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Why I love my Ford Taurus x: excellent comfort features and practical.

The Taurus is very comfortable however there is a problem with drivers side heated seat. Overall mechanically the vehicle is sound. It is very technologically friendly and has sync. It is a very safe vehicle. The vehicle is great for hauling things as it has fold down seats. The vehicle can comfortably seat six people. It is loaded with features and the heating and air conditioning system works great especially on automatic control.

- Christina W

It is a great car for families and for traveling.

The vehicle drives very well and is very roomy and comfortable. The vehicle is able to seat 6 passengers comfortable or you can easily let down the backseats for storage or hauling things. The only downside with this vehicle so far is that it does not pick up radio stations out of the area I live. I do not understand that and it has never been able to be fixed.

- Lori C

It is a large but steady and serviceable vehicle. The perfect in between small car and SUV.

I have a fully loaded sedan. I love that it is bigger than a normal sedan but smaller than a SUV. It's the perfect in between size. The trunk is HUGE which is great. The only part I really hate are the black leather seats and interior. The car is silver but with the black interior, it gets really hot in the summer. Otherwise it drives well and is reliable.

- Liz R

Reliable at almost 200k miles.

My car has been incredibly reliable, no major issues and it has almost 200k miles. It is a full size sedan, very roomy and feels safe. It does not really have any bells or whistles, it is pretty basic. When it starts having major mechanical issues because of the high mileage, I plan to purchase another car of the same make and model.

- Whitney M

The ac system is dual climate zone and I love it.

Nothing at all 10/10 recommend. The only problem is that the leather on the front passenger seat has multiple tears. The back seat of the car also has a defective seat belt on the far passenger side. I love the ac system in this car. The gas mileage sucks. Lots of power. Forming rust on both back fenders above the tires.

- Matthew C

The Taurus works hard for you through it all.

I like that it is extremely reliable. It's been relatively low maintenance and gets good mileage. The closest I have to a complaint is that I'd like to have a hybrid or maybe full electric vehicle- as that is hardly this car's fault, I could easily going for another model from Ford when the time comes for a replacement.

- shirley S

Runs long, but is too long.

The Taurus runs really well, I am the third owner of this car and it has lasted really well throughout the years and the usage. The vehicle is uncomfortably long though and takes a while to adjust to the extra length at the front of the car. It also does not help that the turning radius of the car is very small.

- Ashley C

That it has 3 rows and is not just the normal Taurus sedan.

It's not a regular sedan, more like a station wagon crossover that has 3 rows and seats 6. I like the way the back 2 rows seats fold down to make more trunk space if there's not many passengers. I don't like how small the space between center seats are cause they make it really difficult to get to the 3rd row.

- Alexis C

The Taurus that won't quit.

I have had my Taurus for many years now, and I must confess, it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. As long as the basic upkeep is handled in a timely manner, this little baby will always be able to get you where you need to be. I haven't had any issues with major and/or minor repairs ever.

- Stephan H

It has back seats that can be laid down or adjusted as needed.

It is a really great car with plenty of space and features. It was made very modernly so even being years old it still seems very updated. It has a great cloth interior and hard plastic to avoid scratches but makes it very easy to clean. Overall this is a very pleasing vehicle.

- Ashley B

Get great gas mileage, and great car all around.

Smooth ride, great for long distance trips. Plenty of room for luggage. Navigation system is awesome to have at your fingertips. I would recommended this vehicle to anyone. And it’ is very good on gas and it is a very nice sporty looking car. It is a very nice family car.

- Sherry R

Its practical and affordable,

The lining on the door comes off easily, some minor transmission problems or this car and friends who have a Ford Focus. The features are what to be expected of a car in the price range. I constantly scrape the front of the car whenever I go up the slightest incline though.

- Kane E

2009 Ford Taurus x great family car!!

Very roomy. Drives smoothly. Gas mileage is not low but it is a comfortable road trip car. If all 6 seats in use storage is almost nonexistent. But love how the back seats fold down flat. Makes for a great nap or drive in movie spot and can haul large items too.

- Sandy S

The trunk holds many groceries a well as boxes.

I have had my Ford Taurus for quite awhile and only had a couple of problems. I had to get the air conditioner fixed. I get my routine oil change and have had to get new tires several times. It drives very well and there is a lot of room in the trunk.

- Robin C

Overall car fits my needs well and is a good buy at the right price.

Pros: Very comfortable and roomy for a tall guy like me. Engine provides good power, and gas mileage is decent on the highway. Feels safe and secure Cons: poor mileage in the city, looks dated both inside and out, reliability is just average at best

- David P

It is strong on the outside and comfy in the inside.

It is a great car, sturdy, classic. I got it used as a cash car and so it is starting to show a few possible problems in its early stages. Other than that, the seats are so comfortable and the wood accent just melts me.

- Delilah M

Long, difficult to turn. Runs fine though.

It is a nice car. The steering wheel shakes a little when you turn too fast and sometimes just going around curvy roads. I think that is a specific problem with this particular car, not the type of car as a whole.

- Vanessa C

It is a very strong car also it used to be a police car.

Runs well not a lot of problems. It is a very safe vehicle to drive. The trunk is very spacious and the inside of the car as well. It is just a big car when you are looking for a parking spot.

