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Nice basic truck that hauls plenty, with nice ride, great gas mileage.

2016 GMC Canyon 2WD

Problems: Powertrain control module software needed updating to eliminate hot weather errors and power loss. Very slight coolant leak resulted in need to top up coolant slightly (about 1/2 pint) every six months. Performance: I have the 2.5L four cylinder, which performs very adequately, especially with the 6-speed manual transmission. I have no problems merging with traffic on the interstate, and the truck feels peppy in town. The ride is smooth in my opinion for a pickup truck, though car owners may find it slightly bumpy and rough. The truck corners well, and the brakes are very adequate. Reliability: So far, I have had very few issues with the truck. I had the power loss/traction control error happen several times during hot weather...the truck would go into limp mode and would stay that way for something like 50 miles/several restarts. This could have been potentially dangerous in heavy traffic. The problem was eliminated with a flash update of the truck's computer. Slight coolant loss from seepage around heater hose crimp fittings; required about 1/2 pint every six months. Other than oil consumption of 1/2 to 1 quart between changes (approximately 8000 miles; done when maintenance indicator shows the oil life is almost up), there have been no other maintenance or reliability issues. Truck currently has 48k miles on it. Comfort: We regularly take this truck on road trips, as it's comfortable and has room for everything we take (beach chairs, coolers, luggage, camping equipment, etc). The seats are fabric covered and offer good support, though they could stand to be a little larger (I am a large person). Standard power seat on driver's side is nice. Air conditioning will freeze you out of the cab! It works really well. Features: This truck is the base model, and the only extras from the factory it has are keyless entry, rear window defogger, and cruise control, and premium paint color. Dealer installed options include the plastic bedliner, window tint, lower fender mudguards. It has the basic stereo, with no bluetooth or navigation, but does permit a cabled connection to an iPod or iPhone via USB, or other audio device via line in. It's plenty loud, and the audio quality is good. The truck is the extended cab version, and the rear jump seats are forward-facing. They're useless for all but the shortest of adults and children. I'd like to replace them with a cargo area tray like the very base SL has, but you can't get it unless you order vinyl floor covering. I had to have carpet I've put a folding soft tonneau cover on the bed, and it makes carrying luggage and other stuff a dream.

- Daniel B

Comes with a hitch, so if you run out of room in the back of the truck.

2016 GMC Canyon

No problems whatsoever. Very reliable. The comfort and features are having your seats warmed up, on a cold morning. Starting your vehicle using your key fob. While getting ready for work is a plus, the backseat is comfortable for the passengers. As well. The other great feature is the touch screen radio, with Sirius access. The Bose speakers provides great sound throughout the truck. Another feature is the short bed, great room for loading and unloading your items, as needs. The truck is excellent on gas, and runs very smooth. I am not happy with the color of my truck which is black.

- Veronica V

I would definitely recommend this truck. It is sporty yet functional.

2016 GMC Canyon

Drives very smoothly, very easy on turns and drives like a car but with convenience of a truck. Very dependable. Very sporty. I can go off reading in it, as well. It is just a beautiful truck inside and out. I never heard of a GMC canyon until I looked at the dealer lot and just fell IN love with it. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I have owned 2 GMC vehicles in past and they were great cars.

- Deborah S

Great gas mileage for this awesome diesel.

2016 GMC Canyon 4WD SLE

We got the extended bed, the extra foot is so useful. There is also Bose sound system which is amazing. The back up camera is so helpful. All weather mats keep it easy to clean and keep clean. I wish we had leather seats however. Very comfortable ride. Gets about 36 miles/gallon highway or better. Like 25 city which is awesome for a truck. It helps that it is a diesel.

- Erin L

GMC canyon on the move and ready for the next century.

2016 GMC Canyon 4WD SLT

Very reliable, has great electronic computerized dashboard functions. Very roomy, leather interior. Bed of truck has a molded insert to protect from harsh material. Decent gas mileage for a 4x4, approximately 21 mpg. Sleek design. Ability to utilize certain apps with the vehicle. Can remotely start and control certain functions via a GMC app.

- Scott S

Full black kit with light.

2016 GMC Canyon

I've already filled out this survey. Bit blacked out, finders, spider web on grill with spider, that my husband did by hand. Highlights on roof with tailgate rails. With red logo GMC on rails. Body kit that cost 5, 000. 00, Blacked matte. Paid 40, 000 for truck with few miles, now had 36, 000 miles on it.

