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The trunk space is great if you travel a lot.

One of my favorite things about my car is the cruise control. I travel a lot back to IL and it not only makes the drive easier, it saves on gas, and helps keep my arthritis from flaring too badly. It also gets decent gas mileage. The trunk space is amazing. We have met, my husband, my teenage daughter, a toddler, and 2 dogs. We need a lot of space to fit it all when we visit family. It has held up pretty well over all the years. What I don't like are the leather seats. over time they have cracked and stained from skin oil to spilled drinks. They are ridiculously hot in the summer. 3 of my tires had to be replaced because the rims were messed up. Got that fixed and recently, less than 2 years later, found out that the rims need to be replaced again. That might even be an issue with the rims that we got as replacements and not so much the manufacturer's fault. The middle front seat, though I like that it folds from seat to armrest with drink holder, it is kind of a pain to clean since if you spill, which I am sure everyone does at some point, it gets underneath and it is awful to clean.

- kathleen L

Best reliable and functioning car I have had to date.

My Ford Taurus was handed down to me and has never let me down since then. For being a 2007 its still running wonderfully. Only problem I've personally had was transmission acting up at about 130000 miles. A change of fluid did the trick. I rely on this car for everyday work and weekend adventures. I really appreciate the display screen that tells how many miles until empty. Gas mileage could be better but for a 2007 it seems good. I get an average of 18-20 miles per gallon. All chairs are comfortable and the back seat has plenty of room for our toddler and his car seat. The truck is huge and can hold large amounts great for all our adventures.

- Jessica S

This vehicle is a workhorse and very reliable.

one was totaled due to a deer collision. I've had this little gem for over 2 years now and I have to say it's the best work car I've ever had. Recently I decided to make a lifetime commitment to it, so replaced all 4 struts, plugs, wires, coil packs, front brakes and rotors. It needed a new A/C compressor and I gave it 4 Michelin defender tires. This baby rides like a brand new car! The mechanic told me 'you realize you're putting 90,000 mile tires on this thing'. I said yep, she's only got 105,000 miles on her and I'm in it 'till death do us part. That's how confident I am in this vehicle. I can see why Ford sold millions of these!

- Tariq U

The perks of a 2006 ford Taurus

I like the car it is smaller than what we had before. It was a used car so there was some wear and tear. One issue we had was the transmission. It has not gone out, but the check transmission light keeps coming on. Another issue is the blinkers go out a lot. We had a few minor issues with the assignment, but that could be due to the wreck from the previous owner. I love and hate the seat belt warning feature. It does not have a CD player. Or an aux port. But it has a cassette player so we just bought a cassette aux from five and below. The front seat middle compartment folds down to make a third seat up front

- Brittany P

My favorite automobile "betsy lou". I like her. She maroon great on gas.

I love my Taurus. It gets great gas mileage city or open road. It's very comfortable with bucket seats in front an arm rest between the seats that lifts up. My car is an automatic which is the only thing I would change if I could. It's been very dependable since I have owned it. I am the second owner, the first passed away. The car sat up for eight years and all I had to have done was replace a fuel pump and clean the gas tank and add tires the others dry rotted. I recommend that anyone looking for a reliable car, that has a very roomy trunk,, comfortable seating and great gas mileage the Taurus is the best.

- Prissy P

Boat sized, but comfortable

The biggest problem that I have with my car is the fact that it's very large. I think of it as a boat almost. If you are used to driving a larger car, this will be no problem! I love the large trunk space, you can fit a few large boxes as well as I think it's pretty reliable. It's not too much of a gas guzzler, I fill it up twice a month- it depends on how much you drive your vehicle as well. However, since it is an '06, you need to give it some extra TLC. I have had to replace brake pads, one of my windows, and it makes whirring noise when I'm driving/starting it.

- Vanessa F

Family of six without a van!

We are a family of 6. The Taurus that we own has a middle seat in the front, so we can fit our whole family. The trunk is spacious and can fit a lot of gear. When we do not need the middle seat it folds out and contains drink holders. The only problem is nowhere to put drinks if we are using the middle seat. We chose this option instead of a van for cost reasons. The initial cost of the vehicle was less than a van and the gas mileage is better than a van. It is a tight fit, but works for us until we can save up to buy something larger.

- Christina S

It has a really wide turn radius that you have to get used to.

I like my car. We bought it used with almost 200 thousand miles on it. The ac died, the bolt in one of the rotors came off on the freeway and the motor died on the freeway (all separate occasions). My husband has since fixed all of the issues on his own through internet research. the most recent fix being the switch for the windows. We've had the car since 2012 with no intentions of getting rid of it. Good car if you work on your own cars. The most difficult fix was changing the rotors.

- Tracy T

The seatbelt alarm sounds every time if don't buckle up.

I personally have always enjoyed the Ford Taurus because of the space it provides for my family. We travel quite often and the trunk provides more than adequate space. I just love the digital mileage reading down the miles before I need fuel. This vehicle has proven many times over to be very dependable. I have not been disappointed with the performance of this vehicle. I know that when I get behind the wheel, I can fully rely on my car to get me were I need to be.

- Michelle A

Continuous Maintenance on door inner door panel and windshield fluid hose.

The car has been very dependable. The only repeating problems I have had with it are the inside door panels like to come unattached. Which really isn't a big deal, most times they just pop right back into place. Took it to the dealer twice and whatever they do never lasts longer than a few months. I have also had to replace the hose going from the windshield washer fluid to the windshield every year because of dry rot even though the car is garage kept.

- Angela S

My Ford Taurus is shiny and gold. I definitely recommend buying this car.

The front of my car does have a clicking noise. It is very annoying and unpleasing. I have issues with my belt and my alternate thing. It drives a little funny, not sure why or what it is. I have taken it to a mechanic and they do not know either. It is a very good car besides that. It has very good gas mileage. It has semi nice speakers, nothing you can enhance with bass speakers being installed. The leather seats are great, nice shape.

- Gracie W

A great, long lasting vehicle that I am grateful for.

My car has 146,000 miles on it. Only recently, I started having problems. Had wheel bearing and battery problems. It's great on gas on the highway but not in town. I have power seats and windows and the still work. However, every once in awhile, the driver side window gets stuck and I have to help it. Sometimes, in the winter, the doors will not latch. That's kind of pain when you're trying to drive and the door won't stay shut.

