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High mileage but runs like new.

My 2003 GMC Envoy has been and still is a reliable vehicle. It is my daily driver, I drive around 70 miles a day round trip. It is a very comfortable vehicle, for I am a rather large man I have no problems getting in or out of it, and comfortable while driving. I own roughly 6 acres of land, and I use my car like a truck, it hauls my trailer wherever I need it and have had it loaded down with lumber and had no issues pulling it. I have over 200, 000 miles on with very little issues. I have a few sensors that need replaced but that is just minor.

- Troy B

2003 GMC Envoy, Great vehicle!

Our GMC Envoy is our favorite suv so far. We have had Chevy Blazers over the years and would recommend them also. Our Envoy is very reliable and not the best on gas usage, but for our needs; it really supports us. We like the idea of having four wheel drive, because of the heavy winters that we seem to have in our area. The seating capacity is excellent for our needs. We found one that had only a little over 100,000 miles on it and very little rust. What a bonus! Great vehicle!

- Nora L

Love it minus electrical fails!

I love this vehicle because of the space, comfort, and handles great. The worst problems have been with the electronics in the car, from blowers, radios, headlights, interior lights, and four wheel drive electronics. They have been difficult to not only diagnosed but repair as the problem will occur eventually. I also have to say that the safety of the car pleases me very much as slamming into a guardrail on a rainy day cause practically no damage to people or body of vehicle.

- Mary W

My review on my 2003 GMC envoy

I like that it gets good gas mileage, it's not a gas hog. It is nice and has a lot of nice features. Power window and locks. Locks automatically lock when shifted from park. It has third row seating and seats seven people. It is spacious and comfortable to ride in. The back hatch has a removable shelf that is useful and handy when grocery shopping. So far I have owned it for a few months and don't have negative things to say about it.

- Pamela W

The SUV is nice, really the only con about the interior is the leather seating.

The GMC envoy is a great SUV if you need to lug larger trailers in particular, but if you do not need to do any pulling of trailers, the envoy is not for you. It is quite expensive in terms of gas money. On average I typically spend $400 a month on gas. Though it is up to around 350, 000 miles and started having real issues around there. Nothing really major, but quite a few parts now need replacing.

- Marie B

You can pack a lot of stuff in it and you can still have a comfortable ride with it packed full of stuff.

It's a comfort vehicle to ride in no matter if you're traveling a short distance or a long distance. It's great for carrying a fairly large load which is great because we're involved in activities that sometimes require carrying quite a bit of stuff. On the downside, it would be a lot better if it got better gas mileage and lately it seems like it's needed a lot of repairs.

- Leah V

It has been very reliable.

Actually a pretty good vehicle overall. Bought it with 100k and currently have about 180k miles on the car. Has been reliable but issues with air conditioning most pressing problem. The DVD player was not installed very good and eventually I self removed. Had issues early with batteries draining quickly but was an electrical issues corrected by dealer.

- Edwin H

The envoy is great for long road trips!

The envoy is a great vehicle for a long road trip, not bad on fuel. For everyday driving, fuel consumption is not very good. This vehicle has a lot of options. I love that the driver's seat resets itself. I have not had a lot of problems with the envoy. It has a lot of room and is great for hauling cargo. There is plenty of room for extra passengers.

- Patricia W

265,000 miles and still performing.

2003 gmc envoy xl has been a great performing vehicle. It currently has 265,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. We use this vehicle for trips to local shops and on small trips to neighboring cities. Though old in terms of available late model features, the envoy xl is and has been a very reliable and durable vehicle.

- David L

My GMC Envoy rock's! Awesome stereo system, and plenty of room to roam!

Have rarely had any issues with mine, and in the winter months the heated seats and 4WD is the bomb! Very spacious and comfy, its a vehicle you can rely on if you get stuck in a ditch, mud, or anything else. Sunroof in the summer months is awesome as well as the OnStar system, cruise control etc., etc. I could go on forever!

