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The back up camera is very helpful! Good reliable vehicle.

I have had several issues with my steering column. I have replaced it 3 times, other than that I have had no other mechanical problems. I have captain seats and they are easy to maneuver up and down. I love the backup camera. Also, the hatch that automatically lifts is very convenient. It is very spacious in the rear with lots of room for storage and still able to seat 7 comfortably. If you have a larger item you need to pick up you can fold all of the seats down to allow for that. The gas mileage is not the best but it is pretty standard for SUV of this size. Overall it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Ashley M

Its dependable and its big and safe.

The rear view backup camera.. The infotainment system.. The sensors the say about tire pressure, fuel level.. How it performs. It does great in snowy and icy conditions. The cruise control shuts down during unsafe traction conditions. It looks cool. It is comfortable. It is reliable.... What we do not like.. The radio Bluetooth connectivity could be better.. They could add more charging ports in the rear and middle passenger areas. Add a tire air compressor utility for airing up items at the beach and tires if the need comes..

- Christopher W

Superb vehicle, with every feature I ever wanted.

No problems so far. Car runs well. Roomy. Is a little hard on gas running in the city, but it is well worth it. It is a Denali, so it has a lot of features. Heated and cooled leather seats, heated mirrors and steering wheel. Remote start. Grandson loves the DVD player. Backup camera, blind spot indicators on the mirrors. If fact I wrecked my first one and the airbags deployed. I was not hurt, my car was totaled and I was devastated. My husband drove me two and a half hours to find me one exactly like the one I had.

- Elaine A

Lots of room for people, pets and cargo. Very comfortable for traveling.

The large cargo space, especially with the third row seat folded down is perfect for me when on buying trips for my business. The second row seat is bench style which is perfect for my golden retriever to ride in stretched out comfort. I love the cloth seats. The liftgate is awesome especially because I can open it from a distance with my key so when carrying large items to stow, I can open it with ease without having to put my items on the ground first.

- Nancy M

Acadia: perfect for families!

Love the size for our family of four! The kids love the moon roof in the back at night, and the entertainment system is perfect for long trips. The screen is good quality and a pretty decent size even if you are in third row. We have the bucket seats in the second row which are awesome because they recline. The row is great for getting into the third row. Decent size in second row for our 6 foot plus friends! Runs smooth!

- Abbie H

GMC Acadia: the not-van passenger vehicle.

I really love most aspects of my Acadia. I wanted something that would fit a growing family, so I was looking for something that had more seating capacity. While the Acadia fits more people than a standard car, it definitely feels cramped, unlike a van which definitely has a roomier internal layout that makes it easier when you are carrying multiple kids. The Acadias back seat is not ideal with multiple car seats.

- Kylie J

The vehicle has good gas mileage is dependable and has plenty of room for a large family

I absolutely love my Acadia. I've had it for about a year now I originally got it because we needed more room. The car can seat 7 so it's very roomy for the five of us. The back seat can fold down to make plenty of room for hauling items. The vehicle gets good gas mileage has been very reliable and still looks good. My vehicle is an SLT and it has all the bells and whistles you could want.

- Danielle G

it's super comfortable and easy to drive.

It's large and roomy so it will hold all the luggage when we go on vacation. It will seat 7 so when my son or my daughter come over all of us will fit in one vehicle. The navigation system is wonderful. We did not initially want it but it was in the car we bought and now we couldn't live without it. It also give you more than enough information about the performance of the car.

- John M

Great amount of legroom and storage space.

My 2015 sle GMC Acadia has been a wonderful vehicle for our growing family. It features a third row seating for more children we hope to have, and in the meantime, the seats fold down for a great amount of trunk space. There is plenty of legroom also for my 6 foot 4 inch tall husband. It runs great and the AWD train is great for our South Dakota winters!

- Laura B

Perfect sized vehicle for growing families.

The acadia is the perfect sized family vehicle. I have had some issues with it but was grateful for the warranty when those issues happened. Other than that, I would buy another in the future. The size and center aisle are rare for an SUV of this size. A perfect fit for a family and plenty of legroom in every seat. Perfect for my growing teenagers.

