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Problems starting to occur 26000 miles

I chose the GMC Sierra Denali because of the looks and comfort. I was proud of my purchase lots of compliments. Looks can be decieving. About three months ago I noticed water inside the vehicle, driver side floor compartment. i didn't think to much about until it happened again and then again. I took it to the dealership several times and was told it was the satellite antenna so it was replaced and resealed. It happened again so I returned it again. This time I was told it was the sunroof. I was told it was resealed and was fixed. It happened yet again. I am due to take it back yet another time. This week I've noticed, along with increased water in the floor, that the brake lights are remianing on causingthe battery to drain. The brake lights come on automatically when parked for several hours. Another issue that is coming up is shifting hard when stopping at a stop light. When the light turnes green and the accelerator is pressed it pauses and then thrust forward. I've never owned a GMC much less a Denali. I've worked extremely hard to be able to purchase such a vehicle. This was an investment for me, one that I am slowly regretting.

- Mike

Great truck, nice AWD mode built in, extremely reliable.

I love my GMC sierra. I previously had an all wheel drive Subaru and love that gm has an AWD function built in. I feel very safe knowing that AWD will keep my truck from sliding on patches of ice. I have the double cab version which is nice for me, but could be somewhat small for a family with older children (more than 12 years old). My truck has been extremely reliable with no major issues. The only issue that comes to mind is when my truck is in 4WD or AWD mode it chirps. Not sure if this is normal but is kind of obnoxious although I have come to get use to it after the winter months hit. I have the all terrain package with the sled. It is nice to have both leather and cloth, although I have covered up all seats with seat covers. I do wish gm would offer front seat covers. But all in all it is a great truck, that I plan to have more than 8 years as a primary vehicle.

- Lance W

The 2016 GMC sierra will not disappoint.

The 2016 GMC sierra is the best pickup truck I have owned. It is luxurious and comfortable, nice touch points throughout the cabin. Makes a bold statement on the road. The infotainment is super easy to use and navigate. The 5.3l v8 has ample power to make towing our travel trailer a breeze. The integrated trailer brake works like a charm. Descent control helps slow the truck down on steep declines. Cylinder deactivation system works seem less to help you achieve better mileage. Overall the truck has been amazing to me and the family and maintenance is a breeze. I would buy another sierra in the future.

- Angel M

Trajectory prediction rear view camera. Hid headlights. Roomy and comfortable.

The 2016 GMC sierra 1500 base model served all my needs as a married father of one. Rubber floors, vinyl seats make maintenance and cleaning rapid. As a career firefighter I demand durable reliability and value for my money. 60, 000 miles in 2 years and no problems! My phone plugs into the truck and the nav from my phone jumps onto the touchscreen, it is super convenient. All 4 windows auto down, drivers auto up. It is a base model truck with midrange features, I never feel “basic” going out on the town with ladies, it is a working man’s truck with some nice options!

- Jacob F

Beautiful 4 door Silver GMC Sierra

I would like to start off with the comfort of my vehicle. My family took it to the beach and it was a dream all the way down to Florida! The driver and passenger can control their own air settings, which is my favorite feature of the truck! It is also extremely spacious with comfy seats. Great stereo system as well! We bought it used and we have had no issues and we are very pleased with the trucks reliability! If buying a truck, I highly recommend the GMC 4 door Sierra! We love ours!

- Samantha W

It is expensive, does not get good mpg.

The best part about this truck is the heated and cooled seats with he heated steering wheel. I just towed my parents 23 foot boat 3. 5 hrs home from the lake and it pulled amazing couldn't even tell it was back there. I am not a fan of the dome lighting, when it is dark out and you turn the dome lights on it is bright but it has a lot of shadows it needs to have light on the floor.

- Andrew T

An interesting detail is the touch screen XM radio.

The comfort is pretty good and the touch screen radio is a plus. The v8 engine is strong but the truck drives quiet. The truck has a nice exterior and lights. Equipped with XM radio. The truck's technology is great. The truck is reliable I have had no issues with it and the dealership offers free service and wash when you take it in. The truck is nice for it being a sle package.

- John K

2016 GMC sierra Denali 1500. The pick up truck with great comfort.

I have a GMC sierra Denali and love all the features. GMC is a reliable brand that is been around as long as ford. A pick up truck can feel big and bulky but the sierra is quite comfortable with 3 way adjustable seats, adjustable foot pedals, heating and cooling seats. The dual ac system allows driver and passenger to modify their own temperature.

- Lily G

Roach coach 16 GMC number 1.

2016 GMC sierra sle crew cab. It has great performance, as long as you are not a race car driver. I added a suicide knob, weathertech floor mats, power running boards, a sprayed in bedliner, a bed divider, and an undercover bed topper. As long as you make all your service appointments and keep gas in it, you'll have no problems!!

- Thomas R

Happy Owner of a GMC Truck

Overall, I am very happy with my vehicle. The interior and comfort of the inside and great. I enjoy driving it. I also receive comments regularly about owning a 'good looking vehicle'. I feel that the vehicle has held up very well. Only complaint would be gas mileage, but that is to be expected with this size of vehicle.