- John H

It may seem large and maybe a bit unwieldy and sluggish but it is an all around good car and I have never gotten stuck, slid off the road or hydroplaned even in the winters heavy snow and ice with un plowed roads I can still get around.

I love the way it handles while driving in all weather conditions and road types, a very versatile all around good vehicle. it may technically be based on a light truck platform but it handles and drives like a car. it has very good easy to use features that make the driving experience easier and all around better.

- dan n

Could have been built better.

The braking system is probably the worst I have owned. Seems to need repairs very often. Secondly the gas mileage is fairly horrible. Mostly due to engine size and gearing. Although it has been a reliable vehicle when repairs are made quickly. The body has started rusting, but not as bad as some others I have seen.

- Jay B

It has good pick up and gas mileage is okay. .

It is spacious with lots of storage. The pick up is pretty good and it is a pretty smooth ride. I only have to fill the tank once every 2 weeks just to go to work and back home. I have had a lot of mechanical issues since purchasing it 3 years ago but I still like my SUV and prefer it to driving a regular car.

- Alicia G

The envoy is a great vehicle!

The envoy is a great vehicle for traveling long distance, great comfort and luxury and not bad for fuel economy. In town driving gets terrible fuel economy and getting in and out get to be a bit tiresome, but overall a great vehicle to drive. The envoy has almost every amenity for the year of the vehicle.

- Patricia W

The third row seating and sunroof vehicle.

I love my envoy for the third row seating and the sunroof. I also get a decent gas mileage for having a v8 engine in my envoy. The downside is that the seller of the vehicle did not disclose all the details that was wrong with the vehicle therefore I have had to put at least one thousand dollars so far.

- Jennifer C

The sun roof is wonderful on nice days out.

This vehicle has been very reliable. I have a lot of extras, seat warmers and driver seat selection, sunroof a very nice CD changer that holds 6 discs, it has defroster on rear windows and headlights. I have owned this vehicle for 6 years and have loved it everyday. The back seats lay down easily.

- Timmy G

The envoy is durable and amazing!

I really enjoy that the envoy is durable and safe. If I was to get into an accident, I feel I would be safer then if in something else. It has heated seats, electronic seat movers, power steering, CD player. I haven't had severe problems with it but we had to replace the ball joints a few times.

- Zona B

SUV that acts like both an SUV and a Pick Up Truck

Love the vehicle. Wish it had a USB instead of 3 cigarette chargers. The air is adjustable in both front and back for maximum comfort. YOu can bring the back window down from the key fob, but you cannot put it up - so beware if you accidentally bump it - your back window is down all night

- Diane H

The middle console is very fragile. Heat or cold air comes out of the vent even when it's off.

I love the way it looks. I really love the ruggedness of it. I don't like how small the driver's area is. I really hate how high the middle console is because whenever I drop something on the passenger's side, I can't reach it unless I get out of my GMC & walk around to the other side.

- Tyna M

Two wheel drive and four wheel drive.

It's a very reliable sturdy car. Great 4wd and the gas mileage is great for a bigger car large enough to haul around me, my, stuff and my 3 dogs. Good engine and tranny and the normal 2wd feature along with 4wd is very nice. I would recommend this car to anyone for a number of uses.

- Michael R

Third row seating and good gas mileage.

I have a GMC envoy xl. Has a v8 engine which is harder to find with the envoys. Excellent gas mileage in my opinion. I have a sunroof and third row seating. A little small with space in the hatch and in the third row. But my kids absolutely love the third row and that pleases me.

- Jennifer C

Amazing features for a GMC from 2003.

It is an amazing ride in all types of weather. I enjoy the smooth ride even at the age this truck is at, it is awesome! The features of the truck are great, especially for a truck from 2003. They did not skimp on anything. Heated seats, automatic start, power windows, ample room.

- Carol K

Love the folding 3rd row seats.

