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Best truck I have ever had.

Best truck I have ever had. Large bed with a very comfortable ride. Great interior. Comfortable seating. Wide seats. All of the new features you could want on a car. Drives like a minivan. Very smooth. Corners well with great acceleration. The transmission is a little jerky at times but other than that no complaints. They have fixed the transmission by replacing the torque converter. Now it drives like a dream.


The gas price is unbelievably manageable.

The performance of this vehicle is great. Performs good in rough terrains and is great in the wet weathers as well. The interior space is like no other vehicle out there. Simply a great vehicle for traveling as well. The comfort of the interior seating is great compared to other vehicles and makers. This is an overall great vehicle and has become my primary vehicle to travel with.

- Lon B

The perfect truck for me!

It is super reliable, and comfortable. It is a single cab, and I am a single person so space really is not an issue. It definitely gets me from point A to point B and I couldn't ask for anything more! It is an especially nice looking truck, and when someone compliments it, I smile with pride. It is easy to park and turn, and the rearview camera is simply amazing!

- Jessica B

This is a very reliable Truck!!

This is the best vehicle I have ever purchased. The ride is extremely comfortable and interior is very spacious. I am 6'4' and I have plenty of legroom. I have had zero maintenance issues with this vehicle in the 46,000 miles I have put on it. The mileage for a half ton is also good, average 19 on the highway and 14-15 in town.

- Benjamin M

Love and hate of my GMC truck.

Love the truck. The instrumentation panel is perfectly laid out and easy to use without taking eyes off the road. My only complaint is the more than occasional jerk or lurch in the trans as it goes to a lower gear. Annoying. Dealership says that's normal and GMC has put a notice out about it but, I disagree it's not right.

- Terry F

Power, performance and reliability.

My GMC pickup is a reliable truck. It runs smooth and has tremendous power. It has all the latest technology which makes it a safe vehicle. It is roomy and the leather quality is exceptional. Gas mileage is about average to most trucks. My only complaint is oil changes are expensive since it requires ow 40 and 8 quarts.

- Bill B

My vehicle is in great shape. It gets the job done driving me places.

It's okay, but has been recalled before., The interior is great and I love the radio and seats. It has 2 seats in the middle and an additional 3 person seater you can add to your trunk. I like the car, however I have had issues with it and the company has recalled it, but won't pay for any of my repairs.

- Kelly M

Wouldn't want any other truck!!

My favorite part is the slow drop of the tailgate. I've had the 5.3 in all of my trucks so far and haven't had any major issues. All the bells and whistles make for an extremely comfortable truck. The center console has much needed space and cup holders. The backup camera makes reverse a Breeze.

- Roy H

Beautiful looking GMC Denali. Has all the bells and whistles.

The dash computer screens often do not turn on. To many computers. You cannot see the radio or the driving information. It says service drivers assist often and does not seemed to ever get repaired often. We joke the truck is haunted as it does what it wants. Maybe to much technology for us.

- Heather L

Very nice vehicle and love the amenities.

The 1500 has a very smooth ride and the standard features are very rewarding. I feel like the gas mileage is on the better side for pickup trucks. I have had my vehicle for a year so far and it has had no issues and has never been taken in for any type of repairs, aside from oil changes.

- Andrew P

It is the best truck I have ever had.

No problems with this truck, it has a great ride, it is very comfortable and spacious, it has good gas mileage, the sound system is awesome, I love the drivers lane assistance, the GPS is very easy to use, and it is overall a great truck. I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Wade B

2017 GMC sierra personal comments.

Great truck overall. Has some issues with the transmission early on around the 2nd year owning it. Very comfortable and reliable. And looks amazing! It would be a bit better if it also had a bit more room in the rear seats. Always get compliments on how nice of a truck I have.

- Alex B

I all around love my vehicle! I will never own any other brand but GMC.

Rides smooth. Cannot hear the vehicles next to you. Has Bluetooth and a back up camera. Easy hands free talking on the phone. Includes heated seats. It also include lights in the bed of the truck so you can see in the dark. It tells you when you are over the speed limit.

