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6 l. Motor large cab pick up truck.

I have a 2006 GMC Denali sierra 1500, it is a 4 door pick up truck with a full cab with a center console. The seats are heated in the front seats, there are 3 levels of heating and a separate heat button for the top seat heater. The pickup has a wonderful trim package that is black and gray wood grain details. There are plenty of cargo/ space in the center console along with a 12 volt charge along with the cigarette lighter in dash and a 12 volt in the dash. The side view mirrors have the turn signals inside they also have power close option with the backup tilt which is nice to have. The ride is great on the car it is a 6 liter motor and has over 120, 000 miles and it is still full of get up and go. The gas mileage is about 15 miles a gallon. The rear window defrosters work great. The windshield washer hose broke but other then that the headliner dropping are the only issues we have had with the pick up, I highly recommend a the 6l 1500 GMC Denali.

- Elizabeth S

I love my truck and how durable and dependable its functions are.

I really enjoy my truck. I feel as though it is extremely reliable as well as easy to fix. I find that its performance, when maintenance is upheld, is entirely satisfactory. However, I wish I had four wheel drive rather then two wheel drive. The suicide doors are convenient for loading and traveling with passengers and after 12 years of use, the interior and engine have stayed in almost pristine condition. I am very satisfied with this make and model.

- Alexander S

Smooth-running Sierra truck.

This truck belongs to my husband and me. My husband was the primary driver until we purchased a lightly-used car. Now he drives that, as it gets better gas mileage for his commute. I like the comfort of the truck for the short trips I take around our town to run errands or to visit friends. It is a great truck, still stylish, clean and tidy and with heated seats. Nice plus as winter approaches.

- Elizabeth C

GMC trucks are well built.

Very well made and reliable vehicle. There are the normal types of things that start to go wrong with every vehicle after a decade, but nothing major. It handles well, and I couldn't imagine driving anything else. One good thing about GMC vehicles is that the parts are interchangeable with Chevy parts, which makes things easy sometimes.

- Seth S

Love it just the way it is - do not change anything.

Not electrical, no Bluetooth and smartphone stuff. Do not want anything with Bluetooth or smart phone stuff. If I cannot steer it I do not want it. Love my truck just the way it is. When/if I want another machine it will not have an Bluetooth or smartphone stuff or I will buy another 2006 or older vehicle.

- Barb P

GMC is for me! Will stay with GMC.

I really like this truck. The engine is still very strong after 200, 000 miles. Although the headliner is starting to sag in the front at the windshield, the speakers are also not doing well and the back seat is very uncomfortable for long rides (especially for adults), this GMC will keep on trucking’.

- Lynn W

GMC 1500 sierra 4x4 with the king cab!!

It is very spacious and reliable has good power! Haven't had any major problems with it just typical maintenance issues. Recently has started to rust underneath the doors on both sides of the truck which is a little concerning. Overall it is been a really good truck would definitely buy another one!!

- Geoffrey S

I feel that my child is safe in my vehicle as opposed to a smaller vehicle.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. Owning a truck in southern Oregon makes winters much more tolerable being that I can feel safer while driving through the snow and that is important to me. I have had no issues with my vehicle. It runs great and does the job. I have absolutely no complaints.

- Sara F

2006 GMC Sierra Very Reliable

My 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 has been a good,reliable vehicle. It has a v6 engine and 5 speed manual transmission. It gets about 18 mpg in city which seems a little low to me but overall it has been a good truck. Besides regular maintenance the only thing I've done to it is brakes and tires

- Thomas M

2006 GMC Sierra 1500 review.

My truck has been extremely reliable since I purchased it. I have had no major problems at all. The downfall is it seems these trucks rust pretty easily. Yes it is 12 years old, but it has been rusting for years. Besides the exterior issues, the engine itself has been remarkable.

- Tracy Z

The ups and downs of the sierra.

Reliable but a gas hog and not much get up and go. It does make me feel safe and 4 wheel drive is a must in Minnesota. It is a decent looking truck and it is nice and spacious for hauling dogs and kids around in. The bucket seats do really hurt my bad back so I sit on a pillow.

- Gina R

GMC pickup for sale low mileage.

My 2003 GMC sierra 1500 is blue in color has v8 engine runs good has automatic headlights 4 new tires, good gas mileage, gets 22 miles gallon has automatic transmission, cruise control rides comfortably also power steering and power brakes, excellent take-off power.

- Frances W

Great, comfortable family vehicle.

200k miles on it and no real issues. Small oil leak. Very dependable. Hasn't had many issues over the years. She rides like a truck, but very comfortable. It is been on many family vacations. Roomy enough for even my 5'7 daughter to sit in back seat for long drives.

- Dawn C

The best vehicle I have owned.

It is been a really good truck. I haven't had any problems with it so far. The biggest thing I have had to repair on it was the starter so nothing major. I bought it with 93, 000 miles and it has 155, 00 on it now with no issues. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

- Jordan H

The power of the vehicle is what I like most.

The GMC sierra 1500 is an awesome.Vehicle. Not only is the luxury package make the truck feel like a car, but the smoothness and handling are.Superb!! The power, forget about it, second to none. This truck is all around an amazing truck no issues and no complaints.

- Todd D

2006 GMC pick up. . . Take care of it and it will last.

Love our pick up. Very beautiful, comfortable and reliable. Bought the pick up truck in 2011 and it is very reliable and long lasting. Only issues have been basic, like replacing battery, new brakes, rotors, new tires, but nothing major or recalls for this truck.

