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GMC envoy, nagging evap issues.

2006 GMC envoy is a nice sized SUV. The driver compartment is pretty spacious with all controls and gauges easily accessible. however there is only one useable cup holder leaving the passenger to hold their drink. My model has no ashtray, probably because there is no room for one. The passenger row does not have very much leg room but the seats are rather generous. The only problem that I have encountered this far is the evap system. The gas cap light comes on indicating that the gas cap is loose or missing. It is not either of those. We have replaced most components of the evap system and the issue continues. The check engine light comes on and when I take it you a parts store to have it diagnosed they say it registers a small leak in the evap. I need to take I to the dealer and have them do a smoke test on it to find the leak. Anyways, I do enjoy most everything else about envoy.

- Julie S

2006 GMC Envoy SLT with ONLY 93,000 miles.

Very low maintenance, biggest issue I've had was to change the water pump & the typical battery & every 5000 mile oil change. Body & frame of vehicle is still in excellent shape with no rust or other cosmetic blemishes. Almost 100,000 miles & engine still makes great power. Is always hand washed every other week & hand waxed at least 3 times a year. Transmission still shifts smooth & engages correctly. Upgraded stereo unit to connect to my Android phone via Android Auto. Very much love this vehicle!

- Steve N

This car has everything a car owner could ever want in a vehicle.

I love this vehicle. Sure I have had some normal wear and tear issues over the years but all in all, I feel safe, confident being a little higher on the road than a 4 door car. Fortunately or unfortunately, I live in an area that has every store and restaurant or franchise in the world (or so it appear to be) so I never have to drive far. So now my car is 13 years old and the mileage is under 50k. Car still drives like a car much newer than the age it is.

- Jackie R

It's a safe reliable vehicle. And the parts for repair are relatively cheap, which is always a plus.

I've only had this acr for about 2 weeks now, from dealership, but I love it! I went from having a Chevy trailblazer, to this. I have two kids, 1 and 3, the only thing I do miss about the trailblazer, is that I had the extended version, so it had a 3rd row of seating. I never used the seating in the way back, but having that, there was so much more room for the kids and even those who sat in the front. But other than that, I really do love it.

- Kelly N

Very spacious both inside and rooftop access.

It's a great midsize SUV. The aspect we really enjoy is the rooftop storage. We have a small business and it works great for taking equipment. On the flip side it very comfortably seats 5 people. The backseat has a personalized ac great for the kiddos. Its horrible on gas and we have had 5 of 6 cylinders replaced which has been quite costly. Overall, it has its downfalls but it's a good car.

- Veronica L

Plenty of seating for a large family.

I love the 3rd row seating, 4WD, the amount of space for hauling stuff when you put all the back seats down, how well it can pull a trailer, the way it drives. I dislike that the shiny coat of paint is bubbling up and peeling on the front fenders and hood, the windshield wiper fluid don't spray out and the door handle on the back end sometimes takes a few tries to get it to unlatch and open.

- Amanda B

Spacious gas hog w/ issues.

It's a great car if you looking for a relatively small SUV that has great storage space. We have a small business and it requires moving some equipment. Everything fits perfect. It comfortably seats 5 people for trips. It does have some downfalls. It's absolutely horrible on gas. And since we have had it 6 cylinders have had to be replaced which seems to be pretty common from what we hear.

- Veronica R

Beware of total vehicle failure while driving.

The car is very reliable, the majority of time. Twice it just stopped dead on the road, requiring towing and a really expensive car computer. The car has about 170, 000 miles on it. I was lucky that the car did not stop running on a highway, in a tunnel, or in a construction zone with one lane and no road shoulder, or I probably would not be alive to participate in this survey.

- Brian D

Great vehicle for anyone especially in winter weather.

This vehicle does great in all kinds of weather. It is especially good in snow. It is good on gas and the oil has been changed regularly. I have not had too many problems with it either. I had to replace an ignition switch and an oil sensor and that is about it for major repairs. The paint job is excellent, other than minor scratches. It still looks brand new when washed.

- Micky H

The perfect camping truck.

I have had my envoy for over 3 years and I love it! I have 2 boys over 6ft tall and they sit comfortably in it. One problem I have had are the door panels. They tend to strip off easy but easy and cheap fix! The best part I feel is the way back "the trunk". there's so much storage for anything. We are campers and let me tell you so much space you can pack with.

