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My favorite car over the years!

I have had very few problems with my 2012 GMC terrain. I have OnStar, which is extremely helpful, as it helps me navigate my trips anywhere I go, whether out of town or in town, as well as giving me monthly updates of my car's performance and issues/non-issues with oil life, etc. It has a very roomy interior, and the back seats can both be put down in order to accommodate extra-large items to be hauled in the back. I once hauled two twin beds and their wooden frames over to my aunt's house with no problem! The terrain is a very sporty crossover vehicle and I have received numerous compliments on it, including not only how it looks but also how smoothly it rides. I have had it for seven years now, and have only had to replace tires and oil. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV or crossover vehicle to buy a GMC terrain! It has been my favorite car I have owned to date, and I have owned several over the years!

- Mary M

GMC Lover: Happy with their Economical Crossover in the Terrain

The only issue I had was when I first got it, 2 failed starts without any error message in the computer when read at the dealership. Never happened again. Otherwise, very economical with a 4 cylinder, so great mileage for a crossover. Comfortable ride. Nice leather seats, heated and great AC/Heating system. No vents in back, but cools/warms the space well. Wish it was just a little bigger sometimes, ended up buying a roof rack for some more cargo room. Interface is very app-oriented, but easy to interact with. I did not do the navigation package, but like the sound system in the trim selection. I got black on black with some standard rims. It's a great looking car in my opinion, some don't like the business! I love the front end, looks badass. Back seats split 70/30% to open up the entire back for larger cargo items.

- Claire G

Love my GMC terrain - bought new and enjoyed it since!

I have loved my car since I bought it new! I did have issues where the timing chain went on it, but it was covered under warranty and gm got me a whole new engine. I live where we get a lot of snow and I was able to drive back and forth to my job in the winter with only 2 wheel drive and had no issues. The vehicle is light so on ice can have some struggles and spin. Good tires have helped this issue. Back up cam is super handy. Would recommend to other buyers! Lots of interior room, yet easy to park and compact enough for an everyday driver. Have had 5 full sized large adults in the vehicle and although I wouldn't recommend packing everyone in like that for a long road trip, for around town everyone fit comfortably.

- Katie F

As I tell all my friends and family the GMC TERRAIN a very dependable vehicle.

Overall the GMC TERRAIN is a dependable SUV. Haven't had any major problems with it, it's good on mileage, love the heated seats feature it does have cruise control I haven't used but is a nice feature to have if I ever need it. The radio controls on the steering wheel are convenient. Very roomy and it's a bonus that the back seats fold down to give more room for placing large objects in the back. It has a USB outlet in the middle console to charge phone or listen to music from your playlist from your phone. Also has a power outlet in the back. When I'm looking for another automobile I will not hesitate to purchase another GMC TERRAIN.

- Janice R

GMC Terrain is a must for new families.

The model is very reliable. Even with a smaller engine it powers through rain and snow. The ride is always smooth, making driving a breeze. Base model options are perfect. One negative issue is that there are no air vents in the back on the car. This makes it very stuffy toward the rear of the vehicle. Thankfully given the size of the car it doesn't take a lot of air from the front vents to help cool off the back areas. Models with tinted windows are a great asset, especially in the summer months. This is a great vehicle for a family, especially for a new family needing a bigger vehicle.

- Joseph S

Smooth ride, plenty of leg and cargo room for singles or small families.

I love the body style. Newer cars are becoming more rounded and spaceship like and I hate that. Mine is more square. I also like how roomy the back seat is. I was really surprised by that when I test drove it. I do wish that there were A/C vents in the back. It can get kinda hot back there but you freeze in the front seat. I also wish my seat could be higher. I'm pretty short and have trouble seeing over the hood sometimes. But I do love the interior and the material the seats are made out of. So easy to wipe the dog slobber off of. =)

- M M

A beautiful, eye-catching car that is also a pain to maintain.

The terrain looks and feels like a luxury car, gets pretty good gas mileage for being a larger car/SUV, the black leather seats are luxe and classy, the window tint, the attention to detail, the satellite radio, and the OnStar navigation all make for a comfortable, enjoyable ride. The biggest drawback is that I have had the terrain in the shop at least once every 6 months, which is costly as most repairs were not covered by the extended powertrain warranty. As far as maintenance, it is not a good car. All looks, but no longevity.

- Christina M

It is a GMC, it is reliable enough to get me from point A to B.

I have a 2012 GMC terrain AWD. When I first bought my SUV I loved it, but as I got used of it, I noticed it is on the smaller side of an SUV for my family of 4. I have two small children one 3 and the other 9 years old. My 9 yr old is into sports and there’s just not enough room for all the junk I have to hull around. Comfort of this vehicle is ok, but not for long trips! I do believe it is a reliable vehicle. Just wish it had some more power as it is only a v4:/ overall it is a good vehicle despite my little complaints.

- Kelli B

Love my GMC Terrain- would buy another one!

I love my Terrain! It's comfy, roomy and has always been reliable. I can easily take 5 people in my vehicle. I have used my Terrain on long road trips many times and love it. I am an avid paddle boarder and I can easily take my board with me by strapping it to the rack on the roof of my vehicle. Very roomy cargo area- great for traveling and also groceries or hauling small furniture or anything else you might need! The only problem I ever have is it seems to go through oil quickly the older it gets.

- Stephanie F

GMC terrain: perfect for a family.

I really love my GMC terrain! It is a wonderful car for my little family of three and two little pups. Since I have owned this vehicle I have not had any issues. It is very comfortable and is great for road trips or just day to day driving. I am a mom of one so a car seat fits great in the back bucket seat, but more than one car seat would be crowded. The back is very spacious and fits our stroller and is perfect for trips to the grocery store or shopping.

- Shelby S

Love the car however has flaws in the manufacturing of it.

Brake dust is sticking to paint and some spots on car are starting to rust. Sometimes if I start the car with the door open no functions work in the car such as the volume or change radio or plug my smartphone to call by same token Bluetooth not working. As well as burning oil the car had a recall and parts were replaced however I have to change the oil more often than other brands or make of car which is not cost effective

- Rosy S

GMC terrain! Very comfortable, dependable and very sharp SUV!

