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The SUV is roomy, comfortable, the right size and 4 cylinder which saves on gas.

I bought me car used from a dealership. It ran pretty good. The SUV is a great size not too small and not to big. It is very roomy inside and has a nice size trunk space. It comes equipped with OnStar which is nice but you also would need to subscribe to able to get additional features besides basic which provides a monthly diagnostics report of your car. You can also get Satellite radio. It has a backup camera which is great plus an alarm system. I like the fact that it has a back window wiper. The back seats go down to add more trunk space. It rides smoothly and is comfortable. It has been pretty reliable up to this point. I've had the car maybe 3 years which as noted I had bought used. I recently had to put in about $4000 in work from the catalytic converter, to camshaft sensors and other ones replaced, starter changed, air conditioning motor replaced, timing belt, exhaust system as well and fuel pump replaced. The one thing I definitely do not like too much about the car is that it's not quiet. It is louder than your normal car while it's running. It also is a 4 cylinder which is good on gas for an SUV, however the acceleration horsepower lacks because of it.

- Angelica G

Love my 2011 GMC terrain, I would buy again.

I have really enjoyed my 2011 GMC terrain. I haven't had any major problems with it. Of the few I have had are as follows. Occasionally the light blinks saying I am not wearing my seat belt when I am. Service Stabilitrak light comes on. Once I had a problem where it wouldn't start at random times. I believe that was a sensor problem and was covered under the warranty. I have not had any expensive problems which is a big plus. My terrain is very comfortable for everyone. I am tall, my aunt's short, and we all ride comfortably. I have never worried about her dependability. Even when I had the problem where she wouldn't start it would only last 5-10 minutes and she would start back up. It is 2018 so she is 7yrs old and my grandpa says she still looks new.

- Crystal R

You only get 20-21 miles per gallon of fuel.

Timing chain broke. Other than that no problems. Very reliable and ready to go. I love the leather seats. I like the tinted windows. My car is black with black interior and the tint keeps the car tolerable when it is sunny and hot. I like the low tire pressure warning and the oil change reminder. It also has trip planner. The car handles very well and is very comfortable. It is high, but not so much that it makes it hard for a short person like me to climb in. The hatch is very roomy which is good if you have several items you need to tote. I love the automatic start button on the key fob. You start your car and it warms up in the winter and cools down in the summer. Great car purchase.

- Judy H

GMC terrain. Roomy rear seats, good interior quality and stylish design.

Bought this car back in Dec. 2010 and I love it, good gas mileage, stability and very comfortable. Like other used car got to repair a couple of things nothing major, seats are awesome and the interior too, the 2011 GMC terrain has a comfortable and stylish interior, a smooth ride and one of the best fuel economy ratings in the class, making it a great choice among 2011 compact SUVs. Roomy rear seats, good interior quality and stylish design. Excellent four-cylinder fuel economy. I love my dealership, maintenance crew. One major issue was not totally covered under warranty, my agent worked it out, paid less than the original quote, worked out just fine within my budget.

- Ajay J

The GMC terrain makes a bitchin mom car.

I bought a used GMC terrain from the dealership and so far I have really enjoyed the vehicle. It gets fairly decent gas mileage about 24 mpg on average. Has nice leather seats that fold up in the back so there is plenty of room for large grocery runs etc. The DVD players in the back seat are a bonus for the little ones in the back, which both come with wireless headphones. I haven't had any big issues with my car since purchasing. I have only had minor things to repair like changing filters and headlights which goes along with owning any car:) overall, the GMC terrain is a great vehicle.

- Anna L

Great car for a mid size family.

This car is really reliable and has plenty of space. So far I have not had any problems with it whatsoever. The SUV has plenty of space in the back and also has leather interior. The SUV is great on gas and does not burn any oil whatsoever. I have no had any mechanical issues and something that I really love about it is the rear camera. The rear camera is so convenient because you can keep an eye on your surroundings so you will not hit anything as you are backing up. Another great feature is the option of Sirius XM. I can listen to the radio without static.

- Joseph S

It has been a reliable form of transportation.

I have had my vehicle for a year and a half, the problems I have had with it are the air conditioner does not seem to work and quit working. The door actuator had to be replaced. The part is like a shutter which switches the hot to the cold. The car seems to burn oil so I need to get an oil change before it is actually due for a change. There is one thing I don't like about the backup camera, it is in the rearview mirror and it is very hard to get used to. The car does drive nice down the road, the seating is good for a family.