- Danielle M

Love the truck but it�s getting old and has some problems

Windshield wipers do not work you have to take the fuse out to get them to shut off. The stabilitrak has a problem. The check engine light is on with a code that no one can seem to figure out. I love the truck but it has had some issues. It has oil leak somewhere and the change oil comes on even after I do an oil change. I'm told it's a pressure sensor switch.

- Michelle M

It does have the towing package I love taking this on longer trips.

Love the ride on this vehicle. Easy to maneuver and very comfortable. It had 133K on it when I purchased. Although, Upon initial inspection, it did have some well known issues that had to be resolved. Such as lighting in the gauge cluster, front end parts and needed a full brake job all the way around. Gas mileage is right in the zone at about 18 - 19 MPG.

- Christopher T

The very spacious gas guzzler.

It's a great vehicle when it comes to space which is great for our small business. Space on top of the car is an added bonus. It very comfortably fits 5 people. It is horrible on gas though and has had all 6 cylinders replaced since we got it. If you need space go for it if you do lots of in town driving it's not the car for you.

- Veronica L

Pros and cons of the GMC envoy.

The ac fan has an issue keeping on your face, sometimes it will go to the floor board. The ride is great, its smooth and has an amazing reaction time for the breaks... It saved me in a possible bad car accident with a stalled car on a major highway. It doesn't have a usb port which is an issue for the time we are living in.

- Stephanie A

Review of an 2006 GMC envoy.

The GMC envoy that I drive is very comfortable. The a/c blows cold. The seats are comfortable and the fuel mileage is very good. The power windows are great and the rear view mirror shows the temperature outside of the vehicle which is very nice. The problems so far have come from the exhaust system and a bad transmission.

- Brian M

Spacious and easy to clean. Some cheap parts. Plenty of room for kids.

It is very spacious with a sunroof and DVD player. It is all black with some dark brown wood. The heated sets are great for winter. All leather which is easy to clean. There is a very big trunk and I can fit a stroller and many groceries at the same time. The paint has started coming off the buttons which is frustrating.

- Meg F

No other kind of vehicle but the Denali.

I had a problem with vehicle shutting down and turned out it had to have whole circuit board replaced and now it runs perfect. I love this vehicle, the luxury, the power. All in all, I would never want another vehicle other than the Denali. It's got leather, a video player, plenty of room and great for a long drive.

- Donna K

The great gmc SUV car. The best feature of the gmc car is its performance.

The vehicle that my brother drives is strong, reliable, fast, and trustworthy. He loves the car a lot because of its strong performance, reliability, and durability. He also thinks everyone should drive a GMC because of its comfort and its special features. And, most of all, he thinks it is a pleasure to drive!

- Jesse N

I have had very few problems with this vehicle.

The main issue I have is with the brake lights keep going out whether I fix them or not this has been a hassle also my fuel tank gage has not worked and quite a while. Otherwise I really enjoy this vehicle. Gas mileage is not the best but it is a very sturdy vehicle and I have over 250,000 miles on it.

- Todd D

One of the best vehicles I own.

I have this vehicle for the 13 years and I make sure I keep up with the maintenance I.e. oil changes, tire rotation etc. Any problem I have had with the vehicle I make sure it is looked at ASAP. The performance of the vehicle is very good, however I expect with the age of vehicle problems will arise.

- Marcia H

Reliable vehicle with minor maintenance.

Very reliable vehicle so far. I have had a few minor issues, nothing major luckily. I have done all the maintenance myself including replacing plugs, changing oil, changing alternator, fan clutch, tire rotations etc. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who may be looking for an older model SUV.

- Danny G

The GMC Envoy is the best SUV out there.

The Envoy is a smooth ride. The four wheel drive is awesome for tough terrain. The front bucket seats have electric power and recline well. There is plenty of room on the inside for whatever you need to carry. The motor is a straight 6 and has lots of get up and go about it. No slow pokes here.

- Leigh Anne W

GMC envoy customer review.