Very solid, dependable SUV! Drives wonderful and very comfortable! I love almost everything about this vehicle. Ok gas mileage, but with a SUV, still not bad at 25 miles. I like that it sits higher than a sedan, which is one reason I purchased it! Have had no problems, just normal upkeep. We purchased this new and have had less trouble than some new vehicles I have purchased. Very sharp SUV! I luv the backup camera!!

- Deborah W

There is a ton of space inside. It's bigger than it looks and has lots of spaces to store things.

I purchased this vehicle new six years ago and I still have no plans to replace it. I love the size of it. We have two children both still in car seats and they have plenty of room. It has great features like a backup camera, Bluetooth, and many sensors to help keep you safe. The only thing I don't like about my vehicle is there are chrome details that when the sun hits it the wrong way it shines in your eyes.

- Kate P

I couldn't have picked a better car.

It's great on gas. I've driven it from Texas to Florida, and from Florida to Pennsylvania. On three tanks of gas. It tells me when it needs work and gets me where I am going. It has a built in GPS that works from satellite. It has leather interior and is easily cleaned. It fits a wide variety of things in the cabin and the seats go down to make a longer cabin space. You could even sleep in it, if you had to.

- Marjorie R

Love it, but it burns oil.

I really like my vehicle but the main problem I have is that it burns oil. After every long trip I have to put at least 3 quarts of oil in to refill the oil. It has a jerky idle. The car does have a ton of room and is perfect for a car seat. The in dash screen works great. The backup camera is very misleading. Objects are definitely closer than they appear so use this a guideline but not as a perfect guide.

- Kelly A

The GMC terrain boasts a nice ride and handling combination.

With plenty of standard features and cabin space, the GMC terrain is a good compact SUV and a finalist for our 2018 best compact SUV for families. It has a smooth and engaging ride, and three turbocharged engines are available. This GMC gets better gas mileage than many rivals, and its upscale cabin has roomy seats in both rows. The terrain has few downfalls, but limited driver visibility is one of them.

- Maria R

2012 GMC terrain-big but comfortable.

The 2012 GMC terrain is a nice vehicle to have in the winter time. I love how comfortable I am driving this. When I bought it, I was afraid it would be to big for me. After about a week, I adjusted to it. I would prefer to drive my vehicle than anyone else's. The only problem I am having with it, is that my oil is milky looking even after I have had an oil change. Other than that, it drives so smooth.

- Amanda B

Wonderful GMC Terrain with a great sound system. Like transmission issues

I love my vehicle, Some-key things I do not like is there is no a/c vent in the back. It is hot for about the first 25 in a car ride. The back up camera is hard to see during the day time. Having a lot of transmission and sunroof problems. I love the sound system, heated seats, and the overall design of the outside. The remote start is a big plus, and that the life gate opens with a push of a button.

- Page M

It has great gas mileage for the seating capacity.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle currently. I am not a fan of the leather seats due to how hot they become in the summertime heat. However I love having the heated seats in the winter when the leather gets frigid. The GMC terrain gets good gas mileage for the seating capacity and the size of the overall vehicle. There is plenty of the legroom for tall individuals like my family.

- Emily U

Good car for the money. Interior design is very good.

Have had one problem. The worst was a window regulator that I replaced myself, $60.00. Normal things oil change, tires. It has all of the options but it has a rather stiff ride. If the road I am driving on is smooth, it is almost absolutely quiet inside. Performance is adequate (have the V6 engine). It handles quite well and is really good in winter weather. The AWD is a great option/

- Jack M

Beautiful vehicle but large

It's a very comfortable car, drives and handles well, and the car looks good overall. I'm a big fan of the back up camera, as well as the amount of storage the car has inside. The seats are comfortable and they are very adjustable which is very convenient. It has a lot of interior space but it's very long so it's a little difficult to get use to if you haven't driven big cars before.

- Gaby C

2012 white GMC terrain SUV.

I am a wife, mother of a 2 year old, as well as full time college student and full time worker. This SUV serves every need I have. I love this vehicle. It's everything I want in a car. It has a very sleek design with all leather interior and the touch screen radio are so nice. The backup camera helps me out so much. I really don't have any complaints about this car at all.

- Summer A

GMC terrain; great and reliable SUV.

I love the heated seats, the menu with all the pressure gauges and mileage reports. The car is a great running car and very little maintenance is needed for upkeep. The car is very reliable. The remote start is great for winter days in michigan. The monthly reports and notices when regular service maintenance and tire rotation is also a great option for the GMC terrain.

- Kelly P

The GMC Terrain is very comfortable and reliable on long trips.

It has needed very little maintenance since I bought the vehicle 4+ years ago. It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I love how much all of the seats move so you can always make space to fit odd things. It's very comfortable on long trips and has helpful features like ecoboost, cruise control, digital speedometer, and bluetooth wireless capabilities.


I love my Terrain! The MPG and Sleek look is everything I want in a SUV!

I love having my terrain! It is perfect for road traveling or in town traveling. What really led me to this car was the MPG a I am able to get. I am currently getting 24 mpg. The sleek looks make me feel that I got a great looking car for a great price. The next car that I buy will be the newest model of the GMC Terrain- that is how much I love this vehicle!

- Katie R

GMC terrain is a great vehicle.

I have had my GMC terrain for 7 years with no real service issues. I change the oil regularly and have replaced tires and battery once. Vehicle still rides nice and no rust on the body. Leather interior has held up nicely. I had the GMC envoy prior to this and wanted to down size for gas mileage savings and think this purchase was a great choice.

- Esther M

People should know a GMC Terrain is safe, reliable, comfortable, and roomy.

My car has lots of space inside for up to 5 passengers and their gear. The trunk is very large. It gets good gas mileage, is safe, and comfortable. It has a great stereo and the AC works great. I wish it had a 3rd row for more passengers or more space next to a car seat to fit more than one person comfortably in the back seat next to a car seat.

- Kim K

Great car with good gas mileage and comfort.

