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GMC Envoy 4x4 Sport luxury vehicle for every experience in your lifetime.

GMC envoy with inside switch for 2 wheel 4 wheel auto is amazing feature no work at all to switch over and go off roading, also the tie hitch is perfect for towing anything. This car is awesome it's strong reliable dependable runs great and has many luxury features it's all automatic power everything with moonroof power seats and lots of room. Back seats fold down flat and has enough room to sleep in if needed. Have owned my GMC for 8 years and have had no problems at all and keep it maintenance regularly running strong and gets great gas mileage. 4 doors makes it perfect for passengers or animals and can pack a ton in it when needed along with luggage rack on top. I would strongly suggest this car to anyone looking for a mid size vehicle for fun family and travel.

- Lisa L

The best vehicle I've ever owned, and I've owned plenty!

My husband and I leased this vehicle; it was the first time we ever leased. We loved it, and when the 3 year lease period was up, we purchased it! The Envoy is comfortable to drive and to ride in, even in the back seat. We have not had any major problems with it, just the normal wear and tear that are usual with vehicles and it has traveled around the United States more than I have (my children used it since the Envoy was so much more reliable and safe than what they were driving). Several years ago a General Motors employee informed me that Envoys were going to be built again, and I've been waiting for them to come out since they haven't been made in quite a number of years. All in all I really love my Envoy and highly recommend it to others!


The Envoy is a very reliable vehicle if just the right one is identified as a possible car.

I have had an Envoy before that I would rate a 10. This one is a used one that was not as well maintained and has some issues that were not evident when I purchased it. My comfort level with just getting into it and driving anytime is greatly diminished. It has electrical problems and not easily diagnosed or corrected little problems. Instead of becoming my new long term vehicle. It is my " will do" until I can do better car. I really liked Envoys before this one. I like that the brand has been sturdy and reliable before. That comfort level lead me to replace my older car with this newer model of the same brand.

- Helen F

I love my vehicle but wish it didn't have the issues it does:)

I love the way my vehicle looks.. It rides very comfortably. There is a lot of room which is great because I have 5 dogs. For an SUV it gets good gas mileage. But.. I have had issues with the engine light coming on and the 2 garages I've brought it to can't figure out why and no codes are coming up. I am also having issues with the anti lock brake system after spending quite a bit of money getting it fixed. I finally had to have them disconnect the fuse. Now I don't have anti lock brakes and my dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree..

- Lori L

The car drives well, can fold back seat in two sections and storage is decent.

Had the car for 9 years. It drives well and is dependable. I like that the back seat can be folded flat for space. I like that I can only fold half and leave the other seat up for a passenger. Have made lots of trips and storage space is usually fine, admittedly it was better before the second child but overall it's still a good car for family of four. Do wish there was more space between front and rear seat. Kids end up kicking the front seat a lot.

- Jessica T

Basic model but reliable and comfortable

I have really enjoyed my vehicle. I can't say that I have had any major issues or problems other than what would be expected as time goes by. I have had no issues with performance. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me. It is fairly comfortable m, I don't have any major complaints. I do wish that I had a backup display, that would be something that I could really use. But overall I have been very pleased and have enjoyed my vehicle.

- Kathy K

The comfort of the seats for long distance travel...the seat belts also get very aggravating around the shoulder-neck area.

We really like the GMC vehicle. It is an all wheel drive. Burgundy in color, black interior. Engine has been great! Bought it used, with 60,000 miles. Currently at 122,000 miles. We hope to drive it a couple of years yet. The only 2 complaints we have is that the seats are very uncomfortable for any long distance travel, and the seat belts are very aggravating...it's like they don't fit "any" body shape.

- Lisa N

Next best thing to a Denali!

I have liked everything about this vehicle. The interior is roomy, the seats are comfortable, and the ride is smooth and quiet. The automatic 4wd system responds very quickly to wheel slippage. The highway gas mileage is good for a vehicle of this size. I also appreciate the fact that it has a full sized spare and that it is located under the vehicle, not taking up cargo space.

