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The 2012 GMC sierra is a great choice for a rugged long lasting daily vehicle.

The 2012 GMC sierra is by far the best pickup truck I have ever owned. The 5.3 liter v8 engine is a powerhouse and can handle anything I can throw at it. I have used it to pull car trailers, haul wood and pull out tree stumps. It has never let me down. As far as how it handles on the road, well it is like driving a luxury sedan. The steering is very responsive, the suspension is smooth and the braking system is wonderful. One of my favorite features is the brake assist system that helps you transition from break to gas pedal on steep inclines. The interior is quite spacious, I have the extended cab which means plenty of room for extra people or extra cargo. The design is rugged and masculine but it is also got all the bells and whistles available on a 2012 model pickup truck. It has power seats, power windows, fully adjustable steering wheel, power mirrors with heat and an heating and cooling system more responsive than the one you have at home. The thermostat feature is very nice just pick a temperature you are comfortable with and the truck's computer automatically keeps it there for you. This just also features a lot of head a leg room for those taller folks like me. It seats six people comfortably and has a drop down center console for stowing all of your essential items. I have never had any major problems with this vehicle and it has been through a lot of miles, 398000 to be precise. I believe that is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship put into the design and development of this particular make and model. I couldn't ask for a better truck.

- Stephen P

The Onyx Black paint is very gorgeous in the sunlight with chrome accents.

Overall this truck is reliable. It does everything I want it to do. It could be a little more comfortable and future models followed up on that. I have had zero issues. Something I will point out though is I highly recommend the 2007-2013 5.3L engines should be tuned to take the AFM (Active Fuel Management) out. This causes premature wear and tear on your cams and will cause catastrophic engine failure at 100,000 miles or less. I thankfully had my truck tuned at 40,000 miles and hopefully won't have any issues. I have only had 1 serious warning and that was to service the 4 wheel drive. Simply putting the truck in 4HI and letting it cycle in 4WD will do the trick. Just needs the cobwebs blown out of it. Also ever since I have bought the truck it always tells me my washer fluid is low. These sensors were notorious for going bad on these trucks and are very difficult to replace. Other than that I have zero complaints about this product. As with all the GM Vehicles I have owned they always perform as advertised even when they have 200,000 miles on them. Let me tell you they can take a beating. Yes they are pricey brand new but they are a vehicle you can pass down to the next generation. Will only buy GM.

- Lucas R

Great all around vehicle.

Great all around vehicle. Vit gets 21 mpg on the highway. It has the power to tow a toy hauler loaded with motorcycles and all gear up and down mountains with ease. Heavy snow does not slow it down. It rides like a car. Very comfortable on long trips. Also nimble in the cities. Sits high for a good view in traffic. Accelerates well and brakes like a dream. The 6 speed automatic gives you maximum power in all ranges.

- Jerry S

GMC 1500 - a power packed plaything.

The only bad things are recalls. One for airbags and a computer system. Many positives are found in the truck. I like that it is a great style inside & out. The ride is smooth with the z71 package and the seats are all comfy. The stereo is great as well. I have the 5.3 v8 engine and it gets the job done. The 4 wheel drive will allow you to go almost anywhere except the ice which you shouldn't travel on anyway.

- Ed G

GMC makes a quality vehicle, they have nice interiors and they are union made.

My truck is very quiet. The acceleration helps on the highway. My favorite quality of life feature is the music control on the steering wheel i can change from am/fm/aux cord/to Bluetooth and control volume while still holding the steering wheel. I don't have many dislikes however it being a truck i would like better gas mileage and the cost of tiers could be cheaper.

- Mitchell C

2012 GMC sierra, excellent pick up.

I have owned it since new in 2012, it has 53, 000 miles on it and have not had any issues with it. The back seat rattles when folded up (crew cab) but that was fixed easily. It gets decent mileage for what it is (17 mpg average) and is great for hauling dirt bikes around. It handles great in the snowy/icy conditions of Michigan.

- John D

My truck the grey GMC 1500.

My truck rides very nice. The acceleration is great. Interior is sleek and nice. Headlights are the big issue it seems always changing them or fixing them. Great for hauling whatever I need no issues there. The low fender in the front shouldn't be there. If you want to go off-roading in it then your going to rip it right off.

- Corey O

Comfortable, smooth, highway gas efficient.

I love my truck. It may take a lot to fill the tank, but then if you go on long trips (I. E. 5+ hours), you do not have to fill it! We go on 12-14 hour trips once a year and only have to fill once. It is comfortable for a family of 4, has SiriusXM, 2 cigarette lighters (4 USB imports for us). It is a super smooth ride.

- Courtney P

Good for towing my towing my travel trailer.

It is very comfortable for a tall person and has plenty of room for 5 or six people. Driving controls including radio are available without reaching far. It could use another lighter or USB outlet in the back seat area for kids cell phone charging. Two glove boxes and a center console provide plenty of storage.

- Dave A

High mileage, no loss of power.

Vehicle has over 120,000 miles on it and have not experienced any major maintenance issues. Vehicle was purchased for tow package and even though increased miles have not experienced power loss, even on hilly terrain. Have a family of five and can is large and spacious allowing for comfort for all occupants.

- Jason P

GMC sierra 1500 extended cab.

I like my vehicle but it does have issues. The dashboard cracked, the brakes tend to always have issues. The radio went out but I like the style and the comfort of the truck. I like how the trucks rides and the convenient of the truck. GMC is a great model. I wish there was a recall on it for the dashboard.

- Cole C

Worth the money. Will probably last a while.

Check engine light keeps coming back on even after several trips to dealer. The tire pressure light also comes on frequently despite having the tires checked regularly. Other than that the truck is dependable and has served me well. I would definitely look into purchasing another one.

