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If you don't have enough room in your trunk, just lay the backseat down!

My vehicle is a 2013 red Ford Taurus sel 4 door. I love it! Like all other vehicles you have to keep up with oil changes, good tires, and all that other stuff you have to keep up. But with the Ford Taurus its a lot less hassle to it, everything's digital so it tells you how much oil you have and everything else. My favorite thing is that it even tells you when your tire pressure is low. What other vehicles do that? The next best thing is the screen on the dash, it has the radio, your navigation system, the temperature settings, and its Bluetooth so it has your phone information on it to. It also has a CD player so if I didn't want to listen to the music on my phone or the radio and could just put a CD in. The steering wheel has volume control, you can also change the radios stations on it to. There's also cruise control on the steering wheel. Both of the front seats have heated seats, which comes in handy during the winter when its gets really cold. In the backseat, you have the option for three seats or two. By that I am meaning that there's a little arm rest in the middle that you can pull down and it also has a cup holder. Or if you have to carry something that's to long for your trunk you could also lay the back seat down to have more room for that item. I have not had any problems with my Ford Taurus.

- Heather J

Well-rounded, comfortable and reliable car with exceptional performance

I love this car especially for its driving and handling performance. This is a very large car that feels very heavy and even handles particularly well in winter weather. The steering performance of this car is exceptional and drives very smoothly and easily. I have not had any issues with the vehicle in my 7 months of owning it. I do also enjoy the comfort of the vehicle as it is very spacious and sits very comfortable. My only complaint about this vehicle is in the lack of compartments and space for storage within the dash and middle console. For a large center console there is very little room for placing items and placing items that are out of the way of the shifter I find. At times, there are noticeable blind spots when looking out of the vehicle. Otherwise, this vehicle rides and drives excellent.

- Paula D

Good quality car with a lot of features for a good price. Nice comfort level.

I have a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited and I love it. The cabin is probably my favorite part. The ride is smooth, the leather seats are nice and comfortable. It comes with heated and cooled seats which is a fantastic addition especially in the summertime. Also comes with ambient lighting which is a pretty cool feature. 19' rims, rear window shade, self parking, touch screen, and push to start are just a few of the nice features. The only negative part about this car in my opinion is that it could use a bit more horsepower. It comes with 255 and with it being a heavier vehicle the power isn't where I would like for it to be. Other than that the features that come with this car and the comfort level are outstanding for the price.

- Aaron H

Easy to maintain and lots of joy.

This car has been driven pretty much anywhere in the united states that you can drive to from Seattle to Mississippi and everywhere in between. The only recent issue we have had is the transmission going out but that is to be expected eventually with a vehicle of its age and the amount of driving we do with it. The maintenance on the vehicle is easy and mostly handled by the mechanic in the family and has never cost a lot except for the transmission going out. I would definitely suggest this car to someone wanting a easy vehicle to maintain as well as one that will last through numerous road trips.

- Katherine P

This car delivers the ultimate experience in performance and comfort.

I have not really had any problems with my vehicle except for the navigation system. It does not always understand what is being said and requires repetition of the address/location and intersection to try to get it to understand what you are entering. Most of the time it is simply the easiest to actually look up the address and enter that information. than you only have to deal with the recognition of the address you are trying to enter. If you make to many repetitions - the system will stop and than request you to start over again. Other than that inconvenience the car has performed beautifully.

- Kathy L

I bought it new and it's definitely worth the money. It has exceeded my expectations in performance, comfort and reliability!

My car has a built in GPS, sky roof, electric adjustable seats, leather interior, backup camera, CD player. I have had all oil changes performed as recommended. The car has been driven from Florida to New England several times. This far, I love my car and I have had only one performance issue thus far which occurred in the last couple of months and that is the backup camera no longer works. I have also had new tires put on but was to be expected. This car is extremely reliable, has performed above my expectations, is very smooth to ride in both in front and back seats.

- Kim K

Is high-tech necessary on the road?

Although the ford Taurus is somewhat of a gas guzzler, and rather pricey to fill up, now pushing $50 a tank, I love this car! Every time I get in my car I am happy to be there. It is a major comfort machine! My entire body is comfortable, nothing hurts, no cramping, no pain. I use the Bluetooth for my phone, but other than that the computerized features are a bit much. I like the compass. I do not like the way my iPod works when connected in the Taurus. It is difficult & cumbersome to operate while driving. The car is a pleasure to drive.

