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Maroon and grey three door GMC sierra 1500. Missing front grill.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

I really enjoy the fact that my truck gets good gas mileage. Compared to majority of all others. The seats are really comfortable as well. The only thing that I am not to content with is the fact that it is only a three door. I also don't like the fact that it's hard to find a front bumper that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. All in all though, it rides well, it's comfortable and its dependable. The only non-cosmetic issue I am having is a small oil leak and I have t been able to pinpoint from where yet.

- Katie P

Reliable with a few problems.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

My vehicle has a few mechanical problems. It leaks oil but I am not sure where it is coming from. It has also been leaking coolant but I have not yet been able to afford to get these things looked at. It is very comfortable to drive. It has 3 cigarette lighters (which I use for chargers). The vehicle has been very reliable. I use it to haul things and help friends move. It has been very useful to me.

- Kacey B

Looks rough but still runs great.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Very dependable and has great gas mileage & power. Very comfortable to be a truck. Does has body rust on rocker panels and fender wells. My truck has 289, 000 miles and a lot of those miles were put on traveling on rough roads and during the winter when ice melting salt & calcium chloride was present. This causes rust to form quicker. Has air conditioning and 4 wheel drive.

- Rick W

Can haul huge weights without any drag or sluggishness.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

It has proven to be reliable and consistent in its performance and can haul extremely heavy loads, the mileage could be better but overall its performance has been grand not very spacious but with the additional line-x coating it s bed will outlast the truck itself, I have only had to have it painted 1 time and my tax fee is extremely low insurance is average.

- David B

2000 GMC Sierra a great truck!

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Performance is great, the 5. 3 V8 is more the enough to carry this and has carried any payload iv put on it. Very reliable, as long as maintained correctly, being an older model truck parts will eventually wear and tear but that is to be expected. Comfort is great to be an older truck, interior is just a little basic. Overall a great truck.

- Jacob S

2000 GMC sierra 1500 5. 3l v8 with 300k miles.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

I love my truck! However, GMC's are known for electronics issues. But I have the 5. 3l v8 engine which has been eternally faithful with almost 300k miles on it. Everything else will fail before that engine ever gives out! I recommend this vehicle for everyone looking for a reliable vehicle, but only if you get the 5. 3l v8.

- Kathryn M

It is a rough and ready pickup truck.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

It has been a great truck since the day we bought it. This is the second GMC we've owned, they are reliable, tough, just good all round truck. It drives on the farm, transports children & grandchildren & we love it. When we're in the neighborhood for a new vehicle we will be purchasing another GMC pickup truck.

- Rebecca L

2000 GMC sierra the perfect truck for me.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE

My truck is highly reliable. The only problem I have with it is the seats were not made for female drivers with short legs. I also have a slight problem climbing in it. Other than that I love the power and convenience of having a truck to haul things and 4 wheel drive to get around in the snow and ice.

- Gina M

It is a nice pickup truck with 6 seats. Blue GMC sierra.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

My four wheel drive has had some problems in the past. It is also very loud when you drive especially at high speeds. It also does not go very fast. My air conditioning is also broken. Plus it takes forever to heat up on cold mornings. I need to replace my windshield wipers more often.

- Douglas N

Its interior is very comfortable.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Pontiacs are absolutely amazing vehicles. Their performance is outstanding. And we have never had a problem with our car. Its interior is very comfortable and it has a great seat warming feature. It is definitely not a very big car for a family but it fits us perfectly.

- Lacy B

A 2000 GMC/sierra,4.0 liter engine,

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Lightly smoke tinted windows, are in aww noticing of the strong grey color that surround the monsters that reside inside a beastly exhaust system that ties well to a beautiful 4 liter engine that yells out loud and proudly. I am that vehicle you cannot live without.

- Tamara H

Great reliable pickup for work and play

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Great on gas lots of room in the extended car lots of room hauling great on the highway and great for just driving around town. Have not had any major problems just keep up with oil change.

- Rarlon R

Great truck I can depend on.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

No major problem just regular maintenance. Very reliable good on gas. Enough room for my family of 3. Have been out of town plenty of times. Even being 18 years old still my go to vehicle.

- Rat R

It's easy to drive, it rides smoothly, and it's reliable.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

I like that this vehicle is easy to drive. From time to time, it has mechanical problems, but for the most part, it is reliable. My favorite thing about it is that it's easy to maneuver.

- Sarah K

GMC Sierra with over 250K miles and still going strong.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

My GMC sierra has over 250K miles and still runs great. I still get over 15 MPG driving around town. It has moved my family from one side of the country to the other many times over.

- Mike G

Its dependable, never breaks down.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

My truck is dependable, good on gas, but the gas gage continues to stop working. I love my truck and so does my husband. We would never get rid of it.

- Deborah K

My truck is mine and no i will not help you move your stuff

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

It's an older truck which is dependable. Gas mileage is acceptable tut's year. Has a cover on the bed which is good for hauling stuff

- James C

Sierra: The only truck you need.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

The vehicle is reliable and it works great because I can move items without having to rent a truck. Also, it has decent gas mileage.

- James L

It still runs and drives good after 18 years and it's still going strong.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Its reliable. Rusts a lot though. Has the normal problems that all trucks like this have. Gets me where I want to go though.

- Jason B

Love my truck. Cannot wait to buy anew model.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Its an older model, but it drives great, I have always loved GMC series. Great quality truck. Will buy another, definitely.

- Brandy S

It is made in the united states. GMC has very reliable fwd. for an older truck.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Like that it has held up in good shape for 18 years. Gas mileage is poor. Engine and drivetrain all in fine working order.

- Randy Lee C

It is reliable. It has 250,000 miles and is still going strong.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

I love my truck because it is reliable and comfortable. In its day, it was top of the line and has been taken care of.

- Amy S

It is heavy duty and useful. It is very useful.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

It is hardy. It has 4 wheel drive. It can carry a lot of objects and belongings. It can be used as a work truck.

- Angie R

It a good truck and very dependable.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

No complaints. It has been a very good truck to me. It is the best vehicle I have ever had. I can depend on it.

- Tony F

GMC brand is made to last!

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Its a low maintenance vehicle. Easy to work on. The downside is that the leaf shackles are known to go bad.

- Heather S

Worth every bit of the money!

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Love the durability and performance of this automobile! Takes a lot of wear and tear and keeps on running!

- Norma S


2000 GMC Sierra 1500



I love the reliability of my truck. In 18 years I haven't had many issues with it. I also love driving it.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Its super reliable. Its drives as well today as when I first purchased it,

- mrg l

Have not had much problems with truck 170,000 plus miles. Only have had to replace fuel pump.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500

V8 vortec motor. Very good fuel mileage. Good heavy duty pickup.

- David K