is really fun to drive!.

I like the acceleration the v-6 provides and the car is a trooper. That being said the cars getting old and I am tired of putting money into it.

- Derrick C

The speedometer is above the radio.

I like that it runs and is reliable. I am not a huge fan of the fact it is difficult to clean. I also enjoy the amount of foot and trunk space.

- Alexis H

It has 207,000 miles and the motor uses no oil. My car still gets over 25 miles to the gallon. My car is still very appealing to look at.

I like the my motor is still solid. I dislike that I do not have navigation or Bluetooth. I like that my car still gets okay gas mileage.

- Melissa S

It takes 30 dollars to fill it up, it does not have many miles on it.

It is very comfortable to drive and it is very roomy and it is good on gas. I have no problem with it yet. It has been very reliable for me.

- Charity D

It is a great family vehicle with plenty of room inside as well as in the trunk for traveling

I love the dependability and gas mileage. I dislike that it is so low to the ground. I also dislike there are no headrest in the back seat

- Carolyn D

I take very good care of it and track it.

I like that it has been a reliable car. I like that it drives smoothly. I dislike how low it sits. I dislike the amount of trunk space.

- David T

It is a Ford and has served me well.

I bought the car in 2005. I have had it ever since it has been a good car. Now I think it might be listed as an antique. one owner car.

- Ann W

It's a sturdy car, gets me where I need to go.

I would like for it to be a brighter color. It's an old car. Check engine light is always on, and doesn't seem to be able to be fixed.

- Erin A

Last for a long time great on gas has four doors.

It is falling apart. Has high miles. No air. But it gets me from point A to point B. Not enough seating for my family. Great on gas.

- Tiffany W

It is reliable in every way. It's handling and mileage make it my favorite car I have owned.

It was built very reliable. With regular oil changes, I have had very few repairs. It has great pick up and decent gas mileage.

- Ted B

It makes some funny noises when you drive it. A weird rattling in the front end.

I like it because it gets me from point A to point B. I don't like it because it's a long car which can make it hard to drive.

- Hannah C

Be careful on bad roads, this car is squirrely.

Nice reliable car. Comfortable, but has issues with the temperature control. My main issue is it does not handle well in snow.

- Jessica M

I look like that it gets good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage I don't like that it is so low to the ground. I like the cloth seats it needs a little more power.

- Craig T

It's not the best car but she runs well. The exhaust will be loud and it does have a slight pull.

I dislike the shape of my vehicle. It runs very well though for it being fairly old. The parts for the car are cheap to buy.

- Kalli T

tauris is a great car and quality. can find great prices like we did and has been a great car

i have a taurus a black one. i enjoy it. has done us proud. and have had no problems out of it just some tires we had to buy

- mary g

Fords make the best cars for your money and dependability.

Best car I've had. Very few problems until the last couple years. And those are just age maintenance....starter, horses, etc

- Dyann M

It's a very durable, reliable car. It's a shame that Ford is going to stop making cars. I have really gotten my money's worth.

It has been a very reliable car, with no issues other than normal wear and tear for a car that age. It has served me well.

- joan a

You must keep up with the maintenance of the car.

My car has been dependable for me. My car leaks a lot. My Car has 275,450 miles on it. My car has a lots of members in it.

- Michael B

It is nice and spacious. It drives very well.

I do not like the gas mileage on it. I like that it shows how many miles are left until empty. I prefer Buicks over fords.

- Devin B

A basic car which is comfortable to drive.

My car was given to me as a gift. It has been very reliable with few problems. Good gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- Suzanne C

The AC blows COLD!! It is having a problem with the power steering; we are looking to fix it.

This car has been so good to me!! Very few problems over the years; it has been very reliable! It is a comfortable ride.

- tracy j

pretty standard commuting vehicle

It has always had a poor ride. I have had many mechanical and electrical issues It has spent a lot of time at the garage

- joe s

That noise you hear is ok.

Her name is Clarissa. She she is burgundy. Often skittish on hills but fine on open road. Gets me to the pool and back

- Lillian L

It's reliable and very trustworthy!

It's a very reliable car. I am not afraid to get in and drive almost anywhere. It is a very comfortable car to drive.

- Del D

In all I regret buying the car

Transmission slips. Brakes grind. Guzzles fuel. Windows make weird noises when rolled up or down. Backseat is unusable.

- Amanda C

It gets good gas mileage.

Gets good gas mileage. Is front wheel drive, so it does good on ice and snow. It is roomy and comfortable to travel in.

- Janet F

Easy to maintain and affordable to drive.

It is a safe and reliable vehicle. Easy to work on and maintain. It is fun to drive and fits the family in it well.

- Alex P

It's very safe to drive around town, and run errands.

It's a very safe car. I've been in a few fender benders and have never been hurt. The one flaw is that it's so big.

- Kaitlin J

Is a get up and go car need a little body work and some repairs.

Normal wear and tear of an older vehicle. Also older parts equals more repairs. But I love my car, Its a good car.

- Laura H

Pretty dependable, except it freezes up easily in the winter

It has some issues, but I bought it used while I was in a pinch. Idle issue has been recurrent since I purchased

- Denise m

It rides good and it's good on gas for its size.

I like the gas mileage and it's easy to maneuver. I like the acceleration. I don't like the way the seats work.

- Eileen T

It is in excellent condition for its age.

I like that even though it is an 04 it is sound and still looks good. I hate that it is not Bluetooth capable.

- Melissa S

It is a reliable source for the amount I gave and easy to get from a to b.

