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Comfortable ride, tons of trunk room, spacious interior, simple to operate, no fancy and expensive bells and whistles that break down and are costly to fix

My 2005 Taurus has a huge trunk, which is important to me because I am always carrying stuff - groceries, lumber, yard sale finds, household goods, and more The backs of the rear seats fold down so I can carry even 8 or 10 foot long 2x4s, fence posts or rolls of fencing, for example. The ride is still comfortable even after 13 years and over 170,000 miles, there is plenty of legroom for rear seat passengers, and the rear bench seat is deep enough so you can sit back and relax. We have had relatively moderate repairs and replacement parts needed, mostly tuneup, tires and brakes. I have two complaints. One would be the catalytic converter and tailpipe, which needed replacing just a couple weeks after the warranty expired! The other would be that it comes with a "donut" tire, like just about every vehicle these days, I replaced it almost immediately with a regular spare tire, even though that does take up some trunk room, so it's easy to replace a flat tire on the side of the road and keep going.

- Sharon T

A great running car with minor problems for all the years I have owned it.

I have always loved my Ford Taurus. It has always been reliable and I have had very little trouble with it compared to other cars that my friends own. It is still in great shape except some rusting underneath because of salt in winter. It has over 100,000 miles on it but still runs great. I would certainly buy another Ford if I could afford it, hope rust does not get much worse that it will not pass inspection. I always tell my friends how great my car is. It is still very quiet, no squeaks or noises inside and certainly a very comfortable running car. I have had quite a few cars in my lifetime, but this is my first Ford which surpasses them all. I hope the newer fords are as good as the older ones. I would not think twice about buying another ford.

- Alberta S

The car has a lot of problems but is reliable.

Well first of all I have a older model car it has a lot of problems I do not know if its from how old it is or how the previous owner took care of the vehicle. But I have a lot of transmission problems my car jerks and shakes while my foot is on the break I tried a tune up and stuff but it never helped its less shaky when I put transmission fluid in. I run out of gas pretty fast I haven't tried fixing it yet but I will soon. My power steering is hard I stride power steering fluid only helps for about 10 minutes. But other than that it gets me from place template I know its fixable just have to get the money to do so the a/c and heat works just fine great breaks.

- Danielle R

Good for first car or something temporary until you get your permanent/dream car.

The car comes with a tape deck, no CD player but you can get a tape player aux cord and play music on your phone. There's a middle seat in the front row of the vehicle so you can seat 6 people. The backseat seat belts have child safety restraint locking features. The front seat does not have the handles at the top that you can grab onto but the back seat does. The trunk does not have a stick to keep it up and it often falls down. The headlights are not that bright unless you have your brights on. Three cup holders in the front seat.

- Devin M

Excellent vehicle that is comfortable and reliable.

I do not have any problems with the car. It runs great and is very comfortable (plenty of legroom). There are no special feature with this car other than the trunk unlock feature on the key fob and the button inside the car. While the engine is only a 3. 0 it has plenty of power from the start and when passing. I also like the center console that closes and allows room for a third person in the front. I would have thought the fuel mileage would l have been a little better with the smaller engine as it is averaging 17. 5 in the city.

- Charles B

Transmission problem Taurus is my plain Jane

I have a 2005 ford Taurus. It is very plain. It doesn't have anything too fancy. It is a starter car. The transmission went out at 200,000 miles. which this model is notorious for,. We changed transmission and it's now at 250,000 miles and going strong. It has been very reliable. It has gotten me everywhere I need to go. It isn't very comfortable. But the size of the inside is pretty good for a sedan. There aren't any feature I can think of that I love. Like I said very plain, not much of a looker but a good starter car.

- allie D

The 2005 Ford Taurus is a good-buy if you are struggling financially.

It is a great "starter car". For the most part, the 2005 Ford Taurus is reliable. The first 3 years of owning it, I only needs basic servicing (oil change, new tires, etc. ) However, if one part of the vehicle goes bad, all interactive parts go bad. Though it is a front-wheel drive vehicle, is not the most durable car in the winter season. In my case, the driver side door does not always shut and the car jerks when it shifts gears in the cold. Comfort wise, I really enjoy how spacious it is. There is a lot of legroom.

- Hannah H

2005 Ford Taurus se will get you from point A to B.

I have only owned this vehicle for 2 months. So far I have had no major issues. It is spacious and comfortable. I feel that the side mirrors are quite small. I strongly dislike the shape and length of the car. Overall, it drives smoothly except for a bit of rattling driving at speeds over 80. The car is heavy so sudden braking can be scary as the car may swing a bit; it does take time to slow down smoothly. The turning radius is good for the length. Lights are manually turned on and off.

- Ashley F

I really enjoy that it says how many miles until empty.

My 2005 Ford Taurus is not the prettiest vehicle but it gets the job done. The interior is very nice and it is extremely roomy. The trunk is also very spacious. Taurus' drive very smoothly. I'm at about 331,000 miles and it is still running fairly well. It randomly turns off sometimes while turning but it always starts back up immediately. It also over revs when in first gear. It idles at 25 when first started. I love that it displays how many miles to empty.

- Kelsey P

Reliable and lots of room

The car is reliable,. Has power window, doors and trunk. It has a big trunk and very roomy seats. Cloth seats And hug middle console that holds cups. I love that the console can be folded back into a seat if you need more room. I also love that the back seats fold down if moving something big. You can access the front and trunk when seats are down as well. I like the future if your locked inside there is a level you can pull to release the trunk.

- Tracy W

The cars problem when it wants to go by itself, that could be dangerous if people didn't know about it or tailgated.