I love my truck. Has enough room to fit my three kids in the back seat and enough space in the very back for our dog when we go places. The seats lay down in the back so the kids can play. Drives good. Has good mileage and runs good. I just wish there we more car seat anchors in the back seat.

- Brittany B

The GMC envoy is good car to have!

I got the vehicle from car-mart, it runs smooth. The vehicle comes in handy for family trips, and or having road trips. This is my first vehicle and I like it a lot. It's pretty good on gas as well, I will say tires for the vehicle is pretty expensive. But I do love it, and it's a good car.

- Adrian D

It's a good car I've had a few minor issues all those are resolved.

My truck runs good I have no problems with it. The radio works good. It has 3 rows of seats just put new brakes on front and back. Just had an oil change. My kids love the truck. They have plenty of room to sit without fighting each other. It gets me where I need to go so I enjoy my truck.

- Mary J

Looks great when not in the repair shop.

Rides beautifully. Perfect size for our family. Total nightmare in regard to maintenance... Replaced transmission to suspension system and almost everything in between. The only original part is the actual engine. Dashboard looks like a Christmas tree often; or it does not light at all.

- Lisa D

The Denali sits high like a truck, so easy to see other traffic/avoid accidents.

We bought this Denali used in very good condition. We've only had it 2 years and the only problem, so far, is the fan for the heater/air stopped working and had to be fixed. It rides very smooth, has plenty of power, and has plenty of room for extra passengers and purchases. Love it.

- Laine W

It offers good command of the road.

It has a lot of electronic extras. Comfortable seating, needs cup holders in back seat area. Good storage area. Good outside top cargo area. Fair gas mileage. Handles easily. Good view of the road. Good command of the road. Has a sunroof that opens to the air. Good air conditioning.

- Susan M

How I feel about my GMC envoy, my cute little SUV.

I like it because it's a good size and has heated seats and it is easy to drive. Its sporty looking and can pull my camper. I would like it to be a bit bigger and much stronger and handle better in the snow. It would also be nice if it had Alexa and more technical stuff in it.

- Elizabeth B

Smooth ride on the inside.

The vehicle is great. It's a smooth ride and is very comfortable to sit in. It does seem to rust quicker than other vehicles I am aware of. But otherwise holds up really well to the elements. I have not had many, if any problems other than general maintenance with my vehicle.

- Samantha S

The 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix fast dependable reliable.

My vehicle has moderate space on the inside. The engine performance is exceptionally good, especially with acceleration. For me this car is wonderful to drive. And the power windows and locks are a bonus. The only issue I see is the placement of the fuel pump for maintenance.

- Marr B

Leather so it does not get too hot but does get cold. Name brand radio by bose.

Bad on gas, takes a little bit to warm up, breaks go bad quick. $60 to fill up the tank. There's no horn, lights are always going out. There's not much room. Windows get stuck, doors creek. The radio speaker is blown, radio is out of date meaning no AUX or Bluetooth setting.

- Sara S

Envoy XL four wheel drive 25 gallon gas tank.

I like the vehicles ride and comfort. The four wheel drive works well. It has a lot of room in it at least as much as a standard truck. The only drawback is the gas mileage about 15 mpg and a 25 gallon gas tank. If you do the math at 3. 15 A gallon the gas company loves you.

- Michael J

Great vehicle, roomy. Love that it has 4 wheel drive. Seems to be a great car.

Some electrical issues and evaporation system issues have been rising up. Seems to be a common issue based on what I read or watch on YouTube. Check engine light will not stay off to pass inspection. Car runs great and has no problems but computer thinks it has issues.

- Quint L

My vehicle is reliable, fast, good on gas and I use it daily.

I really love my GMC envoy it is great in gas, excellent acceleration and leather interior. The only problem I really have is when I change my oil the oil filter is in a really small tight spot under the vehicle other than that it is one hundred percent reliable.

- Steven K

10 year old envoy.. Still running.

It has been a great car for the most part. Just needs routine maintenance. The biggest challenge was the sensors. Had to replace and the cooling system not working. It has a smooth ride and pretty comfortable. Has not given many problems that was very expensive.

- Felicia G

GMC Shocking Ups and Downs

There are some great features about this car - it has some get up and go and love how roomy it is. However we have had a lot of problems with this car. Currently getting ready to replace the shocks and struts because it is an air shock system and has a leak.

