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GMC Acadia- The ultimate family car!

This car has truly been wonderful for me and my family. It has plenty of room, the seats fold down to give you more trunk space when you don't need the extra row. We added a car carrier on top for even added storage for long trips. It is very comfortable, drives well, and feels very sturdy. I love the option for captain seats for the second row. It allows my oldest to get into the 3rd very easily, or a great space for our dog to sit between the seats! The captain seats fold down or slide up to accommodate getting into the back seat with ease. There is plenty of legroom in the second row and the seats are adjustable to allow more room in back row should you need it. My biggest complaint is, at least with the 2013 model, the headrests in the back seats do not slide up and down. It makes it extremely difficult for the tether strap for car seats and makes removing them a pain (which I do often!) my Acadia came with navigation system, backup camera, and Bluetooth. I love the ease of the blue tooth with buttons on the steering wheel as well as the option to pick up the call on the touch screen. My car comes with a sunroof and moonroof in first and second rows which allows for tons of light but both have darkening screens when it is too bright. Overall, this car has been great for me and I would buy another one in the future!

- Erin D

Basic mom-mobile- happy but will want more in the future.

I drive a 2013 GMC Acadia. I called it my mom mobile. I love that my vehicle has 3 rows of seats. I can comfortably put my two in children in car seats in the second row and still have the third row for extra seating. Or I can lay the third row down for extra room for groceries. It performs very well and uses less mpg than a full sized SUV. I do wish though that I wouldn't have gotten the basic model. The headrests do not move which is really a pain when moving car seats to clean. It takes forever and good bit of energy to pull the car seat buckle through a tiny hole between the head rest and top of the back part of the seat. I also wish I would have gotten the model with the automatic tailgate. I am a very short petite lady and that rear door is heavy and hard to reach. Sometimes I have to jump and use all my body weight to close it. If I were to buy another vehicle, I would definitely be interested the market for another Acadia. I would however get some with bells and whistles so I could be more comfortable and might go for a slightly larger model as well. My husband is tall and when he sits in the front seat, he pushes his seat all the way back so he has more leg room. But then my kids have no leg room in the he back seat.

- Melissa L

Enough space leftover after 3 car seats are installed in the car. Very roomy!

My Acadia is used as our primary vehicle in the house for transporting kids. We have 3 car seats in the car, 2 in the back and one in the middle row and I love that the two in the back still have plenty of legroom. My husband is 6'3' so he requires a lot of legroom and he can have ample room in the front and middle rows without being uncomfortable. My kids love the option of being able to control their own level of heat/air to the back rows. One negative is the limited trunk space when the back seat is up. With having two car seats in the back I can't lay the seats down when going grocery shopping and the trunk is very limited on space. It would be nice to have the trunk sunken down at least for a little more room. The car drives and handles excellent and we've had very few problems. We had to replace the a/c unit last year but otherwise mechanically it has been amazing and very reliable. I love the Bluetooth feature and hands free radio and Bluetooth options from the steering wheel.

- Kerri L

Pretty good family vehicle.

We bought this Acadia because the price was right. My sons were starting to be too big for a 4 door sedan. We needed more room for bigger boys and all of their sports equipment. I like the Acadia. It's comfortable. We drive it on vacation which is about 10 hours away. The Acadia can seat up to 7 people with 2 captains chairs and a bench in the 3rd row. I really like the Bose sound system. I wish it had a sunroof and wasn't black. The black interior and exterior is tough to keep clean. The back, trunk area is a nice size. The rear gate does open up pretty high. I almost have to jump to pull it down or press the button. The Acadia gets pretty good fuel mileage. It also just takes regular fuel, which is nice. My husband changes the oil himself. It was a bit tricky to get to at first but now he does fine.

- J K

Check the oil very frequently. When I first got the vehicle, I also ran it empty before the 3-4K mile oil change. Other users seems to be reporting the same thing.