- Leslie B

My car is very reliable. Its has many safety features. It is a classy automobile.

I love this car. It has many things that help to warn you of traffic or structures in the way. The car drives smooth. It has a great stereo and ambient lighting. The car has adjustable pedals which come in handy. This is by far my favorite car I have ever driven. I had originally leased the Taurus but bought it out. As far as looks it is a sleek car in black with flecks of purple and blue. The inside is roomy it has back support. All Bluetooth but also has a CD player which I like. It is a great car, give one a try sometime.

- Gina D

This car comes with all the perks.

Problems: there's a recall for a cable that attaches to the battery. Also having sunroof problem where the siding got jmrf in the rails somehow. This causes major trouble to your electronics throughout the car. Performance: this car flies. For being a big boru car moves like a sportster. The get up as well as the distance is a cut above the rest. Reliability: other than the recall, features: this car has it all. Leather seats, heated and cooled seats, as well as back and bottom massagers up front.

- Vincent V

Spacious, comfortable and powerful vehicle.

Vehicle is very comfortable. Car drives very smooth and handles well in all types of roads and road conditions. Electronic controls within the sync system are easy to use and control. The sound system is excellent and the navigation system is accurate and easy to use. The heated and cooled seats are very useful and helpful particularly on longer trips. Gas mileage is pretty good when considering the size and power of the vehicle. The engine performance is powerful yet smooth on acceleration.

- Karen K

Ford Taurus positive review!

My Ford Taurus is great! It is very roomy and had a great feel to it. I love the leather seats and they have seat warmers and seat coolers which is very nice. The GPS and touch screen are both very helpful. It has a lot of power and drives smooth. The trunk has a big space and the power seats with its memorization of the driver's seat settings is very convenient. My favorite part is the keyless entry and push start or automatic start on the key fob for the winter time!

- Betsy Z

It is dependable, but the ride is not as smooth as it could be.

I like the fact that it is in general a good car but anytime something goes wrong with it Ford the company seems to be of no help, and have terrible customer service. I have had to get several things fixed on my car that was part of mass recalls. But because I didn't the vin number wasn't part of the cars impacted they can't compensate me or fix it. That is totally not fair. I will. Never get another car with them and wouldn't recommend them to anyone else.

- Ashley M

The Ford Taurus�Best in Class

My car rides like a dream, so smooth and comfortable. The trunk is very large and roomy. The car looks very sharp and stands high above similar size cars. I feel very safe driving it. The dash shows many features that can be modified to bring up other features as desired. The air conditioning system is fantastic because the driver and passenger areas can be controlled on different temps. Great gas mileage too. Very nice car.

- Deborah P

My Taurus SEL Review - Love

My Taurus was personalized by the first owner so it is essentially a Limited, but without the nicer rims and backup camera. The Taurus is VERY spacious and has a tone of room in the trunk. We took it on a road trip and got over 30 miles to the gallon in stop and go traffic. I do wish it had a little better sound system and came with more tinted windows though. The SHO model has both of those features.

- Kelsey S

it is reliable, comfortable, stylish, roomy, and ageless.

It has a very comfortable ride and is stylish. The inside has all the features that making driving a pleasure. It is very roomy inside as well as the trunk space. It is good on gas and since 2013, we have only had to do normal oil changes and tire rotations. This year, we will put new tires on. People ask us what year it is and they cannot believe it is 5 years old because it still looks stylish.

- Anne S

Smooth ride that is pretty, sleek, and reliable.

No problems, lot of room, large, drives smooth, enough space in the back seat, exterior paint is sparkling, only needed oil changes so far. Reliable. Cannot think of anything I do not like. Cloth seats are stylish and warm in the winter. Wish I had heated seats. Easy to clean. Automatic seats. Power steering is great. Cruise control is easy to use. Better than other cars I have driven.

- Nikki T

White pearl this car being fully loaded and the color.

My Ford is a good reliable car. I have had it for 3 years now and I have not had any major problems. All that I have had to do is tune ups and news tires. I have drove this car all the way to New York city and back. The performance is excellent on this car. My Ford is fully loaded with chrome trims, back up cam, push button start, touch screen radio, and it seats 5 people comfortable.

