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Overall impressive, but encountering aging issues.

Purchased without side steps- should be standard! Passenger side has handrails to assist with getting in/out of vehicle- driver seat lacks at least one. Because of this, undue stress is put on steering wheel as driver uses it to pull himself into the seat. Overall this vehicle has been reliable in all weather conditions. The 4 wheel drive is a must in Midwest! At 10 years old, rust is attacking the body. We currently need to repair the power steering fluid line, also because of rust. Unfortunately, the mechanic tells us that the line cannot be replaced. We may have to replace the whole reservoir box!

- Tammy L

Wonderful riding truck. But a wiring nightmare.

Oh where do I start, I was desperate to buy a vehicle quickly as the motor blew on my old one. I have had this truck since may and have already put over $3k into it. First of all there is a bunch of recalls on the truck starting with the power steering pump all the way to the transmission I have put a rebuilt trans and all coolant lines in new fuel pump & lines, pulleys window control module. The truck is beautiful its spacious and comfortable but there is a lot of issues

- Kaitlyn M

05 sierra still going after all these years.

I have had basically no problems with this vehicle whatsoever. Other than the rocker panels rusting and having to be replaced. It was cheaper to replace them than to buy a newer vehicle. I love my old truck. It starts every time, and gets me on down the road. The 5.3 engine is snappy and dependable. Leather heated seats, am/FM satellite radio w/ 6 slot CD player and Dolby sound is also a plus. It may be an older truck, but it is still got a lot going for it.

- Ron L

Perfect truck for anyone that wants a reliable, strong working, dependable truck.

My 2005 GMC sierra 1500 has been a very dependable, reliable, and a perfect truck. The seats in the truck are very comfortable. The only problem I have had with the truck is the body has rusted very bad, but overall the 223, 000 miles on the truck has been put on the truck without any major engine or transmission problems. The 5. 3l v8 engine gives me 17 mpg on highway, and 15 mpg in the city. No complaints here.

- Jason E

Title of my review should read GMC sierra 2005 extended cab truck rave review.

Our truck is an extended crew cab, which means 4 doors. It has running boards that make it easy to climb into. It came with a custom camper top. It has fog lights, which come in very handy at times. It seats 6 comfortably, has adjustable front seats, the heating system works wonderfully. It is nice to not have to wait for what seems like forever to have your vehicle heat up as is the case with most vehicles.

- Cheryl B

Leather seats with heating and power adjustment.

As far as problems with my truck, there is not a lot. But one big one is my transmission, I have had my rebuilt trans for about 3 months, but it is definitely starting to slip again. Another is the suspension being shot. Performance wise if you are keeping it stock, then it is pretty good. 18mpg and 21 highway, it does pretty good for a truck. This model comes with the leather interior and heated seats.

- Tristan M

GMC Sierra - Made to last!

Haven't really had that many issues with the truck over the years. Performance is great, reliability is wonderful if you take care of it properly and get the required routine maintenance checks, oil changes, etc. Features remain pretty standard. Power locks, windows, and seats. Heated seats. Stereo is stock with Bose speaker system included overall, pretty durable truck.

- randy D

A very dependable motor vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle, dependable in the summer, spring, winter and fall. The four wheel drive is a very good feature especially in the winter weather. I will purchase another one when this one is retired. I am very satisfied with this vehicle and would purchase another one as soon it is necessary. The GMC is top notch when it is comes to reliability, safety and comfort.

- John L

Excellent performing engine.

The truck is really comfortable with all electric adjustable seats including lumbar support. It gets good gas mileage, better on the highway than you would think for a truck. I have had this truck for almost 8 years and have only replaced the battery and knock sensors. It has steering wheel accessible radio and information readouts and radio.

- Paul K

Best vehicle I have owned.

I have had no issues with my vehicle that were major besides routine maintenance and I personally would probably never own anything other than a GMC. At 360,000 miles its still running and is doing great and wouldn't change it for the world. I highly recommend a GMC to anyone who is looking for a vehicle.

- Lisa H

It has roll up window s lol but works for us. Nice midsize truck.

It has needed a few parts it does not have a lot of get up and go and does not get the best gas mileage. It has an awesome ac. I think the heater needs to be fixed but all in all it is a good truck for working and fishing and pulling a boat. It has extended can so will hold more people or other things.

- Sherry D

Perks of truck with leather seats and big back seats

This truck has heated leather seats which are great in winter, plus electric seat adjustments. Only downside is summer when I had to put a cover on, leather gets too hot. I love the large windows which make for very few blind spots, and the large back seat so people and cargo can get in and out easily.

- Bryan O

Comfortable, reliable and easy to drive.

It is comfortable to drive and has 4 doors lots of room in the back seats. Very reliable, the ac / heater works great. Has a short bed on the truck and a bed liner, great for loading anything also the liner is easy to remove for cleaning. It has a trailer hitch good for the trailer or the boat.

- Pamela V

Great little pickup. Gets the job done without any problems.

Very reliable comfortable pickup. Power seats are amazing and the cloth holds up super well compared to other cloth seats. Easy to service and work on. Great for pulling campers and going up and driving the mountains. Super good on fuel mileage. Overall a great choice for a gas pickup.

- Alexis C

Our faithful farm truck in the valley.

We bought this truck when our Ford f150 was totaled. While not quite the same quality as the ford, which I loved, it has been a good truck for us. We have kept up the maintenance on it, so have staved off any major repairs. When we buy another car, we will keep this as our farm truck.

- Eileen G

I have the best truck I wouldn't change for any other vehicle.

I really like my truck because is very spacious and my kids are comfortable in the back they have enough space for them. I also like t because in the I can put everything I buy and I do not have to put it inside. Its a 4 door truck so and I don't really have a problem with the truck.

