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The Ford Transit Van, great for handicapped conversion, powerful and enjoyable.

The Ford Transit Van is a full sized vehicle with a 3.5L V6 engine, which has dual turbo chargers that give the van incredible power. The van, so far, has been very durable and reliable getting about 16 mpg in mostly city driving. Since it is a cargo van, which I use to haul a power wheelchair, the air conditioner takes awhile to cool down the interior. So I recommend getting the optional rear air. Please note that after much research I found that the full sized Ford Van is one of the easiest to convert for handicapped use. However make sure to get a 3/4 ton or larger unit to handle the additional weight. As for entertainment, Ford offers all the latest conveniences such as Bluetooth stereo and SiriusXM satellite. In addition, a rear view camera is worth the extra cost. Overall, I give the Ford Transit van high marks in all categories and definitely recommend it.

- Jeff S

Ford transit recommended family vehicle with room, comfort, and safety.

The Ford transit is a great family vehicle. With the sliding door feature and the automatic step, it makes life so much easier with small children. Individual seats that slightly recline make it a much more comfortable ride for passengers. The greatest benefit of all is the large cargo space in the back for groceries. The van is also more like a car when driving because of the steering wheel. Higher vehicles sometimes have a greater risk of tipping over, but not this one. It has an anti roll system that makes it feel safe. The downfalls I have found is that they are apparently more difficult to work on making break changes and such more time consuming... Which translates into higher repair costs. Tires are as well rather expensive for these vehicles. Overall, I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Nicki B

Ford Transit 250 conversion van

My boyfriend and I converted our Ford Transit van into a surf van. We have traveled and lived in it for the past 3 years. We have not had any major problems with the vehicle so far, except for a few manufacturer's recalls. We have had a check engine light go off twice, and both times we had to replace the glow plug which was covered under our extended warranty. We find the vehicle to be pretty reliable, with decent gas mileage considering how much weight we added onto it with our custom build.

- Ana D

Ford transit 150 mar 130” web.

Happy as can be with the transit, great gas mileage, it has a huge cargo area to fit all my tools and equipment. Easy to drive with great turning radius. Tall enough for average person to stand and work in the back cargo area. Lots of upgrade options if you wanted. Back up camera is great. It is comfortable to drive. Somewhat noise on the inside with adding extra instillation. Has all the bells and whistles I would want in any work van.

- Justin S

Great for moms of many kids!

I am a busy stay-at-home-mom to 5 kids. I love my 12 passenger Ford Transit! It has plenty of LATCH and tether anchors to make installing car seats easy. Unlike some large vans, it has headrests on all seating positions. There is plenty of room for my kids plus their friends and TONS of storage room in the back. The only thing I don't love about it is the side door opens really wide so it makes parking tricky sometimes.

- Emily P

Great ride to haul a large group of people.

Pros of this vehicle- ample room to take everyone with you. It is fairly easy to remove seats for additional cargo room. It is easy to get into and out of. Cons- visibility out the back window is poor and the backup camera is very small. We have had issues with the back brakes and the dealership can't figure it out. It has been in 3x in the last 2 months for the same brake issue.

- Jamie H

High top van for weekend trips.

I bought my van to convert into a weekend camper. It's a high top so you can walk around in it. It's good on gas and looks nice for its size, so I like owning it and even though it's a bit large, I am retired so I drive it anywhere I need to go. The interior is now set up for camping with 12v power plugs and even a inflatable reclining chair to sleep in.

- Kevin M

It's the most comfortable, and smooth riding car we've ever owned.

My vehicle is perfect for my family and our dogs, especially when we travel, which is pretty often. It's able to hold our extended family along with us when they come to visit, and we haven't run into any problems with it. My parents love driving and riding in it, and it's especially comfortable for us during the night when we're traveling.

- Presley D

Great advanced cargo/work van.

Great vehicle coming from an older Chevy van. Way more technology and comfort. Padded floor in the back helps with my knees. Plenty of room for what I need and then some. Bluetooth is a game changer. The amount of cup holders is amazing and the overall feel of materials is good. No issues that I am aware of, great buy!

- Kai T

Ford Transit - Versatile Transportation Van

This vehicle gets great gas mileage and has a roomy interior great for storage and transport. The seats are removable for even more storage space and rear door and side door loading are a breeze. This vehicle is great for transporting groceries or taxiing you and your family around town.

- Julia S

The ford transit is a multi purpose vehicle and could be used for many things.

The ford transit is a really good van and holds 16 passengers. Great for big family and or traveling. Works seats come out and can work great as a work truck or service van especially of you own your own company. Not to bad on gas and just a great family vehicle .

- Michael S

Great for all tradesman across the board

I love the ford transit. It gets all the work done that I need and I can stay organized with the reading utility back with side cabinets. I would recommend this to any tradesman in any trade. I've also been able to hook up a dump trailer and tow it. Great van

- Andrew R

My vehicle is a transit van and is used for work purposes.

My van is my daily driver to/from work. It is definitely more about functionality than comfort in my van. The back does have ample space to work out of/keep organized. Would love more flexibility with the sear. Front has good layout.

- Charles H

high top, used for camping

bought my van to make into a weekend camper. its a 6 cylinder and is good on gas, so it beats a motor home by a mile.it plenty high enough to walk around in and is now set up with a single bed in it, just as I wanted.

- kevin m

Bigger for same price is better.

Love the oversized seating. Can fit three full size car seats across the front row. Steering is amazing for such a large vehicle. Miss the automatic sliding door and entertainment package but love all the extra room.

- Jamie L

If you get the high roof one, beware you won't be able to fit in all drive throughs.

I really love my van. There is so much room. I have plenty of room for groceries and strollers. I like being able to stand up to put kids in car seats. It is easy to drive and turn.

- Tarah c

Ford transit good qualities.

This vehicle is very roomy. The aisle is a little narrow going to the back. There are plenty of cup holders. Seats are comfortable for adults with adequate room for legs.

- Danielle C

It does not have a huge gas tank so does not cost a fortune to fill.

Love the size and maneuverability. Dislike it does not get a little better gas mileage. Love it can hold multiple car seats in one row.

- Jamie D

Very convenient with standing room for load/unloading

Like the cargo capacity and fuel mileage. not happy with how it is in the snow and there is high amount of wear for the rear brakes.

- Peter R

There is so much space for the kids.

I like the space for our large family. I wish it had a navigation system. I love everything else about it.

- Christina K

It has space to transport goods. it can be used to work in. It is a Ford.

I hate the transmission. the space is great. The van is terrible in the snow.

- Richard P

it's a good vehicle some vans are better some haul easier

nice but liked older models better the ride is a lot different and it is ugly

- chubbs R

It bigger than it looks, and is often hard to park like a regular car

holds up to 14 people, comfortable, wastes gas, looks cool

- bill b

Rides very smooth for such a big vehicle and the conversion makes it enjoyable.

- Mike K