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Is that GMC Acadia worth the money?

GMC Acadia Denali is front wheel drive, so it gets around terrible in the winter months. The vehicle is heavy so when wanting to stop when snowing outside, it takes a while. It also gets stuck in the snow easily. The comfort of the vehicle is very nice, there's plenty of room between the seats. Stereo system is average. The vehicle gets about 18 miles/gallon. At less than 100,000 miles, the air conditioner in the car stopped working. The lift gate will work in manual for auto. Some awesome features are built in GPS system, heated and cooled front seats, 110 plug in behind console. There is plenty of room in the Acadia to haul various types of items. One of the features that I've thought was handy is the rate of speed the vehicle was traveling was 28 min. The vehicle is a little too wide. I've had my Denali for almost 5 years and have received two recalls in the mail, both for the rear liftgate. There are other issues with Acadias though, one big issue is the air conditioning system. My air conditioner stopped working so I took it to a shop to be fixed. They told me they fixed it and sent it home with me but it wasn't fixed. When I took it back to the shop again, they estimated that they would charge me $2500 to get my air working again. I never did take it back in to have anything done with it. I would say overall, the Acadia has been a good car for my family, even though it has it's issues.

- Stephanie O

Excellent vehicle to purchase.

I have the 2011 GMC Acadia that has the 2nd row captain seats. I love this option over the bench seat. It also came with DVD player, push button lift gate and back up camera built in to the rear view mirror. All of these features are wonderful to have. The DVD player comes with headsets, as to not disturb other passengers, although ours need to be replaced. I have not purchased yet, but have found a set for about $70 online. The passenger has their own heating and cooling controls, which is a must for us. I am always hot and my husband is always cold. Rear passengers also have an option of listening to something completely separate from the front passengers, with their own controls, using headset or earbuds. They also have their own heating and cooling controls. Power heated seats are excellent! Bose stereo system has a clear, crisp sound. My Acadia has aftermarket remote start on it, which I wouldn't trade for anything. The seating is very spacious and comfortable. . . Even in the 3rd row! We did have to replace the shocks and get a new battery the week after buying. We installed both ourselves and was no problem at all.

- Ellen I

Easy seat folding, 2 sunroofs, one opens, auto start.

Perfect for traveling. Gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV. I purchased a lifetime warranty for my engine when I bought the vehicle. I had a piston blow and the timing chain broke. The warranty covered a new engine to repair my vehicle. I would say that as long as you keep up on maintenance and make sure that you purchase the lifetime warranty you should be ok. Also, my water pump went out last month. The warranty covered it as well. If you need space and a reliable vehicle this one is great, but check into your engine information first. The body changed but they didn't update the engine in 2011, so it has the same issues that the 2010 had.

- Maggie M

My opinion of the Acadia 2011.

I needed a bigger car because I gave birth to twins and 2 other daughters through my marriage. I like the way the Acadia looks on the outside and the way in looks on the inside. I like the back up the camera it helps me to pull out of a parking spot without hitting anything. I like that the back passenger seats have access to control their own air and heater. The one thing I do not like about the Acadia is it was really hard to find the battery it is located in the backseat flooring which is an odd place for the car battery. Also it was hard to find where the gas pump opener is its not on the inside it's on the outside.

- Jennifer E

Super reliable with loads of room

The Acadia is very roomy. I have 4 kids and am married, we do sports year round there is room for kids, equipment, snacks, and more!! It heats up fast in the winter and cools down great in the summer. Has plenty of spots for car seat hook ups. I feel constantly safe when driving this car. The only problem I have ever had is with the Ac and heating unit sometimes mixes up and will come out opposite (cold during winter and hot during summer); it usually corrects after a couple times. Easy to park, the small back up camera is great. Very reliable vehicle that can be used for just about anything.

- Danielle R

It's a nice size vehicle and has a very spacious back section when the third row is folded down.

It has a third row seating option that can be folded down for more storage in the back. It also has captain chairs in the middle for easy access to the back row. It has remote start and keyless entry that also opens and closes the liftgate to the back of the vehicle. My particular model came with a DVD player and wireless headphones. We have had some issues with the engine, probably due to it being an older vehicle and getting close to 100,000 miles. We've had to replace the timing chain and struts for the vehicle in the last year and will probably need to replace the tires very soon.

- Amanda C

smaller than a Sequoia and fits 8 people. Sliding seats for 3rd row

Great driving capacity seats 8! Perfect for my family great gas mileage. I needed a new vehicle due to my age of my last vehicle. It is so important to have a reliable vehicle since I always have my twins with me. My last vehicle mileage was turned back. I definitely had to make a choice of making a payment or dealing with vehicle issues on an older one. I also wanted to keep my payment below 200 to make sure it is allowable for my budget! The GMC vehicle and the entire sales personnel were amazing. Very informative, and really listened to my needs.

- Tiffany P

Family Friendly SUV, rugged and elegant.

It is a smooth ride and it looks classy yet rugged. Great storage and seats 7. However, we have had transmission issues, motor mount issues, and airbag issues after a recall. It is very comfortable, especially with the heated seats. Although it doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities, we love that we can connect our phones to the stereo system. We bought it brand new, have had it 7.5 years. We are starting to have some wear and tear issues. It has over 150k miles on it, but I still love it. I would hate to trade it in for anything else.

- Tera L

Reliable, family-oriented vehicle

I really enjoy my 2011 GMC Acadia Denali. It includes all of the additional features I have come accustomed to using including a sunroof, power seating, navigation system, and entertainment system. The only downside to this vehicle is the number of recalls I have had throughout the four years I have been driving it. I believe this is due to the older version of this vehicle and not necessarily due to the manufacturer or model of the vehicle. I would generally overall recommend this car to friends and family as a reliable, family-friendly vehicle.

- Ryan O

Summarize your vehicle or highlight an interesting an interesting detail.

It has body that is low; I wish it is higher off the ground. The door trim on the right side is being ripped. It doesn't run smoothly. I have driven it from TX to WA and it did just fine. The sunroofs are great, they just make noise when not properly closed; sometimes even when they are properly closed. I love the backup cameras. They are a great help. The vehicle can carry a maximum of 7 passengers that leave a good room at the back for carrying groceries, baggage or other materials. The back row seat folds down to create a bed.

