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I have a 2017 GMC Terrain and it�s my families fifth one! We love them.

I absolutely love my GMC Terrain. It is my second one and my husband's third one. It drives so nicely and it's easy to get in and out of. I love how easy all the controls are to work and I love how comfortable my kids are in the backseat even in there car seats. The truck is roomy and so is the front seat. I like all the controls on the steering wheel to make controlling the radio or my Bluetooth easier. All the color sections are nice and I love the chrome finish on mine. It makes it look really nice with the extra details. I love the remote start for the winter and love how I can warm up my car. The push button to close the trunk is amazing too especially when my hands are filled with groceries and children. I obviously love the car since it's the fifth one for my family and both my husband and I drive one!

- Kerry M

Good car for family of 4 that likes to roll the windows down!

This car is great size wise however we wish it was a little bit wider. The back seat has enough for two car seats comfortably but not three or two and a person in the back. I love the most that the back seat can scoot forward and backward. Another downside is the seats have some sort of pattern on them that makes it extremely uncomfortable when you're wearing shorts. When you stand up there is a pattern imprinted on the back of your legs and it looks horrible. The car gets pretty good gas for an SUV but the ECO option doesn't have that much of an impact on the gas mileage and I wish it was a little bit better. With such bad gas mileage I would also think the air conditioner would work a bit better but on full blast it barely cools down the back seat.

- Christine D

GMC terrain review - the good and the bad.

I really love my car. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. It has great features, and my seats are nice. The only issue with the car is that the back windows are extremely small so it makes it hard to see out - without the built in sensors I think I would have already been in many accidents due to the small windows. There are sensors in the mirrors that tell you when a car is within the blind spot and I have to rely on those basically 100% before I change lanes. Living in traffic-filled New York this can be a little scary. This vehicle is much easier than my previous vehicle, however, which was a Chevrolet Silverado. I have much more control and easier ability to turn and make smaller more precise movements.

- Madison M

2017 GMC Terrain. My car is red in color handles extremely well.

I really like my 2017 Terran. In the three years I have had It I have had no problems with it. The performance it has is great. Most of my driving is local and not more than 15 miles but I have driven it on a couple of trips and it was great. I have never been uncomfortable in my car. I have leather heated seats and they are great. On my next one I would like to have the air conditioned seats as well and the heated steering wheel for the cold weather. I would get 4 wheel drive the next time over 2 wheel drive just because of the area I live in for winter driving. I leased this car and my lease is almost up. I intend to buy this car when lease is up. It is a great car and just the right size for what I need.

- Ann H

Comfortable SUV with a finicky entertainment console.

My 2017 GMC terrain is a wonderful SUV. It performs well, handles the road well, and is great in all kinds of weather. I have had the car for a year and haven't experienced any malfunctions. The terrain is very comfortable and quiet on the inside. It also cools and heats quickly. The only problem I have with the 2017 terrain is one of the entertainment features. It does not automatically connect to the Bluetooth on my phone. It takes a bit of work to get my Spotify app to play through the stereo on the car. It would be much better if the Spotify app was available on the dashboard entertainment console. Otherwise, I am really glad I made the decision to purchase the terrain.

- Holly M

My 2017 GMC terrain highlights.

It has Sirius XM radio dashboard only, no CD player. Has AUX and USB port. Has rear camera that comes on when backing up in reverse. Has power windows and door lock. Automatic transmission. Power seat adjustments. Can display vehicle information like tire pressure and speed mph on screen behind steering wheel by fuel meter. Has OnStar. Automatic lights come on when dark. The windshield wiper is either too slow or too fast when used but can be done manually. Interior lights can turn on automatically when door opens or can be set to stay off. Speaker sound system can be better. 2 wheel drive.

- Mal B

Overall, seems to be a reliable car however a bit small.

On my terrain, the performance is good; the reliability is good; the comfort is average. With the average rating, I mean that the driver’s seat seems too hard. It becomes uncomfortable if driving for 2 to 3 hours. After having it for a few months, it seems to be too small for what t need. Also when putting the back seat down, the back storage area is not flat for ease in loading any needed gear or general item. The gas mileage is good. It has a lot of pep but also is a bit jerky because when you step on the gas pedal a bit hard, it shifts down very quickly and jerks.

- Linda P

The perfect car for my job and just about anything life will throw at me!

My vehicle is very practical for myself and my lifestyle. I love going on trips, so driving an SUV, I never have to worry about whether or not our luggage is going to fit. There’s also plenty of room in the car! I am a nanny, so I am driving kids around all day. I feel very safe in this vehicle and the children love to make a game of jumping out when we arrive at our destination. I recently moved to a new apartment and this car was perfect for transporting all my stuff. The back seats fold down giving me more space to fit some furniture and boxes.

- Sally M

Having a blind spot detector and a back up camera is like having an extra set of eyes.

