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Vehicle Dependability and Use

2000 GMC Jimmy SLS Base

The GMC Jimmy vehicle is a great for transporting family and hauling goods. The space in the vehicle allows the family to sit comfortably. It is very reliable and no major issues happened until around 200,000 miles were put on the vehicle. The transmission needed replaced and the electrical system started acting up. Some wire were replaced and the issue was fixed. The length of ownership of the vehicle is worth the purchase. People feel that it is a car and truck in one allowing them to use it accordingly as needed for family events and conditions. Money is well spent on the vehicle and worth the investment.

- Gwen C

It is solid and dependable. Rarely has mechanical problems. It is old school very few computer interfaces. I don't care that it doesn't have all the "features" of the newer cars, I just like that it gets me where I want to go. It is like me. old and dependable.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like that it is long since paid off. It has held up well. In the past I have hauled a half ton of clay, carried ware to craft shows, and now I am sewing and doing charity work and have carried supplies to sew ins and finished work to the charity. I think that it will keep going for years. I look forward to getting it a historic license plate in a few more years. it has served me well, and has a good radio and cd player that have kept me company as I have driven hither and yon.

- millie c

Jimmy GMC 2000 Car Review

2000 GMC Jimmy SLS Convenience

I really love my vehicle. It is an older car so there are some slight issues with the hinges sagging on both of my doors but I've had it for years and I seriously love it! The four wheel drive is wonderful and I feel very safe in my car! I would highly recommend this car to anyone who needs a durable car to drive in the snow and that you want to feel safe in! It's also pretty spacious but not an obnoxiously big car.

- Alexa F

Great 4 wheel drive vehicle with no problems.

2000 GMC Jimmy

We have fixed several problems on this vehicle so it is in great shape, not rust well maintained. Used as " work " vehicle for past 5 years. Seats in very good shape good ride. Has been equipped with hand controls. Has never been in an accident. Miles are on this car but has been very well maintained so that is not a problem. 4 wheel drive works great. You can have lots of fun in the mud or snow!

- Darlene B

A great vehicle to have in winter months in Wisconsin.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My jimmy is very comfortable driving. Great for long road trips. It has 4 wheel drive which is awesome in winters in Wisconsin. Lots of room and storage space. The stereo has great sound throughout the vehicle. The only problem I have had since I bought it is the 02 sensor goes out a lot. Overall very great vehicle. Power doors and windows. Rear defroster.

- Donna S

2000 GMC jimmy. It is a fighter/ survivor. No joke.

2000 GMC Jimmy SLT Convenience

Very durable car. Been through alot and still kicking. Does require quite a lot of minor fixes. Right now it doesn't start in the rain. Common problem with distributor cap or coils with the make. Usually just takes a day to dry out. Also passenger door swings open unless locked. But car is very old definitely the longest lasting car we have ever owned.

- Tracy S

Its a diamond edition jimmy with a hefty 4. 3l motor.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love my heated seats, side mirror defrosters, and stock Bose stereo. I also love the embroidered diamonds on all 4 headrests. The only thing I do not like is the rear view mirror automatically adjusting to being dark, it should be something I have to turn on myself. Finally, I do wish that I could open the tailgate from the inside.

- Rachel S

It is a very nice vehicle dependable and comfortable car.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My vehicle is pretty good it runs perfect. The performance is great. Good gas saver I enjoy traveling. Very reliable I've had it for 5 years with no major issues. It has two seat rows central air anti lock it also has anti lock brakes, powered windows. It has a sunroof with duals. It has fog lamps high low beams. Nice door handles.

- Felicia R

Great vehicle for a family.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love my GMC jimmy! I am always on the go with my 2 kids, dog and husband. We regularly travel 2. 5 hours across the state to visit with family and friends. I love how much room I have in the cargo area to pack all of our belongings in when we travel around. The second row of seats provide plenty of legroom for both of my kids.

- Randy S

This part of this survey sucks! No interesting details!

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love driving my vehicle even though it does have some problems. No major ones as of yet. It needs 2 new tires and air conditioner repaired or checked. Other than that I cannot think of anything else. I hate this survey. I wish they would get rid of this part of their survey. Who can think of 250 words?

- Bobbie B

What I do and do not like.

2000 GMC Jimmy

For the most part I love my jimmy. Being a 2000 it has its problems. The heater core is out, the windows and mirrors work when they want to and it's definitely a gas hog, the inside is also pretty small not a lot of legroom. Other than that lol I do quite love my truck. The 4×4 is great for winter.

- Darcy H

I like the space and how loud the music goes.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the how loud the radio can go and that its a three row van but I don't like how expensive the car parts are when something goes wrong with the car. And to get it check by Chrysler themselves cost $200 like why? But other then that I like the car but I will be considering to get a better car.

- Brittany D

GMC jimmy. . A SUV made to last!

2000 GMC Jimmy

My truck really does not have many issues right now. Granted it is 18 years old, but it still runs good. I have had it in the shop a few times. But I have only had it a little over a year! I have had to have the brakes replaced and a few minor things like tires etc. , but overall it runs smooth.