- Tara D

Good vehicle but minor problems.

I have not had any problems with it mechanically except for a few glitches with the radio and Bluetooth. When I first bought the car I had a hard time with the passenger window so they had to replace the button for that. I also don't find the headrest to be very comfortable. I love that it has the captain seats so it is easy to climb to the back.

- Caitlin F

I have 3 kids so the video system in the back is awesome.

My vehicle is awesome. It has a backup camera. Airbags everywhere you look. The back seat has video players. It drives really easy and it tells you when you need to change oil and different things. It drives smooth and is not that bad on gas. People should really buy this car. I am seeing it is becoming a lot more popular since I bought it.

- Emily F

Backup camera. GPS. Sirius radio. No hands phone feature. A lot of room inside.

Our vehicle was purchased in 2015. The performance is outstanding. My Acadia is great on long trips, great on fuel, roomy, love the backup camera, I like to use the locator when driving to an unknown address. The only mechanical was a GMC recall which was minor. Otherwise changing the oil and rotating the tires, no other issues.

- Mary O

Perfect family SUV for family of six.

I have a family of six. So the GMC Acadia fits us all very well and comfortably. It has tan leather interior which was important. The seat warmer is my favorite part of the car especially during the winter months. Smooth ride but very stiff. I also love the back up camera and it beeps when something is near that you may not see.

- Pebbles S

Pleased with our purchase.

We bought this car because we wanted a third row since we're having a third kid. We will have three kids in car seats and our sedan was not big enough for the car seats. We love the car. It is big but not overly so. It is a v6 which was a must for us as we do quite a bit of highway driving to get to and from work.

- Rachel F

It fits lots of people and is kinda big but is not hard to park like a truck or van.

I love that I can fit my kids and all of their friends in the car comfortably. When I need to I can make space to carry extra equipment for their different sporting events. I also like to the smooth drive and that we can all have our different electronics running at the same time without interrupting each other.

- Jami M

GMC Acadia - a great family car.

Overall this car has been very reliable except several ac problems including a condenser that had to be totally replaced at the 3 year mark (over $1000 in repair costs) the performance is overall very good, the car does great on the highway and we live in a New England so it has also been very good in the snow.

- Kristen O

GMC Acadia has something for everyone.

I really love this car. It is roomy and comfortable which makes traveling easy. The kids love the entertainment system. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but you expect that with a car this size. Space in the back is pretty small when you have the 3rd row down. Overall, we have been very pleased with this car.

- Courtney R

One of the best SUV's on the market.

The Acadia is the best SUV if you are looking to sit 8 passengers. The back row seat has plenty of legroom for 3 people unlike some SUVs out there. It also has a/c for the back making everyone comfortable it can be adjusted from the middle row. Overall, this SUV is spacious and comfortable to travel in.

- Jasmine B

Cargo space all wheel drive panoramic sunroof DVD player.

None presently just regular maintenance. So far only have replace the battery, tires & transmission flush, and regular oil changes. This is one of the best SUVs ever made and has more useful features for families than 4x4. Range rover doesn't even have the feature of text messaging or reclining seats.

- Bakari S

People should know about the timing chains issues.

All vehicles have problems. The Acadia is known for timing chains issues. Right now we think my torque converter is slipping. It's very roomy with a third row. I love my leather seats, which are heated and cooled. I have a heads up display which I also love. Even with my problems I recommend the car.

- Jodie H

GMC Acadia from a mom's view.

This car has been wonderful but as a mom, it definitely doesn't get the gas mileage I was hoping for. The leather seats are great for wiping down messes quickly too. The road noise seems louder now than when I first bought the car so I don't know if that's a sound barrier breaking down type of thing.

- Natasha C

Great mid-size family SUV. . . 2015 GMC Acadia.

I have not had any performance and mechanical issues with my vehicle. It has been very reliable and is a great family vehicle. This is a mid size SUV that provides for 6 people sitting comfortably. I do not feel it is quite worth as much as it cost but it is a dependable vehicle for my family.