- Charles G

It is a nice ride and a good looking vehicle.

I really haven't had any problems except yearly maintenance. I truly enjoy driving the SUV. It get great gas mileage. It is a smooth ride with all the bells and whistles. Heated seats and all. Sunroof, leather seats, all electric windows and more. I would recommend this model to everyone. I hope you get a chance to drive one. I think you will like it.

- Judy B

My 08 GMC envoy the features and likes and dislikes of the vehicle.

My 08 GMC envoy is reliable. I have had no problems with my truck. I keep the regular maintenance on the truck such as tire rotation and oil changes. The truck comfort and features are fine also. I just wanted my truck to have heated seats so in the winter time it will warm me up. I am getting new and updated stereo system in my truck also.

- Libby S

It's a clean car I love it.

I don't have any problems with it is a really great car. My boyfriend drives it the most and he only had to fix only little things on the car which is a good thing when you have a baby u need a great car to get around. I want one just like it but a different color so we don't get confused on which car us which or I want a different GMC car.

- Theresa J

I believe the space/size of this vehicle make it completely worth the purchase.

I really truly love the space inside that I have and the trunk is huge so my kids can bring along toys or whatever needed while visiting relatives. It's been mostly reliable although if something does go wrong this type of vehicle can be very expensive to fix. The heated seats are definitely a plus and the size is perfect for my family.

- Christina M

Envoy great car drives great.

No problems very comfortable and reliable I love mine do not have anything bad to say about it drives smooth and is great in the snow. Has plenty of room for kids and is great on gas one thing I do not like is the back seat do not fold down flat so it is hard if you need to haul anything big other then that it is a great everyday car.

- Jessica N

2008 GMC envoy, black with a little chrome.

I like my car a lot. It does pretty good with gas mileage and is comfortable. Good SUV with plenty of space for all activities and road trips. I have only had it for 2 1/2 years but is in really good shape for it to be 11 years old. My favorite part is that it is spacious, looks good, and the driver seat sits a little high.

- Mackenzie C

Love my spacious GMC. Handle well.

I love my car it handles well on all kinds of roads even snow. Good gas mileage. It handles well. There is 3 gears in it that helps hold you back when going down hills to help save on the brakes. Spacious and roomy. Adjustable steering wheel. Cup holders front and back. And spacious room in the hatch for a lot of stuff.

- Bonnie M

The Good Family Car. It is a great truck for hauling things as well.

My truck is a 4 door SUV which I love it needs some minor work done to the body and sensors but other than that it's a great family vehicle. I haven't got to travel in it yet but I'm ready to test it out. It is good for day to day work, picking up kids your usual day to day errands and also is good on gas to the mile.

- Brandis D

Very comfortable ride for everyone.

You get great gas mileage with this vehicle. The hatchback is very handy for loading groceries and other things. It also makes it easy to unload things. The seats are very comfortable, especially if you are traveling a long distance. The tinted windows are great for keeping the sun and bright light out of our eyes.

- Linda M

Fairly good gas consumption, does not cost as much to fill as some might think.

Powerful for rough roads and long trips, great space for passengers. I bring home large items from stores such as small furniture. From Lowes I commonly bring home plants and rain drains, so the inside space is roomy. The only thing I have an issue is that the fuel gauge for a second time has broken again.

- Yan S

GMC is the best car brand out there!

I love my car. I have had my car for over a year and I haven't had any problem with it. My car had been very reliable. Since I had a truck we all know trucks take a lot of gas to fill up. I would say that is the only downfall about my car. I used my car to travel multiple times and never had a problem.

- Jasmine C

It is the perfect color if you live on a gravel road. The dust will blend in.

The brakes are sometimes difficult, like I have to press on them harder than I actually should have to when coming to a stop. I wish it was smaller so that it was easier to park. It sometimes feels jittery when I drive it. I appreciate the heated seats. It is usually pretty reliable.

- Ann F

Overall my GMC is a solid vehicle. No real serious problems.