- Teresa K

The GMC terrain is reliable and dependable, and is easy to maintain.

There have been no major problems with my car. The only major purchase I have had to make was to replace the tires, everything else has been running fine. It is 4-cylinder engine is definitely not as powerful as other cares I have driven, but it is incredibly efficient and gets me where I need to be. The seats are very comfortable, and driving it feels nice. The stereo and XM radio option are also very enjoyable. It handles very well in the snow as well, and I have not had any issues with losing traction or skidding.

- Malcolm M

I love being higher off the ground.

I have really enjoyed my terrain. I like that it is lots of head room and room for lots of things. I like being able to sit higher off the ground then in a car. It is really comfortable to ride in which is good because I spend at least 2 hours a day in my car going to and from work. The only complaint that I have about it is that it does not get as good gas mileage as you would a car. But you have to expect that from an SUV. If I lived closer to my job I think I would be able to do better with it.

- Merry M

Review on the 2011 GMC Terrain

On the GMC Terrain 2011 the 6 cylinder motor of that year has a bad oil consumption problem we adding several quarts of oil in between oil changes good thing the vehicle was still under recall when this started happening the dealership rebuilt the motor. Performance is great handling is great in fair weather not so much rain or snow. Very reliable and comfortable for a family of four. However if we have another child we will need to upgrade to a bigger vehicle with more room.

- Tim H

Built in DVD/gaming and satellite TV system.

Personally, this is the most comfortable car I have ever owned not to mention my favorite by far. It feels like a safe place. However, this car has broken down so much that it is almost not even worth the trouble sometimes. I have put in more money on mechanical issues then I have on the payments themselves which is unbelievable. Remote start, heated seats, four wheel drive and built in DVD systems are my favorite features.

- Abigail L

GMC Terrain - all the benefits of a full size SUV packed in a smaller crossover.

My GMC is great, the flexibility of the back seat (folding, moving forwards and backwards, etc.) is very convenient. All of the upgrades are convenient as well - the programmable height back hatch that opens with the remote is fantastic as I'm very short, so I've programmed it to open shorter. Remote start is a must and I love it, the back up camera is also very useful. The leather seats are very convenient with dogs.

- Chantelle C

Great family vehicle - lots of space!

Overall the vehicle is great for families. It has space for at least 2 car seats, and room for a stroller and groceries. We've made several long road trips and the car is still running great with minimal maintenance. We have over 100,000 miles on it, and have not experienced and major problems. The only downside we have found is that the is the potential for blind spots around the side mirrors.

- Stephanie T

It is very important that you keep up with the oil change every 3000.

I love my GMC terrain, it is very nice and has a lot of space and it is good on gas, and drives very smoothly, also if there is any recalls on the vehicle the GMC dealership also is not so good here in Bakersfield, I went in to get a diagnosis for a problem and payed them 180 and they said it was my timing belt went for a second opinion with another mechanic and it turns out to be the battery.

- Bertha R

Great vehicle for snowy roads!

The terrain is a great small SUV. The a/c only blows cold if the vehicle is moving. If you are sitting in traffic it blows warmish air. The heater fans do this clicking thing, and I have tried to have it fixed about 5 times now. They can never seem to fix it. The terrain runs great otherwise and the heated seats are my favorite. I only wish that the slt2 came with the DVD player.

- Misty J

It rides very smoothly over any terrain and is very quiet.

The exterior of the car is a sleek design, some great interior features are automatic light control, very comfortable bucket seats, great engine power, a huge trunk space for pets or luggage. The downside is it does not have third row seating, the windshield wipers are not automatic and the unlock/lock buttons are in the middle controls instead of on the door.

- Hannah c

2011 AWD GMC Terrain Car Review

Our check engine light keeps coming on. The kids get hot in the backseat with no air in the back. It gets good fuel mileage, but we haven't been able to get what it's advertised. Regardless, it has been a good vehicle for my family these past 7 years. It's AWD and it does great in the snow, which is important to us. It's comfortable and we feel safe in it.

- Kelly D

The best ride for a mom on the go!

I Love the room in this vehicle. My three kids can sit comfortable and we even have space in the back for groceries or one of the dog anything that we need to take along. The back up camera is really helpful at night when it's hard to see what is behind you. It is reliable and perfect for family trips or just day to day things all while still looking good!