- Pamela L

The GMC Acadia downfall in short.

The middle seats do not lift makes cleaning tough for family with kids. Not enough amenities. Great for family of four or more. There is not enough truck space when third row is up. The radio system does not have GPS installed. Text responses are limited. I. Do not have too many complaints.

- Sara H

Reasons I like my Acadia.

I do not have any problems with my Acadia, it is very reliable, love the leather and detail features. Has very nice features and the ease of driving. Like the lane departure feature. The navigation system is easy to use and is convenient to use. I cannot really think of anything else.

- Roscoe E

Review of 2015 GMC Acadia.

I love the space in this car, especially in the third row. Very comfortable for our family if 6. Drives great, never had any problems with the car itself. The only issue I have had is with the radio messing up occasionally. Usually that will fix itself if I turn it off and back on.

- Kristen H

More room than I expected.

I like the capacity of my vehicle. I like how much space I have in the cargo area. It is pepe for a v6 engine. The all wheel drive comes in handy during poor weather. I am surprised how roomy the seating is. It rides very well more like a car. Plenty of storage compartments.

- Greg G

Clicking sound front drivers side.

Clicking noise that we cannot figure out what is wrong. Have tried replacing several parts with no solution. Very aggravating! Hundreds of dollars spent with no solution. One last part needs to be replaced. Hopefully will solve the issue. apparently it is no a safety issue.

- Kristen D

It's easy to drive and very maneuverable for someone less that 5'2"!

We purchased our 2015 GMC Acadia in April of 2017, and I LOVE everything about it! I have no regrets or complaints about the vehicle, and I use it almost every day. My husband and I are both retired. He has a GMC pick-up, so the Acadia was purchased basically for my us.

- Rebecca S

Very big and nice car but low gas mileage.

This car has plenty of room. You can put down the back seats to make the trunk bigger. It sits up high and is a pretty big car. It drives smoothly and everything works right. The only thing wrong with this car is that it takes a lot of gas. You have to fill it up a lot.

- Hayley F

Great gas and easy to drive and park. Lots of good features.

Sometimes it is a little small for travel. Everyday is good with kids and gets good gas for size of SUV. I have never had any major problems but I do get regular oil change and keep a check on my tires and fluids. I would recommend to any family or single with friends.

- Melissa P

GMC Acadia all the way! Woohoo!

It is a gas guzzler! Other than that I love it. 3rd row seating and very roomy. Lots of safety features too! Lane warnings and impact warnings. Lots of nice colors and leather seating really helps. Storage areas and lots of airbags. Perfect for a family with children.

- Aubrey N

Roomy enough for 2 teenage kids.

Lots of rooms, two teenage kids, one 5 foot 7 and another 6 foot one inch. Plenty of legroom for each. Also plenty of room in third seat for a car seat when I have my niece with me. Only fall back is with my husband. He does not think that it has enough pick up speed.

- L W

Reliable and comfort all in one.

Have not had any problems as of yet. Very reliable vehicle. Heated seats are amazing. Interior room is comfortable for a family of 6 with 2 car seats. Love the heated seats, sunroof and moonroof. Has backup camera feature. The drive is smooth. Pickup speed is great.

- Tiffany T

Lots of truck room and storage.

None so far but I have only had it 8 months. It is very comfortable and has plenty of storage room for family road trips. It is a little expensive for a car but it does get me too and from work. It gets good gas mileage on the highway but not so good in the city.

- Crystal S

Two sunroofs, tinted windows and chrome running boards.

Heated seats, heated steering wheel, front wheel drive, running boards, comfortable, smooth drive, white, leather, black interior, automatic trunk, tinted windows, chrome wheels, seats eight people, bench in the middle row, two sunroofs, car phone chargers.

- Angie J

My favorite SUV is the GMC Acadia.

The GMC Acadia is very comfortable and quiet on the highway it is economical to operate. The Acadia is stylish, has lots of space for people and cargo, is easy to drive and has great visibility all around. The Acadia's style is better than most other SUVs.