- Brad B

My pickup is an elevation serious which I had never seen before.

My pickup is such a smooth drive. I feel totally safe and secure. The back up camera is a great feature although I am still a fan of the rearview mirror itself. It is just a basic model but that it has all the bells and whistles I need. Even the gas mileage is plentiful and I do not use highway miles much.

- Celeste C

Blue 2016 GMC 1500 slt z71.

Love that it has the capability of slowing down if the car in front slows down. Also love how comfortable and smooth it drives. The best part is that it has the capability of saving your seat settings and has automatic brights. It also has heating steering wheel and heating and cooling front seats.

- Sherry S

GMC sierra transmission and performance.

I love gmc vehicles they make great cars and have am amazing warranty. Don't like that after a transmission update I had to take it back 5 times back to the dealer. Truck is of great quality and craftsmanship. Love all the trim on the truck, other than that transmission update it's a great truck.

- Kristina A

2016 GMC sierra with 8 speed 8L90 transmission problems.

It is a great truck other than the problem with the 8L90 transmission. The torque Converter slips and makes the entire truck shutter while the rpms fluctuate up and down. The truck only has 55 thousand miles on it and the transmission is full of problems that GM doesn't seem to want to fix.

- Ralph A

Roomy and fun to drive go buy it.

The pickup has lots of room radio and things work well has Wi-Fi and XM radio, leather seats and weathertex mats plus heated seats roomy and can hauling it with lots of room you would love it it's got leather inside you need to buy it and enjoy it with your family so roomy and fun to drive.

- Nancy L

Good truck, overall happy with it.

Excellent truck, great fuel mileage on highway miles. Bad fuel mileage in city or when roads are wet or snowy. Do wish the back doors opened a little farther for in and out with tools. Handles well over terrain although 4wd takes a minute to kick in. Love the easy let down on the tailgate.

- Laura C

What it's like to drive the most dependable truck in the USA !

Love driving my truck it serves every purpose we need it for. Only had one recall and no other issues at all. Great ride and good on gas mileage and looks great when cleaned up. Ride is comfortable and great stereo sound, internet,on star, and connections for whatever you need charging

- Joyce I

16 GMC sierra good, reliable, vehicle.

It has been a very reliable vehicle so far. It is very strong for a 1500 pulling our 29 ft camper with ease. The only problems we have had is sometimes when we hit the gas, the rpms go up but the truck stalls. We have taken it to the dealership and they say nothing is wrong with it.

- Lacey P

2016 GMC Sierra the best purchase I have made.

Best vehicle at a great price wouldn't think of any other vehicle. Has the trailer package. With navigation. Rear view camera. Dual climate control and even remote start. The drive is always smooth. And it even is good on gas mileage averaging 20 in the city and 23 on the highway.

- James B

Lots of extras... Drives and handles well.

I wanted leather and ended up with a higher trim package than I wanted. I love the extras like heated seats and steering wheel and Bose speakers. Handles well in the snow and ice. Easy to maintain. Comfortable ride for long trips and towns as expected for a half ton truck.

- Missy S

It is a great truck, but it does come with a few issues.

They truck is good. The driving is good, but sometimes it is hard to turn especially on snow. I like the color. And you can see well but sometimes it is hard to see because of the height. It is a great truck to show off the people. It is a good buy and you will enjoy it.

- Madison D

Love my truck-best purchase ever.

I love this truck. Driving is a breeze in all weather. The console set up is perfect. It is comfortable, has all the bells and whistles I need. Bluetooth phone reception is rather noisy but works. Looks awesome with the 4x4 all terrain sport package. I highly recommend.

- Lynda B

The GMC sierras are a great pick up truck for construction job.

My 2016 GMC sierra slt is a great pick up truck for construction job I use it everyday for work and its essential for my job. It has a good capacity for cargo. I mostly do flooring installment I travel from one place to another everyday and really efficient for my job.

- Jennifer P

Excellent truck -GMC sierra.

Very comfortable seating, back up camera view is very clear, excellent and large screen, good sound system, have not had any issues excepted a faulty side mirror that was repaired immediately by the dealer, back seat has plenty of legroom, ac/heater has dual controls.

- Sherry G

Good flexible pickup. Ride could Be smoother.

Transmission is jerky and finicky. Otherwise a great flexible vehicle. It's a pickup truck. Will get you anywhere and transport almost anything you might need. Can fit 4 people comfortably. I wish it was available with a 10 speed transmission. Good towing capability.

- Jay T

Very comfortable and reliable ride.

Very comfortable and lots of nice features on it. Has a lot of cab space for 5 people to fit comfortably and bed space to haul anything you need. Gets pretty decent gas mileage as well. Has heated and air conditioned seats, heated steering wheel, sliding back glass.

- Andrea R

i like how the passenger and driver can have two different temps coming out of vents

I really like my truck, very reliable, no problems but just doesn't suit my needs, want leather seats and an SUV but let male influence my decision therefore ended up with truck. Other then the truck instead of SUV and non leather seats, no problems or complaints

- Codi C

This truck is heavy duty and will make it worth the while to own.

My vehicle has been working in outstanding condition. My vehicle has not shown any complications to this date. I am satisfied with the vehicle. I am completely in love with this truck. It drives as good as it looks.