- barbie W

It is a pretty ok midsize SUV.

My car is very loud; I feel like I can hear a lot of engine and road noise when I am driving. The back seat also is very tight; there is not very much leg room, even when the front seats are moved up as much as possible. I do like that the trunk space seems to be roomy, and that I have access to radio and cruise control dials on the steering wheel.

- Ellis H

Very classy car with just enough edge to get the job done!!

I love this vehicle!! Great gas mileage and awesome features. I have had an issue with the engine light coming on because of the gas cap not being completely fastened but it is easily resolved. Love the back-up camera and the Bluetooth phone. The interior is black with off white accents and the controls are white and red. Very classy look!!

- Jordan R

We love our terrain, so versatile.

The terrain is one of the most versatile vehicles that I have owned. Not too bulky for an SUV but spacious enough inside to handle groceries, kids and even pets. I would highly recommend anyone looking to start a family to drive a terrain and then they will understand why my wife and I appreciate this vehicle as much as we do.

- Bryant M

Great for mamas on the go!

It really has a smooth ride. It's a great size for a small family. We can easily fit two car seats (a convertible and a carrier) with one on each side. The trunk has enough space for luggage and a stroller. The only thing I'd change about this is adding cooled seats on the leather. Otherwise it's been really great so far!

- Ashley H

Very happy with this vehicle.

This vehicle has been very dependable. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for my three kids and their equipment for sports. I have not yet had any major issues. My vehicle has over 150,000 miles so I am expecting to have to make repairs in the near future, but up to this point I am very happy with it.

- Valerie B

We love the heated seats!

I love the comfortableness of the car. My favorite feature is the heated seats. I do wish it did have a little more room for my two children. I can only fit two people in the back seat because if both of my girls car seats. The gas is kind of expensive but overall it is a great family car and we are very happy with it!

- Ashley O

Great vehicle!! Easy to clean and reliable vehicle.

A very reliable family vehicle. I have a few minor issues such as electrical problem with automatic trunk lift but nothing too major so far. I have had this vehicle for about two years. It has great gas mileage. It is spacious and easy to clean for parents. I would recommend this SUV for growing families on a budget.

- Faith B

GMC The Goat. Performance and luxury

Performs really well. The only problem to expect is picking up speed but it's a big truck. The features are rear view camera, on star, Sirius XM and other features that make this car a unique and fun experience to drive. The downside is dependent on the person, but some have told me it was too big for their liking.

- Brandon L

I love the backup camera it has become of the best features of the car

Car has been reliable over the last 6 years since I got in 2013. Over the years this one sensor comes off and on in regards to a cam shaft of some sort. Got it fixed. Now my check engine light has been on for almost a year already. It does need some minor work and tune up. Overall this car has been reliable.

- Victoria H

I see Terrains wherever I drive so they are known by others to be good vehicles!

My GMC Terrain has been an excellent vehicle to drive the last couple of years. I was lucky to have found this vehicle with really low miles and in great condition. I have not had any major mechanical issues other than low coolant for the A/C. It gets great gas mileage and is a great cost when filling it up.

- Nicole O

Comfort and style-missing winter performance.

My GMC terrain is very comfortable and roomy for driver as well as passengers. Body style is rugged yet sophisticated. I love that the second row of seats can be adjusted forward or backwards depending on where you need more space. However, I would like it to feel more dependable in winter road conditions.

- Heather B

It is kind of annoying but I have gotten used to it with all its quirks.

I don't really like the style, it drives nice a little slow taking off, comfortable lumbar support heated seats, reliable pretty good gas mileage 25mpg. Something big did break but I had the extended warranty, the sunroof air flows even when it is shut, had to replace the thing that holds up the hatchback.

- Lisa B

the interesting detail about it is the seating is great space for the trunk

I feel like it's always hesitant like it's lacking some kind of go. Also the check engine light comes on the lot with it being the exhaust or something has to do with that. I do like that it's very roomy though and that it's in pretty good condition for the year I did have to put a new motor in it though

- Karrie H

Being able to be compatible with Bluetooth aux and USB

My car is very nice a ride smooth and it fits five people I have a large trunk clean your space between seats for my lifestyle it is very hard to keep up with the maintenance because it's expensive. But personally I love GMC and Chevy. There is plenty of charger places in the car front middle and back

- Shan W

For me it is the size that is the most important.

