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GMC Envoy is a great family car!

I love my Envoy! I bought it used over the summer this year (2018, ) and have already taken it on 2 longish trips with 4 people in it. We were all comfortable and had plenty of cargo room for our luggage and toys we brought along. It has 148, 000 miles on it and rides smooth, aside from a problem we are having with a strut. It does not have many bells and whistles, but it is efficient while being roomy and comfy, with a stabilitrak safety system and 4x4 that helps keep me safe in midwest winter driving conditions. It is my first SUV, and I will not look back!

- Jessica R

Great and reliable, bad gas mileage.

The car drives nicely, it is a great size and it lets me sit high which is great for my height. The air conditioning and heater work very well. 4 wheel drive is nice, it has just the right amount of room. I have had some issues with the fluids leaking, the front bumper rubbing up against my tire on the driver's side, the locking mechanism disconnecting in my driver side door, and with the manifold.

- Lauren B

I like to color and how it rides; except for problems.

The driver seat stop working and always have to get it fix; you adjust the seat. The headlights keep going out and we just got it fixed a few months ago; now we have to take it back in and see what's wrong with it again. It drives nice. We had a brake that blew and we had to get it fix. Buying a used vehicle is sometimes not good. The vehicle is starting to become a money pit to get it fix.

- Marcia S

The GMC envoy is the best SUV that GMC ever made.

The envoy drives like a dream. I have never had any problems with it minus an oil change here or there and getting new tires. The trunk space is amazing, I can store almost anything in it. The sound system is the only problem but that's because I bought secondhand. The speaker on the driver's side is blown but other than that the car is really amazing and drives really well.

- Emily K

My GMC keeps going, and works great!

It has been great. Has lots of room for my boy scouts and all there stuff for our camping trips. The only problem is the check engine light comes on every once in awhile but then goes off with no reasonable explanation. Had it check a few times. Nothing was wrong they said it is probably a fluke. Lol! I have put lots of miles on it and it is still going good.

- Misty B

Another member of the family.

Been very reliable. Little behind on technology but it is an older car. I love the design and the amount of cargo room. It is been perfect for on and off-road and long and short trips. I wish the gas mileage was better but it is an SUV. I have added all weather mats and little accessories here and there to make it everything I need it to be.

- Marty K

About my vehicle it is very nice to have.

It is a great car besides the problems that I am having with it now. The lights keep going out while driving and now it need some rings. I don't really know what else to say about the vehicle, except it runs good and smooth, really a nice vehicle to have. I see a lot of people driving one and they day it is a good vehicle.

- Diane L

Gas hog and monthly issues

I bought the vehicle used so many of my complaints are a result from the previous owner. However, it's a gas hog and I've had power steering issues with it. Transmission lines needed to be replaced and there's no outlet to plug my phone into to play music. No ashtray either (although I do not smoke)

- Ashley T

My car is great for my big family and I. Just minor problems.

I love my car for the most part. I do not like that the sunroof is broken and I do not have the money to get if fixed at the moment. My a/c is making noises, but it still works. I love the heated seats. I also wish I could connect my phone to my radio so I could listen to music apps off my phone.

- Brandy P

Good, sturdy, reliable GMC truck.

The envoy is a good, reliable truck. When it needs repairs, some are good diy, parts are affordable and easy to get and if it goes in the shop, it is not been too expensive to have work done. I had to have the water pump replaced but have been able to diy little things.

- Paula B

My 2007 GMC envoy overview.

My vehicle is roomy and comfortable smooth ride and plenty of cargo space in the back. It has pretty good grain dash feature and DVD player in the back seat. The back seat fold down for extra cargo space. Features on star navigation XM radio leather seats sun room 4WD.

- Brittany P

Lots of space in a reliable vehicle.

I love the amount of room in my vehicle and the windows. The sunroof is a great added feature. The 4 wheel drive is amazing in the snow of an Ohio winter. It is a very reliable vehicle. I would prefer a slightly smaller SUV as my next vehicle. I definitely recommend.

- Sherry W

Engine light continue to be a problem.

My vehicle continue to display the engine light. I have spent thousand trying to get the problem fixed. Every mechanic claim it is something different. After spending 3-5 hundred dollars in a few months the light pops on again. Nobody seem to know what the issue is.

