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The long bed sierra GMC with easy to use entertainment center.

This truck has the long bed and extended cab, so it can be difficult to park. But it has enough room to take family for rides. The long bed really can carry a lot of things. The seats are very comfortable and windows easy to see out with easy to use mirrors. The temperature controls are easy to use for both passenger and driver. The radio has a lot of options with satellite included. There is a double glove compartment and a center console that can be put up for a middle seat in the front. This is a powerful truck that is still easy to drive and comfortable all around.

- Donna M

My vehicle has a 5.3L V8. I get 13 mpg

My truck has no problems. The performance is great. I can always rely on my truck to start and work in the way it should. It is very comfortable. The only minor issue is sometimes window buttons won't work right away but don't give up on it. They will work. The speakers could be better they bust easily. From a truck standpoint it is a good reliable truck. You can't go wrong with performance.

- Jalen C

GMC Sierra a great truck.

Performs well, very comfortable has been very reliable, only oil changes and 1 set of new tires. Use for driving back and forth to work as well as the occasional fishing trip. Have small boat that fits in bed and can load and unload myself. Also used to tow a small travel trailer. Cannot even tell the trailer is behind truck when towing, plenty of power.

- Tom G

You can get it in Texas edition which qualifies almost as a luxury model.

Easily speeds up which is really nice on a short passing lane. Comfortable and quiet for a pick up. Does not have many problems even though mileage is higher. Has plenty of room on the backseat for 3 people to sit. Easy to steer and has very nice light green lighting inside which does not bother your eyes in the dark. My rating for the vehicle is 4, 5.

- Julia G

Great truck for traveling.

I've only had the vehicle for a few months, but I love it. I bought it used with 136,000 miles. So far, I have had to change a spark plug. The truck rides well and seems to do well for its size with gas mileage. All of the features are great. The only complaint I have is that it has a little less legroom than other full size vehicles.

- David T

Great looking and no problems with it.

Great truck!! I have had no trouble with it!! It runs great it rides great no problems ride is great. I recommend it to anyone!! The engine runs great it has great power and the 4 wheel drive works great. I have had many comments on how good it looks. Several people have ask where they could get one just like it.

- Dale A

The GMC Sierra is a very stylish truck with a hidden front fold down seat.

The seating is very comfortable, you are not seat to high or too low. With the suspension you have a very smooth ride and comfortable. And if I had to do it all over again I would buy another GMC Sierra, they are terrific trucks. The interior is very stylish, I love the third hidden front seat that folds up.

- Shirley T

It is excellent in the snow and slushy roads. It has the 4 wheel drive to maneuver in inclimate weather.

I like that it is versatile and very good in the winter on the snowy roads but as far as the back seat I would rather have 4 full sized doors. The back is kind of cramped with the half doors and hard to get in and out seeings how the front seat person has to open their door in order for anyone to get out.

- patty f

Riding a powerful truck in modern day.

No problems so far. Drives smooth and I feel high above everyone and it helps me see everything around me. Brakes are good and tires are very good and long lasting. The bed is very spacious. The windshield is also nicely tinted. The radio they have in there is also very good. The air condition works great.

- Joshua M

Fantastic vehicle, will not find one better.

Very reliable, great in North Dakota winters. Only problem I have ever had was a light bulb that went out in the 4 years I have had it. It is comfortably fits four people, five or six is manageable if necessary. Very smooth in terms of driving and comfortable to be in for long periods of time if need be.

- Lane T

White GMC sierra 1500 slt ext cab.

Kinda rough when it shifts gears and downshifting is more noticeable almost klunks. The dealer didn't go over the vehicle at all before they split so it has a need for an oil change. Other than that it's alright. I'd like a sunroof though. And the rear windshield to open would be nice as well.

- Joseph E

It is strong, durable, and dependable.

I've had my truck for 5 years now. I haven't had any issues with it except for over the weekend. The fuel pump finally gave out at 175,000 miles. It is very dependable and reliable. I bought it 2 years old with 110,00 miles and people advised not to do it. The thing still runs very strong.