- Amanda M

Refined inside truck interior.

2016 GMC Canyon

We have only had the truck about 4 months but it was been reliable for us and a good choice of vehicle for replacement of our totaled Mercedes sedan. It has ample leg space in the back for passengers. Overall it gets decent gas mileage. We like that it is more refined inside then the Chevy Colorado.

- Kim C

Good size for small family.

2016 GMC Canyon

I like the size and good gas mileage. The back seat area is not as roomy as I would like, seats raise up but you can not fit items in compartments. No automatic start on keys, would like to have that feature. Gas feature does not give you how much mileage is let after you reach 42 miles left.

- Suzanne F

Work/family balanced vehicle.

2016 GMC Canyon

This crew cab doesn't have a lot of pick up and go as a 4 cylinder but it is reliable and packs lots of room and storage into a gas friendly vehicle. I use it as a work truck for my tools and electrical equipment as well as my families beach and mountain vehicle on the weekends.

- Brett A

Paying the premium for GMC rather than just Chevy was worth it for both the car itself and the dealer customer service experience.

2016 GMC Canyon

I wanted a pickup truck, but was hesitant to get one as I live in an urban area and was concerned with the size for navigating and parking. This mid size truck doesn't feel huge while driving, but cab/bed are plenty big and I do not feel I sacrificed performance either.

- Alex J

Good reliable pickup easy to get around

2016 GMC Canyon 4WD SLE

It's a little bit small for long vacations. The seats aren't as comfortable as The sierra either. It would be tight for 5 passengers to. It makes around 23 miles per gallon which is about the same as the sierra 1500. But it runs good and seems to be a well built pickup.

- Shannon L

Blacked out GMC, souped up with spiderwebs.

2016 GMC Canyon

Bought truck new blacked out, bars on top. Great truck had it 2 years, only problem is tires don't stay at 37, if low tires are loud, and shakes. My husband put spiderweb with spider on bottom grill to look nice. Get a lot of compliments on truck how it's done.

- Amanda M

GMC canyon, let the adventures begin.

2016 GMC Canyon

I am completely in love with my GMC canyon. I am an outdoor type of girl who loves an adventure and my canyon helps me achieve all my adventures. It drives as easy as a car but has the performance of a big truck. The range is amazing and it is easy on gas.

- Diana E

GMC canyon is has a very sporty look.

2016 GMC Canyon

There is not enough room for anyone to sit in the backseat. Really has no get up and go when you pull out in front of traffic. The GPS system and all everything else it comes with his rather complicated. It is ok on gas but it could get better gas mileage.

- Linda L

GMC Canyon: An Easy to Drive Truck

2016 GMC Canyon SL

This truck offers a smooth ride with a digital interface to customize feature settings. There's plenty of space in the bed, but the truck isn't necessarily oversized. The seats are a leatherish material for easy cleaning. It's kind of an ugly brown color.

- Jade R

Perfect size for just one person or a small family.

2016 GMC Canyon

It rides super smooth, as well as, it is fairly cheap on gas. I like that it is a king cab version, as well, so that l am able to pick up my college aged daughter, her roommate and their belongings and still have room to ride comfortably.

- Tracy S

It's a very reliable truck that can handle the job.

2016 GMC Canyon

The design and look of the truck are great. Fuel mileage is good. And the comfort and ride is very welcoming for long trips. The only thing I wish were different is the engine size. Would prefer a little more power.

- Jeff J

It's gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck too

2016 GMC Canyon

I really love my truck with one exception, no CD player. It has Sirius radio, which I don't use. Who wants to pay for radio.. The Canyon is perfect size for me and my dog. It has 4 doors and a full size bed.

- Linda D

Not a lot of room in the cab. I feel confined.

2016 GMC Canyon

Mechanically it is great. Back seat has little leg room. Cup holders are slanted so can only hold bottle sized cups with water tight kids. Doors do not open wide. Hard to get cargo in.

- Kathryn D

Reliable and gets good gas mileage.

2016 GMC Canyon

I really like my truck. It's roomy good on gas and very comfortable to drive long distance. I really like the media center with navigation screen. I live the camera for backing up.

- Linda L

Nice smooth ride with solid gas mileage.

2016 GMC Canyon

It is a comfortable ride with better than advertised gas mileage. The one thing I would like to be better is the brightness of the headlights. They are dimmer than I would like.