- Fred B

Third row seating and bucket seats in the middle. Any issues covered by warranty.

I love the third row seating. The bucket seats in the middle work perfect for families. Very comfortable with dual temperature. Any issues have been covered by warranty. Very reliable, never been left stranded. Drives smoothly. Great on gas consumption.

- Juana S

The most important thing about my Acadia is that it allows me to transport my family safely.

I really like the extra seating when I have the third row up. Additionally, I like that there is plenty of room for storage when I choose to have the third row folded down. The only thing I wish that could be improved is the gas mileage while in town.

- Sarah C

Good safety ratings, Lots of cup holders, drives really easy and seats lots of people.

I like that it has 8 seatbelts. We have a family of 7. I like some of the storage and lots of cup holders, It has good safety ratings and drives easy. I don't like that it doesn't have much cargo space when all three rows are used. Or space for dogs.

- Lin P

It is easy to drive for a large vehicle.

It is very comfortable on long trips. The seats do not wear you out as they do in some cars. Cannot beat the satellite radio. The only issues that I have are that the front tires wear out faster than normal and it is hard to park in some situations.

- Tracy S

Comfort - My GMC Acadia drives like a dream and is a great ride for any passengers.

I have always driven small sedans, I like the feel of the larger SUV. The AWD is a comfort in the winter. Heated leather seats, NAV system, back up camera, just overall comfort. Only negative... gas mileage is not as good as previous vehicles.

- Jan G

The AWD is perfect When driving in snowy conditions.

I love how it handles in the snow. I love sitting up higher than a regular car, I feel safer when I drive it. It is my second Acadia and would buy another in a heartbeat. I do dislike the gas mileage and wish the price was lower for a new one.

- Sandy P

Comfortable and reliable. Smooth ride.

I like the space and 3rd row availability. I do not like that the "2nd" row or backseat must be pulled down to allow access into the optional 3rd row. Would prefer "captain" seats where there is a space in the middle to get back to 3rd row.

- Kelly M

GMC Acadia-The car that drives you places

Has been a reliable vehicle since I've had it. No issues. We travel a lot and it has been all over the country, 74,000 miles in the three years I've had it and has never needed any major repairs. Would buy again when I need a new vehicle.

- Stacey W

Electronics not as reliable as hoped. GMC customer service takes forever.

I like the look of my car. I like that it seats my small family of 4 comfortably. The two tone leather and carpet is nice. I don't like that my remote start does not work consistently and I'm afraid it will not last as long as I hoped.

- Lindsey M

It seats seven comfortably.

I like that this SUV seats 7. It is easy to move around in and easy to buckle grandkids in to car seats. I like that the back door is automatic. I like the leather interior and heated seats. I dislike all the blind spots I have.

- Babs F

It can hold a bunch of stuff to haul and rides great!

I love my 2015 GMC Acadia. I help run a food pantry so I am always loading and unloading huge amounts of food. This car can haul a lot! It rides very smooth and has a lot of features. It is the best car we have had so far.

- Kris I

Spacious vehicle with plenty of features without an excessive price.

Plenty of room for everyone and everything we need from short trips to long. Seats in 3rd row are easy to fold down but first need to move 2nd row up then back again. Entertainment package is worth the extra money.

- Kerrin M

Great SUV but uses too much gas.

Vehicle drives well and has a good amount of space for an SUV. Issues I have is that it takes a lot of gas and uses it quickly. Also the radio antenna was placed the top drags across my garage door, which is a pain.

- Josh G

Is had been very a very reliable car and I've had no mechanical issues with it

I've had no issues with my Acadia. I like the third seat in the back. It's comfortable and I feel safe in it. The back up camera has spoiled me- it's a must for any car! I like the sunroof and Bluetooth capability.

- Terri M

The Acadia has Luxury Comfort for all body sizes.

The ride is smooth and has very comfortable seats that allow many different positions. It is great for traveling short or long trips as it is very roomy! I love the back up camera and GPS Navigational directions.

