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There is no visibility out of the rear of the van without the backup camera.

To date, we've had no major mechanical issues with our 12 passenger Ford transit. It seats our family of 10 comfortably, including 3 car seats, with plenty of storage space in the back cargo area. The cargo area easily fits a double stroller and single stroller with room for other items as well. We sometimes struggle adding phone to and using the link system. I find the backup camera to be very easy to use and accurate with ample lighting when reversing in the dark. I do wish that there were more latch accommodating seats. Also, we find that we often have to run the ac even when it is not hot outside because there is no natural air circulation in the rear of the van.

- Nan H

15 Passenger Ford Transit a great family van

We have a 15 passenger 2016 Ford Transit. We bought it used, as a large family (We have 8 children) we needed something with ample room and would handle well for trips. We love it. Great gas mileage, handles like a dream, and it looks nice! The seats could be a bit more plush but they are not bad. It does not do well in snow at all, but hopefully with snow tires this winter it will be better. We had hopes to be able to pull a camper with our van but sadly that will not be possible due to its pulling capacity that of a Honda accord lol. Buy regardless we would buy it again today in a heartbeat. So much vehicle for the money, well made to boot.

- Sarah M

High off the ground so if you have mobility issues this is not the car for you.

We live that it has rear air that works well most of the time. Each seat slightly reclines which is also nice. It does get a bit cramped if all of the seats are filled with adults, but with 10 kids in the car it really isn't too bad. I wish it had a sliding side door, but I like that the back doors can open all the way and attach with magnets to remain open until ready to close. There are clips to attach car seats, but not in every seat. I like that the car is up of the ground, but it is difficult to climb in if you have mobility issues.

- Julie B

Rides smooth, but has a serious lack of storage space.

I love how it drives, so smooth, like a car. I love that it has a sliding door. I don't like the mirrors/lack of viability. You cannot see out of the back window at all, and there are many blind spots. The seats are very tiny, which is perfect for kids, but uncomfortable for grown ups wishing to sit in the back. Also, I don't like that all 4 seats in the back do not come out, only the middle 2, making storage space difficult to find.

- Laura T

It sits high for a good view of the road ahead.

I love this van because it has plenty of room for the things that I need to do. I use if for deer hunting, I use it for fishing. I use it for camping. When I use it for any of these things I usually over load it and still have plenty of room for five people and haul my boat or camper. When it's overloaded it still has plenty of power.

- Joseph I I

Nice and reliable work van for some construction work.

No problems at all very reliable I drive it 500 miles a day and so far no failures. I did have the battery die out on me on around 15% and wouldn't start but after changing it like new. Traction when raining is a bit poor as front tires tend to spin a little when accelerating but other than that vehicle has performed quite good.

- Kris L

Great for camping and luxury driving.

Very easy to drive with lots of legroom and overhead room to stand up. Great for camping with a medium roof. Sliding door is easy to open. Dual batteries means reliability for not having a dead battery. I do wish there were more 12v sockets. A large windshield and large mirrors make for great visibility driving and passing.

- Denise F

It's a great "all around vehicle", good for business and pleasure use.

My van has done everything I've asked of it since day one. We do a lot of light hauling, loading and unloading are a breeze due to the height of the rear doors. The large windows allow for maximum visibility in all directions. The two outside mirrors are large and well placed giving good rearward visibility.

- James B

Comfortable with plenty of space.

It does not handle very well in the snow. I have found that putting weight in the back of the van helps with that. It drives smoothly and very comfortably fits my family of 7. There is plenty of space in the back of the van for hauling things. The driver’s seat sits high and is very comfortable.

- Lynn B

High step van, not a high top. Maybe if you have long legs it will be fine.

Ride is very rough. Do not try to drink coffee in this van. Carry a step to get in cargo area, very inconvenient. Know where on sides to attach retainer straps for my cargo. It has ran great and had no issues with motor. Performance wise it is great. Even empty there is not much noise.

- james G

The white ones look a very industrial, blue makes it look more family-friendly.

We love our Ford transit! It is a 10 seater which provides plenty a room for a family of six. Provides for a great travel very comfortable lots of storage space. It would be nice if it had USB ports. I would also be nice if the rest of the seats would come out as easily as the back row.