The problems: my truck has a hard vibration that is Audible when the truck is idle and the check engine lights goes on/off... On most of the time. Performance wise truck is supreme to me very reliable and comfortable. It is a base vehicle no real fancy feat besides tinted windows.

- Angela S

4 wheel drive helps me thru tough weather.

Its miles are up there so its performance isn't what it used to be. It's very reliable though and has lasted thru hard weather. I still take it on out of state trips with no issues. My kids have enough room to sit comfortable and still enough storage room for bags and such.

- Devin A

Its reliable. Trustworthy and the storage is great.

It's getting up in miles but still runs good. Needs a few things but its always been reliable. Good gas mileage and storage room is great! I hope to have this car for another 2 years before I buy another one. This car has definitely lasted the test of time and miles!

- Devin A

My car. GMC envoy 2008. Only one owner.

Runs well, all fluids were changed. Has new tires. Body was just repaired. Low milage. New wipers. Driven carefully by old people. Washed frequently. Diven only short trips. Windows very clean. Never been in a accident never in a flood. . Tires rotated regularly. .

- Jerry B

It's a good solid vehicle to drive with your family in comfort and style.

Bought the vehicle used Its a very nice comfortable ride I haven't driven it enough yet after buying it used with 125000 miles I am still finding small things like the radio is locked and I need to go to a dealer to get it fixed a nice price if 100 it mire dollars.

- Robin E

The best is what I think!?

Hi everyone I am here to let you guys all know that the 2008 GMC envoy slt is an amazing truck with lots of room plenty of space super nice and also more than comfortable, it is simply my favorite SUV and that is real as it can be. It is also really eleg.

- Pedro B

The envoy of 2008 that has GMC in questions of themselves.

The lights on the dashboard are always on regardless if you had it worked on or not. If you value yourself. I would get it. I have had the car for 8 months now. I do suggest that GMC make envoys more easier to work on instead of taking it to the shop.

- Ed D

The half open window. I can open just half with the window or the whole hatch.

Very reliable, all features are comfortable. One downside is the year. Less new features. But never had any problems with it. Leather seats are great. The seats can be folded down for more storage or hauling. The vehicles has a hitch hook-up.

- Whitney P

It's been long lasting, plenty of room, great gas mileage, drives smooth.. just a great american car!

I like my GMC Envoy because it's been great as far a long lasting. Lots of room inside and not too big to drive. I really like that I can lay down the back seats to haul things much better. Good on gas mileage. Love my seat warmer too!

- Cher d

I love the back ac feature. Very roomy. Though I do wish it had an AUX cord.

The car is ten years old, has around 110 thousand miles and has not given me any major problems. The two things I consider important are still working well. The ac is still going strong and has not made me break the bank for gas.

- Alejandra D

It's been reliable to get around in.

I like that I have enough room to carry anything that I want to. It gets pretty good gas mileage also. It isn't a big thing, but I don't like the tinted windows (purchased used and won't spend money to have them untinted).

- Charlotte G

Pretty decent amount of space.

My envoy is pretty spacious although I would like to have a 3rd row for more room with kids but my current one is still great. It does have some riding on the running boards but doesn't affect the running of the car.

- Stephanie L

It is a great sized car that can really give a person the space to travel and store large items. It also has a great life span and has not failed yet. Although the battery can get drained easily because of the large power demand. Also kind of a gas guzzler.

It has lasted me almost 10 years and is a very durable car. I am going to replace it soon , but it still has been a reliable car for so many years. It is also easy to keep up with maintenance.

- Mike f

GMC Envoy is a good suv choice

I bought it used, but the car overall is fairly good. It carries enough in the storage for all of my needs. Its mileage is a little low, but at least the tank size is moderately high.

- Mason G

It is blue in color Its four wheel drive.

A/c works sometime it has been wreck a few time by another owner cig burns all over the inside it makes a lot of noise front end needs work just a vehicle that has not been kelp up.

- Ferrell R

It is an amazing SUV that gets me where I need to go without any issues! It is also great on gas!