I like the vehicle because of Its' massive size and can carry up to 7 passengers and is quite roomy for normal cargo--groceries, etc. It has one of the top safety ratings.The price of the vehicle compared to other comparable vehicles is quite reasonable. So far it has been reliable. A couple of things that the don't like about the vehicle is 1) it gets below average gas mileage--around 16 MPG 2) It's it's half the motor oil before the next oil service. So I have to refill about 2 qts. Other than that, I have no other complaints.

- Hov C

Perfect family vehicle, reliable, comfortable and love the space!

We love our Acadia, it has enough room for our family of 7 and is pretty comfortable, third row seat is perfect for kids a little tight for adults but sufficient in short trips. It has been reliable the only issue we have had is the automatic lift gate in the back was making a weird noise but was covered under the warranty thing and was easily fixed. Having the automatic lift gate is one of my favorite features and have 7 passengers(8) including the dog AND still having room in the back end for cargo is a must! Love it.

- Kat O

Great family car. I have room my kids and my dogs when we are traveling, as well as our luggage.

I like the heated and cooled seats. I really enjoy the in dash navigation and built in DVD player with the screen for my kiddos to watch on long car rides. I like my sunroof and how much space I have in the trunk area. I also like that the middle has captain's seats so that one can get to the back seat without folding a seat down. I don't like that my blind spot detection system keeps malfunctioning, I've had it repaired(thankfully under warranty) several times and it is acting up again.

- Alicia F

Highlights of my vehicles

I love my SUV. It is a 7 seater. I have 4 children and a husband. One in a car seat. This makes it easier to spread out the children and have plenty of room for groceries. I depend on my vehicles to get me everywhere me and my children need to go. Whether it's sports events or shopping at the mall. I know we can always fit everything. It runs south from each gear and is wonderful on gas. It is such a comfortable ride on long rides. It is just a wonderful vehicle. Worth every penny.

- Stephanie B

GMC Acadia Denali as a compromised alternative to an SUV.

I really like my vehicle. The soft leather seats, remote start, adjustable seats, and many other features make it look and feel luxurious. The three rows provide ample space for growing families or road trips with friends. The problems with this vehicle are the cross-way motor. This makes even a simple problem expensive and time consuming to fix. It also doesn't have as much leg room and cargo space as most people looking for SUVs and crossovers normally want.

- Krystal J

2013 GMC Acadia - couldn't ask for a more dependable vehicle.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It has been extremely reliable. It is comfortable and the features that it has have been very helpful. It performs just as it should. I just had to replace the battery after 5 years and I am still using the original tires which still have more than enough tread on them. This I "blame" on the dealership as they always rotate the tires every time I go in for an oil change. This is the best vehicle I have ever had.

- Betty B

Sleek look and roomy interior.

I enjoy the spacious back seat & comfortable 3rd row for my children. The passenger side has a lot of legroom and comfortable chair. My favorite part of the drivers side is the lumbar support on the swat & the height adjustment on seat. It drives very smooth and handles very well. The sleek body is what caught my attention when I first say this vehicle. Would definitely upgrade to a new one if I had the chance.

- Yvonne F

GMC Acadia is a great family small SUV.

I have a GMC sle1 it is a great car. It is wonderful in the snow and I love having the option of the 3rd. row. My Acadia is a seven seater car and I have a large dog and she fits great. There is a GMC dealer near me so having service done on the car is simple. I have the bottom of the line model but the car offers a lot of different options. I am only 5 feet tall and I have no problem reaching the pedals.

- Lori R

Overall a decent vehicle, just space issues that could've been designed better.

I like the comfort of the front row seating and the spaciousness of the back row when used as storage space. I dislike the tightness of the second and third rows when used as seating, especially the third row. There is not much leg room for older people, just kids. It gets worse when someone has to move the second row seat back some. I like the fact that I can get certain HD radio stations.

- Krystal W

Warning systems or idiot lights

I love my car. Has a lot of legroom and rear storage space. The monitors for oil filter life is very helpful. I also like the tire pressure warning system. I wish the seats in the back leaned back a bit more. The only work I have had done was the air-conditioning in the rear. The blower mother had to be replaced. I would purchase this vehicle again if opportunity presented itself.

