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Most comfortable sedan of 2017

2017 Ford Taurus SEL

This car drives like a dream. The steering is very responsive. Even though it has 4 cylinder engine this car drives like a 6 cylinder. The pedals adjust so even if you are short you can still reach them without having to have the seat all the way forward. You can control most of the features from the steering wheel. I can connect my phone and use it hands free. Lots of options for listening to music such as Sirius/XM, connect to your phone to listen to your music or Pandora. Also has a CD player. The mirror protects you from bright lights on the cars behind you. The interior is plush and comfortable with lumbar support and electric and manual adjustments. The trunk is good sized and the back seats fold down for extra cargo space. I went from an SUV to a car and it suits me just fine.

- Penny Z

All around, excellent ride for driving and efficiency.

2017 Ford Taurus

The driver's seat is extremely comfortable and everything I need is within easy reach. I got the tech package and absolutely love it. And, the built in navigation is the best I've ever used. The driving is really good, pick up speed is very good, which needs to be in FL! One minor complaint, a tiny piece of the turn signal broke off inside and occasionally will not turn off after making the turn. Customer service dept. could not find the problem to fix it.

- Jacquelyn S

Stylish, upper class sedan.

2017 Ford Taurus

Best car I have ever owned for the price and quality. Would definitely buy again if I needed to purchase a new car. Has all the features you would need and want. It handles perfect in all driving conditions. Seats are extremely comfortable which makes it nice for long trips. The seats are heated as well which is a nice feature for cold mornings.

- Lee Ann F

Ford Taurus the next luxurious vehicle.

2017 Ford Taurus

Excellent performance smooth riding automobile like the room in this vehicle. Great gas mileage for a luxury automobile. Excellent upgraded map directions and communications area. Great long ride vehicle. So glad I chose this automobile. Overall would highly recommend the Ford Taurus for your next luxurious vehicle.

- Judy W

2017 Ford Taurus Enjoyable Ride

2017 Ford Taurus SE

My car is very reliable. Haven't had any problems since purchased. Car is very comfortable for traveling long distances. Features leather seats. Seat warmers. Plenty of legroom. Front and rear passenger seating headset hookups for everyone's listening desires. Trunk is very spacious. Very smooth riding car.

- Dorothy W

The stereo system is my favorite feature

2017 Ford Taurus Base

My car handles very well in the winter time. I wanted to touch on this time of year and the season because I think that people should know just how important it is to look at how a vehicle handles itself in this kind of weather. Its crucial and my Ford pulls it through the harshest type of weather beautifully.

- Becky W

The car has a turbo engine that will put you back in your seat with no effort.

2017 Ford Taurus SHO

I love the performance and torque this car has. It is safety is amazing. The all wheel drive all the time keeps this car on the road all the time. The sync 3 does everything you can imagine with a large viewing screen. Heated seats and steering wheel make the ride more enjoyable.

- Mary S

Modern, sleek, functional low-class luxury car.

2017 Ford Taurus

Smooth drive. Sleek features from the outside to the cup holders inside. Definitely not a family car. Fitting car seats in it is a rough task. Other than that it is roomy and modern. The brakes stop quick. The trunk is very large. It can hold groceries plus a stroller.

- Shanna B

Reliability and enjoyment.

2017 Ford Taurus

The performance of my vehicle is superb. My vehicle is very reliable and has not gave me any problems since I purchased vehicle. I have had no problems since I have purchased vehicle. The vehicle has 100% comfort and I recommend this vehicle for future consumers.

- Jarrod W

It is strong and safe. If I were to get in an accident, I feel protected.

2017 Ford Taurus

This is my 2nd Taurus, I bought it new and after 18 months I still love the mileage and reliability of knowing my car is always going to start and get me where I need to be. I have taken many long trips in it and the comfort for driving and riding is great.

- Edith S

This is the SAFEST car built like a tank, I have peace of mind when my grandchildren are in the car with me

2017 Ford Taurus

It has a smooth ride, I absolutely love my Taurus! I drive long distances for work and it is comfortable and easy to do in the Taurus, With everything I need at my fingertips and voice commands I can concentrate on driving safely

- Deb S

One of the best in its class. Very decent interior and gadgets.

2017 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus I have is a limited. It has plenty of great features, drives well, and pretty decent space for a tall guy like me. The gas mileage sucks being an AWD and having to commute 130 miles a day for work

- Mack S

I bought it for a good price. Ford Tauruses are not as expensive and other larger cars.

