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Our truck is reliable and fun to drive.

Our truck just has a few kinks to work out. A new rear end, axle, camshaft would do wonders to your truck. That is why we are saving to purchase the parts. Our truck is twin turbocharged, the sounds the turbos make when the truck speeds up is exhilarating. The inside of the truck is wonderfully spacious too, along with an amazing sound system. It is like having a party in your car!

- Sasha J

Old Truck Still Trucking Along

My truck is a very basic model - no bells and whistles at all. It was built as a work truck and it is used as a work fleet truck up until a year ago. There is nothing luxurious about it but I love it. Even though it's 17 years old (yes, 17!) it's still going strong. This thing is reliable, dependable, etc...It's probably the best vehicle I've ever owned.


It is a great 4 wheel drive pickup.

I like it because it is a 4 wheel drive. That really helps during the winter months. It is only a 6 ft bed, but it works for most things I use it for. I keep the oil changed on time, which helps it since there's over 220, 000 miles on it. The comfort is what you would expect in a pickup truck. For a v8 engine, I still get about 15 miles per gallon.

- Von H

Abs lights stay on the dash

Don't like that the truck was only single exhaust. Having problem with the brake sensors so brake lights are on the dash all the time and recently the 02 sensor went out the doors are falling apart like the rubber seals are coming off. I don't like that you can feel every bump in the road in this truck either

- Leo G

Vehicle’s 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 sidestep. It is white and a very powerful truck.

The truck really helps me feel safe. Good blind spots so I do not have to feel unsafe while making a lane change. Comfortable seats. The truck really has a lot of horsepower. It is a very reliable truck. This truck is reliable because it is been running about 20 years and still got a lot of time left in it.

- Stormy R

The experience I have with gm products

The truck is very good the only problem with these trucks are the engine. I have never had a problem besides the minor things that go wrong on all cars. The truck is showing its age and leaked oil but you can't beat it. The only thing I have to say is if you buy this truck as with any vehicle maintain it!

- Derrick J

The gas is very sufficient. Almost 30 miles a gallon

I love my car, it's nice on the inside. It also has a lot of controls for the radio that allows me to Bluetooth. I have map navigation and also voice navigation. My car is gas sufficient, I get right around 30 mins per gallon.it's just a remarkable car and I would recommend this car to absolutely anyone

- Jack T

Best vehicle purchase we ever made!

We bought our truck used in Michigan. It has been very dependable. I was afraid to drive it for awhile because I was used to cars. But my husband ( we bought it for him) convinced me to try it AND I love driving it. We have had it for 13 years now and have only had to have it repaired a couple of times!

- Cheryl S

Chug Along GMC we aren't done yet.

I have had the vehicle for 4 years now and put over 60k miles on it. The only items I have replaced is a fuel filter and tires, along with fluids obviously. The truck is very reliable and I have never had any issues. I used this truck to drive back and forth to college on the weekends when I was free.

- Logan T

Custom paint and exhaust truck

The only problem I have with my vehicle is the amount of oil that it burns. It burns up to 5 quarts of oil every two weeks. It is a 5.3l vortec motor with a custom exhaust. The truck itself is white with a black hood and a black tailgate that I painted myself. It has all LEDs all the way around

- Brandon P

she's my best friend in the world.

I love my truck. she's comfortable and gets me where I need to go. Being a truck, it is bigger than your average car or small truck and that gives me a sense of strength and power. I have made some small modifications to personalize her to me. It would take a lot to part me from my truck.

- Lindsey W

Great family truck with plenty of room.

My 2001 GMC Sierra is awesome. It pulls great with ease up mountains and its decked out inside. It's all leather, surround sound, CD player. Power windows. Power seats with heat and air. Four door with plenty of room for kids. It's great for a bigger family plus you can haul in it.

- Alicia J

It very important to have a good ac and heating.

This vehicle rides smooth and is very comfortable to travel long distance in. It gets about 23 miles to the gallon. The 4 door makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. The heat and ac work good. There are no problems that keep this vehicle from being reliable for travel.

- Danny B

GMC vehicle primarily for travelers.

Has had electrical problems. Mainly the transmission. We have had to replace the transmission 3 times. Many batteries. But in the positive side it has been reliable other wise. We have traveled lots and lots of miles. Also the electrical systems have all had difficulties.

- Jam C

Very good vehicle. Some rust issues.

The 2000 GMC Sierra is a good vehicle. It has 4 wheel drive that is good and reliable. The engine has good power and the suspension is good. I have had issues with the brake lines rusting and the back bumper rusting but other than that it's a all around good vehicle.