- Mary R

The Ford Taurus is a good car to own.

I like that it is not too large or too small. It is comfortable to travel a long distance in it. I do wish some of the special features would be easier to use. It is not hard to maintain.

- Betty S

Love the 6 passenger flexible seating size of Ford Taurus x

Love my Ford Taurus x wish they still made this 6 passage cross over perfect size flexible seating easy to drive and park - comfortable ride as it is on a car chassis not truck. Love it

- Lori S

It's a great car to drive to and from work and errands and nice for road trips, just keep up on oil changes and tune-ups, etc and you won't have any problems!

I like that it is comfortable and drives nicely. It has pretty good gas mileage, but right now needs to be brought in again after just having a tune up because it is making loud noises.

- Dana F

Reliable. Lasts for the long haul.

My car is almost 10 years old and has over 215, 000 miles and it is not once broke down or become unreliable. The inside is very spacious and the body design is very sporty and modern.

- Heather V

The gas mileage is not very good.

I like that it is roomy and dependable. I don't like that I don't have GPS. I do not like that I don't have anything to link my phone to my car. It does not have Bluetooth.

- Christina S

Best qualities about my car

Problems it has is only his hard it is to park since it's so big. The car runs smoothly and everything about it is great. It has so much space and comfortable seats.

- Krista G

The hood is big. I often park far back from a curb or another vehicle because for me, the hood is big and I cannot tell distance very good in it

I feel safe in my car, it is big enough to, I think to keep me saver than in a little sports vehicle It is getting old, as cars do, but still looks like a new car.

- Terrena w

It is a very smooth ride that makes it easy for a smaller family.

The ford taurus is an excellent vehicle. It is a very smooth ride with a lot of room. It doesn't have as good of gas mileage as I thought it would have.

- Jonathan P

I would definitely consider the unfavorable gas mileage.

I like that my car handles very well for having such high mileage. It is very reliable and drives nicely. I wish the gas mileage would be a bit better.

- Autumn Q

It's very spacious and great for my family of 3.

I have had my car for almost 10 years and haven't had any serious problems with my vehicle, other than your normal wear and tear that is expected.

- Ashley C

It is easy to drive and the cameras make it safe to change lanes and backup.

I love that the car is dependable and has caused me very little trouble over the last 9 years. The car's physical appearance suits me just fine.

- Patricia A

I like my car because of its dependability, reliability, and most of all fun to drive.

My car is great because it is very dependable, great on gas, and I have never had any problems with. There is nothing that I dislike about.


It's bigger than the normal sized car.

I love how much room my car has. I do not like that since its a little bigger it takes more oil then a normal car so I have to pay extra.

- Tra V

Very reliable, affordable car.

Love the space of the vehicle. It has good gas mileage and is reliable. The only thing I don't like about the car is the boxiness look.

- Tyler w

It's a beautiful red color

It's a really great and economic car, it's really nice inside and out very reliable car driven it out of state without a problem

- Arely C

It works great and is very reliable.

I love the comfort my car provides. The aux cord and the sounds system are great. I also love the horsepower my car provides.

- Jacob H

Others should know that there is lots of room for storage for a car.

I like the big trunk for storage. I like the gas mileage with all the driving. I like the bigger body type for more room.

- Ryan B

Great gas mileage and runs smoothly.

No complaints other than radio antenna does not get very good reception when I go out of town or get too far out of town.

- Lori C

If you want a car that is durable to get you to a place you want to go, this is the car for you.

I like the way it runs. It has an ok exterior. Decent interior. It just drives me from point a to b with no problems.

- Nick W

Beautiful black Ford Taurus!

It's a pretty decent car. I've only had to replace the struts since owning it. I have had the car for six years now.

- Martha T

It is the best car I could have chosen.

I like the styling, comfort and economy. There is nothing I dislike about my car. I have no complaints about my car.

- Thomas B

It's very dependable! It looks great and has been affordable to operate.

This car has been perfect for us and has given us no problems. Have had it for over 5 years and it has been great!

- Donald T

Comfortable! Does not give any major issues. If you keep up with oil, fluid and tires-you will be in good standing!

This vehicle has not given any major issue and we have traveled from PA to TX several times! Overall a SUPERcar!

- Sherry L

There is sooo much room in the trunk and the back seats fold down for even more room.

It is comfortable, nice size. Love how it looks with the wheels and color. Would like to have cooled seats.

- Louann S

Windows, doors, steering wheel, seats, ac works, and the car drives well.

The car is awesome the best thing since sliced bread. If you don't have this car you are missing out.

- Daniel W

This is the first time i have ever owned a Ford. It has got me to work everyday and for that I am thankful. All I have had to do to it is change the oil and buy new tires.

It does okay on gas mileage. I'm not a big fan of this car.

- Devona J

Nice full size sedan, pretty reliable, this is the second one I have had

No complaints here, lots of room, have recommended to others

- Shonda W

It is very easy to drive and also very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Is 4 doors. Easy to drive even in snow.

- Brenda C

I love the leather seats as they are easy to clean. It has three rows of seats that make long car rides easier with kids. It gets great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage and is easy to fill up with gas.

- Jennifer G