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Terrific Value if You Buy Used

I purchased a two year old 2015 Z71 SLE Crew cab with the 5.3L and it has been a remarkable truck to date. My best mileage has been 22.3mpg. I also tow a travel trailer and best mileage has been 13mpg. If you are looking for 35 mpg then do not buy a truck. I have added an extra leaf spring done through a local spring shop, which has not changed the ride characteristics but does help with cornering and towing (no more sag). I have replaced the halogen headlights with new LED bulbs which have made a huge difference in night driving, and replaced On-Star with an IO5-IO6 upgrade giving me a GPS navigation system. I do most of my own maintenance so the majority of add on items I have done myself. With a tonneau cover, the bed lighting is a nice feature. The tow package, automatic 4w drive for bad weather, dual climate control, reliability, comfort, performance, remote start, Bluetooth features make this a keeper. Some reviewers say it has recalls, I don’t know how that is an issue. All were done at my local dealership at no cost, I don’t know of many vehicles that have been recall free. I also purchased a rear under seat storage box. GMC should have it as a standard item. The 5.3L engine has a light ticking sound, but I understand that is characteristic to all of them and may have something to do with the cylinder deactivation, and it doesn't bother me. The Sierra is comfortable, quiet and so to date has been dependable. At my age I don't see any more new vehicles in my future; I intend to keep this truck until I can’t drive any longer. I may just put in another engine if it comes to that. I can’t say anything bad about it. Hopefully it will continue to perform well for a long time to come. I have changed the transmission fluid, antifreeze, hydraulics . . . fluid changes are crucial to the longevity of any vehicle and for what prices are these days for new trucks, my used Sierra is worth every cent to keep it road worthy. Compared to a Chevy Silverado I once owned, the GMC Sierra is like changing from a suit into a tuxedo. Lots of comments on the looks, smooth ride and fun to drive. After the last big snowstorm the 4x4 traction is unbelievable. It is a keeper for sure.

- Jersey Driver

The perfect truck for our family.

We bought our GMC new in 2015 and have been very impressed with its performance and comfort. It is one of the most comfortable rides on long trips that we have found in a vehicle. The seats are roomy and are very well designed to offer great support for your back. The heated and cooled seats make it possible to make the ride even more comfortable. The gas mileage also averages more than any previous truck we have owned. We have regularly serviced our GMC sierra z71, which is the only reason it has needed to go to a shop. It is dependability has been everything you could ask for in a truck. The four wheel drive has worked just as it should in snow and on muddy field roads. As far as features go, the Audio is top notch. The sound is crystal clear. The back up camera increases your sightlines in parking lots or tight spaces on the large, clear screen. The navigation is easy to use and see on the screen as well. Storage and seating space is also ample as well in the sierra.

- Christy W

Pure luxury at a fair market value.

Very reliable vehicle from day one. It averages about 19 mpg. It has around 65000 miles on it. I use it as a daily driver and have never had any problems with it. I trust the brand and the quality. It handles great in the snow and makes me and my family feel safe. It was love at first sight plus I got a great deal on it. General motors was running a promo that I could not pass up. The towing capacity is unlike any other heavy duty pickup truck I have driven. My significant other and I are able to take long trips hauling two ats and a full backseat and it feels as though we are not hauling anything at all because it is such a smooth ride. I purchased the vehicle after my lease was up because I loved it so much and did not want to part ways with it. My significant other and myself want to purchase another GMC sierra because it a brand that we take pride in.

- Rebecca E

Fantastic GMC pick-up truck with luxurious features!

I own the Texas edition and it is fantastic! Heat & a/c seats, dual a/c control, fantastic stereo/sound system and dashboard display. Epic safety features such as lane departure and brake assist! Lane departure makes the driver seat vibrate to catch your attention. Brake assist flashes red lights on your windshield if you get too close to someone/someone swerved in your lane and shuts off cruise control. I also *love* the trailer towing system! It tows so smoothly I can hardly tell the trailer is back there! I love the size a durability of this truck in addition to all the luxurious interior features like the nice leather and personalized driver seat positioning settings. It gets great gas mileage for its size too! I can average anywhere from 15 to more than 20 mpg! *love* my GMC sierra!!