- M t

Great family truck that people should look at before a Chevy Colorado.

2016 GMC Canyon

I like the room the truck has. I can fit my tools and family in the truck. I also like the gas mileage. The truck is a 4 cylinder so it does not have a lot of pick up and go.

- Brett A

It does great on gas in the city and when traveling on road trips.

2016 GMC Canyon

I love that my car is a 4x 4 and I am able to drive in the terrain of my choice. I also love the comfort of the drive. Although, it is a pick up it drives like a car.

- Diana L

My canyon. It is comfortable and quiet while performing beyond my expectations.

2016 GMC Canyon

I use it to tow a twenty four foot travel trailer. It tow very well. The performance is impressive for a six cylinder. The ride is comfortable and quiet.

- Jeff W

I like to know what the gas mileage is and I like the comfort of the ride that's not comfortable ride I don't get it

2016 GMC Canyon

This is my third canyon I have loved all three of them I've never had a problem with them or the dealership I am ready to get a new one in three months

- Patrick F

Its unique and 5,000.00 upgrade to make it look different then the rest.

2016 GMC Canyon

Does well in snow, mudding. Does make a lot of noise from air conditioning etc. Truck has a small cab, hard for teenagers fit because they are tall.

- Amanda J

It is good on gas. Very comfortable seating.

2016 GMC Canyon

It is great on gas. I like the size. I like sitting up higher than in a car. I do not like that it has no air vents in the back seat area.

- Shan M

It is a good midsize truck for anyone.

2016 GMC Canyon

My canon is great in the winter. Takes a little time to cool down in the summer. Handles well, spacious, easy to park, looks good.

- Anna M

This is just the best all-around truck I have ever had I love it and I would recommend it to anybody

2016 GMC Canyon

This is the prettiest truck I've ever had, I get so many compliments on it and it's very comfortable it's good on gas I love it

- Tenia M

gasoline powered, 4 cylinder engine

2016 GMC Canyon

Extended cab smaller pick-up. 2 wheel drive. Gasoline powered 4 cylinder engine. Automatic transmission. Color is black.

- Jerry S

It is very comfortable and with the heated seats and adjustments it is very nice to drive.

2016 GMC Canyon

I love my little truck. It is a perfect size it allows me to take 5 people in it as well as have a bed to carry things.

- Jason H

Unlike some vehicles I had, this truck handles very well and rides smooth.

2016 GMC Canyon

The seat should be easier to adjust. Move it forward and seat goes up as well. I don't need it to go up, just forward.

- Lisa K

comfort and dependability. I highly recommend it for any truck lover

2016 GMC Canyon

I love everything about it. No complaints. So well equipped and so comfortable to travel. Would buy it again.

- Janet B

This truck is a great truck. Rides well and is great for families.

2016 GMC Canyon

I love the remote start, back up camera, Wi-Fi capability, the color, and the amount of space in the crew cab.

- Frances F

Excellent gas mileage at approximately 28 mpg.

2016 GMC Canyon

Like: fuel mileage, comfort, infotainment center, phone integration. Dislike: occasional glitches with 4wd.

- Sara W

That I really like it, but I'd prefer something smaller for daily use.

2016 GMC Canyon

It's a truck, the first one I have owned, and also the first time I have truly owned an american vehicle.

- Troy D

Design of truck is appealing. Includes backup camera. Did not come with running boards which need to be added to aid in getting in and out

2016 GMC Canyon

Prefer to drive a car but needed truck for hauling. Handles well. Hard for wife who is short to get in

- Randy T

The apple CarPlay does not work consistently. Especially when making phone calls from the car.

2016 GMC Canyon

All purpose vehicle for adventures and city driving. Still uses too much gas but no awful for a truck.

- Adam S

That I like it. It is a vehicle I intend to keep for many years.

2016 GMC Canyon

The vehicle serves my needs well. The price was more than I would have liked to pay.

- tim d

Good Fuel Economy and easy to maintain

2016 GMC Canyon

Good Fuel economy Small enough to fit in small garage Comfortable easy to maintain

- howard W

I love that it is a diesel truck. It gets great fuel mileage and I love that for my job! It also has plenty of space and is a 4 door.

2016 GMC Canyon

The fuel mileage is great and is awesome if you drive a lot!

- Mariah W

It isn't powerful or roomy enough for a family of four.

2016 GMC Canyon

There is no power in the engine. The bed is too short.

- David H