I look at a vehicle to get me back n forth. To be good and not break down. And to be cheap to fix if needed.

- Janine A

I love the style of the Taurus. I also love the comfort of not having to worry about it breaking down on me.

The Ford Taurus is a very reliable vehicle. I feel safe when I am out with my grandson with me in my Taurus.

- Kimberly F

It requires the chipped key which makes it impossible to steal without the key.

I like the power windows. I like the chipped key which prevents hot wiring it. I like the air conditioning.


It may have problems with wheel alignment due to the fact that the front springs can get weak.

It is very reliable. I have only had minor repairs. It is very unobtrusive and does not evoke attention.

- Bill S

Great car just need some tender loving care

Its has rust also bad struts bad wheel bearings it is a very reliable car but can get you to and from work

- James K

That for a older car it still runs good and has given me few problems.

I like that it easy to drive, and it dependable and good on gas.I hate that it hard to start on cold days.

- daniel m

How easy on gas it is it can go pretty far on little gas

It has lasted 3 years used only paid 700. Is easy on gas it has plenty of room. I just really like it.

- Amie H

2004 ford taurus, brown 4 door

Got the vehicle had 33,000 miles, now close to 100,000, usual ford/Taurus issues, but nothing very major

- Anne Z

Old but a solid running vehicle that is safe and affordable.

Over all very dependable. Easy to maintain and cost efficient to own. These cars hold up well over time.

- Alexander P

Its dependable good gas mileage.

Its old but in good shape good gas mileage. So far dependable. Good air conditioner. All over good cat.

- Maggie C

2004 Ford Taurus 4 door Car

This car has ran good for 14 years. Have not had any problems with it other than a few cosmetic dings.

- Margie S

wonderful daily driver that works well in the city and the highway

it runs and drives well, seats 8 , ideal for large families, good on gas, needs oil change and brakes

- Alyssa s

So Dependable. Again, LOVE my car!

I have not had any major problems with my vehicle...just routine maintenance. Very happy with my car.


Really good condition car

White color fast running good condition good engine very good car. Easy to clean comfortable to drive

- Ligaya J

The fuel mileage the car gets both in town and on the highway.

I like the ride, comfortable and smooth. Nicely equipped. I dislike the maintenance item that is due.

- Timothy M

it shouldn't be parked on grass because of rust problems.

It runs well but have problems with rust.have owned it since 2004. probably will have to replace it.

- Dolores L

Nice aerodynamically design, indicates where problems may arise through computer.

Work very well, low maintenance, good gas mileage, fast, cold a/c, suspension is not all that great.

- Neil L

2004 is a bad year for the Ford Taurus

Too big.. Car is flakey, the check engine light comes on and nothing is wrong. Gas mileage is awful.

- Donna D

Gets bogged down easily in soft snow. I've been snowed into my own driveway more than once

There's less than 100000 miles on it. No air conditioning. Not much room for a rear-facing car seat

- Savanna W

I had a tire explode on me while driving and my gas pressure sensor has been messed up two times within months apart.

Even though it is old it is very reliable and gets me back and forth to school and to the doctor

- Rolanda C

I feel safe when I am driving it. I feel like I am taking care of my family.

For its age, it is in very good condition. It drives well. Repairs are generally affordable.

- Tonya S

it run really good. its my first car. just rusty. it is blue and greyish seats. easy to drive, and good size car for me.

it gets you the point A to point B. I never had issues with it getting me home and to work.

- Heather W

It will get you from point a to point b. Looks are deceiving.

It is an older model. The transmission has seen better days. Was a used car purchase.

- De N

Very dependable vehicle for the money. Low maintenance as well.

Midsize, which is perfect, not too small or too large. Good gas mileage as well.

- ruby m

It is quite flexible for either cargo or passengers and is also reliable.

I like the styling and the cargo capacity. Would like a larger fuel tank.

- Matt E

This is a great car for road trips or as reliable transportation for work.

It is a great running car with plenty of room and excellent road handling.

- john b

It handles well on wet roads. It has a large trunk.

nice size, I just like driving it. it has not cost me a lot to operate.

- sue m

That it was a gift. It has been a reliable car but I need something newer.

I am tired of it. It has been dependable but I need something newer.

- Suzanne W

runs good. and great on gas mileage. looks good for the age.

It runs good. Long lasting, good gas and mileage. it's nice looking.

- Tammy V

It is safe and dependable

It is dependable. Gets me to work and is safe for my grandchildren

- Kathy G




It has cruise control that helps save gas on highway trips.

It goes fast. Good on gas. Rides nice. Always starts.looks nice.

- Doug H

Nice looking car. is 14 years old and still runs good.

It is dependable. cruise control Nice looking car..Large trunk

- Ruth S

Had to replace the transmission. This is the second vehicle that I have had to do that in

It is affordable. It is comfortable to ride in. It rides nice

- Priscilla S

it is dependable it starts right up and gets me where I need to go

it runs good but it is getting old it could use some work

- james h

that she runs well for a older car and gets good gas mileage to boot.

runs very well not so pretty but gets great gas mileage.

- nancy D

It works. It is reliable and keeps me safe and I trust it to get me to where I am going.

I like that ac works. It is clean. It rumbles at 40 mph.

- Maureen A

great on gas low miles comfortable ride

love the style, smooth ride, no dislikes, no complaints

- michelle G

I like it's dependability. I don't like that it's outdated. I like that it's paid for.

It's named Betsy and is an awesome car. It drives well.

- Joann B

very reliable and great on gas

it runs great. very reliable. love the gas mileage

- Tammy D