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2010 Acadia general review.

I have owned my Acadia for almost 2 years. I bought it preowned with less than 100, 000 miles. Since I have owned it, I have had to have the battery replaced. The battery is located under the passenger side floorboard, which was odd to me, but nothing a quick google search couldn't help me figure out. We also had to replace a belt pulley which was insanely difficult, but was manageable. The pros, it is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in. I love having third row and this car has a lot of storage options. Radio controls on the steering wheel definitely help while driving. All 3 rows have floor/upper vents for the air and heat which is definitely a plus when I have a lot of passengers. Overall, I love this car and will more than likely purchase another when the time comes for a new car.

- Mary M

A good fit for our family.

I have a 2010 Acadia. I bought it used in 2016. It has almost 100, 000 miles on it. We haven't had very many problems with it. The only major repair we have had to make is replacing the timing chain around 80k miles. We were pretty upset because we had to replace it only 4 months after we purchased the vehicle. Luckily, that is about all we have had of repair. I really enjoy this vehicle. It came with a moon roof, sun roof, DVD player, captains seats, and 3rd row. There is not a lot of storage space in the back unless you lay the 3rd row down. The vehicle rides smoothly without a ton of road noise. I have noticed that if I am stopped on a hill, the vehicle will roll backward if I let off the brakes. Overall it is a pretty good car for the money.

- Amanda B

Great family vehicle - would buy again.

The 2010 GMC Acadia is a great family vehicle. There's plenty of space for my three children that range in age from 1-16. It has a pretty comfortable ride, the back seats are not very padded though, which makes long trips not very comfortable. The back seats are very easy to fold down and pull back up. I have had a few issues with the a/c system, but otherwise any other mechanical issues I have run into are common things that go bad (shocks, o2 sensors). The way the windows are shaped makes this a very easy vehicle to drive, I do not have very many blind spots at all. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a 3rd row, family SUV.

- Nikki G

Good family car, without being a minivan.

I love the style and size, it has enough room for our family and our stuff, but does not feel bulky to drive around. The third row is good for small people but not as convenient for adults. I wish the captain seat arm rests in the second row could be removed or folded out of the way. They leave a very small space to crawl into the back row. I like being able to easily flip down the third row for more storage space. I have had recurrent trouble with headlight wiring causing my lights to not work, the car battery dying frequently, and the lift gate had to be repaired.

- Erin M

2010 GMC Acadia Go Big the Limited Edition Way

I've had my truck since 4/2017. I have the 2010 GMC Acadia SLE limited addition and it really nice. It came with a TV, which my kids really enjoy! It spacious and big enough for 4 kids and 2 are in car seats. I haven't had any major problems with my truck only when the ac went out, but it was fixable I paid 358 to get it fixed. I have my truck serviced every three months. It nice for moving too. All the back seats let down. We literally moved 85% of my 3 bedroom using my truck. I really recommend it if you're considering a new vehicle. You won't be let down!

- Mary C

What I like and what I dislike about my GMC Acadia 2010.

Recently I had to put the GMC Acadia in the shop because the flywheel went bad the power steering went bad and something else with the engine they had to drop the transmission just to put the flywheel in which cost me over 1600 other than that I love my car but it also might of been because it is a 2010 and it is now 2018 so of course something was going to go around other than that I love my car but it also might of been because it is a 2010 and it is now 2018 so of course something was going to go wrong.

- Ass P

Secret compartments in front and back I absolutely love!!

Great car for big families. Plenty of room and very comfortable. Plenty of charging ports all around the car for kids that can't live without cell phones or gaming devices. All seats adjust for comfort levels. Heating and air has can be adjusted throughout the car. Radio can be adjusted from front to back as well. Multi auxiliary ports as well. Seats fold down for easy access to move anything you need or just make room.

- Jessica B

In general I really love my vehicle.

The only issue has been the air conditioning not getting very cold. It's very roomy, comfortable, rides nice, gets okay gas mileage. The heated seats are amazing & heat your back not just your butt. The truck isn't big unless you but the back seat down and just leave the 2 captain chairs in the back. There are 6 vents in the top for the back two rows and 4 floor vents. Back 2 rows can control their own temperature.

- Rachel W

GMC Acadia best SUV I have owned.