- Susan W

Ford Taurus as a Reliable Daily Driver

I highly recommend the Ford Taurus as a family daily driver. It is spacious enough for 3 carseats in the back. It also has a third seat in the front just in case. It has always run smoothly. It is also comfortable for long distance drives. Recently something did break in the transmission, but it was repaired easily and the car is doing great now. With only 80k miles, it is a vehicle built to last.

- Julie O

My car is great and I love my car. It is dependable, spacious, and reliable.

Dislike high gas mileage. I love my car being spacious. I have a lot of trunk space. My back seat has enough room for my kid car seat and her toys. My car allows me to easily reach everything I need in my car front and back. I love the fact I can charge my phone up when the car is off. I've had my car close to a decade with no real maintenance issues. I consider my car to be quite reliable.

- Loretta K

Bad start, but beautiful now!!

I bought my car from an independent seller, so there were some minor problems with it at first. My dashboard was broken, so no gauge of speed or gas which meant that I couldn't drive it. My starter broke within a month of me actually driving. After that, I have had no problems at all and she runs a little weird but I know how to work her! I wouldn't want any other car.

- Lou D

Reliable over the years, slowly dying.

This car is not necessarily my style, however I enjoy the time I spend in it. Since it was passed down my family through a few different people, it does not run very well now. I have needed to get repairs multiple times, and now I think it is time to get a new car. However, it lasted us a long time, so no hard feelings. The inside is comfortable and it is a cute size.

- Josh K

It is not for sale no matter what the price trade in value or amount offered.

The only real problem this vehicle has is high mileage, it is a very reliable vehicle and takes me back and forth to mountain home for work on a daily basis. As for comfort features there are really none to be spoken of I have a GPS installed for long trips but other then that I got standard seats with standard functions automatic drive and electric operated windows.

- Lundy H

2006 Taurus has surprisingly good gas mileage - around 28 mpg

Great car, really good gas mileage. The ac crapped out a few years ago, and currently the car has an undiagnosed problem with the engine. But overall it has been a great daily driver and any problems have been relatively easy to fix. Odometer is around 157000 and I really hope we can address the current engine issue and get her back on the road.

- Becky E

Car is prone to mechanical problems requiring expensive repairs.

Car is comfortable and has adequate but not good safety features for 2006 year. The car has been in the garage for repairs at least twice per year. It is not reliable. The performance is adequate. I have little confidence in the car. I am always afraid of a breakdown, so I have a state inspection done every year for safety and other car issues.

- Christina B

The stylish, reliable, part of your family car.

This vehicle is a smooth riding inexpensive reliable car. It is been through the test too being I am hard on my cars. It is became one of the family and cheaper to maintain then the kids. The reliability and smooth factors are great for long road trips with the family while the sleek family style body let's you still look cool even at our age.

- Tiff S

13 year old Taurus still runs great!

I have loved my car! I have had it for 13 years and it has not had any major issues. I have only had to replace minor items like the alternator and tire shoes. Everything on the car is still functioning and the transmission looks great. It goes in for regular oil changes. It is roomy and only one part in the inside has started falling apart.

- Brandy A

My car is a four door sedan that is black in color.

My vehicle is very reliable considering I have had it for over 10 years now. I haven't had any major problems of yet knock on wood just regular maintenance and regular check ups oil changes and brakes and tire changes. I have had to change the belt once but other than that I haven't had anything else done. I do have a lot of miles on my car.

- James E

great car, lots of trunk space

this is a very reliable car that has great highway gas mileage. If it is taken care of, it can go a long while without repairs. It can comfortably sit 6 people and it has a very large trunk. It has good AC but there is none in the back of the car. The back of the car has okay leg room, but anyone with longer legs will have to squeeze in.

- Allie D

Can fit entire family comfortably for travels.

My Taurus has been very reliable, I've put a lot of highway miles on it and its comfortable. The only issue has been bearings but with 179, 00 it's to be expected. It starts in the cold without needing plugged in, not to mention the entire family (including the dog) can ride comfortably. It has great gas economy 23 miles per gallon.

- Hope M

Plenty of trunk space where I can put my music.

My Ford Taurus is great on gas. I love it because it get me from point A to B. The motor is outstanding. Right now I am having a problem with the ac compressor, which doesn't cost that much. It's not too big and it's not too small. It's just right. It has plenty of trunk space. The parts are not expensive and they are easy to find.

- Cody N

Sunroof seats overall great style is great as well sturdy car and runs smooth.

The first thing is the gas mileage is awesome. And I have not has to much trouble out engine or transmission. The only thing is my alarm kept going off without anyone around it. I have only bought 1 battery since I bought my car. Interior is nice leather and the sunroof is awesome you can still be old but feel young in this car.

- Doris A

The vehicle came with sync technology as well for easy hands free driving!

It runs great! Never had a problem with the car besides other individuals hitting it when parked on the road! No major repairs and has stayed healthy throughout the years! I take good care of it and purchased it with 50,000 miles! Great car and would highly recommend this car to everyone looking for a cheap but reliable car!

- Aaron O

Solid, dependable and durable.

It is a comfortable car- good leg room, nice seats. Cupholders are molded, so they do not do a great job with things like thin or tall cans/ bottles. Car still runs fairly well. Handles pretty well, accelerates pretty well considering age of vehicle. Engine idles a little rough- but the car is 10 years old so to be expected.

- Adam S

My review of my ford Taurus review.

Very nice car especially for being like 13 years old! Runs pretty well, but I do have some problems with it. The heat runs weird if the car is in overdrive. Makes a smell in car. Also I do not know if has to do with car or not but my front passenger tire came off recently. Garage said there was only 2 studs holding wheel on.

- Jennifer S

Old reliable and always faithful!!

My car is reliable transportation. I only drive it 2 miles a day - to work and back. I only paid $700 for it 2 years ago and I have gotten my money’s worth. I put new brakes on it and it is a good runner. I thought the alternator was bad but it was just loose cables. I cannot afford a newer car so this will have to do.

- Sharon H

A good car that gets me where I need to go.

It gets me where I need to go and that is all I can really ask for in a car. I wish it had heated seats and a back windshield wiper but it is ok without those too. It is been on several cross country road trips over the years and holds up well, with minimal repair needed. Just oil changes and tune-ups every now and then.

- Victoria W

I love the mileage I get, the reliability and efficiency.

My 2006 Ford Taurus is the perfect family car. With a family of four, it has gotten me all around the place, and did so for many years without any issues or breakdowns. Not to mention, it is not a gas guzzler, which is always a great thing in my opinion. The car is truly timeless and ultra comfortable for all sizes.