- Benedict M

It is very large and comfortable to be in. It drives smooth.

I love our vehicle very much. We have had it for years now and it still runs great. We have had problems with our air conditioning not working very well. But it is a great family car. There is a lot of room for a large family and to haul stuff. It is very comfortable to travel in with a family. I love having a third row seat so I can easily have my niece and nephew come with us everywhere we go. This car has been very reliable in the winter. It has great traction and drives great in the snow and in bad weather conditions.

- Jodi S

The best family vehicle I have ever owned.

My favorite features are the spaciousness, leather seats and automatic liftgate. The second row seats can be moved forwards or backwards and the third row folds completely flat if needed. Even with the third row up I have a sufficient amount of storage room. The best features for a family are the DVD player for long road trips and automatic liftgate when your hands are full. I have owned my Acadia for 2 years and not had any significant problems or performance issues. It is very reliable and a smooth driver.

- Sarah H

Love the look and comfort of this vehicle!

I love the look and comfort of this vehicle. Keep in mind that we did buy this vehicle used but we have had several performance and mechanical issues with the vehicle. I did hear that 2011's were plagued with issues but not sure if that is accurate information. My other complaint would be the back end storage, which is pretty limited although you can flip a seat down to create more and that is really nice. I like that the vehicle is not too large as I do not want to feel like I am driving a huge vehicle.

- Dave B

2011 Acadia has pros and cons.

It drives well, very comfortable. I love having seating for 8, I love how the second and third row fold flat for cargo space. I have had issues with the brake system. But it is also kind of too much in the middle of the road performance wise to be 'excellent.' It is nice, but it is not powerful enough (and lacks 4wd) to be truly useful as a SUV. But it is large enough that the gas mileage is not great. I got it because I needed to haul a lot of kids to a lot of places, and it was great for that.

- Jennifer B

It is my grandma mobile. Plenty of room for everyone and everything.

Driver's seat is very comfortable. It provides a smooth ride. Needed very little maintenance. It is a luxury vehicle that can fit 7 people, four adults very comfortably. With the back seat down there is a large cargo area to haul things home. Towing package allows you to pull a boat or jet-ski or trailer. I like having the sunroof. The heated seats allow a quick warm up in the winter along with it the standard heating system. I like being able to sit up high and see the road clearly ahead.

- Diane Z

Very reliable and dependable with lots of room.

My vehicle has captains chairs in the middle which really made it easy using all of the space getting in and out of the vehicle with several tween/teen children which is why we bought it. The car has get up and go and is a very comfortable ride. It has been very reliable and dependable. The push button rear door is invaluable when grocery shopping which is what I probably utilize it for most often. It is very roomy yet still has the comfortable driving of a mid size suv at times.

- Heather S

Floats down the road with all the amenities.

We bought our Acadia a couple years back. It was love at first ride. She’s very comfortable and feels like you float down the road. I have a lead foot and before I know it I am doing 80s to 90s. Thank god the cruise control works. I am also an uber driver with its size I can carry large groups of people, which in return makes me more money. Lay all the seats down and it makes for a nice bed or carrying a lot of stuff. My next vehicle will also be a GMC Acadia not sure of the year yet!

- Carol E

Most reliable car I have owned! Has a third row and Bose speaker system!

The minor problems that I have experienced are mostly sensor related. Because this vehicle is full of sensors, those are most likely to go out. I have had trouble with the sensors in the tires and they are very expensive to replace! However, this vehicle had been the most reliable vehicle I have owned and I love it! We have a third row even though we do not have kids. We do have pups, though, so putting these seats down has given us the room to lug them everywhere!

- Jennifer B

Fun and comfortable car to drive around town and on long trips

The GMC Acadia Denali has a very eye catching exterior. I have a 2011 but it looks brand new. The heated and cooled front seats are wonderful. The leather interior is very sharp, and I love how comfortable the seats are. I've never had any trouble with this vehicle. Both front and rear air con works great. There is more cargo room in this vehicle than I had in a previous full size SUVs. It's so much fun to drive. We enjoy the dual sunroofs.

- Leanne H

Denali- the vehicle with more power but less money to invest in an automobile!

I own a 2011 GMC Acadia. I personally picked this particular vehicle based upon gas mileage, color and engine size. My Acadia has a navigation system, DVD player, every bell and whistle I could want in a vehicle. I get 33 miles per gallon of gasoline. The engine never leaves me wishing for more power. I adore the Denali package and I would gladly recommend them to anyone. And I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Acadia in the future.

- Dorothy B

It is a very reliable, family friendly car that is very spacious.

I absolutely love my car, so far in our 3 years of owning the pre-owned car we have had no problems. We have done general maintenance every year but again nothing major. We bought the car with the intention of adding to our family and we were not disappointed. It is comfortable for our family of 4 and is spacious and room for the extra things in life. We love our bucket seats and has been a breeze to keep clean and clutter free.

- Johanna P

The color of the car is a pearly white.

I like the color its a pearl white color. It's a four door vehicle with a sunroof top that opens up. It has speed but not a race car speed. There's no problem it's still runs great and it is reliable. The tires are good when I brought the car. Also the seats are comfortable it can actually get warm with a push of a button which is nice for cold weather. Its roomy not too big or small. I really enjoy this car.

- Sabrina W

Really enjoy on star. It makes any trip feel safer.

I bought the vehicle new and haven't really had any major problems with it. I have replaced the tires, windshield wipers, and several items were on the recall list the first couple of years that I owned it. I have enjoyed having on star which would alert me if the air pressure in the tires was too low or too high. It also lets me know when the oil is getting low and when I need to have it changed.

- Claudia H

This car has seats for 7 passengers great when going out with girlfriends.

I have had no real problems with my Acadia. I do regular oil changes, flush the radiator, tires, etc,, I keep it clean. It has a nice back seat for traveling with family or friends. Even with traveling there is still room for luggage. It is a sleek vehicle and I really like driving it. My main purpose when purchasing it, was a nice backseat for my best friend, this car exceeded my wishes.

- Kathy C

The backup assist is shown from the mirror.

