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2002 GMC Sierra overview. A truck I've owned since 18k miles on it. Great truck.

I bought it in the fall of 2002, had 18k miles on it. Was a sales vehicle at a lot. Had some bands go out in trans early on purchase. Was under warranty then. Gets approximate 15 mpg. No major problems. Has a tow/haul button, and is 4x4. The switches have held up nicely over the very long time I've had it. My gas gauge sometimes has a failure to show correct fuel amount, but I think my gauge panel may need replaced. Dash has zero cracks in it. The 4 wheel drive is needed with almost any type of snow or ice, unless you have somewhat of a load in the bed. Has great kickdown power when passing other vehicles. Hauled lots of firewood with it over the years, still runs good. Never changed the spark plugs, or had a major tune-up, just minor fixes. Headlamps are easily replaced, no wrenches needed. Tailgate assembly is plastic and broke over time. The rear door latches are also plastic and have broken also. Seats are very comfortable and has plenty of room inside. Paint has held up on the body, but the body has rear wheel rust and cab corner rust. I had a bed liner professionally sprayed in (rhino liner), great addition. Exhaust is factory and no problems, must be stainless. The brake lines are starting to go bad from age and use. Got the original serpentine belt on it, squeaks a little now, but is still intact and nay be a little sloppy with use. This truck currently has 200k miles on it and still runs almost as good as it did when I first drove it. Very pleased with it, and will not hesitate to purchase another one.

- Jeffrey M

Reviewing my 2002 GMC sierra 1500.

My 2002 GMC sierra is an amazing truck. Is has a 6. 5ft bed and can seat up to 5 (not counting the driver). The center console folds up into a seat on the front row which is convenient when driving people. The passenger seat also has optional airbags which I enjoy if I ever need to turn if off of there is a child in the front seat. The gas mileage is not great (18 mpg on the highway) but overall is not bad considering it is a 16 year old truck.

- Billy P

GMC is a great truck will do the job for you.

Rides well. Easy to drive. Good visibility front side, but limited to the rear. Good acceleration and breaking. Good pulling power towed car hundreds of miles with now problem due to the tow selector on the transmission selector. Seats are very comfortable and permit long drives with minimal driver fatigue. Like the use of gauges that display actual digital information about coolant temp, battery charging, engine rpm and oil pressure.

- Clive R

It is kept super clean and serviced regularly which is why it has lasted this long.

when new it had a few issues with steering box needing to be replaced and bering issues with driveline needing to be replaced plus tailgate support cables also needed replacement all with in warranty time. Ride is good if you use good all season tires like on cars but ride gets hard with LT tires with higher pressure, anti locking brakes are money savers for how many times they have kept me from hitting someone

- rick f

It is very powerful and a great work/utility vehicle.

Has power steering locks and windows gas mileage is pretty good for a big truck, it is comfortable and reliable, I have never had any issues with it and it has a Bluetooth system. It is gotten me from point A to point B and I have taken it out 9f town for multiple road trips through the years, it is a very solid car and shows no signs of giving out any time soon.

- Britt L

My old blue truck GMC sierra.

I love my truck. I have owned it for 16 years, I bought it with 8 miles on it. I have done regular maintenance on it and I have never had any serious issues with it. Over the years I have had to change the alternator, the battery a couple of times and I had the front suspension redone. Overall my old truck still runs as good as when I first bought it.

- Paul R

GMC sierra built to last, not gas friendly at all but dependable.

Dependable and long lasting! Hauls/ tow good power, interior could be better, basic design and colors. As with any older model pickup gas mileage is poor and oil doesn't last. All in all built well, durable, dependable truck but prepare to spend some cash on gas if you have long commutes.

- Joseph C

GMC Sierra 1500 a work horse

GMC Sierra 1500 is one of the beat trucks out there. It reliable always starts and stays running smooth. It is a work horse especially with doing farm labor hauling massive trailers and lots of weight. The truck has all of the usual amenities plus the set up for trailer brakes.

- Whitney A

Looks sharp and rides comfortably with very little issues.

Pickup performs great. Very little problems. Use it mainly for self employment, rehab homes. After 16 years I am having to have the front seats recovered. Just under 100,000 miles on this vehicle. 2 wheel drive with a towing package. Rides smoothly and is very comfortable.

- Richard L

It's gets very poor gas mileage so it is costly to drive.

Rides like a good family car. Is easy to drive because of front field of view and big side mirrors. Only issue with maneuvering the vehicle is it's turning radius. Can be frustrating when trying to park in a crowded store or shopping center parking lot.

- Clive R

Super reliable really well built.

My GMC sierra 1500 z71 has been in my family since it was brand new the only issue I have ever had out of it was I had to have the transmission rebuilt but I haul a lot of trailers with my truck couldn’t be happier.

- Zach L

Best trucks out there, peroid!

Been a great vehicle! The heater core was changed under warranty and everything else has just been routine maintenance! I have 260 thousand miles on it and it's still going strong! I am a GM man for these reasons!

- Martin M

Even if I got the new Denali I would never sell my old quad steer Denali.