I love having the rear camera. Also I have 2 large dogs and the backseat is a good size for them and transporting their kennels as well as my things. The heated seats are nice but I am not very fond of the leather but seat covers fix that issue. There is really nothing I hate about the vehicle.

- Alyssa V

Best GMC terrain in town!!

For the most part I love my car because of the style, exterior color, GPS system, moonroof, comfortable seats and interior color. The downfall is getting the oil changed in it, difficult to do on own. It has had minor things wrong with it but overall hasn't spent a ton of money maintaining it.

- Natasha R

Amazing SUV for individual or family.

My SUV runs great. Beautiful vehicles and very reliable. I have only had to do typical maintenance, including tires, brakes, oil changes, rotors and calibers. It has been an amazing vehicle. The only thing I wish I had wished this vehicle would have come with is a shelf in the hatch back.

- Heather J

This car is great for families

This vehicle is great for everything. Very comfortable for road trips. Put the back seats down and there is plenty of room for the dogs. Plus the car looks high end and drives very comfortably. Heated seats make it great for the winter and the large sunroof makes it great for the summer.

- Amber K

This is the comfortable car for you.

This is a really comfortable vehicle and works great for taking trips - the look of it is great as it does not look like all the other vehicles out there - the comfort level is good and the heated seats make all the difference - if you want a car that works well this is the one for you.

- Kris A

Honest opinion for a 2011 GMC terrain sle.

Good on gas, bad sensors, ac wont cool entire vehicle, and no Bluetooth, good sound system, spacious for groceries and any other thing to haul and sometimes other sensors go off has been good when it floods no damage done to vehicle. It's all wheel drive good for beach for the summer.

- Barbara S

Best vehicle ever in my book!

I love everything about my Terrain. It is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. All of the buttons are in comfortable reach while driving. I got lucky & bought one with extremely low mileage so I will keep it for years. The only thing I wish it had was third row seating.

- Heather L

Great vehicle and dependable.

I love this vehicle because it fits all of my families needs. From family outings, sporting events, to just running errands. It does not matter what the need for this vehicle is it is perfect for my family. The quality of this vehicle is stylish. It truly is just a great vehicle.

- Victoria W

I love the leather seats & sunroof

The only probably I have is that it doesn't have vents for the backseat riders. I really enjoy the vehicle! It rides very smooth & quietly! It has enough room for the backseat riders also! Three grown men can fit in the backseat. The performance is pretty good I would say

- Nicole C

Why you GMC terrains work.

It's great, leather interior' runs super smoothly and has great as mileage. I love how modern and makes me feel great. All leather interior names it seem much more better then without. Not too big but not too small. Lots and lots of space in the back to carry all your needs.

- Humberto G

GMC terrain great gas mileage and comfortable.

I love the GMC terrain. It gets good gas mileage in town and highway miles as well. It is comfortable to drive and ride in - either long or short trips. You can get five people in the car. That is with two kids and three adults. You have a lot of room for packages as well.

- Kim M

I do love that it�s all wheel drive and I have DVD players in the headrest

I bought my car used with high mileage. I loved it at first but it's been one issue after another since I got it. The windshield wipers don't work never did when I got it. The sensors are always needing replaced. It doesn't take off very fast it's a slow moving vehicle.

- Taylor H

My car has all the extras: heated leather seats, moonroof, and renovate start.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I have not had any problems. If only goes to the shop for regular oil changes and tire rotation. I like that my car has heated seats, a moonroof, and remote start. I would highly recommend my car to someone who is buying new or used.

- Kelley F

Great small family car with loads of room and great gas mileage.

I absolutely love my Terrain. It is spacious and can haul just about anything. It also gets great gas mileage. My only complaint would be the repair work that has had to be done to it but luckily everything happened under warranty so I can't really complain too much.

- Lacey T

It's an American company car.

I love that my SUV has a good size trunk area. I like the features: remote start, remote liftgate, heated seats, and sunroof. My only complaint is that we can't carpool with friends because everyone has so many kids...a larger 7-8 seater would be helpful at times.

- Leslie G

GMC terrain, loving the car!

This vehicle is very spacious, I love that it has a rear camera it is easy for me to see when I try parallel parking. Very easy to drive. It has satellite radio, and OnStar which you'll have to subscribe too. Love interior color on this vehicle. Very easy to clean.