I absolutely love my Denali it is fully loaded with 3rd row seating Bluetooth enabled very low mileage for an 2011 and it has a double sunroof and a great sound system driving performance is outstanding and very comfortable and roomy seating from front to back and it includes a tow package and back up assist I've only had it a short while therefore I don't have any complaints yet.


Our GMC Acadia offers a sleek look, smooth ride, and features that make sense

So far, I haven't had any mechanical issues with my vehicle. It is comfortable and roomy for our big family! I love that the 3rd row easily folds down to create more space when hauling stuff. The 3rd row is comfortable with plenty of legroom. Features like XM radio, navigation, and a power liftgate make our family vehicle super convenient and enjoyable to use for long road trips.

- Kylie S

Ole bertha, is the title. She is white and oh so pearly.

Bought car used and in great condition. I have had it for three years. Regular oil changes and wiper replacements. Have kept her I call her ole bertha. She has been a wonderful car. My son who is tall has enough room to stereochemistry out. My two grandchildren truly enjoy riding in it. They can choose to sit by the rear door. Or on the bench seat all the way in the back.

- Jane M

Great family car, use it for running 3 kids around to activities all day long!

Love the smooth way it drives! Very comfortable on longer drives. Very roomy for a family. Love the 3rd row seating and the fact that you can flip down part of the 3rd row when you need more space for hauling extra items. My only complaint is the gas mileage it gets. Not the best, but it is a bigger vehicle and I love that it is big, gets around in the snow great!!

- Angela M

There are cup holders everywhere. The second row of seats are just 2 seats.

The car was super good. It has 3 rows of seats, which allows for tons of space. It's also great for traveling. My car's year specifically has a defect. The check engine light is always on, when less than half filled on gas the car kicks and sputters a lot. If carrying luggage on top, of the load is too heavy, the car will shut itself down, as if you ran out of gas.

- Bekah C

It's just the perfect SUV for anyone. It can seat 7.

I love my GMC Acadia. It has a dvd player, and third row seating and leather seats. It has seat warmers. It is a beautiful SUV. It drives great and I have had no problems with it since I bought it. It drives smooth. It'll be awhile before I get another vehicle, and when that day comes I will probably be looking at another acadia. It's just the perfect vehicle.

- Marley O

Can't think of anything super important. It does have a lot of room but a smaller suv. However when unable to fold down the 3rd row it has very little trunk space.

I like the room in it. It drives good never had any major issues. I like the remote start, back up camera and sensors automatic lift gate. I like the air vents being in all 3 rows of seats. I wish it had Bluetooth radio and automatic air control when using remote start. Also with it had heated seats. Plan to upgrade it in a few months. Bought it in Jan 2014

- Heather R

Smooth ride and very roomy.

My vehicle is loaded with all the amenities. Heated seats, auto hatch door, DVD player, etc. The second and third row seats fold down and allows plenty of room for transporting things. It is a good size vehicle for taking a trip. It drives nice and has been a reliable vehicle for me. It is comfortable and roomy. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Denise W

I like the rear view camera.

I currently have not had problems, it is maintained very well I believe this has been a major benefit on how well my car is running. I have the Denali version and it has all the bells and whistles. I regret that it does not have the sensor in the side mirrors when it is okay for you to change lanes and detects when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

- Adrian A

It has lots of space (third row) and loads of features, including heated and cooled seats.

I hate the gas mileage! It was advertised to be much higher and we only get about 14 miles/gal. I love all the amenities, heated and cooled seats, memory position seats and mirrors... I don't like the console between the captain chairs. I wish it was easily removed so we could get to the third row when we have two car seats in the captain seats.

- Darcy K

This vehicle is a beast. It is a great family vehicle as it is spacious.

I love the spaciousness of the 2011 and older model Acadia. I also love how it looks, it is a very sporty trim and I get tons of compliments. The panoramic sunroof is a big plus and so is the automatic lift gate. It gets decent gas mileage for its size, however, I do wish it had the option of going to a 4 cyl like the newer models of Acadia.

- Chelsea S

There are so many things to love about my GMC Acadia!

I absolutely love my GMC Acadia! It features XM radio, navigation, and a built in DVD player. As a mom of three, these features really help me out when we go on trips out of town. It also has leather seats that heat in the winter and a remote start to warm it up. The storage in the back and folding 3rd row is very convenient for my family.

- Erin E

It rides smooth and comfortably. It is a family car and useful in many different situations. We have had no mechanical issues.

I love that my Acadia has the 3rd row seats, makes it easy for my whole family to fit comfortably. I also love that it has the split seats in the middle makes getting into the back seats much easier. I like that the seats all fold down also making it so that I can fit large objects in the back. The vehicle also drives very nice and smooth.

- Megan H

Minor complaints for an Arcadia.

It seems that parts on the vehicle tend to fail soon into this product life cycle. Parts must be replaced and maintenance is definitely a thing to prioritize even before the dilemmas arose early into second hand ownership. And as an FYI I would not recommend for anyone taller than 6'0 foot. Leg room can become an inconvenient problem.

- Anthony W

Comfortable and Reliability

Very reliable and very comfortable. I have never had any problems with it. It has a lot of room. We have the 3rd row seating which comes in very handy. Ours also has the DVD player in it which is a plus if you have children. I have 2 sunroofs which I find it keeps the vehicle kind of warm and takes it longer to cool in the summer.

- Windy M

2011 GMC Acadia honest opinion

Bought this vehicle a couple months ago after wanting one for quite a while. I love it. Smooth quiet ride, nice sound system and absolutely loaded. I love it. Only problem I have had is a low tire... basic maintenance. Love the air conditioning in the seats. DVD player is a little tricky getting started. Heads up display is awesome

- Angie W

Great vehicle for people with kids and pets

I love how much room there is in this car. It can fit up to 7 people but the whole back can be put down to make more room to haul things. I have had no major issues with the car. I love how it drives smoothly and it's affordable on gas. Having heated seats is a plus and I love how there are several hidden compartments for storage.

- Maria V

Good car if it is not a lemon.

I bought my car used and it had several problems that were hidden from me. A leak in the windshield caused the phone charger to stop working. The ac doesn't blow as hard as I think it should. The seats are much lower quality than other similar vehicles. For the price, though, it is a good car. Love the third row seat for my kids.