- Diane N

Amazing car just not for the country lol

2000 GMC Jimmy

My jimmy is great. It's a very good reliable car. It is a older car but its my first so i'm glad I got it. Right now the problems I have with it is it's not a country car. My door handles are getting stuck. One of my seats handles is broken. But I love my jimmy it has a good gas mileage on it

- Alexandra F

5 seats, big back, about 18 miles a gallon.

2000 GMC Jimmy SLS Base

There are lots of issues. AC doesn't work, brakes are loud, let's water in, etc.I bought this cafe for $500 but for all the amount I have been spending to repair things I could have very well gotten another, better vehicle. it's not an absolutely bad car but it's not very luxurious either.

- Mackenzie G

Not bad for an SUV. Not to bad on gas for SUV.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Fuel pump had to be replaced. It is second hand so just now finding out some of the problems with it had to bypass the security system cause it wouldn't crank, I like the seats they are just the right height so it is easy to get in and out. I like how it rides on long trips not cramped.

- Terri C

It is great in the snow. I like having 4 wheel drive in the winter.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My Jimmy is comfortable and reliable. I like the size and that it has 4 doors. Because of its age, I have had some problems with it. There was an oil leak that had to be repaired. My Dad has also done some other repairs on it, but it's been a great vehicle for many years for me.

- Grant F

Road trip king, jimmy is made for the open road.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Jimmy is a good ole boy-.Dependable and loves the open road. The front driver's door has issues though. Window on window has to replaced and door itself is out of alignment, we have been road tripping all over and never had a mechanical problem< I would love to have another GMC.

- Lynn H

Surprisingly still reliable.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My truck is very reliable because its been well taken care of. I haven't had any engine or transmission problems. Just hubs and battery but that is an easy fix. It is very old and has 235,000 miles on it but it is still running just fine. I would GMC is the most reliable brand.

- Bella R

Great mid-size SUV. I would recommend this vehicle.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Bought it used,, it had some issues that I knew about. I have everything repaired now and it runs great. Its a 2000 model and it is not perfect but it only has 140000 miles which is really low for these vehicles. Its 4x4 and goes good in the snow in the winter months.

- Ricky S

These vehicles are not very well built.

2000 GMC Jimmy SLE Convenience

Very low mileage but the air conditioning unit has been a problem. Also do not like the hump located on the passenger side. Hump is uncomfortable to passengers and makes them ride with one leg elevated. The front drivers seat motor to adjust sticks in some positions

- Ruben T

2000 GMC jimmy - comfy and safe SUV.

2000 GMC Jimmy

The vehicle drives well and it is comfortable to drive. It is not too big but I still safer on the road than if I was driving a car. I wish it would have a v8 instead of a v6 but overall it is a very good SUV. It has normal wear and tear for being 18 years old.

- Beth P

2000 GMC jimmy. Have had a few problems but am satisfied with it.

2000 GMC Jimmy

A very good dependable vehicle. Very few problems with it and have owned it for eight years. Easy and comfortable to drive. Have had to replace the transmission a few years ago. And replaced front wheel bearings. Does very good in the snow in four wheel drive.

- Joe K

Several new parts in the past 9 months.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Like it because it is 4 wheel drive. It has a tow hitch. Room in the back to transport items such as boxes, building materials etc. Dislike because it is falling apart. Not very good gas mileage. Door does not shut all the way. Lots of rust.

- Theresa T

People should know that a GMC Jimmy was built to last this truck is fantastic

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love this size of the truck it has me higher up then a car but isn't giant like a truck. Great mechanics I haven't had any major problems in all the years i've owned this vehicle. it drives smooth it's just a great vehicle and i love it

- Kristina Q

Comfortable and safe to drive

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like that it's a larger vehicle but not too big. I feel safe on the road because I'm higher off the ground but at the same time it's easy to drive it around. It's also in very good shape even though it's an 18 year old SUV.

- Beth D

It has 4wd and its perfect for a single person as it is only a 2 door.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love how it has 4wd and it is basically an SUV that can hold many things. The seats can fold down and its roomy. I do not like the constant repairs and replacement of parts I have had to do.

- Ashlee H

It's best for short term traveling, rather than going out of state or some such.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like this vehicle because it has proved to be reliable, but it has its fair share of issues -- such as, but not limited to, rapid gas consumption, faulty radio and tricky air conditioning.

- Austin F

The vehicle rides very smoothly which is something I really enjoy in a vehicle.

2000 GMC Jimmy

It is a great car if maintenance is kept up. Mine is only a pain because my uncle had it sitting for a couple years so I get the pains of fixing all the problems its running through.

- Tyler G

It has been safe to drive in all different types of weather conditions.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Has been dependable in terms of maintenance and I do get fairly good gas mileage. Not as comfortable as a car. , but getting me back and forth is the most important factor to me.

