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2004 4 drive, 2wd GMC envoy. 4. 2 engine. Dual ab, abs, front /rear ac, cc.

I currently own a 2004, 4 door GMC envoy that came with a hatchback that you can open by pulling up on the entire back gate or push the button on the back glass to open just the glass, a luggage rack, towing package, front and rear air-conditioning, abs, cruise control, automatic locks and windows, tilt steering, dual airbags, panic alarm, am/FM CD player with auto-adjustable and custom adjustable equalizer, rewind and fast forward option for CD player, as well as tint on both passenger side and driver side back seat windows and on the back glass. The auto-adjustable volume can be customized so that as your slowing down or coming to a complete stop the volume gets quieter, once you accelerate again, the volume goes back to the original level you had it set to. Both of the front seats recline, both back seats collapse for hauling small pieces of furniture, clothes, toys, groceries, small equipment, (ex. Drums, guitars, etc. ), tools, etc. My envoy also has fog lamps on the bottom front bumper as well as a back windshield wiper. The asking price with an as is contract was $6500. 00 with an $1100. 00 down payment which left me with financing $5400. 00 with payments of $265. 00 for 24 months. When purchased, it had approximately 172000 and now currently has approximately 174, 000. It has been a great vehicle so far. I was previously driving it approximately 162 miles four time a weekend, every weekend and sometimes a couple of time during the week and I just recently took it to Pensacola, Florida, which is an 5 hour trip there and a 5 hour trip home. It gets approximately 20 to 25 mpg on open road and approximately 13 to 15 mpg in town. So far, the only repairs I have had to make was replacing the alternator, spark plugs and one coil pack which cost approximately $400. Everything else has been maintenance work such as oil changes, air pressure in tires, front and rear windshield wiper blade, front driver's side high beam and rear driver's side brake light. It rides incredibly smooth and has lots of room on the inside. It seat 5 very comfortably. I would recommend the GMC envoy to anyone.

- Brandy B

I would make your day more enjoyable to drive a dependable car like mine.

I need a reliable auto. It takes me where I need to go, has a really good view from where I sit. I am a short person I can see everything out there I need to see. I live in an area where we have a lot of snow in the winter also the ice is a big problem, if you get the tires(and I do)it will take me out to work and the store. Really like the way it handles. If you would enjoy a car like mine you would never own another car. Everyone says I could get one with better gas mileage, I am sure I could but I would not be a happy person. I am.

- Linda M

Love the third row seating.

I purchased the 2004 envoy used within the last two months. I love the way it rides. It has third row seating, which was very important to me. It does very well on gas mileage as well. The current features available on the truck include leather seating, power seats, heated seating, front and rear defrost, air conditioning and heating. The rear seating folds down for more storage and to be able to haul large items. There is currently a tow package and back up cameras available with the truck.

- Kathleen K

Drive in comfort with family in town or going out of town.

The GMC Envoy has a lot of room for passengers. It also has powered windows in the back for passengers in the third row. The a. C is a very good feature for all the seats in the back. The GMC Envoy is at a height that is well suited for bumps and potholes in the road that it is not really noticeable when driving through them. Although the cost of gas is a problem at times. Traveling to a different city is well worth money when it comes to reliability and comfort.

- Nicole A

That I love just about everything about this car. There are so many things I can't think I just one.

I like that it's very roomy. I have a large family and it has a 3rd row seating which is needed. I also love that it has lots of extra features like heated seats. Since it is an older model the only thing I can complain about is the console in the middle not having enough room and lack of cup holders. Overall, it is one of the best cars I have ever had and love it. I would definitely buy another one in the future.

- Karla C

Owning a GMC is amazing! Being able to have the extra room in one car.

It may be an older model but very well dependable. I have had hardly any major issue with my truck other than the daily wear and tear on a vehicle. Since owning my car for over 7 years. Everything in the truck are all its original parts and interior. I have upgraded my headlights on my truck just because they was beginning to look very dim. I love my truck it also is very spacious with the third row seat.

- Gwen W

Third row seating, automatic, air system problems, honest review.

