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GMC 2016 Acadia-Mild Performance Issues With Brakes and Blind spots

One thing I really don't like about this car is the sheer amount of blind spots it has. I have counted about five to six different blind spots and it makes me feel very unsafe when driving the car. I definitely think that it needs a lower dashboard which would help to lessen the blind spots. Overall the gas-per-mileage is decent. Not the best thing as normally I have to refill the tank every other day which takes it toll on my pockets. But other than that I haven't had any mechanical/engine/transmission issues that this car had to be taken into the shop for meaning that it is relatively easy to take care of. The leather seats are comfortable and look nice but if you have small to middle school aged children with restless hands, the material to the seats will easily wear down so BEWARE don't lease this car with kids unless you want to pay a fine. Also the arm of the back seat chairs are susceptible to damage too regardless of age. If you put too much pressure (which isn't a lot) onto the seat then arm will dip and dip and become looser to the point where it's better to just leave the arm up and not use it at all. So far the exterior of the car holds to weather conditions as I haven't had any issue with rusting or breakdown around the bottom of the car. But driving in Michigan winter weather is an absolute nightmare in itself. The wheels slip constantly on ice, snow, and bad rain which makes me hate driving out in that type of weather.

- Ariel W

GMC Acadia, overall a great vehicle with plenty of room.

The only major problem I have had with my GMC Acadia 2016 (purchased Oct. 2015) is the air conditioning system went out at the end of the summer in 2017. There was a leak of some sort and to be fixed, it cost me over $2,000 on a $50,000 vehicle and the warranty had just expired. A minor issue I have is recently that the radio and XM radio service gets stuck on one certain channel that is programmed in. It is a hassle, but not a huge problem. I love my vehicle and would purchase it again. I especially love my automatic remote start, heated seats and rear view backup camera. I do not like the headrests on the seats aa well. I feel they do not slide back enough to comfortably rest my head and if a passenger leans on them they move very hard and quickly that it somewhat hurts.

- Stacy K

Love My GMC Acadia! It's only FWD but does great in the snow!

This is my second GMC Acadia and I have loved both of them. They provide plenty of room for extra passengers which helps when I need to pick up extra friends of my kids. I have the captains seats in the middle and I love that those and the 3rd row all lay flat if I need to haul something larger. I haven't noticed any real issues with blind spots. The back up camera is wonderful as is the alert if you are getting close to hitting anything. The MPG are pretty good for the size of the vehicle. I like a bigger SUV because it's easier for me to get in and out of but it's not so big that I have to jump out of it. I also have the dual sunroof which my kids and their friends thing is cool even though it doesn't open. Overall the GMC Acadia is a great SUV!

- Rachel A

Lots of room in the GMC Acadia.

I love my gmc acadia! I had a cadillac escalade prior to purchasing this vehicle. I did not have enough room so . What I love the most about the arcadia is all the room there is. By putting the third row seat down I am able to pack everything in that our family of four needs for a week vacation! . I am able to carpool with hockey equipment and still accommodate kids comfortably. . It is also great in the snow. It handles beautifully. . I do like that it is a SUV but the gas mileage and handling is better than some other larger vehicles. . I would highly recommend this vehicle!

- Jane F

Spacious and Luxurious SUV

This SUV is a great size for hauling 6-7 people (great when you have 3 couples) and/or you need to move lots of cargo of various sizes. Though it is a big vehicle it is easy to drive, and the rear camera helps tremendously with parking. The interior trim is very plush and comfortable, and the controls are all within easy reach of the driver. The cabin room is spacious and comfortable even for long rides (we often do 5 hour rides across our state). With the big windows visibility around the car is very good.

- Dan S

Midsize sport utility vehicle with a muscular stance and good fuel efficiency.

My GMC acadia is a slt-1 AWD model with silver exterior and titanium leather seats. Great power and respectable fuel economy. Quite often I fold the rear seats down to haul large items. The three rows of seating allow my children to sit in separate rows which makes for a quiet ride. Other than a wheel bearing needing to be replaced under warranty it has been just standard maintenance. The only option I wish was available would be a heated steering wheel.

- Thomas R

Best vehicle I have ever owned!

I love the size of this vehicle! I often give elderly people rides and they can get in and out comfortably. I love the dual sunroofs, leather interior is great! I had a major electrical issue that caused my Acadia to Be out of service for 10 days luckily it was all covered by the warranty. It handles very well in snow, extremely reliable. Sadly gm has changed the 2019 Acadia sizes! I will not be getting another one because of this! Super disappointed!

- Mary P

Third row seating with a ton of room, to fit all your mom and child space needs.