- Debra R

This car maximizes the use of a small space. You can fit a lot of people and stuff into a midsize SUV!

I love the features of my car and the seating capacity, I wish it was just a little bit bigger. Love the built in DVD player, navigation, backup camerA, heated and cooled seats, USB ports, and black interior.

- Lauren M

Theses cars are amazing people should def buy one of these.

I love this car there is really no problems with it they have so many colors they look so nice and clean and they are pretty these cars are amazing I def recommend these if you are looking for a new car.

- Bella M

This is a great family car. We switched from a van to this and couldn't be happier.

It is perfect size for a family of 5. It rides smoothly. It has enough bells and whistles for a busy family, including DVD player. Love the remote start option which is nice during hot and cold months.

- Marie W

It's beautiful, seats 7 and has both rear and front temperature controls and sound controls.

It's fun to drive. Sporty yet family oriented. It is comfortable and has modern safety and technical features as well as plenty of power. I just wish it got better mpg and had a bit more room.

- Joyce P

Very safe. A lot of air bags give me peace of mind when my kids are with me.

Rides smoothly and kid friendly with the DVD player. Dual sunroofs is amazing. No problems this far. Bose speakers, Sirius radio and Bluetooth make driving relaxing and conveniently hands free.

- Katrina B

This is the best Car I have purchased in a long time. It get great gas mileage and handles like a dream

I love the 2015 Acadia. I was looking to replace a 15 passenger van. It has plenty of seats and will easily handle my 6 kids and 2 adults. It is has a very smooth and comfy ride as well

- Jason P

Beautiful SUV but not dependable because of electrical issues

Love the luxury feel, leather interior, double sunroofs, split separate 2nd row seats, and all the power options. However, had numerous electrical problems with it so hard to trust it.

- Anna K

It is comfortable and roomy.

I like the room in the vehicle. It is an SUV and I prefer to drive a car. The Bluetooth is difficult to work and parts seem cheaply made ie, the floor of the car in the back seat.

- Shannon C

Great riding and comfortable with 6 people.

It is roomy rides smooths could get better gas mileage. You can ride 6 people comfortably.Do not like where the clothes hanger is it is hard to reach. Floor mats r cheaply made.

- Donna W

It is comfortable and fits nicely when i am parking in a parking lot.

I dislike gas mileage, and i do not like the grind of engine. I love the size, the comfort, and i can transport 7 people comfortably. I also like height for good visibility.

- Mon M

The paint is great, it runs well and smooth. . .

I have no complaints about my vehicle so far. . I have about 18, 000. 00 miles on it. The vehicle runs well and I love the looks of it. I would recommend a GMC to everyone.

- Rhonda C

Very comfortable and easy to drive

Love that I have room to haul family. I also have room to haul stuff if need it and can tow trailers if need to. I also like that it is somewhat reasonable on gas mileage

- Judith A

It is safe and reliable. I like the safety features including the airbags and the backup camera.

I like that it is sturdy and safe. I like that it has been reliable so far. I don't like the brake system. The vehicle is much harder to stop than other cars I have driven.

- Shan b

Safety in crashes. I want to make sure that my family is safe when traveling. I usually look at how vehicles make out in crash tests

I love the room that it has for the 5 people in my family. I wished that in the second row I didn't get captain chairs. My kids don't like to be all the way in the back.

- Ellen W

Performance in snow and mountains.

It is AWD, it did great in the snow and the mountains on a trip from Tennessee to Utah and back this past February. We pull a camper with here in Tennessee and does great.

- Matthew A

Exterior looks are amazing.

Love the comfort and size. Feels sturdy and safe. Interior carpet colors could be better. The spare tire is not conveniently located. The tool box compartment is flimsy.

- Suresh G

Looks beautiful drives horrible

Very nice interior looks beautiful from the outside. Drives like a tank and get horrible gas mileage. Great for out of town trips. Not very good for driving in the city.