I absolutely love it! It is the best vehicle that I have had in a long time. It's roomy, clean, and has been maintained. I got a warranty on it as well, so my mind is at peace.

- Deb L

That the gas mileage isn't very good.

Over all this is a good vehicle. I don't like gas mileage and common problems. I love the GMC brand. My spare tire holder is broke and just dangles can't disconnect. Bad design.

- Brittany B

Gas mileage is not that good.

I was in 3 accidents with all cars so I changed to a large SUV and I feel safer in it. I am not too happy with the gas mileage but I do not drive that far so it is good for me.

- Thomas H

Reliable suburban family car

Nice car. Had some problems with windows not rolling up and down as well as some issues with air conditioning but other than that it runs pretty smooth most of the time.

- Ciera R

Others should know that it's a good car from a good american company that is made in the USA.

I like that it is easy to drive and has a lot of features. I dislike the way the inside is set up. I wish the seats were more moveable. Overall it's ok.

- Cirene J

I don't think I would recommend it to anyone considering buying a vehicle, but perhaps newer ones are better.

I like the size of it, but it doesn't have much "gumption" to it. I think it would be better with a stronger engine. The air conditioner isn't great.

- Ann T

GMC Envoy large SUV but drives like a car.

The GMC Envoy provides a very smooth ride. The size is large enough to transport several people and supplies or luggage but is not too big to drive.

- Liz B

The gas mileage is not so great. Only gets 17 miles to the gallon.

I love that it is a denali which means it has all the bells and whistles. The traction control is a life saver and the heated seats are great.

- Paula K

Decent gas mileage for SUV.

Have always liked it. Smooth ride and decent amount of cargo space. Would like more space between front and back seats for legroom.

- Jessica D

Decent gas mileage for a SUV.

I like all the options on my car and the comfort. Cars need more room in the front seat area. Never enough room for a purse.

- Gloria M

Envoy is reliable transportation.

We have had no maintenance issues with maintenance. Its gas mileage is not great. It dies a good job towing the camper.

- James S

It's very reliable and has tons of room and easy to drive.

Love the reliability, the roomy interior and durability of it. The main complaint about it is the gas mileage.

- Alex M

The Envoy is very spacious; you can use it for anything and everything!

I love everything about my GMC Envoy, its roomy, comfy, easy to drive, it's an amazing family car! I love it.

- Mari V

It is terrible on gas and that will cost you a lot of money you might not have.

Like: the way it rides, cheap to buy, doesn't require a lot of upkeep. Dislike: gas mileage, cost for tires.

- Alexis M

That it has enough storage space to fit nearly anything.

I like the space. I like the way it looks. I like the storage space. I dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Kory K

It gets good gas mileage for its size, and it can still play cassette tapes.

I like the size. I like its blue color. I don't like the leather seats, or broken air conditioner.

- Kory K

The color, it doesn't show dirt. You can also clean the seats easily.

I like the leather seats, but overall don't like this vehicle. Wouldn't buy another one.

- Kristi f

It's very comfortable and roomy.

I like how comfortable it is. It is roomy. It doesn't get good gas mileage.

- Beth F

Great on gas and easy to handle. Love the stereo system as well!

I couldn't find my car in the list. I love my car. It is a Pontiac g6

- Kristina H

It is super reliable. It has been a great vehicle.

My Envoy is sporty. It is comfortable. It is roomy and fun to drive.

- Elizabeth S

It is a very good family car and runs really well.

It is silver. It has a sunroof. It is a good size for our family.

- Lisa K

I think the most important thing is the price and the year

it is very comfortable there is enough space I like the style

- Ayli M

Very nice! Wheel bearings always go out. Nice that inside!

You have to replace wheel bearings often. Nice to look at.

- Jodi B

heated seats and automatic wipers not good on slippery roads it's sort of good on gas could be better

i like the room the style not good in the winter thou

- melanie w

reliable car no issues love the czr

gmc..nice size for me very nice looking

- lisa B