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Over dropping the top ac and best work awesome and it is in perfect condition.

It runs perfectly but the convertible top has a lot of issues other than that I love my car has never broken down or anything. Very please with the purchase. Has only 100,000 miles on it and look brand new like they say I got it. Red convertible two seater charges when the car is off only complaint is the trunk space is very very small. And when it rains the inside of the trunk and whatever is in it gets wet. When I wash my car the inside of the trunk gets wet and water get in through the windows on my interior.

- Abigail K

Sturdy and durable, well built truck.

I have only had truck for 3 months. So far it is holding up well. It has over 115,000 miles on it and the engine still seems to be running well. I live on a steep private unpaved road and the 4 wheel drive has worked well climbing the road. My only problem I have encountered is a broken hose clamp. Overall, so far I am very happy with the performance. Although there is rust on truck, it is at a very minimum. Seems to be a very sturdy well built truck.

- Ritchie R

Amazingly built GMC, will not know it till you drive it!

Comfortable and amazingly built seats. Not good on gas but really comfortable ride indeed, just love it!! Will love the stereo system and speakers along with the reception as well! Must buy a GMC if never had one, you will thank me one day! If you drive one you will be amazed on how much power it has and very good in the snow and ice when driving this truck!

- Shirley R

Great work truck with plenty of space for a family trip!

I love my truck, it has plenty of space for me and my family to fit comfortably. And I can tow plenty with it. The truck runs great with no issues this far. I have no intentions on selling it I'll drive it till it won't move anymore. It has made many trips across the country due to me being military and hasn't had a problem yet.

- Dylan D

Good truck, I enjoy driving the truck.

My front tires keep losing air, had to replace front end about 2 years ago. Good sturdy truck though. I love the 4 doors and how back seats fold up. Fuel mileage is decent at best. Good work truck but looks sharp enough to be impressive too. Although, I have never gotten my driver's seat to be extremely comfortable.

- Ryan N

GMC great for tough drivers and for families.

My GMC rides smooth, it is reliable in inclement weather and great for my kids. It's tough so not easy to beat up and my family is very comfortable in it. So far no problems just the regular brake replacement and oil changes but other than that the car is fantastic and I would buy from the GMC family again.

- Sara D

Very reliable utility vehicle.

This vehicle is very reliable. It does well getting us up our hilly driveway in the snow and rain. Most automobiles cannot handle our driveway. But since this truck has is higher from the ground we can do quote well. Also the truck is very useful for hauling what we need for repairing our home.

- Wanda C

A reliable truck with comfy seating.

It is reliable. I have had no significant issues with it, only typical upkeep. The downside would be the low gas mileage it gets but that is typical of a truck this size. The interior is nice. Seats are comfortable for long drives. However there is no center armrest and that becomes annoying.

- Amanda J

GMC sierra classic, great truck

My truck has almost 200,000 miles on it and still runs great. It is a very sturdy and reliable vehicle. My truck has been through a lot, but even with the minor issues it might have like leaking oil, it still performs great on the road. Only thing that has went out is my wheel bearing.

- Sydney H

2007 GMC Sierra crew cab hauler.

My truck has been very reliable and dependable. A nice size and comfortable interior. The engine has great performance and hauling capacity. Truck is a crew- cab slt with CD player, power windows and lock, ac and automatic transmission. Tuck has 155000 miles and still going strong.

- Jim S

GMC review - good reliable truck.

My vehicle has been very good and reliable. I am happy with my vehicle. I live in a very snowy area and my truck does very well in the snow and is reliable which is important as this is my primary form of transportation and I have 4 kids. I have had no issues with my vehicle.

- Jennifer S

My truck is a champagne color 2007 GMC sierra sle 4x4 with cloth interior.

My truck is a good truck. It is a 2007 GMC sierra 1500 4x4. Drives very well and performs well on long trips as well. The only downside is the gas mileage but it is a truck so there is not much you can complain about. Overall, it is well worth it to get one of these trucks.

- Holden R

A great light duty truck, perfect for smaller jobs.

No issues with engine, easy to maintain. I have added aftermarket wheels and tires and it rides easy. Have not had suspension or other problems. Only issue so far is with tpms system, which was an extra add-on I do not use much anyways. Overall great light-duty pickup.

- Emily E

Older vehicle but still has a sleek look and wonderful operation.

I'm really happy with this vehicle. Being a used vehicle, it has one item that does not work which is the heated seats, most likely a bad heating element which is common on older vehicles. The acceleration and engine performance is really good. Handling is also good.

- Roger C

Good on gas. Reliable and a good choice. Id choose it again.

I have no complains and like everything about it love the color driving quality handling quality it's very comfortable to ride in gas mileage is pretty good its pulling power is really good it pulls our thirty one foot camper and our eighteen foot boat no problem.

- Jane H

Not applicable at the moment

I have not had any problems with the vehicle itself in the past 13 years that I've had the truck. However, from an accident my dad and I were in, the passenger side doors do not open anymore. But the truck is in pretty good condition aside from the doors.

- Andrea S

A great truck I would buy another.

Since 2007 no problems until now with my battery and thru two sets of tires do to normal wear and tear. It has great performance and is very reliable. Other than those thing I have mentioned I am satisfied with my truck and would recommend it to friends.