The GMC envoy seats seven passengers with third row seating, all automatic windows and doors. The back hatch opens in two, full open or just the window. Very nice divider in the trunk to place things on top. Air conditioning system has caused some problems. Rides pretty smooth. Really like how it tells you the oil life left and about how many miles are left on your tank of gas. Awesome sound system.

- Ambrosia L

My envoy is the best car that I have ever owned!

My envoy is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. It is very spacious. I love the dual air control. It has a very nice sized trunk and if you need more room the back seats fold down so you can haul larger things which is amazing. It gets pretty decent gas mileage seeing how big of a vehicle it is. I have zero complaints about my envoy. It is been the best thing I have ever owned!

- Sarah W

Replace the air ride first thing.

I have not had any issue with my envoy other than the air ride suspension. The airbags on that system fail. But it is a cheap and easy fix to replace them with aftermarket springs. My envoy has been very reliable. I love it. Decent gas mileage, powerful enough to pull a fully loaded trailer. Very dependable tough and reliable. Works well as both a farm vehicle and a family vehicle.

- Kris K

My GMC envoy is so comfortable and spacious! It does not guzzle gas.

I love my vehicle! It seems to have held up pretty well for being almost 15 years old now, there is a slight issue with the air conditioner where the fan will stop blowing suddenly but it does not last for long. I love that it still seems to rode very smooth and has no engine problems. I am sad envoys have been discontinued because I'd love to upgrade to a new one.

- Ashley C

2004 GMC envoy: reliable car.

My GMC envoy is a pretty nice car, but because it is a 2004, it does not work as well as it should. I have to put a some work into it like replacing the rotors and calipers, but it is older and issues like this could arise in any car. It does not get the greatest gas mileage, roughly 16 city and 21 highway. But other than that it is a good reliable car.

- Anna V

It had gotten me through rain and snow, easily! My best friend for 10 years.

My envoy had really impressed me over the years. I have had it for 10 years and it hasn't failed me yet. I have had a few issues under the hood but had them fixed quickly. I make sure I change my oil and brakes and I am good to go. Every year I tell myself I am getting a new car. Every year, I compare the envoy to other vehicles and change my mind.

- Bertha F

Love it. It has lots of space, leather heated front seats, and is a nice comfortable ride.

I love our GMC Envoy XL. It has lots of space so we use it often when we are at larger family events. We have been able to take road trips with ample space. We love the leather seats and heated seats. Only complaint is that now it is starting to have problems. This is common for most cars but I hope we can make it last as long as possible.

- Jessica W

2004 GMC envoy good bad ugly.

The first few years no issues. First issue was with a cv joint. Then major issue was bad electrical headlamp wiring. Multiple headlamp failures and recently the electronic module for the lights failed. Overall I enjoy the vehicle, the ride is solid and comfortable. The device is roomy and well managed. A do over would include 4 wheel drive.

- Kevin S

Such overwhelming electrical functions seemingly set one up for failure.

There is an obscene amount of unnecessary electric features that have resulted in multitudes of issues. Performance is good, and it is quite reliable. The specialized widows and midgate glass are obviously proprietary,.And are extremely expensive to replace. There are two fuse boxes, one of which is ridiculously difficult to access.

- Christopher P

Love the feel of bigger cars.

This vehicle can be reliable but once one things goes wrong it seems like everything else does as well. Over all this car has been running well for over 10 years with minor issues. Right now I have issues with the lights working when they feel like it and an engine issues that was corrected by a local dmc dealership mechanic.

- De D

My envoy has a retractable roof. This model was only made in 2004.

This 2004 GMC envoy is. Extremely reliable. She does much better on gas than people think. I have changed the oil every 3000 miles, rotated tires every 6 month. And had a tune up once a year. Doing these things religiously really kept my truck going in today my envoy has 236, 134 miles and still runs beautifully.

- Karen V

Very reliable, very dependable.

Handles great. Love the 4WD never leaves me stranded or stuck. Car is a dream. doesn't break down. Very dependable and reliable. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking to purchase one. I've had this car for 5 years and only had to replace a couple things from wear and tear. Nothing major. Lasts and lasts.

- Elaine C

Family vehicle that can haul stuff like a truck.