I'll start with complaints. The car has some kind of fault that causes it to go by itself (like gas pedal stuck) to stop it I have to put the car in neutral and hit the gas. Another complaint is It's gas mileage sucks I had a Buick that weighed more than it and had better mileage and i had a ford station wagon that had better mileage. Those are basically all my complaints the car is fine in pretty much every other way.


Gets you from point A to B.

It is relatively reliable but I have only owned this car a few months. Accelerated quickly and smoothly. Car is heavy so braking suddenly can result in the tail end swinging a bit which is scary. Have some troubles with gas gauge where it drops below empty even though the gas is 3/4 full or full. Also hadn't troubles where gas pump would cease pumping after half a gallon even though pumping started with a tank at 1/4.

- Ashley F

2005 ford Taurus with original parts.

My car is a 2005 ford Taurus se. It is a champagne grey. It has a comfortable interior with a large trunk. It is smooth riding for good travel. It has good gas mileage whether it is in town or on the highway. It has struts all around adding a cushioned ride. It has power brakes and power windows. It has power locks on the doors. And most of all with the maintenance that normally takes place, it has the original parts.

- john M

An interesting detail about this vehicle is how long and heavy it is.

This car seems to have never-ending problems. The mileage is not very high and it is regularly taken in for maintenance and upkeep but continues to fall short of expectations. At this point, it would be much more cost-effective to sell the car and buy a different one that's olde or with more miles because I would be saving money on repairs. I personally would not recommend a Ford from the early 2000's to anyone.

- Samantha R

I would title it 25 miles to empty.

My husband and I bought the 2005 Ford Taurus we drive used. My husband paid eight hundred dollars for it in 2018. The car has started every time I have cranked it with no problem. The thing I appreciate the most about it is that the amount of gas you have in it is converted into how many miles you have to drive until your car runs out of gas. I think it is well built and has not let us down once.

- Jennifer A

It is very dependable and has been a great car.

I have had it for almost 3 years and it has been very dependable. I have not had to do a lot to maintain it. I've only have had to change the blender door and replace tires other than the norm of keeping a vehicle up. I bought it used and it came from a different city. Even though I have heard that the transmissions are bad about going out in that type of car I have had no issues with that.

- Lisa R

I wouldn't drive it very far for fear of it breaking down. The transmission went on it about 2 years ago and I spent over $2000 to get it rebuilt.

I liked my vehicle a lot when I first got it. I thought it was an attractive looking car and had all the features I wanted at the time. However, now that I've had the car for almost 10 years now, I find the performance and the gas mileage have declined drastically, and the sun visors are of poor quality. The screws have fallen out of them and I had to detach one completely.

- Michael D

Keeps on going. . Very well built ford

Just getting old it is a wonderful car. Struts need to be replaced. Transmission went out around 159000 miles. This car has never left me stranded. Very well built vehicle. Would recommend for someone who wants a back and forth to work car. Power steering air power locks and windows. Color interior. Roomy inside. Large trunk space .

- Mary A

Plus and minus of 2005 Taurus.

Short air conditioner life, electrical problems, but wonderful engine performance. The air conditioner died at 75, 000 miles and replacement was $1000. Power windows fuse wasn't located- no schematic available. The engine accelerates well, but gas mileage is not as efficient as earlier models. I wonder if the computer chip is lower end.

- Kevin S

That the AC works and the inside isn't full of trash.

I like that the air conditioning works so well. It's an absolute requirement in West Virginia, even in the Spring and the fall. It gets so hot and humid here. If your car lacks AC, you're basically the most miserable person a car owner can be. It's also not too small and not very big. I can take it anywhere- work, shopping, or vacation.

- Matthew P

Some Issues But Overall a Reliable Car

Since my car was made in 2005, some issues have arisen over the years. The ignition switch broke, and I had to have the steering column replaced. The air conditioner went out one time but is fixed now. Over the years, though, it has been fairly reliable. It has its quirks, but it was affordable in 2005 and has served me well since then.

- Julia M

Great for a teens first car.

I would say it is very reliable. It's almost at 2 hundred thousand miles and has had barely any problems. With it came with an aux feature but then again it's a 2005 and has had its life. It comfortably fits four people and is ok with five. The seats are fabric so they are not burning my skin when out in the sun all day unlike leather.

- Megan G

The vehicle has a lot of space on the inside.. It is great on the highway.

I do not like that I do not have an aux to listen to music but the car has been very reliable since I have bought it. As long as you keep the maintenance on the car checked it is a good car to have. I have had to replace small minor things but the engine and transmission have been good on the car considering the age and wear and tear.

- Troy C

My experience with the ford Taurus.

My ford Taurus has been a pretty good automobile. It is old with a lot of miles but it has lasted. I have needed to make a lot of repairs along the way like replace the transmission and starter and other repairs from time to time. I have spent a great deal of money for repairs since I purchased the automobile. That is to be expected.

- John W

My vehicle is not the best looking car, it is dependable.

The car drives smoothly and I have never had any major mechanical problems. It is very large and spacious, and has high safety ratings. The car is quite long which makes it difficult to turn. The gas mileage is decent for a 6-cylinder car. It runs quietly. The air conditioning and heat work quite well. There are minimal blind spots.

- Katie W

Ok car but I wouldn't buy it again unless it was really cheap.

It has a bad habit of going through radiators and the air conditioning doesn't work half the time. It does get decent gas mileage for the miles it has. It has comfortable seats and a lot of legroom. It would be really nice if it had a CD player. It is an okay car but I wouldn't buy one again unless it was really cheap.

