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Great car mostly minor issues

the vehicle has great gas mileage, however... there are some major flaws 1) the vehicle computer shortened out when the gas tank overfilled 1 time. 2) the molding on the sides of the seats will break if heavier people sit in the front seats, the interior trim plastic seems to break easily with Florida heat example the side seat adjustment handles the plastic all broke off, the sliding door rubber which I assume is for anti-vibration purposes all broke within 3 years. The sliding door rollers seem to be made of graphite and all 4 rollers have broken. The yellow plastic door locking trigger broke off way to easily, if you have cargo in the car on both the back and the sides and it blocks the latches, the doors will not open even with keyless entry have to climb in and shift things around. Fuel economy is great I get about 350 miles to the tank which is around 11.5 gallons I think... even when gas prices are high I never pay more than $35 to fill it up... when gas is around $2 a gallon it's more like $28 for a full fill up. it's easy to maintain, if you do regular oil changes and filter changes everything lasts. I've changed tires 3 times in 10 years. No majors repairs. Florida sun is Harsh on Batteries they last about 3 years instead of 5, so 3 battery changes.

- Chris G

Great cargo space, gas mileage and overall functionality.

My transit connect is great for my vending business. It is great on gas, tons of cargo space and an all around great vehicle. Only issue is there is not much power, but drives great. The overall size of the vehicle is very good for large items. As long as you do the required maintenance there really has been no major issues with the vehicle. It is not the most comfortable but it does what it needs to do.

- Jim M

very solid van if you don't need a bunch of room to hall large items

i bought this vehicle because I like the gas mileage compared to other similar vehicles, also the front wheel drive makes me feel more comfortable in the winter time. complaint would be it's awfully expensive to work on. alternator took my mechanic 7 hours to install a new one, but overall a solid van.

- joseph w

Ford transit connect - it's not just for business or commercial use - it makes a good family car.

It is a surprisingly comfortable vehicle. It is easy to see while driving in traffic as the driver's seat is elevated. I love the a/c which works quickly and well..the only complaint I can think of off hand is the ride is a little stiff or firm, the suspension system could use a little improvement.

- Mary Catherine H

Tons of room and works well for a handicap needs family.

Good van for space and has a mobility ramp in it for wheelchair. At 90,000 miles and had to replace brakes three times already. Common problem with this model. Also only averages about 20 mpg. Beyond the brake repairs and poor mileage, the vehicle has been fairly reliable.

- Daniel P

Ford In-Transit worth the money

It is a pretty nice compact vehicle. Gets really good mileage for the gas. Its goes pretty fast and has really good storage and its roomy

- Michael A

Handy little van, big enough to pick up and move most things.

A little bit underpowered, and no powered locks or windows, not so easy to clean out the cargo area, and in hot wealth it is like an oven.

- Joe C