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Great performing vehicle, great price with lots of features.

I like the look, style and design of my vehicle. I like that the driver's seat has adjustable lumbar support and many' many other features pertaining to adjusting the driver's seat for perfect comfort. My vehicle gets really good gas mileage even when it needs a tune up, has a minor repair that needs to be done or when it's due for and oil change. I like that the back windshield has rear defrost, windshield wiper and windshield cleaning system. The sound system is great and the radio antenna picks up radio stations from miles and miles away. I have a one hour round trip drive to and from work everyday and it seems like I get to and from work in no time due to the comfort and ease of driving from this vehicle. I like the color of paint that my vehicle is. It is very easy to see out the windows in all sorts of different angles. There's not really any blind spots. Anytime we have ever needed to replace a part on this vehicle the parts store shopping was all pretty easy. I have never needed a part that wasn't in stock with a few different parts to choose from with lots of price ranges and parts being in stock from regular to high performance. You can buy different sizes and styles of tires and rims. My husband and I love to take our bass boat to different areas of bodies of water to go bass fishing. This vehicle has a place to install a trailer hitch and a place to plug a trailer in. This vehicle has 4 wheel drive and great brakes without a lot of maintenance needed to up keep the brakes. We got this vehicle at a really great price used so I'm pretty sure they are at a great price new without having to lose the shirt off your back. The resale value is good. All and all the only trouble we have ever had from this vehicle is with the fuses blowing that control the cruise control and phone charger outlet.

- Melissa A O

My GMC Envoy and everything that I love about it.

I own a 2002 GMC Envoy. I really like it a lot. It's very spacious with the 3rd row seating, which comes in handy with four kids. It runs great and we've never had any trouble with it. We bought it used about a year ago. The sunroof is an added bonus and is great on warm, sunny days. The only thing I dislike about it is that there isn't an AUX port, but that's to be expected with an older model like this. Otherwise, it's perfect. The sound is good, the a/c works really well. I like that you can control which rows you want the heating/air to blow. The heated seats are amazing. I really don't have any major complaints at all with this vehicle.

- Jessica H

Safety of third row vehicle

Love the added room rom the third row. The space between the third row and the back window helps ease safety concerns that some third row vehicles have with the third row being mere inches away from the back glass. The front and back bumper both are steep which adds tremendous ease in safety concerns. Even being an older vehicle the engine still runs tremendously well for nearing 200000 miles. Feel like this was a great affordable option for my large family

- Sarah C

It never let me down and I have good driving experience with it

The performance of my car is great driving feelings, very comfortable seats. I have a heater in built the seats what is very nice in cold days. The problems started after 7 or 8 years what I would say is a normal thing. And one year ago I had the problem with the transmission. 2 years ago it was the breaks. Right now I have the problem with the AC. But this car is old now and before the problems I have now I am still satisfied with my vehicle

- Bea K

The positive and the negative.

I like the envoy I do wish it was a newer one. So far it is reliable but there is a lot of small things that do not work. Like the fan for heat or ac. Also the back window does not lock. I also have trouble with brakes they are mushy. The brakes were replaced but the problem still exist. The driver's door makes a whistling sound because of door being off and when it rains the driver door gets full of water. It does not have a lot of pick up.

- Arlene R

The runs amazing for a 2002 GMC envoy.

My car is in good condition. The air conditioning doesn't work. My husband replaced the main switch board for the air conditioning but it still wont work. On top of that the plastic part on the back light flew off the car while we were driving down the road. I love the leather seats and the heated seats. The car has a sunroof. On top of all that it still runs great. We have almost 200 thousand miles and it still gets us where we need to go.

- Ashley M

My car may be old, dented, and scratched up, but it's my car, and I take pride in it. I keep it clean. I try not to beat it up too much because it's the only car I've got.

My GMC Envoy is about 17 years old, and it still treats me well as a vehicle. It gets about 15 miles to the gallon on a good day, and it's had its fair share of repairs over the years, but it's still running well. I really wish it had better gas mileage, but I know that window for improvement is small, so I just kind of live with it.

- Alexis C

My fabulous 2002 GMC Envoy.

I have a 2002. GMC Envoy I love the room it has and it is a great vehicle I have not had any major problems at all. My nice was the previous owner and it was brand new as long as you keep. Up with the oil changes but she never had problems either its a great vehicle also comes with OnStar which is great. I give this vehicle 5 stars.

- Michelle R

Very reliable transportation.