- Cynthia T

Good and reliable vehicle for a family

No big problems. Air conditioner died a few years ago. Love the roomy interior. Very comfortable on long rides. Vehicle is all wheel drive but not that great in the snow. Great vehicle for a family and carpooling. Overall, like this vehicle and would recommend it.

- Michelle B

It has a built in USB port in the middle console which is extremely deep and able to fit way more stuff than you want it to.

I love the smooth ride of the vehicle. The oil has been a tiny bit of an issue but after a few times of checking relentlessly and changing I think it is all fixed. I absolutely love all the features, I have a USB port, CD port, and use the heated seats frequently.

- Anna H

Classy, spacious, AWD - The GMC Terrain SLE

The GMC Terrain SLE is spacious, comfortable and reliable. It is all wheel drive, and handles very well. It has a nice sized trunk area for groceries, traveling, etc. The body style is intelligent looking, as well as sporty. It has been a good car for my family.

- Lacey A

My first Sports Utility Vehicle I've ever owned

Well, it's my first SUV; I purchased it when my other vehicle was totaled due to an accident. My GMC Terrain is totally loaded; I couldn't imagine having anything else. AM-FM, CD/DVD Player, OnStar, Bluetooth, Heated seats, and mirrors, sunroof, GPS Navigation


It's a nice comfortable vehicle

Issues with the heater and ac. Front drivers seat messes up a lot which was recalled. I love my vehicle it's comfortable and it has a lot of space. Nice cause we go on a lot of trips. Easy to keep clean. The paint on outside of vehicle still looks brand new.

- christine R

GMC terrain: great car for everyday use.

As of problems right now everything works out great. It was no perfect, great gas mileage. I love the camera to reverse, the leather interior. Only thing I would change would be to make it a 3 row seater. Also I'd like a bigger video for the radio and GPS.

- Humberto G

Decent family vehicle if you remember to check the oil weekly.

The biggest problem would be how much oil it burns in between oil changes. I go through 2 quarts of oil in between the 3000 mile oil changes. Other than that it is a very reliable good vehicle. Great back seat space for my 2 kids. Average gas mileage.

- Kelsey G

A small SUV with lots of room providing comfort for a family of 4-5

I really love my car. It's roomy, comfortable, surprisingly decent on gas considering it's a small SUV. The only concern I have had with it is it seems to burn oil rather quickly. I usually have to add a couple quarts before I'm due for an oil change.

- Courtney H

Impressive looking car in black with red stitching.

Does not have backup warning beep. Love the heated seats. Ride is a bit rough. Seats are very comfortable for long trips. I like the large windows. Good on gas. Lots of storage. Very stylish car gas mileage is very good because of being a 6 cylinder.

- Lynn T

Car handles, rides great. 0 problems except oil consumption recall.

I am presently having tests for excessive oil consumption. This is the only technical problem I have had. It is reasonable on gas use and a pleasure to drive. I love driving or being a passenger in this vehicle. Great comfort and handling.

- Connie H

OnStar, is the most important thing to me in this vehicle.

Well, let's start by saying what I don't like about my Terrain.....There's nothing I don't like about it! As for what I do like, well it has everything but the kitchen sink in it. So I feel very protected, and safe driving this vehicle.

- john w

2011 GMC terrain AWD perfect for in town or in the county.

The car is really nice inside and out. The stereo system is amazing and it is equipped with a back up camera as well as heated seats. All wheel drive is super nice for the winter or dirt roads. The only thing I would change is the mpg.

- Emily O

It is not a good off-road SUV, it don't sit high enough.

It is a great family, city SUV, but it is not a great country SUV, very comfortable, has great space, the features in mine are amazing. I have DVD set up for the back seat. Its performance is good for city driving, but country driving.

- Brittany C

It's a very safe vehicle without sacrificing comfort and style.

I like that it can fit my kids, dog, and all the daily bags that we have to carry with us and there's still room to spare. It's fuel efficient and smooth to drive. I do wish the engine was slightly more powerful.

- Jennifer S

Smooth and Comfortable Ride.

I have a 2011 GMC Terrain that I recently purchased. Absolutely love the drive and the smooth ride. The only thing that I don't care for is the gas mileage isn't very good. Other then that I'm glad I purchased it.

