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Comfortable ride with a very spacious interior and an attractive exterior.

My GMC Acadia is a very comfortable automobile. It is extremely accommodating and spacious. It is technically an SUV. I had to replace several things including shock and struts. In addition the transmission stopped working at around 160, 000 miles. I am the only owner this car has ever had and I take pretty good care of it as evidenced by the fact it is still chugging along. It still rides extremely well although the mpg is dropping a bit. I get around 18 mpg around town and 23 on the highway. It currently has 189250 miles on it. This vehicle has no frills and is pretty much the bare bones model of Acadia sle.

- Gregory F

The one most important thing that I forgot to mention that I absolutely adore is the fact that it has a heads up display. I really depend on this feature.

I love my vehicle, but you do not have it listed. It is a 2004 Pontiac Aztek. I love it because it is a hatchback and has lots of room. The back has a tray that pulls out with compartments to load groceries and other things. I like the sunroof that I can open and force the hot air out when it is very hot. I like the overall looks of it also. The only complaint is that the heated seats did not last long after I purchased it, and that is the feature that convinced me to buy it in the first place.

- Debby D

The acadia overall is a solid 4 out of 5!

My acadia is perfect for hauling cargo or people. The acadias are extremely spacious. I love the captain seats for the 2nd row seating. The acadia for being a large SUV rides and drives smoothly. The only downfall is the fuel mileage. I have had very few issues with my acadia. The engine light has came on a few times due to the airbag sensor seems to be wearing out and a part that needed replaced, please keep in mind this vehicle has over 100k miles.

- Lin W

Drives nice and smooth ride.

The Acadia is very nice. We bought it used and the windshield wiper on the drivers side does not work. Have not gotten that fixed yet. It has plenty of legroom. The gas mileage has been good. The kids have not complained of anything yet. I would have liked a little more room in the back where you can put your luggage or groceries if you have all the seats occupied. The ride is very good and love the traction control and all wheel drive.

- Diana L

Pretty on the outside, turmoil lurks within.

I really like my GMC Acadia. I love the way it looks the interior is black leather top notch. It is very roomy and accommodating. I have all the extra bells and whistles and it makes me feel like royalty. However, the vehicles engine life seems to be in question. It currently has 140,000 miles on it the check engine light has been on for two months. I have had it serviced and it continues to read new minor problems.

- Kristen M

Feel very smooth when driving and has airbags all over the car.

My GMC Acadia is good in performance, is very comfortable for long trips and for the family. I haven't had major problems with it. Had some recalls but GMC is been really good at fixing them. One of the problems that I would consider is that it leaks on the sunroof in my specific model. I had a problem with my transmission once but the warranty covered the fix. I am really happy with my Acadia.

- Jessica D

Handles well and like the comfort and size of the vehicle.

The moonroof leaked, alternator went up but love how its drives. Has very nice features to it. Handles very nice. Love the looks of it and it has been pretty reliable so far. Nice size but now that family has grown may be looking for another smaller SUV. Like that it has third row seating. The interior is nice as far as interiors of cars go. Like the heated seating and remote start.

- Deb M

Great sized family vehicle!

My Acadia is a very comfortable vehicle and I enjoy the heated seats, sunroof, and the kids love the built in DVD player. It has been relatively reliable, but I had to have a part replaced that should have been a recall part as it's the same part recalled on newer models. Otherwise, it's served me fairly well the last year and a half. Minor repairs and normal maintenance required.

- Kim c

Great for road trips. Grocery shopping. Just great vehicle all around.

This is the most comfortable vehicle as for riding on long trips. The seats are awesome. They are leather and are heated. So awesome on cold rainy days. They are also awesome on summer days when you've been swimming or to the beach. Love how many people can ride on trips. It can fit car seats when you have extra children going. Great for family trips. Love this vehicle.

- Tina R

The best part about my vehicle is how smooth it runs.

The GMC Acadia has been great. I like that there are three rows with a good space between them and I can fit my groceries on back. The a/c is also on the back seat and my kids do not have to wait for the a/c to circle around to get to them. The only problem was that the sunroof on the back got stuck and does not want to run when a press the button.

- Maria S

I love to drive my GMC Acadia!