I love my Acadia it is the best SUV I have owned. It runs great. I have had the power steering replaced and also the water pump but both were under warranty. I have had the tires replaced. I have the top of the line Acadia so it is expense to replace things, but it drives so nice. I have leather seats that are heated which makes it so nice in the winter time. I would buy another Acadia for sure.

- Katie T

It feels luxury without the luxury price tag.

This vehicle is by far the best purchase we have made for a vehicle. We have a large family so the third row and spaciousness is a major plus! I love the back up camera and the fact that there is plenty of legroom for everyone. I have a car seat that I put in and usually the car seat takes up so much space but, with the roominess of this vehicle the car seat size is not an issue at all.

- Stefanie S

The GMC Acadia: A Car Your Family Can Depend On

Overall it is a very dependable model. It has been with our family for 2 car crashes, 100 degree summers, and long, grueling road trips. I personally like the cloth interior and sturdy, family-friendly design. It is not the fanciest car out there but it's gets the job done, so that's why my family keeps purchasing the newest Acadia model when it comes time to buy a new vehicle.

- Anna A

I love the bucket seats in the middle row.

I really enjoy driving my Acadia. A lot of people that ride with me say the seats are very comfortable. I didn't give it a total 5 out of 5 because we have had some minor issues with it. Certain switches not working for the windows, the back hatch not staying up by itself. They are minor fixes, so makes it not too bad when you have to pay for them to be fixed.

- Stephanie B

GMC Acadia is a comfort car.

I have only had my vehicle for approx. 4 months. I love the dual sunroof/moonroof. It has been very comfortable to drive. Being a older car it did need the air conditioning serviced. The vehicle has a backup camera that other vehicles I have owned do not have. I would recommend the camera. Also the rear camera is featured in the rear view mirror.

- Danielle P

Luxurious ride for less money

I love my vehicle because of the 7 person capacity. it is very comfortable seating( front & 2nd row) for oversize people.The middle row is adjustable. The ride is smooth & it has features like a luxury car. front & rear air, double sunroof, back-up camera in mirror, Dvd entertainment pkg, leather pkg. It is a midsize suv & I love it.

- Sharon S

Double sunroof, leather seat that heat up, back up camera and lost of space.

The car rides really good and it has a lot of room for a large family and the seat are easy to move up and down to clean up or put things in the back seat. But now I having a window switch to be replace the truck is 9 years old so of course you know things has to be replace. Great details are the back up camera and the double sunroof.

- Brandy F

My 2010 GMC Acadia review.

It is a very smooth drive, it handles well, it is easy to maneuver and park. It has lots of room when the 3rd row seat is down. I wish the 3rd row was more easily accessible. If you have 2 car seats in the second row you will have to take one out to get to the 3rd row. If your 3rd row is up there's not a lot of cargo room in the back.

- Lisa M

It is a spacious vehicle that rides quietly but has had too many issues for me to purchase again. while having less than 200k miles

Rides really well when it is working properly. This month will be the first month this year that I have not had to fix something. Air conditioning has gone bad twice in the first 2 years I owned it amassing 2000$ worth of repairs. A purge valve had to be replaced and I was told my engine has a timing miss that will cost around 2000$

- Jace C

Flexibility with style and comfort.

I like the interior package, leather seats and beautiful dash and console. The seats are comfortable and the electronic adjustment allow the seats to suit me just perfectly. The third seat folds down and is very convenient to have either extra seating or extra storage space. It drives beautifully, I can see the road and feel safe.

- Donna B


The only problems we've had with the Acadia is the transmission slips really bad and the car rolls away after put in Park in any place and really BAD in drive on hills. Have complained many times when in for service and they only say its normal... No, It's dangerous! And of course now the extended warranty we BOUGHT has expired!

- Brenda M

I would buy again. It is very comfortable and quite.

Seats 7 I think it needs more room for the third row not enough leg room if 7 adults riding. I think it needs more room for luggage when traveling as a group. It does have a luggage rack but I am not capable of putting luggage on it. But does have a hitch for hooking up a rack for luggage which does help when needing more space.

- Janet A

Great highway traveling car.