My GMC envoy xl is an excellent car. I love the roominess. It drives smoothly. I love the folding 3rd row seats. The brakes have an issue with becoming loose and rattling that does not usually affect performance much. The electronic a4wd is great in bad weather on the highway.

- Amber M

The 2003 GMC envoy xl cons.

It is truly a gas guzzler. The cruise control has a defect and it gets jammed and causes a ticking sound. The acceleration declined over time. It takes time to gain speed on the highway. We had the alternator changed. We also replaced the fan clutch. It was a 1000.00 repair.

- Tiffany W

Three row seating plus trunk space.

My envoy has been a very good reliable car and I have 228, 000 miles on it and it has no crazy noises and drives very smoothly. It has the full scale with heated seats leather seats and interior power seats. Great trunk space even with the three rows of seats. Best SUV ever.

- Eileen M

Its reliable. I've treat it badly and have not taken very good care of it, yet it has performed very well.

15 years ago when I bought the car, I did a lot of hunting and fishing that carried me to many different locations. The 4-wheel drive and cargo capacity made this a great option. However, the weight and the 4-wheel drive cut down on gas mileage, which is a current concern.

- Chuck T

Pros and cons of a GMC envoy.

Cluster gave out. Waste a lot of gas however it is very comfortable and is nice it has leather seats wood panels. The cohle runs well as long as you keep it maintained ensure to get oil changes and tune ups. I do change brakes every year but overall it is a good vehicle.

- Janet S

2003 GMC envoy very reliable.

I haven't had any major problems out of the truck. Its a 2003 so the miles per gallon are not like the trucks today. The envoy has been very reliable and well taken care of, the only thing negative I can think of to say about my truck is that the paint is fading.

- Mel C

The family car of the century.

It has enough room for my family. The maintenance is difficult at times. The gas mileage is great and my family really likes having room to move around in when traveling. I enough having it not use a lot of gas when on the highway or riding around town.

- Courtney T

It is comfortable to travel in, very roomy, good mileage

I bought it used 5 months ago and it is in almost new condition other than a few minor dings and scratches on the outside it only has 146,000 on it which is good for how old it is. I have not had any problems since I bought it and I have traveled in it

- Jane S

I'll never buy any but GMC envoy!

Comfort and interior noise levels are good. Dealt belts could be better as they seem to be positioned low. The ac has been an ongoing issue. Electrical is an issue. But motor is going strong and 14 yrs I've never been stranded!

- Dawn S

We had to replace the engine at 115,000 miles. I would have expected to get a lot more miles out of the original one.

What I dislike: the seats. They are not at all comfortable for my back; and the cup holders are not conveniently located. What I like: I like the way it rides, I love the A/C system; the air is ice cold and I love the cargo room.

- Barbara M

It is very comfortable to drive and very reliable.

My 2003 GMC Envoy is like an old pair of jeans...It's comfortable, reliable and it is hard to let go of. At 16 years old and 233,000 miles and counting, it has been a great vehicle for me with very little maintenance required.

- Betsy B

It still drives well at 15 years 200, 000 miles.

Comfortable and spacious compared to a small car. I like having a sunroof. A newer model would be nice to have some more updated features but I still love it much better compared to the small cars I have driven prior to.

- Elisha G

2003 GMC Envoy - very reliable vehicle

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy - One of the better vehicles I have owned. Only problem we have had with it in the last 10 years was the wheel bearings - have had to replace all of them. Other than that, routine maintenance.

- Kim M

It does not have airbag replacement shocks.

It is comfortable. Has a great radio. Ware parts need changed, but it seems to have good gas mileage, great radio, awesome back hatch. Back seat air and heat. Hit a deer a 55 miles an hour. Very safe wreck.

- Britt P

It is a good car if you're looking for something sturdy or if you need a bit more trunk space

I really like that after all this time it's still held up pretty well. I really like that the paint job is still well and the interior is holding up well. I wish that it could get a bit more mileage though

- Joanne K

Good price for the classy quality.