- Tanya A

Ford Taurus holds up well to the years.

This car provides comfort and plenty of room. It has held up surprisingly well for it is age. I have experienced some electrical issues like the door alarms sounding while driving down the road. The ac no longer works and there seems to be an issue with the starter but the car is still very good for it is age.

- Courtney P

The car has been very reliable.

I bought the car used. The transmission had to be replaced. The a/c wasn't working and has not been repaired as of yet. The paint has faded and a rust spot or two has shown up. I have been driving the car just short of a year. I find its acceleration rate great. It rides smooth. Gas mileage is around 26 mpg.

- Kitty C

Old but durable and reliable.

Though it may be due to age, when I fill the gas tank of the car, the smell gasoline heavily permeates the air for the rest of the day. Also, the gas mileage per gallon could be better. The engine could also be quieter. However, after all these grievances, the car still runs very well and is quite reliable.

- Alvin D

Great reliable first car! Drive worry free!

I love my Taurus! I've had it for 14 years. No major problems. Very reliable. I bought it when I was just starting a family. Plenty of legroom. Pay attention to the rear wheel cover of the body. Known rust issues along with the bumper. Water might gather. Easy to keep in check if you know what to watch for.

- Wendy G

Reliable Vehicle, minimal issues and concerns

The vehicle is reliable but uses a lot of gas. The car uses gas quickly and does not burn fuel efficiently. However, the vehicle drives well and does not have major operation issues. The inside is rather compact, but spacious enough for children in the back seat. The car seems very low to the ground.

- Anita G

Leather seats power everything.

My car is a really nice car and I got it very cheap that is the only reason I still have it. I had super high miles on it but it still runs and drives pretty good. Lately I have had to change the starter, alternator. Also the air conditioning motor went out so I had to bypass that to make the car run.

- Andrew P

Family friendly and great for long trips

Super reliable. Just keep the oil changed and good tires and it's been a godsend. Really safe as well, good for people with little ones. It's spacious, and gets around 19-22 mpg for me. I've had a couple little accidents (someone backing into things, etc) and they did nothing but scratch the finish.

- Allison S

Need a reliable first car?

My vehicle has been pretty reliable. Good first car. I have had it for about 4 years now. Most problems with my car have been tire issues and issues having to with the people not working on it properly. I would recommend this vehicle if you want to buy your child their first car on a lower budget.

- Gina H

The car that is decent just to go places (short distance).

Breaking issues. It takes forever to cool the car with the ac on. The ac is super cold when it has been on for a while I have to turn it off while driving. However, I do not mind the issues the car has because it gets me places. I would prefer a car with a Bluetooth radio and navigations as well.

- Diana L

I like my 2005 Ford Taurus.

I like the spaciousness of the vehicle. I have had to do multiple repairs within the last 3 months. The driver's window does not work and I have a vacuum leak. The care drives nice and smooth. The features in it are to my liking. My kids have plenty of space in the back so they are not squished.

- Julie N

Older but reliable for what I paid for the car

Works good engine but electronics go out easy. Like window switch. Seat button. Window on drivers side don't roll down anymore unless you open the door. Got to keep the oil changed or it will start getting hot quick. Its older so it's starting to use oil. Have to keep a good eye on the fluids .

- Kevin D

It is getting old, but still gets me from point A to point B.

It has had regular maintenance for the 7 years that I have had it. It is done a lot of highway driving. The rotors needed replaced and they ate into the brake pads. The gas mileage is only 20 mpg now. It is pretty rusty since it is parked outside all the time. It has over 200, 000 miles on it.

- Lauren F

review of 2005 Ford Taurus

My car runs great. Recently however my transmission light comes on while on the freeway, and I think it is due to it overheating. My engine light is also always on now with no real reason for it. The bottom rusted out and so there are holes in the floorboard. Overall though it is a solid car.

- Marisa P

Why I drive a Ford Taurus.

Have put two transmissions (not new) in the past 5 years. Have electrical problems now - will fix it when I have the funds. Drive it only a few miles per day, to a part time job, church, doctor visits etc. Gets good mileage. I really like Ford products and would recommend Ford to anyone.

- Dorothy P

This car will play cassette tapes!

I bought the car used. It needed a new transmission. The a/c is also out. Paint has faded and a couple of rust spots have developed. All in all, the car rides smooth and has great acceleration. Gas mileage is at 25 mpg. I guess that is average. So for a 2005 vehicle, it is not too bad!

- Kitty C

My ford Taurus was a government car.

The biggest problem is it rust easy. Performance is good, it is reliable. I love the console/armrest for storage and it has two cigarette plugins for to charge my phones. The pockets behind the front driver and passenger seat has two pockets to store my coupons and extra papers in.

- Beverly W

It is generally a good car.

It is a good car in general. Kind of falling apart, the sunroof glass blew off going down the interstate, the panel on the side under the windows fall out and the piece going up the windshield falls down. I have only had to replace the alternator. I like the car for the most part.

- Kayla L

Reliable but lacks features

Can carry 5 people with the accurate space. They heat controls, but hate the tape player and the CD player in the Armrest. Hate the cloth floor mats. The radio has okay reception. Only windows with the automatic windows. Pretty good on gas, but the radiator is not working.

- Jasmine R

This car will run a very long time without any problems.

The car itself runs great however, the particular model I drive is longer than I'd like. With the car being longer I find it hard for me to park perfectly. This car is extremely reliable otherwise. Currently it has about 67, 000 miles on it but it still runs like its brand new.