- Mary B

Service. I have used the truck for construction projects.

It has over 200, 000 miles on it and the only thing I have replaced are tires, brakes, wipers and the water pump. It has been a great truck and has not given me any trouble. All of the dashboard gauges give ample warning of fluid levels the need to be addressed.

- Dan H

My dependable right hand, my truck.

I love the smooth ride. It has a spacious interior. The seats are comfortable for long rides.The bed is the right size for most items I choose to carry. The running boards are a great width for anyone's foot. The mirrors are a great width.

- Lorrayne W

My 06 GMC sierra still has low miles!

I love my 2006 black 4 door 4x4 GMC sierra 1500 it has nice dark gray heated leather seats. The radio has Sirius XM capability. Power windows and locks. Sunroof with screen. Power fold in mirrors. Very smooth, clean, roadworthy machine.

- Caroline A

It's a Truck that Rides Smoothly and is Tough Enough for any TAsk!

It has been a reliable truck, and it's been very comfortable to drive. The 4WD is good and handles well in the snow and ice. The truck feels very stable when driving, and is one of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned.

- Leroy N

I've put a lot of aftermarket parts on my vehicle and love that

It's all around light duty pickup truck great gas mileage not to many problems if you keep it up and have your preventive maintenance done. very roomy for a family and a trusted brand GMC how could you go wrong

- Tristian H

It sits 6 people. So you're able to haul your family around.

Itis a piece of work that is true, bit I picked this vehicle out myself. Always wanted a truck. The ac belt broke, but living in the country who needs ac. Just roll with the windows down.

- Brittany W

very good work truck. dependable on steep back dirt roads

i have only had it a month, but has been very reliable. i need to use 4wd to get to my place and truck performs well. i use regularly for light hauling and has been very dependable.

- ritchie r

It is incredibly comfortable in both the driver's' seat and the passenger seat.

I love that it's a truck and can haul a lot. My GMC is comfortable and has all the features I need in a vehicle. One thing I would add is fold flat seats and floor cargo areas.

- Gracie S

Good all around truck. Very dependable.

Love my truck. Censers are the only true problem I have had. Can haul anything or tow most regular stuff. Tires are expensive for the truck. But line up stays true.

- Delaine S

It looks great, it drives great and I love it! It is a real joy to drive!

I really like how reliable the truck is. I go for a drive and it is very comfortable. I would recommend a GMC truck to anyone looking to buy a pick-up truck!

- Jared M

Reliable truck that is easy to maintain.

I love my truck. The only issue I have is the fact that I didn't put 4 wheel drive on it. It is an extremely reliable truck and has been easy to maintain.

- Alexander S

The vehicle is highly durable.

Our vehicle is great except that it rusts easily. The airbag light stays on and that's common. You can put a lot of miles on it without worrying though

- Jacqualin S

15 mailboxes and a mesquite tree.. Still going strong

She's so reliable!! I've put this truck through hell and still going strong. Cosmetic damage is easily fixed and minimal trouble under the hood.

- Melissa C

2006 GMC sierra sled in polo green, tan cloth interior.

Very reliable, very comfortable, quiet, great gas mileage. Only problem is that the front door panels sun faded and the dealer will not correct.

- David L

2006 gmc sierra,crew cab runs good

my vehicle is very dependable,it has a v8 engine,does not use oil,gas mileage is decent gets 17.5 to gallon,very comfortable ride ,gas crew cab

- frances m

All in all a good vehicle to work out of

Single cab 2wd work truck. No real issues except for having to replace the transmission at 100,000 miles. Truck has 125,000 miles now

- Nik P

Best truck I have ever owned.

I have no complaints about this vehicle so far. It is very dependable and reliable. I absolutely love this truck.

- Brittany C

My vehicle handles well for its size.

I haven't any complaints of my vehicle.My truck is sturdy and smooth.I am really impressed with my gas mileage.

- Joe F

The greatest vehicles are gm

I love my truck it runs great and it's always dependable. The a/c is cold. It rides great and is really roomy.

- Jesse B

The car is reliable and good on gas.

Dislike: not enough room.. Like: dependable and long lasting. It is sporty looking and has running boards..

- Sandy D

Clean engine compartment.

I like the engine because it's a simple design much like the older v-8 but with new cylinder heads etc.

- ron m

It is very reliable and low maintenance.

The vehicle is very functional and low maintenance. My only issue with it is it lacks a backup camera.

- Mike K

Great truck, solid performer

It has performed very well. I have had no mechanical issues, and only a few minor electrical problems.

- jason n

it is an older model but has been very dependable and is holding up well

i commute 35 miles to work,it's comfortable and good for hauling things, great for winter driving

- jeff l

Not for sale and a bit of a gas guzzler but good for dirt roads

It is very reliable, but I'm having trouble getting used to driving a full sized truck

- Ray S

It looks amazing and it is well taken care of!

I really like the way it handles. When I go out, I'm really excited to drive it!

- Gino L

Wish the ride height was taller. That is about it.

I wish the Ride height was higher. Wished Michelin Tire would fit properly.

- Fuzzy M

It's durable, great truck looks good

I love it good vehicle/ it never give me trouble. smooth riding

- rebecca P

GMC is s good brand that you can find parts for

I like the size and the comfort of hauling my family.

- jennifer H

One owner never been in an accident

Looks cool and is very Dependable but Poor mpg

- Beau W