I like that it rides smooth. Is low maintenance. Seats are very comfortable. I love being lifted up off the ground and not blinded by oncoming traffic. Handles well at higher speeds and corners well too.

- Susan T

Like having the split fold down rear seats that lay flat for groceries, etc.

Excellent SUV with 3rd row seat. Runs great with regular maintenance. Don't buy the v6 model. It doesn't have enough umph for traffic. Needs more leg space in back. Needs better console/cup holder area.

- Kyra B

It does really good in snow and the seats are comfy.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the size of the vehicle, it feels safe. I love all the room it has in the back. I do not like the leather seats they are cold in the winter and blistering hot in summer.

- Diana S

Reliable car with new tires and brakes. Spacious interior and runs great

Little banged up but runs great. Dependable vehicle with lots of space. Great for a car full of kids or a trip to the home improvement store. Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats. Comfortable ride!

- Jon K

The 2003 gmc envoy is an overall great reliable family vehicle

Runs great drives smooth but has some issues come up with the engine and the transmission already had to be replaced at 100000 miles has a great look and inside is nice. Good build with nice interior

- Azure B

Very reliable and safe and built to last.

It is extremely reliable and still looks new. No dislikes at all except the Bose security system has caused the battery to die when sitting too long because of the flashing light.

- Lori B

It's a great car to travel in comfortably!

I love that the vehicle has a lot of room in it. I also like that for such an old vehicle it runs smoothly and efficient. After taking it on a long road trip it still works great!

- Brianna B

I love this car! A lot of room and is reliable.

I love this car. There is a lot of room in the back as well as 3 rows of seats. I went in the ditch and my car still came out in perfect condition and hasn't had any problems.

- Amber H

Bigger engine that takes 6 quarts of oil when getting oil change

I have had my Envoy for 15 years. It has been a reliable vehicle that has only needed the regular maintenance. I have taken it on some big trips - have over 200,000 miles

- jeff s

It's great on the road very comfortable drive

I love it I can get a lot of stuff in my back brier wood grocery and a lot of other things my German Shepherd weighs 100 lbs she fits in there with room to move around

- Theresa W

Comfortable vehicle for a family.

Very comfortable for a long ride. Gas mileage is not great, average 14 to 16 mpg. It is very reliable. Mine has many of the upgraded features for that year and model.

- Shantel L

It's very reliable when you are driving somewhere far.

I like that it lasted me a long time. I dislike how to seats are a little uncomfortable. I like how efficiently it drives. I like how well sounded the speakers are.

- Chana Z

It has 4 wheel drive and this is a great safety feature to have.

I like that it has 4WD so in the snow I feel safe. I like the amount of room it has inside. I don't like that we have had to put quite a bit of money into it.

- Tracy K

It has many engine issues. No matter how well maintained.

It has many engine issues and not enough space for children. It has alright gas mileage. Gets me from point a to point b with good heating and cooling issues.

- Kathryn K

That it has been truly reliable.

I dislike it is an older model vehicle. I like that it is a fully loaded luxury SUV. It has a few repairs that are needed. It does have a brand new engine.

- Randy W

Envoys are very dependable cars.

I love it is an SUV. I also like the reliability of my envoy. I do not like the high miles it has on it. And I do not like the fact it using a lot of gas.

- Susan M

It is a family car. Do not be surprised what we are carting around with us.

I like the size of the vehicle. However, it is a bit heavy and wears out the brakes and tires quickly. The seats are roomy and fits the kids seats well.

- Leona P

Great car, but do to use, things are wearing out.

It is a dark red SUV. Seats 7 people comfortably. Heated seats in the front. The air conditioning is temperamental, the hotter it is, the worse it works.

- Rebekah G

This vehicle can haul up to 8 people comfortably. The third row fits adults better than higher priced SUVs.

This vehicle is solid! We purchased it used and it is reliable and trustworthy. The gas mileage of yester-year's vehicles is worse than today's thought.

- Keith W

Great for long distance drives.