- Brittany M

Fun and worry free with a lot of extra features.

So far my truck is very reliable, no mechanical issues other than buying a new battery. I love the features such as Bluetooth, the vehicle information center that tells me tire pressure, gas mileage, oil life, etc. I also love that it will switch from 8 cylinders to 4 on the highway to save on gas mileage. The bright headlights make it easy to see at night and to be seen by other cars. I love that it has four wheel drive so I can do my farm work confidently. Pulls trailers nicely and is comfortable to take on long road trips. I also like the radio and phone controls on the steering wheel.

- Caitlin H

I love I can ride drive in la traffic or off-roading in the sierra mountains.

Problems with my GMC sierra, there are none. I love it and would recommend, ten out of ten. It drives well on the road besides it shocks being kind of crappy. It is very dependable when it comes to safety and getting me where I am supposed to go. My family bought a two door instead of a four door which made me love it even more. It was comfortable, lots of legroom, high off the ground, and nice plush seating. The dash board topped it off with its back up camera, Bluetooth connection, and Audio surround sound.

- Hannah N

GMC sierra, the best way to take on the mountain.

Reliability, comfort and performance are all exceptional characteristics of the GMC sierra 1500. The built in bike control, combined with hill descent and mountain gears for steep grades allows you to not have to use your brakes on a steep grade, even while pulling a trailer. The Bluetooth and interactive touchscreen for the electronics package is very user friendly. however, I have had to get technical support a few times from on-star for connectivity issues.

- Brett P

2015 GMC Sierra double cab.

Love my 2015 GMC Sierra, extremely comfortable, extremely roomy fits my family of 5, can fit up to 6, lots of extras, still finding more all the time. Very good on gas. Very safe feeling which is what you want when you are driving your family around. I have never had any problems with this truck. I've only had to do routine maintenance oil changes, tire rotations, wipers and tires. Not breaks yet. This is really good.

- Jessica E

Best truck I have ever had!

I recently bought my 2015 GMC sierra 1500. So far it has not given me any problems and I haven't had any issues. It is very roomy and although it has a v8 it is pretty good on gas. It has so many different computerized items on the screen inside. This has come in very handy. It also has remote start, heated seats, and Bose speakers. I cannot say enough great things about this truck!

- Holly J

Great perks and benefits of the GMC Sierra 1500.

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a great pick up. It is comfortable, drives smoothly and has plenty of room within. Has a beautiful navigation screen, Bluetooth and many other perks. It is reliable and I have had to mechanical issues with it in the last 3. 5 years that I have owned it. The v8 switches to av4 depending upon the driving you are doing which is great.

- Kate A

The GMC Sierra is the nicest truck in the market. It is also gas efficient.

The vehicle has been amazing in every respect, except that water can in through the back light outside of the truck. The agency fixed the problem. The technology that is incorporated is very well. I love the pedal feature that allows it to come forward. I love that I can actually have a key instead of a press engine button. The interior is very sleek.

- Karen A

2015 GMC sierra all terrain.

I have the all terrain edition and I love all of the “unnecessary” but life changing features such as heated seats, remote start, automatic Bluetooth connection to my phone to name a few favorites. I haven't had any issues with it is performance so far, it is turn radius is not great but no gm truck is. I love everything about it!

- Shane M

Best vehicle out there for the boys.

It is a great ride. My family and I and all my cousins and uncles and aunts love it to death to the point where they all want to get it. It is a great for the boys vehicle along with trailing the ole camper. We have traveled to California then to Texas back to Ohio and it was the best thing that is ever happens to us.

- Jim H

Great for families or the single person. The pet owner or grocery hauler.

Love everything about it! Rides and drives great. Looks great! Only set back is no air vents in the back seat and the navigation is only available with on star. Those are the only things that I haven't been thrilled with. The vehicle has remote start, heated seats, lots of storage and plug ins for phones.

- Anna W

By far in our book, It's the safest truck in America.

I love our GMC sierra 1500. We got it brand new in 2015, and since than have had no problems with it. Gets wonderful gas mileage for a truck, I believe we regularly get about 27 miles to the gallon. We recently had a child and it fits a car seat perfectly and comfortably.

