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Good family and light work vehicle. A great little truck!

2012 GMC Canyon

The truck is very useful, but it has a very light carrying capacity (4,000 lbs max). We use it for hauling wood, dirt, trees, and produce as well hauling our tents and tables to Farmer's Markets. It has issues with maintaining speed on cruise control on hills, often kicking up to a very high RPM for a short period instead of slowly downshifting to maintain the speed which is a problem since we live in mountainous country. The interior is very spacious and works well for our family of 4.

- Cara S

You don't need to fear switching from operating from a small car/cars to a truck. It is a great small truck that can help when you need to move/hull things, but don't want to drive a tank.

2012 GMC Canyon

My truck is a great truck for people who want good gas mileage and to carry smaller/medium items like furniture or helping people move. It has a V6 and gets in the 20+ MPG mix driving which is pretty good for a truck if you use it both for hauling and for traveling to work. What I don't like is that it cannot carry wide loads or has the get up and go if the load is very heavy. It's good if you want to save on gas and don't need a heavy duty truck.

- Mary S

The canyon is super reliable.

2012 GMC Canyon

The vehicle is very reliable, no real problems. When a tire is low or the oil needs to be changed a message pops up on the dash. Swapping a tire with the spare requires a proprietary piece that comes with the truck, and the process can be a bit of a hassle.

- Jeremy S

It has proven to be very dependable and has met most of my expectations.

2012 GMC Canyon

I like my vehicle. I only have two complaints--1. It has a tight turning radius--you must have a large area to turn around in--something I wouldn't have expected from a small truck. and 2. I don't think the radio works as well as it should.

- Mike M

Dependability is the most important trait in my opinion for this vehicle.

2012 GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon SUV that I own is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It has very good gas mileage usage and performs well on both long and short term trips. Comfort and styling also positive traits of this vehicle.

- Gary C

Easy handling, few blind spots, roomy, (4 door) good gas mileage.

2012 GMC Canyon

Great little truck. Perfect size full size ones are too much for me. I used to drive the S10 pickups but they discontinued them. This one is most comparable.

- christine m

It's luxurious for a truck.

2012 GMC Canyon

I bought this car used with 30,000 miles on it and now put 100,000 more miles in it. Never had an issue! Runs great just wish it was V6 not 4-cyl.

- Rafael V

It stalls so don't get angry if I sit at a red light.

2012 GMC Canyon

I like it because of the handling. Its height is around where I need it to drive. I dislike it however since it stalls every once and awhile.

- Caleb N

Very dependable and safe in winter driving conditions.

2012 GMC Canyon

I like the roomy bench seat. It is amazing in the snow. I dislike the gas mileage and how hard it is to turn around in small spaces.

- Dawn F

The sound system and power are great.

2012 GMC Canyon

I loved my truck. It does great in the snow, sand, and mud. It also get decent gas mileage and provide plentiful cabin space.

- Sebastian W

it is paid off and drives very nice.Easy to park and good visibility on the road.

2012 GMC Canyon

Pick up truck that fits my needs. expect to keep vehicle at least 10 years. currently averaging about 500 miles a month.

- J O

It handles the road well and holds value.

2012 GMC Canyon

It's well made and holds value. It's a little small. It makes for a smooth ride

- Adie S