It is a basic model so it has no bells and whistles. Which brings me to the thing I dislike about it the most, the cloth seats wish I had leather Easier to clean. Another thing I do not like about it is that it has so many blind spots. I've owned all types of different vehicles this one is by far the Worst for blind spots. I like how big the vehicle is because with 3 kids it's great I can put both rows up plus fit my double stroller.

- Sara K

I Love my Acadia Denali! Would definitely purchase another

I knew this SUV was for me the moment that I sat in it. The seats are extremely comfortable, you're able to move them anyway that you desire. This makes driving much more comfortable. The steering wheel adjusts with tilt and telescopic ability. The only issue I've had is the blind spots created by the side curtain airbags. The down pillars by the windshield are wide. This creates the blind spots but does create a measure of safety.

- Heather A

Spacious, luxurious, and safe!

My car is very spacious but the headrest is very uncomfortable. The gears do not switch smoothly. I do love how much truck space it has and the ability for all the seats to fold down. I feel the navigation can be more user friendly. This car is very reliable and drives very well. The DVD combo is very usual for long car rides for my child. It comes with two headphones for sharing. I also really love the height of the vehicle.

- Shannon R

Spacious Family Car, if You have small children.

Great features! Such as heated steering wheel, which is my favorite, and heated and cooled seats. Great storage space, but back seat is a bit too squished for adults or tall teens. We chose this car because it was the biggest 3rd row we could find and it had buckets instead of first row bench. We needed to seat 7 but didn't want a van. Once bench or bucket seats are folded down there is even more great space for storage!

- Bobbi C

The GMC Acadia is a great SUV with a sleek look, nice features, and safe ride.

I recently upgraded from a GMC terrain to a GMC Acadia within the past few months. The Acadia is comfortable and has a very smooth ride. It has double sunroofs which is a nice addition, however the back sunroof does not open. The backup camera and park assist are very helpful features. I have not yet had it for the winter months but the terrain rode great in the snow and bad weather.

- Jill B

GMC Acadia - do not do it!

It has an awful technology system. It is horrible on gas. We got a rebate from GMC because they misquoted the gas mileage. We were supposed to get an average of 22 mpg. I end up with less than 15 mpg. It makes a high pitched electrical noise coming from the dash from time to time that I always hear but will never happen when I come to the dealership. And it just does not drive well.

- Jessica A

Great 3 row seating SUV, that handles nice with plenty of room and a nice look.

It is a v6, has nice power. Drives and handles nice. I have problems with the Bluetooth. Fuel mileage is ok. Has a decent amount of room for the whole family. It is a nice color blue on outside, interior is a light grey. Bucket seats are quite comfortable. Power windows. Plenty of cup holders and some storage space. Does not have remote start or seat warmers which is a downside.

- Gwen H

Great car I'd buy another if I had the money.

My 2016 GMC Acadia is very spacious and handles the road very well! Pretty good on gas and haven't had any trouble with it since I bought it brand new in 2016. Plus the v6 engine is strong enough for me to get down the road! Entertainment system is very great to keep the kids occupied on a long trip plus it has OnStar Wi-Fi so the kids can play on their iPads.

- Steven P

Spacious, economically luxurious.

The vehicle is very roomy for my 5 occupants. Nice accessories, all the bells and whistles. Never had a performance issue with it. Only complaint, since I work on the truck myself, the front end under the hood has very little room. Rides nice and high so you can see what's going on around you. This being the first SUV I have bought I am not disappointed.

- Taylor W

It is a very, very SAFE vehicle.

There are countless things I love about this vehicle! It meets and exceeds my vehicle needs in terms of space, comfort, quality, safety, and gets me up off the road. It's a very good-looking vehicle as well. My only complaint would be that I wish it got a little better gas mileage, but I understand that's the tradeoff I make for having this awesome SUV.

- eileen R

GMC Acadia- a mom vehicle with style!

I love the performance of the GMC Acadia. It drives like a car and doesn't feel big and bulky. I love the heated seats in the winter and the remote start in the summer. It has a ton of room and the third seat that lays down gives us even more room. I also enjoy the captain seats on the second row so it is very easy to access the back seat from the front.

- Annie B

I love my Acadia Denali!!

I have no complaints. I love my GMC Acadia Denali! It drives nicely, it is spacious and has good safety features. My family of 4 fits comfortably and I have enough room to fit extra people or stuff when we take mini road trips. I was nervous about driving a bigger vehicle but the camera and motion alerts have been extremely helpful and put me at ease.

- Jessica E

This is a great car for the family.

This vehicle is great. It has leather heated seats and is very comfortable. I love the back up camera and the parking sensors they are extremely helpful. I have Bluetooth technology which I love that my phone connects to my car as soon as I get in. It has a remote start and keyless entry. It runs great and has all wheel drive which is great the snow.

- Stephanie O

smooth ride and fits seven comfortably.