I bought 18 months ago and have put 35,000 miles on it and have only put 1200. 00 in repairs. Only paid 1000. 00 for it. Give it regular oil changes and keep tires aired up and fluids topped off. Have a few minor issues with the electrical system. I am currently in the search for a new GMC. Thinking about the new terrain.

- Stacy K

Sits like a truck. Glides like a Cadillac.

It is 4 wheel drive, has all leather interior, heated seats, the back doors open wide enough that you do not have to struggle to get an infant's car seat in and out. I refer to my Envoy like this: on the outside it looks like a truck. Sits a little bit higher than cars, but rides with all the luxury of a "Cadillac".

- Candy H

A great car for the family.

This is a great car. It turns sharply, and is easy to handle. We had to get some work done on the car, and now we get about 5 miles per gallon then before. We have seat warmers, so that is great in the colder months. You can pick how hot the seats get. We have always enjoyed this car, and would not change a thing.

- Christine E

Spacious leg room in the front and back seats and Comfortable seats.

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy and so far I have no problems with the car regardless of it being 17 years old. It's a reliable car with few problem just as long as it gets it oil change and small maintenance. As in comfort, it's a comfortable car with cloth interior and spacious leg room in the front and back seat.

- Sara P

The best car to have with a family that is roomy.

These cars are lots of room for family with kids and drive smooth on the road had no issues with the car has long you keep it maintained it will last a lifetime it's the best choice I have made getting a car anywhere it has 8 seatbelts a sunroof and is a great travel car that is awesome to take road trips.

- Joy L

Everything is great in the SUV.

It's a roomy SUV, great stereo, good for driving 8 people, good family car good comfort, haven't really gotten any issues, nice SUVs, does waste a lot of gas but it also depends how you use it too, seats can be folded if you need more trunk space, it is a good car overall, no issues for me.

- Maria V

The moon roof is outstanding. I have never had one before.

I absolutely love my envoy. It drives smooth and I haven't had any problems since I bought it one month ago. This is the very first SUV type of vehicle. I do highly recommend them especially living in Indiana where our weather is unpredictable. This is also my first 4 wheel drive vehicle.

- Sheila M

GMC Envoy is a reliable SUV.

Runs good. Body is getting ruff tough. Reliable. Has leather and heated seats and power seats and steering wheel controls. I drive it all the time and wouldn't be afraid to drive it far distances. It is 4 wheel drive and handles good in the snow. I would definitely buy a GMC again.

- Dawn R

When it rains, the windshield wipers go the same speed when it rains.

Had to replace the alternator, new battery, brake pads, rotors, and struts. I currently need to replace the fuel pump. At times, my car will not start. However, it is in good condition with a third row seat, and heated seats in the front. The sunroof leaks really bad when it rains.

- Rose N

It's an old car but feels new

It's nice, I bought it used. The tires are good and the brakes, the ac blows cold air. It has leather seats that are beige. It has power windows. The windows are tinted which is a plus. It drives real smooth and it doesn't make a lot of noise. You can't tell it's on, it drives well

- Miriam I

a comfort to drive. Looks and feels great.

the fluid for the power steering leaks so we have to replace it every few days. Right now do not have the money to fix it. Just had it tuned up and it drives good and feels good. It is an older car but still is a nice car. My husband is the driver and he likes it very much.

- Antoinette T

It has headlight cleaners.

This vehicle was bought second hand and it has had a few problems. I had to replace the ac compressor, starter, suspension, and a part of the power steering. The performance and the reliability I give a fair rating. Though it is very comfortable and has some nice features.

- Pamela G

It drives good. It is also comfortable.

My spouse and I bought our vehicle used so it has a few problems. The radio is not working, our air conditioner does not work right, four wheel drive kicks in and out. Good part is it only has around a hundred thousand miles on it. It is a two-thousand and two GMC envoy.

- Ashley W

Problems with GMC envoy xl.

To many electrical problems. Gauges quit constantly. Sometimes ignition doesn't go off. One problem after another. The car hasn't been 100% since the day I bought it. The transmission has been replaced only to go out again. Now it's the engine. Car has several recalls.

- Pam P

That I get good gas mileage for the size of my car.

i like that i can put just about anything i want in to my car or pull a trailer if i need to. I don't like that my compressor keeps going out and have to have it replaced or I would have no air conditioning. I like that i have the option of 4 wheel drive if i need it.

- brad M

Best investment ever. Very pleased with the service provided.

I.love it. First vehicle I ever had and wanted to pay off. It rides well. No major problems. 17 years old. It was a great investment. It had seen me thru 5 boys and everyone wants it but mama's not considering nothing. Hopefully they'll come out with a new model.

- DS M

My envoy review October 2018.