- Clay K

It has a leaky sunroof...do not buy. GM will not work with you to repair

From the beginning, we have had a leaky sunroof.....never got it fixed to our satisfaction & it still leaks in heavy rain. Otherwise, we love the smooth ride and space!

- Kathy R

Backseat is very uncomfortable.

I don't like the seats constantly clicking. The backseat is very uncomfortable. The mileage is horrible. I like the room it has. Also how easily the seats lay down.

- Dani B

Acadia can hold a lot of things - you don't have to worry about packaging everything.

I like my vehicle because it runs well. It is sturdy and I feel safer in it because I am higher up. The vehicle is comfortable. The vehicle also drives easily.

- sue w

Visibility is not good from the vehicle. Use your mirrors and the side detection device.

It's roomy. It's noisy. It's hard to see out of and hard to navigate cause it's so big. It's cheaply made and definitely not worth the cost of the vehicle.

- Nathaniel G

It is reliable and great for families. The extra row is great when you have people in town

Love the tv and room in the back when the third row is down. I like that I can have a third row when needed. I don't like how small the display screen is

- Nikki N

The third row seating is great for long trips with small children.

The size is perfect for my large family. The seats are a little difficult to put up and down. The seats are very comfortable and I love the lumbar support.

- Nicole K

The interior with the seats down is not as big as you’d expect.

The 2015 GMC Acadia is a fairly smooth ride. It is very good a pulling trailers as well. The mpg could be better but it is still decent for a midsize SUV.

- Jacob H

The most important thing someone should know about my car is that it's roomy for passengers but not trunk space.

I really like the exterior look of the car. I also like the leather seats and how it drives. My only complaint is that there isn't enough cargo space.

- Deana O

It is a great highway SUV and has plenty room that fits 7 comfortably.

It's very comfortable and roomy. I love to travel and it travels nicely with grandkids. I don't like the color. I would purchase this again updated.

- Lisha H

It's a comfortable drive.

I love that it sits high and is comfortable to drive. I do not like how big it is to park. Very easy to ding doors on other cars after parking.

- Suzanne A

A great car with a lot of space

Great versatility, especially for a large family. The third row is very spacious and is convenient for extra space or traveling in large groups.

- Toni S

It has plenty of space for passengers/cargo.

There is plenty of space for passengers. I like the touch screen navigation/radio. Drives smooth. Love the overall look. Comfortable to drive.

- Sara S

It's spacious and comfortable, i feel secure when I'm driving on it

I love that its 3 roads. The camera on the back, automatic almost everything. I don't love the color though, i would like to save more gas

- Sandra S

Great for long road trips

My car has been reliable over the past three years now. It is comfortable for long road trips and has ample space for people and/or items.

- Jackie S

Great family car with lots of room for cargo and people!!

Reliable! Lots of room, comfortable, love third seat, love color. . Champagne, beautiful and love the lift gate. . . Opens with key fob!!

- Lois B

That it is perfect for a family.

Like the size, interior layout, interior color, and the way it drives and handles. There is nothing I particularly dislike about my car.

- Leah D

GMC Acadia -great vehicle for all

Great for families Lots of space in seated areas No problems noted with anything Great price for suv! Would recommend Acadia to others

- Manza B

Once you drive a GMC, you will never want another make.

Comfortable and a dream to drive. Very reliable. I have had no problems. The GMC dealership is amazing-they take excellent care of me.

- Kin T

It is a great alternative to a minivan. Especially when you have lots of kids in car seats!

The only thing I dislike is there is not enough room in the back end to put much. I have 3 kids in car seats and it is very crowded.

- Holly B

My car has the perfect amount of space for all passengers.

I like the size and features of my car. It has good gas mileage and runs very well. I don't like how much it costs for oil changes.

- Amanda N

Her name is dory because she's an escape.

I love all the features it has, how comfortable it is drive and number of seats. I do not like how expensive it is to fill with gas.

- Kelly M

Its super safe to drive. I was in an accident with it and the airbags saved me.

It has so many luxuries and drives so smoothly down the road!! My kids are happy with the DVD player and bose surround sound system.

