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GMC sierra 1500 reliability.

I have owned my 2004 GMC sierra for 6 years. I have had no issues needing repairs. I have routinely changed the oil, replaced tires due to normal wear and tear. The vehicle has never broken down on me. If I was in the market for a new truck I would first look at a GMC sierra based on the very positive experience I have had with my current GMC sierra. I have friends who have gone through two other brand of truck in the 6 years I have had my GMC. The one thing I wished my truck did have was a backup camera already with it but it doesn't just because it is an older model.

- Casey C

Gets the Job Done, Time & Time Again!

My GMC Sierra 2500 is a fabulous all around truck. Maintenance is a breeze and the long truck bed can really handle a load. This is the pickup I heard cattle with, it handles remarkable well in the pastures, rides the different ground elevations with ease. The AC cranks premium cold air & the factory sound system really does a remarkable job. The only major problem I have had is the dashboard lights, sometimes they work & sometimes the don't. A slight annoyance I can live with considering the many great qualities this truck possesses.

- Heidi B

The color scheme could have been picked a little better in my own opinion.

The brakes are not the greatest and there has been problems with the transmission occasionally but overall is not a bad vehicle. The doors get stuck and have had some problems with the mechanisms to where it would not open or shut properly. The alignment has had to be repaired a few times but the vehicle has lasted past it is years so I would say it is a fairly decent vehicle.

- Cody B

2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Extended Cab

The 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE extended cab is a very dependable vehicle. It has lasted for me since buying it new way back in 2004. It has over 200,000 miles and it is still going strong. Inside the cab it is quite without any rattles or irritating noises. Staying on top of maintenance schedules, such as regular oil changes, can keep this vehicle on the road for a long time.

- Brent V

I feel the most important thing people should know about our truck is how dependable it has been. I have never had any regrets in our decision to purchase this vehicle many years ago.

Our GMC Sierra is a very reliable vehicle. It has been my husbands work truck as well as our personal vehicle since we bought it in 2004. Last year we had to put a new motor in it but that was expected as it had over 200,00 miles on it. It was worth it to us to replace the motor and continue to enjoy it instead of purchasing something else.

- Theresa W

Lots of room. Good gas mileage. Dependable vehicle.

The GMC sierra is a very dependable vehicle. My truck has been great. I have had it for nearly one year and I have not had any problems from it. Plus I bought it used. It seats my entire family without a problem. And the gas mileage is actually pretty decent. If I get a new one I would definitely get another GMC or Chevrolet.

- Joy L

Perks of a 2004 GMC sierra 1500

I absolutely love my sierra 1500. Since owning it I have had no issues with it. The only parts I have replaced in the past 3 years are normal wear and tear. It is semi-comfortable. The leather seats are very easy to clean. This truck gets decent gas mileage. Overall this is a wonderful truck and I recommend it to anyone.

- Kc C

My truck is my Blue Angel and I love her like I love myself.

This truck is high off the ground and me being only 5'3" with a bad hip and back, it's really difficult for me to get in with help. If I need to go somewhere I have to wait for my husband to help me with the step stool both getting in and out. That's the only dislike I have. It rides good and comfortable.

- Brenda A

GMC great made car. Excellent for use as work vehicle.

Had to replace map sensor fuel pump. It has started ticking and have replaced gasket and changed oil. Gas hand doesn't work and recently my speedometer is off by 7 mph. But I drive it 3 hours away no issues. Overall it's a good truck. I can haul lots of things I need in my job and has good pulling power.

- Cassandra K

Best truck ever! I will keep it forever.

I've had this truck since day one and I love it. I will never trade it in for a new one I will just buy a new one and retire this one. Great truck! It has never broken down on me as I keep the maintenance on it and keep it very well maintained. It still drives like the day I drove it off the lot.

- Lexie I

My truck has given me a lot of miles and very little money spent on repair.

I love my truck. It has given me a lot of miles and I have had very few problems with it. I would definitely buy another one if this one ever quit on me. I have over 210, 000 miles on it and it still gets great gas mileage. I average about 18 miles per gallon on the highway and 15 in town.

- Justin L

2004 GMC sierra great vehicle that is dependable.

Great truck! Dependable. Lots of features. Very comfortable seats and smooth ride. It has satellite radio that works amazing, heated seats and roomy areas for passengers. Takes regular gas and oil changes are not that expensive. I would recommend as a work truck and as a personal vehicle.

- Ashley C

Love my 4 door roomy truck

My truck is awesome I have a vortex v8 engine I have had minimal issues I bought it used 2 years ago and only had to replace the alternator. Beside reg maintenance of oil, brakes.it is a 4 door so I have lots of room.it's very comfortable and roomy I love my truck and glad I bought it

- Christine H

GMC is typically reliable. It is comfortable to ride in.

It was purchased used and we have had a string of minor-medium repairs. We do like the vehicle's ride as far as comfort. The thing I like least is that the compartment in the console opens from the drivers side; and as the passenger I am usually the one using it.

- kim d

She's old but she is blessed and so am I to have her.

She's a good little truck nothing fancy but she runs good and does good on gas. She's had a few radiator leaks and routine maintenance, but no major breakdowns or fall a parts she's been a good day to day driver and I hope to pass her on to my kids someday.

