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Ford Taurus limited candy apple red/tinted windows great car.

I really love my ford Taurus limited. It drives smoothly. It's very good on gas each week. It features a moonlight and cabin lights that react to day and night and you can change the color. Leather seats are super comfy but I don't have heated or cooled seats so summers are hot and winters are freezing. Blankets or seat covers work wonders. Lots of trunk space and the seats in the back fold down for extra space if you need to move big items. Touch screen monitor on the dashboard allows you to access your media with Bluetooth or aux. Also has navigation built in. Screen is able to be turned on and off as wanted. Also features a back up camera and it beeps if you are getting too close to something. Side mirrors have sensors that light up if someone is in your passing lane letting you know if it is safe to merge. I haven't had any problems yet.

- Melissa M

This vehicle the best I have ever owned ever I will never bury.

I love this vehicle it come with heated seats back an but massage nice inside blue night lights GPS AM/FM radio dis player electric sunroof allowed rims 20 inch goodyear tires push button start push button trunk release metallic blue color automatic transmission power steering tilted steering wheel adjustable seats front and rear defrosters air conditioner front wheel drive miles and meter indicator front back disc brakes aps low maintenance running lights halogen sealed beams leather seats and headrest three speed windshield wiper heat and air temperature gauge indicator power windows and power locks remote vehicle key entry low tire pressure gauge change engine oil soon light cruise control front collision warning light quiet ride seat belts alarm lights doors not close warnings chimes gas door not closed indicator power brakes.

- William B

Overall a decent sedan with a huge trunk!

I love the look of this vehicle. A decent sized sedan with a huge trunk. The ride is comfortable. The drivers side "cockpit" is small for a taller man. I have had consistent problems with the air conditioning in this vehicle and other Ford vehicles. The other issues has been the tires wearing out more quickly then we are used to. The back seat is a decent size. I love the pop up screen in the back window to keep the car cooler and the middle pull down drink caddy is handy. Other nice features are the programmable seat positions per key fob and programmable security to open the car without the keys!

- Lisa W

Roomy and luxurious sporty ride.

I really like my for Taurus. I have a limited edition that is fully loaded. It has touch screen for the controls, dual climate, sun/moonroof. It is equipped with satellite radio, am/FM radio, CD/DVD player and can hook up to devices via USB and Bluetooth. I can also download CD's onto my car so I do not have to use a disk. It is roomy and sporty. The trunk is also very large. Everything is auto powered. I would highly recommend this luxurious ride.

- Jake S

Very spacious and comfortable car for a family of four.

The vehicle is very spacious l, has lots of room for a family of 4. The trunk is my favorite part because it is huge and with 2 young kids I have a lot of luggage... Like a clunky stroller. I am able to fit that plus all my groceries. The vehicle has seats with lumbar adjustments and heated seats, which was great in the beginning but after about 5 yrs the lumbar and heart broke in the driver's seat and no longer work. But overall it is a good car.

- Amanda W

Let you know how many miles until empty.

Great car! Moonroof, heated seats, leather interior, phone hook up, Bluetooth. Great on gas. Drives smooth, very spacious! Huge trunk space! Factory CD player loudspeakers, reverse sensor. Power locks window lock child lock on doors. . Mine is grey and, I love the color! Looks very luxurious. Great for road trips. Very easy to clean. Many cup holders, especially in every door which is different and nice to have.

- Jay G

It's a fast car and very reliable.

I brought my 2011 Ford sho new it has 365 factory horsepower and all wheel drive, it hugs the road. I haven't had an issues with my car it has a lot of power. Get a lot of compliments with sizes twenty tires on my car. It the fastest couch I have ever driven. The 3. 5-liter v6 is shoving around 550 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft of torque into the stock automatic gearbox. I feel safe when driving my Ford sho.

- Lydia G

Great car choice! Would recommend to first time car buyers.

Great performance! Got this car as second hand used car about 3 months ago and so far no problems. Runs smoothly, has rear view cameras (my favorite), Sirius XM radio, color changing lights on the inside. Seats are leather and the car is very roomy. Would definitely recommend this car! It does however waste quite a bit of gas, other than that no problems. Does catch high speed.

- Gabriela M

2011 Taurus Sedan aka Spaceship

This 2011 Taurus replaced my 1997 Taurus, so in comparison driving it is like driving a spaceship. It gets 20+ MPG, but is powerful enough to accelerate fast when I need it. The driver's seat is where I spend the majority of my time, but the back seat is roomy and comfortable. The trunk is HUGE. It is a great car and looks like a luxury sedan, without that large price tag.