- Jean L

Taurus, bullish on safety. My vehicle has its own personality: outgoing.

My beloved car has been with me for 12 years. Besides the usual wear and tear along with car maintenance through the years she has been very reliable. She is very comfortable, easy to drive and a lot of fun. If you are looking for a vehicle that is practically maintenance-free, fun to drive and safe, I endorse ford.

- Ernie Q

It has lasted well, since there is no body rust and only requires minor services including oil and fluid changes.

It has low mileage because I only drive 4000 miles a year. The body have no signs of body rust yet. It is very comfortable to drive with a smooth ride and a comfortable interior. The back seat folds down giving me a very nice storage area. The only bother is that the battery is impossible to take out by myself.

- Edwin E

A class for a reason: Cost-effective but smooth ride

This is very reliable and fuel efficient car. It is an excellent daily driver with great heat and air. It handles well on long commutes. It is a comfortable ride and handles bumpy roads well. The cruise control feature increases the fuel efficiency and a full tank will get you almost 400 miles on the highway.

- Alicia P

2006 ford Taurus minor issues.

There was a continuous problem with the muffler and the master cylinder for the brake fluid was broken. Once the muffler was broken it is gotten loud and sometimes it take a minute for the car to accelerate beyond 40 mph. Other than that I have had the car for a couple years now and it is held up pretty well.

- A'ja B

Ford Taurus 2006 most likely to run into these problems.

Battery light comes on quite regular the exhaust is weak and the alternator goes bad also the starter had to b changed and cleaned cause the oil filter sits right above the starter and drips oil in the starter. Good on gas though and if you take care of ur problems the car will last good over 300, 000 miles.

- Angel M

2006 ford Taurus, 70,000 miles, looks great! New tires, great ride!

My car has 70,000 miles! No major problems, good on gas, tires oil change, looks good still, hope to keep five more years! My kids would like it after me! Nice smooth ride for distance driving. Replace tires twice, wipers twice, three batteries in this time. Hope this does not jinx the car now with problems!

- Cheryl O

It is 2007 ford Taurus sel. It is kind of champagne/ beige/white colored.

I have only had tire troubles, and I really just need to replace them. I have had my check engine light on the whole time it is been in my ownership, and they told me the sensor is broken. Other than that, everything works well. It is pretty low on fuel efficiency, but I would expect that from an older car.

- McKenna S

Good around town vehicle, especially for salesman.

Solid, reliable transportation around town. Not as comfortable for long trips with the family. Has a few quirks, like the doors freezing open in the winter and rust spots over the wheel wells, and the trunk paint is peeling on all these model year versions. Would recommend as a good driving around town car.

- Christian C

2006 Ford Taurus: dependability.

I am having electrical problems with my car. My dashboard no longer shows vital information and my windows no longer roll down. My ac does not work. However, it drives smooth. My car has a good transmission, it shifts at every point flawlessly. I love the look of the car. I find this car very dependable.

- Deane A

Love my car I've had for almost 5 years overall!!

front end is a little damaged due to hitting a deer otherwise I've barely had issues with my car and have mostly put money into it for regular maintenance. love the car overall, but will be ready soon for something newer. I love that it shows me how many miles to E I have and it's all clearly displayed.

- Danielle B

2006 Ford Taurus - a pleasure to own!

My 2006 Ford Taurus is comfortable and dependable. I have over 200, 000 miles on it and because of upkeep of preventative maintenance, I have had no mechanical issues. Just because of life-cycle of the systems I have had to have air conditioning replaced and have had to replace several suspension parts.

- Jack G

Older car that would make dependable transportation.

It gets me where I want to go. New tires and brake lines as well as rear brakes. Not sure if a tune-up is necessary, but it runs fairly well for being 12 years old. It has pretty good mileage on it for its age and rides remarkably well. Decent car for its age and pretty dependable transportation.

- Michael G

I'll never buy another Ford Taurus as long as I live!

One of the worst cars I've ever owned there's always something wrong with it sometimes you can't even figure out what's wrong with the others it's hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix I'll never buy another for as long as I live. Right now it's having transmission difficulties it's endless!

- Terri O

My Ford Taurus need to know what else it's a great car.

My Ford has great engine no problems rides terrific. Has 86, 000 miles all anti lock brakes. What else can I say, it is a steal really enjoy long rides. Now this is really a test about my Ford Taurus alright now it is going on and on about my ford no nobody wants to read a book about the car.

- Tracy D

My car ford car gets me around town and store trios.

The car runs good and the only thing is the gas gauge only works part of the time. But over all the car runs and drives good. And the drives is good but I love the car when I want to. But over all the car gets me around town like really good and I had drove it long trips on occasionally.

- Mike D

A good car for a good price.

It is a reliable car that can be easily and cheaply fixed. It has never let me down throughout the years. Gas mileage is good and it has never broken down or left me stranded even though I have driven it over 160000 miles. Brakes, transmission, engine have all held up and are doing well.

- Angelina H

The fabulous blue ford Taurus.

It drives very smooth and quiet for long rides it is a luxury cruise. Plenty of room for the whole family while still sleek and nice body style and color. Gas mileage is great as well and low maintenance needed so far. Great family car as well as for a single person massive trunk space.

- Tiffany S

Sunroof and leather seats

I am pleased with this vehicle. I have a sunroof and leather seats. Air-conditioning works wonderfully. Power windows and locks. The angle of the dashboard is unfortunately not very good for short people like me, but it's not terribly hindering. Excellent gas mileage and very reliable.

- Brittany W

A reliable vehicle for anyone.

The car has been incredibly reliable for both long trips and short excursions around town. There is ample trunk space for the equipment I use to work. The car has great gas mileage and runs smooth. Only some mechanical issues later in it is life with the power steering pump going out.

- Kayla J

Ford Taurus 2006- pros and cons

Power steering pump is out, had to replace both front end hubs, however it is actually very spacious and good for my family of four. Would be a great driving car aside from the few problems I constantly endure. Seats are actually comfy for a long trip with enough space to move around.

- Allison K

Ford Taurus is a quality reliable car.

I have never had any problems with this car. Only the normal wear and tear associated with an automobile getting older. It has been very reliable and when we were rear ended 18 months ago, the damage was minimal due to the quality of the car. It is very comfortable inside as well.

- Connie C

Prematurely rusts in the same spots.