- Trina W

Great, smooth ride! Perfect for my family of 4. I feel very safe in it.

Runs great. This is our 3rd Acadia, and will not be our last. I haven't had any issues. They just keep getting better. Perfect size for our family of 4. The only thing I would like to change is more cup holders in the 2nd row. . . Maybe behind the console. Also, when it rains sometimes it has a scent for a couple days. Not sure if the rain is not draining properly or not.

- Melanie R

2013 GMC Acadia- love our vehicle

I love my GMC Acadia. It has plenty of room for my family. It has leather seats, double sunroof, DVD player, and backup cameras. The seats are very comfortable. There are two downfalls to our vehicle. The lights have a daytime running light. Ours has a short and to replace it it's $1,000. The other is my DVD player skips brand new movies. I'm not sure how to fix that.

- Natasha G

The backup camera is amazing.

When I first got the vehicle it drove smooth and after a couple months I start having car troubles I do have to get the struts fix but I wouldn't trade it for the world. The interior I wish it was black instead of gray but I wish it wasn't leather seats because doing the summer it gets hot very fast plus it peels. I think GMC makes the best cars.

- Terry W

GMC Acadia 2013 reviews 4 stars

I bought my GMC Acadia new and have driven it as my primary vehicle since that time. It has over 120k miles on it and I have not had any issues or needed any other than routine maintenance. I honestly did not need a vehicle of that size but on the rare occasion that I do, the room is adequate. It is comfortable and drives well.

- Dawn F

Roomy, comfortable, and perfect for families.

I love my GMC Acadia. It is very roomy and comfortable. Larger than other SUVs, but not too large. The dual sunroofs are a nice touch. The seats are comfortable and roomy. I love the extra room of the seats. I do not feel cramped in. The electronics are perfect. Bluetooth is super reliable. Backup camera is super handy.

- Melissa H

It's literally the perfect cross between a family vehicle and business car. As a mom, the thought of a minivan was awful. My Acadia Denali fits 7 people, but looks very sharp and sophisticated.

I love everything about my vehicle. The Denali package is awesome. It's roomy and big, but not boxy and I love that. I love all the special features and gps is amazing to have. It's perfect for both my family AND my business. I love that it's all wheel drive as well. That was a MUST when I was purchasing the vehicle.

- Rac W

GMC Acadia has the best SUV.

Super reliable SUV. It is especially great for large for family. The captain's seats give us room to move around and the kids love the DVD player with the TV. For an SUV it is decently great with gas. Overall I would definitely recommend this to any family who is looking for a reliable great performing SUV.

- Anne R

Transmission goes out at low miles

2013 GMC Acadia is spacious, drives smooth and is a good looking vehicle. At around 85,000 miles the transmission needed to be rebuilt. GMC helped with the cost but we still paid quite a bit out of pocket. The mileage is too low for a transmission to go out. Hopefully we don't run into any more problems.

- Taj A

I answered it in the last paragraph.

If you have the 3 seat up you do not have much room for groceries, so we keep ours down. Our seat is hard to move to let anyone get in the 3 seat, other than this I love it. We have had no problems with the mother. It runs good and rides good. This is the 2nd GMC we have had and we are very pleased.

- Evelyn M

We love our 2013 GMC Acadia! It was a wonderful purchase from CarMax!

We have had issues with the power steering pump along with short lived oil changes also tire pressure & one of the heated seats broke. The interior parts on the bottom of the seats have broken off. Other than that, we really enjoy the vehicle. The interior size is extremely generous. It is reliable.

- Heather P

Very Big in the inside for families of 5+

Nothing the gas mileage is great. The space is great and I got 5 kids including my husband mind you my 3 boys are almost 6 feet tall. Overall I love it. Also the maintenance for it at shops is not expensive depending on your location. It runs great. But like I said it's a great family SUV.