It is very comfortable to drive. It is a great size for our family of 4 with lots of space in the back. It has been a very reliable car. One problem we have been having is that the rear door will start to go up when you push the button but then suddenly it will start to back down. It drives really nicely and has heated seats and 2 sunroofs.

- Ashley O

I gets the reliability that I need and the comfort that I want.

My 2007 GMC Acadia is a very reliable vehicle. Whenever there is a problem detected the vehicle will let you know with one of the icons on the dashboard usually the check engine symbol will appear. The Acadia is real comfortable it has heated seats, dual air control for passenger in front and back seats, multi disc CD player, etc.

- Victoria D

The pros and cons of GMC Acadia.

I really love the size, the double sunroof, heated seats, DVD player and the third row but I do not like the leaking when it rains or the fact we had to replace engine and transmission and still having problems with oil leaks. The back hatch also has been fixed due to recall, there are several other recalls of this vehicle.

- Stevie M

It is very fast and efficient.

It is very efficient but it also has its flaws. After a while the brakes can go out but if you fix it when you notice the problem you shouldn't have trouble. The motor and engine run smoothly and I would totally recommend a car like that. It runs very smooth and you can hardly feel the bumpy road as you would any other car.

- Irma V

It still keeps running even though there are engine problems.

It is got over 200, 000 miles on it, but I do not plan on getting a new one anytime soon. It is got engine issues like the catalytic converter problems, airbag electric problems and traction control issues. I do like it is roominess and comfortable seating. I miss not having a GPS in the console and a skylight up above.

- Joey B

Lemon for life: 2007 GMC Acadia.

This vehicle has great space and style, but has had one mechanical issue after the other since I bought it. Not only did it have mechanical issues, but it is also had electrical issues. One thing gets fixed and another goes bad. If I had known it would be such a money eater, I would have never purchased this vehicle.

- Ashley R

Inspect before you buy, just saying.

GMC sunroof leaks, had several issues with the ac, even though I routine maintenance it still have issues that can be costly. My car 2007 I have had to replace motor, transmission, 2 new cats, alternator and change the ac evaporator system. Even though my car is paid for I have truly bought a new car 2x.

- Doris G

The vehicle is extremely spacious and drives well.

My 2007 GMC Acadia is very nice gas guzzler but performance awesome, ride relaxing most people take their vehicle to a garage when the light goes out but you can do it yourself very easy. When they said 7 passengers they were correct plenty of room in the vehicle.

- Willie M

Double sunroofs and leather seats.

My model has everything I was looking for minus the backup camera. Comfort and height are perfect for me. Lumbar support and heated seats are great for my lower back. Entertainment package for the grandkids and roomy for my large dog and all have plenty of space.

- Amparo P

Acadia, The reliable family go-to.

The GMC Acadia I own, has been very reliable. I bought it when it was already 7 years old, and so far, I have put on many many miles. It's still going strong at 206k miles. It has enough space for my growing family, and is really good on gas mileage.

- Jayda L

This vehicle has good space available, but the trade off for that space is loss of fuel efficiency.

It has good space for passengers, which is nice for if I have a larger group. One thing I dislike is not getting very good gas mileage. I have had to have some repairs, but probably not more than a normal vehicle.

- Diane H

A woman's point of view of the car

It drives more like a car, but I dislike the inside and the console. I wish the center console was larger, I can't fit many things inside. There is also an annoying noise when the radio and dvd are playing

- Angie N

I love my Acadia. It has features that I use everyday.

I find my vehicle very comfortable and easy to drive. The gas mileage is not bad for a SUV. The heated seats are one of my favorite features. It keeps my muscles so relaxed in long trips.

- Faye N

The vehicle is spacious and comfortable for any type of family.

I love the space and comfort for all size adults. After 112,000 miles, I am having some electric and sensor issues along with the vehicle using more gas than it really should.

- Regina B

Style of the first year separates it definitely from others for crossovers.

I love the way my Acadia looks. Have had other opportunities to get another vehicle chose not to. Way it fits my lifestyle. I can haul everything in it. Great for travel.

- Elizabeth G

Overall it is a good car for the money. It has been great especially if you have children it has plenty of room.

I love the room that it has for our large family. I dislike the small trunk space that it has. I dislike that it is starting to act up and it doesn't have 100k miles yet.

- Jennifer M

They are a great family car.