It rusts. Every Taurus I've own prematurely rusts in the same places. Not my favorite auto. The features are fine. Although the door panel fell off. It is a car that is not made to last. I live in pa with rough roads and it gets beat up quickly. My last one the transmission blew.

- Jim R

ford Taurus is a very very reliable low cost maintain

my ford taurus has been great she has 289000 miles but runs ok the only things that have been done are routine maintenance two water pumps one starter tires brakes and she still gets up and goes 3o miles per gallon and very comfortable ride love love will soon be retiring her

- israel t

2006 Ford Taurus - Long lasting Car

My vehicle is alright. I've driven it for a long time and have never had a real issue with it. The cruise control doesn't work and they drive shaft is beginning to go. However, it has been 13 years since the car was made so it's understandable. I have about 170,000 miles on it.

- Jared S

The Ford Taurus is a great vehicle that should still be in demand.

My vehicle is a Ford Taurus. It has great mileage to a gallon. My vehicle seats six people. It has great air conditioning and heat. It is equipped with a radio and speakers. My vehicle is dependable and easy to drive. It does not have a keyless entry like newer model cars.

- Pamela S

My Taurus is a great car.

I really like my vehicle. I've only had a few problems with it in all the years I've had it. The starter and the alternator they say are usually the first to go. I've traveled many miles in it and really enjoy the comfort. I wouldn't be scared to go anywhere in this vehicle.

- Melissa B

My car has electric seats and keyless entry I like this.

My car is older and used a lot. I am looking for a new one but not yet. Runs good for now and is pretty good in the snow. I like its roominess and style. If it were not for the higher miles I would keep it. Body is in good shape. Only addition to it would be heated seats.

- Candy K

Air conditioner, and stereo system functions great!

I like my Taurus a lot. I have had very little problems with it, other than routine maintenance. It does not seem to use a lot of gas, and does not leak any fluids. From the factory. . . It has a very sturdy paint job and still looks great and shiny. Good dependable car.

- Johnny B

Time to replace it the mileage is too high.

Chews up rotors fast the mileage is too high I am starting to have to do a lot of repairs. The headlights were poorly made the paint is starting to peel, there is no aux input the seats are cloth and have been comfortable the car is easy to handle the horsepower is fine.

- Lori S

Fords are nice long running cars.

I have owned the car for a few years now & not to many problems with this vehicle. Fords seem to last pretty long and I haven't had to do any repairs until at least a year and it was a minor problem. The parts are not very expensive either so I would def say buy a Ford.

- Veronica P

My Ford Taurus has been great!

My Ford Taurus has been reliable, and has not required any more maintenance than I would have expected. It is reasonably comfortable, but a bit lacking on extra features. I have not run into any major problems with the car that would have had me regretting my purchase.

- Dominic L

My fateful Ford Taurus! She has took a licking and keep right on kicking.

It is a good Ford Taurus. It over 10 years old. I have had to put a lot of work into this car. It needed a water pump and radiator. But overall she has a great engine. She starts right up with no problem. Ac work just fine. And the heater work great in Chicago winters.

- Katrina S

The car is great you can never go wrong wit it please choose ford.

It is really a reliable transportation and a comfortable car very clean and I haven't any problems with it at all and I really enjoy it so in the near future I would subject that everyone should choose Ford Taurus it should be choice for this car thank you very much.

- Martini K

Proper maintenance results in higher trouble-free mileage.

Originally purchased the vehicle with 94, 000 original miles. Since it's purchase the vehicle has run flawlessly and has developed no issues or problems. With continued proper maintenance, I anticipate the vehicle to achieve upward of 300, 000 trouble-free miles.

- Jay C

The thing I love the most about it is my sunroof

There is not really an issues with the performance of this vehicle except for the fact that it makes a slightly loud noise when turning. The car is very comfortable and friendly for a family of five. The car itself comes with a sunroof power windows and a radio.

- Kay J

Reliable and long-running car.

Sturdy and reliable car. Running for 105, 000 miles and still going. Has some electrical problems, like interior lights, and wiring issues, such as cruise control. Medium gas mileage. Decent looking vehicle. Withstood very long road trips without breaking down.

- Taylor E

It is a very reliable vehicle. Low maintenance and very comfortable riding. Trustworthy for long trips.

What I particularly dislike is that the drivers side front door is the only door that has a keyhole. There is no way to open the passenger side from outside. What I do like is very low maintenance. The only thing we've had to do is a new battery and brakes.

- Karla B

That the passenger and cargo size and gas mileage are great.

It's reliable, big enough to get everyone and everything in that I need to transport, and gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is that the moonroof stopped functioning, and the part has been discontinued by Ford, so it is very expensive to get repaired.

- Jen J

Take the bull by the horns and drive a Taurus today.

Great reliable roomy car. Must be on top of maintenance. Great for family trips. Plenty of trunk space. Can sit five very comfortably. Good horsepower and average mpg. Vehicle has a very smooth ride on the highway. Noise is very low but can hear road noise.

- Francisco A

There is a sunroof that also doubles as a moonroof.

There were problems with the back and front defrost and neither would turn on. However, I took it to a mechanic and they had it fixed quickly so that wasn't much of an issue. The trunk is spacious and able to hold weeks worth of groceries and an extra tire.

- Dari H

Dependable and large enough to afford protection if in accident.

It is very dependable and rides smoothly. The car is comfortable and fits five very comfortably. The large mirrors seem to make it difficult to always get a good peripheral view. some of this may be my height but I double check when looking to either side.

- Barbara H

It's a nice little car, but it has a lot of issues. And usually they're not cheap to fix. Every time that something has broken on it, I've easily spent $600+ fixing it.

It's a blue 4 door sedan type car. It doesn't get great gas mileage; I usually only get about 23 miles on the interstate. It has had several maintenance issues from the beginning and I've replaced almost everything on it except the engine and transmission.

- Briana L

Have not had the car for a month total in time yet.

Just recently bought, lots of repairs so far have been needed. I have had it for just about going on to my first month. So far there has been about 300$ charged to me, more covered by dealership. About 5 total different components have needed to be fixed.

- Brandon M

Great high mileage vehicle.

My 2006 ford Taurus is pretty reliable. It is just now at 187,870 miles requiring some extra upkeep as far as fluid flushes and replacing shocks and ball joints. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a long running reliable high mileage car.

- Danielle W

2006 ford Taurus, not the best car but definitely spacey.

It breaks down a lot, I have had to put a lot of money into fixing it and getting new parts, the only thing I love about my car is the color (baby blue) and that it is very spacious on the inside, it seats 5. The trunk has quite a bit of space as well.