It is a good car, good on gas, comfortable, smooth, great mileage. I would recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable vehicle. Good on long distance trips. Safe and reliable. Lots of room, safety bags, has built in GPS, good seats, warning signals when gas is low, brakes and engine. Cup holders, great sound system, Bluetooth compatible.

- April F

Drives great, fast oil consumption.

It burns oil fast. I love the look, but so many people have it. I also really wish I had 3rd row seating. However, handles great in the winter, which is very important (I live in northern WI). It has a very slick interior design. I love the backup camera. Overall has been great vehicle. We have put 70, 000 miles on it and no major issues.

- Ashley B

2012 GMC terrain review 2018.

I like my car it is very comfortable. The back seat is very comfortable also. I like the look of the car. The get up and go is a little slow for a v8. I also wish in the back the seat would go down flatter. There is plenty of legroom in the back. When the back passengers put the windows down a little the car shakes even at slower speeds.

- Laurie L

GMC terrain: great storage.

Our GMC has been very reliable, and it is nearing 100k miles. It is driven daily, both city and highway. It is decent, but not great on gas. Our family is at the point where we are beginning to our grow it as our children grow older. Storage is good for us as we can fit groceries, our beach stuff, or whatever else we plan for the day.

- Kyle B

I have not had any major mechanical problems with this vehicle.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle besides getting a new battery, tires and a part for my alternator. I usually trade in cars every 3 to 4 years; however, I decided to keep this particular vehicle because of it is safety, reliability and comfort. I have over 125,000 miles on this vehicle and it is still going strong.

- Jennifer G

Very family friendly. Easily taken on outings and long distance trips

Stalls in idle sometimes so it's kind of annoying. It's comfortable and roomy. It's good for traveling. Eats a lot of oil though. It's turning radius is nice. It's a good car for the most part. Easy to clean. I'm honestly not sure if I would buy another one though just due to the stalling out for no reasons found by a mechanic

- Amanda L

The vehicle is spacious, drives amazing, and looks like a beast.

My terrain is a good family vehicle. It is very spacious and is a very comfortable drive for long distances. I've had my vehicle for 2 years now and have not came across any issues with it running, it continues to run at top quality. I would highly recommend this low maintenance vehicle to anybody who wants a reliable vehicle.

- Cassandra S

GMC terrain most loved features.

I really enjoy our GMC terrain. I love that the driver's seat has a lumbar support and adjustments are easy with each ride. It fits my family well and handles the road great. Hands-free mobile calling is ideal for work or getting a hold of my family while on the road. The backup camera is helpful when parking in a busy lot.

- Amy S

Great for families! Perfect for trips and comfort.

I really like this vehicle because of the room and smoothness of the ride. The back seat can actually be scooted father back in the car, or closer to the front. That helps with kids and also packing for a trip. We bought this vehicle because it wasn't too big like other SUVs, but roomier and higher than our standard car.

- Kim S

Terrain GMC status overview.

Since having this vehicle no problem, just oil change. It is very comfortable for long rides and for large families. Also wheelchairs accessibility that can be added to the truck. It has the airbags and anti lock brakes with security system. Am and FM cassette, OnStar system, Bluetooth for phone, clock, auto on lights.

- Gwendolyn W

I meet your required number of characters.

I have 130,000 miles on my terrain and I have had no serious issues. Regular maintenance only. It is a great vehicle for a commuter and a mom with active children. Very roomy and comfy. The paint is starting to chip in areas but that is to be expected given the mileage on the vehicle and our snowy, northeast climate.

- Holly M

It is a wonderful SUV for an individual that travels or a small family.

I have a wonderful SUV. It is serving me well to commute from home to work each day. But I have recently started to have a problem with the front floorboards retaining water. This mean the seals have gone bad around my windshield or floorboards at this time. This is the first major problem that I've had with my SUV.

- Whitney W

2012 terrain: great family car.

We had some problems with the emissions system. But it was an easy fix.. It is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. We enjoy the heated seats. It is very comfortable to drive in. We love the auto opening of the back door. The trunk space is adequate. We have enjoyed the sound system and back seat video screens.

- Kari L

Good but if you have kids might want to go a little bigger.

I love my car but having two kids in car seats it is kinda hard to fit anything else in the backseat. The gas mileage is great I love being able to go see my parents and I having to fill up every two minutes. Spacious in the back hatch but after putting a baby bag and the stroller it does not have any other room.

- Sarah Rose M

We love the car so much, we bought two.

My GMC has never given me any problems. I feel safe and secure in all kinds of weather. Big enough to haul small pieces of furniture but just the right size for the road. My husband liked it so much he bought himself a matching one, although a few years younger. We would certainly buy another one in the future.

- Shawn D

Red 2012 GMC terrain, comfortable seats and great gas mileage.

The seat are very comfortable, which makes it great for when you take long drives regularly. The gas mileage is good for such a large car. Perfect size for a small family. Large trunk that is perfect for grocery shopping. My husband and I always fight over who gets to drive it because we both love it so much.

- Lily H

It has an eco button. It really helps save on gas.

I love that I have an eco button to save on gas. I wish it was a little bigger. I wish it had heated seats and remote start. It has a lot of power. Even when I have the eco button on. Is very comfortable on a long drive. I would like to buy one a little bigger. I will keep this and trade in our older vehicle.

- Rebecca F

It can store a lot in the back and under the seats.

I love the size and space of this car for the price. It lets me feel like I am driving in luxury with a much lower price tag. The main complaint I have is that it gets really hot because of the big, black dashboard and there are no vents in the back so it can be hard to get it to cool off for the passengers.

- Stephanie B

Efficient, knowledgeable and has a lot of space.

I love how much space I have in my car. I can bring a lot of family members and friends for rides. It's also not a sports car so no need to worry about taking off when it starts off. But it's a really great car to have. It's really safe and has a lot of features that help you with information about the car.

- Francisco M

Great, intuitive family car.

I love this car. Everything is very intuitive- the controls are exactly where you expect them to be. For an older car, the technology integration is pretty good. The size is great for us and fits our daughter’s car seat without any problems. Only problem I have with it is that the turn radius is awful.

- Alexis T

All around great vehicle! Gas is good on trips and the car drives smooth!