The Acadia can haul 7 people including the driver. It rides on the highway very well. Good acceleration. The gas mileage is good on the highway. I average around 21 miles per gallon on the highway. 16 mpg in the city. I have had some issues with the car needing parts replaced but everything was covered under the warranty.

- Darin H

Will be buying an Acadia again and again!

I love me GMC Acadia! Haven't had any major problems for it being used and 9 years old. I will definitely be buying another one once this one has given her all! The only thing that could be better is more trunk space when the 3rd row is up. But that will get better once I do not have to lug a large double stroller around!

- Jamie S

Unlike our Yukon, the Acadia does not have a movie screen for the kids on long trips, which can still be a positive thing. The seats recline with a lever instead of a button like the Yukon, but drives smoothly, is comfortable for a large family, and has seats that fold down easily in the back to make room for groceries.

- Josie J

Others should know that my car is reliable. It has the space a family needs, and is comfortable.

I like that this vehicle drives smoothly, and makes me feel secure. I love the amount of space that it offers. The only thing that I would say bothers me just a little is the heating/cooling system. It usually feels like there is no comfortable setting, and maybe this is due to placement or angles of the vents.

- Mandy E

It is not for show it is a tool for everyday use.

What I like about my car is that it has 3rd row seating. I can make it two rows and fits more in the space once the seats are folded down. It's nice to have bucket seats in the middle so I can get back to the third row more easily if need be. I like the features it has the DVD player built into the roof.

- Jamie L

GMC Acadia family vehicle

My vehicle is very spacious. I appreciate the safety features. I like the third row can either be folded down completely or just partially. The model I have has a second row bench seat which I do not like. I have small children and two of them in car seats makes it very difficult to reach the third row.

- DorieSue W

Reliant in all weather, never have to worry about getting to work.

I purchased my Acadia used 4 years ago and have been in love with it from day one. It has seating for 8 and this is a huge convenience for my family. It drives beautifully in any weather. I would buy a GMC Acadia again. I have been researching new models and plan on buying within the next 3 months.

- Kirstie W

Has a third row seat, which makes it nice to take more people.

It sometimes runs ok and then other times it ends up in the shop. There is a light that comes and goes and then different codes are pulled from it of what the problem is. I have the third row in it and love that, and it also has TV monitors built into that back of the headrest from the front seat.

- Diana V

2010 GMC Acadia: A reliable used car

My 2010 GMC Acadia has been a great vehicle! It has never given me any problems except for normal wear and tear. It has over 100,000 miles and it drives just as smoothly as when I first bought it. The only thing I wish was different is that, because it's a 2010, the technology is not so great.

- Kristin K

I love My 2010 Acadia SLT

My Acadia is a 2010 SLT. It has leather seats, two sunroofs, heated and cooled seats, Bose stereo system, and a heads up display. It seats 7 people with 3 row seating. There is a back up camera, and a two package. There has been no problems with this car so far, and it drives very smooth.

- Kristin B

Acadia SUV very versatile.

Very reliable, roomy, and comfortable. I really appreciate the all wheel drive in winter. It handles well on snow or ice. The third row fold down seat is also a great feature. I have the option of driving up to seven people when required. And likewise can increase my cargo area on demand.

- Patrick N

My GMC Acadia is awesome!!

Love this SUV! Roomy enough for my three teenage boys and there sports! Even big enough for my two for babies as well. Rides smoothly and not horrible on gas. Just wish there were easier ways to get to the back when I have to vacuum. Otherwise, this is one of the best cares I have owned.

- Karen S

GMC Acadia awesome car get one

I have no problems with my vehicle it is amazing on gas and very spacious the seats are very comfortable and performance wise it is not a sports car but as far as a family vehicle it does has some serious power. Gas mileage is actually pretty good considering the size of the vehicle

- Dominique P

Great vehicle with having kids

I love this vehicle, especially with having 2 young kids it is very easy to get them in the car seats without feeling cramped in! There's plenty of room for 6 people to ride comfortably. When traveling as a family of 4 I really like having the entire back to pack with our stuff

- Toni N

It fits my whole family perfectly. No one argues about being squished.

I love my car. It drives re as lly smooth. The seat adjusts perfectly for my height. I love the functionality of my car the blinkers are easy to use and my windshield wipers are excellent. I've never had a problem with my radio speakers going out like some cars.