- Marilyn R

It is a medium size SUV with a good price point and comfortable to drive.

We like the size as it is large enough to haul groceries and people but small enough to handle in traffic. It's height keeps us above most traffic with good sight lines. It feels sturdy enough to feel safe and protected. We have no complaints about this vehicle.

- David P

Performance in handling and looks.

I love my Denali as it belonged to my late husband and he took excellent care of it. The car is in as new condition. I love the way it handles on the road. I love the way it looks. I just love everything about it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Susan D

I own a 2007 GMC envoy with 4 wheel drive capabilities and 2 row seating.

This vehicle is a very nice smooth drive. Starts right up and has got me through a rough winter. Along with its 4 wheel drive and great traction it gets me through the roughest weather. Recently had some issues with the lower ball joints. Easy fix though.

- Dawn S

Reliable GMC with four wheel drive

I trust my vehicle in all weather and on many terrains with four wheel drive. I also enjoy how spacious it is. I wish it accelerated a little faster, especially on hills. Due to its age, it has no USB port, which I wish it did. The sunroof is also nice.

- Alicia M

You can drive with confidence with the sight lines and quality drivability

I like that this SUV has good sight lines and the height to see over the road. The comfort factor is well established with the seating and roominess. This is a pleasure to drive and has enough power in the 6 cylinder engine to be confident.

- sue c

That I love it so much. It is a very useful car.

I love my envoy. I'm really afraid that I am going to have to get a newer SUV and I really don't care for the new ones. It has just enough space for my family and to haul anything I need to haul. I really do love it.

- Beth F

My car gets me where I need to go and it has always been reliable.

I like everything about my car. I have only ever had to make minor repairs to it all the years that I have owned it. It still rides good, and I have no intention of getting another one until this one falls apart.

- Donna E

An older Sport Utility that drives like a new vehicle - thanks to GMC and some TLC.

We have had Ethel the Envoy for about 4 years now. As with any older vehicle she has needed repairs here and there. With the correct care and her history, I'd say Ethel will be around for many years to come!!

- Rose m

It's a good family car. It works good for doing errands, as well as for fun trips.

I like it's size. Being 6'3", it's easy to get in and out of it. It also does well when there is light street flooding. It's also held up pretty well in the 11 years that my family and I have owned it.

- Carlos M

It is very reliable and safe.

The envoy has been a very dependable vehicle with minimal problems. The 4WD is excellent on snow covered roads. The size is perfect for a busy family and there’s lots of room in the back for storage,

- Anna E

Envoy- do not buy this vehicle.

Fuel mileage is absolutely terrible, especially when using the a/c. Have had numerous front end suspension problems. Constantly having issues with the brakes, ball joints etc. Idle rpm’s is too low.

- Carri W

It's the rescue mobile - saving cats and dogs one car-ful at a time!

I love the four wheel drive and the space of an SUV. I hate that it needs expensive new tires and has multiple lights on the dashboard. I also hate the strange noises that it is making.

- Dia M

Babies in car seats can get pretty hot.

It is a good size for my family. It has held up pretty well for over 10 years. I wish there were better air vents in the back seat so my baby could get air flow while in her car seat.

- Sally K

It has 4 wheel drive and a hitch.

Body is already rusting and the front end suspension is always needing something fixed. When running the a/c I only get maybe 6-7 mpg and that is not good at all for how much gas is.


It does have some electrical recalls.

This vehicle runs like a champ and has a sleek full figure design. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever had. It does seem to have a small electrical issue at times.

- Julie M

It is reliable not to many issues.

The vehicle is good has plenty of trunk space and my kids and I travel comfortably in it! I wish it had a third row so my husband and I can take the kids all together in it.

- Tanya D

I love this car so much!!

For the age of my car, it has been very affordable and reliable. I love my car and hope it lasts forever. It has ample space while not being an overly large vehicle.

- Morgan H

Why I love my GMC envoy 2007 review.

Love GMC it has been a dependable vehicle! It is a great ride around town or on the highway. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I love the luxury of GMC vehicle too.

- Lisa H

It has a new engine with only approximately 5,000 miles on it.