- Cheryl J

Extremely reliable, spacious, and comfortable!

My 2013 Taurus has been my all-time favorite vehicle I have ever owned. The seats are incredibly comfortable, it's reliable, there's a lot of legroom, a ton of features, a huge trunk space for my stuff and my son's sporting equipment, and I feel extremely safe driving it. I have only had to have routine maintenance done on this vehicle and will drive it until it won't run anymore!

- Erin K

A nice large size sedan. Be prepared to pay for gas.

This is a really nice, solid large size sedan. It has all the features you could want, a huge trunk, and powerful. It looks nice, sophisticated, etc. It feels "luxury. " I do feel like the gas mileage could be better with today's technology. That part has been surprising. We put an average of 10k miles/year on the car, so not much and we still have to fill up nearly every week.

- Megan J

It may be a sports car, but it rides like a family car.

I have the SHO package. It is very comfortable,has a large trunk, and is pretty quick. It is a very comfortable ride and has an amazing response time.The only complaint I have is the transmission or something hesitates when I step on the gas pedal. The dealer cannot find any issues. I know someone else who has the Ecoboost engine (different vehicle) who also has the same issue.

- Janet w

Very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

Our Taurus is still going strong at 170,000 miles. We have had to make minor repairs (rust, ball joints, wheel Barron). It rides very smooth and gets about 27 mpg on average. The AC is currently broken. Other than that it has been a reliable and comfortable vehicle used for transportation to and from work/school and the occasional long distance drive for shopping or such.

- Autumn W

Pros and cons of the 2013 Ford Taurus

I love the gas mileage of the vehicle. It is comfortable to ride in, and has great features like mood lighting, sound system, and has had minimum mechanical issues. Problems with the vehicle is that the trim on the steering wheel is coming loose, and the seat fabric is coming up and will not stay secured. It does also have a loose rear view mirror.

- Erika B

My Car the ford Taurus limited edition..

Have had a leak they had to take out the transmission to fix. Had to have front end work done. Brakes done. The service engine light pops on and off from time to time. Some oil lite pop one after the oil was changed. It a recall part that has to do with the lock or windows that still have not been fixed. Been waiting for years to have it done.

- Candice P

Review: 2013 Ford Taurus limited.

Very comfortable. Great acceleration. Sound system is very good quality. Aesthetically pleasing to look at both inside and out. Gas mileage isn't the best. Certain maintenance items can be quite costly. Items on the dash and controls can be difficult to find or navigate through. It takes some time to get used to the buttons and options.

- William B

Used 2013 Vehicle Problems

Some electrical wiring problems. The rear view camera comes up on the screen upside down. The electrical screen will sometimes randomly shut off while driving. The cruise control does not always work. Sync does not always work with my Bluetooth or for phone calls. Great trunk space. Good leg space in the back seat. Very comfortable.

- Casey A

Great reliable car, good gas mileage, and very spacious.

It is a super reliable car. It gets really good gas mileage. Drives good in the snow. Has a really big trunk which is great for hauling luggage. Very spacious in the cab. Has the Bluetooth connection so you can connect your phone and play music, have the text messages read to you, and ask the car to make a phone call for you.

- Sam S

Taurus is a nice comfortable car.

The car is comfortable. Back seat is spacious for two people but a bit crowded for three. Nice big trunk. The back up camera has gotten a bit foggy which makes it quite difficult to see out of. We bought it used and haven't had any troubles with it. I feel the headlights are either dim or just tough to see out of at night.

- Dianne A

Great smooth ride and handles well

Very smooth ride. Enough bells and whistles for me. Fits all three grandkids car seats. Sunroof gets clogged. Have to have it blown out every time I take it in for service after a major flood inside. Even Bluetooth was affected. I'd like recommend the leather seats if you have kids. Wish the window tint was darker.

- Grace F

2013 Ford Taurus. Room to travel.

The Taurus is a solid vehicle. I do really enjoy driving it. Mine doesn't have the frills that my cars will have in the future, but we haven't had to do anything but expected maintenance to it. I do love that it has an extremely large trunk. Never imagined. We can actually haul more in this than in my husbands small SUV.

- Laurie M

I don't know what to say here.