I love the performance of the vehicle! It drives well gets pretty good gas mileage and give me my family plenty of space. We use the vehicle for long distance and I love the way it drives on long road trips! My kids have plenty of space in the back and leaves just enough space for the dog to travel also!

- Kourtney P

Reliability is awesome for a 6 year old car with over 100, 000 miles on it.

I bought it in 2013 and I would love it if there were updates to match the new technology of smartphones. My Bluetooth system does not always work now that I have a galaxy 9+. Reliability and the overall performance is really good. Comfort level is good and I hardly have any problems with it at all.

- Amber C

Reliable, comfortable and nice looking midsize SUV.

Love it, has been a reliable vehicle for the past 4 years. Lots of room and very comfortable. Perfect sized SUV, not too large or hard to drive. Only thing I would like is if the had a third row of seating. Also enjoy all the add features we got with heated seats, upgraded stereo and tinted windows.

- Crystal H

Stylish, reliable, and user friendly.

Good mileage. Comfortable ride. Reliable. Good design. Just the right size for family, dog and weekend luggage. Left back and height are perfect for loading and unloading. I love the upholstery and stitching. The backup camera, console, as a matter of fact everything on the dash is user friendly.

- Mary V

The GMC Terrain is a good compact mid sized vehicle.

This vehicle perform very well. It has 170,000 miles on it and I have had very little problems with it. This vehicle does feel a little small with a car seat in the back seat. I would not recommend for a family vehicle. This vehicle would be a good vehicle for a college student or young person.

- Madison C

Fun to drive! Great family car. Looks sleek and sporty but comfy to ride in.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Great looking. Great for a family. Able to take our dogs with us on trips as well as our children. Very fun, fast and sleek car. Great get up speed and smooth shifting. Greta price for being completely loaded. Lots of room in the trunk and seating. Fun to drive.

- Emily F

What I like about my new car.

I drive a 2012 GMC terrain. I really like that it's a SUV with great gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. Unlike SUVs of similar size (i.e. Ford Escape) it has a lot of headroom, back seat room and trunk space. The drive is also smooth. It also has a backup camera that is very useful.

- Jenny S

Bought Used GMC Terrain 2012

Good drive. I bought it used. After driving 10 hours straight from Chicago to Washington DC the engine broke down and had to get it fixed. Sometimes the aux cord takes a few minutes to load. Very comfortable. Sometimes engine is a little loud. Fuel usage is good I fill up my tank once a week.

- Hannah D

Great in the snow! Love this car.

Great in the snow! I feel comfortable driving in bad weather because it handles so well. This car is roomy with lists of storage. We take it camping and we are able to put so much gear in it! We have had it for a few years and bought it used. It is kept well and would recommend to anyone.

- Sara G

Great mileage and comfort.

I love it. Rides and drives great! Has a GPS that I totally love. Also has the touch screen which is easier to use. Great gas mileage. Plenty of room. Not cramped up at all. Good size cargo area. Great car to travel in. Holds 3 car seats. Definitely not a mistake in buying it. I love it!

- Melissa R

One highlight detail about my car would have to be the heated seats.

I really enjoy the size of my vehicle. It has a nice sized trunk and is very reliable. My favorite thing about my car would be the heated seats which are a huge bonus during the winter months. I drive 30 plus miles every single day and this car is reliable. I do not have any complaints.

- Brooke G

Our GMC terrain is a car I am proud to own. With the seat heaters.

Always reliable, dependable and nice to drive. Has been our car for several years, we travel by car from state to state for pleasure and is always dependable. . We keep maintenance up on the vehicle so it is always ready for the next trip. Has a lot of amenities for us to enjoy on trips.

- Patricia F

It is a very reliable vehicle.

My car is very comfortable to drive. I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. When I pick up my passengers, they compliment how great my vehicle is. Some even have asked if it was a brand new vehicle. The performance is a little more sluggish than I'd like but it gets the job done.

- Derek K

Very good mid-size SUV, comfortable, good cargo room.

Performance is very good. Mine is a 4-cyl. Still has good pick up. Multi-speed transmission. Gas mileage good, would be better if I drove better. Very comfortable. Many functions for driver information. On-the-steering wheel controls for radio, cruise, etc.., keeps your eye on the road,

- John W

Reliability needs redesign.

I love the smooth ride of the crossover. There is ample leg room for the passengers in the back seat. I do not like the lack of room to place my small purse in the front seat area, if there is a passenger in the car. It is awkward to always reach to the rear seats to retrieve my purse.

- Patti K

I love the backup feature in this car.

I love this car. It dries move. Give me the space I need for me and my family. It's affordable. The special things are included or wonderful such as that GPS and sound system. The safety features are very good. The company that made his car was deathly making his car for our families.

- Jennifer C

Love our terrain, would definitely buy another.

The terrain has been a wonderful family car. It has been very dependable, gets great mileage, has plenty of cargo space and with seats down in back can be configured many ways. We feel it is very safe, otherwise wouldn't use it for our most precious cargo which is our granddaughter.

- Michelle S

It may be 7 years old but still drives great!

My car is a really reliable. It has a few dents in it from a previous owner but that is cosmetic and it ruins great. It also has a hands free option which is perfect for being able to make calls. I love the way it drives and the size of the inside is perfect for passengers as well.

- Erika K

How Good it is on gas and how roomy it is for others.

I absolutely love my Terrain. I love how good it handles in the snow and how reliable it is. I had a Jeep Patriot before and I hated it. I don't think I will never own anything else but a GMC. The only thing that I wish was different was that it was a 6 cylinder instead of a 4.

- Stacey M

Easy Driving like a Truck !

Live the way it drives ! I feel very safe in it ! There is one thing tho the way the windshield is designed to many bugs always cleaning them off! Had an issue with the back lift on the tailgate was leaking fluid when I bought it. Good news is it was repaired and not to expensive!

- Karen C

GMC terrain would you drive one?

Comfortable nice ride good traction great on mileage I would highly recommend this car reliable, dependable I see them on the road a lot. Mine is red and the color is nice. The front grill looks cool and sporty. The only issue I have had is the transmission needed to be replace.