I love it great on gas mileage and easily maintained. And it runs like a champ. Worth every penny and only had 2 cylinder go bad the whole time I have had it. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get the parts to fix it its 4 dr dark red and it's perfect.

- Angel W

Good car with comfort and useable features.

Air spring was just replace! We had problems with the oil pressure sensor! Overall it is a good car, for the car has comfort and it also have an recorder in the car that you can use when someone walk up to you that you need to record, just push a button.

- Joyce W

Great starter car! With age it tends to be an issue.

This vehicle runs very nicely. It is getting older though so the issues on it are becoming more frequent. I have spent a great deal fixing it over last few years but in its prime it runs like magic. It is a great starter car. It is perfect size as well.

- Trinity G

GMC Envoy, spacious and quiet comfortable design.

My GMC Envoy seats 5 comfortably. It has a nice sunroof, and is very spacious. The only thing that is negative about it is the gas mileage. It gets about 16-18 mpg. I like this vehicle because I can fit my family into it perfectly, car seats and all.

- Summer S

It makes clunking noises like it is falling apart.

I dislike that you can only unlock it from the driver's side door. There is no other way to unlock any of the doors. The seat belts in the back seat are incredibly uncomfortable. I can't think of anything I particularly like about the vehicle.

- Angela J

You should know that the GMC Envoy is an SUV that is easy to handle and maneuver.

My car is easy to handle and I like that it is big enough to car 5 people as well as trunk space for anything they bring with them. I dislike the amount of fuel it takes because it is a sub and has a low mileage rating.

- Cody A

Nice family vehicle when properly maintained and serviced.

It has 3rd row seating with nice space. Heated front seats with separate climate control. The second row has access to rear climate control and headphone jacks to listen to different music if wanted. Nice family vehicle

- Bethany A




Air actuators go out, if park it on a hill nose facing up, it leaks trans fluid.

Turns on a dime. 4x4 option for snow and mud. Seats lay down in the rear for added room and has a cover for rear of vehicle. Comes with a grocery netting and a built in compressor. Luggage rack on top.

- Leslie N

It has lasted forever. Still running after 16 years.

Shifter cable snapped. New engine after several years. New transmission after several years also. Overall it has been a great reliable SUV. It is a V6 and gas mileage is not stellar but it is decent.

- Bailey D

It's reliable, low maintenance. I've never had any issues with it.

I love my Envoy! We bought it preowned and have had it for 3 years. When we are ready for a brand new vehicle I will be going with a GMC product because we have had zero issues with our Envoy.

- April L

With the proper maintenance, it can run for a long time. Mine is a 2002 and still running :)

It's a great vehicle. We bought it 2 years ago used and it's a 2002, so there's a few problems with it now. The dash cluster occasionally goes out so only the RPMs and the speedometer work.

- Ashley H

That there was an open recall on this model year and it has had issues.

I like that's it is spacious. It has enough seating for my whole family. Before purchasing someone messed with the wiring on the radio so it is not working properly. It is an old vehicle.

- Ashley W

It is very important to me.

I love my vehicle because of the seating, and how much room there is. I dislike the gas smell on it and its high miles. It reeks of gas, but other than that it's a nice vehicle.

- Trisha F

I enjoy how easy it is to shift into all wheel drive in the winter.

It is very spacious and I am able to drive in all weather with ease. I have had some issues with the air conditioner but was resolved. Would prefer better gas mileage.

- Taylor V

All around Family or sport vehicle

My envoy is a 7 passenger with easy to lay seats down for more room when needed. It is 4 wheel drive so great in the winter months and it can tow which I also love!

- Susan L

Although it has been driven like a work vehicle, it still runs like a champ.

It is a nice vehicle to drive, and it looked good for about 5 years. The fact that I do construction work has worn it down considerably in the past year or so.

- Jeff W

Nice midsize SUV with good towing capabilities and good gas mileage

Very comfortable size inside for family of four. The towing capabilities for the size of vehicle has also really impressed me.reliable and decent gas mileage

- Dylan m

You get a lot of functions for what you pay.

The vehicle is very reliable. I only have rust on the right hand back passenger door on the inside. I did have my entire front end rebuilt this year though.

- Courtney N

Good reliable transportation

My car has been good to me. Very comfortable and durable . I've kept up with oil changes and have only had to replaced tired at one hundred thousand miles.

- Tony B

Buy a newer model so then you don't have as many problems with it

The air conditioning randomly goes out. The shifter cable fell off while I was at a gas station and I got stuck in reverse. My back 2 windows do not work.

- Lauren A

I love the choice of color especially how it handles. Driving is easier.