Bought it from a bad dealership that didn't reveal the problems it has but other then that I love my envoy. I love the fact that the roof opens and you can use it as a truck. It has enough seating for a family, even with car seats. There is plenty of legroom in the front but the back is kind of lacking in that area.

- Billie B

It's a very reliable and sturdy car.

I own a 2004 GMC envoy. It's a very sturdy and reliable car. I've owned it for about 4 or 5 years. I haven't had many problems out of it since then. It was a pre owned car ad it went through two owners before me. It's a very reliable car. You don't have to worry about breaking down in the most inconvenient places.

- Brittany S

The spare tire is not inside the back of the Envoy, it underneath the rear hatch.

Gas mileage is very poor. However it does great in the snow and I have never had a problem getting out of the mud or heavy snow. Very sturdy body, brakes need replaced often I am finding out. Also, going downhill, it coasts very fast. Great features including back seat heater controls and phone charger adapters.

- Michelle M

Nice truck but has a lot of issues.

Like the vehicle seats fold down lots of room in back did just replace the starter. Also replace the breaks. The four wheel drive works well. CD player is not great won't split out a CD now for months. Also have problems trying to open the tailgate. Now the back window won't go back up and cannot figure out why.

- Katie M

It is great for kids and for renovation work.

The envoy xl has plenty of space for taking kids around but also can turn into a wonderful SUV for taking renovation supplies around. The towing capacity allows me to tow pretty much anything that I need to and the 4 wheel drive allows me to navigate roads and conditions that I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

- Evan S

Great family vehicle story.

Very comfortable ride plenty of legroom, good om gas mileage all around good family vehicle love the extra area in the back not many reair problems just the usual maintenance keeps it brand new, in fact the next vehicle will be the same just a newer versions and 4 wheel drive is the best easy to use.

- Kim B

The great family vehicle.

My Envoy is very reliable and dependable. We bought it used. It currently has 307, 000 miles on it and we still use it for very family trip. The up keep has been simple and no major issues since we have had it. The interior is very comfortable for long trips and has lots of room for the whole family.

- Katie C

Blind spots and performance.

The only problem I have is the blind spots in the front of the windshield left and right. Cannot see unless I move my entire body to see. This includes the rear of the vehicle. Other than that I have no further problems with the vehicle. Performs well on the highway, just do not hit bumps too fast.

- Beth M

GMC is the best car to own.

My car is a very good reliable car. Have had it for 3 years am the only problem I see with it is gas. Other than that it's a very good car to own. If I had to buy another car I would look for the same car just a different year. Love my GMC good car to have. Plus is very roomy and comfortable.

- Lisa G

Envoy! Perfect family car!

I love the envoy it is a perfect car for my family. Very reliable and roomy. I absolutely love that it has the compatibility to put the seats down and recline the middle seats back so car seats fit right. The gas mileage is decent for this size vehicle it surprised me! I highly recommend it!

- Janice K

Why I choose a GMC envoy and my vehicle of choice.

I like the way it sits up high since I am short this allows me good visibility. This vehicle has lots of cargo room. The seats lay down to allow long boxes etc. To be placed in the back. It has a two wheel drive feature which luckily I have not need. Over all it is a fun vehicle to drive.

- Brenda F

Pros and cons, read my other review.

Plus - all the play toys and safety features. Great in the snow. 4500 towing package. Cons - goes through pads like crazy, just the design of the backing system. Other than that I really have no complaints about the car. I currently have 223567 miles on it and it still runs like a champ.

- Dan O

Sturdy GMC vehicle: has functioned for over a decade.

The vehicle is very sturdy and has functioned well for the past years. The family has had a few problems related to the brakes and the rear lights, but it does not seem to be a large issue, it might be because it is aging and because it has been used several times before we bought it.

- Jackie P

I particularly enjoy how my vehicle runs smoothly and the color of it.

I am fortunate enough to say that my current and most used vehicle does not give me issues or recurring problems on the road. It is in great shape. Everything is in place and has been taken care of to seek as if it is brand new conditions. The car is wonderful to use and work with.

- Heather W

I like the weight and height of an SUV. It makes me feel safe.