I owned my Ford Taurus now for 5 years. I purchased it brand new. I only have 21, 000 miles on it. I take it in to the dealer for service every 6 months. I have had no major problems with it. I love it & it is performance. It is beautiful, a ruby red in color. I keep it super clean that it looks like I just purchased it.

- Ann M

Very smooth riding and sleek.

Great car for the money. One of the main problems is finding a battery that suitable for the car. Once you find that, your car will run very smoothly. With a battery that doesn't work, you have a lot of mechanical problems. The car itself has a lot of power and can definitely move! A great buy for a family as well!

- Micah S

Great car great review the Taurus.

I have had several recalls on my car when it was practical brand new. Overall I have enjoyed the car very much I can't recall what the problems I think one was something with the door lock the air bag and something with one of the back tail lights these are all I can remember. I love the features the car is ok.

- Deb C

2013 Ford Taurus. Back up camera. Fuel flex. Smooth ride. Roomy. Quality vehicle.

I have not had any problems with this car. I love the backup camera. I also love the space in the car, it is large without being to over the top. It is a very quiet ride and does not feel like your riding in the ground like some vehicles. It also has a large trunk fits a stroller with a lot more room to spare.

- Chelsea S

A very practical and affordable car.

It is very roomy, has a lot of luggage space, we get great fuel economy. It is very stable and runs smoothly. We now have 243, 000 miles on it and have had minimal repair needs. We bought the sel package but would rather have the limited. The car is very attractive so we are always getting compliments on it.

- Darrell W

Love the cup holders in my car

Love how large it is. The trunk is huge. Great for families. I would recommend this car to anyone. Runs great! I have had it since it's new and would not trade it in tell it gives out on me. It's really comfortable. We have taken it on long trips it's done well. Its smooth on the road. And it's a quiet ride

- Tiffany T

Ford Taurus 2013 a big car with good gas mileage.

This is a full size car seating 5 adults yet gives 20 mpg. The ride is comfortable. Road feel is good. There is Microsoft sync in the car which gives info on many areas. The trunk is very spacious. The towing capacity makes it easy to mount a hitch and bike rack. Overall we are very happy with this car.

- Aladdin S

My car is awesome! It is a beautiful blue color with tan interior. It is fast and sounds good. It handles corners well and has great gas mileage and handles travel mileage very well. It gets the oil changed regularly and is well taken care of. The trunk is quite large and holds a large amount of cargo.

- Lisa S

Great car, great value, great price!

It is a comfortable ride, nice leather interior, with heated seats. My favorite feature of the car is the screen, which allows for radio presets, phone settings, and climate settings. There is not a backup camera, but the car will beep if you are getting too close to something when you are reversing.

- Me B

5 years strong no issues with my car!

I love the way my car handles on the road. I have had my car for 5 years now and not once has it given me a problem. The comfort, the room, and the looks of the car that make me love it even more. The cost of an oil change and tire rotation are not expensive at all. I would buy another for sure!

- Tamara R

It rides great! You would think you were driving a Cadillac!

My car is a beautiful pearl white in color and has tan leather interior. It has heated seats. I enjoy everything about my car from the interior, exterior, navigation, stereo. If I had to choose something I don't like it would be the dark tinted windows. This makes it hard to see out of at night.

- Carla B

Fully loaded with all the bells and whistles!

I love my car. I hardly ever have any issues with it. Recently I did have a battery issue but it was the battery and not the vehicle. Loves all of the options mine has. I do wish that it had more get up and go. I think they did something to help with miles per gallon and took the giddy up out.

- Amelia D

I get lots of compliments on the color - deep impact blue metallic .

I like that it is larger and higher than my previous vehicle. It is easy to get in and out of. It has a good size trunk. It let's me know how many miles I can drive before I need to gas up. It has Bluetooth capability, so if someone calls my cell phone I can talk and not be distracted.

- Debbie H

My ford has gotten me through a car accident and held up well.

The performance of my vehicle is very good, especially because it has a strong accelerator. The brakes are very reliable and ford's customer service is always extremely helpful. We bought the car pre owned and it even came with a two year warranty with a free trial of Sirius XM radio.

- Ashlyn G

Heated and cooled seats..

For some reason the ac wants to turn off on its own. Very spacious and comfortable. Has dual ac for both driver and passenger. Has heated and cooled seats. Has touch screen radio that has Bluetooth. Lets you know when oil needs changed or when your out of windshield washer fluid.