- Carolyn P

It has slow pickup and does not have a lot of power.

it has a known common motor problem - burns oil quickly which can cause issues. also the power isn't great. crossover SUVs are not ideal. It is comfortable though. It handles OK but does not pick up speed well.

- Danielle L

Great for an individual who likes to do things on their own.

I love that it is big enough just for me. I am by myself and there is plenty of room for me and if I wanted to load up stuff there is plenty of room to do that. I also love that is economical on gas. Love it!

- Joe W

Great gas mileage and routine maintenance all that is needed

Very good on gas. Backup camera is needed for the vehicle design contributes to blind spots. I've had no problems with my vehicle and have over 120,000 miles. Only complaint is the trunk space is small.

- Dawn D

The car gets great gas mileage.

Love everything about this vehicle. It is fully loaded. . . Leather, navigation, rear entertainment. The only downfall is the gas cap is on the passenger side. I would definitely buy another one.

- Jennifer E

After 5 years it starts to give problems

I like the vehicle because of the size and gas mileage. I don't like the service it gives only had the vehicle for 6 years and it is using oil.I was expecting to get my mileage from this vehicle

- Sandy C

In my opinion, Terrains are fun, easy driving cars

The Terrain is a wonderful car. Its roomy and accelerate quickly. I love the design. My complaint is that I've had transmission failure twice, warning and engine light stays on constantly.

- sandy f

This car drives smoothly & it's also very comfortable, especially on long rides.

I love the look & feel of it. It runs smoothly like a dream. The options, especially the heated leather seats, are wonderful in the bitter cold weather. It is a reliable, classy vehicle.

- Julie G

The amount of room it has

I love the back up camera, and the stereo system is amazing. Another favorite thing would be all the room. The ease of getting in and out with my disability is another wonderful thing.

- Susan P

Black metal flake paint that makes it shine like a new penny.

Rides very well, no problems at all. Drive it to Florida every winter since we have had it. Heated seat are must. No problems at all. We do all the suggested regular maintenance.

- Mo B

The gas mileage, I think, is one of the best things about this vehicle.

It's an SUV, so I like that it's roomy enough to haul stuff or take friends out. It has excellent gas mileage, so I don't really spend much on gas. And I find it rather stylish.

- Donald P

Blind spots from driver's seat .looking out the window to the left and especially the right.

It has several blind spots that make it hard to see when turning or changing lanes. It is very roomy. The seats fold down for even more room for big packages or lots of bags.

- Jackie R

Has a sound box to keep outside noise at a minimum. Nice car.

I love my Gmc terrain. You can't hear noises outside of the vehicle. It has lots of room very nice design. The stereo system is awesome. Very nice car. Would buy another one.

- Gail F

It has a great ride and is very stylish. Also very comfortable inside

I love how stylish it is and how smooth the ride is. The interior is also very nice and I enjoy the DVD players for my kids. The only thing I dislike is the cargo space

- Andrew B

It's mine and it's fine. It's a rare color (cappuccino) and people think it is still "new" even though it is 7 years old.

i love the comfort of the seats, and that my seat has memory so we can change drivers and seat positions without much effort. It drives nicely and has good gas mileage.

- jennifer c

My GMC Terrain is a very reliable vehicle that has lasted for years and it still looks great.

It's very comfortable and easy to drive. I really like that the sound system is nice and has great bass. I like that it doesn't feel too big even though it's an SUV.

- Andrew S

Comfortable and roomy, this car is fun to drive and handles well.

I like the room in the back. It gives passengers a nice space and has room for groceries etc in back. The gas mileage cold be better. It is comfortable to drive.

- jan k

2011 terrain is dependable and low maintenance.

I have had no problems, performs great and very comfortable. Drives like a car. I have heated seats, moonroof, and automatic start. I drive this on long trips.

- Tabatha H

It's a beautiful car that drives well. It's a great height where I have lots of leg space.

What I like about my GMC terrain is that it drives and rides smooth. It's medium or mid size helps me to get in and out with ease. It's also a beautiful car.

- Darlene C

It has held up very well. I just got to 100,000 miles, and it's in good shape.

It's great for loading and carrying my cello because the back seat slides forward to provide a flat surface in back. It is terrible to drive in the snow.

- Elaine L

It is a pretty reliable car — no major problems and it is still going strong.

I like the trunk space and the solid feel of being in an SUV. I do not like that the back seat is incredibly cramped — there's no room back there.