- Rachel P

Perfect small family vehicle

Perfect for our family of four with a large dog. Love all the features and the interior colors are perfect! The leather is great. Love the touch screen and different menu options. Wish it had DVD player in the back. Love the cargo space and the back seat is perfect for two kids.

- Caitlin G

My terrific Terrain makes me feel secure and rocks New England�s winter snow

I love that I feel so safe and secure in my car. It has all the bells and whistles including a back up cam, remote starter, heated seats, and power trunk. It's AWD has been wonderful for New England winters. I get decent gas mileage for an SUV while still having enough pick up.

- Name A

Lay back and take a nap on a very comfy seat.

In the 2012 GMC terrains there is issues with the motor conception with the oil. Other wise once fixed no problem. They have a lot of comfort and a lot of neat features and also performs very will. I would suggest for people to buy a terrain because it is a very good vehicle.

- Elizabeth M

GMC terrain: a great purchase.

I have not had any issues with my car thus far, and it has been seven years. It is very comfortable and spacious for long-distance travel. I have Sirius XM radio which is a great feature to have. The heated seats are very great for use, especially in my region of the country.

- Christine S

the best vehicle I have owned

I love my vehicle I bought it used 3 years ago. I have had no major issues with the terrain except normal wear and tear. Such as brakes oil changes, and tires. The terrain is very comfortable to take on long trips and drives smooth. Lots of room and I don't feel stuffy in it.

- Crystal W

Look at a terrain the next time to trade and be sure to check its price!

Quality for a good price. Trunk space is better than most others. Easy to drive. It also is very stylish. Truly a different looking car. Roomy inside for 4 people to travel. Quality dashboard and interior. We are proud to drive. I have run out of things to say about the car.

- Karen N

Love the body of Terrain, headlights & red interior lights for night driving

I really have enjoyed the GMC Terrain. The only problem I've had so far is an episode of water coming into the front floorboard. A friend cleaned out a line which had collected leaves and that fixed the problem. Haven't had any other issues and no further water leaking.

- Jennifer L

Looks very upscale at an affordable price.

I love my car. It is very comfortable to drive in. Great gas mileage. It is a great vehicle to take on long trips. Plenty of room for 4 to fit comfortably and plenty of backspace to put luggage. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Interior is very comfortable also.

- Gina W

It takes forever to speed up! If you sit in the back, it's possible that you may die of heat stroke before it cools down. Hate that.

There are no backseat air vents. We live in Florida, which means it gets really hot. We have a toddler and an infant and it takes awhile to cool them down. It also takes a lot of power to speed up quickly. I'd prefer something with 6 cylinders and more space in the back.

- Tiffany B

Good leg room, space, and storage.

I like how it drives, I like the ample leg room and space in the front and back rows. It also has good cargo room. The only thing I do not like is there are no a/c vents in the back row, so the kids can get kinda hot, but I think that is common for this style or car.

- Becky B

The style and comfort, color.

No problems, good running car, only oil change, tune up. Very comfortable car, roomy and gas saving, great for trips and long distance driving. Family car, care will run longtime as long as the care is taken care of. Economic was not expensive. Kids love the car.

- Deborah F

This is a very nice vehicle for a single person or a family

This is a great vehicle for single person or family this vehicle has served me well I think that it is very nice it is a good vehicle for a single person or a family. There is really not much more to say this is a very nice vehicle for a single person or a family

- Nicole M

It is very safe. Crashing would less likely hurt someone rather a smaller car.

I like that it has a back-up camera. I like that it has leather seats, they are also heated. I like that is has on star as a safety feature. I love that the radio is touchscreen. The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is that it is big and I am very short.

- Kayla P

Warm butt in winter starts the day off with a smile.

Very comfortable ride, love the Auto Start and heated seats. Dislike the back hatch/opening difficult to carry large items, like dishwasher box. Dislike in summer / warmer weather when you start up the air that blows smells but the dealer says that is normal.

- Tony C

Vehicle has a unique goldish-silver color.

It is very comfortable and fits 4 comfortably. It is a 4 cylinder and drives well with good gas mileage. No problems that have been noticed. It can get you from point A to point B with no problems. It has exceeded over $140, 000 miles but still drives great.

- Hunter M

Engine problems, low mpg, and doesn't handle turns.

I have a 2012 GMC terrain AWD loaded. I had to have seals and pistons replaced. I don't think it gets very good gas mileage. Around 17 to 19 mpg normal driving. It also doesn't handle sharp turns well. It is comfortable to drive as far as the interior goes.

- Dan H

Affordable but luxury for anyone on a budget.

I really like the navigation system in my car. Also I love that I can open the trunk from my front seat. I like the black leather seats with the red trim and the rear back up camera. My favorite part of my car is the remote starts for New England winters.

- Jennifer D

Nothing beats the GMC Terrain. A must buy!!

I love my Terrain! I got it because I felt safe in it and I knew my kids would be safe as well! The body is slim so it does not feel like I am driving around a huge vehicle, but the inside is so spacious! Even the back seat can be extended back and forth.

- Victoria H

I love my GMC, because you have enough room and be comfortable.

I love my 2012 GMC, but one thing that I would like for them to change is to not be a four cylinder. For a SUV like that it sound run better. Every time I step on the pedal it sounds like it is not going very fast. As for the space everything is good.

- Deborah G

Dependable after you work out the kinks.

Lots of mechanical issues and oil leaks, I have replaced lots of things and getting ready to do shocks and wheel bearings. I do love the comfort, roomy and design. If I didn't like that so much I would have gotten rid of it. I also replaced the axles,

- Jean B

The most important thing about this car is that it is family friendly and comfortable, it is also easy to drive compared to similar vehicles of similar size.

I like all the features including the back up camera, the heated seats. I wish it didn't have so many miles on it, but I have only had to do work on it once, so that is pretty good. I do wish I had a little bigger trunk to fit my giant stroller in.

- Rebekah G

Bluetooth: Although it lets you hook up your phone, it does not work well with playing music. I also have to make all my calls from my phone because the voice control doesn't recognize names easily.

This vehicle is great as a daily driver. It has comfortable seats and enough options that the drive is nice. I like the bluetooth option for calling, but it is not compatible for music. There are some pretty large blind spots so that is a concern.