- Mike D

It is a lighter weight car, it is easy to be driving over the speed limit and be unaware.

I like it's size. It is easy to drive and park. I like the fold down back seats. I need more room than the back has when I grocery shop. I dislike the lack of/location/design of the cup holders. We eat in the car a lot due to sports and it is tough to just have holders in the doors.

- Scarlett K

The luxury that comes with a GMC truck.

I love the fact that my truck has TV so my kids can watch while we on road trips. The different features I love is the remote starter for the cold weather, automatic lights and the smoothness of the car when I drive it. I also love that it has a built in navigation and reverse camera.

- Stacey J

Love the captain seats on my GMC Acadia.

I love my GMC Acadia I love that it has captain seats. With having 3 kids it makes it a lot easier to get my oldest son to the back of the car he can just walk right back there instead of having to take a baby car seat down to put the actual car seat down so he can squeeze back there.

- Cody F

There is plenty of room for a large family and their belongings!

My vehicle is a type of SUV crossover. It is not a huge SUV but it can still hold seven people and groceries or luggage. It is also good on gas. Even though it is not huge it still feels roomy on the inside. The only thing I don't like is how hard it is to change the light bulbs out.

- brandi h

Love the Acadians so much we have two

Plenty of room with the 3rd row that can be used for seating or laid down for storage. Nice and wide so that 3 car seats can fit across one row. Safe and reliable. Looks sharp, love the body style. Equipped with the latest technology features to help with hands free phone.

- Joni S

The Acadia is a very comfortable vehicle that is easy to drive and is a smooth ride.

I like that my vehicle has 3 row seating so that I can drive 6 passengers if needed. There is also good cargo space when you put the 3rd row down which is nice to transport my daughters softball gear to her tournaments. I don't like that the gas mileage is not great though.

- Nikki L

It is energy efficient and it charges the battery by braking.

I like that it has three rows, that the second row is captains seats and that the third row folds down for a large storage capacity. I also love the dual moon roofs. There is not much that I dislike about my vehicle, maybe gas mileage, but it is to be expected with an SUV.

- Marissa R

GMC Acadia makes for the best Mom Car!

Love the captain seats, seat warmers, drives smooth and parks easily! Leather holds up great. Captain seats make it easy for children and plenty of room in the trunk. Makes a wonderful family vehicle and is great on long trips as well. Would highly recommend the Acadia.

- Jessica B

A classy safe vehicle. With a name you can trust.

Its is. A safe and reliable vehicle for a family. A smooth ride. It has a lot of safety features that are nice. The GMC is a trusted name. It also has luxury. With heated seats, remote control start. It has leather seats, with woodgrain interior that is super classy.

- Jamie R

If you're looking for a vehicle, go with GMC. They hold true to their promise.

Honestly, I've bought this car used from a dealership and I haven't had a single problem as of yet except the seat belt. I took it in and the mechanic thinks something sticky got into the seatbelt and that's why it kept sticking. I haven't had any issues since then.

- Lex E

Technologically satisfied.

The transmission slips going into first gear. It eats pretty good amount of gas. There is not enough hatch space when you have the third row up. The tracks for the rear seats are crumb catchers and you cannot get them clean. Not very much leg room in the third row.

- Danielle K

Love!! Super reliable, comfortable, spacious.

The most comfortable car. Third row seating. didn't come with navigation standard, have to pay for maps. Has DVD player. Beautiful leather. Has sunroof and moonroof. Moon roof doesn't open. Super reliable. Large, spacious for small and large families or large dogs.

- Joanna S

A spacious family vehicle!

Very spacious, love the captain chairs in the middle! Access to the third row is easy with captain chairs in the second row. I have 120,000 miles and it still runs great! The only thing I wish it did have was heated mirrors, since I live in the colder weather.

- Alyssa J

Mostly pleased with the Acadia.

I wish the Acadia had more trunk space and legroom in the 3rd row. The seats could also be more comfortable. I am pleased with the fact that I can fit all 4 of my children in with car seats. When they were younger I could also fit a double stroller in the trunk.