- Laura J

Fits my family of 6 comfortably!

I honestly love this vehicle. The biggest issue we have is the accessibility to certain parts on the vehicle when they go out. Also, we weren't aware that the transfer case was a separate unit from the transmission and requires it is oil to be changed regularly too. Gets decent gas mileage and it fits my family of 6 comfortably.

- Kristin S

It�s a great nice SUV but isn't the best and flashy thing

It's a nice running vehicle definitely not my dream car but nothing wrong with it sure is a nice car but just not my go to. It's nice has great air conditioning, nice leather seats, kind of big car though. Definitely new enough that it doesn't have any problems that are affecting too much but it's noticeable it's slowing down

- Ryan Z

The Acadia, sound and comfort abound.

The Acadia I own has black leather seats that are heated and through the six months of winter is more than a bonus. It also has Bose speakers that has incredible sound completely what I expected. . A moon roof and power everything. . With third row seating I have enough room for my kids friends or a week's worth of groceries.

- Julie S

My whole car is interesting.

My car has not had problems. Except the battery didn't want to stay charged and we got a new one and it wasn't staying charged. This car is great. We bought it as used with over 120, 000 miles on it. I really love how it displays the problems on the screen so I know when the tires are low or when the oil needs to be changed.

- Rebecca M

It has third row seating.

It is a small size SUV with third row seating and heated leather seats. It has been very reliable so far and it is convenient for when my kids have friends in the car. I live in the northern part of the u. S so winter is a big season for us. It performs well in the winter and I don't have to worry much about safety.

- Kelly B

Love this car, it's an salt and has every option.

Bought it pre owned. Has a problem with gears it feels like and maybe power steering fluid leak. We just got it two months ago but I am absolutely in love with this car. We have the salt so it has every option in it. Its my first nice car!! And so far everything seems fine except those 2 (hopefully) minor issues!

- Jessica R

It has a good amount of maintenance issues.

I like that it is leather and has some luxury options. I like the room in the trunk and that it fits my family of six. I dislike that it seems there is always a maintenance issue as it just doesn't seem very reliable. I also don't like that the value of the car has decreased far quicker than I would have thought.

- Aaron W

It's very roomy on the inside, plenty of room for people plus cargo. It's a great family vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle, we have 3 kids plus a baby on the way so we need a larger vehicle. It fits all of our family members plus has space in the back for luggage. It's great that it has so many air vents, keeps everyone in the cool/warm. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage isn't the best.

- meghan b

Reliable and Comfortable, some mechanical issues.

This vehicle has been very reliable. We didn't have issues with the headlights going out a lot and the AC having to be recharged every summer. Transfer case had to be completely replaced at 100,000 miles and power steering went out. Gas mileage is okay. Very comfortable for families with children and pets.

- Kaitlyn B

2011 Acadia owner 3 years

The interior design with the third row seating is ideal for my family! I do feel like it uses quite a bit more gas than any other vehicle I've previously owned. The floors are somewhat difficult to clean because of the exposed seat tracks. I like the vehicle okay, but I'm ready for something different.

- Rochelle B

Love my car, despite its issues!

Very comfortable for travel. Heated cloth seats and double sunroof. Love the automatic back hatch. Have had issues with shocks/struts/steering. The coils on all of my struts have broken off at the top and needed to be replaced. My front shock broke off at the top nearly losing my tire on the road.

- Melissa J

2011 GMC Acadia known for running hot engine blow.

Engine problems it is a well known issue for these models. Burns hot at all times, cooling and ac problems are on going problems that cost $1000’s to repair. High mileage due to it being a family vacation vehicle every year. Tires are also large for the vehicle and are very expensive to replace.

- Rita O

Good in snow. Lot of cargo space.

Very dependable. Four-wheel drive. Great in snow good cargo space in back with turn down seats body has been rust-free good-- I bought the extended warranty for the drive train and electric-- has payed off, some things have happened-I advice some to purchase this-- although I never did it before.

- George S

Do not buy!! Total lemon!

Has 48, 000 on it and it has ignoring squeaky noise when making any turns. Brakes also squeak and cannot be fixed. Was told this was common complaint from thousands of owners but no recall made. Would require replacing rack and piñon at owners cost!! Never again will I purchase a GMC product!

- Judy J

Acadia is an awesome vehicle

The Comfort is wonderful. It has So much room. I love the option to flip down the third row. This vehicle is Great for trips. We have had no problems with this vehicle. I Love the easy open back. When time to repurchase we will probably get another Acadia or a vehicle similar in style.

- Rhoda C

I Love my Acadia Denali 2011

I love the Acadia Denali. It fits both my young kids and their car seats with ease. The third row fills up and down with no problem at all. The leg room between the front seats and the middle row isn't great when you have the large car seats but gets better as the kids move out of those.

- Jen H

2011 GMC Acadia Denali- excellent vehicle!

I love my GMC Acadia Denali! It has all the features and technology I was looking for; big radio computer screen, heads up display, captains chairs that easily fold down to access the third row, and automatic lift gate! I have owned the car since march and have had no problems with it!

- Amy K

Great family vehicle for large families

My vehicle is the perfect fit for my family. It has 7 passenger capacity. Great storage capacity. Heated seats work great and come in handy for a Michigan winter. Great gas mileage. Enough leg room and space for all four of my children. Power windows and power seats are very convenient

- Trisha B

GMC Acadia Is a big SUV & is very spacious inside

Haven't had many issues with the car itself. The issue I had was the light bulb burning into the plastic casing and needing the whole area fixed. That was a big deal for no reason. But other than that I love the car and don't have many issue. I love how big it is inside that's a bonus.

- Jane T

Acadia is a very nice car.

I love the size off my Acadia I love the three rows of seats. I love the back hatch trunk that the third row seats could go down. I have had a few problems with things. My air conditioning went out my tires lose air a lot. My alternator went out. Overall I do really enjoy this vehicle.

- Kari W

Make calls and end calls with a push of a button on the steering wheel.

Very comfortable ride, bucket seats in the middle row, bench seat that seats 3 in third row. Reliable, plenty of legroom, luggage rack. Separate heating and cooling for both front and rear. Heated seats for driver and passenger side. Power rear hatch door, backup camera park assist.