Roomy. Drove to Florida with daughter and two grandchildren in car seats. All of us were comfortable. Great for moving large items when second- and third-row seats are down. Automatic lift gate very convenient. Back-up camera and beeping sensor makes me feel more confident. Captain chairs in second row very comfortable. smooth ride.

- Joan A

Ac system problems seem to be common.

Performs well. However recently the ac went out and was told the system has multiple leaks requiring replacement of hoses, compressor and desiccant. I have found multiple others with same ac problem occurring yet no factory recalls. Repair for this is $2800. Most people don't plan for a repair that costly on a vehicle this new.

- Sheila C

I'm happy I traded my traverse for a GMC

I like it. I really haven't had it that long. The only issue I've had is with the dealership replacing the tires that were not good when I bought it. I like the way it drives. Plenty of room for my 4 kids and all of their sports equipment. It has been a really good vehicle for me. I'm happy with the choice I made to my GMC.

- Cassandra Y

It's a fun and functional SUV

I like the size of my Acadia. It doesn't feel too big, but has enough space to haul home improvement supplies, my son & his friends, etc. As an SUV, it gets decent gas mileage. My Acadia also has nice comfort features like heated seats. My only dislike is the transmission. I feel like it "catches" a lot when accelerating.

- Anne R

GMC Acadia-awesome vehicle!

I honestly haven't had any issues with the vehicle at all. It is reliable and very safe. I love all of the safety features it includes and it is a very comfortable vehicle to drive on long trips or even in town. I have plenty of room to haul things as well and the third row seating feature makes road trips incredibly easy.

- Abby H

Best car I have ever driven.

This car really satisfies all of your needs. It is has the bucket seats and also a third row three seater. The front seats are equipped with heating and button adjustable seating. Love the Bluetooth and also the Sirius XM radio. The car drives very smoothly and although it looks like a truck it drives smooth like a car.

- Victoria M

For me it is the size of it that is what I do with it.

I mean some midsize SUV it is smaller than a Tahoe but it still has quite a bit of power so it is easier to get around town gets better fuel mileage Caesar's parking spaces this city you can still tow boat with a medium size. It is a good selection for medium-sized family you can drive to work everyday in it vacations.

- Trav S

It is safe for my twins; roomy enough for all their baby stuff!

I really love it. I have no complaints with this vehicle. The size is great for our family of four. It has a third row and a lot of trunk space left. The features inside the sub are nice and I really like the heated steering wheel. I would recommend this vehicle to a family or to anyone looking for a good safe vehicle.

- Randy G

Great vehicle for long road trips.

The GMC Acadia has great heated seats and is a roomy vehicle, great for a family. The temperature regulation is a little off, either too hot or too cold but not a huge issues. Drives great and is not too horrible on gas. I have had to fix quite a few random issues that have been expensive but overall love the vehicle.

- Christina L

Love it! Third row for large families!

I purchased my vehicle used about 3 months ago and I have been extremely happy. I purchased the vehicle at about 30k miles. The cabin is extremely comfortable and the third row is extremely convenient. My only wish is that this year offered carplay on the radio. Carplay is available on the 2017 models and newer

- Michele P

Heated steering wheel. Heated and cooling seats. Back up camera.

Love the heated/cooling seats. Love the backup camera. It fits my whole family and some neighbor kids :) Very much a family vehicles. I love the color. The leather interior. Heated steering wheel. Very comfortable. I love the way my kids can spread out so there not on top of each other. They have room to move.

- Lana C

Perfect for a family of 5 or more

This SUV is roomy, has captains chairs and 3rd row seating. The captains chairs make it much easier for passengers to get to the 3rd row of seating. The only issue I have had with it is a couple sensors that went bad but otherwise has been a great car. Rides very smooth and has plenty of room for groceries etc.

- Melinda P

If you mean the GMC I'm driving people should it is big and wide Too wide!

I am driving this vehicle because my husband changed jobs and got a company car that he has to use for business We had two SUVs- a Cadillac and the GMC The Cadillac lease was ending around the same time as he was getting the company car, so bye bye caddy and now I'm riding this beast til the end of the lease

- Denise B

Spacious and comfortable and handles nice

I really like the smooth ride of my 2016 GMC Acadia. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the ride is for an SUV. I really like the size of the interior, lots of legroom. I am 6'2' and have plenty of room. There is plenty of room with the 3 rows of seats for passengers, and storage when the seats are down.

- Michael H

The comfort of driving you forget the stress of shouting in traffic.

It is a very comfortable and easy to drive vehicle, it does not feel when we are going at a faster speed and passengers have never complained of discomfort in the back, it is very spacious and comfortable for tall people. I have not had any problems fixing parts or faults with rims or things like that.