- Ashley C

Ford Taurus is comfortable and safe

Very reliable it's got 200,00 miles and I've only just now had to replace my first part (the starter). Very roomy and comfortable to drive, safe too! I have two children, one eighteen month old and a five week old and I feel completely comfortable driving around with them both

- Savanna B

The interior is pretty decent.

This vehicle is good for what it is good for. I really wish it came with an aux input but I understand the much of the older cars come without. The interior design and very neat, clean, and sleek. I am pretty short myself so I love the size of the steering wheel and dashboard.

- Dana L

Gray ford Taurus, 14 years old.

It is an older model but still reliable. Our only problem is that the coolant will not hold, so we have no heat, even though we keep refilling it. Otherwise, great mileage and whatnot. We have made a lot of 5 hour trips. We fill the tank up for only $30 and it lasts a while.

- Tiffany S

My used police cruiser and it is issues.

It needs a new air conditioning compressor. And new shocks but the car is very reliable so far considering it is a retired police car. It does however have a lot of power and can really scoot when I need it to. It also just needs a little TLC and it will be straight again.

- Joseph A

The most important thing to know about the car is that it needs new brakes and they need to be replaced.

The car is an older car so it is going to have issues the longer you have the car. As of right now the car needs new brakes, power steering pump and new windshield but that is after three owners and over 10 years of driving. otherwise a great car with routine maintenance.

- Kelsi W

The 2005 Ford Taurus sel. Black and still running strong.

It's a reliable car for the most part. The Ford Taurus sel is the model I have. Its black and looks nice. I think gas mileage is pretty bad really. I do get compliments on the style. It has a v6 engine that will probably run for years to come. Overall I would recommend.

- Darren A

Great size for a family and very fuel efficient.

It's a good dependable car and currently has over 270,000 miles in mileage and is still going. It does need some repairs to get it up where it should be but it still does a good job taking us everywhere. We've had it over 5 years and are very impressed with its lasting.

- Johnny F

I really love my car. It drives very smoothly, it runs very quietly, it is very good as far as has mileage goes. I have only owned it for about 6 months now and wouldn't trade it for anything. I bought it used but it runs like a new car. It does not use much oil either.

- Tammy P

And interested detail about this car is that it's good on gas

Usually the air is the first thing to give up on you but overall it is a good driving car. I drive it every day. It is good on gas as well. Also the brakes are usually the next thing. Batteries aren't expensive for this car either. I love it. Gets me where I need to go

- Charlotte N

It's a good car all the way and very easy to maintain

Very dependable vehicle and very cheap to maintain. Parts are very cheap.. easy to clean. Only flaw is the center console i4 tends to eat any and everything I bought this car a while back and have had no major problems with it yet. Very basic and easy to maintain it

- Taylor M

My car runs like a champ!

My car is old but almost everything up under the hood is new so I love my car because it is reliable & runs good without a doubt! I know I can trust my car. I do need to get a tune up on it though. It has automatic locks with anti theft on it with CD player and.

- Tina J

Fixable Champagne Dependable Taurus

My transmission is going it but it's in the process of being fixed other than that it ribs hos and had great mileage. The inside are a cream color and have been shampooed. There is mp3 custom detail done to I everything is ifactory given. It is also very dependable

- Derek P

Tan, small car 2005 make falling apart

The mileage is pretty bad, the air conditioning doesn't work. It has been unreliable in the winter, and has needed a lot of work done on it since we bought it from my grandparents. I've been saving for a new car and I'm really excited to get it when the time comes.

- Lexie F

My dad always wanted to Taurus because that was his zodiac sign!

The maintenance is not bad as long as I do my oil changes etc. Every 3000 miles. The car is old though so things break down and I bought it used so I do not know what kind of maintenance was done to it prior to when I purchased it. Overall I am very happy with it.

- Lisa Y

I love my vehicles and wouldn't trade them at all

I haven't had any problems or issues out of my car since I've had it. The only work I have done to it is brakes oil changes and tune ups no major issues. My seats are comfortable I changed out the radio and put a TV in it and I also added 2 speakers in the trunk

- Marissa C

Very reliable, safe riding car. The easy operating car.

needs to replace the dashboard after 106000 miles. Very good gas mileage with regular maintenance. No problem with the paint fading. The motor performs great with a lot miles. Overall low maintenance costs. Very good road for long distance traveling. A safe car.

- Frederick F

Sunroof for a nice breeze while driving, fog lights really helps to see.

I would but this again. It rides nice and handles very well.. Does great in the snow never got stuck. Transmission and front end required repairs. Common for this vehicle but worth it. I am bought this with 22,000 miles on it so I am basically the only owner.

- Michelle C

Its gray and clean, a 2005. I only got it a week ago and it's a steal deal.

It runs great and is perfect on the interstate but the air conditioner has some problems and so I am not sure about that everything else it is running fine. There are few things in the car that are broken on the window panel but nothing that is functional.

- Cassie C

I love my car and the way it handles.

This car is reliable and comfortable. It has great mileage and a fantastic spots look. I am the 4th owner and it has 96k miles. Having a regular maintenance plus using synthetic oil extends the life of the car. I expect to have this car for a long time.

- Jorge M

Engine of Taurus is superb. Everything else is so-so.

Dependable, but rusts too much at the bottom of the doors, despite the plastic guards put there by Ford to conceal that. Shoddy work by ford. Paint job could be better. But it runs reliably. Brakes squeak. Front heat shield from motor had to be removed.

- Astra V

Adding fluids keeps it excellent.