- Charles P

There is no highlight its just a simple plain Jane truck

I do love my vehicle but I have spent a ton of money repairing motor issues and now transmission problems. It doesn't have the towing ability I have seen in other trucks. I have seen better quality trucks on the market and Chevy doesn't stand up to heavy hauling.

- Natalie L

I would call this truck an old stallion. Gets the job done...

This truck is so reliable... I have had it for quite some time it does good mileage on gas and it is almost hitting 400,000 on the mileage... Still running strong. It is really good for projects when you need to pick up and drop off big awkward equipment.

- Mauricio M

It's very large, I'm not turning wide in order to scare you. I'm turning wide in order to not bang my truck on the curb/post.

I love my truck. It's been going strong for going on twenty years. Very few mechanical issues, aside from ones that were caused by accidents. The paint IS starting to fade, and a lot of the plastic is starting to break. But after so long.. to be expected.

- Matt T

Holds up to a family. Two boys, two labs, three cats, a hamster and us.

It has great pickup. The inside is holding up incredibly well with my two sports players and the tuba! I don't know who had it before me, but it still looks good. We've had to change a few parts out, but with 190,000 miles who hasn't?

- Ann S

Sierra 1500 best ride forever

V8 club cab 4 door sport package with loaded interior leather seating back seat full size very comfortable. Good take off average on mileage but smooth drive especially on long trips. Can not be beat totally recommend this truck.

- Deb W

It is a strong vehicle with great rideability. The body is galvanized to prevent rust

I love the lines and drivability of my truck. It is very dependable even at its age. It is very comfortable. I dislike the typical issues with this year's of truck where the brake lights stay on and some components

- Tommy B

It's really a great, reliable truck.

It's highly dependable, rugged, and reliable. Good truck for getting around town, as well as highway driving. I can count on my truck to haul any load I need, and pull my hitch trailer.

- Dusti M

It is a work truck it hauls all my lawn equipment and my trailers.

What i like about my vehicle it's good on gas and it's great in the summertime the air condition works and is wonderful in the winter time it's a good vehicle to have.

- Christopher P

The truck is so nice to have that everybody is always borrowing it.

I love the utility of the truck but I am getting old and the hard suspension is a problem. It is now 17 years old and needs work that I am not sure is worth it.

- Donald W

It is reliable 100% it always gets me home.

My truck is old like a lot of miles things made it to replace and maintenance. It will make great vehicle and better than new car payment that I cannot afford.

- Sarah B

It has real nice reams on it and color is dark green.

Problem with the truck is the tires are always losing air. The air conditioning doesn't work. The windshield has a long crack that covers the middle of glass.

- Juanita C

GMC Sierras are dependable, comfortable and easy to use. They are great work and family trucks.

I love my truck. I hate the suicide doors, but love having access to the back seat. It has 230,000 miles, doesn't burn any oil and is very comfortable.

- Vonnie s

It is dependable, it starts & drives every day.

Love it no complaints at all, drives like new always has great power & drives like a car rather than a truck, great air, heat etc.

- John L

Nice vehicle good dependable ride

Great vehicle have not had any problems very comfortable ride good gas mileage very dependable would recommend to Anyone

- Mike B

Performance of my vehicle

Good performance,i keep it clean its just old but work goods there's no much problem on it and it is still comfortable

- Robert J

you take care of it and it will take care of you.I show pride when I drive it

I have always been a GM car or truck owner. I like my truck because it is easy to work on.My truck is very dependable

- david c

As long as you keep the oil changed, you want have any trouble with it.

My truck is a good truck, only had to work? on it 1 time since I got it it's a pretty truck enjoy driving it.

- May P

It gets me from point A to point B. It sounds like a go kart after I brought it into the shop I go to. I need new tires.

My vehicle selection was not offered. I drive a 2001 Saturn SL1. It's ok. Having some car issues right now.

- Katie C

It is strong and durable for all sexes. I hear many get 200,00 plus miles

Dislike how doors open. love the style. love the years and number of miles and still going strong

- dawn t

GMC is built to last and won't give you any issues

Very powerful for the year. No issues with the engine and it has 116,000+ miles on it.

- Kathy S

That it uses a lot of gas

It is handy to move things for the whole family, I don't like the stiff suspension

- Donald B

it is handy to have a 4x4 truck. It is sometimes bad for curbside parking because it is so long.

It gets me out in the winter when the roads are in bad condition.

- Lucinda P

Built to last longer than other trucks.

Has lasted for almost 300000 miles with no real problems at all.

- Joe C