- Mary S

I have leather, bells & whistles along with the smooth ride.

I have not had any problems with my truck. Absolutely love it as it is such a smooth, quiet ride. This truck is just as luxurious as any expensive, high end car on the market yet it is practical in that it can haul anything I need when I need it. GMC makes great automobiles.

- Cindy D

Very dependable GMC sierra!

My vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any problems. The 4 wheel drive feature has really confused. E in handy when the roads get icy. The air conditioner blows really hard and cold. When I need it the v8 gives me the power needed to get up to speed quickly.

- Atlas L

GMC sierra pickup four wheel drive. Very nice.

I have zero problems. I love the way the truck handles. Mpg is low, but that is about it. The leg space in the back seat is not as much as the f150, the bed is longer. Handling is great. Very good looking truck. It is a z71 4x4. I would buy a new one for sure.

- Ron A

The best vehicle on the market.

I have had no problems with my vehicle and I intend to buy a GMC or Chevy product next. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love my truck! Since I purchased the vehicle I have only replaced the tires once, the battery once and both headlights once.

- George B

Fun to drive and reliable.

I have had this truck for 4 years and I have never had any major problems with it. It is been very reliable and the only things I have done to it is change the oil regularly and had to get new tires and brakes. I use it almost everyday and enjoy driving it.

- Jim K

Best thing is I can haul things .

I really enjoy my truck. It is easier for me to get in and out of over a car. I like sitting up higher than feel like I'm sitting on the ground in a car. I can carry more items in my truck, Haul things for people.

- Cindy K

The one most important thing people should know about the truck is that it's flex fuel so it can take E85 gasoline which is cheaper than regular gas.

It's a school bus yellow work truck used for pest control services. Flex fuel option makes it beneficial. Only dislikes are going to be the gas mileage and the lack of an extended cab. Overall wonderful vehicle.

- Mike C

It is extremely reliable.

I thoroughly enjoy the GMC sierra that I drive. I have owned it for numerous years and have had no issues with the vehicle. It has been reliable and the performance is unmatched of any of my previous vehicles.

- Steve D

it is a truck made to work, It's not a car, but It's fun to drive

I have owned it since new, has been a good truck and taken my family on vacation with it as well as hauling all our wood for winter heat and demolition derby cars for fun

- Thad B

if you want reliability and toughness go gmc

very reliable, handles bad roads and highways very well, performance is very good. gas mileage isn't very good, but it is a four wheel drive.

- harold g

Dependable & I enjoy the ride and the way it rides.

There are no complaints about the Sierra 1500 that I drive. The only dislike I have about our cars is the fact that I cannot drive it more.

- Ronnie F

It's a great machine that can take four people everywhere.

I like the size of the truck. It has great cargo and passenger capacity, I would like higher clearance. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jim S

My truck has great reliability and I enjoy the feel of driving it

My vehicle allows me to move my children back & forth to college. I have had no mechanical problems. I enjoy the feel of driving a truck.

- george c

Very affordable and very reliable. Best truck for the price you'll find.

The performance and reliability of my truck is unlike any other I've had before. The best hands down as far as towing and everyday use.

- Stetson M

Fun to drive, Sleek and fun look. Tows our toys and fits all our stuff

I like the look and style of it. The built in NAV and sunroof are awesome too. Gas mileage isn't terrible and has comfy heated seats

- Crystal B

It does cost alot to keep it up in gas so it is important to make sure you understand the gas mileage.

It is very reliable gets me where I need to go. The truck is good in the cold and warm weather. I love the truck can go anywhere.

- Shawn C

It drives great and looks good on the road.

Drives very well. It has lots of room. Get really good gas mileage for a pickup truck i have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Debbie B

I have had zero large problems with my Sierra over the years.

Extremely reliable and consistent performance with my Sierra. I have the All Terrain edition and I love the center console.

- Nick C

Fast powerful stylish. . . Did I say powerful yet?

Truck is fantastic. Wish it would have been made in USA but everything else has me loving the truck. The 6. 2l is fantastic!

- Devin R

Black regular cab Z71 Sierra with a V8.

My truck runs nice. Smooth, quiet and comfortable. Reliability is above average and power is more than enough for my needs.

- Justin W

It has a lot of miles. It is red and shines.

None. We love our truck. What else can I say? I wish they were cheaper. If they were cheaper we would buy another new one.

- Mandi W

Over all a decent vehicle it was an impulse buy.

Oil pressure sensor and oil pump issues, abs sensor and stabilitrak and traction control always go off when it rains.

- Devin A

The reliability of the truck is unlike any other I have ever had.

My truck is running better than ever. The most comfortable ride I have experienced. The performance is insane.

- Stetson L

Vortec small block GMC Sierra trucks are the best

I love GMC trucks I've never had one single problem. I do regular maintenance and they just keep running.

- Kelsey J

great gas mileage for a v8 also has lots of room, great vehicle for trips.

for a V8 has great mileage, like everything but the bed liner but that is something I have control of.

- donald k

It has hidden talents like flex fuel and great mileage.

It is a flex fuel vehicle with power and room. It gets great gas mileage. I am safe in this vehicle.

- Deborah W

That it is reliable and dependable

It's a very reliable vehicle. Doesn't get very good gas mileage. The seats could be better too.

- John B

Gas mileage is good for a full size truck, plenty of room for five adults

Comfortable ride, good gas mileage, so far it has been reliable, no complaints yet

- Dean A

The GMC Sierra is great for traveling and a great family car!

I like the size. I like the bed. I like having the ability to pull our boat.

- Stephanie M

It can cost a lot of money and the gas mileage is not good.

It is a great family car that can be used anywhere

- Cheyenne C