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Awesome. Dependable. Reliable. I have been very satisfied with my truck.

My truck is awesome!!. I have over 256,00 miles on original engine (8.0) n transmission (vortex). Only things been replaced was transfer case. Problem experiencing now is the lites on steering wheel, light switches, heat/cold control, and some gauges lights are out. But have things in order so they be fixed soon. This truck has been great for pulling horse trailers. Drives well in all kinds of weather. I bought this brand new. Very happy with it.

- Angela W

My fabulous comfortable GMC sierra 2500hd.

My vehicle is super comfortable and very reliable. I have 563, 000 miles on this truck and have not done anything but regular maintenance and normal wear and tear maintenance on it. I had the transmission checked out a couple of months ago and my mechanic said he has never seen a transmission with that many miles on it in such excellent shape.

- Janice Q

4WD, and manual transmission is ideal for what I like in a GMC truck. 3/4 ton

good truck. reliable. power. Fair gas mileage very few problems with engine. 4WD with manual transmission. CD player on radio don't work no more, and speakers are getting fuzzy in sound. Heat AC work great, handles great in snow and ice, and 4WD off road is real great and holds up on rocky terrain and rough roads.

- Hank C

It is a 4 wheel drive pickup truck.

Love everything about it. Electric heated seats. The mirrors move when you reverse and then move again when you drive, you cannot lock the keys in it if they are in the ignition. The mirrors have the turn signals on them and can be pulled in when you park so nobody hits them driving by.

- Misty D

Love my truck. You can hear the turbo whistling.

Great truck. Heavy though. No 4WD. This truck has a ton of power and the engine is turbo. It's really nice but a but bumpy.

- Rick J

It does not have the best headlights.

It is a good vehicle. It has very good fuel economy. It's a very smooth ride on gravel and on pavement.

- Joshua H

It's sexy with big tires & tons of room for everyone!!

Like the big tired and lift it has. There is plenty of room for all of my kiddos & groceries!!

- Crystal K