- Allison P

Great vehicle will keep it until it falls apart

Love the looks of the vehicle and when you step inside it's like you are in luxury has a powerful 5.3 vortec engine and has lots of power only problem I have had is the vent blower on the climate control has quit and only blows out of the defrost and floor

- Jonathan R

Reliable, comfortable, roomy

It has a good sized hatch which was a bis plus for me. The heated seats are amazing. I love that it has a DVD player in the back for my little one. It would be better if there were speakers in the back though. It has been very reliable which is a big plus.

- Misty J

A sleek looking car for the family.

The space is so wonderful. There is a huge trunk with a lot of space. The leather seats are wonderful as well. You can easily wipe them up. The only downside is the paint easily comes off the buttons and some of the electronics do not work all the time.

- Megan F

Chevy Envoy used and in good condition.

The vehicle was purchased as a "used"/as is vehicle. No problems until I left the lot then the radio and horn stopped working. Other than that, it is an okay vehicle. Wished it was a 4 wheel drive or even a front wheel drive. It serves its purpose.

- Brenda M

I have owned it since 2010 and it's been a great car for our family up until the last 2 years. I primarily drive a short distance to work every day, so it still serves the purpose.

Very reliable up to 150,00 miles until the power steering started leaking and an A/C line leaking. Both are common problems with this model. It sucks having to add power steering fluid twice a month, and no A/C (A/C repair cost 1000.00).

- Curt R

It's a great reliable and safe vehicle, and I feel comfortable driving my kids around in it

I love my Envoy. We have the Denali version, so we have all the bells and whistles. My kids really like the DVD player. My car is over 12 years old, so it has been having things go wrong, but that's what happens when a car ages

- tracy D

Reliable, safe, comfortable. Built to last.

Had no issues with this vehicle other than minor recall items. Attractive, comfortable/smooth ride, reliable, good for pulling trailers, driving on beach, comfortable front or back seats. DVD player keeps grands entertained.

- Ruth K

dependable but small annoying issues.

the v6 doesn't have enough power. small things break all of the time. right now when I shut off the vehicle the power stays on after I open the driver's door. I have to open the passenger door for interior power to shut off.

- Myron S

It has a really nice interior.

I love how big it is, I like the make and the model. My only complaint is that someone hit me from the back while I was stopped at a red light. Now the back of my vehicle does not open and my grill is missing on the front.

- Lynn M

Very reliable transportation.

Linkage slippage. The gas cap has been replaced 3 times due to check engine light coming on. Very reliable and smooth driving. Not to bad on gas mileage. Has never had any major repairs in the 8 years I have owned it.

- Susanna D

It is reliable in all sorts of weather. It gets you to where you are going every time.

My GMC Envoy is go comfortable to drive and ride with leather heated seats. That really makes a difference when you live in a very cold climate. It is fully loaded with all the comforts you could as for.

- Karen L

My car is dependable. It gets me from.point a to point b when it is 12 years old.

I love my vehicle because it is a good car after 12 years. It gets me everywhere and is dependable. I have had few major repairs. I have no car payments. Dislike: May want something newer later.

- Tracy S

The towing capability for both a trailer and what it is able to fit inside of it is more than the typical SUV as it is 4' clear on the interior in the back.

It is very reliable as it has required very little maintenance over the 151k miles on it. It can fit a sheet of plywood in it, and really have not had any real complaints about the vehicle.

- Jim H

I have only owned it since June 1st 2018, there can always be issues buying an older SUV with higher miles but so far so good.

Check engine light is always on even though there is nothing wrong.otherwise it runs great. The exterior is in great shape and is plenty big enough to haul bigger items and tons of groceries

- Lori C

Excellent for long road trips

I bought this vehicle used. It has been well maintained. Recently took a 1200 mile trip and it drove/rode and performed perfectly. Has more comforts in the backseat area than most SUV's.

- Diane S

It has so many seat, window, ac, heat, options

I love the sunroof the heated leather seats. I love all the options for it. I love the trunk is spacious with a lot of cubbies! I hate how the two row ones don't have a lot of legroom.

- Allison n

It is a safe vehicle that gets me to where I want to go!

