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Roomy and comfortable, sporty, tough and stylish. Should get better gas mileage.

Hands down this is the nicest vehicle I have over owned. It is stylish on the outside, setting itself apart from other crossovers with more of an SUV stance and styling. The front grill and fenders are very attractive. Inside, it is roomy, comfortably seats five and has lots of room for the driver. The back seats slides to offer a couple options for cargo room with the seats up or down. It is a really nice feature that comes in handy. The cargo area is not as spacious as an SUV but it is pretty roomy. I love the all wheel drive option. The car drives and handles really well, great turning radius and feels pretty tough on rugged streets and surfaces. It is loaded with amenities too, all about comfort and convenience. My biggest complaint is the gas mileage is not that great, only getting about 18 mpg with the ecoboost option turned on which limits performance.

- Ryan B

There is plenty of legroom for back seat riders.

I haven't had any problems with my GMC terrain. I really like the body style. It is navy blue in color, very pretty, it is very stylish which is very important to me. I think the back up camera is my favorite feature, it makes me more comfortable when backing up where there are people and other cars. It is comfortable which is important because I have to take my father to different appointments and I have to have something dependable to make sure he gets to all of his appointments. It has heated seats which is great when it is cold outside. It has a roomy cargo area. I really like this car and would recommend it for anyone.

- Angela F

I love my 2016 GMC terrain.

I really love my terrain! I love that it is so helpful to me. It has onstar, XM radio, which we love and are always listening to, and Bluetooth capabilities. We love that it IS only a few years old too, we have never had such a new car. To is so comfortable, it has many comfort features in the seat adjustments, and for heating and cooling people, the back has a lot of storage for groceries or whatever you may be hauling, you can even fold the back seats down for extra storage. We love the dealership where we got it from too, they were so helpful in getting us into the vehicle. The terrain is my new baby.

- Susie M

This vehicle is junk. I switched from Ford but I will be switching back.

I bought my car, in October 2016, as certified pre owned from the dealership with 17, 000 miles on it. I drive my car a normal amount to work and back and general running around. Last year my car would not get out of first gear took it to the dealership and they had to rebuild the transmission. It still is not right and now it is out of warranty. Also, my battery died less than 2 years owning the car which wasn't covered. I really do not like my car I will be switching back to Ford next year when I have this piece of trash paid off.

- James A

Comfortable, reliable, well handling vehicle.

There is a electrical issue or fuse issue where my dash lights come on and off on their own. I also do not like the heater in this car because it is either too hot or cold. It is hard to get it to regulate. Other than those 2 issues I like the vehicle, it handles nice, it is comfortable on long trips, does well on gas mileage. It is roomy in the back seat. I like the touch screen dashboard. I like the way I sit up above normal cars. I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Tracey S

What I like about my GMC terrain.

I have had my terrain for about 2 and half years. It is comfortable to drive and to ride in. It gets good gas mileage in the city as well as on the highway. It has cloth seats and the front seats are heated. It has been very reliable and I have had no problems with it. I like the availability to sit up to view what is in front of me over a car. I wish I had gotten the automatic lift gate and leather seats though.

- Jeanette B

Why I love my terrain and it is many features.

I love the ride and color. Very comfortable. Reasonable mileage. Very little problems. Handles well in all weather. Good legroom in back seat. Love the option to fold down back seats to haul larger things. It is easy to get in and out of. Not too high so you need a step but not too low to have trouble getting out. Love the navigation and OnStar turn by turn for travel or just around town.

- Gerald B

Sometimes there is a short delay in shifting when you need to pick up speed.

The terrain is super comfy for those long trips and awesome for short trips into town. I have not had any major issues with it since I have owned the vehicle. The only complaint I have is that when I plug in my phone as USB drive it wont read what's playing on my phone which is super annoying when I just want to listen to my own music instead of doing a channel hop with radio stations.

- Ken P

GMC 2016 terrain: fantastic car.

