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I love my 2019 GMC Acadia Denali.

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

The seats are amazingly comfortable. The engine has a lot of giddy up and go, when you need the power to accelerate it is there when needed. The infotainment center is much more user friendly than previous models. My favorite new feature is the progressive cruise control. I drove from the Dallas/Ft Worth area to Schertz, which is just above San Antonio, to go to an Air Force graduation. Used the cruise control down/back and got amazing gas mileage, 34.2 was the high mileage for my trip! I will say I do miss the HUD (heads up display) that I had on my previous Acadia. On the new models, it is not an option anymore. In addition the #1 and #2 seat positioning buttons for the driver's seat you now have to hold down the button number for the seat and steering wheel to adjust to your setting. On the previous models you only had to push the button, not hold it down. All in all the 2019 Acadia Denali is a pleasure to drive on the highway and in town.

- Patricia C

Slick Sick Ride

2019 GMC Acadia

Great vehicle 2019 Acadia Denali. Comfortable. Nice features. Purchased March 2019. 3400 miles now,3.6V6 mileage 18.2mpg and I drive however I want. The multi drive function is cool especially in Denver. The trim package is great. 6 seats is awesome. It is hard to see out the back with rear seat head rests up and another person mentioned its hard to see over the rear view mirrors. The GMC app rocks but you do have to have atleast $15month OnStar package for it to work. The console is cool with weather map etc. Heated and cooled front and middle row seats rock. I wish the wireless charger was standard, its an expensive add on. The kick trunk is nice, key fobs are cool but HUGE for 2019 technology. Car has just enough get yp and go for me, but a little more power woulda been nice. Feel safe in this car, nice boze stereo. GREAT bumper to bumper warranty for 36k miles transferable. 4.9/5

- Dick Desterhouse

2019 Acadia SLT Features and interior options.

2019 GMC Acadia SLT

For the most part I love my car. I love the interior and all of its functions. I have a rear view camera that helps identify any cars or objects that may be in my way. I also like the side blind spot notifications on my side mirrors. I use the navigation on my car often. The leather interior is great and the warranty that comes with it. I have an OnStar option. The kids and I really enjoy the two sunroofs that the car has. One of the main reasons I wanted this car is because the middle seats are captains seats and we also have third row seating. The third row folds down to give extra carrying room in the trunk.

- Angela H

The first and second row seats are easy to adjust to have a comfortable ride.

2019 GMC Acadia

The only problem I have right now is that sometimes I have difficulty seeing over the side mirror when turning left. This car gets great gas mileage, whether it is around town or out on the highways. It is easy to drive and is very comfortable on trips. I do wish that the rear seat headrests would fold down to see better out of the back and that the seats had the ability to be adjustable. My car has an aisle, so it is easy for anyone to get into the back seat. I like the smaller SUV because I can still get a lot of items into the back for longer trips.

- Joy S

Probably the best car I've ever had

2019 GMC Acadia SLE

This is my favorite car I've ever had and I've been leasing new cars for 20 years. It is extremely spacious, has great gas mileage and the ride is so smooth and comfortable. I drive a lot and find this car is set up with features that make my life easier. The radio on the steering wheel, the updated modern console allows me to stream music, receive calls and texts through my dashboard. After being in the car for long periods of time I am not sore or achy from the seats. It has a level of comfortability I haven't had in a car previously.

- Amber T

GMC Acadia: Perfect for families and full of technology

2019 GMC Acadia SLE

There is a third row seating with the second row being captains chairs. This is perfect for families with young children because it allows access to the back row without having to take out child car seats first to fold down the second row. I have the leather upholstery which is soft but durable. I love the in dash touch screen with satellite radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, rear backup camera, GPS, and all the other technology options. The ride of the vehicle is so smooth and it's fast for an SUV.

- Jamie C

Not what I'm used to, but overall a reliable vehicle

2019 GMC Acadia SLE

It's a good vehicle, just not enough horsepower for me. It's spacious and my kids love it. There's plenty of charging docs for their tablets, and they love the third row. I live where there are lots of potholes and it's still a smooth ride. The only problem I've had is that it makes a squeaky noise that I for the life of me can't figure out where it's coming from. It's on the lighter side for me as well, so I feel like it wobbles too much for me. Overall, it's a good car.

- Monica R

Love my GMC Acadia Denali ! :)

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

Awesome vehicle, drives smoothly, great on gas, 4 comfortable captain chairs, love the in dash navigation, Bose speakers with apple play option, heated and cooled seats. Love the GMC app that tells you all your vehicles info and love remote start especially in cold winter days . 2 things I would change in this car is it only seats 6 people and back window does not open you have to open door to put something in back which is kind of a hassle if it's only something small

- Flor L

The car practically drives itself!

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

We love our new car. The 3d camera system makes maneuvering so easy and with the lane assist and other features it is like you do not even have to stress about driving. It practically drives itself. I also love the interior. Very sleek and attractive. Cleans very easily and stays clean. The stereo system is very clear and the display is easy to maneuver through. The GPS and maps systems is always up to date which makes avoiding collision and other traffic issues easy.