It is over fourteen years old and I have replaced a lot of major parts but it still looks good and runs great. I have got a leather interior, grey paint job, replaced the ac, water pump, battery, tires a few times and brakes. I have never had any major problems. It is a solid car.

- Taylor B

Enjoy the envoy, you will not regret it!

The GMC envoy xl slt is a great SUV! It rides smooth, which is a big benefitting factor for those long road trips. Seating is comfortable, and features are great. It has dual control air, rear air, folding seats, memory driver seat, power mirrors and my favorite of all, OnStar!

- Mary A

Comfy and reliable older vehicle.

For being 15 years old, it is still reasonably reliable and comfortable. The ac, sound, and interior lights all work well. Some minor items such as the passenger electric seat adjustments have begun to wear out, but nothing too terrible. I have had no major issues and enjoy it.

- Hannah D

Drives nice and is comfortable.

It is a nice vehicle and drives really nice. Great for getting around and hauling things. Engine light is on with 4 code problems. Is a little more expensive for repairs than a car. Insurance on it about 100 a month. Getting older so seems like more repairs keep coming.

- Susan M

Roomy SUV with comfort features.

Drives well, comfortable and roomy, love the heated seats and the cargo area in the back. Have taken on several long trips and has done well. Back seat has good floor space for taller people. Dual heat/air so passenger can have different temp than driver if necessary.

- Lisa E

Custom electronics (led light kits aftermarket radio and amp system).

Brakes failed causing my abs system to completely break costing over 2500 dollars . , constant a/c issues including clicking and failure, rear window motor replaced 3 times also air ride airbags popped four time switched to standard shocks. As well as chassis repairs.

- Devon S

2004 GMC envoy review. Great used truck.

Very reliable and built on a truck platform. Stiff ride but not uncomfortable. Used excessive amount of gas 15 miles in city driving. Very good visibility due to height advantage driving a truck. Has over 105k miles and runs very well. Very strong transmission.

- Randy S

2004 GMC envoy xl great car.

My car came fully loaded but I just found up that it does not have hands free capability and the adapter I bought is not working and my air conditioner valve is stuck so if I am not driving with the air on it makes a loud clicking noise. Other than that I love it.

- Beth A

There is nothing interesting about my car.

The abs light keeps coming on. The 4 wheel drive keeps going out. When I drive the wheels squeal like the brakes needs to be done. The trim keeps popping off. I do like the small compact of it. I like the sunroof, but my CD player does not work. It eats my CDs.

- Kris A

Red GMC Envoy convertible with leather interior and heat seats. 4 door 5 seating

It is a GMC envoy convertible. It is an Amazing first car. I got it used. It only has minor problems. Like when on dirt road it can get in to the back . And dust up easily into the computer system. But other than that it is good. I like it a lot and love it.

- Autumn B

My GMC SUV is a roomy, fuel efficient vehicle that will haul a load.

Has a lot of room for all the bird supplies and cages that I need to carry from time to time. Gas mileage is fair at 22-24 mpg and it will pull a loaded trailer. It need to be kept up with periodic maintenance and then will run smoothly for many miles.

- David N

Dependable truck in all weather and situations, great for families on the go!

I love my truck. It has third row seating that will fold down if needed- this means it can hold a LOT of people or a LOT of stuff! My only complaint is the gas mileage, which averages 12-14 MPG. I don't drive a lot though so in all it is a great car.

- Megan L

The GMC turns into a truck.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is the tailgate window not working, the GMC runs great it is very good on gas. I like the fact that I can turn my car into a truck if I need extra room. The car is roomy and the lay out for the dash is good.

- Debbie M

It's perfect for 6 to 8 people and most comfortable ride.

It is perfect for me. Cloth interior, doesn't look like every other make and model out there. I can't stand the cars today they all look alike. If I could have the exact make and model I have right now, but built this year I would buy it again.

- Candace W

The car has been reliable for many years and it has lasted a while without many repairs.

I like that it is big enough to accommodate my family, but dislike that it is old. I also don't like how it doesn't have updated technologies. One plus, is that it is a reliable vehicle, but I need to get a newer vehicle, as it is a 2004 model.