- Samantha Y

Very good car. And dependable car. Highly recommend.

It is a very good car. It gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any problems with it. My car is very dependable. I would definitely buy another Taurus in the future. I drive it to work everyday. Very good car. Gets good gas mileage on the highway also.

- Sheila W

I like that it has cruise control because I have arthritis and it takes some of the pressure off my knee on long trips. I like how it gives me an estimate of how many miles of gas I have about. I dislike that the rims kept getting bent and make for an unpleasant drive at times. I don't like the leather seats. They crack and gunk gets stuck in the cracks. It's extra hot in the summer, too. I like how the middle console fold from a seat to a drink and item holder. I love love love the trunk space. We do a lot of traveling and the space makes it so we don't have to pile things inside the area that we are in.

Ford is not a bad car maker. If you take care of your car it will last you. With the exception of one car, all the cars I have owned were Ford and that goes for my brother too. I have had my car for over 10 years and I cannot complain about too much.

- kathleen G

My car can be okay sometimes.

I was in a car accident a year or so ago and my back rear side is severely dented and grinds like crazy. The air conditioning went out and I had to pay to get it fixed. The CD player sticks constantly. One of the backseat seat belts does not fasten.

- Kirkland S

takes awhile to warm up the tranny before you can go. It has a leak in the power steering. Air doesn't work other than that it runs ok

I have had trouble with the starter for years. It is old and would like to buy a new one. The air conditioner doesn't work. It was a pretty good car until I started putting starters in it every yr. Would be nice to get a small suv soon.


It is a four door sedan that is maroon in color.

It is not a bad car, but recently I have had quite a few issues with it, spending money to make sure it runs properly. Apparently this type of car is known for rusting underneath, which I just found out I have a hole on the passenger side.

- Ann S

It has a keypad to unlock/lock the vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle and extremely comfortable. The rear view mirror has a dimmer on it so you are not blinded by vehicles. It has child safety locks which benefits those with children, along with electric unlock/lock and windows.

- Samantha G

don't buy a Ford Taurus. They are junk.

There has been all kinds of problems electrical problems motor problem starter problems just everything's gone wrong with that we finally had to trade it in for a vehicle that was not on the list. Ford Tauruses are the worst car to owns.

- Heather M

2006 Ford Taurus: An Unforeseen Beast To Be reckoned with

I love my car and have four a long time now. I bought it at 100000 miles, put on 180000 myself and it still runs great! Alright it is getting older and many problems are arising as far as the electronics etc. It still is a great car!

- Rebecca D




Perfect car for everyday transportation.

I purchased this car from hertz auto sales. It was maintained beautifully. In the ensuing years, I have not experienced any major problems with this vehicle. If this particular model was still available, I'd purchase it again.

- Dwight H

The Ford Taurus is a very dependable car that is very affordable and requires little maintenance.

My Ford Taurus is very dependable. The one I drive now is my third Taurus. It gets decent gas mileage and doesn't require too much maintenance or upkeep as long as you change the oil and regularly give it a tune-up.

- Lori H

It is well made and requires little maintenance other than oil changes.

I wish I had a newer model. Other than that, I am quite pleased with the Taurus from the ford motor company. It is spacious without being cumbersome, and it handles nicely on the road, especially highway driving.

- Lisa P

It is a very dependable car and the parts are reasonable when you need to fix something

I love my Ford Taurus. It is a smooth riding car and it large enough to make you feel safe driving it. It gets decent gas mileage and had is comfortable to ride in and has ample space in the back seat and trunk

- Julie C

Had a long life but is constantly costing us lately!

We have a lot of mileage on this vehicle and it has lasted a long time for us. However, we are constantly having mechanical issues. Some are just wear and tear and others are things we've had fixed previously.

- Stephanie C

It has had some hail damage but runs well. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

It Has nice leather seats, and a good heater and air conditioner. It would be nice if it had a mp3 player. Taurus likely saved my life while driving it before, so that's why I got another when I got this one.

- Janet T

Cute powder blue Ford with an engine that doesn't quit

My vehicle has brake problems; the body shakes from the force of braking and turning while pressing on the gas. Other than that, it is reliable and the heating system is nothing like I've experienced before!

- Kerri L

That a handicapped person [me] is behind the wheel.

It's a decent 2nd hand vehicle but hard for me to get in and out of with my crippled legs. I'd rather have my old Chevy Blazer back that got totaled out when young girl rammed into it about a year ago.

- Richard S

I will never buy a Ford again!

Well my car basically drives by itself, my foot can be on brakes and the car rpm will go sky high if I was to take my foot off brake it would slam the car in front of me. It cuts off while driving.

- Jessie B

It is the typical run-of-the-mill sedan. There is quite a bit of room in there for a car of its size.

Well there was an exhaust leak, and the front mounting for the steering needed to be repaired. You never know when little things like that sneak up. But other than that the car performs smoothly.

- Errol L

It is reliable and well priced.

The car is nothing fancy and is generally pretty cheap. It also does not look that good or is that smooth to ride. However, the car is very good for the price point and is also very reliable.


Comfortable vehicle for small family

Excellent gas mileage it has a Bluetooth feature that I enjoy the seats are comfortable air conditioning and heating work well and it doesn't take long for the car to heat up or cool down

- April M

It gets me where I am going.

My drivers side window wont roll up at times its off its track also need new tires also my sons girlfriend hit it when she was drunk 3 years ago so it has a dent on the front of the car.

- Gloria D

2006 Ford Taurus - a pretty ok car.

For being an older car it drives really well. I mean if you are looking for a used car that is not too costly then it would be a good choice. Also it is American made so that is nice.

- Katie W

That it is big and nice and roomie for a family or friends. Also that it travels very smooth on the highway

The one thing that I like about the car is that it drives great but the one thing i hate is that the gas runs out to fast in the car. Doesn't last long and it's to big in size for me

- Kenishia J

I wish it had better tires.

It is a pretty safe vehicle. It hasn't cost me a lot in repairs. I wish it had tinted windows, better dashboard lighting, a better radio/stereo/CD system, and a more powerful A/C.

- B K

It's reliable and low maintenance. I already have 150,000 miles on it and expect to get another 50,000 at least.

What I don't like are the A.C. and cruise control that aren't working and I can't afford to repair. My car is a good size for adults, gets decent mileage and is low maintenance.

- Elizabeth S

Getting hard to find parts.