2017 Ford Taurus

It's a larger car and I like larger car. It has lots of room inside and in the truck. I like the fact that Ford Tauruses are well priced. I don't like the fact that it does not get good gas mileage.

- Joy S

Great on gas especially when driving long distance.

2017 Ford Taurus

Big map and display screen. Steering wheel controls and passenger assist mirrors. Space in the back including bucket seats. Sun roof that goes back to the second row.

- Jean P

It's safety features are pretty great that's why I chose this vehicle. I have 3 kids and this is the most important thing for me

2017 Ford Taurus

It's a nice reliable, smooth riding vehicle. It is in my opinion worth the money. I don't really have anything negative to say about this vehicle it's a good one.

- Nicole C

My Ford Taurus is a very comfortable automobile to drive!

2017 Ford Taurus

My car is easy for me to get in & out of. It a quiet, comfortable ride. The dashboard is easy to read & use! I am getting pretty good gas mileage (28 mpg).

- Pam S

Probably would be that it very reliable, gets good gas mileage.

2017 Ford Taurus

Love how it rides. I can easily pass the slow drivers lots of pep. Hate the key fob way to big does not fit in my pocket. Love the remote starter.

- Elaine C

If you drive it you will love it. So comfortable and the performance is amazing.

2017 Ford Taurus

I love the comfort and performance of my car. The satellite radio system is amazing. Also love the navigation system. It almost drives itself.

- Donna G

This car is the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

2017 Ford Taurus

This car has so much more comfort than the vehicle that it replaced. It also has many more modern features than the 95 model car it replaced.

- Robert S

The seats suck for a long journey. They are very uncomfortable.

2017 Ford Taurus

I like that it fits all of my family. What I don't like is that the seats are uncomfortable for long journeys. I would buy another for sure

- sara h

Everything you could want in a car you get with this car.

2017 Ford Taurus

I love the design. The interior is sleek and has a ton of features. The engine purrs like a kitten and the wheels are very attractive.

- Joanna T

Ford Taurus carries New Technology

2017 Ford Taurus

I enjoy the size of this car, and its smoothness on the road. It is very comfortable to drive and has many new technology features.

- Maggie F

I love this vehicle I got it in 2017 and it has not gone bad on me whatsoever!!! I honestly wouldn't trade it even if I pay so much for it, it's so worth it! The o my dislike is that I pay too much for it. I would say no complaints it's been a really good car thank god!

2017 Ford Taurus

That if they are thinking of buying a car and don't know what's good for them a Ford Taurus is really good and economic.

- Veronica V

Taurus sho - great color, comfortable, sunroom, large trunk.

2017 Ford Taurus

Taurus sho - super comfortable, fast, great handling, nice wheels, heated seats and steering wheel, car apple.

- Colleen B

The sight lines are not good.

2017 Ford Taurus

I like the price that I paid for the car. It is comfortable. Disappointed in sight lines when driving.

- Mollie J

The car has an awesome touch screen and it is very smooth.

2017 Ford Taurus

No problems we've had the car for 2 year and the battery just died out. We love this car so much. ????.

- Michelle C

It drives well and is nice to look at.

2017 Ford Taurus

I like the look. I like how it drives. I dislike the back up screen, and I wish it was better on gas.

- Danielle O

its sharp looking family car. a reliable ford vehicle with safety features that exceed the other models.

2017 Ford Taurus

Taurus is a great family car with four doors dual ac and great sound system with a sporty appearance.

- virginia p

It's one hell of a car. Its sporty and drives fantastic.

2017 Ford Taurus

It's a beautiful car, sporty, cool to drive and I love the navigation system in it.

- Barbara B

This vehicle is perfect for my family of four. It is safe with features such as side airbags, backup camera, alert warnings, and lane alert. I also like the "no key" feature.

2017 Ford Taurus

Just carry the fob, and you will never have to use a key again.

- Francis N

Comfort and handling .. Smooth ride, especially on highway. Very good gas mileage.

2017 Ford Taurus

Great trunk space. Good gas mileage on trips. Good looking car

- Michael A

interior large, ride quality good, fuel mile above average

2017 Ford Taurus

pretty much like everything. the room, the ride. no complaints

- rod B

It has a quiet, smooth ride. The interior is extremely quiet.

2017 Ford Taurus

Good gas mileage. Ride is very smooth & quiet. Like Sync.

- Joe H