- Hilary M

GMC sierra that is 13 years old with 169, 000 miles.

My GMC sierra has been very reliable. I have had it for 12 years. Other than regular maintenance I have spent less than $5, 000 on repairs. I got it from the original owner with around 10, 000 miles. I have now got 169, 000 miles on it. The only thing is I hope nothing major happens.

- Sam J

A green 2005 GMC sierra extended cab.

My truck is very dependable and long lasting. I have 200k miles and still runs like a charm. 9/10 highly recommend. If you need a truck that is durable and long lasting GMC is definitely the way to go. The sierra is great. I had one problem and it was my water pump. A easy 250$ fix.

- Nick B

It is a nice medium size truck and does well on highway.

It is a good truck pretty good gas mileage not to many issues great ac has the old style roll up windows extra cab is comfortable great stereo rides smoothly is pretty good looking for its age love the color it is an automatic which is good and it tows a boat nicely.

- Sherry L

GMC 1500 Best Truck for the Money!

I really love having the ability to haul whatever is needed while also having the added comfort if the roomy cab. Gas mileage is great in comparison to other trucks I've owned with my only real complaint being the difficulty of finding inexpensive parts.

- Rachelle H

GMC trucks are worth the money

Underneath the doors rust. Overall very comfortable truck. Leather heated seats. Dual control driver seat positioning. Sunroof. Tailgate latch has problems opening and closing. Spacious back seat. Has the pick up and go you would expect from a truck.

- Patty H

What type of gas it takes

I love the fact my truck can fit 6 people comfortably, I wish the running gear was stronger and more durable. I also love the feature that it has airbags in the back to help with towing stuff so the bed of my truck doesn't sag

- Ashley G

All dash gauges stopped working just weeks after their very short warranty expired.

All in all a very reliable vehicle. have some minor electronics issues. Dash gauges stopped working right after warranty expired. Air conditioner works great. Two hundred and forty thousand miles, and still running great.

- bryan n

I love driving this truck as it has a Very powerful engine to get you places—up hills, passing quickly.

I like the power it has. I don't much like the trouble it is to park in a small parking spot. The truck is about the same size if the spot. I enjoy all the room inside and how much it can carry in the bed.

- Val L

Overall looks of the truck are sharp in my opinion

Nice truck, nice interior, only problem is the center console springs went bad, bad design. Truck has worked good. Frame on truck could have been better rust proofed is my biggest problem

- Dan W

It has great gas mileage.

My pickup runs well and gives me no trouble. The heater and air conditioning work fast. It is a 4 wheel drive and the few times I used it in snow or climbing hills it was great.

- Kathy C

The easiest way to fix my car would probably be to lose it in a field somewhere

My little car always has something wrong with it. It'll start out a brake light or headlight and then the check engine light will come on. If it's not one thing it's another.

- Hope S

That it's a very sustainable truck but it also rides as though its a sedan.

Love the power of the motor and the way the vehicle handles. I also love the interior and features. I do not like how quickly the body/ bumpers rust out or the frames.

- Brandon Y

That it can tow a boat easily and gets pretty good mileage for a truck.

I like that it a reliable vehicle and that I can tow my 17ft boat behind it easily. It also has a boss sound system in it and never gets stuck.

- Mark B

It has performed well for me and has good performance and good economy for a full sized truck

I like the performance and the overall reliability. The ride quality is good and the truck looks good too. Overall it has been a good vehicle

- Steven H

You can always use a truck.

Safety first as I can see further as I sit higher up. Being able to move heavy loads. Truck is paid for and have had few maintenance issues.

- James S

That it's fun to drive, nice to look at and expensive to fix.

I have never had one problem with the truck it's a very solid truck only problem is it doesn't have enough pulling power.

- Trey C

It has been very reliable. It is an SLT model with leather, bose stereo, and many other features.It is four wheel drive. It is silver in color. It has four tires. The tailgate handle once broke, but it was an easy repair.

It has been very reliable. It is an SLT model with leather, bose stereo, and many other features.It is four wheel drive.

- jeff c

High mileage on my truck.

I have no complaints. It has been very dependable. I would buy another one. I will choose between a gmc or Ford f150.

- San J

That it is dependable and that it is hard to get in and out of tight spots.

I love that it is dependable. I do not like the turning radius. It makes it hard to get in and out of tight spots.

- Kim B

I take great care of it and it's my baby.

I like it because it's a truck and It's fast. My dislike is that I don't have a new one. I'm very happy with it!

- Leticia M

The extended cab has plenty of room.

The 327 cubic inch engine in this truck has been very good. The air conditioning has given me a little trouble.

- richard m

My car is old but it was well kept for a long time.

My truck is large. I can haul big things in the bed. I like sitting up high along with having a lot of space.

- Jay D

It has not given me much trouble. But with 166,000 miles on it something is going to wear out.

What I hate is the high repair bills when something wears out. I like that it has been very dependable.

- Sam J

its my truck, leave it alone

there's a rattle that seems to get worse the older the vehicle gets. the paint is starting to bubble

- tim h

It's very reliable even when abused.

No complaints. Just a little older with high miles. A typical a to b vehicle. No bells and whistles.

- Stephen B

Good gas mileage. Great sound system, good air conditioning. Smooth ride.

It's small, sturdy and does what I need it to do. Which is often hauling wood or getting groceries.

- Stacy D

It is a comfortable truck to ride in. It has good pick up and good motor.

It is a reliable truck. It is a sturdy truck. I like the way it looks.

- Debra B

There's nothing wrong it at all. It's a solid vehicle.

Solid reliable truck. One of the better models made.

- Justin B