- Mar E

Great for small family with 2-3 children

Great vehicle for a family with 3 or less children. I have 4 and with them being older it's hard with the lack of space for other family members or friends. Reliable and ease of access with two bucket seats in the middle and a bench seat in the back. Very limited space for groceries in the trunk space.

- Jessica R

2016 GMC Acadia-great family car!

Very comfy, love the heated seats and backup camera. No performance issues. Very spacious, especially with the third row seats down. Pretty good on gas, as the majority of my driving is in town and little highway trips. We have the DVD player for the kids and it's a wonderful feature for car trips.

- Mandy L

This car rides great but gets awful gas mileage on city streets.

As a mom of 3 kids who also does carpooling, I love that this car has enough seats for me without being a minivan. We added leather interior aftermarket and it really improved the comfort level. It feels like a luxury car, but not at a luxury price. However, I do not care for the gas mileage.

- Kye C

Great vehicle to move about !

Comfortable, reliable, handling is terrific! Mileage is great., over the road, highway mileage is very affordable. When we began driving this vehicle we had no idea that we would love driving it as much as we do. It is great for running errands., lots of room, and storage is tremendous.

- Brenda D

Speedometer updates needed for a slick look, then the car would be perfect.

Everything in my 2016 Acadia is amazing, the only thing I wish it had was updated gauges. I wish it would Show newer features like live speed while driving like my 2018 Silverado does. I just feel like as a 2016 model it could have a few more updates when it comes to the speedometer.

- Madison D

This vehicle is a must have

This car is amazing! Very roomy. Drives smooth. The car features include back up camera which brightness could be changed in order to see better. Radio has multiple features including Apple play. The GPS works great and a must have! 3 rows and bucket seat makes this car a must have!

- Maria M

Great " big" car. My Acadia is a very good car. Seats 7 and rides comfortably.

Rides great and very safe. Hard for me to judge distance I do have trouble backing up. Its to big for me it's very roomy and my Acadia has the 3rd row seating and holds about seven people decent gas mileage too. Really have never had a problem with it its a 2016 that I bought new.

- Drake W

Feels luxurious, has all the bells and whistles and we love it!

Love the bucket seating in the second row. Unfortunately this changed in the new models so we will not be continuing with the Acadia. It is our 2nd Acadia and we would love to get another but don't like bench seats for the 2nd row. However, it drives like a dream and we love it!

- Chris Z

Reliable vehicle you will enjoy driving.

Safety is very important. I have front side and front row airbags. The side rear windows all have side airbags in addition to the front. I enjoy the side mirrors as well as the light that tells you someone is in your blind spot. Thirdly, are the heated seats with lumbar support.

- Gayle K

Spacious, driver/handles well. Nice looking.

I have had no problems with the vehicle after 2 years of driving. We use it for driving in town as well as long trips. It has plenty of room for the kids and all of our things on long trips. Gas mileage is ok, but could be worse:) would buy again when looking for next vehicle.

- Chris L

Its ok. I think it will be dependable and fun to take for a drive.

I love the truck because it's so much fun to drive and its comfortable and spacious for everyone. Its has a lot of rain and om to go on trips with kids and to play games and have adult fun in the backseat. I want to take this to a WWE event and take advantage of a superstar.

- Antonio R

I can fit my kids and my mastiff in the back without a problem and bags.

My only problem with the vehicle is the way the seats move in the tracks with young kids things get stuck in there and it effects the seats moving. So my seats will not move easily now even when I try to clear the tracks out. That and maybe mileage with gas could he better.

- Meghan S

A very reliable and nice looking car that is great for families

I love the look and reliability of this car. I have had it for over 2 years now and never needed a repair or any service aside from oil changes and tire rotations. It is very functional for my family of 5, however I do wish the interior were more roomy for the third row.

- Ashley C

Luxury without the price of high end.

Super comfortable, roomy, decent gas mileage. Rear air keep even the third row comfortable. Drives smooth. Love all the safety features such as parking assist, rear camera, lane departure. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. My kids love the second row captains chairs.

- Angela B

It is just a great vehicle overall.

It is very nice looking vehicle. It has three rows of seats. It is great when you go on vacation. It can haul seven people. It has all the room you need to haul what you need to haul. You cannot hear the noise outside. I just love driving this vehicle. It is good on gas.

- John L

Spacious SUV for families

Very spacious for a family of 5. I can fit 3 carseats plus have room for storage in the back trunk space. Having the captains chairs is very convenient. It has a comfortable, floaty drive...great for road trips. Tires went bad at 20k miles which I was not happy about.

- Stacey V

Denali is the only way to go!

My favorite car by far! Smooth ride, beautiful on the inside and out. Plenty of room for my whole family while still being comfortable. Wouldn't buy any other vehicle! Love the blind spot indicators of the mirrors. Back up camera with exact turning features is amazing!

