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It is customizable, with side-rear windows, rear door, and ramp options.

It has merely ok gas mileage. But the handling is fine. I like the appearance. The car is usually white so you can put wrap and other advertising. The cargo area is large and has a soft enough floor that objects will not easily break if they fall. I have had no serious issues with repairs in the two years I have driven it.

- James T

Not your ordinary van-ford transit connect.

It has great leg room, storage space, and a great back up camera to help with safety. One problem with the van are the seats are really hard to take out. It gets great mileage for a van. Another problem that is a challenge is that the radio is not very user friendly. Registration can also be expensive each year.

- Beth S

Love my transit but would change a few things.

There is a bad blind spot. Love the dual doors in the back they have a option of opening full. Can fold all seats down for great hauling capabilities and put seats up for a 8 passengers. The radio module went out and it is a 500. 00 dollar repair. It needs a bigger gas tank.

- Tina H

Plenty of cargo room, comfortable ride.

It is good on gas, a comfortable ride. 3rd row seats are difficult for adults to get in and out. There are several blind spots, so you have to look carefully before merging into traffic. I like that the seats fold into the floor, as I can haul my gear very easily.

- Audrey B

It has a lot of carrying capacity.

I like that the seats fold down for hauling. I like the fuel efficiency. I do not like the way the shoulder harness sits against my neck. I do not like the blind spots on the driver's side. I do not like the way the temperature controllers operate.

- Audrey P

It is NOT powerful.It is built to poke a long like an old person,not drive like someone who has something to do!

The size is great, 2 side doors are great the bells and whistles are fun. The van has a rubber band engine though and you can pass just about no one. I would like a bigger engine. Better brakes too. It doesn't stop all that well.

- Abbey J

This vehicle will seat seven people but still has much more style than a traditional minivan.

It has the seating and capacity of a mini van with a much more stylist look. It also has straight across seating - no climbing up or dropping down to get into a seat. Last, it was easy to convert for my wheelchair lift.

- Phyllis R

It's awesome, and anyone with kids who thinks they don't need sliding doors is kidding themselves

I love that it has sliding doors!!! The overhead compartment is also great, and there's so much head room! It would be nice if it were easier to access the back seats as the passenger

- Emily W

It is great for turning heads.

I like that it seats 7, that the seats can be changed around, and that the visibility is fabulous. I dislike that the seats cannot go totally flat.

- Helen W

We bought it in 2014. It was the first car we bought brand new ever. So happy with it.

It is my favorite van that we ever had. I love the color. It is dark blue. We can fit up to 7 people in it. We love to travel with it.

- Thelma D

It handles and rides very well.

I like the size, the cargo space, the mileage, the way it handles. It looks like a toaster, but otherwise it is a great van.

- Jacqueline L

It gets good gas mileage for a van.

I like the space for my feet. The backup camera prevents accidents. The seats are very hard to take out.

- Elizabeth S

I loved it when i initially purchased it, but it is falling apart and still fairly new. The a/c stopped functioning just after the warranty was up, the rear wiper stopped working as well.

It has great space and is good for travel, I just wish it was more reliable

- sarah m

I like the gas mileage. I would like the barn door rear door better. I like how the seats fold down, but like the Caravan Stow and Go better

The Transit Connect gets Good gas mileage and has a nice amount of storage

- Chris S

Gas mileage Is great it hauls good

I do not dislike. It is great. does what I want.

- Corky P