My car can seat 7 people. Feels like a Minivan on the inside and looks like a SUV on the outside. The only downside is the trunk space is not very big.

- Christina H

Gmc envoys are good vehicles that last pretty good I would recommend.

My gmc has ran rather well for me. I have had it a few years now and only had a few problems. I would happily purchase another one at the right price.

- Crystal S

It sets high & the driver has good visibility and it travels well in the snow.

I like the amount of passengers it will hold & it is well-built, but I don't like it now because I'm too short to drive it even with pedal extenders.

- Jane P

That it is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned, and I would buy another in a heartbeat.

My envoy is super amazing to drive, handle and use for long trips. It is a someone aged vehicle so common wear and tear, but this thing is a BEAST!

- Stephanie F

It is 4x4 and goes great in snow.

My envoy is good on gas in snow I have no problem with it a all it has a sunroof leather seats tow hitch tinted windows electric seats and windows.

- Carolyn M

You should know how it handles when you drive it.

My envoy is great. Its fits my family of 7. It's a bit of a gas hog but usually it runs great. It's a smooth ride and an all around great vehicle.

- Alyssa M

Very dependable have not had any major repairs, I do regular maintenance.

I love the way I sit up and can see the road better. I get very good gas mileage and very comfortable sitting on a long drive. Have no complaints.

- Joyce H

The inside needs some tlc and I some things need fixed but all in all good car.

Brake caliper is bad front end shakes a after you hit a certain mph and when you turn the only thing in the dashboard that works is the gas hand.

- Jamie F

Size is great for individual or family.

I do not have any issues, purchased by private owner, minor issue, oil, loose steering, loose belt but that is just basic maintenance repairs.

- Julie M

It takes in way to much gas. It won't save money in that department

It's just the right size for me and my family. The controls are easy and it drives pretty smoothly. It however takes in a lot of gas

- Amanda M

It handles well and rides smoothly

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It is great on gas. I can carry 7 people. It's getting older and I'm in need of a newer model.

- Janet F

Envoy xl, 2003, great ride

It is a comfortable vehicle, spacious. Gas mileage isn't great. So far out has lasted many miles with a few routine replacements.

- Tak K

Heated seats and rain sensing wipers

My car is extremely reliable. It has heated seats, rain sensing windshield wipers, headlight cleaners. It is an extremely nice SUV

- Jessica S

It's easy to drive and handles really well. Plenty of room for passengers of all ages

Its roomy and comfortable to drive. Not too high off the ground and my kid loves it. I wish the fuel economy was a little better

- Gregg B

Trunk loses its air pressure early on, so the window will not stay up on its own.

The vehicle is spacious. The gas mileage is not too bad. Mechanical issues are easy to resolve and parts are not too expensive.

- Angelica L

Comes with 4 Wheel drive, and all the room

I love that it drives like a truck but fits my family! There is just as much room as a fan or fold the back down for storage.

- Stephanie r

Performance of the GMC envoy

I have the 4.2 v6 GMC envoy the performance is excellent but our gas mileage isn't it gets about 12 to 14 miles to the gallon

- Floyd F

It seats a full family and has plenty of storage room in the back.

I like that it has enough space. I hate it burn so much gas. I hate that the window breaks easy. I like that it have 3 rows.

- Lilly W

My Yukon had 160,000 miles on it and drives like a dream.

Dislike fuel mileage. love the way it rides and just enough room. Not too big or too small. Love the 4wd it's why I got it.

- Jamie T

That it's great on gas, drives nice and has lots of room.

This automobile is paid for.. You can ride 8 people in this car fairly comfortable.. Seats let down easily to carry cargo..

- Nancy G

It is reliable and low maintenance.

Very reliable. Low maintenance with regular oil changes. Extremely comfortable. . Lots of room for groceries or luggage.

- Laura C

It's a good vehicle, but after 200,000 miles you will start to have many issues.

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy. It's an OK vehicle,but is starting to have issues with staying started. I uses a lot of gas.

