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2001 GMC sierra 2500hd. Best truck made!

I love my 2001 GMC sierra 2500hd! I have done many upgrades such as all lighting, exhaust and intake. Being a mechanic for over 15 years I have always like gm products. This truck has never let me down or left me stranded. Very good truck in snow conditions, very weight balanced. I have the 6. 0l gas motor, not exactly the best on gas about 12-14 mpg. Has great power and pulling capacity. I will always buy GMC sierras!

- Daryl T

The trucks overall performance was good with the pulling capacity exceptional.

The relays get hot and make the truck act like its running out of gas. Fuel pump didn't last as long as it should have. The power steering pump quit and was not so easy to change. The performance was great and can pull just about anything with ease. The seating was not the greatest but was ok for short distances but for long trips was quite uncomfortable.

- Tricia H

The truck can pull more than intended.

The GMC I own is a good truck I pull a trailer that is 23 ft long and I wore down the motor after driving 7 years and replace the motor which set me back about 5 grand. But I still drive my truck to this day and would buy another GMC in the future if I end up buying a truck again.

- Justin C

The alternator and battery need to be replaced often.

I really love my truck the seats are comfortable it is what I always dreamed of having. It fits our two puppies In the back seat and our fishing gear and tools in the cab. The only thing i do not like about my truck is that it is kind of hard to get into.

- Samara O

I am not making payments on it anymore as it is paid off.

I wish it had better gas mileage but it does fit 6 people and can haul my horse trailer. It does need some work right now. I hate the noise it makes when it idles.

- Melissa K

Has plenty of power. Will pull camper trailer with no problem.

Is comfortable to drive. Is very comfortable ride. Is a very dependable vehicle. Does however use a lot of gas.

- John L

It is a great truck. I like the engine-transmission combination.

I like everything about the truck. Nothing about the truck I don't like.

- Ronald F