I like my car because of Its size. I don't really have any complaints except now that it is getting older it has been seeing more problems. Overall I'd recommend this car to anyone.

- Lindsey L

It's driven less than 10k miles per year therefore it averages out with low miles.

I like that it has low miles given the year of the vehicle. It's a good size suv and it's one family owned so I know what it's been through and how it's been taken care of.

- Cherry S



- Khayree S

It gets very good gas mileage but still has enough power to pull my boat.

I really like the ability to switch between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. One thing I dislike is it does not have a temperature display on the rear view mirror.

- Andrew O

GMC Envoy lover after 10 years

It is a good running vehicle. I had it for over 10 years, so of course it is has it problems now. I just replaced the motor after 220,000 miles. It is a good truck.

- Adrianna M

by far it is very dependable

I like the body style--it is roomy. It has been a very dependable suv. Have had no major problems. Nothing to dislike--just not so tech full like new vehicles

- ann H

It is dependable. It runs great. It is a big SUV.

It is dependable. I have no car payments. Rent a lot of cars, so get to try new vehicles. What do not like? May want something new because 2006 a long time ago.

- Tracy S

Does not feel like you are driving a big vehicle and I love that!!!

it's a great vehicle with TONS of room, we traveled across the country with all our camping gear for a month! Super comfortable! Great gas mileage, smooth ride

- ali r

Enjoying my GMC Envoy Immensely!

My SUV is very reliable. I would love it if it had more leg room in the back I have had very few problems with my Envoy and all issue have been minor.

- Lanie H

It's just big enough to feel safe, yet not too big to feel like you're driving a tank.

Love how many people fit in vehicle for carpooling to concerts. Also that it fits 3 kayaks inside for lake trips. Nothing I dislike about my Envoy.

- Kathleen C

We have had very low maintenance issues and we have 132,000 miles on it.

I love my Envoy. It is comfortable, roomy and allows me the convenience of storage / carry space. I wish GMC had not stopped making this car.

- Glenda C

It has very poor gas mileage.

It is a good size for 3 of us. The electrical system is messed up. Poor gas mileage. Leather is a good fabric to keep clean and wipe up easily.

- Megan R

My car is the one thing that I take a lot of pride in and I try to keep it in the best running order that I can.

my car is immaculate and clean and well taken care of, it runs very well. it has a lot of the bells and whistles. it gets pretty good mileage

- george C

A great smooth ride, but requires a lot of maintenance.

Everything has almost been replaced. I love how smooth it rides, third row seating is a plus, but not ideal with car seats in the second row.

- Brittany D

It is an olderror vehicle, but it still runs

It is a SUV so it has plenty of room. It is getting old, so it is starting to need repairs. It is okay on gas mileage, but not the greatest

- Steven k

The stability (traction) control system is questionable, and I would not trust it.

It's a good solid vehicle. It's a little old now, but it gets from point a to point b. I like that it's 4wd, dislike that it gets 16 mpg

- Tony M

It is great for a mom on the go. It's great on gas for being a suv

My envoy has been very dependable in the almost two years i've owned it. I have had an issue with the blower motor resistor a few times

- Jessica M

It is a v8 denali edition.

I like it because it is nice and drives good. I wish it had more up to date technology. I have never had a problem with this vehicle.

- Amy S

How to maintain it and keep it up to code.

Could use some new tires, everything else is in good and running condition. I love my car. It so very reliable and has done me good.

- Samantha C

Handles well, you sit high up with good visibility. Will hold 7 people.

Great SUV, has been a solid vehicle for us, good transportation with not to many problems. Been reliable and mostly trouble free.

- Wayne Y

Comfortable with plenty of power.

Like the heated seats and the third row seating. Like that there is a DVD player. Hate that there is no aisle to the third row.

- Rebecca B

It's all mine and fun to drive

I love my car because it's paid for. I get great gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is for my daycare kids it's to small

- Melissa y

The skid control keep the SUV in the road whenever it rains,

The size because it has third row seating lots of room, how it ride so smooth and that it has 4 wheel drive, no complaints.

- Elvira S

GMC makes a good SUV. It is well made, as I see many others on the road and it is 12 years old.

I like driving my SUV.It drives well, has 4 wheel drive, gets around good. I do not like that I have to use premium gas.

