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My jimmy is a great car, that will be running long after others have died.

My jimmy has been a good vehicle. It always starts in the winter. Heated leathers seats are great, warm and cozy. I like the styling better than some of the newer cars. I find that the older cars have better metal in the building of the cars. If you notice, a lot of the newer cars have big rust areas around the wheel wells. And rocker panels. My jimmy is as good as new because of the care I have taken of it. I don't want all the fancy gadgets added on that just adds to the cost of the car. More add on extras only make it likely that something will go wrong. I just want a good looking, economical, dependable car or truck. You cannot tell one car from another these days, they all look alike and they are poorly made. Why are there so many recalls for dangerous flaws in the manufacturing? The paint is not as durable as when they built the older cars. Buy an older car, so that you don't overpay for it. There will be time for the problems to have been corrected. You will also have a chance to get a consumer's report on the car you are looking a.

- Alice B

Positrack rear differential controls great on wet surfaces.

The only major problem I have had with this vehicle was a cooling fluid leak at the gasket between the engine head and the intake manifold. This was caused from two dissimilar metals I.e., aluminum on the new ' vtec ' intake manifold and a steel engine head. This problem usually occurs around 150k miles, mine occurred around 250k miles, which I was able to repair myself, no problems since then except for a water pump and an alternator. Vehicle could get better gasoline Mileage, presently getting @ 25 mi/gallon. The vehicle is roomy enough for me and my dog when I go fishing. Handles well on slick roads due to positrack rear differential. Presently has 268k miles and doesn't leak or burn a drop of oil. I didn't know American vehicles last that long!


Because it is almost 20 years old, manufactures have discontinued making some of the parts like dashboard, engine belts, and some detail upgrades.

I have found the best thing about my Jimmy is the parts are not terribly expensive. When it comes to maintenance like oil, brakes, or fluids etc I can do most of those things myself. That is important I don't have extra money to pay for those things to be done by a repair shop. The bad part of my Jimmy is the gas mileage. I'm not sure if its the engine or the overall age of it but it's expensive to fill up with gas. Overall I enjoy driving it, and would recommend it as a daily driver!

- Adam H

My 2001 GMC jimmy is a great car!

My GMC jimmy is a great car. The body and interior are in great shape. There is some rust on the lower body behind the doors. I bought it 2 years ago and it had 142000 miles on it. My jimmy ran well for the first year. The heat went out last winter. I replaced the thermostat to no avail. Thinking it might be the heater core. The brakes need to be completely replaced. I would fix it all if I had the money. I truly love my jimmy!

- Nancy D

enjoyable comfort with an excellent ride..

My GMC Jimmy has always been extremely dependable. My car has always ran extremely well, has the comfort of fitting 5 people comfortably, has handles to grab onto if needed for tough terrain while four wheel driving. I have always treated my Jimmy like my baby by changing oil when needed, kept all fluids in place and given all that was needed to keep it running well and it has provided me with many years of reliability.

- charlotte T

Size. Color red. The way it sits it's not too low to the ground or to high.

I like the room that it has, and it has a place to hold my glasses and drivers license and anything else extra I want to keep in it. To me it's the perfect size because I love trucks but needed more room so I bought this and I got it for nothing actually 150 bucks is all I have in it and it's not required a lot of work. I had the transmission rebuilt because the reverse had went out of it.

- Amanda S

I added a set of fog lights but I installed them as spotlight on the top.

My jimmy hasn't had many issues while I have driven it. I am not a fast-paced driver but I do drive the vehicle on dirt, gravel and off-road so they are hard miles. Its four wheel drive so gas mileage is 15-18 mpg. I pull a trailer frequently and this caused the rear end gears to get replaced with a used part but is working great. It's not a pretty jimmy but is fairly dependable vehicle.

- Todd E

It is a really comfortable car, especially if you have to drive long distances.

The only problems had with the jimmy was the a/c unit wasn't cold. It would blow warm air. Performance wise it does great. It is really comfortable and the heated seats are a plus. Especially in the winter. Another feature I like is how you can program the driver seat to set how you want it whenever you get in the car.

- Maddie S

Very bad car no likey Jimmy's are bad

That's just awful it always breaks down on me has the smallest gas tank ever really not good it's just awful it always break down on me at the smallest gas tank never really not good plus I had such a call profile every time there's a big gift of when you feel like it's going to tip over

- Jason A

It's a great vehicle but can become unreliable.

It works pretty good it has good drive quality. Very comfortable fit not hard to drive. Very comfy. The back seats can get a little cramped but the truck area is pretty big. Thing is it broke down on me several times and I have know clue why. It has not worked in close to 3 years.