- Ashley J

Very reliable. Smooth riding, grandkids love the DVD player.

My first problem was I needed a new wheel bearing after 2 years. Then my air conditioner needed to be replaced after two years. Other than that I love my car. I already have near 100, 00 miles on it and no major issues. I drive from TN to MI often and love it.

- Peggy R

Mini Suburban that drives amazingly

This car is a perfect car for those who are looking for a little more room but don't want a big suburban or suv. This car has 7 seats which is perfect. It feels a little like a mini suburban so if you like the feeling of a bigger car you will love this.

- Kali M

This vehicle has been super reliable and great for our family.

The steering column had to be replaced with less than 30,000 miles and the car still has a noise when turning. However, there has been minimal maintenance and upkeep over the years. Otherwise, the vehicle has been very reliable and great for our family.

- Helen H

Great Family Vehicle with many convenient options

This vehicle is fantastic for a family. We have captains chairs which allows easy access to the back row. Storage is a bit tight, but on the plus side the vehicle does fit in our single stall garage built in the 1960s whereas bigger suvs do not fit.

- Lisa C

The car is good even after 200k miles. I like that I have a third row and still have a pretty decent trunk size as well.

I like the fact that my vehicle is great on gas! I travel to and from work daily and I moderately have to fill up my gas tank. I also like that he maintenance issues are easy to spot and fixable. I heard that the GMC brand is great with mileage.

- Shantell W

The Acadia is a great family vehicle.

I have two children and any road trip involves a lot of luggage. My Acadia is great for carting kids and stuff around because it has lots of storage room. It also has an entertainment system that keeps the kids occupied on long road trips.

- Shannon D

It's really good on gas. When going out of town it doesn't need gas for a bit.

The vehicle I have is a Acadia it drivers smoothly and a lot of space for families and different compartments for everything you need. Hiding spaces for personally items. Gas is amazing only takes 30 dollars for a full tank.

- Jade M

It does better on gas than we had thought it would.

The car has had to have the transmission rebuild. Other than that only general maintenance and upkeep has had to be done. The car has been very reliable and comfortably fits out family of 4 with the kids friends as well

- Kristin C

Crazy amount of features!!! Heated seats, sunroof, backseat controls, navigation, leather all for an affordable price.

I absolutely love my GMC. For the price, you get so many add ons that would add tens of thousands onto another vehicle. It is comfortable to drive and knock on wood... I have yet to have any major issues with it.

- Ericia M

I would not recommend it to others because it is difficult to see traffic to the sides and the rear.

Our Acadia can handle snow and ice like no other car we have ever owned. Unfortunately, it also has large blind spots to the sides and the rear. It is the worst car we have ever owned with regard to visibility.

- Julian B

Many unforeseen issues for a car that we've maintained since new purchase.

We like the size. Works great with third row for families. We have had several issues with leaks, ac going out, plastic parts breaking easily. Gas mileage performance has reduced considerably since purchased.

- Heather P

It is roomy and stylish, the perfect large SUV.

I love the amount of room in the Acadia, even with all of the seats up there is still a nice amount of room. I also like the style of the car. It looks sleek and stylish. My only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Aristotle L

Reliable and when to do maintenance

Love is Comfortable, has a lots space for passages, Comfortable seats, big trunk, very Comfortable for family traveling.. Lots of space for luggage dogs and still have plenty of space for passages.

- Ro C

It is extremely dependable.

I love the fact that it is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. The maintenance costs are relatively low. It is a great size for what I need. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Dani B

I love the way it looks, but if you are expecting good gas mileage, you will be disappointed.

The gas mileage on the small SUV is really slow. We have had issues with the transmission, the tires wear too quickly, the AC keeps acting up and the steering wheel lacks steering input.

- Rebekah W

It carries a lot and looks good while you're doing it.

I love that it has three rows so I can carry my kids friends even with car seats. I also love that the seats fold down so I can carry groceries home. Plus I love that it isn't a minivan.