- Melissa B

Acadia Denali: Safe and Spacious

My Acura Denali is a very reliable car. It's also very safe and spacious. There are seven seats and plenty of room for storage and transportation. The engine requires some inspection and replacement from time to time, but other than that, I've had no problems with it.

- Morgan W

That I have had no major issues/breakdowns with this car since I have owned it.

I love that it has third row seating. And when I am not using the third row it provides for a large storage space in the back. I dislike that I can not individually control the temperature of the air/heat for the driver and passenger (my old car had that capability).

- Kelly J

2016 GMC Acadia five stars.

I absolutely love my Acadia. It is my dream SUV. It is perfect for my little girl and I. It is very spacious and easy to figure out. I plan to keep it as long as possible. It is decent on gas. Really good when you take trips though. It is everything I dreamed about.

- Mollie C

This is a Great family vehicle

Very reliable and comfortable. Big enough for 3 kids, 2 of which are still in car seats. So far have had no problems and it has been an easy vehicle to figure out. I love the look and design of this vehicle. It is decent on gas and easy to clean. Love this vehicle!

- Melissa C

Nice car for a average family size.

No issue with maintenance. Great reliable car. Not big enough to use third row with anything the back. Great family vehicle if you do not need to haul anything. Roomy backseat and love the captain chairs. I like the additional features that the car has. Great SUV.

- Sam L

The ride is very smooth for how big it is.

It is a very smooth ride. The only issue we found with the car was the air filter needed to be cleaned very often. The car is very well with gas and roomy on the inside. There are four kids that go in the car and we haven't had any special issues as of lately.

- Destiny H

The great Family size Acadia

Get better gas mileage than some of the other SUVs. It's has 3rd row seating in which the 3rd row can be let down which is great for traveling. Rides smooth. Oil changes are a little more expensive because it takes a special kind of oil. Has so much room

- Heather R

The SUV of a lifetime - we love it!

I really love the GMC Acadia. Ours has the bucket/captain seats in the middle and then a full third row in the back. Essentially the size of a minivan without owning a minivan. My only complaint would be that the storage/trunk space is a little small.

- Chelsea B

It is fun and very easy to drive, and does what it is supposed to.

I love my Acadia! It is beautifully styled, carries my whole family, has good versatile cargo space and is a very stable platform to drive. It also parks easily because of a tight turning radius. Only complaint: had to replace a headlight @60K miles.

- Renny G

The GMC Acadia is a good sized SUV - much wider than most SUVs.

I have owned this car for a little over a year. There have been no problems requiring service. The car seats 8 and can fit a lot of gear. It is very wide for an SUV, as opposed to tall, so there is a lot of room for passengers, dogs, etc.

- Mary M

It's an suv but doesn't feel like you're driving a large vehicle.

I love this suv. It doesn't feel large but has a third row. I also have captains chairs and that is exactly what I wanted. THe trunk space is amazing and useful. The car drives and handles well. The only thing it's missing is a sunroof.

- Annie G

The GMC Acadia is a reliable family car, however does drive more like a truck than a comfortable SUV.

As a family of 5, we bought the Acadia for the 7 seats and ease of accommodating carpooling and larger group trips. Although it is a functional vehicle for this purpose, we feel it drives more like a truck than a family friendly car.

- BJay C

for the size and price I got a great SUV without much features but has the fundamentals within.

2016 GMC Acadia sle bought in October 2016 with everything runs great until ac went out in summer 2017 everything is fixed with the warranty. no problems since. great performance and reliability otherwise. seats 8. wifi onboard

- Eric S

third row seat easily folds down to provide additional storage space.

The GMC Acadia is a very reliable vehicle. I currently use it for a family of 5 and we are able to fit many car seats and strollers comfortably. We like how the third row seats easily folds down to provide extra storage space.

- Janet B

It has safety features that make driving easier.

It is well designed. It has many safety features like blind spot detection, lane migration warning and parking assist. I like the cooled and heated seats. It could have rain sensitive wipers and automatic headlight dimmer.

- Janet P

Lots of space like a minivan but with a cool factor!

I love the space. Sportier than a minivan but all the space. I love that there is still a decent size trunk with the third row seating. I wish it was better on gas though. Smooth ride. I love diving on the highway again.

- Tiffany H

That the dashboard lights up red at night and is pretty hard on your eyes.

My vehicle has been my dream vehicle since I had my first born. The only thing I would like more is if it had all the features that the new Chrysler minivans have! The double tablet on headrest and folding seats.

- Destiny A

It is very dependable and I like the body style.

It is a nice little car. It is comfortable and does not give any mechanical problems. I only gave it a four because I would rather have a vintage truck or something else cool that's out of my price range. .