- Laquita A

It has lasted a long time. It is reliable and a well made vehicle.

Good car for its age. Has held up well. Safe with lots of room for three kids and room to pack stuff when traveling.

- Jennifer A

My 2003 GMC Envoy in 2018

My GMC Envoy is nice leather and lots of bells and whistles. The only issue I've had is the a/c compressor going out.

- Yannick S

It is a very safe car and has survived a wreck and still drives well.

I hate the fact that it gets poor gas mileage. It has been a fairly reliable car. But has had some front end issues.

- Amanda H

Its is really reliable and can take a lot of beating.

Its is very reliable. It low maintenance and can take beating. Do not like the age of it though. Need a newer model.

- Edgar R

It is a great vehicle to have in the winter. The 4 wheel drive and size are great.

I love the size of my vehicles. It has lots of great features. There is lots of room for the kids and all our stuff.

- Heather C

I have had good luck with the engine , but the body itself has had multiple issues.

I love the three rows, and its size is not to big. It does need more charging areas, and better seat controlled

- Stacy G

I love that it's American made, not a foreign car.

It has lots of storage space. It has a very comfortable ride, plenty of legroom. I love the programmable seats.

- Lisa K

Just like for anybody else. Be respectful and considerate of other fellow drivers on the road.

I like that it drives like a car. I dislike the power locks don't work, more of my fault. Not too big or small.

- Miguel L

Undercarriage corrosion.

Drives well. Air conditioner leaks on the undercarriage and causes corrosion. Issue with the abs, light is on.

- Debbie B

Has great storage for our family of 4

It's showing its wear & tear due to its age. The ride isn't as smooth as I'd like. Does have tons of storage

- Tina G

It has a lot of room in the front and back it's a perfect car for a family.

Wish it was newer but love the size. This SUV is perfect for my family. Runs through gas is a big dislike.

- Chelsea B

It only has 2 row sitting. The back row folds down

It has a lot of room for storage. It has AC. don't like the wiring is crap, the alarm stopped working etc.

- Lola D

It is very reliable! I have never had it break down.

Gets me to work and back, has room for items and fold down seats. I like four wheel drive capability too.

- Tanner S

Drives smooth comfortably.

It has be very reliable and good on gas not much maintenance required and lots of room for travelers.

- Jimmy D

It's a headache. Gas mileage is terrible but to be expected.

I love the space it has. I like that it rides smoothly. I do not like that it has so many problems.

- Kristin S

being 15 years old, it is getting expensive to maintain.

it gets me to where i need to be. It's old. has adequate space, but sometimes a pain to access.

- john M

very bad turning circle and gas mileage can sometimes be bad

lots of room. great sound systems lots of places to hook up devices lots of power and seating

- kevin M

This is a sturdy vehicle that will get you lots of places - but none 4wd has gotten me stuck in snow and mud before!

Reliable, just enough room for my family, storage is great, gas mileage isn't too bad either.

- Joy H

It's pretty and nice and big

I love everything about my suv except I have a lot of work to put in and its gas hog

- Allison J

It handles great! And is a great little family car.

I love the way it drives and handles on the road. The power steering is leaking.

- Katie V

it takes some time for the ac and or heat to make the car comfortable

i like that it is comfortable. I can fit a lot in it. I don't like to back it up

- Nicole o

it is dependable and easy to drive

It is completely paid for it will carry 8 people it is dependable

- nancy g

the gmc envoy is a trustworthy vehicle i would proudly purchase again if they still made it

we have had our vehicle since 2007. it has been a great family car.

- Christina M

It's got good space and is easy to drive. It is big

I like that it is an SUV. Dislike its age and outdated appliances.

- Ashlee L

It runs well and is well built and I love the green color.

I love my vehicle. It runs well and gets me where I want to go.

- Sharon S

Was rated number one suv back in 2003 and still running strong. Truck looks brand new. Only thing that doesn't work is the sunroof.

Good riding and a comfortable truck for long trips.

- RoseMarie N