- Leslie F

It has a very comfortable ride and drives with the best of them

I like the aggressive styling of the front end/headlights and the look of the interior. I don't like the chrome door handles and the buttons for the radio, etc. are not actual buttons

- Ashley K

Breaks are a little touchy. The blinker is very loud.

I like the way it drives on the road. Has a great entertainment system. It is a very comfortable ride. The seats fold down making it very easy to haul things. Love the backup camera.

- Kathy H

Lots of space and comfort.

The GMC Acadia is a roomy, comfortable vehicle. Very stylish and great for traveling with extra people as there is plenty of legroom and storage space. Great for little ones also.

- Patty F

I don't believe the vehicle has any issues that someone should be alerted about.

It is in good shape, especially because it has high mileage. It is also very clean, rides smoothly and handles excellent. It gets good gas mileage especially when freeway driving.

- Kimberly G

It is been a great vehicle. I have not had any issues with it.

I love the size, and driving a bigger vehicle. I love the storage. I do not like the gas I spend on it. I also do not like that I cannot change the screen picture on my stereo.

- Stormy R

2013 GMC Acadia too much maintenance.

This vehicle continually has ignition problems. The headlights go out often and to change it you have to take a tire off, very inconvenient. It guzzles gas. It is too large.

- Jessie W

That the light colored seat fabric stains way too easy.

I love my vehicle, however, I am not crazy about the color of white. I wanted a black one. It was a joint decision :) Seats show water stains so I don't like this either.

- Tammy R

Big, luxurious family vehicle.

I love the look of both inside and out. I don't like the way the driver seat was made. I broke the plastic for the controls and it will probably not be easy or cheap to fix.

- jenny d

It's very spacious and has a lot of room to move around inside. The truck area could be designed better. And gas mileage could be better too.

I love the space it provides because I have three rows of seating. You don't feel crammed in even if the whole car is full. I don't like he gas mileage. Wish it was better.

- Jennifer H

Comfortable and reliable.

It is a quality vehicle, that is very reliable. I do not have any complaints. It looks good and drives better. I wouldn't change anything at all it is very comfortable.

- Collin B

i love my suv, it is ideal for every terrain

it is so very comfortable suv, it is great, i have no problem with it at all, i feel comfortable with the stereo, the aa, it is a great deal and a excellent brand

- Janson J

The car is a Denali version, so it has practically all the extra features.

I like all of the features that are available in the Denali version. I dislike the miles per gallon that my SUV gets on a daily basis. Overall it is a great car.

- Jeff G

I think people should just know that it's a comfortable care and it feels very safe to be in.

I like that my vehicle is large. It makes me feel safe. I also love the sound system in the vehicle. I don't really have any complaints about it to be honest.

- Janine H

The most important thing about a GMC Acadia is that there is a lot of room inside.

I like all of the room that it has. I like how easy it drives. The back up camera is nice to use. There is enough room for all 5 of us and our vacation items.

- Aubrye H

Gets fantastic gas mileage for not being a hybrid.

Has lots of room for both my family and all our gear. Is a very comfortable ride for long drives. Has a lot of luxurious features that make it nice to drive.

- Natalie R

There is plenty of room for a family of 5.

I own a 2013 gmc acadia. I love how it handles on the road and how quiet it is. It is top of the line for that year. All the bells and whistles. I love it.

- Shelley S

The best part of the vehicle is the buckets seats and DVD player.

I think it is a great family cars. Fits 7 passengers, roomy, good amount of storage for that type of SUV. We have had zero problems with it. Rides great.

- Caitlin S

Great big SUV but not necessarily reliable. The safety ratings are great though.

It's a very nice vehicle but sometimes it's not reliable. We've had two alternators go out and a couple other problems that make it somewhat unreliable.

- Steve B

It is perfect for families! Road trips with kids go much more smoothly when driving in our Acadia.

I love our Acadia! The third row gives my 3 boys plenty of space. The leather interior helps keep the stains away. It is comfortable for long drives.