- Magda V

Sharp looking mom ride, when you tired of a minivan look.

My vehicle is very reliable, I say that because my family uses it a lot for travel very comfortable with the third row. Has luxury features and its sharp looking style. Having a lot of problems with the AC unit. Never had these problems with any other car. That's very disappointing.

- Liza T

We love our GMC Acadia AWD.

I love my GMC Acadia. I have room for 6 passengers and tow a horse trailer with it. We are able to travel and haul lots of gear for myself, three kids and a dog. We love having heated leather seats, the Dolby stereo, double sunroofs and a roof rack. Lots of space for growing teens!

- Trish N

Lots of mechanical issues

I have had my ac ripped apart several times before the issues was fixed. I have had to replace the motor mounts twice and my heat only blows warm air in half the vents. I've dropped thousands of dollars into this vehicle. I do like the captain chairs that I have in the middle row.

- Ashley S

I wouldn't buy another one.

The blind spot is terrible, when you back up it is hard to see around the curves on the back, it has too many computer glitches, and the suspension is weak. It starts but takes a second to crank, the headlights are difficult, it is pretty comfortable. I would not buy another one.

- Andrea R

The car has Bluetooth features and the trunk is automatic.

This vehicle drives smoothly and is very spacious. It is decent on gas. Lately there has been a lot of wiring problems. The speakers on the left side quit working. Along with that none of the windows go up or down. Something happened with the wiring and I need a new switch board.

- Madeline H

My GMC is the best car ever!

Right now it doesn't start after filling gas so I am a little upset because is very embarrassing, right now I have plans to send it to a mechanic to get it fixed. Otherwise this car has served a lot of purpose and have no complaints. It really runs well and I have no complaints

- Stella O

Roomy and excellent seating and comfortable.

Roomy, comfortable and drives well. I wish I could change the gas mileage it gets, better on the highway when it comes to gas than in town. Vehicle features are great and tons of extras! Never any problems with motor or the vehicles performance! Will buy another in the future.

- Amber S

Spacious interior and beautiful all around car

Car is amazing besides the gas mileage. Besides that the SUV is amazing. Great in snow. Having 3 kids makes it easy for transportation. The interior is beautiful. Flip down TV for the back is a great feature for the kids. If possible I would like to upgrade to a brand new one.

- Mario S

Great SUV, take me wherever I want to go, love the room.

Love the room, drive very smooth, reliability is great, love the technology, do not give me any troubles, the only thing I really do not like about this vehicle is that it burns a lot of gas, it is great for long road trips, cause it is very roomy, there is lots of legroom,

- Ish P

Perfect family car with all the space, comfort and class you need.

Perfect size for my family. Never has had major issues, just your standard maintenance. It has been a reliable vehicle. A ton of 3rd row leg space in comparison to outer SUV’s. Really nice design. Captains chairs are a highlight of this car. Affordable for the most part.

- Dee H

Reliable Car. Spacious for having a 2 young children.

Have had car for over 3 years now, reliable car. Over 100,000 miles but minimal work has needed to be done. SATISFIED customer with GMC. Comfortable heated and A/C seats. The vents on the dash could be a little bigger and blow out air a little better but still does the job

- Matt M

GMC Acadia is a solid car that is reliable and fun to drive.

Driver's side lock button does not work. Had to have the oil pan gaskets replaced but the car was still under warranty. The blind spots are a little bigger than in out other car, Saturn vue. The Acadia drives and handles very nice. We are happy with the purchase overall.

- Sean M

My family loves our GMC Acadia!

I have never had any problems with the GMC Acadia. It is comfortable and has plenty of room for my family and their stuff. My kids love the captain's chairs and we find the third row seating is very convenient. I would recommend this car to all of my family and friends.

- Jennifer H

GMC Acadia 2011 model Denali.

An amazing car. Comfortable seats, fun to drive, the height is at a good level, looks beautiful and trendy and extremely spacious car. But, it is not very fuel efficient. The full tank ends up too soon. With this car, you really have to spend a lot of money on fuel.

- Maria Z

It is a good vehicle for us.

We really like our new to us car, and we got a pretty good deal on it. We just took it on a trip and it. Rides really good and gets pretty good gas mileage for being a larger vehicle. We had plenty of room for all our finds at all of the sales we found on our trip.

- Sadie T

Comfortable classy look; poor heating/cooling system.

Comfortable, reliable car. The only problem I have had is with the heating/cooling system of the cab of the car (not the engine). The back seat, which is a bench seat is uncomfortable with seat belts that lock up with any stress to them. Other than this, l love it.

- Donna D

My GMC Acadia seats eight!

My GMC Acadia has 3rd row seating which was a selling point for us since we have 5 kids. I love the way it handles and the features it has. It is very easy to put the seats down for groceries or even lumber! It gets decent gas mileage for its size. I love my car!

- Trisha S

Overall a good family car and plenty of room.

I have had issues with air conditioning and it terrible on gas. I also have had issues with brakes and when I put gas in it is stalls the first time you go to start it. I like the way it drives but something seems to go wrong every few months over the last year.

- Kelly M

Bare bones but an average car

The particular model we purchased does seem to have the bare bones. Issues with air conditioning several times. Lacks simple things like USB ports. Also, the car battery being located under the seat has been an issuer when it needed to be replaced of jumped.

- Kevin G

It's great for families, it's versatile with having the 3rd row able to go up or down, and the 3rd row is pretty comfortable.

I like the size of the car, having a 3rd row is nice and having captains chairs in the second row is convenient. I also love the backup camera in the mirror. The only things I dislike are the gas mileage is not the greatest, and I worry about the reliability.

- Megan S

My car has a lot of capacity either for passengers or for hauling things!

I like my Acadia because it is big enough for my entire family of 7. I also like that it can haul quite a bit especially when the back seat is folded down. The only thing I would like better is if it got better gas mileage, it receives an average gas mileage.

- Amber S

Family friendly and spacious SUV.

The GMC Acadia is a great car for families! It offers enough room to seat 7-8 people comfortably. It features plenty of storage, although the trunk space is on the smaller side. The fold down seats are great for tailgating, drive-ins, and hauling large items.