- Caroline K

It is not easy to adjust the steering wheel position.

I do not like that some of the controls on the dashboard are in inconvenient places and hard to reach for me. I am only 5'3" and it is hard to control the radio by the knobs sometimes. I also do not like that some of the "custom features" such as hooking up my cell phone to the steering wheel and the radio as well, to the steering wheel is not explained well.

- Sharon K

Good, reliable, no maintenance work needed since we've had it.

The car is a decently reliable car. It has withstood almost 150k miles and still has not needed any maintenance done other than oil change etc. The performance has lessened over the years and it takes it awhile to get to 60 mph about 9 or more seconds but once the engine shifts into about the 3rd gear it performs well. Great car and would recommend.

- Ari V

2011 Ford Taurus sho 3. 5l twin turbo.

It is a reliable vehicle overall. There were minor issues that were associated with the blower for the ac but the ac still works fine. It performs well and is also pretty fast considering it has twin turbos as well. My particular edition of the car did not have the navigation system but even if it did I don't think I would use it at all any way.

- Christopher B

Comfortable with a dim view.

I have no problems with this car. It is very reliable. I have not had any costly problems. The interior is very comfortable. And all of the extras work well. It has heated leather seats. That I love in cold weather. I guess my only complaint would be the headlights. They are small and therefor I do not feel on dim the are bright enough.

- Deborah C

Attractive, reliable Taurus.

Our Taurus has always been reliable, and is very comfortable for all passengers. The trunk has plenty of room; we can carry 2 sets of golf clubs plus other things We often get compliments on how nice the car looks. The lines are "clean. " The one think I do not care for is the width in the front. It is hard to see the front bumpers.

- Suzanne B

Good car, drives nicely. Smooth and quiet. Only minor issues.

I have 2011 Ford Taurus. For the most part, I love it. However, it does have a few small issues. Lately I have been having a lot of issues with the air vents. Sometimes the defroster works and sometimes it does not. Sometimes the front vents work, sometimes they do not. It is a comfortable drive, otherwise. Very smooth, very quiet.

- Mary S

Console too small to store stuff in. Needs bigger.

Love the car except for one minor detail. It has a console between the seats that is way too small. You can't hardly put anything in it as its so small. I like to keep Kleenex in it but no room it's that small. It does have 2 cup holders but I would rather have a large console to store stuff in and have cup holder on the door.

- Louise C

I love this car! So much space and drives so smoothly.

No issues. I love this vehicle. I drive long distances and it is so comfortable. The heated and cooled seats make me comfortable wherever I travel to! I love the approaching vehicle warning light on my side mirrors. The navigation screen is also large and easy to read. I love the spacious truck also that fits my family and I.

- Ashley P

2011 Ford Taurus: cop car with mood lighting.

This car is very problem free and low maintenance. It is a bit small if you are used to driving large cars like SUVs and pickup trucks. It has never died before or had major problems like with the engine. It has really good features like the backup camera. You can change the colors of the mood lighting which is pretty fun.

- Chloe E

Is not the point of having a car being able to travel farther?

After 6 years of driving it with little to no problems I got a job which I had to travel farther. As I started driving more often so many problems occurred, my brakes went out, my alignment got very bad even after have my tires rotated and my check engine light is always on weather I have a problem with the engine or not.

- Brooke B

This vehicle is bulky and can be difficult for short drivers to see over the hood. You really need to raise the seat quite high.

I love my Taurus. My favorite feature is the "Miles to E". I also love that it is 4 Wheel Drive. This is also the first vehicle I've owned that has an AUX port and I have really been enjoying being able to play music from my phone instead of using CDs or the Radio. I can't think of anything I dislike about this car.

- Brianna S

Nice riding car very comfortable seats.

Very comfortable to ride in. Seats are probably the most comfortable I have ever had. Smooth ride on freeway. The down side of my car minor repairs seem to cost a small fortune, for instance I need breaks I am being told 80 dollars for a rotor that seems steep what ever happen to rotors for 20 or 30 dollars.

- Shakes R

Make you next vehicle a Ford Taurus. You will not be sorry!

I love my Ford Taurus. It is a very smooth driving car. Very comfortable. It's a 2011 and I still get many compliments on it. We have not had any problems with it. I would totally recommend this vehicle. Very comparable to a Millan. Prior to this vehicle, we had a Ford Fusion, which was a great car to.

- Sue D

The cruise control I described.