I love the smooth ride. The suspension is great. Comfortable vehicle that fits me well. I don't like that the seatbelts cut into my neck when wearing them.

- Jeanine W

I have a 2007 silver GMC 4 wheel drive. I love the car but the gas goes quick.

I love my vehicle except my engine light comes on all the time. It is a sensor issue. I also wish the sound system was a little bit better it is factory.

- Shannon G

I spend a lot of money on gas.

I don't think I would buy another envoy. Has to many problems. Constantly needs work done. don't know if it is just mine or if all envoys are like this.

- Ashley H

The GMC Envoy is a safe and rugged vehicle.

I like the height of the vehicle and the space inside the transport people or items. I dislike the gas mileage and I've had a few issues with repairs.

- Cindy L

It is a well made vehicle not a lot of repairs like other makes of Subs and it is safe and great in the snow.

Love the room it has, the look and that it's 4 wheel drive. Its pretty good on gas and I haven't had. To do a lot of work on the SUV it is well made.

- Jody C

It's uses a lot of gas and it's about 60 dollars to fill the tank.

It's very dated. It gets me where I need to go which is all I really need. But it takes a lot of gas and all the tech is way out of date

- Rebekah H

It is a very safe and reliable car. It has a lot of storage space and legroom.

I love my envoy. It is just enough space for my family of 4, without feeling overly huge. It's rides nice and has lots of storage room.

- Beth A

GMC envoy is a great overall car.

Great comfortable ride with no known issues. Gas mileage is a little pricey. Sleek looking with just enough room for a small family.

- Kevin A

Gas saver with great mileage perfect for in town and highway driving.

Comfortable, heated seats, roomy, economical, electric features helpful, good heater and air conditioning, sunroof nice to have.

- Lisa M

Vehicle is great. Love it. Reliable all the time.

This vehicle is amazing. It runs well and has very few issues. The issues that do come up are usually easy and cheap to fix.

- Felicia M

It is a luxury SUV, Denali version.

Dislike the gas mileage, but it is a v8 so I should expect that. Like everything else, it has all the bells and whistles.

- Angel J

Very reliable. Safe and comfortable ride no annoying blind spots.

Great vehicle. Comfortable ride heated seats spacious for hauling just about anything. Enough room for the whole family.

- Michele B

2007 GMC Envoy pros and cons

Its Okay. Nothing more than the usual maintenance. Not good on gas. Currently looking to trade up to something newer.

- Shateka S

It is dependable through rain and snow and heat.

It is reliable and gets excellent mileage. There's great storage. One problem is the rust underneath.

- norm b

I like the way it drives.

The vehicle drives nice. But, we've been having with the driver seat it doesn't adjust it doesn't w

- Marcia S

what others should know about my car is that you will need to fill up a more often.

I like it's features. I like how easy it is to drive. However, I wish the mileage was a bit better.

- jordan b

I like the space in the rear of the suv. I don't like the lack of space in the back seat. I also don't like the lack of reliability... I've had to replace to engine.

It's not only a Mommy car, People who are not Moms can drive it and it can be a cool car too.

- Carla T

I drive a 2007 GMC Envoy it is a very reliable vehicle . The only real problem I have had is with the windows not wanting to roll down.

the vehicle had a recall a few years ago concerning the control panel on the driver side door

- Allyson G

Great 4 wheel drive, mobility, and lots of room. Nice size engine, will get you where you need to go in every season

Love my envoy, very reliable. Has never broke down on me. Very safe for family.

- Kaylia P

It run good, and is roomy. .the a.c and heat for good

I like it but it drinks a lot of gas and the lights keep going out

- Diane L

It has only 36,000 miles on it. It has brand new tires.

Drives beautifly. It's safe. It's comfortable. No complaints.

- Clara D

It handles great in the snowy northeastern winter weather

It's roomy. It gets decent gas mileage. It's great IN THE SNOW.

- Robin D

People should know that it is durable and reliable.

It is Comfortable. It is Durable. It is Good looking.

- Anthony Z

It looks great and runs great. So far, it has been reliable and does well on gas mileage

It rides great, plenty of options, powerful engine.

- Tom K

Very good in all weather.

I like the room inside and the handling.

- John m