- Italia G

Awesome sauce of a vehicle.

Love the way it drives and rides comfort is great daily driver gets great fuel economy. Long trips is awesome as well. Fits the kids just fine they have room for their sports equipment and room for snacks. Best vehicle to own will never go back to another brand.

- Patty K

Great vehicle with nice features.

I love that the hatch opens by pushing a button on your key fob. Other great features are the 3rd row seating, simple and easy to understand buttons and controls, rear heat and ac controlled by the back seat passengers, and volume controls on the steering wheel.

- Jennifer P

GMC Acadia 2010 good review.

Great car. Only have done routine maintenance on the vehicle no major problems. Fits the entire family. Gas mileage is average could be better. XM radio is a huge plus. Leather seats are nice. Seats fold down to haul big cargo. Overall a good reliable car.

- Mike F

Acadia 2010 review, like vehicle.

Roomy with 3rd row that folds down. Has lots of features with XM radio, sunroof, heated seats, aux, dual air controls etc.. No major maintenance issues, just standard for age of car- new tires, new hose. Rides well and we travel a lot. Gas mileage is decent.

- Shelly S

GMC Acadia - love it - highly recommend.

Love my vehicle. The 3rd row is very roomy plus there is still storage space in the back with the 3rd row up. The seats are very comfortable. It has been a very reliable vehicle. Would consider buying a new one. Would like an updated navigation system.

- Karen M


My Acadia is so comfortable and drives so well. The only downfall of owning this vehicle is it's a gas hog. Other than that, I absolutely love this car. The room in it is unbelievable. I love the back up sensor and my grandbabies love the DVD player.

- Amy J

Ia GMC Acadia is reliable and great for a big family.

My vehicle has about 145,000 miles and it is still going strong. We have gone on many trips. It has never let us down. I only don't like the 3rd row seat belts. When buckles the seatbelt is always in lock position so the person can't move.

- Tracy T

If your driving down the highway and it starts wobbling, calm down It's ok just slow down a bit. Im no mechanic, but they tell me nothing is wrong with it. Don't leave the keys in it the doors lock by themselves sometimes.

My vehicle wobbles while driving down the road. I have put new shocks, struts, and tires on it. I had it aligned. Is still does it. I had it at the dealership and multiple mechanics and they tell me there's nothing wrong with it. Sucks!

- Josh R

Spacious as well as many luxurious features that come with the leather interior!

My 2010 GMC Acadia has been a very reliable vehicle. The only problem we have found is that it seems that it lugs when you try to accelerate. However, this has never been an issue as far as the car string us from point a, to point b.

- Justin L

My car still looks like it is new! I see a lot of GMC Acadias on the road , so I feel that others feel that their car holds its value and obviously their dependability!



That it has enough room to fit a full sized fridge in the back and two adults. Also repairs are very expensive.

Well recently my timing chain started to slip and it is over a 2,000 dollar repair so that's not really good. Other than that it drives well and is very spacious. A bit expensive when i bought it im still making payments.

- Justin R

It will break constantly and easily. Expensive breaks also!

I love the horsepower and the interior roominess. I hate that just about from the start it has given me so many problems and needs to be fixed. Struts, suspension, timing belt, disappointed in regards to this gmc.

- M M

The backup camera monitor is in the rear view mirror.

I love how it drives and how safe it feels. The SUV is very roomy with the 3rd row. I did have a problem with the power steering pump going out. I was told it is a pretty common problem with the Acadia.

- Rhonda G

If you want comfort, the GMC Acadia is probably not for you!

I really love the look of the outside. The problem is, I just don't think it is very comfortable. My suburban was way more comfortable and about the same gas mileage. Thought it would be better.

- Christine M

it's beautiful inside and out and comes with onstar

I like how it's tech savvy . I do not like how high it is without a side step. I like the mileage of gas. I love the Bose speakers. I do not like how the 3rd row seat back Windows do not open

- troy b

It is dependable, safe and makes mom life a lot more convenient when traveling.

I love all the added features and technology. I love the room. I love how easy it is to drive and park. I wish the middle seats were store and go seats so I could access the back row easier.

- Lisa W

It rides nice and very comfortable.