- Rebecca S

The car is comfortable and great on mileage, and it is beautiful and roomy.

I love the gas mileage, comfort, and manageability. I also love the color that I was able to get. Witch was perfect pearl. It is just a wonderful. Car.

- Linda S

The car drives extremely smooth and taking long trips becomes super convenient and easy!

I love my vehicle. The DVD player and access to Sirius XM keeps both me and my kids easily entertained! And not to mention the vehicle rides so smooth!

- Lauren S

This car can seat up to 7 people.

This car is roomy and has more than enough room for my family. I like that the second row seat is bucket seats. I like that I get 22 mpg in the city.

- Larry S

For an SUV it gets relatively good gas mileage.

I love the space the Acadia provides, I also like how smooth the ride is. I dislike that it does not have a sunroof. Other than that I love it.

- Sasha W

GMC holds all you need, and is a joy to drive in

I like the room in the truck, and I like the ease of driving, I like the three rows of seats and I like the air conditioner, works really well

- Jennier W

The older models seem to have a bit more room on the interior than the newer models.

I LOVE it! The height is perfect, not too high, not too low. It is roomy inside without being too bulky or large. Gas mileage could be better.

- Fay M

It is a reliable vehicle that is roomy and seats 7.

I like that it is roomy and has the third row of seats. I do not like that you can not open your door from the inside when the door is locked.

- Cynthia F

Handles like a car but holds so much more

Love the size, whole family plus extra fits but doesn't feel too big. Handles very well on the road and I always feel comfortable driving it

- Julia G

Its reliable, and has lots of room.

I have all leather interior, all the bells and whistles including dual moon roofs. My kids love the third row so their friends can all fit!

- Nicole N

How luxurious it is and comfortable it is to drive in.

I really like how spacious it is and how comfortable it is to drive. I dislike how much and how difficult it is to replace the headlights.

- Cristina L

Great Family Vehicle with all the bells and whistles.

We absolutely love or Acadia. Plenty of room, we love the DVD player 3rd row seats, heated seats and passenger control of heating/cooling.

- Tertia C

My vehicle is one of my favorite cars to drive.

This car is perfect for my needs. Luckily I have never had any problems with it, It is a nice, reliable car, and I'm very happy with it.

- Morgan M

It is a nice ride and is roomy. It doesn't have all the " bells and whistles " but I don't need them.

It drives nice. I like the roominess of it. Seems to go thru snow pretty good for a front wheel vehicle. Nothing I dislike about it.

- Joy S

So much space! Great vehicle for families! Lots of cargo room!

I love the size of the vehicle. I can fit up to 7 passengers besides myself. The DVD player makes traveling less stressful for my kids!

- Sue J

It is a very reliable car.

I have had my vehicle for 5 years now and haven't had any problems. We travel a lot in this vehicle. Plenty of space and very reliable.

- Rachel B

It is very spacious and seats 6 people comfortably with plenty of cargo room in the back,

I love the size of my vehicle and the way it handles. I wish it had 4 wheel drive for the winter. Also, it gets very poor gas mileage.

- Patricia y

It is dependable and very comfortable. It appears to get good gas mileage.

I like that it has three seats. However, the third seat can be hard to get into which I don't like. I wish it had more trunk space.

- Holly C

The ride is very comfortable, we drove twice to Florida. The one problem is some road noise from the tires pending on the payment. We would buy another new model even with it being downsized

very reliable vehicle with the mileage we put on the vehicle, only replaced tires and will have brakes replaced in the next service

- John J

Environmentally friendly. Saves money on gas. Compact enough to fit in spaces.

It is not a luxury car and it does not have a v8 engine. It does have the third row seating however is not good with gas mileage.

- Pamela M

Good family vehicle, fits lots of kids and stuff. Pretty good gas mileage, especially highway. Only dislike is that occasionally it does a weird gear change thing around 2nd gear/25mph. Dealer hasn't been able to diagnose actual problem.