- April B

Luxury for less surrounded by safety.

Has a lot of electrical/ ac issues, but this is after five years. Drives heavily like a truck, but feels safe. Has a lot of luxury/ comfort features that I love such as heated and cooled seats, electric captains chairs in the middle and plenty of cargo space.

- Monica Y

Luxury feel without the accompanying price tag.

I love my 2011 Acadia purchased in 2015. A few minor issues with the rear liftgate hydraulic system failing and headlamp malfunctions. Great performance especially on long distance trips. The seats are very comfortable and the climate controls are reliable.

- Paul B

Love this car despite its warranty issues

Front end clunking drivetrain had to. Be replaced. I love the power the car has! Only interior drawback is the chrome trim as the sun glares Off it. The stereo does not have Bluetooth which is an inconvenience but an adapter helps. The navigation is great!

- Kari N

Great family car, nice layout and not to big or to small.

It did have a recall on the lift gate but other than that I've been driving it for years very reliable car. Love that it's big enough to fit my family and friends in. The dual sunroof is also a nice touch. I also like the display screen with music and GPS.

- Tia S

Love driving this great car!

This is by far the most favorite car I've owned! Very reliable. No problems with anything! Still drives well like the day I purchased! Seat are very comfortable and easy to put down to haul big items! The third row seating is a bonus and very comfortable!

- Lisa M

The good, the not so good, and the reason I will not buy one again.

Love the bucket seats, great for families with 2+ kids and a pet that travels along. Gas mileage is mediocre but older vehicle and bigger so you get what you pay for. Maintenance, e.G. Headlights, is ridiculously expensive and inconvenient to do yourself.

- Chandra B

Insurance is not as high as you may think.

I love that my vehicle has second row captain seats. It also has a lot of other great features; one touch hatch open, rear DVD player, rear air, separate heat/air controls for driver and passenger. It has tons of room and the color is luxurious. Love it.

- Ellen I

It is a very smooth, comfortable and quiet ride for an SUV.

I like the elevated seats that come with an SUV, the smooth ride and the three seats. I dislike the backing screen location and the fact the front passenger seat and post between front and back door block my view on the left side of the vehicle.

- Marledo E

Not much room with three young children.

With three children in car seats it is difficult to climb in and out of the third row. There also isn't much room for storage with three children in the vehicle. The shocks went out in the lift gate and have had traction issues.

- Nicole A

Very comfortable and lots of room and spacious!

I love my SUV! I have 4 sons to accommodate and it fits us well, we all fit comfortably with no problems! My husband is a mechanic on the side, so he fixes any small problems we've had on the vehicle! Although I am very satisfied!

- Marilyn S

Its big but gets the job done and for the most part is a reliable car.

It is huge to drive in a small city. I have had problems with the battery but other than that I really enjoy the car. I did not have this car brand new so I would not know what the performance or problems the previous owner had.

- Gordon G

3rd row allows your kids + friends!

Drives well, no complaints. Reliable. Have maintained routine maintenance but have had no other problems. Tight fit for adults in 3rd row seating but fantastic for hauling kids around. Large trunk area when 3rd. row folded down.

- Beth H

It has been a very reliable car. It drives well and has plenty of room!

I love the way my car drives. It has a lot of room. I love that I can haul large items, but still feels small in a parking lot. It has a lot of power, which I love! I haven't had any problems and I am almost at 100,000 miles.

- LeAnn M

Again this truck is great for highway driving you can fill up your tank and be good for at least 6-7 hrs

I've had my vehicle for about 2 yrs so far no problems it costs $45 to fill up which is great for me its a six cylinder and runs great on The highway.The inside is really spacious for me and my kids. The speakers are great.

- Jay F

The drive is smooth and quiet! The build is sturdy and I feel safe in this SUV!

I love our GMC Acadia Denali! It has all the extra features that make it easy to use and drive is peaceful/smooth! The only complaint is I will there was a little more space and the middle seats I wish were removable.

- Casey P

The heated seats are a bonus on really cold days to warm up quickly.

My favorite feature are the heated seats. It drives and rides great. The back seats all fold down for hauling items. Probably the biggest thing I dislike is that the 3rd row seat is made for kids or short adults.

- Amy O

The Acadia has been a very safe vehicle for my family.

My vehicle is an SUV that is large enough for my family of 5. It has a large cargo capacity and 2nd and 3rd row seats that fold down for larger items to fit. It has been very trustworthy vehicle for me for 5 years.

- Amanda C

Great fuel economy for a bigger vehicle.

Great vehicle for a family, or being the designated driver. It has a lot of great features. The heated seat are phenomenal and the back of the seats heat up as well which is great if you have back pain like myself.

- Jeremy D

It compares well with the other similar vehicles of It's type so if the price is good in comparison, I recommend it.

It provides a good comfortable ride with plenty of room and decent gas mileage. The biggest negative is the air conditioner has been repaired 3 times in the last 4 years and lost all the freon for different leaks.

- Greg F

Great Family Car with plenty of space

I have had a great experience with my GMC Acadia. There are a few problems that I have encountered that seem to coincide with what other Acadia owners have experienced. Overall the Acadia is good car for a family.

- Zack P

This car has plenty of room, and gets good gas mileage.

This car is great for my 4 children. They can all ride comfortably and get in and out easily. There is plenty of room in the trunk for everything I need. The seats fold down for extra space if needed.

- Ashley A

I feel like it's safe. The size of it makes me feel less like a little bug on the highway.

My vehicle is roomy, which makes it easy to load and unload and fit extra people comfortably. It sits up nicely off the ground, and the back up camera is so helpful to keep track of what's behind me.

- Ellie F

Love that it has 8 seats!

I love the sporty size of my Acadia and that it has the ability to hold our family of 8. But as our boys are becoming teenagers to men it is getting really cramped. The 3rd seat has minimal leg room.

- Salina N

Too many factory recalls. This is not a car to buy.

It seems that there is always some kind of recall. I'm actually not really a fan of my vehicle. I find things break really easily and I am not hard on my vehicles. I would not recommend this vehicle

- Ashley D

Very comfortable, lots of space, great family car.