I love my GMC terrain. It is a great car with tons of features and is incredibly comfortable. The only problem I have had with my vehicle is that I have to replace all four of my tires if something happens to just one. My car is all wheel drive, which I am thankful for in the winter, but it is a pain having to spend $500 every time just one tire has an issue.

- Kayla R

This car is spacious as can be.

My terrain is very reliable. It sends diagnostics periodically. It is also very comfortable. I have received many comments from friends and family in regards to its leg room and spacious back seat. The terrain has a very smooth ride as well. I trust this vehicle with precious cargo. The ability to sync my phone with the vehicle is also a nice touch.

- Amanda P

It is very safe to drive...has complete collision curtains on all windows, including side windows, front and back.

It is a Terrain Denali which is the highest level of Terrain money can buy. The engine is very powerful and actually has speedy acceleration anytime I need it. It has all the security features as well, with blindspot warning, backup cameras, side cameras, etc. Also, sunroof, and other nice creature comforts. Complete leather interior is a plus.

- Charles T

2016 black GMC terrain with remote start.

Car has always jolted a lot while driving, like there may be a transmission problem. The car has some pep to it. Relatively smooth ride. Plenty of room for my family of four. Seems to be pretty good on gas. I think it's a classy looking car, but relatively inexpensive. Although I would not buy the car again, I do think its a pretty good vehicle.

- Michelle L

Highly recommend GMC terrain, great vehicle!

Absolutely love my GMC terrain slt. Black leather interior, heated seats and mirrors. Sunroof, automatic rear door lift. Navigation system, reverse camera. Fits both kids car seats with plenty of room to spare. Large gas tank and great gas mileage! Drives smoothly and quietly. So happy we ended up with this car and would recommend it to anyone!

- Lauren D

Added features that I appreciate in my terrain.

One minor problem with the brakes and rotors, but GMC covered it in full. Wish I had more room in the trunk. My Equinox seemed to have a bigger back seat which my passengers miss. No CD player. I really enjoy the cloth heated seats when it is cold. The navigation system has been very convenient. Love the OnStar app where I can start my car.

- Kayla C

Terrain. The terrain is a reliable, dependable car.

I really haven't had any problems with my car. It has good performance, reliability, and good features. However, I miss an SUV that sits higher. I have had issues with my headlight and being able to see distances in the rain and darkness. I had to have the highlights adjusted which helped me somewhat, but it is still hard to see at night.

- Terry J

Handsomely functional. Quality design inside and out.

Vehicle is roomy, comfortable and instrumentation is very easy to use, read and looks exceptionally nice. Seating is attractive and comfortable. Visibility is good all around and the high profile of the car makes seeing the highway. Access in and out of vehicle is easy. The ride is smooth, but the car seems to struggle when accelerating.

- Diana V

Perfect for a small family.

The terrain is the perfect small family vehicle! It is small enough that it drives like a normal car but spacious enough to have 2 cars seats in the back and tons of cargo in the trunk area. This is the 2nd terrain we’ve had and the only reason we’ll upgrade is when we need another row for our growing family.

- Sarah H

5 seater, black, flattering body style, roomy trunk.

The only problems I have had with this car is with the Bluetooth connecting to my phone. I have been in a few accidents (hitting a deer) and the car suffered minimal damage and I was never hurt. The car drives great in bad road conditions such as heavy snow in Ohio winters and I always feel very safe in it.

- mia K

Great gas mileage and vehicle performance.

I recently purchased my GMC terrain. I haven't had any issues with performance or reliability and have been extremely satisfied overall. It is comfortable and spacious and has been an excellent upgrade from my previous sedan. I would certainly recommend buying to someone in the market for a new car.

- Michael C

It is smooth and looks good and has got leg room I like the heated seats.

It is a nice family car, if you are riding in the back seat you get hot in the summer, ac is only in front and does not reach the back end so to try to keep back seat riders comfortable, the driver and front seat rider freeze, other then that it is smooth and it is got good leg room and looks good.