- Deb O

it is very roomy without being big and bulky. It does not take a lot of money to fill it up (about $40)

my gmc acadia drives really good. the seats are comfortable and it seats 7 people. it has heated seats, satellite radio. I just wish that it got better gas mileage. It only gets 22 mpg on the highway

- marcie n

from the outside you would never know that it has third row seating.

I love that it's good on gas and I especially love that it has third row seating. My car has two sunroofs and seat warmers and comes with built in satellite radio. I like that it's all mine.

- Jessica D

It is a good SUV for a family or a single person!!!

I love how much room it has and how smooth it drives. I don't like how it resets the heated seats every time u turn the car off and then back on and I also don't like how much gas it uses!

- brittany b

Family Car with comfortable features

This car has been great for our family. It comfortably fits a family of four while having extra room in the third row seating for guests. Performance and reliability has been 5 stars!

- Dawn L

It can has room for up to 7 people.

I like that it is an SUV not a car. It has more room, 7 seats. Love the dark gray color. I do not like the storage area it is too small. Also hard to get up and move around back there.

- Elizabeth H

The comfort and space of the SUV. It runs very smooth and has many features which makes it relaxing to ride in, such as: heated seat, automatic starts, spacious inside.

I love that my SUV can fit 2 car seats easily and still have trunk space or fit more passengers. I also love the built in navigation and rear view monitor that appears when reversing.

- Sarah G

More cargo space in the Acadia than in the Yukon.

It is ok except for air conditioning failed at 53, 000 miles. It is a 6 cylinder so going to that from an 8 cylinder requires a little adjustment in what to expect in terms of power.

- Sheila C

It is a large vehicle. It has many features that are very convenient, such as stow away side mirrors and many others.

I like my vehicle because it handles well during city and long distance driving. It holds 7 people comfortably, yet has sufficient storage. I do wish the gas mileage was better.

- Darlene P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it fits my family very well.

I like the features such as Bluetooth and navigation. I also like that it is very roomy and spacious. I added running boards and it's very easy for my kids to get in and out of.

- Liz F

My kids love this car! It has so much room to put everything in!

I love my car so much, it fits all 3 of my kids in it and I even have plenty of space for groceries! I have had it for also my 2 years now and I still love it, and so do my kids!

- Daisy M

Great on gas, runs smoothly and accommodates larger families.

Great for large or small families. 8 passenger holds our whole family. Runs and drives very smooth. Not a whole lot of room for much else, except people though. Great on gas.

- Cheryl F

I like the way it looks and has plenty of space for unstuffed.

I love my Acadia I wish I had a key fob and captain seats but besides that I love it. I will be purchasing many acacias in the future hopefully upgrading to the type I want.

- Nick M

It is roomy and easy to drive. It has a backup camera too

It is an easy ride and drive. I love the bucket seats and trunk space when the 3rd row is down. I just don't like how little trunk space I have when my 3rd row seat is up.

- gina e

It has the third row seating to carry extra people.

I love my Acadia as it has the third row seating. I have three children and I need all the extra room. I also has a lot of extra space for their toys and diaper bags.

- Katie L

Great family car for a growing family

I like my vehicle Becca set it is all wheel drive. It can also fit all 3 children. I wish there was more leg room I. The back seat and also in the far back lift gate.

- Jamie S

It is very good gas and I have had any problems.

My car should of had navigation system as part of the vehicle. And it doesn't have Bluetooth. Also the mirror sensors for any vehicles close by would of been nice.

- Jess A

It is leased and due to gas mileage and taxes, I am unsure if I will buy.

I love the size, the way it drives, the trim package, just about all physical attributes I like. The problem is lousy gas mileage and high personal. Property cost.

- Debi C

Our car is spacious, low maintenance, and rides comfortably.

I like the space our car provides for our family. I appreciate the air conditioned and heated seats. Our car is family friendly and easy to transport our child.

- Molly P

Stylish Sport Utility with AWD

AWD SLT-1 silver with titanium leather interior. Good power and handling, ample room for 7. With the seats folded down there is plenty of rooms for large items.

- Thomas G

Just that it's a good car for the price, good size and great ride

I don't dislike anything about this car. It is the perfect size for me, it drives nice, very comfortable. Only downside is that they are making it smaller now

- Sue K

Very good vehicle for the family

Needs backseat air. Otherwise it has been a very acceptable vehicle. It has given us no problems at all. It proves that if you take care of it, it will last.

- Brent A

Great move from a van to an SUV.

I love my Acadia. Switching from a van to an SUV with a busy family was very easy with this car. The all wheel drive made snow covered roads easy to manage.

- Amy Jo B

Reliable and comfortable.

I like the wide wheel base. I like the interior space. It is the second Acadia I have owned. It has been mechanically reliable. I like the comfort features.