- Steven F

Overall a quality tough truck.

The only issue I have had were the wheel bearings and tire control arm system. Headlights burn out quite quickly as well. I have the basic model and everything has worked according to manufacturer's instructions. I would like a bit more weight in the back to avoid sliding on rainy days.

- Roger B

GMC sierra 1500 roof paint peeling issue.

The original tires wore on the inside and the dealer said it was normal. The front end also seems to never be in alignment. The dash cracked in two places after a year or so. The paint on roof started peeling after 3 years and continues to peel in many spot right above the windshield.

- Anthony A

2011 GMC Sierra SLE review

I love the GMC sierra, it's the perfect pickup. The 5.3 liter V-8 engine has plenty of power, it rides good, The crew cab has plenty of space, The truck has an ample amount of bed space, It needs to be leveled out in the front. That's the only thing I don't like about 2wd version

- Tyler L

Great vehicle for the price.

The truck is super comfortable to ride in, the box carries a lot. I love the sound system in it. The leaver seats are sturdy and easy to clean, the body has not shown any rust up to this point. This vehicle gets 18 mpg on the Highway and 22 in town. I love this truck.

- Robyn L

What I like about my truck.

Good solid truck, great ride, dependable. Pretty good gas mileage and plenty of power for towing boat and camper. Very comfortable to drive long distances. Controls are easy to reach. Could not ask for a better vehicle as gas as looks and maintenance easy to service.

- David F

So comfortable and spacious.

Very reliable, comfortable. Plenty of room to stretch out and have passengers with you. Gets through any terrain and any weather. Bluetooth connection to radio and OnStar. Seats are very comfortable and roomy. Back seat is also very spacious, lots of compartments.

- Brittany L

It was a good idea to buy my vehicle.

The truth is great vehicle does not give problems of anything and very comfortable the bad thing that I do not like is the aux is loosened and you can not connect your music because it does not have Bluetooth in this model! I am very happy with my g m c.

- Patricia S

Luxury in a Pick-up Truck

I can't complain at all about my truck. It's got every luxury I could ask for plus it rides nice and smooth. I have a v8 engine so I have tremendous power. I can drive this truck in rain, snow, mud, sand, anything! I always feel very safe in this truck.

- Karen L

Good gas mileage, has a lot of room in back, drives really good in bad weather,

Very dependable, love the 4 wheel drive, like the long wheel base, like the long bed will hold 4 wheel, like the extended cab, use it to pull camper does really good job we take it to deer camp goes through mud with no problem,

- Ruby H

It is very reliable, we have had no issues with it mechanically.

I enjoy driving my truck. Since purchasing the vehicle, our family has grown, so we need a little more space in a vehicle. Other than that, I love the features of the truck and It's towing capability.

- Kristi H

Very reliable, low maintenance.

No complaints really but one. It loves gas. Besides that its perfect truck for me. Plenty of legroom for 4 grown adults. Works perfect for hauling my work crew to and from different job sites.

- Trey D

That while it is a simple pickup truck, it gets the job done with ease.

I like the simplicity of the features (less things that can fail), and to power / reliability of the vehicle. I wish that there was a little bit more leg room in the back seat. No complaints

- Asa H

2011 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain

I have over 135000 miles on this truck and it still runs great! I plan on keeping it for several more years. I drive it daily and use it to tow our family camper as often as we can.

- Mark G

I appreciate the v8. But the door handles are cheap and have broken.

Performance is good. Dashboard cracked like most sierra’s. It is a beautiful black color and it sits on 20’s. I like my truck but will probably buy something else next time.

- Matthew S

Read reviews before purchasing. I am not the only one who had engine problems

Had engine problems with less that 40000 miles. Dealership would only "fix" the problem rather than replace engine. Now I do not trust this vehicle to take long trips

- Vanessa C

The truck is extremely sleek!