I have wanted a suv for years but was afraid I wouldn't like it after getting it but I love it. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The back seats fold down for more cargo space. When I first got it new off the lot, I had a problem with the transmission but the dealer fixed it and I haven't had any problems since. One of the features I like is the blind spot detector. It is like having an extra set of eyes. The back up camera is a plus also. I like the shape of mine and am disappointed that they have changed it so not sure I will buy a new one.

- Shirley B

My GMC terrain 2017 highlights and personal details.

I like the color. It is dark blue. It has four doors and a rear door that opens upward. It has automatic windows and door lock. You can lock the windows so only the driver and make the windows go up or down. It is great for me and my kids. The backseat can move forward and backward a bit for more space. The backseat can go down to make more room for the back area. It has Sirius XM radio that you can subscribe to. It has an AUX port and a USB port. I can play my iPhone from the usb. The stereo sound system is not that great though.

- Valerie B

Stylish without sacrificing comfort or reliability.

I really love my 2017 GMC terrain. It is super reliable and I have never had any problems with it. The only money I have had to put into it has gone towards routine maintenance. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is great to fit my family in very comfortably. Everyone always wants to take my car places. It feels very new and up-to-date and it is a very stylish car as well. I hope to have this car for a long time and I love it so much, I could see myself continuing to buy the same model in the future.

- Madison H

My terrain is a good compact SUV for my family.

My vehicle is nice and looks and runs good. It is small and compact but comfortable. It has many features and technology. The console has digital viewing and the radio has a screen and has Sirius xm. I wish it still had a CD player but it does have an AUX input and USB input. I like that the backseat can be adjusted to make more leg room. You can pull it forward or back and can go down to make more trunk space. It also has a rear view camera that comes on when your backing up.

- Jen B

GMC terrain with front end collision and lane departure features.

I have owned my GMC terrain for just under a year now and I've loves it so far. When you lay the back seats down it has a very open concept which has been great since I travel a lot in it. So far I haven't had any mechanicals problems with it. The only technical problem I have had is with the Bluetooth connectivity to my phone. Anytime I make or receive a call there is at least a five second delay in the connectivity.

- Katy B

GMC terrain- great family car.

Great car for the price. Exterior looks very nice. Inside is very durable, the kids are rough on it. Great cargo space, second row moves forward or backward for more leg room. Have not had any issues with the car mechanically. The gas mileage is good in the city around town. Excellent gas mileage on the open road. Nice amount of upgrades for price point with backup camera, XM radio, Bluetooth and ice sensors.

- Kristina B

Stylish and sleek family vehicle. Very spacious, comfortable, and reliable.

This is the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's very reliable and comfortable. It's pretty roomy as well. My husband and I have gone road tripping with our 3 dogs and still had enough room for luggage and to lay the back seats down to make a little bed. I just wish that I was able to play music via Bluetooth, there were AC vents in the back, it had a sunroof, and the seats had heat warmers on them.

- Caitlin B

The car comes equipped with Onstar and it's own phone. Very important safety items.

My terrain is so comfortable to ride in. Both front seats have push button seat controls, so easy to change positions and stay comfortable. The vehicle sits high, that makes it easy to see the road. The terrain has built in Gps. What a great item for traveling, no wires to deal with. It makes it so easy to find restaurants, motels, fuel, etc. While on the road especially in unknown areas.

- Diana t

GMC terrain is an excellent choice for seniors,

Love my gas mileage! Like the back up camera! We have experienced no problems with our car! We regret not getting the power passenger seat! We do not use the sunroof, so that would be something we will think about the auto tailgate is a plus for seniors! The seats are very comfortable and the navigation system helps when traveling in new areas. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Diane B

Vehicle features on Chevy Trailblazer

The vehicle drives well. It is fairly quite which is nice. I like sitting higher so visibility is good. The phone app that remote starts the car and the ability to have a Wi-Fi are favorite features of mine. I also like that I get warnings on maintenance. I do not like that if the back windows are rolled down and the front aren't, there is a terrible vibration that kills my ears.

- Kathy F

Love the safety features and the back up camera.

Great vehicle decent gas mileage for the size rides smooth and has plenty room in back seat for 3 adults to sit comfortable. Great for trips rides very smooth and sitd very comfortable when in motion. Would recommend this car to anyone. Goes great in snow with all wheel drive. Love the leather interior and heated seats in front. Love the safety lights in mirror also great car.

- Mary B

Great car with bad sensors.

It drives well. My main issue with the car are its sensors. My engine light and tire lights are always on. After taking it to the dealer for check ups they determined it is my sensors that need replacing, and those are not cheap. It runs well and for its size it has great gas mileage. My back seats are very roomy which is great for traveling with kids, or for tall people.

- Fern C

How well I like my vehicle.