- Danielle E

2015 sierra GMC is a great to and from vehicle to have for school.

Love the gas mileage for traveling to and from college. Very comfortable vehicle to drive. Rides smooth. Back seats can be kinda small for passengers. The volume buttons on steering wheel help tremendously when listening to music. I love driving this vehicle.

- Ashlyn M

The infotainment system warns of upcoming weather conditions.

I like the styling. The amount of interior space is great as well as the full sized touch screen monitor and infotainment system. Power mirrors that fold down when you back up and fold in when parking in tight places. The gas mileage could be a little better

- Carlos J

Smooth ride, great fuel mileage.

Overall I like it a lot. I do wish it had some more options, like an XM radio, and a sliding rear window. I sometimes wish it had at least a v8 engine as I could use the extra power, but I also appreciate the great fuel mileage that I get with the v-6.

- Robert L

1st off I'm in it. This truck is very dependable. Try it

This is the 1st time I had Purchased a truck it's very convenient to carry things it is a very comfortable ride it gets good gas mileage it looks really nice and I am getting ready to buy a new 2019 of the same thing

- Marc F

It has a tall ride height so you can see what is going on around you.

I love my truck. It is very durable to handle my off road job. However, I can also have 2 booster seats in the back seat for my 3 year old twins. Therefore, it is perfect in size.

- Jc G

Just because it is a pickup truck doesn't mean it has to be hard or rough.

It is the perfect balance for fun and practical. We are able to help friends out with towing and moving large loads. It may be a pickup truck but drives like a smooth sedan.

- Genevieve S

For a truck it is really a smooth ride.

It is very comfortable and rides very smooth. It is very roomy and has too. For four people comfortably. My phone connects via Bluetooth and it will even read text to you.

- Teresa Y

Versatile Utility High Performance Lots of extras Pick-up Truck

I like that it doesn.t sound or ride like a truck. I love the back-up camera, it makes it easier when we use it to launch our boat. I like everything about this truck

- Patricia W

The full crew cab model is the only way to go if you have children

It is a truck. I had a full size SUV (Tahoe) before I purchased my Sierra. Not sure why I never had a truck before. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

- Chad L

It's a dependable vehicle and great for not only transporting goods, but also rides so smooth that you think you are in a car.

This GMC Sierra 1500 is the best vehicle we have ever bought. It runs great and has had no problems. Its rides very smooth and I love the heated seats.

- Sandy W

The nice ride that a normal truck does not offer. The 5 person seating is excellent for travel to events that we normally participate in.

I love having all driving options open to me. I love 4 wheel drive, just in case. the 8 cylinder motor takes all the sluggishness out of acceleration.

- mike m

Never enough room for groceries and the family in the truck.

Comfortable and fits 6 people. Great for towing. If you have kids and want to go shopping there is not enough room for the kids and the grocery bags.

- Kimberly B

Large vehicle. Respected by other smaller vehicles.

Handles roughly on unpaved roads. Or when hitting a pot holes. The vehicle will bounce so much. You lose control of the power steering. And vehicle.

- Gale K

Oil light.. Engine light.. Motor light.. Transmission.. Spark plugs.

I love the size and luxury feel. It has had 1 problem with calipers in the 2 years I have owned it. It is a great truck I dislike nothing about it.

- John B

Truck rides really smooth

We've had this truck for 2 year and the only problem we had was a bad ac compressor which was a recall item. Other than that really happy with it.

- Marsha A

It is real easy to drive and the seats are comfortable.

It is a great looking truck. It has s lot of options and is very nice to drive. Can carry a lot of people and as well as a lot in the pickup box

- Steve S

The cab is very quiet compared to other trucks.

Best truck that I have owned. Gas mileage for the vehicle is better than expected. The double cab is a little small for rear passengers though.

- Tracy E

It's both a work and family vehicle.

I have a crew cab, partly because it is used as a family vehicle. I like the features, and the smooth ride. I don't like the payment though!

- Eugene F

Great entertaining system, great for off-road.

Great truck for daily use, fuel efficiency is excellent due to the ecotec technology, really spacious, amazing on long trips with the family.

- Jorge L

Really like the ability to switch into 4 wheel drive without having to get out and lock the hubs into place like the good old days!