- Ellis H

It is a smaller SUV that only seats up to 5 but gets decent gas mileage.

overall i think it has been a good vehicle. it has had some issues from the time we have had it such as burning through oil and i do not like that

- tina g

This vehicle has so much room inside for people and for the stuff they own.

I love how much room I have inside my GMC. I haul so much stuff in the back with the seats down and when they are up. I also like the color of it.

- Debbie O

The most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

I dislike that the back seats don't fold down completely. I enjoy the spacious leg room that each seat offers. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Madison S

It's very comfortable, wonderful on gas mileage.

I like the size and gas mileage. It is very comfortable. I love it's look. My complaint is that it idles very loud and no one seems to know why.

- Monica F

Very reasonable price for SUV.

Very comfortable for drivers and passengers. For a SUV gas mileage is good. Warning messages you receive when something is wrong with vehicle.

- Judy B

Quality made vehicle, easy to maintain, gets good gas mileage, comfortable ride.

It has been extremely reliable, no mechanical problems whatsoever, but the tires create a suction noise which is loud and it is on all tires.

- Deb M

How fuel efficient it is, and that it is a smooth ride on the road.

My vehicle is a 2011 GMC Terrain. It is a very nice blue color. It is very dependable in getting me where I need to go. It is fuel efficient.

- Joshua Y

The front of the car is low so do not get too close to parking barriers.

I love the comfort, size, and style. I wish it got better gas mileage. It is the perfect height for my disabled husband to get in and out of.

- Teresa L

The amazing gas mileage and comfortable roomy ride.

My Terrain is excellent on gas mileage, a smooth ride, very reliable. I have had a few recalls but resolved by the dealership very quickly

- Liz T

Have a phone sirius xm radio

Very reliable very comfortable easy to get in and out ;the perfect size would Redmond to any one have a rear view camera the color is great

- Jimella P

It is a great family car.

The Terrain is a great fit for our family. There is a ton of leg room in the front and back seats. We can carry lots of items in the back.

- Jennifer H

Heavy duty vehicle, no major problems other than standard maintenance.

No major problems just few recalls secondly, very reliable vehicle, and performance is is heavy on gas use semi comfortable on long drives

- Robert J

It has been a very dependable car.

I’d like it to have heated seats and a remote starter. I like that it has plenty of rear leg room and the seats are really comfortable.

- Marsha F

Does not have Bluetooth and short on power and pickup

It's not a truck, it doesn't get the fuel mileage I would have expected from a four cylinder. Not much power. Otherwise, I like it

- Sandy S

My car is reliable. You will never have to worry about that.

Love the room in it.I love that the seats fold down for hauling things.It is also great on gas.And the all wheel drive is great.

- Wanda K

Good amount of room in the back.

I went with the 4 cylinder. Should have gone with the 6 cylinder. There are instances where the 4 cylinder is not enough power.

- Bill B

Interior room is a plus and good gas mileage.

Plenty of room inside. Seats in back lay down so room to haul things. Good on gas. Wish I would have upgraded to leather seats.

- Donna K

My car is smooth driving, quiet and comfortable.

Love my vehicle as it is comfortable and quiet. Love my sirius radio. Drives well. At this point there is nothing I dislike.

- Benjamin W

Desirable car for all ages

Very roomy. Comfortable ride. Good gas mileage. Have had engine troubles multiple times where car shuts off while driving

- Amanda S

Holds 5 people comfortably and has trunk space.

I have no problems. I t tells me about tire pressure, next oil change. It has navigation program, excellent radio and a/c.

- Mary P

It is roomy and the backseat is adjustable.

The 2011 GMC terrain is comfortable, safe, reliable, gets good gas mileage, is roomy. Love the standard rearview camera.

- Teresa L

Great for traveling and very comfy

Performance is great, has good gas mileage, 73,000 miles and only had minor issues thus far. Great if you have a family

- Quinnton J

It is a reliable vehicle, & has been great to own for as many years as we have owned it!

Love the space it has! Plus, it has a back-up camera, which is helpful! It is a comfortable, & great vehicle to own!

- Faith M

Very reliable vehicle, will purchase a newer version of the same model.

Very reliable vehicle, has never had any unexpected issues in the 7 years that I've had it. Still looks new and nice.

- Thomas C

The height easy to get in and out.

I love the way it handles. My complaint is the blind spot cannot see out of the passenger window blocked by the door.