It is easy to drive and rides very nice. Very few blind spots. I love that you are sitting up high. Has wonderful power. Very easy to get in and out of it. I feel safe driving it. I like the color and all the windows. Plus I have a lot of room. It has just the right amount of goodies in it. Plus it is very quiet and you hear very little road noise. Has plenty of legroom.

- Marie M

2017 GMC Terrain great car. Love mine.

Love my 2017 GMC Terrain. Drives great and has everything I need in a vehicle. Very comfortable ride while driving on trips. Don't much care for the 4 cylinder motor but after getting going it picks up and will go the speed we need. Really like the controls being on the steering wheel. Only thing I wish it has os the navigation. It doesn't work unless we get the OnStar.

- Lisa W

Just a simple clean vehicle.

This car is perfect for just about any family. It comes with heated seats electric everything from reclining seats to power windows to a LCD screen in the center dashboard as well as a awesome sunroof. The car is a slick clean black with a tan leather interior definitely recommend this vehicle for anyone that wants a very nice and fashionable vehicle.

- Chase J

Quality ride, reliability, and handles any road conditions.

Vehicle has a lot of legroom! Comfortable seating in the front and back of vehicle. Handles all road conditions and has a sturdy wheel base. Sound system is high quality. The color of the vehicle is current and hub caps are cool. This is a quality vehicle with a 4 cylinder with a turbo. The engine is too small for this size vehicle in my opinion.

- Steph S


I love my GMC Terrain it's easy on the road, great on gas and rides smooth. It has a very spacious back seat and also a good trunk size. The trunk is extra spacious and it fits a lot of stuff. Also it is very spacious for the passenger side and has a lot of storage space in the glove compartment and also has a port to charge USB in the back

- Natalia M

It is a comfortable car to travel in.

I love my GMC Terrain because it is very comfortable to drive. It is also a wonderful car to travel in. The design is very driver-friendly and it is quite roomy for passengers with luggage. I have traveled extensively with this vehicle since I purchased it two years ago. Would highly recommend this car. I really do not have any complaints.

- Laura K

Our GMC Terrain (2017) SLT

It's really not mine, I drive it but it's actually my husband's . He bought the Terrain last year and we had no issues with it. We live in the Midwest and it drives really well in the winter. It is good on gas mileage and very comfortable. During the summer, the air conditioning works fantastic and we have had no complaints with it all.

- kathy D

Gmc evaluation. It is a dependable vehicle.

I like the vehicle size but not the engine size. I am used to more power. It has been dependable and the gas mileage is good. I have had a few mechanical problems but were covered under warranty. Not sure I would buy this model again since it does not have as many options on it as I have had in the past on other vehicles..

- Nick G

Dependable and comfortable car.

It is very dependable, drives smoothly, very quiet and spacious. Great gas mileage for an SUV. I wish that the Bluetooth could play music and there were air vents in the back seat, but overall great car! Our dogs love it and have plenty of room to lie down. I wish that the seats would fold all the way down, but great car!

- Allison S

It drives well in the snow. The backseat slides forward or backward.

I love the comfort and adjustments to the driver's seat. It is big enough for me to travel with my supplies but small enough to fit in tight spaces. I dislike that air continually blows even when. The air and hear are off. The light sensors o the mirrors go off when its raining or snowing and there is no car next to you.

- Emily T

GMC small SUV, great truck with lots of options.

Other than the small truck space, the vehicle is very reliable and drive really well. There is plenty of legroom in the back for tall people, which I have in my family. The added features are great as well. I enjoy the navigation system, rear camera with alerts, side view alerts and the option to use manual or automatic.

- Christina T

Spacious arm rest compartment. It's very deep storage space for various items.

This vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive. I love the heated seats and the roominess of the vehicle. I love the way the back seat lays down to extend the trunk space, making it easy you load a lot of items. I love space in the trunk, perfect for grocery. Body style is very nice and compliments are given often.

- Angela B

A good SUV for a small family

I like my car but there are some issues. I do have issues with it when I step on the gas like the car has trouble going. I do wish it had more safety features. It is comfortable in the back seats. There is a lot of space in the trunk. It is a good car for a small family but I wish I could have gotten a different car.

- Jackie M

Just bought and still loving

We just bought the car, so I don't know how it performs from my standpoint. But I love the way it drives. I love how I feel in the seat. The windows go down all the way in the back and that is something I really like as well. This is the first car I've had that was hands free calling and it's great. Also had OnStar.

- Casey G

The Terrain is reliable but definitely not a fun car to drive!