- Gloria Y

Ford Taurus 2013 review by me

I haven't had any major problems to speak of. The cabin is spacious enough for my entire family to ride comfortably. Plenty of HP when needed and the ride is smooth and quiet. Only wish the my sync was more useful and didn't cost a fee. Just keep up with regular oil change

- Michael D

My Ford Taurus is very nice looking and reliable.

This Ford Taurus has been very reliable, quiet, performs well on the highway and in the city. It has air and heated seats in the front and back. It has adjustable seats, going forward and back, the seats also lie down. It is a four door car, so it is very easy to get into.

- Mary R

2013 Ford Taurus Limited family car

Backup camera has always been poor quality. The comfort level of the car is superb. I have not experienced any road noise while driving. Interior of car has plenty of room for 5 adults. The display on the dashboard is user friendly and well lit. Overall car handles well.

- Melissa H

Really like the Ford Taurus, this is the 4th one we have owned.

Recently replaced the water pump, only major problem I have. The performance is good, very reliable and drives great. Living in the heat I have had to replace my battery often. I really like the Taurus because it is roomy and comfortable and little bigger than the Fusion.

- Jennifer M

Very comfy car with lots of room for passengers and trunk space.

Vehicle is very reliable, only had trouble starting it a few times in very cold weather of -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Vehicle has enough get up and go, while maintaining ~26 mpg in summer and ~22 mpg in winter. Car rides very smooth and quiet. Large inside and trunk space.

- James W

Looks great and drives better.

I love my Ford Taurus. It drives well and is good on gas. The seats are comfortable for long drives. It is very dependable. It has lots of nice features including a sound system, adjustable seats and lots more. It is easy to get in and out of. It is a really great car.

- Shelly W

My car has a good amount of space for a family.

My car is really reliable it works perfectly fine! On gas wise it is great I can drive 400 almost 500 with one full tank! It has cruise control and works perfect it is a common car that works perfect it is a good car also a good family car it has a lot of space.

- Samantha R

Wonderful car that keeps me safe

I absolutely love my car. I have been in two accidents in this car and it has kept me safe and protected each time. My only complaint would be the black leather seats in the summer is extremely hot but that would be the case with any car. I highly recommend.

- Jordan R

It's very fun to drive! Has amazing acceleration, although I have to be careful when I'm driving because I can get going pretty fast!

It's the nicest car I've ever had. It drives like a dream and is very comfortable. Amazing color (green). The only possible complaint is I wish it got as good of mileage as my previous car which was a 2002 Ford Focus Wagon. But I'm not going back to that!

- Nancy K

2013 Ford Taurus. Car looks good but has issues regarding the way it rides.

The vehicle is very nice looking however it rides terrible and you can hear every bit of road noise. It has been very reliable but this year we had to replace a sensor and purchase a battery. It also needs tires. Thankfully we have an extended warranty.

- Toni B

The highlight of my vehicle is the color, model and make. . .

This is a very good car. Style up to date. Color can and is very popular. Looks like new, . Just the size we need. Can always carry two other person comfortable not a gas hog. Rides well with plenty leg room. Very low maintenance and whole its value.

- Naomi O

It has excellent torque and no problem with power.

The car is smarter than most people. It has excellent power and passing people is no problem. The only problem I've encountered is the check engine light comes on but when I changed brands of fuel it seemed to take care of the problem.

- Pattie A

This is a good car for younger people.

I like that it is equipped with technology that helps see behind the vehicle when parking, allows to connect phone with Bluetooth. This car also has good gas mileage. One thing I dislike about this vehicle is how bulky it can feel.

- Sarah W

I really like have my phone sync with the bluetooth in the car. I also like the back up alarm feature.

Overall the car performs very well. The year of the car is somewhat in a transition phase. I believe newer models would come with additional features that would increase the value of the car. In short, you get what you pay for.

- Jonathan P

Black outside, black inside, smooth ride

I have almost 100,000 miles in my car and love the comfort, ease of drive and just the look of my car. Only issue I really had at first ear there seemed to be blind spots but I have grown used to that Ana work around it

- Naomi D

My car ran so smoothly for the first three years without any problems. When I finally did have a problem it was still under warranty and it covered the cost.