My 2015 GMC Sierra is extremely comfortable and reliable. It works great driving on the highway to work as well as working around my home.

- Jonathan R

Nice ride. Comfortable. Drives like a car with the feel of a truck.

Truck rides really smooth. Comfortable and roomy. The only downside is the amount of recalls that seem to pop up a couple of years later.

- Norman M

Great on fuel. It changes from v8 to v4 to conserve fuel.

I love my truck it handles the best. It has seats that warm up. A satellite radio that has the coolest music and talk shows to listen to.

- Edith B

I drive a lot, so the comfortable ride is very important to me.

The ride is very comfortable, the sound system is great and the gas mileage is good. The navigation system could be more user friendly.

- Charlie N

Smooth ride and exceptional interior.

I have always had Ford vehicles and switched to GMC in 2015. GMC trucks provide a much smoother ride and have better performance.

- Melody S

Reliability, very dependable and good on gas mileage

I love my GM truck, it is the 2nd one of I owned. It has everything I want on it.. My only complaint is the price of these trucks

- mike H

Great truck very reliable and does everything i need it to and more

love all the features and look of the truck ... the only issue i have had is a vibration which was covered by warranty

- Rob D

My 2015 GMC Sierra review

My family and I have really liked our truck. We haven't had any problems with it and it's a very comfortable vehicle.

- Kelsey V

Try driving a truck. It is an experience.

It is fun to drive a truck. This is the first truck I have ever driven. It has a huge gas tank and gets good mileage.

- L. C

It's reliable and has some up to date features

I've only had for a few months but I really like it. Compared to what we were previously driving it's really great

- Venita N

I got a super good deal on it. It looks great and it rides ok. No problems yet

I love the color. I like the leather/heated seats. I do not like the ride, and I may need to add some new shocks

- clint A

It is a very awesome truck

IT is a very great vehicle.It gets great mileage and it drives great on road and off road it is worth the price

- kevin S

If buying used, make sure to get s0are tire.

Seems to be a pretty solid truck. Only issue so far is with evaporation system have to add gas slow sometimes.

- Pete P

It rides comfortably and it's not bad on gas at all

Love this truck Comfortable Not bad on gas No problems thus far Very dependable Ride very light for a truck

- William W

That it rides great and handles smoothly.

I like that it rides smooth. I like that it is comfortable. I also like that it can haul lots of firewood.

- Ryan M

Evap system issue and if bought used check to make sure spare tire is there.

Seems to be a solid truck. Only problem is a small issue with evap system makes it slow to fill gas tank.

- Peterson P

It is pretty smooth for a truck and gas good tech.

I like the size. I like the starter space. For a truck it gets decent mileage. It has also been reliable.

- Daniel T

It is a good vehicle. I would buy it again.

No problems with this vehicle other than the rear speaker blew fast. It lacks a little in power as well.

- Tyler D

Price. Gas. Depreciation of the vehicle and maintenance.

I really love the heated seats, the way it looks and drives. Do not really like the color or the wheels.

- First Name G

It's not what you would expect out of a truck at all

The truck interior is very spacious. The performance is better than expected and so is the fuel economy.

- Ant M

It gets good gas mileage for a pickup.

It has a comfortable ride and a great sound system. I wish the navigation system was more user friendly.

- John N

Very reliable, i use the car for towing boats and it never fails me.

The load capacity. The tow capacity. How roomy it is in the back The bad has lots of cargo area.

- Robert D

It has bad gas mileage. If you're looking to spend less on gas don't buy this truck.

It's a comfortable drive. I dislike the gas mileage though. It's way too bad on gas.

- Katie M

the truck is ok but the next truck i'm going to buy a ford you'll have less problems

terrible headlights, no pep, alignment goes out all the time, lots of recalls

- a s

It is a great truck. I love the bed cover. It is the best for the money.

It is a very dependable vehicle. I feel very safe in this truck.

- amanda u

It drives/rides well and is super comfortable to take on long trips

I love my truck. It's manly. it's great for hauling deer

- Clayton b

The truck gets decent gas mileage. It runs quietly.

It's quiet. It gets decent gas mileage for a truck.

- B V

Great looks, great power, great on gas, very luxurious.

- Jonathan T