- Trudy T

It is an Envoy XL so it comfortably sits 5 to 6 youth.

Compared to our last vehicle, our GMC has speed and it is reliable. It seats all 6 of our children on family outings comfortably. One dislike is that it was purchased gently used so the driver seat does not go back and forth.

- Tahishia C

It's a very reliable vehicle & worth putting money into.

I've had my car about a year and it's never broken down just had some problems that never costed me more than 200 dollars. The interior could be better but it's durable. It sucks that there is no aux but the radio works fine

- Hannah H

GMC envoy highlights and info.

I love my envoy. It is great for both summer and winter driving. I get between 13 and 18 mpg which is awesome to me when it comes to an SUV style vehicle. It also has a great turn radius and cruise is always a plus.

- Abigail R

It's a nice size SUV. Holds 5 passengers with ample storage space.

I like the size. It is a midsize SUV. It has lots of bells and whistles. Do not get the best gas mileage but I do mostly city driving. Only thing I would change is the leather seats. They are too slippery!

- Lynda W

It is really reliable and the gas mileage is not bad for an SUV.

I like the comfort in design interior and the standard features. I dislike the engine work I had to do when it blew a head gasket. This is common so my mechanic tells me, with these types of vehicles.

- Sheila K

It has incredible features.

I like that it has heated leather seats. I dislike that it guzzles gas, as I have to travel an hour to work, an hour back 4 times a week. I'd like to get a smaller vehicle that has better gas mileage.

- Amy J

It is safe and fun to drive. It looks sporty and rides like a dream.

I purchased it used from a reputable dealership. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It is roomy, easy to drive, and at 14 years old still looks and feels looks new. I love GM products.

- Brenda P

It has plenty of room for larger families, including 3 rows of seats.

I love the space for the family and multiple rows of A/C. I do not like how I am reading up on this oil pressure issue with GMC and Chevy from the early 2000s, cause no one know how to fix it!

- Jennifer M

It's pretty high off of the ground.

I like the size of the space of the inside but it's to high off of the ground,for me. It's make it hard for me to see how much I parked in a parking space. I do like the car value, overall.

- Audumn S

It was our family car. It has lasted incredibly well considering how old it is.

I like the trunk space the car has and that it converts into a truck. I am glad that it is paid. But the gas per mileage is terribly low because of the weight of the car and the v6 engine.

- Alexandria R

Nice truck but not enough gas.

It is a pretty good truck overall. I have had it for several years, it is great for transporting big items. The only thing I do not like about it is how much gas money it takes to fill up.

- Jay A

The seats lie flat for when transporting large items, but it's very comfortable and roomy for passengers as well

My Envoy is the first SUV I've owned. It fits all my children. It has been perfect for camping at the beach and in the mountains. It is better with gas mileage than I had anticipated.

- Colette o

I have been driving it for 10 years and it is still a good car.

It has been a very good vehicle. The motor has been good. The only problem we have really had is the air conditioning. We have had to get it fixed 2 times and it was very expensive.

- Jan A

Good size SUV and an overall good vehicle, especially in bad weather.

I like the size, the comfort, there way it handles, dependability when driving in snow and the leg room. Dislike that the vehicle seems to have a lot of electrical related issues.

- Lisa B

It is the perfect blend between an SUV and a pick up truck!

I like the space in the cabin and the trunk. I also like how the seats fold down to expand the trunk and the roof opens to allow tall cargo. Due to the size, parking can be tough.

- Kristen L

Front seats have adjustable heat levels.

Heated seats are a must! Ac/DVD/CD!! 3rd row seating a must. Very dependable! Comfort and appearance is great. sunroof. . . Yay!! Absolutely love my vehicle!! Easy to handle!!

- Paula M

I don't really have anything interesting to say. I like the sunroof.

I had put more money into this car then any other car I have owned. New alternator new battery new brakes new vacuum hose new tires new calibers new tie rods and much more.

- Kris A

I'm not sure what interesting detail to leave

There are no major problems with my vehicle. There was only a minor break issue and that was just that they were dirty or something leaving them squealing when I stopped

- Heather W

Sensors randomly flash but all works good.