The back seat creams over bumps for some reason. But the back seats also can go up, you can choose either one seat or two seats go up which is really nice.

- Kelly V

It is a reliable durable truck along with pristine looks and features

I love the way it looks and drives, it makes me feel like I stand above the rest over other truck owners. It holds it resale value compared to the rest.

- fred H

Capable of towing a full-size travel trailer with ease.

It is dependable, rugged, and though I d not get the best gas mileage, I truly enjoy driving it. The only downside other than gas mileage, is parking.

- Jim T

Great driving in winter. Gets me to where I need to go.

Love my truck runs good and has plenty of room for my family. Can haul stuff if needed also. Gas mileage is not the best but it is not the worse.

- Robbie B

While this vehicle did have issues, the rise was very smooth.

Within the first few months of purchase, the Cruise control stopped working due to break issues. The cb joint on both sides had to be changed

- Laura J

It is very reliable and has good gas mileage.

I wish it had at least an auxiliary port. Ours only has a base radio without even a tape deck.... It has been a good, dependable vehicle..

- Holly T

Dependable. Runs well can put a lot of mileage on it.

It has plenty of room in the cab. An I have had no issues with it at all. Love the color an the interior. Great running beautiful truck.

- Connie V

It is my first vehicle that I have ever had and I really enjoy driving it!

I really enjoy that it has stayed in great shape for so long. It is not 4WD which I do not like. I love it can get up and go quick.

- Natalie F

It is a well made truck, and I bought it used, buy good quality and you get good quality

Its traveled across country with 1/2 of my household in it. No major problems. It runs great. It's the first truck I've ever owned

- Fiona H

GMC makes a great truck. It rides nice, good on gas, and I like all the features.

I like the way it drives. I like being up higher in my truck. I like the gas mileage. It is a comfortable ride on long distances.

- Keith M

Awesome truck with a loud exhaust

I bought this vehicle used and has been one of the best purchases I ever made. Only thing I don't like is the seat belt dinger

- Christine B

My truck is a GMC and it is 4 wheel drive what more could you ask for

I love my trucks 4x4 capability. Being able to go thru mud not get stuck in snow ect. The leather interior looks luxurious

- Richard S

very durable truck haven't had any problems with it

i like everything about my truck except the plastic pieces that cover the plug ins inside the truck are too chintzy.

- Ty B

It has a V8 engine, but still gets good gas mileage.

I like driving a truck due its size and being off the ground. I dislike that it does not have leather seats or 4WD.

- Brian R

Heavy truck takes too long to run

Not fast enough takes to much time and makes noise inside enough room comfort is okay the vents on a.c.not good

- Benny T

The most important thing about my truck is that it is comfortable and reliable.

My truck is dependable and a good size. It drives very smoothly. The interior is roomy and comfortable as well.

- Averey E

The fuel economy is great.

No problems to report. The truck has been very dependable. The truck is very responsive and good on gas.

- Robert L

Low maintenance and it is safe to let my kids drive.

Truck is seven years old and has given me no problems mechanically. Very reliable and easy to drive.

- Steve S

Great work truck and also comfortable for pleasure driving.

Very comfortable and reliable vehicle. Great for work or leisure. Pulls trailers without struggling.

- Greg L

This vehicles ride is smooth going down the road whether it is a highway or back road.

This truck has a very comfortable ride. The oil is easily changed. The bed could be a little longer.

- erin l

The vehicle is Low Maintenance and gas mileage is pretty good

I love how it is low maintenance. Like that it is a truck. It is very versatile.

- Sara R

It is very dependable. I have had no problems with it

Sturdy dependable but terrible gas mileage Want screen command center

- Kevin H

It's reliable and very spacious.

It's very comfortable. It has enough space for al the things I need.

- Halee S

always dependable, handles great on all roads, all weather

all good, perfect vehicle for country life, durable

- bill h

well built reliable truck

Great ride lots of storage room decent gas mileage

- Eric B