- Kali R

Features and comfort great. But mechanical engineering disappointing.

It had what I believe to be premature mechanical issues that were not covered by extended warranty. Big money out of my pocket. Since than, gas mileage has decreased significantly and other issues are starting to arise. Disappointed with GMC.

- Ryan P

It is a great SUV for someone with a family who does not yet want or need a third row SUV or minivan.

I love the size of the car. The interior is roomy for all passengers with plenty of trunk space for a stroller and groceries. I dislike that it has a couple of blind spots but otherwise love my Terrain and how safe I feel driving it.

- Veronika A

The car has no engine problems, so it is reliable.

The car is reliable and great, but it is an average car. Seats are somewhat uncomfortable. The gas mileage is good but not great. I personally love the height of the car. I personally never liked the height of a car. I prefer SUVs.

- Jesus B

It can come with a back up camera that is invaluable! I can't count how many times the back up camera has saved a small child that was standing behind my car. You can not see under the window in the back but the camera can.

I enjoy how the car doesn't feel cramped. My son is 6'1 and doesn't have to slouch! There is plenty of storage space in the back. I dislike how small the door opens up. It makes getting a wheelchair up to the seat difficult.

- Misty W

There is an ongoing oil consumption issue.

I like the interior and that the car is built well. Limited issues until after 85,000 miles. It does have an oil consumption issue which i do not like because it never hits the 3000 mile mark before it runs out of oil.

- Meredith D

The drives really smoothly. And I love that I can open and close the truck with a button in the car and on my key. The remote start is a life saver.

My old dislike is that there are no heat/AC vents in the back seat. As a mother with a child who must sit in the back seat, I have to warm up/cool off the car before I let my child get in so she isn't cold or too hot.

- jennifer W

It's been a really good car, very little problems and maintenance.

I like the extra space so we can bring home items that would otherwise need to be delivered. What I don't like is that it is more difficult to see outside the vehicle to change lanes or back out of parking places.

- Faye V

that it drives and rides really good. ac blows really cold will freeze you out

i bought this vehicle used a few weeks ago from a dealership. its a 2012 and only has 55,000 miles on it. i love that it has bluetooth calling, back up camera, and looks new even though its an older vehicle

- sherry o

It is reliable, needs maintenance but otherwise, not costly.

The Terrain is comfortable, easy to drive. The size is perfect, big enough for a car seat for our granddaughter, supplies in the back of the car. Honestly there isn't anything that I dislike about the car.

- Judy S

The paint on interior/exterior is cheap - it erodes and wears way to easily.

Nice features on interior. Exterior paint is peeling and eroded due to salt and weathering. Technology for radio/AUX has hiccups a times. Technology for car maintenance, gas, etc. is accurate and reliable.

- Emily F

It is a very comfortable car. Spacious and roomy with a smooth ride.

I like that my car has remote start. In the winter I really enjoy the heated seats. It rides nice. My only complaint is that I wish the back seats laid down completely flat instead of angled up when folded

- Somer G

Goes through brakes and rotors faster than normal.

The vehicle rides smooth. The ac works great, cools the car in minutes. Good gas mileage in the city, approximately 20 mpg. Rotors and brakes wear faster than normal. I wish the vehicle had more head room.

- Dan D

Dependability of GMC terrain.

My car has 110, 000 miles and it has generally been reliable. It does not get the mileage that was advertised and it never did. I had an issue with oil consumption but it was fixed without any cost to me.

- Georgette B

The V6 engine runs great but regular oil changes are important as it eats up oil. No problems as long as regular oil changes are done.

This vehicle is comfortable and roomy. I like the way it drives and capability to pull a trailer. The only downside is the mpg isn't that great but I expected that when getting an SUV so it's no big deal.

- Levi R

It doesn't get as much gas mileage as it says. It also doesn't have bluetooth for music.

I love the space. I hate that there isn't dual climate control seems like my kids are always hot. Wish the air circulated better. Wish my bluetooth worked for my music and not just my phone calls.

- Teirra D

That I am driving and I can't parallel park! Ha! I do wish that it had some sort of a parallel parking thing like new cars do.

I like the size. It is perfect for me. The rear view backup mirror is the best. I will never have a vehicle without it. And now that I know how to use it, I love the bluetooth for the phone!

- Tracy K

It is a gas hog, but it has been extremely reliable.

The vehicle is very comfortable with mechanical seat adjusting and heated seats, visual camera for backup purposes, and leather interior. It though has a downside, it goes through hand.

- Jennifer T

I love the backup camera.

My car has good power. Also has an eco button that helps with rising fuel costs. I have a backup camera. I wish it had heated seats and remote start. But I still really enjoy the car.

- Rebecca F

It's unique that the terrain gets 25 mpg in both city and highway

I like the look, it's not a soccer mom car. It's a little too big when parking. I like having XM radio and seat warmers. People complain about not have ac vents in back seat.

- Wendy C

it takes a better grade of oil, which costs more when you get your oil changed

I like that it is a solid vehicle made in the USA. It is all wheel drive..dependable. the only complaints i have are that there are blind spots it's hard to see over the dash

- Lisa H

Very spacious interior with lots of legroom in front and back!

Rides smooth and decent gas mileage. Looks good. Only bad thing is the rocker panels start to rust at early age. Lots of legroom and lots of cup holders in front and back.

- Laura R

Excellent vehicle. Very spacious for medium sized family.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It runs and drives great. The space inside is exactly what I needed for my family of four. I will be buying a newer one in the future.

- Megan C

It has been a very dependable vehicle and it can transport a lot of stuff.

I like that it is pretty high off of the road. I don't like that it rides rough; like a truck. It is good for transporting articles in that it is pretty big in the back.

- Linda G

The gas mileage is pretty good. It's bulky to park.

I like the comfortable seats and that I can raise and lower the driver seat. Sometimes the car shifts hard, it's done it since it was new. It scares me every time.

- Deb K

Reliability, good gas mileage for its size.

I love how roomy it is inside. The interior is beautiful. I do not like that there is not a 3rd row seating. And I do not like that it does not have a remote start.