The vehicle is highly reliable and functional for long periods given careful fluid attention and top-offs. The vehicle has great performance, is road-worthy, has a comfortable interior and turns well when slowing. The vehicle does not have any problems.

- Sandra D

Best part is everything under the hood is easy to get to for repairs.

It is maroon. The engine idles high. Has great trunk space. Plenty of legroom or back passengers. My daughter infant car seat fits well on the seat. The back windshield is almost big enough for our dog to lay in. The seats are not all that comfortable.

- Jessica W

Sleek looking Ford Taurus.

I was given this car by a friend - it has been reliable except for the alternator needed replaced which was very expensive. It currently has 155k miles but is serviced on a regular basis. I love the cruise control, CD player, 4 door and spacious trunk.

- Cindy S

This is why I like my Ford Taurus

Even after all these years still rides very smooth. Decent gas mileage even in the city. Very roomy great for long trips. Great noise reduction for a very quiet ride. Easy access for maintenance . Lots of trunk space so it is great for long road trips

- Michael M

The vehicle has been pretty reliable and was worth what I paid for it.

Not long after I purchased the vehicle, the torque converter went out. I had to have it towed back to the car dealership where I bought it. I have had to replace two of the ignition coils. But overall, I still like this car. It gets fair gas mileage.

- Lisa S

Rides smooth and spacious.

My sperm donor bought it used and didn't bother looking at any issues such as, the tires, battery, a/c, windshield wipers, washer fluid levels, quality of washer fluid tubing, broken mirrors, broken power steering. Etc. So now I am paying for it ??.

- Tiara L

It gets me to and from work is what I need it for most.

I bought my car used so it was affordable and paid for it in full. It needs little maintenance but is overall reliable. I definitely got more than my money's worth I have had it for over 4 years and will probably ride it until I can't any more.

- Sandra M

It is a Taurus just a basic car nothing about to get excited over.

Always needs repairs seem excessive for a car with less than 100, 000 miles on it. Oil leaks are regular problems along with the signature Taurus body rust. The car still handles well when it runs but keeping it running keeps increasing.

- Joan K

It's a ford and very dependable. Keep up the maintenance and it will keep on going.

I have had my car for twelve years. The only problem I have had with my car other then normal wear and tear is replacing the coil pack every three years. It's a E82 compatible vehicle also which means it could save you on fuel costs.

- Wendy F

The cars color is silver so it stays clean looking most of the time.

It comes with abs, power windows, door locks, cruise control, am/FM/CD player, 3. 0 engine, gets 24 mpg hwy. Nice road trip car. Plenty of room for people and luggage. It has never let us down. Rides pretty good on the open road.

- Pete S

The great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

This car is very comfortable, rides smoothly, and gets great gas mileage. Never any problems with any parts of this car. The air conditioner and heating systems work great. The seats are very comfortable and easy to keep clean.

- Shirley T

Wonderful and dependable car.

It's very dependable. I haven't had to do much maintenance on it and have had it for a few years. I bought it from an individual. I've only had to replace tires and the blender door for the heat. Wonderful car drives great.

- Lisa R

Very Spacious and comfortable seating. Gets me what I need it for.

I love the roomy feel of it. I just wish it was newer and got better gas Mileage but It's a 05 and that's to be expected. I don't like that it cost so much for parts for it tho. I love the Trunk space it gives for shopping.

- Jennifer S

That is in good driving condition only cosmetics getting really old

It is not my own car but I love it can drive it any time only thing I don't like about is that it is getting old and some things are coming apart function wise it is still safe to drive. And glad for access to a vehicle.

- Gurpreet C

It doesn't cost a lot on gas. I get about 25 mpg and it has held up well.

I love my car. My family calls it the canoe. It gets very good gas mileage and it has not cost me hardly anything for repairs. I have not put a lot of money into the car except for the normal wear and tear things.

- carol l

There is nothing interesting about it just better than having to walk.

Brakes stick, transmission is slipping, sucks gas horribly, there's really no special fractures to my car basic car. Its reliable as long as it stays in driveway. Comfort there is none just adjust my seat best I can.

- Kari R

It takes a while to stop. You need to start breaking sooner than usual, or be prepared to stomp on the breaks.

My complaints mainly stem from the age of my vehicle. It doesn't have modern conveniences like a back-up cam, or bluetooth (or even an aux port). And it could use some work, but I can't afford to put money into it,

- Jillian T

The Ford Taurus is reliable

It's been very reliable but at 13 years old I am having the usual old car problems. The worst is the engine light keeps coming on and it won't pass inspection. I have driven Escorts and Tauruses for years.

- Melissa B

I think I got a deal of only paying 100$ for it? Runs great still?

Well it has over 300. 000 miles on it. The oil leaks. The back break lines are cut. Tranny fluid leaks. The bottom frame is about to go. All rusted. I call it my hoopty. Gets me where I want to go though.

- Mary K

Know that if it is messy it is because I have a 10 year old autistic son who likes to make a mess and draw on the seats or whatever he wants to do.

I try to be very careful with keeping the vehicle clean and maintained. But for some reason this is the second ford car I have owned that starts rusting around the wheel wells no matter how I treat them.

- Jim M

It's very reliable. Very few problems, small repair bills, reasonable parts prices and great gas mileage.

It is known as the second best selling car in history. Because of reliability, price, gas mileage, performance and cost of parts/repair, it ranks first above all other brands and models, I believe

- Mark M

Obviously, from its mileage, you can tell that the Ford Taurus is well-made� That is, made to last.

It has over 207,000 Miles on it and has been a very dependable car. I have only had one major repair in its lifetime. Size wise, it has been a comfortable car for my family. I have no complaints.