I love my car. It's a silver color. What sold me on this car was that on the center console facing the back seat there is two air vents. With having two children and living in a very hot city that's a life saver.

- Carol R

2013 Ford Taurus - everything I wanted.

My car is everything I wanted it to be when I tested it at the dealer. All the features are easy to understand and intuitive. It drives well and rarely has issues, and my service and warranty plans are excellent.

- Aaron M

It is reliable. We've driven it out of state several times. We have an older Taurus that is running excellent, as long as maintenance is kept up, it'll run for a long time.

I like that is a reliable car. I've had ford brand vehicles in the past and have had minimal issues. I tend to work on my cars, so the placement of certain parts is easy to reach and fix/replace if needed.

- Gab F

The trunk and interior of the car are very large.

It sits low to the ground. The rear headrests do cover the window a bit. The trunk is huge, and also the interior. I like that it's quiet so I can't tell if its running sometime but all in all I love it.

- Heather B

The ride I believe is, so good I feel so ,safe when I am behind the wheel.

Made in Chicago, it is big, it is safe, it has very good gas mileage. I like the leather and the sunroof. The air conditioning is ice cold. And I like the reliably. The am / FM Sony radio is the best.

- Frank M

Great gas mileage, approximately 24 miles per gallon.

I love the smooth ride. The automatic headlights are a big plus. The interior is very roomy, and the trunk is large enough to carry my husband's wheelchair, plus other items. I have no complaints.

- Diana B

it still runs and it looks nice from the outside

There are cup holders in inconvenient places and do not hold cups over 32oz. Very tight seating like sitting in a rocket headed for the moon. I do like the warranty offered. Large trunk space good.

- Mary J

It handles great in all types of weather.

This car is my 2nd new car. Has heated & cooled seats. Power seats, windows, lots of legroom. My only complaint when you have 2 people in front there is no place for a women's large purse!! LOL

- Martha A

That I feel safe in my car.

Love the features, how it handles, and it's roomy. Don't love that the top stripe came off or that the music won't work periodically. I also don't like that my iPod suddenly won't work either.


It is affordable luxury, extremely stylish, and equal to pricey sedans.

I love the style, accessories, and sunroof. It has great power to pass cars, and merge in traffic. One downfall, for a person over 50, it is a little hard to get in and out at times.

- Colleen r

This car is amazing. You would love it too

I love my Ford Taurus. I have not had any issues other than the back up camera not working sometimes, but I believe it just needs a fuse replaced. Other than that, it's an amazing car

- Kaelyn B

Has been very reliable and comfortable for us for over 4 years now.

I like how roomy it is for a sedan, how smoothly it drives, and how dependable it is. I do not like that it is a little crowded for my family of 5 that happens to include 3 car seats.

- Carrie D

It is a semi luxury vehicle that performs very well.

It has good acceleration for a 4 cylinder vehicle. Good range of options to include navigation, ambient lighting, and Ford sync. My main objection is the visibility. It is terrible.

- sam t

smooth driving all the way

i love my car, the features are great, the leather interior feels great, and I love the touchscreen. the only issue i've add was needing to replace one part, besides that I love it

- thomas l

Candy apple red ford taurus

The car is a very dependable car. It drives very well, is quick, and is very comfortable. The biggest issue is the mileage in my opinion. Tires are also quite expensive for a car.

- Chris H

It's comfortable, classy looking.

My Taurus is a high powered family sedan;sho. I love the style, handling, and of course the speed. I dislike the climate controls because it takes too long to turn it up and down.

- Ann S

It's very comfortable to ride in. It keeps you cool and warm while driving really smoothly

My car is an awesome black metallic. It has premium sound and navigation. It also has heated and cooled seats as well as a heated steering wheel. Its quiet and rides smooth.

- Eddie L

That it is eco and gas friendly.

No complaints very comfortable vehicle, I like the climate control seats along with the leather interior and wood grain finish which makes the sun roof top stand out.

- Mark H

Very Comfortable ride and fits a family of five as of now

Love the Ford Taurus. Great ride and very comfortable. The only complaint would be the seats stain way too easy. Even just a drop of rain water will stain the seats

- April S

The Ford Taurus is spacious and reliable. The car has great get up and go.

I like the spacious interior. I don't like that it had a fuel pump fail within a few months of a used purchase and it was a recall. I like the exterior design.