- Kyle P

GMC jimmy 2001 comfortable car

My care is old so it is starting to have problems. The engine keeps acting up. Car is sorta reliable these days. the seats are really comfortable and i don't really have any special features of the car . it gets me from point a to point b safely and that's all i really care about

- kristen m

It was a great deal, but now we see why. The front end and the door panels.

On the way home from buying the jimmy it broke down. We are having the front end replaced now. 4wd is stuck on and so far there has been a lot of small problems. The door panels are coming off. We are probably going to have to replace the battery and yeah, lots of small problems.

- Stephanie A

GMC jimmy 2001 review and description.

Good truck. Long lasting. Dependable. Decent gas mileage. Cheap parts. Lots of space and fold down seats. Stylish and good size. Plenty of room for storage. Smooth ride. Long lasting. Plenty of options for additional attachments and growth. Would definitely recommend.

- Dustin N

I just love my old 2001 jimmy.

It's a great 2001 car that has just hit the 154000 mark and seems like it's time to start replacing multiple items, like brakes, idler arm and heater core. The body is rusted behind doors but no leakage to inside compartments. But I still love my jimmy.

- Nancy D

I really like the interior is leather the seats adjust really nice I like the four-wheel drive it's always a plus when it's snowing

I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy I love my Jimmy it runs really good I had to replace the that switch that turns on and off the four-wheel drive it was only $26 new just unplugged it and plugged in the new one

- Jennifer P

Despite what it looks like, it is working well and still in good shape.

My car is reliable and comfortable for me to sit in but it is rusting and not looking so good. I just had it fixed and the mechanic said it is in pretty good shape for its age

- Donna W

More durable, comfortable and functional than it looks.

It's a very reliable vehicle I have had for a very long time. Has an unusual paint job that helps me see it in parking lots. Has a few problems, but well worth the trouble.

- Darren S

That it is extremely reliable and doesn't have very many issues like other cars I've owned has had

This vehicle has been one of the most reliable that I've ever had. It does everything they say it would do and more. It's very comfortable and a joy to own

- Donna P

Very good maneuverability and safe on all kinds of roads.

It's been such a reliable vehicle. I'd love if it were a little more fuel-efficient, but love that it's been so low maintenance and easy to take care of.

- Sandra B

Has powerful engine. Comfort, able to pull boat or camper.

I love it. It's very comfortable. It sits up higher than smaller vehicles. Its old but I wish they still made them. I would definitely buy a newer one.

- Diane J

The jimmy is a piece of crap. It has seen better days.

My vehicle is older so it breaks down a lot. I enjoy that it's a bigger vehicle because I feel safer in it. It's spacious enough for our three dogs.

- Elsie H

2001 GMC Jimmy 100k miles!

This car is great! As old as it is, it just hit 100k mileage and is still going! Aside from the general upkeep, it hasn't given me too many issues.

- Tarah K

Unusual because it bad s back seat but couldn't use it

Body held up pretty well with only small amount of rust towards bottom. Unusable back seat due to the two doors and limited movement of front seat

- Kalaine W

it's good to camp with my family

I had some problems with my vehicle with respect to the transmission and some electrical parts, the engine feels good and is doing very well

- williams s

GM products last if you care for them. Keep fluids full, your oil changed and regular maintenance will last for years.

drives well, could get better mileage. Altogether i'm pretty well satisfied. Been on the road for a lot of years and is still going.

- scott s

Very durable. It saves a lot on gas and is perfect for family traveling.

Have issues with vehicle emission. Haven't figured out what since it is. Also has comfortable features on seat recliners.

- Rebecca C

Car can go anywhere with 4 wheel drive

I love my Jimmy for the room inside it has 4 wheel drive and can go anywhere. I dislike the amount of gas the car uses.

- cheryl c

17 years old and still going strong

In spite of being 17 years old, it is still reliable. It's not as pretty as it used to be but it suits my needs.

- Brandie S

The drivers door needs to be fixed

It doesn't want to start when it is cold. I love how spacious it is. Makes it easy to haul things if I need.

- Teresa s

GMC JIMMY is Perfect for winter very reliable

GMC JIMMY vehicle has mild problems compare to others. It's very reliable on Winter and is easy to navigate

- MariaAnna C

Safety and how the engine is built how much air should go in tires.

Nothings wrong with it everything is ok it drives good good gas miles tires are good Its got backup camera.

- Kayla B

it is a basic car it gets me from point a to point B

this is a good vehicle I will buy another when the time comes a safe reliable vehicle all around

- bob S

it has been very reliable for an older car a great car to own

it's a great great color this has been reliable its size fits me well

- steve m

it is paid in full and it is still running

I like the ride height, the cargo capacity and the 4x4 capability

- dug H

It's ugly but will go where I need

My truck is perfect for me but it has cosmetic issues

- Marie K