- Reyes M

Navy blues 4 door with sunroof. Plenty of room in the front / back seat of car.

I purchased the car in January 2018. I have had no problems since I purchased the car. I do not particularly like the way the car accelerates. Also there is a blind spot on the passenger side of the car. I have to turn my head, looking out the passenger rear view mirror to see if anyone is coming.

- Beverly B

Low maintenance great gas mileage.

I have not ran into very many problems with this vehicle. It gives me good gas mileage which is appreciated and plenty of room within the car to transport my son. So far this car has been very reliable and has had low maintenance needed to it. I would recommend anybody to buy this type of car.

- Keith R

Medium sized car with a lot of space.

Car drives poorly in the snow or on ice. Other than that it drives smoothly in other areas. It is a comfortable car and has a lot of space for transporting items from place to place. Makes transportation fast and easy. Has back camera and screen to see easily while reversing and touch screen.

- Arianna L

The Terrain is dependable and comfortable. Nice looking to.

We really like the Terrain. It is very roomy. Performance if good and liable. Comfort is the best we've ever driven. We love the backup camera. We have driven this vehicle to Minnesota and South Carolina and we were very comfortable. Will consider this for our next car in the future.

- Les O

Brown GMC, fantastic car for family.

Not too small, fast, and decent tech within the car. Plenty of space and or storage for a big family. Useful for when another car is in use or just want to go on a nice long drive, stereo is loud, able to call via Bluetooth so there is no distraction when driving, mileage is good as well.

- Lauren R

Love all the buttons on the steering wheel.

Great car very reliable, has a ton of room and enough storage for everything. Feels like it would be amazing for kids if you have them. Enough space to be able to take them in and out of the car easily. And still have enough space for groceries or any kind of things you are bringing home.

- Allen H

The 2016 Terrain is ok

Do not know if it is some but something comes out of the vent every now and then. When the air conditioning is on. Not all the time though. It is an ok vehicle don't hate it or love it. Will not be buying the new Terrain do not like it at all. Sometimes it is not big enough for my family.

- Michele C

Gmc terrain. Comfortable car, easy to drive,reliable, good gas mileage.

The terrain is easy to get in and out of, especially for older people. The seats are comfortable, lumbar support can be adjusted to fit each driver. The seat adjustment has a memory for 2 drivers. We have had no issues with performance. The heated seats are great for cold mornings.

- Jan B

More good than bad--but still annoying.

The terrain has a lot of room for a family of five. It is comfortable for longer trips. However, it has not held up considering its age. The blower, in particular, has been a problem. It has been replaced once already and has already gone bad again. This causes leaking in the car.

- Marsha V

GMC Terrains are great for small families

I love this vehicle. It's a reliable vehicle great gas mileage and requires very minimal upkeep. The only problem with this vehicle is how quick my family outgrew it. It's great for small families but when you start adding more family members or pets you don't have enough room.

- Jennifer B

Truck comfort in a luxury SUV!

I have not had any problems with it. I love the comfort of the vehicle but it does drive more like a truck with you are riding in it. If that is not what you are going for then this is not the car for you. A downfall is there is no air conditioning vents in the back seat.

- Danielle S

Sporty but sleek. Does not look like a soccer mom vehicle.

The radio and navigation system doesn't work. It went out and I only had the vehicle for 3 months. It handles really good and has a lot of safety features. Love the seat warmers and it has automatic start which is great on cold days. Very comfortable for long road trips.

- Dawn I

Love the backup camera alert.

Very comfortable; wish it would get better gas mileage; like the lane departure warning and the back up camera; pretty reliable. Minimum repairs thus far; with heated seats in back; little overpriced-can get same features for about $10,000 less; wish it had a CD player.

- Courtney P

Very good compact. Make sure when you get a GPS.