- Christina H

Reliable and fuel efficient

Silver full sized sedan that suits my needs and was bought for Its size. I needed to drive my aged parents several hundred miles to attend my daughter's wedding

- Ike M

I get great gas mileage and this saves me money!.

I love how the car drives and how comfortable it is. Seats are comfortable very spacious in car and lots of room in trunk for groceries or when go on vacation.

- Jean A

Good gas mileage and fast for a family car.

I like the leather seats. I also like how much room the driver has. I do not like the expensive tires. I am also not liking the touch screen radio.

- Justin D

Price on oil changes and tires.

I like how its big enough for me and my family, is a safe vehicle, and it runs great. The only dislike is how expensive the tires are to replace.

- Alyssa S

I would say that it has been a very dependable car for me and has not given me a lot of problems.

I like that it is very roomy and safe. I like that it gets really good gas mileage. I like that it has good safety features and is dependable.

- Jay H

Comfortable ride with quiet interior.

Love the quiet ride. It has great fuel economy for a large vehicle. There is nothing I dislike about this car. It rides very comfortably.

- Joanne S

Great car overall, reliable.

It is a great car, lots of features and a great interior. It rides very smoothly, which is nice. It does not get good gas mileage however.

- Me J

Great gas mileage drives like a dream.

Great running clean good on gas good miles to the gallon a little tight inside stereo is great I love the tinted windows nice size trunk.

- John B

2013 Ford Taurus Limited is a great car.

I love that I have heated and cooled seats. This car has been very reliable and is very quick. One of the most reliable cars I've owned.

- Jeremy A

That it is a great car and I wish they weren't discontinuing it.

I love the style. I love the red color. I love the tail lights. I love the sunroof. I love the heated seats. I love the performance.

- phyllis d

Has a smooth ride and handles well in the city and on the highway.

I love the design, features, and how it handles when I drive. Weather driving in town or on the highway it is a dream driving my car.

- Megan S

Purchasing this vehicle was a blessing, it was only $300!!.

It is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. It is quiet when running and gets good gas mileage. Dependability is most important.

- Charlotte B

Comfortable and reliable.

Comfortable interior. 5 yrs old and still on first battery. Great mileage for a luxury car. Love the sunroof. Love the heated seats!

- Floyd K

It is a smooth ride, and is built to last.

It is a nice, loaded car and smooth ride. It does not get good gas mileage. It has capabilities that my former cars have not had.

- Meg B

It is dependable and comfortable with leather seats.

Its style is nice. The color is white. This car is comfortable and drives easily. It is an automatic transmission and is keyless.

- Mary R

It is a great family vehicle that you can depend on.

I like that It's a smooth ride. I like that it's roomy and it gets pretty good gas mileage. The back up camera is very nice too.

- Sheryl A

I like my vehicle it is very comfortable I haven't had any major problems it's also really good on gas It is also green which is one of my favorite colors

That it Gets good gas mileage I don't live very far away from my job so once I fill my tank it will last me a couple of weeks

- Sonya W

It is very spacious, roomy, and rides smooth.

I like my car, but it isn't modern enough. Also the gas gauge is never consistent. Other than that, it rides pretty smooth.

- Amber B

It's pretty reliable good family car isn't too bad on fuel

It works.... It gets me from A to B transmission went out on it had to be replaced but other than that it's not too too bad

- Misty W

The best detail I love about my car is the air vents on the center console facing the backseat

I've only had one problem with my vehicle. I needed a new water pump but this did not happen for 3 years after I bought it

- Carol R

It is a little pricey but it is worth the money to drive a nice reliable vehicle like it

The Ford Taurus drives smooth. It looks good. It is also has a lot of features in it.i have not had any problems with it

- austin D

Sexy and Reliable. Everything a girl wants.

I love my Taurus. As it is the first car I have owned outright, came from an Acadia and a Sport Trac, it is phenomenal.

- Cierra L

Why you should buy a Ford vehicle

Nicest car I have ever owned really drives nice trouble free ever had any problems very good mileage smooth quiet ride

- Ron L

Dependable, Safe, Comfortable

Great car. I have not had any problems with it. I feel this is a very safe car. 3 car seats fit well in the back seat.

- kim j

classy styling at a great price

I love the styling of my vehicle. It looks like an expensive car but it isn't. I like the way it accelerates quickly.