Love how it drives, and the space I have to fit my whole family in. I dislike that it has bucket seats in the back instead of a bench seat. At the time I did like the bucket seats.

- Natalie D

It is very spacious and reliable.

I love the space inside. The 3rd row seat is a must. The only thing I do not like is that the middle seat, only one side is a single fold so I can only put a car seat on one side.

- Amanda M

Great family car for everyday use.

Really good. It fits a lot of people. Just hate that speaker don't always work. I would buy a newer one if possible. They are really comfortable especially for families with kids.

- Roxy V

Nissan is a good quality car, dependable and reliable.

It is the right size for hauling my kids and stuff. It does not get the best gas mileage now that I live in a city. In the city, it is also a little big for quick maneuvering.

- Beth B

It has comfortable third row seating without being a bulky SUV

I love that I have comfortable third-row seating without having a huge vehicle. I love that the seats fold completely flat, but would love them to be stow-away instead.

- April R

That is has been a very reliable car and have only had one major repair regarding the air conditioner.

I think it is a very comfortable car and drives nicely. I like that the amount of storage space it gives us. I don't really have any complaints about the car.

- Kris C

It has way too many useless sensors.

I love the color, roominess, gas mileage. I do not like the design because it is hard to work on, like having to remove the bumper to change headlights.

- Michelle G

Rock the Acadia for a great suv

I honestly love my car. It handles very well in snow rain dirt mud and highway. Getting an average 19 mpg. Boost well for a full size 7 passenger suv

- Joshua F

It room and its drives very nice safe.

I like the room. I like the way it drives. I like how comfortable. The kids love it because they are not cramped up. It drives awesome. Nice radio.

- Ronald G

7 passenger vehicle that fits the whole family.

It rides good, comfortable interior, enough space for everyone. It has been reliable since I have gotten it. The fuel mileage is decent for a v6.

- Melissa S

Lots of room. Perfect for traveling.

I love my car! It is very comfortable and has room for all of your needs. It is great for traveling and there are many features in the Acadia's.

- Pam A

My Acadia has spacious room but is compact enough to not need a full size vehicle

I love the space and the full bench seat in the middle, the fabric seats I enjoy and the vehicle is reliable I have not had any major problems

- Malerie R

Runs great. Looks great. It is got more than I know what to do with.

I love everything about it except one thing: it does not have a sunroof or a moonroof. I want to put in so I will be adding the two very soon.

- Gloria S

I had a lot of small mechanical issues within the first few years.

I like the size and the look of the vehicle. I do not like all of the little things that have quit working which makes it annoying to drive.

- Bonnie A

Reliable vehicle for the whole family.

We love our Acadia it has great features, DVD player, heated seats, etc.. The only downfall is we have had to replace the brakes twice now.

- Heather F

Rated top 3 for safety and reliability in its class.

I like that It was rated in the top 3 for safety and reliability. It has a lot of room for a family. And this vehicle has a towing package.

- Tanya B

My Acadia is an amazing vehicle

I love the room in my car, it has a lot of room. The seats are very comfortable. And I have had it for 3yrs and so far no major problems.

- Angela G

It is an extremely reliable vehicle that has never given me a problem.

I love my vehicle and do not have any complaints. It never gives me any major problems, it drives beautiful and looks beautiful!

- Stacy C

It has plenty of space for a growing family

I love the spacing that the vehicle allows. It has excellent cargo space and provides for my family of 6. It also looks good!

- Candice b

One thing that is most important about my car is that it is a good and reliable car.

I like that it is a bigger vehicle for my family. I like the quality of the car. I like that it has a DVD player for my kid.

- Kelly H

It's roomy which is great for a family of 5, and it's comfortable and drives smooth

Steering wheel doesn't make sharp turns. Computer has had to get fixed a few times. Windows have gotten stuck several times.

- Paige C

It is a family car and get you where you need to go, near or far.

I love that I can fit with my whole family in it but I do not like that it is hard for mechanics to fix and order parts for.

- Amber M

GMC apparently had a history of the engines going out for no reason

I love the room it has for all my children and groceries but I have already had to replace the engine which concerns me alot

- Donna G

It has a nice ride, especially for a larger vehicle.

I love the acadia, it has plenty of space for having little kids and a dog traveling with us. It was a pretty smooth ride.