- Susan S

GMC Envoy XL I have the XL 3 seat Envoy not the shorter ones. I love it

The only problem I have is starting sometimes but apparently it's an issue with all of them that is not cheaply solved

- Heather P

It's great for all terrain driving and great for a family vehicle.

It has a good four wheel drive system in it. It gets decent gas mileage. I really don't have any complaints about it.

- doren g

good gas mileage especially on long trips like to the beach

really enjoy my car. not a lot of maintenance good gas mileage esp on trips. has lasted a long time with no problems

- linda h

That the gas gauge is broken and it does not do will on though way.

I like that my whole family fits comfortable. I love that it is 3 row. I hate that it is a used and older model.

- Nicole M

It is a reliable vehicle.

I really enjoy this vehicle. I would like this model to be made again. Disappointed that it is no longer made.

- Leslie M

That prepare to spend a lot of cash on keeping it running.

Spend to much expense on wear and tear, Every three months parts break down. I truly think it is made poorly.

- Marvin M

That the ride is comfortable.

I like the 4 wheel drive to get around when it snows. I like the way it drives. The gas mileage is really bad.

- Michael S

Gmc envoy good on gas, drives well

I Have had no issues with this vehicle so far. Seems to be pretty good on gas. About forty dollars fills it up

- Christie L

Heated seating, easy controls, awesome speakers.

Its dependable & it doesn't have a lot of problems. Also comes with a lot of room. Interior is easy to clean.

- Ashlee W

Nothing. It is my car, not theirs.

Heated seats. Good visibility. No complaints. Nice color. Good acceleration. Matches my camper. Few repairs.

- Mel H

It's made in America and is built strong and safe.

I like the sturdy construction of the vehicle. I also like the roominess - lots of storage. Seats 7 people.

- Patricia l

It is a great vehicle on the road with a lot of space to store your stuff.

It is a great vehicle. It has a lot of space to store my stuff or people in. It is also good on the road.

- Matthew W

It is a red Envoy Denali, with eclectic moving side mirrors and a backseat dvd entertainment system. Has a sunroom.

Shocks when this last winter and the fan system seem to be having issue. Little problems other than those

- Alexandra I

Automatic adjustments and know people who will repair things.

Comfortable to ride in or drive looks good and compliments from friends and family also easy to repair.

- Jane D

It stands high, and can take a hit.

It's a big car. We have a large family. And other drivers are less likely to hit me as my car is large.

- Cheryl G

Comfort and reliable vehicle.

Very roomy interior and handles great. Since I have owned it, it has only needed regular maintenance.

- Linda W

It is safe and comfortable. Tows well and seats 5 with ease

I love my gmc. I have no real complaints other than the difficulty mounting step rails

- Emily H

It is an extremely reliable vehicle with little to no maintenance issues.

My vehicle has 225,000 miles and has never given me any trouble. It still runs great!

- Kristin A

It is a nice vehicle to use for children as it is roomy and comfortable.

It isn't very fuel efficient and is at the age where parts are starting to wear out.

- sarah e

Durable in all weather - able to drive through snow easily

Love the size and storage - I dislike all the maintenance on automatic elements

- Maria A

I like the fact that it fits all of my family. My kids like the fact it has a tv.

it takes a lot of gas. but other then I really like my car. It fits everyone

- jennifer c

it is very roomy with lots of space for both people and cargo.

i like the space. i like how it rides. i don't like it takes a lot of gas.

- melissa s

It's gas mileage is not good compare to other cars.

Would like to see better gas mileage. Made better. More space in front.

- Sher H

It's comfortable and doesn't give me a lot of trouble

I like It's a mid size suv, it's comfortable and doesn't give me trouble

- Kim B

It runs good and gets me to where i need to go..have traveled a lot and very well handled

I like the features that it has and the room and there is no dislikes

- Crystal C

I like the size and how spacious the interior is. I also like how well it rides. I'm not happy with the transmission issues.

It's a reliable vehicle, very spacious, and rides comfortably

- Kasie H

that It's durable throughout the years

i like the brand. lasts a long time. good on mileage.

- rose G

This car is fun to drive.

I like the looks gas mileage is not too good.

- Tina A