- Barbara P

The most important thing I love about my car are the heated seats in the winter.

I love the color, the style, the sunroof, the radio, the heated seats, the comfort, and the storage room. I love it!

- curtis h

It looks like a granny car but it is not.

I like the color and the style. It is fast and gets good gas mileage. It could have better handling in the winter.

- Cheryl B

It is comfortable and attractive. It gets excellent fuel mileage

Good looks, practical, economical, dependable Reasonably priced and is almost paid off. Has served our need well.

- Darrell W

Love my vehicle, the best.

Best car I've ever owned. Super comfortable and I feel safe when driving. I love the navigation and touch screen.

- Lauren R

Smooth and comfortable ride.

It gets great gas mileage, ride is great, has heated seats, back-up camera, great stereo system, Bluetooth, etc.,

- Debbie K

It has a navigation system. It also uses very little gas. Also the car is spacious.

I like my navigation system. I like how it drives smoothly. And I like the gas mileage. I dislike the payments.

- Megan G

It is midsize and easy to park.

It's a full size sedan, very spacious trunk, can fit many things. Cons: it uses too much gas so it cost a lot.

- Ana M

It is a very affordable car if bought used. It doesn't get as good a gas mileage as I think it should

I love everything about the car. It rides nice, has good acceleration. Nothing that I really dislike about it.

- Samuel F

Very comfortable and a smooth ride.

Wish it had digital speed reader and tell which tire is low if low tire light comes on. Love it otherwise.

- Lisa B

My car is dependable, it is roomy, it drives well.

I love my car, it is reliable, it is a good size and it is safe. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Heather M

Great comfort on the seats for trips beyond 1 hour length.

Good for a 4 door sedan. Good truck space. It has very good pick up to accelerate on highway and street.

- John D

It is great with gas mileage.

I love the smooth ride, of roomy interior, and the style it runs well, dependable and very economical.

- Veronica G

Style and performance and handling.

I love how smooth my car runs. It goes from zero to sixty really fast. I love how spacious my car is.

- Riley G

I love that my vehicle it is totally paid off and gets great gas mileage and drives while during the

My vehicle may be old and not have all the fancy things that new cars have but it runs just as well

- Marina P

Its reliable, trustworthy and durable. Gets good gas miles

I love this car, I dislike the fact that the windows aren't the best. Otherwise love it

- Ryder K

It gets good gas mileage. It is a smooth ride and very quiet. It is a good family car. It is easy to keep clean.

It is a nice car - just has a lot of buttons to use. I know that I will get use to it

- Mary I

It is all wheel drive and I can make it up my hill in the winter

I love my Ford Taurus. It is just the right size, all wheel, and comfortable

- Bonita M

The size of the vehicle is nice- you can sit anywhere with plenty of legroom. It has a huge amount of trunk space. It gets great gas mileage

It is the perfect family car- spacious, safe, lots of space, and affordable

- Heather B

It runs good and gets me where I want to go with no problems on long trips.

Like the size and appearance. Some maintenance problems but not too bad.

- Robert H

Once you drive it and all the technology it has

Nice gentle ride all technology handle nice all wheel drive flex fuel

- Bill w

Absolutely love the interior and room inside the vehicle. It is an all wheel drive car. The only downfall is I wish you could change that to front wheel drive and use the all wheel drive only when needed

It is very well made and dependable. Perfect for a family of 4

- Shane H

feels very reliable and comfortable to drive excellent field of vision and is like a more expensive vehicle

comfortable easy to drive good on gas few mechanical problems

- martha t

It's a dependable vehicle that works when I need it to.

It works whenever I need it to. It is dependable. It works.

- justin g

I really like my Ford Taurus. It is very spacious and gets good gas mileage. It also has bluetooth capabilities which is great for commutes. I wish I could afford it new, but I had to by it used so it had some miles on it.

Affordable Luxury Car, with space and good gas mileage.

- Josh S

Nothing, It's just a car. You drive it from point A to Point B

I have nothing to say about this car. It's just a car.

- rushanna k

it is spacious for both the driver and the passengers, but it's easy to drive.

I like it because it is spacious and smooth to drive.

- Johnny g

it's a great car that's all

no comments at all, really a very fine vehicle

- Syd M