I really like my car. The only default would be sometimes it stutters when trying to go. I love the lights and colors. I also like how it really goes its fast. My favorite would probably be when using cruise control, when you have the gap set the car breaks and speeds based on the car in front of you.

- Br E

It handles so well on the roadway in all weather, sun, rain, and snow.

I love the 2011 Ford Taurus, I am very short and can be adjusted to accommodate me. This is my second Taurus, my first I bought new and was 2003. They handle so nice on the road. The only complaint on this one is the sensors go off while driving and nothing near the car, which scares me at the time.

- Judy D

Ford Taurus is the best on the market!

From the moment we bought this car (bought new) we have been pleased with the performance as well as the appearance of this vehicle. We have always been mostly ford users and not unhappy that we still use ford products. It has a very comfortable ride as well as easy to drive. We couldn't be happier.

- Linda R

Ford Taurus- A quality vehicle

I've had this car for over 7 years and haven't had any major problems with it. I do routine maintenance but it's a well-built car. The interior is comfortable. It doesn't have the new fancy features but it does have ABS and is rear-wheel drive. I would recommend this car to anyone who needs a sedan.

- Frank H

drives very smoothly and is automatic.

drives very well and has never had a problem since i got it. The color which is gold is the best ever. It is automatic and the car seat color is great. The comfort I have is unbelievable. I like the car so much because when something is wrong like the tires, it shows on the dashboard.

- Carine A

Massive trunk and back seat space.

Comfortable, reliable, big and spacious. Can definitely fit 5 people comfortably and still have room. The trunk space is massive which was a plus. I have had it for 4 years and have not had any big issues. The air, heat and engine are great I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Jennifer M

It has a backup camera and bluetooth.

I haven't really had any problems with the vehicle. I really like it cause it picks up speed fast and its good on gas. I would say it's family friendly a con is that its very bulky but it makes me feel safer so you take some you get some. Overall I would give the car 10 out of 10.

- Alyssa B

My royal blue the most dependable smooth riding ride.

I have not had any problems with my Taurus other than the back window is hard to see out of. They are very spacious and the trunk is huge. Perfect for a family vacation. I got bad gas once and I was so worried that it was something else. I would not trade my car for anything.

- Danielle F

Very comfortable sweet ride.

Very good on gas mileage. Very comfortable for taking long trips. Do have difficulty getting the passenger side heat and air figured out. Drivers side seat heats up real fast and can burn your butt. It does have great pick up and goes fast. Trunk have a great deal of space.

- Sandy S

Awesome vehicle, very reliable.

I feel that it is a reliable, well made vehicle that is great for getting you between point a and b. It runs very smooth and quietly. Not a jerky ride. Great trunk space, back seat size, and leg room space. I do not have any complaints about the vehicle and how it performs.

- Annie H

Classy, sassy, and still rollin' in my Taurus.

Total luxury! All the bells and whistles, looks amazing, rides like a dream. Easy to maintain, no crazy maintenance requirements, makes my friends jealous. I have almost driven 100k miles and it still rides like it did at 18k miles. This is the best car I have ever owned.

- Mary S

It is a large vehicle. Even though it is a sedan, it is very long. Same length as some larger truck vehicles.

I am very happy with this vehicle. Bought it with 170k miles on it, mostly highway miles. I have not had any issues with it other than two busted head bulbs in 3 years. I am very happy with the car and would recommend it to anyone. Taken me far without any single issues.

- Patrick K

A powerful American-made family car.

A very strong American-made car. I live in the midwest where the problem of underbody rust is quite common. Surprisingly, this car never gave any sign of rust or corrosion. The parts are not expensive and the car itself drives smooth and fast, yet with a lot of control.

- Rami S

Very reliable and well built cat.

It is safe, reliable, the interior has held up well despite having 2 kids and given numerous friends rides and taken road trips in it, never had any major problems with it. As long as I have kept up with the service and oil changes I have no complaints about the car.

- Hope L

It is a large car and it does not get very good gas mileage.

My 2011 Ford Taurus is features leather seats with dual power seats. It includes a backup alarm and a large comfortable back seats that seats three. It has been a reliable car with little maintenance problems. The one thing that could be improved is the gas mileage.

- Teresa H

Big ride, smooth for trips.

It is very comfortable for road trips. Is not great on gas though. It has really good radio and speakers. It has a really large trunk and it provides a smooth ride. It has a great air conditioning unit. It is very roomy and provides good amount of legroom.

- Drew W

We love our new used car for family/work use.