- Dustin G

Ford transit is stylish in red, reliable, and carries a lot for my 4 show dogs.

It constantly tells me that I need an oil change, even when I do not. Not sure why. I love the color & the length for my dog showing needs. I wish it were quieter inside. The cargo van is loud and it is hard to hear the radio. It's been very reliable and steady on my very long trips.

- Angela M

I love the space, especially the cargo space in the back. I like the double doors better than the sliding doors on my old van. I dislike that there is no center aisle. It makes buckling kids into car seats more challenging. The gas mileage is terrible too but that is to be expected in a van of that size.

It is easier to drive than you think! I was really intimidated the first time I drove it because it is so big! But the mirrors and back up camera really make it just as easy as a mini van. Plus you feel super safe being taller than all the other little cars driving next to you.

- Jessica W

It is very easy to drive, even though it is a large vehicle.

The vehicle gets great mileage and has a diesel turbo motor. It is huge inside, it is the longest, tallest model they make, with dual rear wheels. It is a very comfortable and easy vehicle to drive, much better than the vans that were used for decades prior to the Transit.

- Steve R

I love my Ford transit van! It proves to be definitely the best work van.

No problems, it works great for work, moving things, vacations. . Etc. Just bought new tires for it this past weekend and it feels like a brand new vehicle. It has never broken down or had any major issues with it. And the vehicle only has about 60, 000 miles on it.

- Rebecca L

Although it is a big vehicle, it is a nice ride and handles well for Its size.

If is large enough to carry a lot of people. It handles well and has a good, comfortable ride. No mechanical issues yet. It is not great in the snow. And of course being a large vehicle it does not get great mileage, but really no worse than should be expected.

- Mike B

Perfect for large families!

This van is perfect for large families. It has plenty of space for multiple carseat and room to transport all of the necessities that come with having kids, especially multiple littles.

- Jeanette M

The vehicle has an excellent cargo area and is easy to use.

I have had great experiences with the vehicle. The vehicle is great in adverse weather and has excellent cargo space. Highly recommend as a highly economic vehicle and useful.

- Chuck T

It doesn't fit in a typical garage. This doesn't bother us, but i know it's a deal breaker for some people.

We have a large family, so we need a large van. The Transit handles like a minivan and has a lot of room! The visibility in the front is awesome. I love all the cup holders.

- Corrie A

Our van has great cooling and A/C, with vents all throughout so passengers get plenty of air.

The van is incredibly comfortable, versatile, and is easy to use. We use it often for long trips, and even lived IN it for a short while during Hurricane Harvey Evacuation.

- Alexx A

Ford transit van review for large families.

It works. It is basic. Not a lot of options. It is not well made. It does have decent gas mileage. It is fine for our large family.

- Mk B

Love my roomy work truck!

Great work vehicle! Good interior space, decent gas mileage. Easy to drive and good visibility with added convex mirrors.

- Darryl F

Excellent van for large families

We have Owned this van for 2 years and haven't had any problems! Excellent van for large families, we have 7 children.

- Karissa H

The van is very convenient and spacious. I can load a lot in.

I like the space and openness. I don't like the loudness. It's loud when driving. Sounds like you're in a tunnel.

- Lynn E

I enjoy everything about my vehicle other than the amount of legroom it has for a tall person like myself.

The most important thing is that it is very reliable and has not had any mechanical problems since I've owned it.

- Kurt F

The Transit is exceptionally roomy. There is an amazing amount of trunk space for a van with 12 seats. It turns very easily and is surprisingly easy to maneuver. The built in stereo system is a bit buggy and not very intuitive and the plastic driver's handle at times comes off completely in the driver's hand when pulled. It does not get great gas mileage, but what van of its size does.

It is comfortable and even boasting so many seats it still has a great deal of trunk space.

- Shasta D

i have no complaints about the car and i think most people would enjoy

it is comfortable to sit in,good on gas,has not had any major problems

- ken e

very dependable, rides good

drives and rides good. has good ac. is a little small though

- John B

tires are super expensive, and no dvd players for the kids

love the space and how it handles but the gas mileage is bad

- joanne L

There is nothing else I want to say about this vehicle

No complaints works great for my business and personal life

- Kendra B