I love the versatility of the loading capacity. I love the roominess. I like the gas mileage. It rides comfortably. I cannot think of anything I do not like about it.

- Jennifer W

Large SUV, comfortable for 5 people with 4 USB charging ports

Large SUV, great for hauling just about anything. Top opens up in the back like a pick up truck. Gas mileage is the only thing that isn't great about the vehicle.

- Diane H

Envoy, Very reliable SUV with Bose speakers and good gas mileage

I love my Envoy, it is a 2004 and used vehicle. My Envoy is equipped with Bose speakers and that makes me very happy. It is very reliable and in good condition.

- Yvonne M

It's a solid reliable vehicle that I trust to transport myself and my family on a daily basis

Like the look and feel of the truck. Like the 4 wheel drive in the winter. Dislike the gas mileage Like that it's lasted this long and has years left in it.

- Sarah O

Space and safety are great.

I feel that I am safer in my suv which is important because of my son, I like that it has plenty of room and It's easy to get my groceries in and out of.

- Crystal C

It drives very well, for all seasons.

It is very comfortable and drives like a truck. It also has the perfect amount of room for passengers and storage. The only downfall is the gas mileage.

- Sydney W

16 mpg avg on all roads. It is old.

Love the 8 cylinder 5.3L engine, the bose stereo. Hate the bad engineering on the frame as it has thinned out by the cat. conv. due to temp. extremes.

- Dave H

These are prone to certain things failing.

Older SUV. Things are starting to fail. Vehicle needs repairs. Sits high so easier to enter and exit. Rides rough because it is a 4 wheel drive.

- Eric C

The noise it makes can be really loud.

I like that it has space but I dislike it because I have to fix it up. The only complaint I have is that I wish it had more seats for the back.

- Jessica P

It's a SUV where the top of the back opens up to make a truck or open roof.

When we bought it used it had electrical problems and we still have that problem. We researched and found that its a common problem with GMC.

- Sandra E

It is made it to 230000 miles!.

I am constantly fixing it.. It uses a lot of gas.. I like the CD player.. I like the sunroof.. I hate that the rubber coming off the doors.

- Kris K

It has over 200, 000 miles on it but drives like I just bought it.

My vehicle is very reliable it does not give me any problems at all. Other than the normal wear and tear it gets me where I need to be.

- Imani F

The size , sunroof and handling

It's has a few things wrong with it, it need front end work, tires, need work done to motor and as far as the features go like them..

- Martin W

Parts readily available through repair shops, not just through a dealer.

Has many modern features. Fairly easy to work on from home. Comfortable to drive on long trips. Is dependable with few breakdowns.

- Charles C

Comfortable, spacious, and reliable? The envoy is the truck for families.

Very spacious. Strong engine added with 4 wheel drive. Good for long trips. Transmission has failed me twice. Ideal for families.

- Edgar R

That it is a great car and I love it.

I do not dislike anything, the car is awesome. It lasts forever, we still have it. It works great, and also looks great as well.

- Joseph F

There are known manufacture issues with the wiring

I love the size and style of my vehicle but with it's age there is a lot of maintenance needed and it's not great on gas mileage

- Mary S

Great for big families and safe

Super comfort for big family, nice technology for the year built, stable and performs great. Does consume a lot of gasoline.

- Shirley R

It is prone to electrical problems but these can be solved by the layman using available resources

I have an Envoy XUV. It has the larger engine and I like the way I can configure the vehicle for the things I need to do.

- John C

It has a lot of storage spaces. There is room for seven passengers in addition to rear storage.

The fuel mileage could be more efficient. I like the seat warmers. It runs well with very few problems over the years.

- Gracie H

Low Milage yet still falling apart

Electrical problems with the rear hatch and stereo. The power steering got a leak and the started failed at 81*** miles.

- Bryce A

It's good. I can't drive but do I feel like driving my car again

It's good. It's not expensive to buy gas it run for a good while. The back seat folds if I need to put something in it.

- Perla L

It has a cool back end..it can turn into like a pick up truck

It is a gas guzzler.. if you fill up the tank and drive it regularly it only last 3 day but cost 60 dollars to fill up

- Sarah C

You can step on the gas too hard.