- Tara G

Great on ice. Can't stress that enough.

This vehicle is Great on gas, good cargo space, great on ice. The only negative is that the tire monitoring system keeps going out. Overall really good vehicle.

- Jeremy A

It is fuel efficient; you want have to worry about stopping for gas every two days.

The GMC Terrain is a safe vehicle, and is fuel efficient. I mostly like its design, but more recent models are better designed. The vehicle has a good engine.

- Darrell L

2012 GMC Terrain SLT-2; leather interior, sunroof, AWD. Averages about 21mpg (most of which is highway). Comfortable, reliable, no major performance issues or problems

Decent gas mileage, about 21mpg on average. No major problems or performance issues. Comfortable, spacious and full of features. Leather interior, sunroof, AWD.

- Christine H

You will feel like you got your money's worth. It looks very nice on the inside, and people frequently compliment me.

I love the maroon color and all the extras. I have a sunroof, navigation, and a liftgate. My leather seats are black with a red trim and have been very durable.

- John P

If you have over 3 people in your family forget about buying this vehicle.

Dislikes: 4 cylinder, not 4 wheel drive, too small. , no room inside at all. Seats are uncomfortable on long trips. Likes: it is black, nice dash and console.

- Joni S

Tons of standard features, great gas mileage, and dependability for a great starting MSRP

Lots of room for passengers and leg room. Tons of cargo space without being a huge vehicle. Great gas mileage for being a kid-size SUV. Nice standard features

- Cariss M

Check your tires often or have a dealer /tire place do it. We do not drive much which might have caused the slow leaks. System does come with built in tire sensors, but they can go bad also.

I enjoy the smooth ride, great gas mileage and seat warmers. With a mix of auto start and the seat warmers. winter is not so bad. No sitting there freezing.

- tony c

The car gets great gas mileage and does great on road trips.

My car is very roomy and comfortable. The interior is black leather with red stitching around the door and seats which makes it nice. Great gas mileage.

- Tiffany C

The car is a 4 cylinder, so it may not have as much power to pull things and others.

The vehicle is a nice family vehicle. It has plenty of room for storage and seats fold down for more. Nice sound system with XM radio. Overall good car.

- Michael F

It is safe and dependable. It is easy to drive. The computer system is easy to navigate

I love my car. I love that I have heated seats and a sunroof. My only issue is that sometimes my iphone connection doesn't work with the stereo system

- Nicole J

It's a great size SUV for when your family has outgrown a minivan but you still need more cargo room than what you get in a car

I like the way the car handles. I wish it had a little more cargo space I would like it to have an automatic lift gate. Other than that I love my car!

- Lisa C

It has great horsepower for a V6 and drives nice. Corners well and has great longevity with regular maintenance.

The car is comfortable, spacious, drives nice. The price was right for me and came with 0% financing for 60 months. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Tara C

Reliable, transportation with some extras.

Good gas mileage, good for getting to and from work, good for shopping, with room in rear hatch back, not basic, has some extras, and OnStar a plus.

- Donna R

The miles per gallon is amazing !!!

I love the heated seats, auto start, and the entire interior. I love how it handles, especially in winter. I also love the great gas mileage i get!

- Theresa P

Rust has started after 5 years on the bottom inside of the doors.

Love the boxiness of the exterior, the comfort and space inside. I dislike that there was not a 4 wheel drive option and only all wheel drive.

- Danielle H

It is a great ride with plenty of legroom for passengers.

I like the leg room in the back seat. I also like the size- not too big, put plenty of space for what I need. It also is a comfortable ride.

- Deb S

Safety and comfort is number one for me about my car.

Nothing that I dislike. Has a very smooth ride and comfortable seats. Great gas mileage and great looking. Have had a lot of compliments.

- Rebecca G

Sunroof, heated seats, upgraded radio.

Very tough truck, easy to drive. The SUV is a reliable vehicle. Love the GMC product. Vehicle my next vehicle will be another GMC product.

- Troy I

Efficient, appealing, good road handling.

The GMC terrain is low maintenance, is comfortable, and gets good gas mileage. It also a well-designed vehicle, with good safety features.

- Darrell L

It has exceptional interior design.

I like the small compact size, but the usefulness of it being an SUV. It drives smooth. It is also fully loaded. Leather seats and all.

- Jason S

It is reliable, and fuel efficient.

Big enough to take the dog. I dislike the way the back lays down. I do not like it has no power. It has 4 seats and it is comfortable.

- Laurie L

That it is reliable and gets really good gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage it gets. Also love the interior. Also that I get a lot of compliments on the inside and outside of the vehicle.

- Janice L

it gets excellent gas mileage and handles well in all weather types

I have no complaints, i love my heated seats, remote start, keyless entry. i bought this vehicle new and have loved it from day 1 !!

- Theresa C

It is a great vehicle to have.

I like everything about my vehicle, the way it rides smooth to the way it sits up high. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Anthony H

Super, uber cute and very comfortable to ride.

Smaller than expected! But rides nice! I have heard the newer ones are a tad bigger. I have a hard time with see. G the side lines.

- Sue I

The interior of the Chevy Equinox and the GMC are the exact same. The Chevy Equinox is more economical.

I was looking for a small SUV and I really liked the look of the Terrain so I bought it. It fits me well and is very comfortable.


It is not as big as the envoy, which it replaced essentially.

I wish there was more cargo room. I wish the middle seat folded flat. Otherwise I love my vehicle. I wish gas mileage was better.

- Kelly R

i would tell everyone its a very comfortable to ride in

i like it cause it's a nice looking car i like it cause it holds my family members comfortably I dislike it cause its a gas hog

- paula l

Make sure it has enough room for what you need.

It's got 70, 000 miles and it burns oil. Great fuel mileage. Good SUV for a small family. Smooth ride down the road or highway.

- Mitchell A

There are two different batteries in the car.

I wish it was bigger. I would also like to be more eco friendly. My next car will be electric. Cannot wait for the new VW buzz.

- Rebecca F




It is a great ride, rugged but luxurious and very comfortable.

I like the vehicle very much. It looks great and drives like a dream. It has all the necessary technology on it that I need.