It is a great and reliable car. My only concern is that it is now 12 years old and some parts are no longer made by Ford and have to be purchased "off market" when I need them.

- Linda E

tranny and engine run great.. All you need to do is take care of your vehicle. and it will take care of you.

Nothing has ever gone wrong with my car. With the exception of regular maintenance.. But now the ac has stopped working. But that really has nothing to do with the car itself.

- arlene v

Good starter car, low miles, cold a/c, hot heat. Great condition!

For the most part, I love our car. There's a few spots that are fading on the dash and paneling inside, the brake appear to be slipping and the back glass isn't well attached.

- Kimberly V

Apparently the Ford Taurus is a very reliable car, mine is 12 years old and drives great.

I bought this car used in 2014. So far only 2 major things have needed fixing. I've been really satisfied with it, it drives great, it has a huge trunk, and it's comfortable.

- Amanda Y

Tank anyone can drive and last forever if keep maintained

4th owner, all immediate family, 3 generations, over 200k and going strong. typical issues with parts that wear out, but nothing excessive. great for learning to drive, roomy

- Jeffery L

I like the acceleration and it drives smoothly. I also like the color

It's a bit big for my preference, since I like smaller sedans. But it drives well and feels comfortable. It has just the basic features since I didn't want anything fancy.

- Heather S

It is a great car. It handles great car. The trunk is roomy so it can hold lots of stuff.

I have only owned two cars and both were ford Taurus. I love they way they drive. My car is older so it doesn't have automatic seats but other than that it is great.

- JoAnne R

One important thing is its gonna break and parts can be costly.

On my Ford I love that it gets great gas mileage and is very economic also its great for long trips as it's a very smooth ride I have no dislikes as of now on my Ford.

- Lori B

My 2007 Ford Taurus with 245,000 miles on it has been a very dependable car.

My 2007 Ford Taurus has 245,000 miles on and to date has been very dependable. I maintain it faithfully and change the oil every 5000 miles using synthetic blend oil.

- Joseph B

It's very reliable, and runs great!!!!

My Ford taurus is a very reliable car. Me and my family have loved it since we got it!!! The window tint we put on it keeps it cool in the summer. No complaints!!!

- steve C

i it a reliable car and american made. It give me very good gas mileage both city and highway.

Very reliable and comfortable to drive. I have had no major service done to car just routine maintenance and replacing items that have been worn down over the years.

- Julia r

I love it. I would buy a new one if I could.

I like that it gets me around and I dislike that it is not a SUV. I really like to drive a little bit bigger of a vehicle than a car. But, for now the car is fine.

- Vall S

If you keep up with regular maintenance the car will last you for a long time.

It's a solid car. I feel safe while driving around it. It's a comfortable ride. There's plenty of room in the trunk and in the back seat. It's a great starter car.

- Anna S

A practical and dependable automobile that is great on gas mileage.

It is a reliable and dependable car. The Taurus is a practical vehicle that is great on gas mileage and is easy to handle. A negative is I wish it wasn't as wide.

- Brandee T

its dependable and gets good gas mileage good all around car for doing errands and getting around town

it rides smooth and is good and comfortable and gets okay gas mileage. Not bad for running around town in. no complaints maybe to maintain it gets a bit expensive

- Elizabeth M

It doesn't get the greatest gas mileage, but it does get me from point A to point B. It's a good car despite all the repairs I've had to do on it.

It's a good car, but it has had several issues over the last 12 years. I've constantly had to do repairs on it, but the engine and transmission are still in tact.

- Briana B

It's dependable and less expensive to repair than most cars

It's just the right size. It's comfortable and stylish. Smooth ride. And good safety features. The a/c works great. I love the cranberry color and it's American.

- Mark H

Great first car that will get you where you need to go.

I like that it is fairly reliable. I don't like that when it breaks usually multiple things are wrong. I wish the gas mileage was better. Great first car though.

- cady s

The most important thing to remember about the car is to make sure it doesn't get low on oil

The car is a great point a to point b car. Good on gas, but it has transmission problems. Another downfall i find is that it has some electrical issues as well

- Cody V

It is user friendly and easy to take on long trips.

Very dependable, easy to drive, easy to maneuver, not too small, does not feel outdated, overall well made car that is comfortable for long and short trips.

- Ashley S

The car has to be very big.

I love my taurus. I grew up on Fords. My dad knows how to work on them. They are easy to work on. The one thing I do not like about it is it rusts easily.

- Nicole H

a safe comfortable car that one feels good driving.

It is comfortable to ride in, easy to maneuver on the road, fairly good gas mileage. Only complaint, doors tend to freeze OPEN during cold winter storms.

- April R

This car is one of the most reliable and well built cars that I have bought

I like my vehicle because it runs really well and it doesn't use that much gas. I rarely have to go to the mechanic. The seats are also very comfortable.

- James C

It gets me from A to B and have working air and heat.

I have had several repair jobs done. On the first snow of the year my brake line snapped. My muffler fell off. The suspension makes for an unsmooth ride.

- Lynn R

The reliability is fantastic. Good fuel economy. Rides smooth.

I have had nothing but good luck with my Taurus. It's a great work car. It has the power I need in heavy traffic. It's also great for aclament weather.

- Matthew C

It was a vehicle that brings many memories.

The Ford Taurus is a reliable car. It lasted the person before me for a long time. It lasted me a whole year after that before issues started to occur.

- Austin H

230,000 and still going strong. I expect to easily get to 300,000 miles.

My Ford Taurus has 230,000 miles on it and still runs in excellent condition. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle. I would buy this car again.

- Tam K

It was quality built in the USA and provided great value.

I purchased the vehicle used with 18,000 miles. Now it has 260,000 miles. It was great in It's day but lack the sophistication found in newer models.

- William m

Love my car... It a real nice around car... Has a nice heater and air.. Make it nice to travel in...a nice radio if you love to listen to music..

It has been a good car... Good on gas.. It is a comfort car to ride in...a reliability car....it have air and heat...make it nice In the weather...

- Rosetta F

Overall, my car has been trustworthy throughout the years.

Considering the age of the vehicle, it has been very trustworthy. The heat stopped working after 3 years, but no other strange or large repairs.

- Dee D

It has a lot of room on the inside.

I do not like the overall look of my car, mostly because it is white. I like how much room it has on the inside. I also like the interior design.

- Belle T

It is in good condition and is considered a low mileage car.

I like that it is a four door car. There is foot room for back seat passengers. I do not like that it doesn't have the unlock with the keychain.