I chose this vehicle because I wanted a third row and this provided a third row with decent foot space. I love the bucket seats in the back, I did not want a vehicle with a bench seat in the middle.

- Casandra F

The most important thing is this car is safe and great for families with children.

For the most part the Acadia is an amazing car! The backup camera in the mirror is helpful and simple. There are a couple blind spots, but that's my only complaint. It's perfect for a family!

- Kathryn P

The acadia is a very reliable vehicle and is a great family vehicle.

I like that It's a smooth ride and higher up the my last car. I like that our model seats upto 8 with the bench seats. The only thing i don't like is the amount of blind spot the vehicle has.

- Michael P

It is an SUV that handles and drives like a care, rather than a truck!

You feel like you are driving a car, with the luxuries of driving an SUV. Lots of space. Has electric lift, however, I have encountered problems with it suddenly closing/not staying open.

- Amy K

Entry level vehicle for large family.

Transmission issues around 115, 000 miles. Electrical issues around 85, 000 miles. Other than these issues it is a very comfortable car. Has enough storage for our large family as well!

- Rachel R

This SUV is great for families with kids with adequate space for car seats

Overall I really like my vehicle for it's space. We have had several issues with it from a mechanical and maintenance piece that we haven't had at the same mileage with other vehicles.

- Barbara G

The car is very roomy for passengers and cargo. It does not get good gas mileage and at times can be difficult to park. It is very comfortable and has a smooth ride.

This car has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. It has plenty of outlets for any device you need to plug in. This car does not have good gas mileage since it is a larger car.

- Don W

It is very comfortable on long trips.

I like the size, comfort, and layout of the car. I dislike that its difficult to do any minor repairs on my own (e. G. Changing headlights) due to the manufacturing layout.

- Kristin R

Its spacious. It does fairly well on gas. Nice interior.

I love all the space. It is dependable. Its reliable. I do not like that the light reflects on the chrome on vents and blinds me when driving. Could be better gas mileage

- Jamee A

My truck has never has let me down.

I like the 7 passenger seating and storage room. I do not like the air conditioner. It has never worked properly since I got it. It has even been repaired a few times.

- Sherry M

This is basically a gray court of hell other than a few minor problems

The one thing I can say I love about this car is that it has a lot of space in a third-row seat option the bad thing I dislike about this car is having AC problems

- Deon H

What I really like is that it is very comfortable and has a big space.

I have the GMC Acadia, it works great. I bought it 3 years ago and since then I have not had any problems with it. The space is great if you have a family of 4+.

- Esmeralda C

very economical and we get excellent gas mileage especially on a trip or high speed roads.

3 rows of seats, sunroof, trailer package and plenty of space to take the dog with us. Nice looking vehicle. love the running boards for easy access to seats.

- karen k

The GMC Acadia is a great family vehicle.

My Acadia is a great family vehicle. I have three children and regularly transport extra kids to and from events/activities. I use it to tow my horse trailer.

- Trish N

The most important thing to know is how much room it has inside.

I like that my vehicle has a third row seat. My vehicle feels very safe to drive. I do not like how easily some of the interior decorative pieces fall off.

- Lauren M

It drives good and I feel safe .

Love the size of my car. The gas mileage I get with my car is great. Downfall is that multiple things have gone wrong with my algae or have been recalled

- Robyn C

Great Family Car! Easy to use with car seats

AC problems only negative. Otherwise comfortable, large enough to hold our whole family plus dog! Drives well and maintenance issues have been minimal.

- Rebecca K

Smooth ride/ plenty of room for passengers.

7 passengers - plenty of room-keeping regular maintenance up. Keeps it in tip top shape-drives smoothly-lots if storage compartments, not bad on fuel.

- Stacey S

It has a lot of little problems.

I like it because it is a nice big size vehicle. What I don't like about it is that it takes a lot of gas. Also it has a lot of maintains problems.

- Angela L

That it is a long lasting car.

It is black.. The tire sensor does not work well because it is always showing front right tire is low.. Other than that I am pleased with my car..

- Patricia O

It drives great in the winter, great traction in the snow and ice

Very comfortable, drives great, no problems thus far. XM radio, navigation, all wheel drive, captain seats and third row. Amazing family vehicle.

- Tammy A

Seats 7 comfortable. Great family vehicle. All wheel drive.

Love the room like a van. Love the captain seats with walk through to back bench seat. Love the seats lay down. Very nice for my family of 6.

- Susan H

It has great space and has upgrades that are great for the kids

I have had this vehicle for years. I only recently started having problems with it due to the mileage. it is a very roomy and comfy vehicle

- Samantha K

It handles great in bad weather. It is extremely comfortable, and my kids love the temperature control in the back.

It is very spacious and can fit all of my kids and their friends. I love the rear camera for when I'm backing out. It makes me feel safe.

- Stacey K

GMC Acadia great suv to drive

Lots of comfort it has 3 seats..very reliable.. not so great at gas mileage runs good. Would drive it anywhere. I like the all wheel drive.

- Kim J

Reliable and comfortable feels safe due to size of vehicle

Very comfortable easy to maneuver lots of room for good sized adults.! Great for long trips haven't had any majors problem not bad on gas.

- Lynn J

The vehicle ever for the road

No problems absolute love the vehicle. Great on the highway including mileage is great. Irs not a gas guzzler unless you don't travel far

- Jessica G

GMC Acadia features that I love

Roomy. The all wheel drive is great for driving through snow. Heated seats are awesome. Has adjustable rear heat that the kids love.

- Angel D

It has third row seating and my children love the space.

I just bought it and I love it. It is very comfortable, rides smooth, has a Bose system and DVD player and excellent sound system.

- Erin H

It drives very smooth and it is very dependable.

I love all the space it has. I dislike the gas I feel like it wastes a lot of gas. And also love the color and how smooth it rides.

- Paula A

Big enough for at least 7 people to fit in it.

AC went out. Needs new tires. Always needs new headlights - wiring is bad in the headlights and have to go through the wheel well.

- Kari W

Many complaints on steering column but GMC declines to fix the problem.

Steering column squeaks when turning slowly. Very bad on fuel efficiency. In town driving averages around 13 miles per gallon.