- Drew D

Very good reliable truck indeed

Very comfortable. And reliable. It tends to shift hard. But I understand. A lot of Sierra's have this problem. Gas mileage is not the best. But that is expected. It is very reliable. I pull a 29 foot trailer with ease. At 6500 lbs. It is an amazing truck all around

- Jeffrey E

Family & pet friendly 2017 GMC sierra 1500 truck. Back seat has ample leg room.

Our family is extremely satisfied with our 2017 GMC sierra 1500 truck. It was less expensive than a SUV we were considering. It also has more leg room. The dual temperature controls work well for our family. The back seat is comfortable for our golden retriever.

- Maria T

Bulk black truck, with big tires for off road driving

It drives very well on rough roads is still really smooth. Good to drive long distance trips and saves well of gas. Love the color and how shiny it is and the seats are very comfortable. Radio is amazing and I like the Bluetooth tool for listening to music.

- Sierra W

It's powerful and comfortable. Definitely a great family vehicle.

It's a Denali so it has all of the upgrades that make it so comfortable to drive and be in. My commute is 45 minutes one way and I've never been uncomfortable. I love everything about this truck. We lease, but I definitely plan to buy once the lease is up.

- Anna B

It has a lot of charging stations in it and a rechargeable dock for phone.

It is great to drive. It is very comfortable. We tow our travel trailer and have had no problems. I love all the extra tech features it has inside. My children have plenty of legroom and space in the back of the car. It handles great in bad weather too.

- Mindy C

A new truck can be just as comfortable and luxurious as a car even when off-roading.

I love the quiet when riding in the vehicle. Road noise is greatly diminished. It's comfortable and has all the bells and whistles (electronic features) that you used to get in a luxury car. Heated seats, nav. system, Bose stereo, etc.

- Sherry H

It fits the needs of my family with its size, power, and in comfort.

I like my vehicle because of its larger size and how smooth it drives. I also like that it had enough room for my family to ride comfortably. I also appreciate the ability to customize my settings for automatic use.

- Sarah E

I feel very safe driving it in heavy rain and snow.

We use our truck to pull our travel trailer. It is reliable and comfortable to drive. It feels very luxurious inside the truck with a lot of awesome features. Buying from GMC was a very positive experience.

- Mindy C

Most important is the roomy feel to it. The kids aren't cramped in the backseat.

The truck is big and roomy and very comfortable. It takes some getting used to with the change in gears and dropping cylinders and certain speeds. Vehicle is great for long car rides with the family.

- Todd M

Reliable 4 x 4 truck that is comfortable and safe.

I love the detail for safety, mirrors, ease to step into the bed of the truck. The comfortable seats and space for passengers. Overall I love the ride and comfort it offers being a truck.

- Judy R

Great heated leather seats for those cold mornings

There's nothing i dislike about it i love everything it gets awesome gas mileage for a truck i love the heated leather seats on those chilly mornings and i love the backup camera

- Jana S

It is terrible on gas. It costs almost $60 or more.

I like how sturdy it is. It is safe for my family and still comfortable to ride in. I do not park large cars well so that is a personal dislike. Overall the truck is great.

- Caitlin W

Modern day technology is great!

I love this truck. Has so many features that the whole family can enjoy. We love the wifi. I also love the fact i can have cell service without even owning a phone!

- Heather W

Safety features, for instance, backing up and tailgate opening automatically.

What I love the most, air conditioned seats, nice ride, great acceleration. I am very pleased with all electronics on panel proves to be a wealth of entertainment.

- Mary C

They are really comfortable and smooth driving And for the options that you get it is really reasonably priced Dealership looked for several options when trying to finance it

Being in shop several times Drives really good and smooth Good looking truck Been in shop for a couple of different things several times on the same things

- Pam S

You get what you pay for. This is a quality vehicle.

There is nothing I dislike. I enjoy the comfortable ride, the V8 engine has plenty of power and the extra seating and storage place is an additional plus.

- Nick C

Huge fan of the GMC app. I use it all the time to remote start truck to cool off.

I really love the comfort and reliability. The only downside is the lack of rear a/c vents which can make cooling off my daughter problematic at times.

- Tara C

GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab truck

Love my vehicle. Only thing I would change is to have captains chair seating in the front. I enjoy all the features that came with the vehicle.