I love that my Acadia is big enough to take my kids and their friends places. The rear seats fold down for extra storage/hauling room. It rides smooth. Gets decent MPG.

- Rochelle W

They are great on gas and are very dependable.

I love my vehicles it has very good gas mileage. I have plenty of room for my kids. I do not like the small cracks where the seats move. They are hard to clean out.

- Crystal C

Great features! Comfortable for the whole family.

I love my Acadia! Newer models do not have the heads up display that mine does, not the 2nd sunroof or DVD player! Love everything about this vehicle.

- Rae S

There are many engine problems.

My car is old and is constantly having problems. It takes a lot of gas to fill it up and does not have good gas mileage. Issue after issue.

- Casey P

It's required little maintenance other than the standard requirements.

The GMC Acadia is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle. It has third row seating which is convenient for large families or for hauling pets.

- Brandy B

The hatch area is small for an SUV.

The second and third row seating is tight, no legroom also climbing into the second and third row seats are very difficult, I hate it.

- Christina D

It a good travel car. Highway drives very well. Not to much room.

a lot of engine sensor problems and oil leaks. Very sensitive on gas levels. Issues with some electrical windows not going up or down.

- Maria G

Love the 3rd row seating. This car is very roomy

This car is very comfortable. It had had a bunch of electrical issues. I love the 3rd row seating. I would buy this vehicle again

- Keri B

I love the air conditioning and heated seats.

I really love my a Acadia! It is very comfortable and reliable. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My kids love the a DVD player.

- Elizabeth B

This is my 1st car after graduation.

1st car. Its big enough for my friends and family. I go out in service because I am a jw. Drives good. Big SUV but I am little.

- Taya M

Perfect economic size vehicle for military family

The price of gas is becoming overwhelming to fill my vehicle completely. Very comfortable seating, performance has been great

- Keanah H

I love how many seats it has.

The sunroof ducts leaks and water gets into the inside of the car even after it was fixed. The water is damaged my interior.

- Rose D

I love how it can change from 2 to 4 wheel drive.

I love how this truck can switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive. The gas mileage is also amazing. Amazing design as well

- Stephan M

This car rides nice and smooth which makes road trips fun!

I like that it seats 8 people. I don't like when there's certain windows open it makes a weird sound in your ears.

- Michelle C

The child lock is amazing.

Love that my son has enough space to hide his toys he has autism and on of his favorite thing is to hide stuff.

- Michelle R

Nothing really too great about it

Works great but has been running for too long already. Something is wrong with it like every other month.

- Janelle A

good runner, dependable and roomy great over all car

None just look and see what catches my eye. has to fit my family and pets. safety and reliable is a must

- Bob P

This car has factory remote start, auto lift gate, auto seat and mirror adjustments, and rear back up sensor.

Great car, has all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately had to replace the transmission at 120k miles.

- Andria p

Very large for a large family.

It's amazing. I don't dislike anything about it at all. Very roomy for my family and great for trips.

- Amber L

It's just adequate. I wish the handling and gas mileage was better.

It's ok. It gets me from here to there. I would like more comfort as well as better gas mileage.

- Ray r

It gets me from one place to another.

I like my vehicle. It is small enough to get great gas mileage but large enough to travel in.

- Diane w

Great for everyday use and easy to maintain.

Has good gas mileage and still has little rust. I have not done a lot of repairs either.

- Tom B

I like all the extra features, but it has given us lots of issues with the electrical components and we will likely be replacing it in the near future.

It's unreliable on so many levels, but because of the age of the vehicle and miles.

- Tifanie M




This is a very good car to have for a family.

I like how it drives. It is a good vehicle. It is very reliable

- Julie L

The Acadia gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room for a smaller suv.

It hits all my grandchildren and it has pretty good gas mileage.

- Christina K

It's roomy. But it uses a lot of gas and I have had lots of little problems with it.

It's a gas hog. Have had lots of issues. But it's roomy.

- Theresa I

I love the size and 3 rows. The middle row has 2 regular seats instead of a bench, which makes it easy when traveling or having lots of passengers. I don't have any complaints other than the age of the vehicle, but it is still doing great.

It's a great size for a family that likes to travel.

- Andrea J

Roomy and fuel efficient get you where you want to go and is reliable.

It is roomy and fuel efficient. Reliable and safe,

- Dan H