Always needs different car GMC is a good kind of truck I like that I can take my family on outings. What I dislike is that it always needs refueling.

- Theresa A

The most important is it gets good highway miles on trips.

I like being able to haul things in the very back. I like it is 4-wheel drive. I dislike the hard to reach driver and front passenger seat belts.

- Virginia H

The most important thing is the cost and the dependability.

My vehicle is a GMC envoy. It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. The body hasn't held up the best, however, I do construction!

- Jeff W

Ways to keep older car running longer

has vortex motor which is a good engine to have. key to keep it running is regular maintenance, ie (oil change, rotate tires, check fluids)

- Carolyn G

Good all purpose car for the family.

Rode like a car when it was new. Great sound system. Interior has held up pretty good. Have had problems with the load leveling system.

- First Name L

My awesome envoy, the perfect family car.

Can sometimes be a tad slow to get going. But it is super safe and runs really well. Great in the winter, all wheel drive, heats up fast.

- J G

It is a very dependable running vehicle. I have not had to many problem with it for all the years.

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle. I love seat warmers. I hate the leather seats and I also hate the maintenance of my vehicle.

- Christina R

Its dependable and reliable.

Drives smooth, starts every time, great stereo, body style is sharp and 4 wheel drive for winter.. I dislike the message center codes..

- Kelly F

2002 GMC envoy. Great family vehicle.

Has plenty of space for car seats. Boise audio system. Drives great. Good mileage. Auto windows and locks. Rear heat and air controls.

- Lisa T

I purchased under a 100k miles and it seems like it was rarely ever driven.

Mostly a well built and smooth riding vehicle. I am fearful that the transmissions on these vehicles are known to be short lived.

- Garrett W

Kids love the third row seats.

It's a great family car. The heated seats in the front are nice on the cold days. All wheel drive is nice on slick icy roads.

- Beth A

Save money 4 next garage bill?.

I believe.... That the vehicle is a true lemon it gives me nothing but trouble cannot afFord to keep it on the road anymore..

- Randall G

The body of my car is a bit scratched up on a door.

It's a good car. Every once in a while it has trouble starting. It has over 100,000 miles. It can get 12 gallons of gas.

- Bryan D

Gas mileage is not that great.

Great car. Plenty of room. I have it for several years and haven't had any major problems. It is older but I love it.

- Brandy R

I love it and it is paid for.

It's big. It's a truck not a car. Don't really like the silver color, would rather it be a brighter color of blue.

- Barbara C

Maroon 4dr 2wd automatic seats 5

I love my car it is reliable and easy to maintain. The only major problem we have had was the cylinders going bad.

- Angel W

It is a good family vehicle.

It is a great family vehicle. The seating is very comfortable. There is great cargo space that can be expanded.

- Patti A

Make sure and keep up with your oil changes, so that you don't diminish engine usage.

Its been running well, do regular maintenance. It has taking me places and has been reliable, and dependable.

- roy h

This is another great GM product. It is comfortable to ride in and fun to drive.

I like the decent gas mileage. The size of the vehicle and the roomy interior. I also like the perky engine.

- roberta s

That it's a great family vehicle.

I love the fact that it has 4 wheel drive. That it has lots of room. I dislike that it burns a lot of gas.

- Deborah J

I would buy another one if I had the money

this vehicle has been very reliable it has gone on very many long trips and has been good on gas mileage

- jim a

Front passenger window will not roll down.

I dislike that there is not much of a console and not much leg room in the backseat. I like the sunroof.

- Melissa D

It is a reliable and safe car for my family. We love it.

It's been a good dependable car for us. Not requiring a lot of maintenance, luckily. We bought it used.

- Lisa S

its reliable for me all the time, everyday that's why

i like everything about my car, it handles well and has all the features i like and need.

- jay f

Durability and reliable, built to last forever. I can depend it

I love my vehicle, it's smooth. It drives good like a champ. It's convenient

- Lea C

It's gets me where I need to go from point a to point b

Well I need my back brakes put on. And now my car is making a weird sound.

- Brittany D

My car has over 242,000 miles and is still a powerhouse. Ice cold air since day 1 and beside a radiator and impossible to disconnect hoses I have never had a problem. GMC should have kept making these!!!

Again it's a powerhouse. No major problems and pushing 250,000 miles!

- Tamara C

It is great on gas unlike most SUV type vehicles and very reliable.

I love everything about it there is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Brittany M

Nothing I can think of. It gets me where I need to to go.

I like my car, it's easy to navigate. It runs and drives everyday.

- Lisa L