- Christopher W

I deliver mail out of my truck, and have to sit in the middle to drive. The seat is not as comfortable as my last truck. It is an inch or 2 wider, making it harder to reach mailboxes. The truck sits an inch or 2 higher than my last one as well. At just about one year old and just under 36000 miles the transmission went. I have had problems with my radio from the beginning, 3 trips to the garage and the clock still loses time and the radio will just reset at random.

I am not happy with it. I wish I had kept my old truck, but it had too many miles and I needed reliable for mail delivery. So much for that.

- Kathy M

It is dependable and makes us feel safe.

Like the terrain 4x4 package and it is capability of going through the sand at the beach. Do not like that ac vents are not in the rear seats.

- Mary G

If you need have a ton of groceries the back seats fold up.

I love how much room the truck has inside. It's perfect for a family of five. It has great gas mileage and the truck makes you feel safe.

- Marie S

GMC Sierra. Not the quietest truck on the road

No mechanical issues. Does have loud wind noise from driver window. Dealership has tried to fix it but wind noise is still present.

- Alan S

It is the vehicle of my dreams

I absolutely love my truck. I have never owned a truck before and never thought I would! I will be hard pressed to go back to cars.

- Janice r

Low operational and maintenance costs.

Its comfortable and has lots of room. It is also well constructed and quiet compared to Ford or any other truck manufacturers.

- Britt M

Great on gas, powerful 5.3 liter power plant, 4 wheel drive works great.

Best truck I have owned, reliable, great on gas for a truck, the wheel drive is great in the snow, has great towing ability.

- Dwight W

Well you can charge your phone in it. And it has internet.

My husband and I love it. But there's a lot of things that we need to learn about it. But we learn something new every day.

- Lois E

It is great in snow and mud and i never got stuck even though we had a hard winter.

It's a great truck. I have had no problems. It drives great and pulls my horse trailer and hauls everything I need to move.

- Michele B

red pickup with stickers and custom licence plate

Very smooth works good brakes good it looks great the pickup truck is useful I can use it for lots of things and its fast

- Julio G

It rides like a champ. Better on gas than I thought it was going to be.

Love the color of the truck. Love how it rides, and keeps everything perfect. Good for hauling, riding, and relaxing in.

- Tyler K

I would tell others to look at all their options before buying any other models.

I love my vehicle. It is very smooth riding and has all the amenities needed! I do not have any complaints about it.

- Craig S

Rides like a car. So many features available.

Like all features and very smooth ride. I wish it had a higher ground clearance and just sat higher in general.

- Kevin S

it has nice safety features.

I like my vehicle. It is a great truck with great features. i would tell people to buy it if they can afford it

- Jess H

It is a light duty truck that does what I need it to do.

No problems, performs as advertised. Only complaint would be no rear air vents. Other than that no complaints.

- Michael P

GMC vehicles do not disappoint

GMC Sierra is top of the line in the auto industry! Superior Quality, Industry Leading in design & technology

- David E

It's a truck not a car. Just love trucks and always had one. GMC is the best.

I love trucks. My truck has great comfort, hauling capacity. I really use the navigation system a lot.

- Ben p

Spacious, comfortable, reliable.

Comfortable. But uses a lot of gas. Umm, its a chick magnet. But I do not encourage that. No complaints.

- Lloyd B

Luxury in a pickup truck.

No complaints. Comfortable to travel in. Practical utility vehicle for transportation of materials.

- Kevin C

they should know that it rides well for a truck not bad gas mileage and much more

I like the way it drives, like the way it looks, pretty much everything about it. no complaints

- michael K

Smooth riding truck. Good gas mileage high safety rating.

It has a smooth ride. Good gas mileage for a truck. I don't like the payments.

- Veni V

How well it drives. It is a very smooth ride for a truck

Love the way it drives and many features. Love this truck. No complaints

- Debbie S

A solid well put together trouble free product, would buy again

The only complaint is the electronics become somewhat overwhelming

- Robert C

The truck rides like a car

I like everything about it except the gas mileage should be better

- Kurt G



- ED H

That the ride is amazing & it gets great gas mileage.

Love everything about it especially the extended cab.

- Rebecca W

Oil changes are very expensive because it takes 8 quarts.

It looks awesome. It rides great, and is reliable.

- Matt Z