- Erin J

My jimmy and how it takes us where we need to go

2000 GMC Jimmy

Well it being 4 wheel drive really helps for when the family goes on trips up north and it's big enough to take all of us without being cramped inside it

- Justice A

very reliable and easy to turn tightly

2000 GMC Jimmy

the only thing that I do not like is that the drivers door starts to hang, I had the same problem in my last Jimmy. I like the look the space the 4 wheel

- danette c

Its 4 wheel drive. And it tows my boat. Used it in the snow and bad roads.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Love it. Only thing it is getting old. The heater does not work. Everything else works fine. It sits high off the street. Easy to get in and out.

- Shirley E

It's not the easiest on gas, but for what it is, it's not bad.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My car is extremely reliable. I can get anywhere I want to go no matter what the weather is like. It's comfortable and easy to clean as well.

- Britney L

the motor will last forever good motor and it rides good

2000 GMC Jimmy

well i am having a lot of problems right now i need a new transmission new radatal and a little more but i have a good motor like the truck

- joy s

The child lock gets put on constantly with smaller children getting in and out.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Great shape and drives good, I enjoy driving and has been a very good vehicle. I know I will have to buy something new eventually though.

- Keith M

It is old, but in great shape! It is reliable and fun to drive!

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love my car. It has been reliable and fun to drive. It gets me where I need to go. I like that it has lots of room for carrying cargo.

- Dominique G

I really like my car you should to

2000 GMC Jimmy

I really like my car. It is easy to fix and has decent gas mileage. I recommend buying one to any person looking for a dependable car

- Dallas A

It is a safe and reliable truck it has good gas mileage and is very roomy inside

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the size of my jimmy. I like that it is a dependable vehicle that has not had any major mechanical issues over the years

- luis q

American made long lasting Good for a long haul for most people.

2000 GMC Jimmy

So it is been an old hand to me. However it is definitely seen better days and it is time to look into purchasing a new one

- Paul T

It is a very nice looking vehicle.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Love being high up and love the auto heated seats and mirror. Do not like blind spots and sometimes a little bumpy riding.

- Mary Anne C

Good to go. Long rides okay.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Needs shocks. Runs good. Could drink a little less gas. Good to go on long trips. Enough space to put cages for chicken.

- Miguel F

It was a used car gifted from my neighbors for my 16 birthday.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the way it drives. I do not like the way it looks. There is not enough space inside. I do not like the push 4wd.

- Emma C

AMC Jimmy works well with some issues

2000 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2000 jimmy it works well but it is getting old and needs to be replaced The air-conditioning always fails

- Adam B

Not the best on gas, but that is worth it based on other good qualities.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Jimmy is great. Gets everywhere I need to go. Doesn't matter on the weather. Reliable. Easy to care for. Good size.

- Britney L

Is very useful in the winter.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the space in the trunk and the height of the truck. I do not like the fact is uses a lot of gas per mile.

- Felix D

Pulls to the right. Keep both hands on the wheel.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like everything. And do not dislike anything. Everything is fine with it. Everything is good. Rides good.

- Mary F

My car may not look the best but it gets me from point A to point B.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I love that I have had it several years. I have not had any major issues with it. It is very dependable.

- Sally B

My vehicle runs very well and my favorite car is a subaru

2000 GMC Jimmy

My vehicle is perfect and runs great and my favorite car is a subaru 2003 the color grey is awesome on it

- Daquan B

Poor suspension it's a very uncomfortable ride.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Don't like the way it handles the road. Gives a very rough ride not comfortable. Not good gas mileage.

- Lillian S

It is the dark blue color is not as visible as a lighter color would be.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like it because it is big enough for my family everyone is so tall. It is a pretty reliable vehicle.

- Nicole A

It fits 5 people comfortably. It is great on gas mileage.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Not enough leg room. Rides easy. It is a 4x4 and still good on gas. Awesome AC and heat. Good radio.

- Jessica M

that this car is a safe car and a sturdy car. it may be old but it still works well.

2000 GMC Jimmy

sometimes the parts are hard to find. i like how sturdy it is. i also feel safe in it.

- shannon b

It's very rugged and unkillable, it also has a lot of horsepower

2000 GMC Jimmy

It's old but reliable And has good gas mileage, in addition to the carrying capacity.

- Jason A

My vehicle runs well even though it is nearly 20 years old.

2000 GMC Jimmy

My vehicle is reliable. It gets decent gas mileage. It's paid off, so no complaints.

- May G

It last a very long time before needing any type of part changes or major overhauls.

2000 GMC Jimmy

Good lasting vehicle. Some parts are hard to replace due to space constraints.

- Randy D

It's paid off and no money is owed on it. I paid cash for my Jimmy

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like that it gets good mileage and still has pretty good power going up hills

- Scott H

My car has been around the united states

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the size. I like how sturdy it appears. The gas mileage is not too bad

- kathy K

Runs good, has 4 wheel drive. Air Conditioner is working properly

2000 GMC Jimmy

Too small, and uses too much gas. Like that it's 4x4. And has room for kids.

- Dan V

It is comfortable, has four wheel drive, and gets me where I need to go, even in winter.

2000 GMC Jimmy

I like the smaller size. I love the large mirrors. I hate the gas mileage.

- Kym D

Safe for children but gas isn't greatest, decide what is important

2000 GMC Jimmy

It's safe for children. I don't like gas mileage. It's smooth.

- Tif S