- Ruth Y

The brakes are sensitive.

I like the color. I do not like the navigation system. I like the power seats and windows. I do not like the accessibility.

- Barbara S

Back up camera on it touch screen in it love my car

It's red and it a great car drives good works god has a touch screen in it sun rufe back up camera and loud speakers in it

- Lindsey G

The Terrain is a nice looking vehicle and gives a fairly good ride.

The Terrain gives a pretty good ride. It is just the right size for my husband and I with plenty of room for luggage, etc.

- donna b

It burns oil pretty bad and there are no air conditioning vents in the back.

It is silver and very easy to drive. I have never had any big problems with it. It is kinda bad about burning oil though.

- Sky I

GMC Terrain is love for me

We love it! Only complaint is it is a little small for more than one car seat! Otherwise I would definitely recommend it!

- Tara S

Like the gas mileage, size. Don't like the lack of air vents in back seat, reliability, customer service at dealers, not attractive interior.

The gas mileage is good not great, be prepared to fix your car often and not have the support of GM when issues arise.

- Victoria M

It drives smooth and it is a nice size for kids.

It has two shatters in the window. It drives good. Gas is high. The tires are expensive. I like the color and chrome.

- Marissa M

Good gas mileage. Lots of room

Good gas mileage. It has room for the whole family. Good driving in all whether. All wheel drive. Confribal seating

- Steve L

It has great gas mileage and feels comfortable on the inside.

It is good with gas mileage and pretty dependable. But the tires always mess up. But overall it is a great car.

- Blake P

Not a lot of legroom in the back seats. Back and back seat windows are tinted very darkly.

Do not like the blind spots. The back seat windows are very dark. I like the little visor over the radio menu.

- JC G

Its reliable and it gets very good gas mileage.

Love the size of my vehicle. My vehicle is good on gas. My vehicle has a lot of features. It's very reliable.

- Joshua W

It has great gas mileage! That is rare for an SUV.

It is the perfect size. It is good on gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is the layout of the dashboard.

- Jessica K

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It is very dependable & gives us a quiet comfortable ride.

- Janice P

Performance and power make this vehicle a. Vehicle a fun ride.

Very good performance. Great gas mileage. Wonderful features. Have the slt package with leather interior.

- Melvin R

It's equipped with all the safety features. Lots of room for comfort.

Love the comfort . Love the gas mileage. It's very roomy for a smaller car. It's sporty yet not expensive

- Angela M

Does not have 3rd row seating.

No issues, reliable and comfortable. Has no had any major mechanical issues. Lots of convenient upgrades.

- Crystal C

It provides a smooth ride especially on a long trip.

Very comfortable ride, can accommodate 5 people comfortably. Gas mileage is fair. Nice looking vehicle.

- Shirley F

Lots of room and great on gas.

Everything! Its great! Back up camera is great. Heated seats, sunroof, Bluetooth. No complaints at all.

- Rebecca C

There are no air vents in the back in the sle model anyway.

I like the gas mileage it gets. It has not had any issues. It drives quiet and is nice for long trips.

- Amy V

It's a good quality car to have. It takes care of all your needs

I like everything about my vehicle, the way it sits up, how smooth it rides. I dislike nothing really.

- Anthony H

It's a Reliable vehicle and I trust my family when we travel in it.

I like the size and space inside. I have had few manufacturer problems. It's a sharp looking vehicle.

- Heidi M

It handles easily and rides smoothly and is not bad on gas usage, It's a very comfortable SUV

I like the way it drives. Also like the backup camera, GPS system and overall interior of the suv

- Sandy M

Great SUV for anyone. Has lots of room and convenience features

I like all the features that it includes - bluetooth, nav, charging ports, heated seats, sunroof

- Kelly S

Fits my family has lots of room. Good gas mileage. Drives good

It has a lot of room in it fits my family good. It has good gas mileage. Good driving car.

- Steve L

Best midsize SUV on the market. Tons of room and doesn't use that much gas.

I love the size, how it drives and how it looks. It is a great car at its price point.

- Marc M

It has all wheel drive so it is a good winter driving car.

I like the size. I feel very comfortable in it. I wish the inside were a bit fancier.

- Tracy K

That it works best with mid-grade or premium gas. Not regular

I don't have any complaints.. Love the leather seats, navigations, bluetooth, etc.

- Taylor G

Nice car for a road trip, very comfortable.

Very nice ride. Good mpg for an SUV. Good sight lines and nice back up camera.

- Ron F

The most important thing others should know about the car is that it is a reliable vehicle.

Nicely made. Like the looks and style of it. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Eric T

My SUV has been reliable. I've only had to perform general maintenance such as oil changes and new tires.

My car is reliable and safe. It handles well in all weather conditions.

- Gwen L

Drives smooth and easy, very comfortable. It looks and feels like luxury.

Smooth ride. Very comfortable interior. Would like a back up camera.

- Susan D

It is very fuel efficient

Great look Good on gas mileage and is very efficient. A sleek design

- Ron C

it's reliable. have never had any problems with it.

it rides smoothly. it has all the room i need.it's comfortable.

- Staci A

The 2012 GMC Terrain has been a very good vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. It also is roomy for a small SUV.

The most important thing is that it has a 4 star safety rating.

- Jessica H

Good size not too and also has a rearview camera. It is a great family car

Great size and Roomy interior. Drives great. Great family car

- Chris D

Its Reliable and roomy. I can fit all my equipment in it. Great on Gas. Comfortable

Great on gas. Haven't had any issues with it. comfortable

- Edwin G

to use gps features and that you can charge cell phone

i like my vehicle. it has gps back-up camera and it's nice

- Debra M

It has a large trunk. This car can carry a lot in the rear seat but the front is cramped

It is a good size. It breaks down alot. Not great on gas.

- rae b

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, has plenty of room and hasn't had any issues in the years I've owned it.

My vehicle has been very reliable throughout the years.

- Betty B

i feel safe in my vehicle.

feel safe in it. it has good features. nice design.

- Randy D

It's a good driving car good gas mileage

Good gas mileage, drives good, lots of room

- Steve C

Love it for a family truck. I love the drive and the performance.

- Alison F