I bought my car used. I do not like the side visibility because the headrest and. Frame of front door are in the way and it is not easy to take a quick look and drive. You have to take your time to make he turn. Also, I would have added more extras if I had the choice.

- Mercy B

I like some features.

Overall nice SUV. Just not big enough for my family. Windows are also very big when it is hot the air needs be on max because gets way to hot. Same with the winter heat needs to be on high. Would not get it again. It is an ok vehicle and I do not like the new terrain.

- Michelle C

The most comfortable car I have had.

There is a transition leak. The tires do slid a little when it rains. But other then that the car has not had any major issues since we bought it last year. It is comfortable and when it is cold out you can warm up your seats. Only the driver and passenger seats.

- Monica C

My car: its nice. A GMC terrain that is green.

It drives nice. Wish the gas mileage was better but I have no real complaints. Color is nothing special, it's an ugly green, tires were giving me problems. It has satellite radio, which is good. Wish the Bluetooth held more devices. I like the car. I really do.

- Max A

The GMC terrain overall appeals to everyone.

Trustworthy car. Makes me feel safe and has a lot of space in both the front and back seats. Only downside is that there are no air vents in the back seat. It has a media screen with a built in backup camera. Blind spot indicators are on the mirrors as well.

- Abby G

It works it works it is good.

Everything is good all is well the moon is made of green cheese I have nothing more to say I have nothing more to say I have nothing more to say to you I have nothing more to say I have nothing more to say I have nothing more to say hey nothing more to say.

- Kevin S

It is rated extremely safe!

I absolutely love my 2016 GMC terrain! It drives more like a truck which is great! I have had this vehicle for 6 months now. I have not had the opportunity to drive it in the snow, but I feel confident that it is going to be the safest vehicle I have owned!

- Jamie S

Best SUV ever for smaller families or single people!

My GMC terrain is amazing. It has lots of room for family, pets or moving items. The leather seats are so easy to clean. The seat warmers keep me comfortable in winter. The road visibility from the driver side is out standing. I recommend this car 100%.

- Sherry P

GMC terrain - comfort & great handling!

My vehicle is very comfortable, I have the slt trim and the leather interior is very soft for long car rides. I love the way my car handles in any kind of weather condition, you cannot even tell it is raining or snowing when there is inclimate weather.

- Ivy K

Half car & half truck. For the girl who can't decide which she wants.

No problems as of yet, I have only had the car 3 months. The cameras make it so easy to drive and avoid accidents. The sound system is amazing. The only bad thing is how expensive OnStar is now, years ago when it came out at least it was affordable.

- Erica B

Good gas mileage and drives well.

I like the navigation system, back up cameras, and push button lift gate. It also has great gas mileage. I do not like that it is not keyless entry, the backseat is not very large (2. 5 seats) and that there are no air vents in the backseat.

- Carrie F

It drives great in the rain and snow.

Our GMC terrain has a very comfortable ride. The leg room is great for my husband who is over 6' 2". The only issue I have with it is the gas mileage. It is not the greatest, but with all wheel drive all of the time. It will have to do.

- Lucy R

It is all wheel drive if you live in an area that get snow in the winter.

The vehicle is a perfect fit for me. Plenty of legroom in the front and back seats. The cargo area is very spacious and the back seats fold down to make even more room if needed. It is all wheel drive and gets about 27 mpg.

- Richard G

Very Spacious and good gas mileage

These vehicles are very good and spacious. They ride really smooth and I haven't had any problems out of my Terrain so far. I got this vehicle to carry ball equipment around for my kids and it has been the perfect choice.

- ashley w

Drives exceptionally well in all situations.

Runs great. Is perfect size not too big but with lots of room. Love the fully opening hatch and fold over seats. I got the bigger motor option and has the power for city traffic and long mountain terrain hauls.

- Pamela G

Safe! Great vision! Comfortable! Great on long trips and easy to control.