- Stacey S

It has a lot of room and it's perfect for a family that is always on the go.

It has been with me through many important times in my life. It has also had its accidents and struggles. I like how comfortable it makes me feel. I do not like how it is getting older every day.

- Vin F

It is a great, dependable car.

It is a very reliable and dependable car. There is lots of room in the truck and it can hold a double stroller easily. Main thing I don't like is that occasionally the front speakers crackle.

- J S

Very interesting that the gas tank is on the right side of the car.

I have really learned to love fords. Very reliable vehicles. Any problem with the car are easy fixes that someone could do by themselves. It drives steady and comfortably. Amazing trunk size.

- Caleb P

Great car, very reliable!

Even though my car is not new anymore it still runs absolutely fantastic! This car is great on gas, super comfortable and extremely reliable! This car was definitely a great purchase for me!

- Brittany J

There is no air conditioning which is needed since the temps are high here.

The a/c doesn't work so it's up in the air if we get it fixed or get another car right now. It is used just to get from point a to point b. The mileage is low on the car which is a plus.

- Merry D

The Ford Taurus is a reliable car if you are looking for a good family car.

My Ford Taurus is a very reliable vehicle. I bought it used from my mom and have had it about 4 years, and besides regular maintenance and a few minor repairs, it is still running great.

- Shaylene S

Its very spacious for passengers and in the trunk.

My 2005 Ford Taurus have been reliable for years. The only negative thing about this vehicle is the gas mileage. However, I don't have a problem getting from point A to point B.

- Alis B

My car is a unique color and offers seating for 6 people.

I really like how smooth the car drives and the comfort of the seats. I also love how there is a third seat in the middle. However, I wish it had new features like an aux cord

- victoria h

it is a very reliable car to drive and as i said before this is not the first taurus i drove i just like the vehicle.

this was not my first taurus and bought it because i liked the one before. i like the weight of the vehicle, i feel safe driving it. i have always like the ford products.

- sharon c

The air conditioning is terrific; gets very cool and stays that way.

I love that it has air conditioning and that the windows roll up. I dislike how dilapidated and rusted it is (Midwestern car). It's okay other than that, just unreliable!

- Sheena Z

Decent car for the price. Dependable And midsize so not to big or to small.

I like the dependability of the vehicle. If something needs fixed or replaced, it is pretty easy to do it and not overly expensive. It's a V6 and gets ok gas mileage.

- Jenn H

It's very good on gas and it runs so as long as it runs that's all I need for now

I like that it runs and gets me from point a to point b but I don't like that it is so small and I just don't like the vehicle it's not my taste for choice I guess

- Austin S

My vehicle, over the course of time that I've had it, has sucked

My vehicle has had many problems since getting it. First the belt for the air cooling went out and basically destroyed my car than a converter broke and it sucks

- Elijah M

it is a reliable vehicle that passes inspection. only minimal maintenance is needed

I like that it is a Ford. myself and my family have always had good luck with reliability. my current vehicle has over 250k miles on it with minimal maintenance

- Matthew G

I it is a reliable and very durable vehicle that still gets fairly good mileage.

I like its reliability. I dislike its age. I like the model and size of the car. I dislike the false readings I am getting from the service engine light issue.

- Neil G

Rust bucket that keeps going!

Spacious car that runs well for long. small issues throughout, but nothing too serious. Car puts off repairs well, A lot of bottom rust from used purchase.

- Tim G

The car ford taurus is built reliable and very safe.

My vehicle is very reliable. I keep up with maintenance and it just keeps on going. It is a little too long and difficult to park but it works for my needs.

- Erik L

It is comfortable to drive and for passengers. Good car for commuting.

Low mileage but needs repairs every couple months, new starter, leaking oil, power steering fluid, the body has typical Taurus rust, expensive to maintain.

- Joan S

a lot of rust but a good motor

My car has been very reliable. the problem with it is the way the frame and doors are made it holds the salt from Minnesota winters and rusts out quickly.

- Lisa M

We can drive it which others do not be able to drive at all.

I have no complaints at all.. It has done us very well for a Ford.. I much prefer a chevrolet.. Ford was the one that came up first that we could afFord..

- Linda M

The engine is hard to maintain on my own do to lack of space to work.

It is roomy and has many of the features I prefer in a car. Wish it had a CD player or an auxiliary port to plug in phone or other audio or video device.

- Nathan B

I do like it has high ratings for safety in a collision. I like gas per mileage. I dislike the interior.

In case of an accident, a collision for instance, it has deployable airbags on impact. Consumer reports gives the 2005 Ford Taurus high safety ratings.

- Colleen E

It rusted super easily. It's broken down a couple times too

It's rusting and falling apart. I can't take it on trips longer than a few hours. I like the size and how it handles. However, it is in really bad shape

- Emma D

It is a reliable vehicle with very little major repairs.

my vehicle is the right size for our family. the trunk space is good. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I really do not have any complaints at this time.

- d c

When driving the car, it handles well.

I like the fuel efficiency and the sunroof. I dislike the leather seats. I like that is a comfortable ride. Dislike that the ac do not work that great.

- Christine F

It is an older car, but is still getting me where I need to go.

Easy to drive, good on gas, gets me where I want to go. , I don't drive at night, but I do like that I can use it during the day for shopping, etc. .

- Dorothy P

The car drives really well and is pretty good on gas.

It has over 200,000 miles on it and still drives good with routine maintenance. It has adequate space for my family. The trunk is spacious as well.

- Stephanie E

It may be older but I haven't had any major problems with it thus far.