- Ac A

I liked that it cost me low on gas.

I like the features on the vehicle such as remote start and heated seats. I do not like the amount of cabin space as it is very difficult to install a car seat and still be able to have other passengers.

- Hannah R

That it is very nice and feels safe to drive in the winter.

I like it cause it is 4x4. It is my first four wheel drive. I also like that it has full navigation, Sirius satellite radio. I like room that it provides for my family.

- Michael M

It is a very comfortable riding pickup and it has very nice color inside the pickup and love the heated seats. The radio plays very nice in this pickup.

I love my pickup and it rides so nice and love the features inside the pickup. I love the paint and color of my pickup. The pickup also rides very comfortable.

- Diana O

My car is well maintained and regularly serviced.

I love owning a truck and all of the added features. It is great for hauling and transporting large items. I dislike the amount of service that it has needed.

- Emily S

The way the vehicle rides on bumpy roads hate the way the headlights go down the road at night up and down need to do something about that have a safety check on it cuz I feel it's unsafe

I like the gas mileage on the vehicle I like the smart end of the vehicle with a computer tied to my cell phone I dislike the way the headlights are at night

- John D

It's been perfect from day one. Just cause It's american truck doesn't mean it is not built to a high quality.

I like the appearance, how it drives. I also like the interior with all the comfy amenities. What I don't like is the power. Needs more horsepower.

- tom p

Should have bought the 2500

The truck rides nice but is to light. I should have bought the 2500. Back seat is useless on the double cab model. Dependable so far and decent on gas

- Chad S

Dependability and reliability are crucial and the GMC sierra provides both.

I love the overall look and ride that my vehicle provides. It gets the job done and is ready to go. I love being able to drive it on all terrain also.

- david f

Even though it's considered a luxury truck it is still a comfortable ride

Being a truck it is really useful is home.and improvement projects. I don't like that they are putting black wheels as standard on some models

- Dan B

Smooth driving four wheel drive truck.

The seats are very comfortable, the ride is very smooth, performance is wonderful, the only issue I have is that the backseat is very cramped.

- Dawn M

For the price it's amazing.

No complaints at all, just wish I could up the performance and look. Definitely want to work on some upgrades. Just need the time and money.

- Nathaniel P

Classy truck with great looks and performance.

Great to drive, awesome performance, smooth ride with all of the comforts of an exotic. Rides like a sports car and can take fast turns

- Mitchell W

Nothing. Really it been a good truck so far.

It been a good truck so far has a nice touch screen a backup camera heat up seat good radio good air the only thing wrong it to small.

- Jennifer S

The class on the design and engineering behind it all.

I like the comfort on long drives. Smooth suspension also helps with comfortable trips. Great acceleration. Good mpg on the highway.

- Miguel O

It is hard to stop once you get going.

I like the fact that is sits up high and that I can see further down the road. I dislike the fact that it has so many apps on it.

- Bill M

the fact that it's very roomy and rides great and very comfortable

I love this vehicle. It rides smooth and is very comfortable. Very roomy, not so good on gas, but the comfort makes up for it

- Terri J

that it will go when you need it to

love the style shape and color of my truck. Really wish I had nicer tires. and would like to have different rims.

- tom N

I love my truck and expect to keep it for several more years

The truck drives great, gets very good gas mileage, very roomy, and I like it as well as my last Chevy Tahoe.

- Stanley B

The back up camera and built in WiFi are amazing

It is very comfortable and quiet. No issues at all in the past 2 years. It handles great and pulls well.

- Bobby W

It is a dependable vehicle that is suitable for hauling the family or cargo.

It is a reliable, spacious, comfortable and has all the modern technology features. It rides smoothly too!

- Krista R

2016 GMC Sierra Denali Great power and style.

Issues with it leaking water in 2 different spots, but the power (6.2L) and trim (Denali) are fantastic.

- Robb S

It drives like a car with the toughness of a truck.

My truck drives and rides like a car in terms of turning, taking on bumps, etc. The cab is very quiet.

- Ryan L

Smoothest riding half ton truck

I'm really enjoying my Sierra, it is by far the smoothest riding and quietest truck I have ever owned.

- Chris C

It is dependable! It is reliable! It is fuel efficient for a truck.

I love the style of my truck. I love the fuel economy of my truck. I love the reliability of my truck.

- Aleia S

Has great MPG for a truck.

Like the power, MPG, looks. Don't like that it doesn't have a fold down floor under back seat.

- Troy P

Roomy Quiet and easy to handle economically great. Color is good and easy to j Keep clean

Quiet, roomy, many bells and whistles that work. Get many compliments from people for looks

- Frank S

The Denali line is both comfort and good looking

It's a quality pick up truck. American make so it's inexpensive. Very reliable

- Marilu G

It's the best truck on the market

Rides amazing. Very versatile. No issues. Quality in and out.

- Rick M

Its is powerful and stylish.

Love the look. The comfort inside. The smooth ride.

- Melissa L

It is high off the ground. Running boards are needed for shorter people.

The look and handling. Wish it had satellite radio.

- Jake M