Great protection from bad drivers. Good on gas and good vision. Have had no problems with this car. I find it great on long trips and feel very safe. When the time comes for a new car I will get another gmac.

- David W

It is very good on gas for being a midsize suv. It will get you from one place to another as needed

I like that it is good on gas since I commute to work. It also has a large trunk space. I don't like how tight the backseat feels. I also wish it was a smoother drive because it can be scary when its windy.

- rebecca o

Blind spots on both sides of front windows.

I like the way it drives and the smoothness on the road. I don't like the blind spots from a design flaw of the side windows. I'm not a super fan of the size. I do wish it was bigger.

- Shari B

My GMC Terrain is a great car

My GMC Terrain is a very reliable car. It is roomy and comfortable. Sometimes I fold down the back seat which gives me more room for my luggage and/ or groceries. It is a great car!

- Jane G

I love the safety features the car offers. Front crash, lane change, and rear backup cameras are great.

I absolutely love our GMC vehicle. The two tone interior is beautiful and really eye-catching. There are so many features that really make this car perfect for me and my husband.

- Laura J

Back seat is comfortable for adults.

The backseat is spacious. The cargo area is big. It rides quiet and smooth. Wish they had more tan interiors available. Black is terrible to keep clean. Great gas mileage too.

- Lisa F

Great gas mileage and easy to drive. It's comfortable and has heated seats.

I like the navigation system, push lift hatch and back up cameras. I do not like that it isn't keyless entry, the backseat is small and there are no air vents in the back

- Carissa F

It has good gas mileage and a large amount of trunk space.

It is easy on gas, and it the right size. Not to big, and I love the color black. It is smooth when driving and it alerts my/passenger does not not have on a seat belt.

- Kimberly H

It's Comfortable & Economical & A Joy To Drive, All Around GR8 SUV !

I Survived A 5 Car Pile Up & Lived ! My Car Was Totaled ! I Got Out Of The Hospital & Went Right Away & Bought My 2nd GMC Terrain ! We Loved The 1st & Now The 2nd SUV !

- James L

It gets great gas mileage.

Love the cargo room and being able to fit my car seats with ease. I wish there were a/c vents in back as I live in Arizona and its hot for my children in the back seat.

- Erica A

This car has great trunk space, lots of legroom in the back seat and comfy seats in the front.

This vehicle is great on the road and good on gas. The downfall is that I did not get it with four wheel drive. But overall, it is a great car with a roomy interior.

- Kayla P

They shouldn't have changed a thing on it!

This has been the best vehicle we have ever had. It has been flawless in handling and comfort. The mileage has been very good too. Not one problem with it at all!

- Jill D

It's a great family cat for a small family. Enough room for four with room to spare for family trips.

I like that it was one of the larger SUVs to pick from. Don't like that it doesn't have air vents in the back. Engine is too small for the size of the vehicle.

- Ismael Q

If you sit in the back seat, you will be comfortable, even on a long trip.

The terrain has plenty of room up front and in the back. It gets good mileage and looks good. There have been no service issues. So it's economical and roomy.

- Robert T

Great gas mileage and $40 fills the tank Great lease options

Great gas mileage Somewhat comfortable good in the winter for driving easy to find parking for this size SUV.Good height for visibility.Medium cargo storage.

- Judy K

Nice dependable, sporty SUV.

It's a great small suv. The ride is good the body style looks good. It's up to date with usb that links to your pandora or iPod. Perfect for a small family.

- Danielle B

It has lots of safety buzzers that goes off to warn you.

I Like that it is easy to drive. I like that it has lots o safety features. I do not like the leather seats.They are very uncomfortable on longer drives.

- martha h

It had some great features!

No complaints about it except that fires are kind of heavy. I love there are a lot of features that come standard. I. E. Backup camera, OnStar, navigation.

- Barb H

it is extremely fuel efficient. I drive a lot and I fill it up every other week

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. I love the size, cargo space, that it sits up high. It is very comfortable and my dog loves the back seat

- dee l

I Love the Bluetooth system in the car for hands free calling and having Wi-Fi in the car.