It drives pretty nice. I like that its newer than my last and has latches and tethers for car seats. I dislike that it looks like an old lady car.

- Marissa M

Main repairs that have taken place.

Ac system has been replaced. Alternator replaced around 85, 000 miles. Battery replaced along with the alternator. Cruise control does not work.

- Katie M

It is reliable, but has some shortcomings.

This vehicle drives smooth and well. It has lasted a good long time. I feel like it was designed poorly in the way things are placed on the car.

- James S

It's a typical Ford: you will always need to fix something

It breaks down frequently. It seems like something always needs fixed. Despite this, it gets really good mileage and has plenty of storage space

- Emily G

It is a reliable vehicle that has only required regular maintenance.

This has been a very reliable car for our family. We have had no issue with it at all. It provides a comfortable ride and gets good gas mileage.

- Joyce H

The car is a piece of trash.

It is an old car I hate it so much. It has a lot of problems never seems to want to stay fixed. I wish I had the money to get a brand new car.

- Hayley A

It is dependable and comfortable.

I like the color and style of the car. It is reliable and dependable. The car has more miles on it than I like and could get better mileage.

- Elizabeth M

It's a very comfortable and an easy driving vehicle.

It's a small car that's great on gas mileage. I don't have kids so I don't need a lot of passenger room. It's just the right size for me.

- Cathy R

It is reliable. Gas consumption is fair.

No complaints so far. 13 year old car runs good. Comfortable and roomy. Both me and my husband are good size people and we fit comfortably.

- Denise J

This car is very reliable, durable, and comfortable.

This is a pretty reliable car. It has been very durable for me and it has good gas mileage. A great car for a student who needs to get by.

- Trista S




It is comfortable to drive, great space and very roomy.

I like how much passenger room it has. I like how much trunk space it has. I like how sporty it looks. I don't like the flex fuel feature.

- sarah k

Good things about a Taurus: mid-size car for a relatively small price; plus it ages well. Still drives great after 13 years.

Driver's seat with lumbar support, CD player still working really well, good gas mileage, still performs well even being high mileage.

- Vicky T

WARNING: may break down at any time! Be careful!!!

It's at 200,000 miles so it's getting a bit old and is starting to make noises. It's got a few holes and really needs to be replaced.

- Sarah K

It drives really smoothly, but after it warms up it shifts hard out of first.

It's very roomy and drives well. It has a lot of issues with it from the previous owner, but nothing that seems like a factory issue.

- Dylan L

It's was a good value for what I got. Ford should still make this car.

Would like it to be slightly bigger. It drives nicely and is comfortable. Gas mileage for its size is good. Wish it has a hybrid.

- Keith H

That it is a reliable car and is great for a new driver.

It is a good car. I have had it since high school and has gotten me from point A to B great. I do not have to spend too much on gas.

- Karen R

That it is a ford and it has not given me the trouble that a lot of people like to say that Fords gives people.

I like it because it is a reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. The only thing that I dislike about the car is that it is a sedan.

- Betty S

A mercury sable is the car I have, but it wasn't listed as a selection in the list of cars. The ford Taurus is the same car.

Transmission in the car is bad, I had it replaced once and it's starting to slip again after 3yrs. The engine in the car is great.

- robin y

Sturdy, reliable car for the most part.

I like that it runs and gets us from place to place. I hate how I have no room for passengers since I have 2 car seats in my car.

- Kaitlyn K

It rides good in the snow and the breaks keep me safe.

The air conditioner doesn't work. I don't like the leather seating. I prefer softer seating. You can feel every bump you go over.

- Meghan M

The size of the car is pretty decent. There is room in the car to take multiple people, but with that it feels like you are driving a boat sometimes due to the width.

This car has lasted a long time. Finally got it to 200000 miles. Some minor issues but nothing that has stopped it from running.

- Rachel C

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage of this vehicle. The comfort and inside room is also a plus. There is nothing I dislike about my Taurus.

- Sandy M

Roomy smooth family sedan.

Good gas mileage. Smooth ride. Cruise control never works tho. Handles well on highway seating is comfortable for the most part

- Anna H

Good for driving lots of miles if you have places to go

It runs really good. I only had one issue with it the a/c seems to go out in it ever so often other than that it's been great

- Colby N

It is a very reliable car.

I haven't had any problems with my car that weren't expected because it is many years old. It is a very good and reliable car.

- Erin B

That it's a pretty dependable and reliable car. The air conditioning is good.

I like the air conditioning and the heat. I like that it is pretty reliable. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the stereo.

- Christopher C

It is a good ride, and has been taken care of,

It is a hand me down and the color is white. Never owned a white car, good ride and handles well. It has been taken care of.

- Lynn W

it is reliable car for 6 passengers! Even at age 13 it is still driving great

It is a comfortable sedan for 6 passengers and it's an reliable vehicle. The A/C quit and I don't like that here in Florida

- Walt B

Very easy to drive. I feel very safe and it is somewhat a heavy car. Nice ride.

I like the fact that it is all power. Windows locks etc. I do not have a care payment. It is very comfortable to ride in.

- Marge D

That it is my first car that I own.

Its paid for no major.. Problems. The right size for my grandkids. I need to fix air conditioner. I need new tires..

- Cheryl D

When you try to accelerate too fast after stopping it throws/jolts you forward really hard.

It's a 2005 ford taurus. I bought it used with about 120,000 miles on it. It's pretty old but i think it's reliable.

- Lydia B

My car is very reliable, with no mechanical issues.