Air flow, space, GMC ACADIA 2010

Bluetooth capabilities could be better. Great "get up and go" Excellent cup holder space. Great airflow all around vehicle.

- Lynn M

It has great interior space and the seats are able to be folded flat for when you have to haul things.

It has the space inside to haul five kids and all their sports stuff, but still small enough to be easy to drive and park.

- Molly f

I love the two moon roofs.

No problems with it. Seems to work great for our family. We have kids and it is spacious. I would definitely recommend it.

- Kristy P

Great to have with kids in regards to size and function.

This car is a 7 seater and has bucket seats that fit my family's needs well. It is a reliable car with good safety rating.

- Sherry E

There is nothing important to say about it.

I like the 3 rows. It is a used vehicle which I do not like. It has a big cargo space for my strollers and the baby items.

- Victoria H

It drives like a Mercedes without the six-figure price tag.

I love the compact size but the ability to get my daughter in and out of her car seat easily. I love the smooth handling.

- Kelly S

The current most important thing to know is the outed headlight.

I like that it is big, but the seats are uncomfortable. I like that it looks attractive. I dislike the build quality.

- eddie T

All the safety features, like front and side airbags.

I like the roominess and features of the Acadia. But the gas mileage is not good. So I have to fill up quite often.

- Carol R

Difficult to change headlight bulb.

I hate how you change the headlight bulb s. Otherwise I enjoy the size and comfort. It is a bit if a gas guzzler.

- Susan K

It has a lot of mechanical issues.

I like the amount of room that it has. It is also very appealing. I hate that I have a lot of mechanical issues.

- Veronica F

Rides like a car and never breaks down.

No complaints. I just love the smooth riding SUV. It never breaks down. Just runs and runs, and I just love it.

- Edward T

Excellent vehicle for family

3rd row seating is helpful for large family with small children and teenagers. Electrical issues with windows.

- Christina C

It's a third row vehicle and so it fits 7 passengers.

I like that it has 3 rows. I also like the backup camera. It's very spacious. I don't like how it does on gas.

- bridget s

It's my everyday car. I use it for work, getting groceries, and appointments.

I like that's It's big enough for my family and It's all wheel drive. I do not like the gas mileage I get.

- Chelsea T

Dependable on all levels.

For some reason the window buttons stopped working. Overall it's a wonderful car. No major issues at all.

- Andrea S

Plenty of room for the whole family

I love that it able to seat 8 people comfortably and there is still have plenty of cargo space in back.

- Jacqueline W

That it is front wheel drive. Not all wheel drive needed for winter.

The only thing I do not like about my car is that it is front wheel drive instead of all wheel drive.

- Carol G

The most important thing about the car is the amount of room it provides for everyone in each seat.

I think it was a great purchase for my family. It has plenty of room and wasn't horrible on gas.

- Chris C

Great family vehicle with a lot of room to tow things along.

I love everything about it. It drives smooth, has a wonderful interior with many things to use.

- Roc V

It seats 7 people, but only 6 comfortably.

Like the space. Dislike the cup holders in the back. Like the way it drives and rides.

- Jackie u

BEST CAR FOR A FAMILY! Buy it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's great for cargo and safety but the gas mileage is not the greatest for commuting

- Mekela B

Do not buy, there are too many mechanical problems and it won't last beyond the car loan.

I love the shape and feel of my car, but we have a lot of mechanical problems.

- Suzi B

My car is a very spacious car that is fun to drive.

It's very spacious. It handles curves well. The gas mileage is good.

- Sab F




I like the speaker system as well as the cruise control. The gas/brake isn't super touchy but its not tough either so it's easy to handle. The only problems that i've had with it are the engine light popping on randomly for seemingly no reason which disables the remote start.

It gets me from point a to point b without any real holdbacks.

- Kristen A

Good mileage when traveling long distance

Needs work all the time Little things breaking that shouldn't

- Sarah H

It seats eight comfortably

Ride is noise. Ride is smooth. The car has a lot of room.

- Steven R

This is a nice family vehicle. Not too big, but still has third row seating.

Third row seating. Smooth ride. Not too big for an such.

- Mary A

It's very comfortable and practical

Enjoy the comfort and size. No complaints

- Mikaela W