- Cathy J

That it is a very dependable car.

I love the way it drives. I like the interior with the selection that you can see how many miles your trip is, how many miles to empty, etc.

- Cynthia S

Keep ahead of repairs, oil changes, replacement tires, replace wipers when necessary, etc.

I have no dislikes. I like the driveability, comfort and the lack of constant repair. Most repairs are due to normal age related issues.

- Dom S

Ford cars are dependable and safe.

It is reliable and safe. It gets good mileage, but I would prefer more fuel efficiency. We love Ford cars, they are so easy to maintain.

- anne P

The interior has a lot of room.

There is really nothing wrong with my car I am just not in love with it I bought it because my car blew up and I needed another car quick.

- Karen C

I guess that it has the 3rd row seating and plenty of room.

Drives well. Under warranty I bought it used hard to keep interior clean looks good though not much to complain about besides the price.

- Melinda W

It is a relatively cost-effective style of vehicle.

It is a standard sedan-style vehicle. It is reliable and relatively cost-effective transportation. Not flashing, but gets the job done.

- Tim G

Windows always have issues, power.

Windows have had a lot of problems, also water pump had been replaced numerous times. Mileage is still pretty good though considering.

- Jessica F

Very dependable gets great gas mileage and low maintenance.

Very dependable car that gets good gas mileage. Maintenance is low and have had to do little repairs. Over all it's an excellent car.

- Gary B

It has a great crash rating. Makes me feel safe when I am driving.

I love it. After another vehicle crossed over the line and hit me and ruined my last car I purchased this one for the crash rating.

- brandy n

I really like driving my car around town

This is a really great car. It has a really smooth ride gets good gas mileage is very dependable & has plenty of power when needed

- Tom B

It is big enough for a decent size family and it is reliable.

I like that it gets me where I need to go and is reliable. I like how roomy it is as well. I do not like that it uses so much gas.

- Victoria D

Ford Taurus review on performance.

I really like how the vehicle works as a whole. My car sometimes has problems with the brakes but overall it works perfectly fine.

- Jessica H

it was cheap when i bought it used. it has less than 10k miles per year on it

It's reliable for the most part. decent gas mileage. no one will try to break in to it because they will see it and know im poor

- marvin g

My second car I have bought.

My ac does not work, my passenger side mirror is duct taped on. My car has over 100 thousand miles and still runs like it is new.

- Brie M

It does run good on highway and mileage is good on highway but in town is bad.

It is to small. It is to low to the ground. It does not have the qualifications I wanted. It does not get very good gas mileage.

- tammie b

change oil every 3000 miles because it runs better to too it burns oil

Tan car body looks grof for year it is good on gas a little slow to pick up speed from stop lots room in the car for four people

- jeff g

It runs good, gets pretty good mileage.

It is a very nice vehicle, but like all things, age make things creep up which must be fixed, but overall it is a good vehicle.

- Michael G

affordable paid for and cheap to drive.

Just do not like the brand. Like how it looks and mostly drives. Its rare and that's nice. Wished it ran better and was newer.

- Erika M

Whether or not it is safe to drive,and is in good repair

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that I have had very few repairs. I do not like the fact that it is getting old!

- Ann W

When I saw it, I wanted it, that was the car I wanted.

My Ford Taurus is comfortable, dependable, reliable, it is an older car, but it wholes the road well, it is my silver beauty.

- Floyd R

Maintenance every 3000 miles.

My car is comfortable and have space for all and easy for driver and no very spencer have good price for whatever people buy.

- Jacqueline L

It is good for those who don't have long commutes.

It is very safe and heavy duty. The vehicle is heavier which is safer for collisions. However, it is not very fuel efficient.

- Sophia S

safety, has great features to keep you safe all while keeping you comfortable

love fords to start with. The Taurus is a great family car. Has high safety ratings. And has always been a favorite of mine

- judy g

My car is safe with air bags. My kids safety seats fit in well and still have room.

My family fits with extra room but the vehicle is not too big for me to drive. Automatic seats adjust on you turn the key.

- Kari B

It is very temperamental.

No complaints about my personal vehicle. I have had this vehicle for almost two years now and it has served me faithfully.

- Cody S

don't buy if you don't want your billfold empty

i have to work on this car all the time. i don't like this car to much 'i bought it new in 07 and have spent 1000's on it

- david e

It is a very reliable truck.

My car doesn't use a lot of gas and is very nice running. Also it very small which is nice for me since I am so short.

- Bobbie S

It runs like new and requires no maintenance.

Dependable and peppy, no computers on board. Still runs perfect. Just getting dated and wish things were more current.

- Douglas J

It can travel long distances and is really good on gas.

I love how reliable my car is and how long it has lasted me. I only wish it were a newer model with updated features.

- Destiney H

My car handles really well, is easy to repair and maintain.

I like that its sporty, fun and easy to maintain. I dislike how it acts in a crash. I've owned a few of the same car.

- Selina H

That it is paid for, in good shape and that it's mine.

It has decent mileage. It has power steering and power windows. It gets me where I want to go without any problems.

- George h

Lots of problems and not much power. i think they are not a good car. This is my second taurus and the first one always smelled like gas.

It's comfortable. Does not have a lot of power. Also have had a lot of problems with transmission and fuel issues.

- kay c

Runs super great when it runs.

Just rust a lot and breaks down a lot. Comfy seats wish they were leather sits to low budget trunk huge back seat.

- Alyssa L

It breaks down a lot. Have changed fuel pump three times already!

To many breakdowns. Engine light been on for a year and cant get fixed. And it's a 2007 but that wasn't a choice?

- kevin c

Great car, dependable, gas saver, reliable.

Reliable, performs well, great vehicle. Dependable, sunroof, gas saver, great starter car for beginning drivers.

- Kristin O

Super reliable everyday transportation.

It is has over 212, 000 miles and is missing mirror on the passenger side. I am the second owner of the vehicle.

- Kenneth R

American made by the Ford motor company.

My car has been well taken care of through the years & I feel safe in my car. The signs of age don't bother me.

- Tina L

It is a good family sized vehicle without being too big

It isn't the best vehicle for me because it's a little bit large, but it is comfortable and good for my family.

- Christin E

To make sure you shut the sunroof even if you don't think it is going to rain.

I love the sunroof. I love the electric seats. I don't like that it is white. I don't like the leather seats.

- Lorraine G

friendliness to any passengers inside with a good sounding stereo.