- Bonita M

The title of my car would be GMC Terrain the best car on the lot

It's a very smooth ride , low on miles, great suspension, burgundy color, great on gas mileage, all round great car

- Stacy C

It is a great family vehicle that can be driven in all different terrains.

I love the space in the back seat! It drives nicely and looks sleek. I do wish the trunk was a bit larger though.

- casey a

Handles good in the snow and wet weather. And very easy on gas mileage.

Relaxing to drive, easy to handle and operates very good. Easy on gas, runs smooth, handles good in the snow.

- William M

Great car, overall I am very happy about it.

Like bout interior, hate about burning oil, love about the all wheel drive but hate about lack of horsepower.

- Luke F

Great style for a family vehicle

Timing chain cover oil leak and wheel bearing issues. Very comfortable. Decent trunk space. Pretty reliable .

- Christine M

Good gas mileage and heated seats.

Love my vehicle gas mileage is pretty good. Daughter loves the vehicle. One dislike is not enough gas power.

- Kim H

I like the vehicles size and its non-slip abilities in the snow. I wish there was more storage space in the trunk, but overall it it's the perfect size for my family and it has been a solid car, with limited problems over the years I have owned it.

It's great in the snow, it has series xm radio nad it is an overall great vehicle for day to day commuting.

- Sarah M

Safety is the most important.

It drives smoothly but the acceleration is very slow. I do love the leather seat but it burns so much gas.

- Luke S

The SUV has plenty of room for a smaller SUV. Lots of cargo space.

The SUV has Great handling. The fuel economy is fantastic. The engine seems to lack power for the size.

- Marianne S

It has a great back up camera and shows a lot of angle behind the SUV.

It has enough space for my family and all of our sports stuff. It handles well. It is reliable. Good gas.

- Russel H

I am not going through that much gas.

It is very fuel efficient. It is easy to drive. It has an eco setting. You can listen to satellite radio.

- James C

Economically reliable transportation

Amazing gas mileage, comfortable while driving, extremely roomy, stylish, virtually maintenance free

- Elizabeth T

Spacious, and gas efficient.

Small electrical and sensory issues and ac problems, super cheap gas efficient, spacious, reliable.

- Barbara S

It handles and drives very nice. And feels safe for my family

It's big enough to fit our family. Gets great gas mileage and is smooth and comfortable to drive.

- Ashleigh R

It is efficient and saves money.

I like the high feature of the suv. I like the fuel saving feature. There is good storage areas.

- Irv C

it has a lot of room in the car for people. can store a lot of stuff in the back

it is a great vehicle. it has a lot of room in the car for all of my needs. drives very well

- jennifer t

It's comfortable and easy to drive and very relaxing.

I like the size. I like the leather seats. I wish it was a little higher off the ground.

- Sandra H

Has good looks and drives good, very comfortable, has good gas mileage. handles good in winter. easy maintenance and good cost effective

Like the looks like the way it drives Don't like is the blind spot on the driver side

- william m

Very reliable and cost savings very reliable. Very reliable.

Very reliable. Great ride. Very roomy. No complaints. I have no dislikes like.

- Dan V

I like the size and ease of access of trunk area. It has a nice body style and is affordable. I would prefer a better backup camera and more of a dashboard display.

My car fits my needs and gets good gas mileage and has been well loved.

- Joanna J

It is dependable and will work much better in the winter than my previous car.

I have only owned for 2 weeks but so far am enjoying the smooth ride.

- Deb R

There is nothing really to tell.its a nice vehicle

I hate that it doesn't have Bluetooth. It sits to low to the ground

- Stephanie W

The size is perfect, it is a very comfortable ride

I love the size, the leather seats, the sunroof, the radio features

- Regina S

There is plenty of room on the inside. The leather seats are durable.

Doesn't ride as smooth as my last SUV. The front bumper is too low.

- Gretchen S

still had very good mileage since the first day i got it.

runs ok. some loud noises when it first starts. very good mileage.

- niki t

I think the most important thing is that my car is reliable

It's a very clean and reliable vehicle that I love to ride in.

- Shakarri P

Reliability is essential. Warranties are valuable.

Breaks down. Engine and tranny issues. Replaced 2 times.

- Greg W

It was rear-ended recently. It held up VERY nicely.

Not mechanically sound. Lots of issues over the years.

- Kerry S