I like how big and spacious it is. I also like the color cause not a lot of people have it. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Mckenzie T

I could not give a specific detail unfortunately. I love everything.

My personal vehicle has not given me problems up to date, so I unfortunately cannot be of service to respond to this.

- Brandon W

I think that people should know that this vehicle is very family friendly.

I like that my vehicle is very roomy. For example, it has a third row. I also like the my vehicle has 4 wheel drive.

- Patricia T

White GMC envoy supercar.

A good safe car but not in the best condition is able to get me from point A to point B would need an upgrade soon.

- Nic S

Reliable car that has surprisingly good gas mileage

It is a black car that had good gas mileage for the age of the car. Heats up and shuts down too much during summer

- Dre L

The car is dependable and reliable. It will get you where you need to go.

This vehicle is dependable, very few problems since owning, love that it's 4 wheel drive. Costly in gas though.

- Tina W

The envoy handles and drives great, and is a great family vehicle.

It has been a reliable, dependable vehicle. If there were new models on the market, I would purchase a new one.

- Debra H

If you do regular maintenance it will last a long time

it has held up thru the years but it has a few problems. It was great having a third row but don't need it now.

- Lisa H

An issue is the spare tire bolts rusting and not being able to get the tire off.

I like the size and look. I dislike that the spare tire bolts have rusted and you can't get the spare tire off.

- Tiffany R

four wheel drive and a nice size

i like the size of the envoy and like the four wheel drive, like the color, like the sun roof, like the grill

- rob r

Very reliable and fuel efficient.

It's an SUV that the roof retracts back to make it a pick up truck. Very helpful for moving and or hauling.

- John O

It runs very smooth and gets OK gas mileage. I would definitely get another Envoy.

My Envoy is good on gas. It is good in the snow and rain. It rides smooth and you feel very few bumps.

- Matt K

The vehicle is large and provides safety for me.

I like the comfort it offers, however the miles per gal. Are terrible. I like that it is paid for also.

- Francis C

It looks slow but it's actually really fast it is a performance package on it so it's fast

I like my car a lot what I don't like about my car is the radio don't work in the TVs in the back don't

- Delila M

It is able to drive in extreme weather.

An older car with a lot of miles on it. Very outdated. Older interior, and not able to play own music.

- Nikki S

Constant issues with shaking when AC is on. When the car is stopped at a light or stop sign it shakes

It is spacious and comfortable. Love everything about it except it has been giving issues with engine


I love everything about it.

I am very fortunate to say that I do not have any issues standing as of current time with my vehicle.

- Brandon W

Has been dependable no issue with it. Have the usual maintenance done.

It is too big. Has room for a large family. Very easy on gas considering the size of vehicle.

- april h

that it gets good gas mileage

It has a lot of room in it and I can get all my things in it. It drives nice and easy on gas.

- Dan O

It is great however just very large and takes a lot of gas.

I like it however it is just getting old and need to start looking for a better option soon.

- Cassie E

the security in the road.

the vehicle are secure. Is stable in the road. I dislike is very expensive the piece.

- castillo M

Like the ride - very smooth. It performs well on my road trips. No complaints.

Dependable - gets me where I need to go and handles long distance trips well.

- Rebecca G

Vehicle has over 200,000 miles and no major issues. Typical routine maintenance and fluid changes. Vehicle fits family of 5 (3 teenage children) fairly comfortably. No regrets on the purchase

Vehicle has been dependable with only normal routine maintenance needed.

- Tom L

It's dependable and easy to maintain.

It's dependable and easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend it.

- Larry R

it runs great looks great and rides wonderful and the heated seats are a plus

I like that it has everything you need I dislike it uses to much fuel

- john G

Others will never be able to borrow it while I am still breathing

It has been VERY reliable and there are no dislikes or complaints

- Margaret W

It's dirty and the seats are not stable the rear door makes a noise when opening it

It's not heavy enough not a pretty car more for a soccer mom

- Samantha V

Drives well. Comfortable. Nice size trunk. No major blind spots

The style i like. Its old so i would like a newer on.

- Jennifer J