It is a nice luxury vehicle. It is comfortable and reliable. It is great on gas for my husband to drive back and forth to work. He loves the smooth ride. It is very roomy for children. Our sons car seat fits wonderfully and he even has extra foot room.

- Rachel F

Even with a car that is 7 years old, I feel safe in my car with it is features.

I like the limited package offered in my car. I love the heated and cooled leather seats. I do not like the gas mileage as it is not as good as I was hoping when I bought the car. I also have had cooling system issues which has been stressful.

- Marissa S

The car is one of the most comfortable rides that I've ever been in.

The Ford Taurus is an extremely comfortable car. The seats are supportive and soft. The ride is as smooth as can be. With a V-6 engine the car has plenty of power but still handles well. I've had absolutely no major issues after 110k+ miles.

- John L

This is a good choice for a reliable vehicle.

I like the size and the reliability of the car. It is easy to have maintenance and repairs done for this type of vehicle. The car is good for road trips and a perfect size for my needs. I haven't had any complaints about it at all.

- Kathy B

Its dependable and I have no worries traveling in it.

There are no problems with my care I love it very much and can say it's a wonderful car if your looking for a good and safe car it's very comfortable and I have driven from New York to Florida many times with no problem.

- Marie D

Good running car there is no problems with the car.

My car has good performance, no complains, just as Its getting the regular problems you get. Tires, oil change, brakes, tune up. And it is very comfortable I think It's got enough room in the car and in the trunk.

- Rachel C

I have a white 2011 Ford Taurus.

I have not had any issues with the vehicle. It drives smooth and seems to be very reliable. The only downfall is that it does not have Bluetooth capabilities, which I have enjoyed in previous cars.

- Diana W

Comfortable Family Car with plenty of trunk space and average gas mileage.

Very comfortable family car. Love that it has the anchors for car seats. Hate how few cup holders it has. Wish it had USB ports and better configuration of compartments on the console.

- Margaret B

They feel safe and comfortable in the car.

My vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. It drives smooth and I feel safe in it. I dislike how much gas it goes through and how frequently I have to fill up my tank.

- Mia B

To drive it smoothly. Don't be rough with it.

I like how it drives smoothly. It can go from slow to extremely fast in a short period of time. It looks like a luxury car inside and out but wasn't too expensive.

- Brianna V

Small rear window for a bigger car.

I like it except that I feel the rear window is small and not that easy to see out of. I am constantly taking a second, third, fourth look before changing lanes.

- Gina M

The car is dependable and comfortable.

Dependable vehicle with a roomy interior and a good sized trunk. The car gets good gas mileage and takes regular gas. Handles well and looks good. No complaints.

- Sue L

BEST CAR EVER!!! Don't knock a Taurus until you drive one.

My Ford Taurus is the best car I have ever owned. It is my daily driver car. It has 220k miles on it and never had a major problem. Car holds up very very well.

- Regina C

Barely reliable vehicle, poorly designed seals.

The door seals on the doors do not seat properly and fall off causing leaks. The steering has gone out and has to have power steering fluid added regularly.

- David J

It is extremely roomy and can possibly fit a few people in the trunk.

We love just about everything about it. Unfortunately, we've had to do some repairs on it since we've purchased it. The interior reminds us of an elephant.

- Shane M

They should know about the gas mileage!

It's great on gas, I can put $30 in it and go all week! It has lots of room for the kids in the back seat, and the trunk is huge!! It has a smooth ride.

- Ashley B

Ford Taurus is a great full size car, not as roomy as an SUV.

I really enjoy my Ford Taurus. It has many great features and drives very smooth. My only complaint is that it doesn't have the space of an SUV.

- Stephanie F

It is a great family vehicle. The Ford Taurus has a nice sized back seat with a lot of trunk space. I feel like my family is very safe in this vehicle.

It has a sleek design that I really like. It also has leather interior and tinted windows. The Taurus drives well too, no issues. No complaints.

- Ava B

The radio was very good and the interior is leather also a plus with me.

I've had my car for 2 years very reliable. I have had some minor work done but for the most part it runs great. I bought it at a very good price

- Tamela J

It is very comfortable and seats 5 people very comfortably.

Love the heated seats and comfort of the leather. Navigation is great backup camera very handy drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage.

- Michelle R

Gas mileage, comfortable seats, low maintenance, large trunk

I have had my vehicle for almost 8 years and have never had any problems. I have owned a few vehicles, and this one is my favorite by far.

- Phoebe M

Always go Taurus all the way.