- Sherry W

Safe and great size. Easy to maintain and good looking.

Love everything except not fuel efficient and I would prefer the pull down seat for the back row on both sides or the other side.

- Chelsea S

It is a very big, powerful, strong vehicle that is reliable

I love the size especially the third row seating. I love the vehicle's power and sturdiness. The leather interior is beautiful.

- Brandon D

its fabulous in all ways it is roomy with the 3rd row

i like the captains seats i like the room inside i like the little compartments i don't like the color i like the features

- sta k

It is a safe and spacious car. It rides nicely.

Great size with plenty of room for all. It has AWD. Comfortable and spacious with leather seats. It gets good gas mileage.

- Kristen D

It drives great and has all the space I need for my family

No complaints... I just got the car a week ago and yet to find anything wrong with it... I plan to keep it for along time

- Lauren B

It has a lot of problems and you should consider other options.

Seat belts in back are a problem. Had problems with the transmission and the air conditioning and the oil pressure gage.

- Mike K

It is very spacious and gets decent gas mileage for a large SUV.

The gmc acadia is comfortable, drives well, and is aesthetically pleasing. I do not have any complaints about this car.

- Aly R

The ride is very smooth and great for moving a lot of kids around.

I do not like the gas uses. But I love the space and size. It perfect for a large family and traveling across country.

- Susan S

It is very nice and has lots of cool features.

I like it because it is efficient on gas. It is also very spacious. I like the way it moves on rocky ground as well.

- Kendrick H

It's very family friendly, lots of space and the built in gps is great.

I love that it's pretty big. I love the built-in navigation system. What I hate about it is how much gas it takes.

- Sheldon R

Very durable and dependable family vehicle built with safety in mind.

Very reliable only issue has been an o2 sensor which was under warranty. Very comfortable even for a family of 6.

- Brandon M

I've really enjoyed driving this vehicle.

Nice family vehicle. Reliable, comfortable, and spacious. Onstar service. Touch screen radio. Rear view camera.

- Sofia P

It is very big and and it has a big Turning radius.

It is a really comfortable car and it is a very smooth ride and it is very reliable I recommend it to everyone

- Ethan G

It looks like a truck but drives more like a car.

I like the captains chairs in the back. I like the extra cargo space in the back. The mileage could be better.

- Michael L

It uses a lot of gas. All wheel drive is different on the snow.

Uses too much gas. The size is perfect for our family. I wish it had heated steering wheel and leather seats.

- Christine L

Taming the winter roads in North Dakota

My GMC Acadia is a great car. The AWD feature is amazing. It tame the terrible winter roads in North Dakota.

- Doug M

It has a sensory so lets you know when out of your lane and just an awesome vehicle

I am on my 3rd Acadia but this one is a Denali. It drives well and gets great mileage. Serves all my needs.

- joni h

Captain seats are a must.

I love the car. Decent gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive. Great in the snow. Great for kids and pets.

- Taylor P

It is a very safe car to drive.

I like the comfort of the seat. Is nice to have room for 2 car seats in back. There is limited road noise.

- Carla S

It is the perfect mom car.

Love the leather interior, captains chairs and cargo space. There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle.

- Taylor S

3rd row Stereo Space Gas efficient Easy to drive Rear camera

Practical, comfortable 3rd row, inexpensive, spacious, nice stereo, comfortable to drive, nice visibility

- Adriana D

I do not like the side mirrors. I like the kind that have the built in blind spot section.

Easy to maintain, clean, drive. It is comfortable, does not have any major sight line issues when driving

- Melissa T

My 2015 Acadia SLT 1 review

My only complaint on this vehicle is the price of gas, which is not the cars fault but the gas companies.

- Amanda L

Lots of room and very comfortable ride.

I love the size of it, the options on it and the comfortable ride. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Jan K

It is my third one. I would buy it again and again.

I like the size and feel of it. It rides like a car and has been very reliable. I would purchase again.