- Marjorie J

Spacious, luxurious GMC Acadia

I love the captain chairs in second row. It's very spacious and I feel very secure driving it. Also like the push buttons for the hatch and the remote start

- Hannah W

Very safe. A lot of airbags, lane departure warning & backup camera, etc.

No complaints! Got Acadia Denali as a retirement gift for self!! Smooth ride, all the bells & whistles! Love heated & cooled seats & heated steering wheel!!

- Carolyn G

Not many complaints about this truck

A problem is the gas it takes and how frequently it can run out. That gets pretty expensive. I love that it has multiples vents all throughout the truck.

- Celana O

Lots of room and lots of style.

It is a great SUV that can tow our boat. It is a great family car and bring our dog. It has a third row that can fold down and give lots of cargo space.

- Rachel M

Is very comfortable to travel.

Comfortable, it has a lot space in front, but when you use all the seats you have least space for the luggage's or another things that you need to use.

- Mora J

Seat warmers are great and reliable.

Great car, should buy 9/10 very reliable, never breaks down, adaptable to your likings, seat warmers, Bluetooth connection, and great miles per gallon.

- Robert M

our most favorite feature of the gmc acadia is the heads up display

is a nice riding comfortable vehicle the only problem we have had was having to replace the side detection system but that was still under warranty

- jeremy c

It rides great in any conditions.

I love the amount of interior space, it has a great ride and I love the design.I have room for everything and can always take extra people with me.

- Julie C

Your oil, gas, and freezer liquid intake. That costs money.

It accumulates dust and insects, and its interior deteriorates faster than the exterior. Also, it seems to have multiple breakdowns if used before.

- Zack T

The vehicle is an amazing family suv that is roomy, but not overly large. It's very comfortable too!

The vehicle is very comfortable. There is plenty of room for family and friends. I love the quality of the vehicle and it rides very smoothly.

- Tracie B

It's bigger than the new model. It seats 7 people comfortably.

I love the room that my acadia has. It really fits my family. It has had a few minor electrical problems. It doesn't get good gas mileage.

- Karla K

It's comfort and smooth ride. There's so many amenities for yours and all passengers comfort.

Have not had any issues. Comfort is perfect and there's plenty of room for car seats and strollers. Many features like DVD and navigation.

- stephanie c

My GMC Acadia has the third row seating that helps with having kids and family members.

My GMC Acadia has the third row seating that helps with having kids and family members. I also like the color that came with my vehicle.

- Carol G

Drives great feels like a truck yet agility like a car!

Love the room, more room than some! The style makes it feel more like a truck than a minivan. The ride is smoother than some crossover!

- Jen S

It is very comfortable vehicle when you go on vacation.

It handles very easy and it has a very smooth.It does like gas stations.It is a very quiet vehicle.Over all it is a very nice vehicle.

- John B

enjoyable ride but needs a little more cargo space in my mind

I like my car, I have had a couple of issues which concern me about quality of parts. I do wish the cargo area was a little larger

- Heather B

It is almost as roomy as a Tahoe or Yukon, but at a much lower price.

It is roomy. Perfect for my family, and our number of car seats. We took it on a family trip and it gets great freeway gas mileage.

- Steve M

It's a very reliable vehicle.

I really like the vehicle but I wish I would have kept my van. I miss the sliding doors, however I do love the features in my SUV.

- Haley F

Safe dependable very family functionable it's easy to get around in run the kids and friends with comfy room and the best safety features while yet bringing good fuel mileage.then on the weekend you can pack the family up grab the boat and head to the lake. Very versatile

I like suvs. I had a Tahoe before this is not as tough uncomfortable but is more than others in its size category and price range

- Travis S

It is very spacious and roomy for passengers.

It drives nice but it does not have any luxury features. It is large enough to fit storage and car seats for babies and toddlers.

- Jill G

Its and incredible automobile with GPS and front wheel drive

I Love my vehicle made by GMC, I purchase it in 2016. And I have not had to have any major work ok complaints about this vehicle

- keith C

The car is safe to drive. Especially in the bad weather.

I love my gmc acadia. I like that it is an suv and love that it is safe to drive in all kinds of weather. especially the snow.

- Denise L

It is a 2010 with only 90k miles. It is a great car and has been since day one.

It's an SUV easy to drive great in snow it is too biggie one person looking for a smaller car I think in the next few years.

- Sue F

It has held up so well, and still looks like new.

The size of vehicle is great for my family... Not thrilled with color of vehicle... Wish they kept diamond trick at white..

- Elisabeth G

The things everyone should know are that it is very reliable, roomy, comfortable and east to handle.

It's roomy. It's comfortable. It handles nicely.no complaints at all. So far so good. It has definitely made life easier.

- Mrsemc M

Lots of room and a great ride!