Rides Comfortably and gets very good gas mileage. this vehicle is very easy to maintain and keep looking nice.

- Jim M

I is a roomy car that drives well and does well in an accident.

I like the size and looks of the Taurus. I wish it still got the millage it use to. Love the very roomy trunk.

- Katie B

It has won various awards for the safety features.

I like the space in my car. I like the truck space. No complaints. Normal wear and tear. Gas mileage is high.

- Loretta K

It's been reliable so far to get me safely where I need to go.

It gets me where I need to go. It is a four door. It is easy to drive. It is comfortable to sit in and drive.

- Mandy C

It is very dependable for everyday driving.

My vehicle is a very dependable. It has lots of interior room. I like the fact it has a six cylinder motor.

- Mike H

It has a lot of years and a lot of miles on it and it is old and has lots of things wrong with it but it is paid for.

It is 11 years old. Too many things wrong with it but at least power windows, ac, cruise control still works.

- Wanda W

It is inexpensive to repair.

I love my Ford. It is American made. Not too expensive to keep on the road and is a very reliable vehicle.

- Marie Y

It is a good family car. It is roomy and has a nice large trunk.

It had high mileage and because it is older, it requires a lot of expensive maintenance to keep it running.

- Ryan C

my car is sedan car working good

good I love my car because its working good my car is lucy for me and my family my hubby drive that love it

- soni s

It is a very fuel efficient car and gets really good gas mileage.

It's a nice smooth riding car with power windows and fuel efficient. I like the car but it is a 2 door v6.

- Joshua W

that it save you money at the pump helps you to put things in trunk more room

I like all good gas mileage easy to drive good make and no trouble with the car great features and color

- joel j

my car is as much fun to drive as it is to enhance.

the vehicle that I currently own is a 2006 ford taurus and what I like most about my car is the driveable.

- Devon M

It is a Ford, therefore a good car! And I love that it still runs.

The car has about 150 thousand miles on it. We are experiencing some issues now but still a good car!

- Darlene C

It's old and has lots of things wrong with it. It has lots of miles on it.

It is old and needs lots of work. It has 179,000 and was probably at the top of It's line at one time.

- Wanda M

Good car but will rust. I recommend it for a non-flashy car that gets good mileage and is easy to drive.

old, but runs pretty good. very prone to rust, though and it's currently being fixed for brakelines.

- Mike M

Has a terrific motor an low miles.

My car rides really good. My oil gets changed every three 3 months. My car do not have leather seats.

- Tracy E

I hope it runs forever and it is dependable, best car ever.

It's getting weathered and beat up. It's a reliable car. It gets good mileage. It has plenty of room.

- Adam H

Very reliable, only minimal work needed.

Like the fact I have never had any major problems. Like the gas mileage. Do not like paint peeling.

- Thomas S

It has been a very reliable car. It has not had any major breakdowns in the time I have had it.

I like it. I've never had any major problems with it. It drives good in the wisconsin winters too.

- tim b

It is a smooth comfortable ride. It makes taking long trips very enjoyable.

My car is a really comfortable ride on long trips. It has great gas mileage and it runs very well

- Andrew M

It is safe for the whole family. There Has been very little done to it

I like that it is safe for my family. I have not had to replace many things It is good on gas

- Michelle F

Ford cars are very reliable. I have owned several different models and liked them all

I like the size of the car. It goes really well in the snow. The gas mileage it fairly good.

- Cheryl C

That you can always rely on it, even though it is very low tech. It will get to where you need to go.

It runs good. But, it does need over 1,000 dollars of work. Otherwise I like this car a lot.

- Nathan A

Quality dependability easy to drive very dependable car

My car is very dependable has very low maintenance requirements I will drive it anywhere.

- Terry C

The biggest thing to know about this car is the trunk and car space is amazing but the hood and dashboard takes up a lot of space feel like the dashboard could have been shorter!

I love that it has lots of space! I wish it was not so long for the hood and dashboard!

- Bobbie F

I like that my vehicle is reliable, it rarely gives me any problems. It is paid off. It has a good amount of storage and roomy seating when people ride with me. Some of the features on the car are getting older. It would be nice to have something with a remote start and a backup camera.

It may not be the most fancy car, but it is more reliable than other cars I have had.

- becca k

I is old. It needs a lot of work. It is not worth fixing.

It's 12 years old. Needs a lot of fixing. Can only get $500 for it at pick a parts.

- maria v

It's a safe and reliable car.

My car is rebuilt. It has taken my wife and I on several trips with no problems

- Jonathan P

It is a good reliable car that gets excellent gas mileage.

It is reliable, has low mileage. I wish it had outside temp, compass and nav.

- M P

it still runs and is clean and quiet but needs minor work.

i like the color but everything else, not good at all, way too many problems

- Lucia G

So far the car is pretty reliable. However, I wish it was bigger. I would like an updated vehicle.

Blue, reliable, good car to have and hope that the next car is just as good.

- Carla M

american made ford. simple operation not too many gadgets

inherited it from my dad simple operation not a bunch of electronic gadgets

- betty t

For the age of the car, it still has a smooth ride.

Nice riding vehicle. It is good in the snow. It rusts easily. Good on gas.

- Deb T

it is very low and will not run with excessive weight in it

i don't like that it is very old and has a lot of dents everywhere

- Ciara G

The ford taurus is a reliable vehicle for everyday use and comfortable to drive.

Reliable but low gas mileage. Ford is my go to car. Good car

- Sheila S

Smooth ride and comfortable seating it is gray in color and it is a defan

It drives very smoothly but sometimes it starts with a noise

- Barbara V

that it gets me to and fro and haven't had any major issues with it.

my vehicle is reliable , comfortable and fairly spacious.

- Don D

It's a little too large for my taste, but it runs very well.

I dislike the size. I like the sunroof, and the mileage.

- Heather S

It saves you money cause it very good on gas with the right maintenance.

Is reliable and has cheap maintenance.it's good on gas.

- Tchalla F

I love the smooth, comfortable ride of this vehicle. The interior is plush and comfortable and doesn't have bucket seats. The car is larger and has good acceleration.

This car has an Incredibly smooth and comfortable ride.

- Jacquie C

Often Needed Repair. Was at garage a lot. Unhappy customer.

It's white. It has been used when first purchased.

- Bri C

easy to handle and runs great

Love it just the right size and easy to handle

- nancy S

Reliable Transportation Daily

It gets me wherever I want to go, safely.

- Beverley S

Reliable and worth what I paid.

- Jennifer V