- Judy J

They should know about the gaps in the floorboard.

I like the size & overall look of the vehicle. I do not like the gaps in the floorboards where the chairs slide back & forth.

- Carolyn S

Realistic review of GMC Acadia

Car seats 8, however acceleration is slow, idles loud, typical gas consumption for an SUV. Battery and transmission issues.

- Sarah C

It has Lots of room and gets great gas mileage for an suv

I love the room for grocery shopping and vacations. I love the captain's chairs and gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Ashley D

The Four Wheel Drive is excellent.

I like the color and strength of my car. I do not like the issues that it is having. Mechanical issues are the worst.

- Yvonne M

It has airbags everywhere.

I like the way it rides. I like all the room it sits 7 comfortably. I dislike that it had a recall for the lift gate.

- Rose L

The versatility it offers.

Dislike would be not having navigation system or Bluetooth built in. Like is the space it offers and how it handles.

- Jill R

Very spacious and roomy and comfortable inside. Great to travel in.

I like the ride comfort and space of the vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage. I have had several maintenance issues.

- Jon J

It's is very spacious. It is comfortable.

I like that it has 3rd row seats. It is all wheel drive. I wish it had heated seats and a entertainment feature.

- Krystal G

It has a easy to use navigation system in the car.

I love that it fits my whole family (6), it has a navigation, and a DVD player. I don't like the leather seats.

- Chenoa T

It is a great family car.anyone who has small children and need the extra space it is perfect.

I like that I can see how fast I'm driving in the windshield. I like the captain seats. It has plenty of space.

- Chelsie B

Can not tell if it is a lemon or a star?

At first it had a bunch of recalls. I also had steering column issues. Since then it runs well and is spacious

- Linda D

That it is sturdy. Has a great radio system.

Could use more pick up. Also harder to parallel park as it is wide and bulky. Uses lots of gas when driving.

- Aaron R

Missing the antenna, Earl Grey color, 6 seater, runs smoothly.

I do not wish to sell my vehicle, it is my first SUV and I do not wish to get rid of it for quite some time.

- Kaleb F

It is good for girls and the compartment is big.

Dislike - the many recalls when I first own the vehicle.... Like - it is a comfortable vehicle to drive.

- Amanda R

It rides good and gets good gas mileage.

We just bought this car and we are enjoying it very much. It has good gas mileage and rides really good.

- Louise T

Very dependable car that gets great gas mileage.

The car is roomy and stylish. It is good on gas. It runs good and has had a minimum amount of problems.

- Cheryl T

The transmission seems to be week in this model.

The vehicle has lots of room but the mileage is not very good. It is a nice looking vehicle though. . .

- Jerry H

It has heated seats and very spacious.

It comes with all the bells and whistles, very comfortable and spacious. My kids love it as well!!!!

- Brittany H

It's very roomy...if you have kids it's perfect for packing up and going to parks or beaches, or wherever your family enjoys going.

I love the space we have inside the vehicle. The ride is smooth. And I live the look of the vehicle.

- Brenda S

Smooth ride and has a great look

I love my vehicle. It is a very smooth ride and has a nice look to it. I would definitely recommend.

- Jared R

Great Family Vehicle! Can fit a ton of people or a ton of stuff but not both!

The size is great. Love the appearance. The car is a bit loud compared to other vehicles I have had.

- Lyndsey K

I feel it is safe and comfortable for 7.

It has heads up display and is not a minivan but includes a 3rd row and it is comfy even for adults.

- Holly M

It is a smooth ride and very good on gas. It travels well long distance

I love that it is good on gas. It is very roomy. It has a DVD player for my grandchildren to watch

- Dorene P

Others should know that the ride is smooth, the power is good and the extras are wonderful to have.

I love the way it rides, the sound system and the number of seats. I also like the conveniences.

- Cindy P

It runs good, it fits our whole family. Everything works.

My car is very roomy. It fits my whole family. The only down side of the car is gas mileage.

- Theresa B

It's reliable and always gets me where I want to go.

I like the smooth ride. I would like to get better gas mileage. I love the heated seats.

- Donna V

It has been a comfortable ride and very reliable to drive.

I love the room in my Acadia. It drives well. And, it is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Beth B

Has a great towing capacity.

Good size, gas mileage is a little lower than I would like. Looks good and drives well.

- Terry b

The gas mileage is not good, and it only holds 22 gallons.

They care rides very well. The vehicle is very easy to work on. The gas mileage sucks.

- Bradley S

Easy to drive. It is very comfortable It is not too big

It is easy to drive year round in all seasons. It is very comfortable to ride in.

- Daphne R

Third row seating is amazing when you have a kid

I love the third row seating. I love all the extra room. I hate the gas mileage.

- Natasha S

Our GMC Acadia is dependable, affordable and comfortable to travel in.

Comfy adjustable seats. Storage space. MPG. Great for road trips. Smooth ride.

- Donita P

I love the heated seats. They are great in the winter

Dislike gas mileage dislike rearview view. It's hard to back up due to view

- s p

I like that it has a third row and you can fit a lot of people in the vehicle. I dislike that it doesn't make sharp turns and that it takes a little bit to get up to speed

The third row in the vehicle is awesome but the car is not too big to drive

- Kristen B

I enjoy my Acadia. It has been a very good vehicle. I have had a few recalls on it, but the dealership took care of it. I have had a problem with the airbag light giving false readings.

It gives a nice smooth ride and I find that it handles the road very well.

- Shuntel J

Very comfortable room also has a lot of storage when traveling

I like that is a 8 passenger vehicle. Also like the size. Very nice ride

- Tim M

It is reliable and doesn't break down. It has decent gas mileage.

I like how it drives. I don't like the size. The seats are comfortable.

- Kati M

Awesome sound system, reliable, handles really well in the snow

Have had alternator issues. Love my sound system, sunroof & moonroof

- Laura G

It has heated seats, DVD players, captains seats, backup camera, sensors, third row seating!

It is a safe and reliable car. It handles great in the snow

- Melissa H

Drives smoothly. Handles well

Wish it was bigger. Drives smoothly. No real complaints

- Ali G

It is spacious and plenty of leg room

It is very spacious. It is a very smooth and quiet ride.

- Krystal S