I love the GMC Terrain. It is very comfortable. There is plenty of legroom in the backseat. It is very easy to expand the trunk area for larger items.

- Lee B

It's a smooth ride. And good on gas.

It is economic and runs well.. Visibility is not too good and I would have liked more extras, but since I bought used I had no control on the extras.

- Mercy B

It is a compact SUV, but it is spacious and very safe!

I love my GMC Terrain! It was very spacious for me, my husband and my 3 year old daughter. I feel very safe driving it with my daughter in the car.

- Heather L

Its pretty good driving it would be nice if it were third row seating.

I like the extra room it has to carry things. But, there's no CD player and to get one installed its over 1, 000 dollars so I wont be getting one.

- Valerie C

this car is reliable and dependable. I have taken many trips with it. There are no recalls as of yet

v4 engine is weak, it could definitely be a V6 standard. The gas mileage is good for a crossover. It is small and compact. It has been reliable

- Jeane o

Has a back up camera which I really use because of my bad neck keeps me from turning my neck.

It is a pleasure to drive,so smooth on breaking.. Plus lots and lots of safety features. has a back up camera which is so handy with my bad neck.

- martha S

Great gas mileage, excellent storage space

It's realabile and great family car. I love all the amazing features the truck has to offer. It's very sleek when I'm out alone with out my kids.

- Samantha P

Quality of AWD and interior.

It has done a great job in the snow and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the interior. I would like to have a hitch receiver however.

- Silas M

GMC TERRAIN, a great family car

Great seats, good gas mileage, the windshield is large and has a great viewing area. I wish the rearview mirror was a little easier to adjust.

- Angie P

GMC Terrain is the perfect size truck for me

I love my Terrain. This is my 2nd one after the last one was in an accident. It's a great size, has all the features I need and is affordable.

- Victoria R

It is safe: rear camera, airbags, lane alarms.

Like: look, leather seats, cargo space, price, all wheel drive option. Dislike: doors sound loose when closed, vehicle no longer feels tight.

- Erica N

It is easy to get in and out of and is easy to drive and park in spaces.

It is easy to handle and is very comfortable for riding and taking long trips in. Only complaint is that there is no air vent in back seat.

- Pat D

It's a well made overall great car that I enjoy driving.

I like my GMC because it is comfortable and roomy and I have no complaints. The only thing they could improve is reach space to the display.

- Nunyo B

It's reliable and customer service has been very good.

I like gmc. It is my first ever gmc and domestic make and am very happy with it in general. I'd consider gmc as a next vehicle purchase.

- Tracy K

It is easy to drive. But very hard to get in or out of

It is hard to get in or out of the SUV. Would trade it in a instant. Only keep it because my husband likes it. I am Looking for a corvette

- Barb O

It still runs and has served me well, as Corollas have a tendency to do.

It is too big for me because I have no family. I can't park it correctly since it is so wide. It makes weird noises underneath of the car.

- Frankie C

Security, ergonomic, economic!!! Beautiful design!!!

I totally love the design, it's an economic, and ergonomic vehicle. Secure vehicle for the weather conditions that we have in this state.

- Mayra Z

It drives smooth and is safe.

I like the look of the SUV. It has all the accessories I requested. And it drives really smooth. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Jamie D

I have more problems with it than with our other cars.

The blower leaks constantly, and it has already been replaced once but did it again right after. The electrical panel is "fried, " too.

- Marsha V

Probably the most interesting item on the train would be the built-in navigation.

The terrain seems to have blind spots it has no get up and go. It is a nice size for a small family or if you have children in sports.

- Heather M

It's very spacious for a small/midsize suv.

I like all the power features it has. I really like the body style of my vehicle. Like that it is all wheel drive for winter driving.

- Kari H

Great economical value for the vehicle in the SUV class.