- Ray F

It is a powerful and high performance vehicle!

My 2007 GMC sierra is a good and reliable truck. As for any older vehicle, I recently had to replace the air filter, throttle positioning sensor, fuel pump, and fuel filter. I still have to replace the shocks and then it will be running good once again.

- Alexandria H

Great gas mileage! Totally enjoy every time I drive.

Although my truck is 11 yrs. Old, it still rides and runs good. When I bought this truck, it had 4 miles on it. I totally fell in love with it from the test drive till this morning. It is a full size p/u but 6 cylinder, so therefore very easy on gas.

- Deborah A

These vehicles hold their value, and are made very well. They are reliable, and last for a long time.

The performance has always been very good. It is sturdy and reliable. The exterior and interior have held up well. The style is classic, and still looks modern. The drive is a little rough at times if not on smoother surfaces.

- Jimmy D

It has lasted the longest of all my other past vehicles.

I like the size, how basic/simple it is, the bed cover, the tinted windows. I like the color, the rims, the pipes and the sound they make. I dislike the gas mileage, the electrical system, and the positioning of the ac vents.

- Angel L

This model has done well on safety tests.

This truck is low mileage and clean. It has never had a major problem. The only disadvantage is that the back seat is not convenient for hauling groceries and the space does not give much leg run for back seat passengers.

- Bill S

I've never had any major repairs on it. Other than someone busting out a window, and regular maintenance, it has worked like a charm.

What I love most about my truck is that I got it from my grandpa after he passed away. It is durable and gets good gas mileage. The only downside is that it is hard to turn into tight spaces.

- austin c

I keep detailed records of the vehicle's history including service to fluids, tire wear/rotations, and lubrication.

My vehicle has low mileage and has not had any major repairs. I have a truck that gets relatively good gas mileage. One of my complaints is that it is hard to park in narrow parking spaces.

- Lonny S

Seriously I am taking this survey, . You require me to go on and on about a truck.

Lots of miles, needs shocks, rough ride, have had this truck for 10 years I do not have anything else to say about this truck. It is white holds 6 people but will be cramped.

- Tina T

A man and the love for his GMC pickup it's just a great pick up tough.

My pickup is a GMC that I like quite a bit it rides pretty rough and I haven't had a lot of trouble with it other than brakes tires tune-up oil changes Bend couple recalls.

- Rick N

Excellent truck and great smooth ride.

I had my truck since 2010. I bought it used but haven't had any problems out of it. I love it absolutely love it. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Drives like a Cadillac.

- Christine D

Drive in comfort yet be able to haul. It gives you the best of both.

Its an extended cab so you can have more passengers. The small vortex v 8 has plenty of power and gives a comfortable ride. Able to tow more than you would think.

- Bonny A

Luxurious leather! Definitely a showstopper when people jump in.

I love this truck! It runs and drives smoothly and is very luxurious. Only complaint is with high miles it is starting to nickel and dime me. Will upgrade soon.

- Amanda T

It does not get the greatest gas mileage.

My 2007 GMC sierra is overall a great truck. It's very dependable. I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a vehicle capable of hauling materials.

- Hunter K

My 2007 Gmc sierra 1500 ride

Dashboard cracks major problem. Door handles break easily. Lots of space for comfort. Very dependable vehicle. Great on gas.

- Rochelle B

Truck is great for winter months.

I love the color of my truck. It is a blueish grey. It has leather heated leather seats which is nice in the winter months.

- Kristina M

Good truck but not looking to sale

It is a truck with four wheels and four doors and six windows including the windshield and back glass. It is a good truck.

- Alex H

GMC Sierra 2007 love it great truck

Has many minor electrical problems but it runs well and is a long lasting vehicle. At 225000 miles it still runs well

- Christine C

To be respectful, I like to keep my truck in top condition.

A red truck, crew cab, with a few upgrades. The only thing I don't like is that 07 model did not have Bluetooth

- Juan V

It is very safe and comfortable and is great to travel in

It's very reliable and has plenty of room for adults to travel. It handles the road great in all weather.

- Wade B

I like it. I is good and it has four wheel drive. It works well.

I have had my truck for many years. I love it and it gets good miles. It is solid for a truck.

- Danny A

I have owned many trucks but GMC has been the most trustworthy.

My truck has never broken down. It has been a blessing from God. It is my on road office.

- Charlee B

It takes a beating but keeps getting the work done.

I like how tough the truck is built. It drives well in the NY winters and is good on gas.

- Brian K

it runs great and has low milage and pull a camper with it.

Plenty of storage space. Runs good and high off the ground. Seat are very comfortable.

- margie s

It's mine and i enjoy driving it all the time

I love this truck has the power to pull my boat and my camper with no problem

- Daniel K

It's a GMC great ride love the color

It's been a good truck Have not had to work on it but one time Great ride

- Robin K

Dependable Vehicle that keeps on keeping on even with excessive mileage

Very dependable. Have over 300,000 miles and still runs like new

- Staci H

GMC truck are very reliable and have lots of power

It is reliable. The ride is great. The drive train is great

- William F

Dependable, hard working truck

Dependable, hard working truck. Never much trouble.

- Roger S

It's a Chevy and chevys are the best.

Full size truck. Bad gas mileage. Plenty of room.

- Charlie S