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2000 GMC Sonoma, ugly but good.

My truck has been extremely reliable, never needing much outside of routine maintenance. Cosmetically, it has suffered a bit. It needs new cab corners, the dash has cracked, and the bezel around the gauge cluster rattles. The bushings on the driver side door have worn out as well, and need replacing. I did have to change the drive shaft to an aftermarket unit due to an issue created after installing a lowering kit. This is not at all uncommon when altering a vehicle from it is factory specifications. In short, the truck has gotten a bit ugly, but is still extremely reliable.

- Mike W

Good running truck to be used as a light work truck.

Was running well since I bought in may 2018. Until now I hadn't had problems, she is worn and torn but the battery caused a alternator issue which cause some heating issues and she sits on the mechanics lot until wed. When he gets back from vacation.

- Dee E

It fits me both in work and home duties.

I love a smaller vehicle and my truck is just that. It is small enough to save gas and haul what I need to haul. I work for a nonprofit and pick donations in my truck. My only problem is it needs more work than newer models.

- Vicki A

That it is just a normal generic small truck.

Its old. It breaks a lot. It's not fuel efficient. On the other hand the body is made of metal and I get a sense of safety from it. It's sometimes easy to repair on my own but some mechanic work needs to be done.

- Aaron D

that it is very good on gas and it is a very dependable vehicle

I like that it is a truck and comes in handy when I need to haul bid items and it is a four cylinder so it is very good on fuel, I would like for it to have the extended cab for the extra storage

- Wayne D

It is just the right size, being a compact.

Color, size, performance, cost, style. I like its color,. I like it is size. I like its performance. I like its style. I like what it cost. No complaints.

- Dorothy E

It's good on Gas I fill the tank and I drive a lot on that one tank!

I love my Truck it's awesome on gas. Working on it isn't that hard because they left room for you to get in there! I only wish it had better headlights!

- Kayla P

This car will take you wherever you need to go, with no worries.

It gets me to and from work decently. It runs better than most newer cars. Goes a great distance with the mileage.

- Austin B

She's relatively reliable, which is more than I can say for most folks these days, amirite?

Is a darn good car. She's old, but she's repairable. Gets me where I'm going. Can haul a moderate amount of junk.

- Shane C

The mileage for a truck is great.

It just broke down on me. I like the size. I like the gas mileage. I like the fact that I can haul/move stuff.

- Seth G

This truck has traveled long distances with no issues. The only problem has been the ignition, which is an easy fix.

It runs great, decent size, and good gas mileage. The maintenance is simple and it is very reliable

- Andrea B

it has a third seat that you will never use. also using a bed cover is great.

i like the quality of build. However, it suffers from being 18 years old and the new york weather.

- jason s

great gas mileage and saves money that you can use elsewhere

love that it's a small pick up. hate that i can only carry 2 people. gets good gas mileage.

- mary h

GMC Sonoma 2000, 4 cylinder

I like the bed,it's light duty, really good gas mileage.

- Dan L