It has no problems I have not had to do anything to my vehicle since the day I got it other than rotate and align tires and oil changes.

- Ashley G

Very spacious sporty family car

I haven't had any problems with my 2011 Ford Taurus. I would recommend any Ford vehicle. I haven't had any problems with Fords.

- Cam M

It Gets Great gas mileage!!

It's a smaller vehicle than I'm used to driving and doesn't have as much room. , but it does get really good gas mileage.

- pam T

pretty pearl color to it, has passenger and driver alternate temperature. and very nice tan interior.

Just bought the car on the 20th of September this year and its been doing very well no problems at all. very good car.

- lorin p

It is safe and very reliable.

I love this vehicle. I currently have used it for a work vehicle. Great mileage, great ride. It is low to the ground.

- Emily G

It has good gas mileage and seems to be very low maintenance

I got it from my inlaws. The price was good. It's low mileage. it seems to run pretty well. It gets good gas mileage

- joe r

Ford needs more features.

Car has been very dependable. Wished it had more features such as heated seats, climate control and back up cameras.

- Brooke M

Good value for the moneys by delivering more than expected

Taurus gets the good gas mileage and has big trunk. Plenty of room for kids and toys. Can be hard to start thought.

- Sammie T

What all the lights when they come on mean when flashing.

I hate because there is no console between the seats to store stuff. I love the separate controlled a/c and heat.

- Louise L

It drives great and has had a great look on the inside and out.

Transmission is really bad! I have had problems with it for a long time and have finally had to have it replaced.

- Tay R

Worth the money! It's not a car to break down often.

I like the way it looks and it's been a great car for me I am going to buy me a newer model next year no dislike.

- Toni T

It has a smooth ride and accelerates quickly Everything you want in a car.

I love my Taurus. This is the 2nd Taurus that I have owned. I like that it is a quick car with easy handling.

- Tina B

It beeps in reverse when there is something near the car.

I love my car, it's roomy, runs well and looks great. Wish it had a backup camera. That would make it perfect.

- Rina F

Sometimes it needs a little Tlc but will never let you down.

I love that my car can get me anywhere I need to get. Only thing I do not like is that is it getting older.

- Rocky E

Engine is fantastic and gets great gas mileage.

Great acceleration from engine. Good trunk room. Great passenger room. Good gas mileage. Love the styling.

- Mark B

Big comfy ride. Has a good sound system.

Comfortable, nice riding. But it is not good on gas. It is perfect for road trips and I like the radio.

- Andrew W

Reliable Ford Taurus Some Lots Of Room for Families with Plenty if Trunk Space for families on the go!

I love my Ford Taurus as it handles well and with the V6 engine it really has some pep when I need it.

- Brian M

It's great on gas! Has lots of space!

I like the fact that it's safe. It also gets great gas mileage. What I dislike is that it's very big.

- Elyse G

Reliable vehicle with a smooth ride and comfortable seats.

Comfortable and reliable vehicle. Can be used as family car. Roomy trunk for groceries. Smooth ride.

- Teresa T

Although it's a big car, it is very economical.

It's a great car! It's dependable, gets great gas mileage and is low maintenance. Really great car!

- Derek S




That it's quiet. Also that it is really dependable. It will take you where you need to go/

I love how it drives. It's very smooth and quiet. I also love how reliable it is.

- brandin c

I love that you get great mileage for gas and its been very reliable

it's a very reliable car and not a gas guzzler. I would tell anyone to get a ford

- Shawn B

It has some blind spots that take a little while to get used to

It has been dependable in all weather and requires very little maintenance

- Stephen C

It's mine and gets me from point a to point b

it is a large, efficient, comfortable car and was not overly expensive.

- daniel N

I love that my car is very spacious. It has a lot of features that I like, for example heated seats and Bluetooth connection. I also like that it is all black with sparkles.

My car is very good on gas and it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

- Jasmine M

That there have been no problems with the car.

Great car with no problems. It is a large car with plenty of room.

- Jerry M

It's dependable and stylish.

My car is great. I love the color. It is comfortable. It's mine.

- Tristan H

It has lasted a very long time and it has many miles on it and still drives great.

Not a lot of room in it sucks but love the body style

- latasha P

the car is roomy. it is not too big nor too small and therefore adequate to drive.

it is a good size, it is reliable and nice looking.

- susan p

The look and style when I am driving down the street.

It is very sporty and luxury and it drives smooth.

- Cupid A

I really like the safety and performance of my car as well as the cool features.

- Leslie G