I have been leasing this vehicle for 2 years. I love the way is rides and performs in the snow. I would get another one.

- Christine W

That it's incredibly spacious though it doesn't look like it from the outside

I love everything about my car. It is excellent for a family of 7 and very spacious while also not being a huge ugly suv

- Marissa L

The 4G network for wifi, and the amount of space available for storage.

I like the heated and cooled seats. The 4G network available. And I like the spacious interior with the Captain seats.

- Rahsahn W

It has a third row but will let down to have more room for cargo.

I love it!! I wish would had gotten one sooner. I have no complaints. I will buy another one but it will be loaded.

- Monica F

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's safe.

I love all the space it has. I feel secure driving it. It makes me feel safe when I have the suv full of my kiddos.

- Michelle T

Not only does this SUV look great, it is perfect for long trips,

I like the way that it handles on the road. The gas mileage is not as great as I expected. It is very roomy.

- Candace p

It is great for big families. And also great for long road trips.

I like how spacious it is. Love the third row seating. Trunk space is limited and gas mileage is not great.

- Chelsea N

Captain chairs in the 2nd row.

We love the 2nd row captains chairs makes it so easy and fast for kids and adults to get to the third row.

- Margaret H

The space in the interior.

It is a newer more modern vehicle. It is a smooth ride. It is size and capacity. I like the color, black.

- Jamie L

Great ride with a gmc acadia

seating is comfortable. drives well. reliable. easy to maneuver. very large with good space for storage.

- karen h

It is spacious and works great for our family. I like the back end and the ease of getting groceries in and out. I feel safe on the road in the vehicle too.

It is a great size for a family of four. The kids can spread out comfortably and have their own room.

- Megan B

Has seating for 7 people and great leg room. Plus In dash navigation.

It is very roomy. It gets good gas mileage for being a large suv. It was a good price for the year.

- Sarah C

That it is a safe car to have on the road. Airbags are all over inside. Plus it is well built

I like the whole car. The size fits my need for my family. It gets great gas miles for it size.

- William C

It has more space that most of the SUVs in its category.

I love the space and roominess of my Acadia. It has a smooth ride and delivers a homey feel.

- Amy T

It has lots of capacity and can fit up to 7 people plus luggage.

The acadia has lots of room. I can seat 7 people. It has good gas mileage and decent power.

- Margaret D

It has a high safety rate, it's very reliable and a beautiful design and interior.

It has a beautiful design. I always have a smooth ride. Upscale interior. Very good suv.

- Erick V

Quality, good vehicle, made with style and versatility

Roomy, has nice features, easy to drive, Has comfortable feel. American made. GM product.

- Ron S

That the car is very bumpy

The car is a bit too bumpy for my taste and I wish it was bigger. I do like the color

- Elizabeth E

Comfortably fits a driver and 2 hockey players and a goalie with equipment bags!

The car handles well in all weather. The seat size and storage capacity fit our needs.

- Jolene C

it's very roomy and great for families. i would buy another one in the future

i like that is is roomy and reliable. the nav sucks but otherwise it is a great car!

- Leia C

Reliability, comfort, and safety

Like the style, comfort, fuel economy, and features that help, me keep in control.

- Charles b

It's safe and and a very well made car plenty of room for 7-8 people as it has the 3rd row seating

It's a roomy well made car. Very safe. If is comfortable. I do not like the color

- Drake S

That it rides comfortably

I love the vehicle. It rides very comfortably. I will keep it for a long time.

- Shelley b

It is a great car for a family of four. Lots of space for everything

Great family vehicle. Plenty of room. Love back up camera. wish it was sportier

- Andrea C

I can take all my family with me on vacation with room to spare

It has lots of room. It is comfortable. It has lots of safety devices.

- Doris G

Family loves it it great on gas, people love it has lots of room

Very comfortable vehicle it is fun to drive good for the entire family

- Michelle H

The Space is AMAZING. I highly recommend this car to EVERYONE!

I love everything about it. The space is amazing. It's a smooth ride.

- Tina H

I love the Acadia because of the room and the way it drives and handles. I don't have any complaints at this time.

The Acadia drives and handles great. It is actually easy to park.

- Elizabeth E

Comfortable ride, nice looking

Comfortable ride, nice vehicle, great for short and long drives

- Sherri W

Very good vehicle but discontinued this year.

Like the body style. Has plenty of legroom and cargo space.

- jackie d

It is Awd for winter driving.

I like the AWD. It is plenty roomy. I don't like the mpg.

- Chris h

great gas mileage and safety ratings, very comfortable

plenty of legroom, rides comfortable, safety features.

- karla h

It has poor fuel economy, only get 11 mpg around town

Well designed car. Good sound system. Smooth driving.

- Larry W

GMC Acadia- great family car!

- Sara G