Great family car - this car handles well, gets good gas mileage for an SUV, has option for bucket seats, and just fits life well.

- Erin H

It has a lot of transmission problems.

Love the way it looks and the color on the outside.. Love the room and seating on the inside.. Hate the mechanical issues.

- Holly L

The GMC Acadia is a great car for a family and can carry a lot of cargo.

I love that I can carry a lot in my vehicle. I love that it can hold friends and family. I dislike its fuel efficiency.

- je j

It accommodates 7 very comfortably! Looks good too

purchased used, rear windshield wiper was broken, moisture in rear tail light....both easily fixed and under warranty

- Holly M

I have a great GMC car, and I would recommend it to others.

The car is incredibly reliable. Going on six years of ownership and have had no problems beyond replacing the brakes.

- Brandon S

Perfect family suv, with space and sleek appearance

This car is very Comfortable even in the third row seats.my car is reliable no major issues. This car is very safe.

- Amanda G

That It's mine and that they should buy one

I loved it, can't complained about it. It's ride smooth, gas efficient and has room for everything when we travel.

- Laura F

I feel like my vehicle is safe and reliable

I love my vehicle. I love 3 row seating, heated seats, remote start and sun roof/moon roof. It's new very reliable

- Brittany M

It is very spacious. There is room for car seats strollers and grocery shopping.

I like the space. I do not like the speakers. Not enough. Can't hear music very well in the back of the car

- Emily S

I love that it has so much room. Two sunroofs and DVD players installed.

It can fit 7 people comfortably. The seats go down which give you the ability to haul big size items.

- Amanda H

Its older but very dependable.

I love the way it looks and drives. I love that it is fully loaded and gets me to where I need to go.

- Jennifer S

Good vehicle to drive every day

Easy to get in and out. Very comfortable to get ride in. Good gas mileage. Had no problems so far.

- Wendy C

lots of room for all to ride in making it extremely comfortable

big, bold not overall high tech it's just perfect. 4 rows can transport 7 people our all 3 dogs

- Renee M

Durable, not as pricey as other suvs or vans. Better gas mileage too

Plenty of room, decent gas mileage. I have never had any engine trouble. Has nice accessories.

- Mandy M

Comfortable ride, great back up camera, decent gas mileage

Love the backup camera, handling, ride, rear climate control and 3rd row seats. No complaints

- Renee S

It is very spacious. We love all the seating and storage.

I love how spacious it is. I love all the seating. I wish we would've gotten fully loaded.

- Veronica W

Very safe vehicle due to profile.

Very comfortable ride.Good visibility. Body is too long and it isn't great in snow.

- marion N

I really like that my GMC Acadia is very Family friendly

I like the space and the features but I don't care for the way the console is set up

- Christi B

great gas mileage and gets me anywhere I need to go!!

great gas mileage, comfortable, luxury for me and drives great everywhere I go!!

- Kristy M

It's very easy to drive. It feels like it drives itself.

It's very easy to drive. It has enough power to haul a boat. It's comfortable.

- Lisa M

I really like the way the car holds the road in the mountain curves.

I like that you sit high. Looks good. Wish it was all wheel drive.

- frances p

The car has many features but the room it offers is the best, along with the DVD player for the grandkids

Love the room it has The navigation system love the backup camera

- Donna S

It isn't the best car has so many issues and recalls

Lot of recalls Lot of problems Lemon Breaks all the time

- Tara K

It has great style and many bells and whistles that make it modern

It is getting old. I have had to replace the transmission.

- Brad S

The only problem I've ever had with it is the gas pedal stopped working right a couple of years ago and I had to have it replaced. It cost about $400. Otherwise I am super happy with the vehicle. I love the side detection sensors and the heads up display. My kids love the DVD player and they like to watch movies while we are traveling. We have been in one accident in the car, and it did extremely well. No one got hurt and repairs were not too bad, but the main thing is that the car is very safe.

Has the best advanced technology and safety features

- Julianna Y