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Ford zx-2. A fun little car!

I have had the zx-2 about 8 years. It is never given me much trouble. It has a fair amount of power for it is size and is sharp and sporty looking. A great little vehicle for the money I spent. The only thing is that I had thought it was front-wheel drive when I bought it, but it wasn't.

- David W

It�s a weird shape but it�s nice

It's runs kind of smooth but the brakes constantly need to be renewed. I want a new car but it's ok to have right now until I'm able to get the one I want. The ac never breaks. Always nice and fresh. The speakers are ok they can't really handle a lot of bass but it's not to terrible

- Jackie O

My car is well kept and is a smooth ride and fast.

I have a Ford zx2. It is a 5 speed manual shift. It is good on gas and is a small 2 door vehicle with a sporty look. Has a cassette player in it that I use an adapter for to play music off of my phone. I have had to replace the breaks 2 times and the alternator belt. Once.

- Robert S

The most important thing you should know about my car is that overall It's been a fairly good car and reliable over the years.

My vehicle shakes and rattles from the dashboard area and is noisy to drive. It was something I didn't mind when I first bought, but over the years It's gotten increasingly annoying. I wish it had more room but that's to be expected from a 2 door coupe.

- Benjamin M

It drives great, both in handling and pick-up.

It is small, so even the four-cylinder engine is powerful and it has great pickup. Even though it is a small car, it still has a lot of room inside. The problem with these cars is they have a tendency to have a serpentine belt that slips off often.

- Kenneth K

Fuel efficient and fast for a small car.

Reliable vehicle, is good on fuel and cheap. Takes me where I need to go. For a small family or someone who is single or has no kids. Spacey for a small car. Only con about this car is the wheels are custom so it is very hard to find these wheels.

- Chastity A

My car might not look like much but I've saved so much money over the past 7 years not having to buy another car and not having to do a lot of maintenance!

My car has lasted me for a long time and has great mileage and is very low maintenance required. There are some issues however such as the engine shaking and smaller fixes, but nothing major which would make the car unable to drive.

- Laura Z

It is extremely outdated and is prone to a lot of electrical issues.

The only thing that I like about my vehicle is the room. Everything, the windows, all the wiring, transmission, body and style of the van is horrible and is already predisposed and prone to problems.

- Amber H

My vehicle is blue in color and have strong engine.

My vehicle is really a strong make of cars, at times when I travelled far and wide it goes on smoothly and I never have problem with. I really love my car 100%

- Gonzalez A

The car runs well and is dependable. It is a smaller car

My car is dependable and has low miles. Works well and runs great too. I does have a shake that no one can fix but it is only when I stop and have it in gear.

- Renee C

Others should know it's fast. Don't race because it's dangerous but it's hard not to with a supercharger.

It's supercharged grand Prix. 2004 gtp the car rides very comfortable and smooth. It's been my favorite car out of all the cars I have owned.

- Stephanie S

Great on gas great for driving on long trips

The car has to be reliable and go far distances and be great on gas mileage not to mention has to have plenty of space for everyone

- Logan L

It's a fun car, gets good gas mileage and while it looks sporty it isn't actually a sports car so the insurance is lower.

I bought my car brand new and have loved it since. It's a 2 door coupe which is great, it has a sporty look and is fun to drive.

- karen m

Nice riding car and very reliable car, great on mileage

I enjoy the space in the back for pick ups. I like the armrests on the front seats. I enjoy the sliding doors for back seats.

- Leeann H

Blue ford sounds like a lawnmower when driving

Radiator hose has broken a few times, has held up over the past years and is still going strong. Would recommend this car

- Michael B

it's in good condition and hold seven

well it's actually a windstar 1999 but your choices didn't have that one ....it's ok it takes me from point a to point b

- Toby L

Old but dependable car to get to work

The car is very old and needs replaced but it is my beater car that gets me to and from work. It services that purpose

- Brandon K

This is a sporty looking vehicle, drives nicely if taken care of.

Not a very good family vehicle. It is very small and compact good for a couple or single person. Good on gas

- Shae C

Good mileage, many seats, rear seats easy to adjust

Rear wiper faulty, door sensors going out, compressor faulty, tire sensor adjusts on, rear a/c on the fritz

- Vern F

It's dependable, but has issues inspecting every year.

The best thing about it is that it's paid for and gets great gas mileage. It's also been super dependable.

- Shawn W

It will save money on gas as long as the oil is changed on a regular basis

I like the compact size. It really saves on gas and is a pretty reliable car. It has a cassette player .

- Robert S

It's a cool little car that will get you where you want to go without breaking the bank.

I like the fuel economy. I like that it's kinda fast. I don't like how small it is.

- Trenton J

It gets good gas mileage and has been reliable for several years now

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like the lack of acceleration


Always needs to be worked on and not good gas mileage

Always something not working , always needing repairs

- Chris M