My car is comfortable. It doesn't have any mechanical problems. It is getting old. But, it is reliable and paid for.

- Linda D

My vehicle is silver and is dependable

My vehicle is very dependable it has super high miles which may result in some issue but other than that it's good

- Kelsey P

Summary of main repairs made since hitting the 85, 000m.

Main repairs include ac system, alternator, battery around the time of the alternator replacement, cruise control.

- Katie M

My 13 year old car that drives great.

Recently my master cylinder went out and caused an accident but for the car to be 13 years old, it works so well.

- Heather J

Sturdy, well built and its construction.

The car is sturdy and reliable. Low maintenance to engine. Always enjoyed the space inside vehicle and features.

- Chass P

it is a fast car, good mileage, somewhat reliable.

I like a lot of things about my ford taurus, it is fast and durable. the only issues I have it a wiring issues.

- Amanda R

I think it is a very safe car and is built well.

It is built well and very reliable. I also like the body of the car. I also like the fuel economy with the car.

- Heather B

Dependable and reliable even with 250k miles still going strong

It has done Its job nearly 250k miles and still going strong motor wise but body is shot. time to trade her in

- Kim D

It has a lot of miles on it but it is a good and reliable car

I like the size and that it's a small car. I don't like that it's so old because the interior is falling apart

- Kylie H

The Ford Taurus is reliable.

Since buying the Taurus, I have only had to fix small things. Very dependable car. Fits 5 people comfortably.

- Rebecca R

It runs good and gets me from place to place.

I like the fact that it is easy to handle. It has a comfortable ride. Sometimes wish it was a little newer.

- Lena P

It is a great car, despite it being over 10 years old.

It is a fairly good vehicle. It is definitely older and has needed multiple repairs the the past few years.

- Ashley G

I guess that it's compact and good on gas.

Not to many problems with it just the normal everyday repairs, like buying tires, and normal wear and tear.

- Rickey O

It's a very good and reliable vehicle.

I like the gas mileage. I love how it drives. It's got just enough space for my family. It's very reliable.

- April W

seats 6 luggage rack and cd

The seats do not adjust right lost transmission at 100k power steering has always been messed up so so car

- Chuck B

It's dangerous and can break down easy.

to many miles the tires are bad the battery is bad the air doesn't work the exhaust is loud and no radio.

- Esther P

Best car . like ford cars

Reliable and very comfortable has am fm radio cassette no major problems just your normal wear and tear

- Kim S

Nice car easy to maintain.

Nice car but cruise control cable can get tangled up with others cables causing gas pedal to get stuck.

- Sharon N

I guess i would have to say that i've maintained it well since i've purchased it.

I like that it still runs. I dislike that It's starting to fall apart, and the gas mileage isn't great.

- ryan l

Ford Taurus 2005,not for sale

It's a Ford Taurus , runs hot , smoke a lot and no brakes but it's not for sale so don't ask thank u

- Cache S

how it drive,if it drive ok with no major problems

I love my car there nothing that I don't like.i don't have no complaints about my car. it is great

- Dallas G

The one most important thing other people should know about my car is that it works well.

I like my car, it does what I need it to. It's kind of old, and I wish I could afford a newer one.

- Kayla C

It's scary to drive because the breaks might go out

Overall good mileage but it seems to have issues every two years with It's engine or transmission

- Andrew h

fords sedans..... the are good for the first 50,000 miles then after that. issues.

too many issues lately like the starter going out and now the gas gap might be not sealing tight

- mike p

That it runs good and that it doesn't run hot on me

I like that it doesn't run out of gas quick and there is nothing that I dislike about my car

- Nina j

It seems like the rear suspension on this model of cars has issues. I see lots of similar models with a flat rear suspension including my own

I like the engine size and the power that it has. It is kind of old and need some work done.

- Michael M

It's pretty reliable. Good value.

I like Ford vehicles, the way they drive. Although you do end up fixing certain things.

- Tracy K

It is awful in the snow. Good for the older folks that live in Florida.

I like that it is easy to drive but it is kind of made more for older people.

- Sarah M

It's old and on its last legs. The negative things people say about buying a Ford are true.

It's old. Needs repair often. Is a money pit. Time to invest in. New vehicle.

- Nicole L

it is a very dependable car. it is very durable and consistent

it is a nice car. i wish gas mileage was better. has everything i need.

- shane t

This car has comfortable sitting and is a great mid size vehicle at an affordable price.

I Like the seats. I like the trunk size. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Leita A

It is still running after 13 years

I have a Mercury Sable which was not on your list. I like it very much.


Great on gas. Bad on engine wear and tear. Interior breaks apart

Keeps running. It is great on gas. Ready to repair. Breaks down. A lot

- Amanda M

It is reliable and is a smooth rider. It get good gas mileage for as old as it is. No complaints.

Reliability to get me back and forth to work. Love it smoothness.

- vic m

It is an older model that occasionally has issues, but it gets good gas mileage. It gets me where I need to go, when I need to go. It also has a large trunk for groceries and plenty of room inside. Hate the leather interior though.

Overall it is very reliable and has minimal issues and problems.

- Chris H

It has had very few repairs. the car has been extremely reliable

The car is great size. It seats 6. It's solid and made well

- barb g

Big enough to carry what I need Not as gas efficient as I would like

Dependable in all sorts of driving conditions and weather

- Austin M

Can seat 5 comfortably. dependable

Size, low maintenance, dependability, aver gas mileage

- Ross w

After several major issues when new dealer's service department couldn't fix. Had to call Ford representative to come help.

Like reliability and safety. Dislike four blind spots.

- Selma B