I love that it is reliable. Almost 300k miles and never leaves me anywhere. Can drive in all weather, comfortable for long distance travel and kids. Fun to drive can turn on a dime and a good engine very fast.

- Crystal L

It is a heavy truck that can not stop on a dime like everyone thinks

I love how reliable the truck is. It always runs, and can't keep running with minimal upkeep. I do not like that the aftermarket items are so confusing and impossible to use when fixing the truck.

- carol t

it is very dependable!!! it will not be my last gmc pu.

this is my 2nd gmc pickup, my 1st gmc has over 400k miles and still running, this pu has 365k miles and still runs great. i have no problems with it. i can't think of anything i don't like.

- jj j

Great truck, but hate parking

This is a great truck, I drive it daily. The reason that it didn't get 5 stars is I hate parking it. It's not the trucks fault, I just don't like how long it is when I have to park.

- Victoria L

It's a good vehicle all around.

The truck is very well on body build and dependability. Had the truck for over 5 years and barely any problems with it if you take care of it regularly. Great family vehicle.

- Alyssa L

It has great miles per gallon even though it it is a V8

It is a great truck, great on gas and serves me very well. I do have trouble with the radio as I do not think it is OEM. I have put on a large amount of miles.

- Allen F

The truck has an eight foot bed, so it can store or carry large items.

Gas mileage could be better. Only 18 miles to the gallon. Kick panels are rusting out. also fender wells. Has great interior. Seats are very comfortable.

- Keven E

Withstands the test of time better than all the rest

It's old so it tends to have maintenance needs constantly. Otherwise, it's still running fine and it works well for the things I need from a vehicle.

- Johnny D

I love that it has four wheel drive this comes in handy with the snow

It has four wheel drive Cruise control automatic locks automatic windows adjustable automatic driver seat really wish passengers seat was the same

- Amanda M

GMC trucks are the reliable.

I have had it for years, still gets the job done. Very safe and reliable. I will continue to drive this truck until I purchase a new GMC truck.

- Emily A

It's dependable and reliable.

It's my work truck but also my personal transportation. It takes me where I need to go but also looks good. I've never had any issues with it.

- Steven B

good gas mileage, style, dependable

No complaints, just love it It gets great gas mileage Is 17 years old and still look new, I take very good care of it & everyone loves it.

- Duane j

It is very reliable and comfortable.

The truck is very reliable. When it comes to quality it is great. It just hasn'T been taken care of like should have by previous owner.

- Emily A

It is a gmc sierra that looks awesome with off road tires.

I like the 5. 3 liter vortec engine. It is a beast! You can upgrade engine. 4 wheel drive option. I dislike that it is a gas hog.

- Benjamin S

It is very comfortable, sturdy construction and it has a large bed that allow me to move almost whatever I want

It is not economic Very comfortable It is very strong car It is Big which I like Long covered bed to transport whatever I want

- Carlos R

Drives well and easy on gas--pretty car.. Comfortable seating.

It drives nice and very dependable its gets good gas mileage. There's nothing wrong with this truck and that's why I bought it.

- Frederick B

Dependable vehicle but has rust issues.it is mechanically sound and has high miles.

My vehicle is dependable. I have had no mechanical problems with it. It has rust issues that seem common with GMC vehicles.

- Bryan R

It is hard to wash its roof.

The truck uses too much gas. Sometimes it is difficult to park in the tight spaces. Rides very well and is easy to drive.

- Edward R

Everyone should know that GMC is a great company. GMC trucks are the nicest trucks out there if you ask me.

My truck is a 2002, This being said I am in love with how reliable GMC trucks are. So much space. Very nice overall.

- Emily A

Good running, dependable, good on gas for a truck. Gets me from point a to point b.

It gets me getting point a to point b. It's basic, no additional features. But it runs so that's all that matters.

- Not Needed R

Reliable and still going strong since 2002.

This has been a reliable vehicle being a truck. Also big enough with still small to maneuver. Love it overall.

- Mariel B

It is dependable, hardly any maintenance needed and looks great.

The seats are comfortable and it is been very dependable. I love the color and it is paid for. I love my GMC.

- Michelle L

Very reliable and dependable.

Like the dependability of the vehicle as well as the overall styling. Dislike that it is only a 2wd model.

- Chris S

It's a tank with lots of power. Everything is stock at the moment until I start putting upgrades into her.

I like the 5.3 liter Vortec V8 engine. It has lots of power! I dislike that it's a gas hog.

- Benjamin S

It's steady in the winter and has good traction. I also like the way it drives and I have not had many problems with this car in the past few years.

I like that it has good tractor, good gas mileage, has been good to drive in the winter.

- Sonia W

Seats 5, low mileage, rides like a car, hauls like a truck, and tows.

Just a truck with only a few modern features. The CD player is nice.

- Graham C

Fuel economy, safety devices like airbags and sensors.

Good for hauling stuff, it gets good gas mileage for a truck

- Mike P

that other people think it's newer than it is, and always say it looks great

it rides great it looks great and it get great gas mileage

- Josephine A