- Julie S

It's a great vehicle. Great design

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

The vehicle is great, but GMC dealerships are another topic. After the sale, they don't care. We never received our second key and we got none of our loan paperwork. The GMC support line was also no help, we pretty much were dumped after we bought the car. And they told us it was brand new, but on their website we can see that it was leased for a few weeks before we got it.

- Brooke B

Great ride and handling - too small for a full size SUV

2019 GMC Acadia SLT

I like the ride and durability of my Acadia. The performance. Is excellent as is the fuel economy. The weaknesses in the vehicle is the lack of storage space in the drivers section of the car and the lack of drink cups in the doors. I am also very disappointed in the overall size of this SUV - it is several inches shorter and narrower than the previous model.

- Ken A

Its has a bigger screen than most cars

2019 GMC Acadia SL

My vehicle has no problems it is the best car I ever seen it runs great and it's good with gas if you are looking for a car this a great car for you. It's cheaper than you think it has plenty of space if your a big family and drunk has a lot of space so it's really good for shopping it's almost like a moving van, haha! But it's not that big.

- Cassidy H

Great family car with lots of room

2019 GMC Acadia SLT

LOVE my 2019 GMC Acadia. It has large seats that are super comfortable. 3 row seats, the back 2 fold down with TONS of room. I haul a lot of product to shows for work so the extra room really helps. Lots of USB ports for the kids to charge their tablets. Overall a really great family car with lots of room a great gas mileage.

- Jessica P

3000 miles on my new Acadia

2019 GMC Acadia

Two issue already , the outside climate sensor has stopped working it is stuck on 77 degrees while it is actually 90 degrees outside. Also there has been a rattling noise coming from the rear seat area while driving since I drove it off the lot. For the price I paid I excepted more. Disappointed at the moment

- Tony

Very happy with this choice.

2019 GMC Acadia SL

Car runs great. Gas tank is a little smaller than I am use to, however, I still only fill up once a week. Multi position driver seat to accommodate multiple drivers. Must be sure to position seat correctly in order not to have blind spots. Not a ton of legroom in back seat. Overall very happy with choice.

- Maureen F

Love the Acadia and all of its amazing features!

2019 GMC Acadia SLE

It is very spacious and drives very smoothly. Lots of nice features. Third row seating for extra kids. Plenty of room in the third row. Decent amount of space for luggage. Love how I can play my phone through the speakers. Bluetooth is amazing. I'm not a big fan of the back up camera as of yet.

- Nicole H

GMC 2019 Acadia has a great new style, sleek and stylish

2019 GMC Acadia SL

Runs smooth, nice comfortable drive. Lots of room inside even with 3rd row, trunk space good as well. Could have better features inside with trim, automatic seats inside. Outside plastic bumpers and trimming not so fancy will eventually fade. Not enough colors to choose from for exterior

- Cynthia S

My Acadia runs very efficiently and comfortable to ride in on long trips.

2019 GMC Acadia SL

I like the fuller screen view for backing up. I haven't had any problems with this vehicle and I love the GMC SUVs. This is my third one. Radio comes in well but I feel my past traverse had a little better sound. I also love the fact that I have a button to open and close the hatch door.

- Ruth A

It has charging ports in every row of the vehicle including the trunk.

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

It is an amazing family car with a comfortable feel. You couldn't ask for more in a vehicle other than it driving itself, which it almost does. The heated and air conditioned seats and steering wheel are ideal for winter and summer. So much room for anything you could desire doing.

- Jennifer C

Excellent size and comfort.

2019 GMC Acadia SL

Plenty of room for everyone, rides smooth, lots of plugins for accessories, two downfalls I have are not enough cubbies and the cup holders are too small for my water bottle. Considering the size of the vehicle the gas mileage is not too bad and the no gas lid thing is very cool.

- tamara A

The 2019 Acadia SLT It's a nice driving car but a tad small. Gas mileage is ok.

2019 GMC Acadia SLT

The car size is a bit smaller than what I would like to drive around in. The car does drive really nice and the seats are. Comfortable.. I'm still not sure of the location in the car for some features so I have to look them up. I don't find gas mileage that great.

- Jen M

Engine stalls

2019 GMC Acadia

I loved my Acadia Denali 2019 for the first 2000 km. Then the engine stalled while in motion. It was fixed, then stalled again within 30 minutes of use. It was «fixed » again. Then after two days the engine warning light was on again. I do not recommend this car.

- Mhairi de Alwis

2019 GMC Acadia honest review

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

My Brakes squeal when using them to slowly moving when parking or in drive through lanes. Occasionally the lane correction malfunctions & tells me to correct it when I am driving in my lane. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. The cameras help when parking.

- Kate O

American made luxury. Worth a look.

2019 GMC Acadia Denali

Extreme comfortable, quiet to drive, high end touches that rival luxury vehicles. Air conditioned seats in summertime are great. Three rows helpful for transporting visiting family or friends of children. Only complaint is that I wish the gas tank were bigger.

- Kristen B

New so early to judge overall

2019 GMC Acadia

My concern is that there is no lockable storage in either the glove box or console.

- Ed Phillips