I Love that it is spacious and & roomy, but not too big. Good vision & no blind-spots. Economical in financing & good gas mileage.

- Jenna M

I Love my Terrain Denali!

Great size! Love all of the extra features and gadgets! The heated seats are an amazing addition. Wish it had a fob instead of key.

- Kris S

It is a safe car with good safety reviews.

Love everything, easy & fun to drive. I feel safe in my car. Not too big but just right size for 2 people. Glad we bought this car.

- Pam T

This is a very safe and reliable vehicle, and good on gas.

I dislike that I went with the stock vehicle. I would have liked to get it a little more loaded. Other than that, it is a nice car.

- Brian K

Comfortable, Relaxing, Safe Car

I love the back up camera and the newer technology with GPS, radio. etc. I feel safe and easy to control. I have no complaints

- Ashley C

It is very reliable when you are reversing.

The vehicle is very good for long trips and has a lot space if you do travel a lot. It is very good on gas and lasts very long.

- Israel P

The car is dependable and looks good.

Like. Good gas mileage, sits slightly higher than car, back seat slides forward to make larger cargo area. Dislike. Nothing.

- Donna W

the style ,car is very roomy fit five adults well.

great gas miles,big and roomy,great gm discount so the price was very good,my insurance rate was also good for an suv car

- lou m

Enough cup holders in the car.

It rides very smoothly. The gas is good on it. There is enough room for the long legs. The back handles a lot more space.

- Carolyn P

Reliable transportation that is flexible enough for a busy family.

Nice size, fair amount of interior room, decent gas mileage, nice looks. The seats could be a little more comfortable.

- Anthony A

I can fit a lot in it. It is very comfortable.

I like the size, color, performance. Wish the gas tank was on the drivers side. Good engine. I just drive the car.

- Ellen J

Better Response time needed

Response from engine is good, but controls like a/c do not respond quickly when trying to turn them up and down.

- Dana I

It is big. Hard to drive and hard to park. I would never buy this brand again. And I always buy GM cars or trucks.It is well made. But very difficult to drive and par. I hate it but my husband loves it

It looks nice and there is lots of room. But it is very hard to drive. Way too big. I would trade it in a minute

- Barb H

Very reliable. In the three years I have it there have been no problems.

Love it! Drives great, roomy but not too big. Love the body style and color. Gets good gas mileage for the size.

- Jill M

it drive well. I have had no issues with this car at all.

no problems really love very roomy and drives smooth the seats are very comfortable. I really love my Terrain

- Amy K

It has fairly good gas mileage on the highway. recently took a trip and got almost 28 miles per gallon

It is a very pretty car. It is black but in some lights looks purple. good gas mileage. has a lot of amenities!

- Lora A

Literally never breaks down. Doesn't wear out fast.

Drives well. Not too big for long trips. Could have more legroom in 2nd row. It's a little cramped for adults.

- Pam G

It is very safely built! I feel completely safe having my 3 year old in it.

My GMC Terrain is maroon in color. It is perfect for our family of 3. It makes me feel safe with my daughter.

- Heather L

GMC Terrain is amazing! Get one

I love my new car!! It's the perfect size for me and my family. The eco mode is great and helps save on gas.

- Lisa m

That the gas mileage isn't the greatest compared to some other SUV I've had previously.

I like the truck itself but wish the miles per gallon was higher. It's a little expensive to fill the tank.

- Jean P

The absolute amount of space In it.

It's roomy and easy to drive. Plenty of room for passengers and the seats fold down for storage if need be.

- Jerry S

Perfect midsize SUV all terrain yet luxury feel from the inside out.

Love my terrain Denali everything I need in a vehicle. Perfect mid size leather seats comfortable perfect.

- Kristen V

Very comfortable when traveling long distance.

Terrain does not set up high like my last car.. But I like because it has all the bell and whistle on it..

- Virginia D

In my opinion it is a very decent car. It is spacious, and has some nice amenities.