- Kay R

It's a Denali so its fully loaded. The features are amazing including automatic seat recall for 2 different drivers. Side mirrors have a button that tilts them in automatically. Cooled and heated seats. Back seats have their own temperature control, radio and DVR with wireless headsets. Third row seat folds down flat to give you a large area for shopping, vacation, etc if not needed for people. Captains chairs in the second row make it so much more open and roomy. Rides so smooth. Double sun roof lets in alot of natural light. Great vehicle!!!

Safe, reliable. It has so many safety features. I feel like the car looks out for me when I'm driving.

- Jennifer M

Great ride and looks like a classy sturdy vehicle.

Looks amazing. Has great room. Only complaint is the newer models have been changed to smaller bases.

- Jennifer G

It is very easy riding and easy to drive although it has a third row.

It has a backup camera. I have plenty of room in my vehicle for my kids. It has a screen in the front.

- Misty Z

I love how much it can haul and it is size.

I like the room my SUV has. I like how my SUV drives. I have no complaints or dislikes about my gmc.

- Elizabeth W

The car feels very luxurious and comfortable.

It's very comfortable. Can accommodate up to 7 passengers. There is nothing I dislike about the car.

- Norma C

looks good and drives well

love the space, the way it drives price is expensive great features - hands free phone, dvd player

- rebecca E

that it's insured & has plenty of room for passengers

Plenty of room a comfortable ride should have gotten the power gate lift but over all happy with it

- tim H

My car is nice and new to me it doesn't get the best mileage.

I like the air conditioned seats. I like the touch screen. I would like it to be a bit bigger.

- Carrie T

great amount of room, 3 rows of seating

good amount of room, good pickup from the engine. Only complaint is the amount of gas it uses.

- Jon Y

It is quiet and smooth when driving it.

I like how quiet the vehicle is. The features are nice and helpful. I like the backup camera.

- Marie B

The gas mileage for this vehicle could be much better.

Have not had any maintenance issues. Comfortably seats 6 adults. Love the panoramic sunroof.

- Missy A

This was my first gmc the engine blew the first month I had it so that was a dislike. The gas mileage sucks. I like the size features and safety features

This car has great safety features from airbags to backup sensors and blind spots censors

- Megan F

it's definitely worth the money you pay for it. It's for anyone like me that wants the space for a family without buying a minivan.

I love everything about it. It looks classy and it's roomy. Perfect size for my family.

- Jessica F

That it is very spacious and you can flatten back seats. It's big and spacious

I love the bucket seats in second row, and how it seats 7. My kids have lots of room.

- Kristen A

its American made and is easier to get serviced and less costly

I feel safe in bad weather I hate the headrest Wish it had better gas mileage

- Louise B

i own it its almost paid off its dirty i will finish in december

small. i want a bigger spacious vehicle. but i'm almost finished paying it

- oanh l

I love my Acadia. It fits my whole family for wherever we need to go. It has great style and space.

There will be 100 other Acadia's in the parking lot at your kid's school!

- Rachael D

perfect for a family of 5; plenty of room and leg space

love how roomy the car is, handles well, good gas mileage for a mom car

- britney t

Comfortable easy handling, it's the best car I've ever owned

It rides comfortably. It gets great mileage. Love the color and style

- Diane H

You will find better value in a different vehicle.

It's slow. The visibility is not the best. It's built cheaply.

- Matt G

It is safe for families to use in all types of weather.

It is large and safe. It is roomy enough for everything we need.

- Mel M

Dependability is the key to the car

Like the roominess and the ride but do not like the gas mileage.

- John V

Comfort and spacious. Great for traveling long distances.

Very comfortable. Don't like repair record. Good for traveling.

- Candy H

It's expensive to own but fun to drive and decent mileage

It has a lot of features that are very fun. Should look into

- meg B

good gas mileage, comfortable, nice small SUV, American made

I like the size and shape. Good gas mileage and comfortable.

- Sara L

The GMC Acadia is all around amazing vehicle, reliable and great in snow!

I absolutely love my car! I wouldn't change it for anything

- Bonnie F

Perfect family car for the non-van loving family.

- Kelly A