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I am fond of the interior not being of leather. Sun rips leather apart.

It rattles at the moment somewhere near the engine section of the vehicle. It is terribly awful on gasoline usage. I very much like the room inside the vehicle being that I have three children. It has a rack that very much accommodates for my kayak during river outings. Since I live in an area where snowfall occurs, the four wheel drive option is also of best interest and use to myself. The year of the vehicles enables the luxury of an auxiliary cord so I am unable to use my auxiliary cord to play my iTunes music account. Which is of very dissatisfaction being that I love listening to iTunes & downloaded books while driving. The oil leaks. Sometimes when I am coming to a roll and stop the vehicles turns itself off. I have to reignite the key to further drive.

- Ashley P

The inside of the car is pretty big.

The envoy by GMC is a pretty nice vehicle. You can fit a pretty nice amount of people. It rides pretty smooth and it can really last a pretty good time without having any problems. It also is pretty good when it comes to gas. It does not take a lot of money when it comes to gas money. Ale another thing that I really like about the envoy GMC is that for being an old model the interior of the car looks really nice. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of space between yourself and the other person. One thing that I do wish could be better is how the car looks from the outside. In my opinion it is not a very good looking car.

- Cesar S

Best car ac you will ever feel in your entire life.

I have had my GMC for a few years now and it has had quite a few issues. Many problems such as gas guzzling, break issues, the transmission has died on me many time. My radio also stopped working around a year ago. I have yet to put in a new one. The best thing about the car in my opinion is the comfortability, I feel up high and extremely safe. The ac is also extremely cold.

- Charlotte H

GMC envoy the spacious luxury vehicle.

The GMC envoy is a great luxury vehicle. It is spacious and comfortable. Heated seats, ac/heat vents for back seats, sunroof, multiple controls for seat positions, wide runners to step out on, lots of trunk space, leather seats, the list goes on. This vehicle is great for families.

- Abby D

Its comfortable on long trips.

Not good gas mileage. Has lots of room. I bought the vehicle used so it has some problems. AC quit working. Back window will not open.

- L W

My car is old and has leaks and is broke down and it is bad.

It doesn't work that well it breaks down and leaks and Its not worth the time and money and so it is going to be broke down.

- Jeffery L

It breaks down sometimes at stop lights & stop signs.

I like that I can put my kayak on top. I like 4 wheel drive. I dislike the amount of gas it takes to run.

- Ashley P

good running family car that is easy to operate and use

comfortable but expensive to repair...and with gas prices on the rise makes it expensive to operate

- Herman M

I really like my GMC envoy. It is AWD, which is a necessity in the winter where I live. It has leather heated seats which are very comfortable! Also, I have 2 children and I enjoy having a truck that fits strollers, diaper bag, toys, etc.

although it is an older model, it has relatively low miles, and it has been good to me so far!

- Tessa M

Inside rear NAV camera. smooth ride with enough inside space

I like the size and it is easy to drive. It has just enough space inside