It is fine, it gets the job done and has amenities I enjoy but there is nothing I really "love" about it.

- Megan S

Is not locked and stay lock until I put in park.

Space handles good back up camera. Good sounding radio. Ok on gas sunroof. But the gas cap does not lock.

- Mary F

Heated seats and sunroof. Great cargo space. Great color

My Terrain is everything I expected it to be, it hauls and is comfortable. Would like better gas mileage.

- Debi W

It is exactly what I wanted and needed. I'm glad that I bought it.

I love it. It has just the right amount of room. It requires little maintenance. I love the look of it.

- Stacey B

It is good on snow and ice.

The backup camera is large and my GMC terrain is good on the snow and ice. I like how reliable it is.

- Michelle G

Reliable not a gas guzzler

Comfortable reliable easy to handle in all weather. Can see the road easily Good gas mileage

- Brian B

It's a smooth ride but the handling isn't all that greAT IF ID KNOWN THAT WOULD OF PAID A LITTLE MORE FOR SOMETHING BETTER

i like the size. gets good gas mileage and great interior but the handling isn't all that great

- kendall b

It's reliable and sleek. I feel safe in it when driving

I like it fits my whole family comfortably. It's reliable and stylish. All wheel is a plus.

- Stacy O

That's it's safe for my kids and myself and for my entire family.

I love my car. It has xm radio. And more safety features than I can even start to list.

- Jennifer P

Comfortable ride and no problems requiring service from dealer.

Has been very reliable: no problems at all. Good gas mileage. A very comfortable ride.

- Al B

It is very easy to handle, and feels very safe when you're driving it.

It's very smoothly. It also handles very well and we have had no mechanical problems.

- Justin D

it is a general motors product. it is a secure ' reliable and safe vehicle.

it has great take off it has an abundant of space great on gas mileage smooth ride

- paulette z

It is the perfect size suv for a small family. It is also very good on gas and rides so smooth.

I love the remote start. The navigation and bluetooth are also extremely convenient

- Priss R

The features it comes with are good, including OnStar.

Inside is roomy. It gets good gas mileage. The features it comes with are good.

- Elizabeth M

Last for a long time, holds up well and comfortable

Love this car, very comfortable and easy going. Has all the up to date features

- nicole a

It rides smooth and it is comfortable to ride in. I recommend

I love the Jeep aspect. I hate the back seat is too small. I want an 8 seater.

- Bryant J

Nothing much about anything in particular, gets the job done

Like holds up to side crash collisions Easy to handle Nice size, not too big

- Sue S

It has heated seats, fabric seats, and easy to maintain.

Big enough for the family, technology is nice but no CD player is not fun.

- Brittney H

the storage space in the hatch is not very big and could be bigger

it is a little smaller than I would like, but perfect for our family

- l w

It's a 4 cylinder and there is no CD player. Sometimes the screen says error or enter pin I have no idea what this is. I reset it by shutting the car off and turning it back on

The body dents very easily The radio could be a better sound system

- Kelly G

It has got power and goes fast. I don't know if anyone really cares

It drives like a truck and whoever designed it doesn't drive much.

- Mary S

I have over 100,000 miles on my car and have not any problems with it

It runs smoothly. Has plenty of room for passengers. Looks sharp

- Jennifer G

it is all wheel drive and has a lot of power.

it has a style. it is all wheel drive and can get around places.

- jason M

onstar works an it already as it has come to our aid

it has our needs and what we wanted safety color on star

- jeanine u

Handles well in all weather conditions and is a nice ride for an SUV

I like the truck, but wish it had better fuel mileage.

- Jean P

it rocks and look great. good gas mileage and so comfortable

It is the perfect size , Not too big , not too small

- ross B

easy entry for all senior citizens

easy to enter and leave. Comfortable. large storage

- Judy K

handles well and with ease

i like everything dislike nothing would buy again

- david W