- Tyler K

It is a great almost all purpose vehicle.

Problems are minor wear and tear that can easily be fixed, my truck was purchased used, performance is good, reliability is good as well due to it being our only means of personal transportation, comfort part needs some fine tuning, and features look great.

- Lo S

It has a Bose sound system and it is awesome.

It has a wide turning radius which is hard to maneuver in small spaces. I like everything else about the truck and it has been very dependable. Love the four wheel drive in the winter with the amount of snow we get where I live.

- Cindy B

Reliable and spacious pickup.

The GMC Sierra is a wonderful vehicle. A large capacity bed helps with and handles large loads on and off the job site. The comfortable cab is very spacious has room for all of the family. Highly recommend in my book.

- James P

With regular service it should run for another 200, 000 miles or more.

We tow this vehicle behind our 38 ft rd. - have it serviced regularly and runs great. We use it for storage and to run around in when traveling. We r full time rivers and love the truck.

- Charlotte R

Very dependable vehicle for many years.

I had no real problems with the truck until about a year ago. The motor and transmission had to be replaced but that was over 200, 000 miles. Other than that it has been a good vehicle.

- there's a W

This car is really great. It can do almost anything you need it to do. You can move a house in this thing. Thanks.

I really like my vehicle because of three different things. I like the size of it. I like the color of it. Lastly, I like how it has a bed in the back so I can put stuff in it. Thanks.

- Anthony E

You can see farther down the road because you sitting up higher in a truck.

I like driving my truck. It allows me to see the road further ahead of me. It is convenient when loading groceries and hauling equipment in the bed. No dislikes or complaints.

- Franki P

Its a mans truck. It has mud on it. It can drive in the woods and haul dead animals

I like that its a truck. I like that its 4-wheel drive I like that its Red. I don't like that is old. I don't like that little things wrong with it like a sagging headliner

- Robert L

It maybe 14 years old, but it still has a lot of life in it.

Only thing i would change is i would have bought a four door crew cab instead . I love the way it drives. I like the size, it is not too big. It fits my personality.

- Katherine K

It is a family vehicle and is spacious enough for my family

I love my truck. It has been reliable for the three years that I have owned it with minimal issues. However the paint has recently started peeling which is a bummer.

- elizabeth C

Nothing it's been a great vehicle for me.

I like that I can haul things if I need to. I like the extended cab for the children however id like to have the king cab so they have more room on longer trips.

- Amanda B

Good Truck for our family

It has really been a good truck for us. Love the four doors and the leg room both in the front and in the back. Really helped when our boys were growing up.

- Brenda C

Performance and motor performed well. Vehicle could be better for body durability with rust corrosion.

Mostly reliable. Performance was outstanding with great gas mileage. Vehicle is fair when comparing body durability and transmission durability.

- tim h

It is a very dependable source of transportation and is very easy to drive.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way it handles. It hasn't given any trouble so far. I don't like that it doesn't have media ports.

- Thomas F

I bought it for a steal. I love it

I like my truck because it is reliable. I use it all the time and gets decent gas mileage. I bought it for a steal. It has good ac.

- philip r

Its very spacious and runs great for as old as it is.

I like how roomy it is. I wish the radio was better. I love the color black. I love GMC. My window motor has gone out twice though.

- Avis H

It's great runs great and lasts a long time without breaking down

The cluster motor burnt out easy fix great truck though runs great descent gas mileage not a lot of problems since I have had it

- Pat C

In my opinion it is one of the best vehicles on the market

It is roomy and comfortable to drive. There is not really anything I don't like about it other than it is got a lot of miles.

- Terry G

Has good towing power and ok gas mileage.

I like the towing power and stick shift. It gets ok gas mileage. There are a few mechanical issues that need to be resolved.

- David E

Good value and functionality for the price. Handles well.

It drives smoothly. It's gas mileage is decent. It handles relatively well, but the parking turning radius isn't great.

- Kevin C

It is white, I would recommend other color white is hard to keep clean.

No complaints, drives nice decent fuel mileage, handles quite well upgraded the escheat so it sounds great.

- Sam B



- CARL s

it is great in rough road especially if you work like in a quarry and great for rainy seasons

loves how sturdy and great for a rough roads the only problem here is its mileage it eats a lot of gas

- Scott S

it is just something to get me from point a to point b

it is a piece of junk. it is rusting apart and I am afraid it is just going to fall apart.

- mike T

It's dependable, and for a truck good on gas. It has a CD player and a factory radio that you can't get in new vehicles today

It has been very dependable. I love the sky blue color. It's everything I need in a truck.

- Allen G

good on miles and gas. seats are wide. and god head room.

I like the room inside and the bed of the truck is roomed. I dislike no cassette player.

- Deborah A

I trust my truck more than women!

I love my truck. I bought it with 6 miles on it. I trust my truck more than women!

- Mark P

Its great and dependable!! Always a great buy from GMC the whole family does.

I like the durability. Great in keeping my family safe. Always dependable.

- Brittany W

We drove it off the showroom floor and never had a problem until last year when it started to rust and clear coat peeling off

its durable and reliable and has never let us down

- Kim C