The car has over 50,000 miles and has not had any problems or issues to date. It is comfortable enough but the main reason I'm not more pleased with it is the engine performance. It is very underpowered and can be frustrating to drive at times due to this. The transmission is not very smooth and sometimes catches

- Andrea H

Comfortable GMC Terrain SLT

My car is reliable and comfortable. It allows me to transport items without the need of a truck. My SUV is reliable and built comfortable to drive for long and short periods of time. The addition of several options for safety assist me as a driver when in traffic to maintain control and awareness of other cars

- Paula B

Love the look of my GMC and it's comfortable ride.

It has a very comfortable ride and is roomy, with storage space in the back. It is good looking. The gas mileage for this type of car is good. It has plenty of pick up when needed. It has the features that I need. The only downside to it is that the back is heavy to lift up, as I do not have a power lift.

- JoJo M

The GMC Terrain is a good vehicle for travelling, you will never be lost.

My Terrain drives smooth. I wish it did get better gas mileage. It has plenty of room for passengers. Needs more room in the cargo area. It has Sirius XM radio and OnStar. This helps a great deal with figuring out where to go when traveling. I have had trouble with the XM radio not getting signal.

- Amanda E

The GMC terrain is a small but powerful SUV.

My GMC terrain is a smaller SUV, but it still has plenty of interior room.. Lots of head and leg room and a good sized hatch for carrying cargo. It is comfortable on a long trip, and fun to drive around town on short trips as well. It is stylish and modern looking. I really feel at home in my terrain.

- Jenny S

Easy to get in and out of. Handles well in the snow. Sporty. Basic model.

This car is very practical, it is easy to get in and out of, handles well in the snow, sometimes a little slippery in the rain, drive slow and let others pass you as need be. I think it is a sporty SUV, depends on the model you get. I wish there was more for passenger use, it is basic in that manner.

- Jean O

Zipping around town in my GMC.

I love the quick pick up of the car. I zip around town happy as can be. The only drawback is that the energy saver can only be overridden by press l nine times. Living in Florida doing around town driving I cannot have the a/c powering down. The seats are comfortable and drivers console convenient.

- Julie C

It tells you digitally how many MPH you're going!

I love how roomy my GMC Terrain is! I have not had any problems whatsoever with my Terrain. I do wish there were A/C controls for the back of the vehicle. It's hard for people riding in the back to get much air flow. The Terrain gets pretty good gas mileage for being an SUV! I love my GMC Terrain!!

- Brandon S

Love exterior. Interior is okay.

Trunk too small! Not as spacious as I thought it did. Pros are it's an easy ride, very comfortable. I love the exterior look of it. The back up cameras are nice. The reliability seems good as well as the gas mileage. As my family grows we will outgrow this. Hoping they make a bigger trunk space!

- Ashley M

What I love about my GMC terrain.

I love my GMC terrain because it has a beautiful and durable interior, I love how easy the menu features are to follow. My favorite thing about it would have to be that you can set the dash screen to show your speed digitally. I do wish it had a little bit bigger of a backseat for car seats.

- Gabrielle S

GMC terrain is a great vehicle.

I love the body style and durability of my vehicle. It has almost all of the features I was hoping for. I would like to have added the navigation package and the upgraded options package, but for a base model, it has been a nice vehicle. I like the inclusion of OnStar and Sirius XM radio.

- Gretchen C

Why I love driving a terrain.

I have had my car for a year and a half, I bought it new. So far I really do not have any complaints. It gets pretty good gas mileage for its size (average about 25 mpg) and it is so spacious on the inside. I have 2 dogs and we love being able to take them and still have plenty of space!

- Han B

It great just a couple flaws that can be changed at purchase!!

Rides very smoothly. Only 40$ for gas which is really good. Which there were more color options. Also back is kind of tight for children's car seats. Has Bluetooth features, wish I would have gotten the push to start instead of standard everything. Other than that really good vehicle .

- Leslie M

Loving my almost new GMC terrain.

My terrain is very easy to drive. The extra comfort of the seats makes the drive even easier. I also love the touch screen it links to my phone and that is a plus, having never had a vehicle that would do that. It has a lot of features but not so many that an older person cannot grasp.

- Debbie W

Our vehicle is a 5 seater that is very spacious with comfortable seating options

We have noticed difficulty with the rotors and have had to have them replaced 3 to 4 times. There is blind spot in front left of driver side by windshield for me! Other than that we love the vehicle, it is very comfortable and spacious! There is plenty of trunk space for our needs.

- Molly L

Reliable and sleek looking vehicle.

Never had any issues with my GMC terrain. Reliable and sleek looking. Heated seats and Bluetooth connection to my phone are my favorite features. The only thing I would change about the vehicle is to make the back seat larger. It gets very tight with car seats or more than two people.

- Brittany G

It hugs the road well and the dash is inviting and fun.

I experience electrical shortages with the car- the radio and USB not connecting always for my music. Also has a 4 cylinder... it is very slow and has little pick up, which makes accelerated highway driving difficult. It is a great size and I feel very comfortable driving it though!

- Jennifer G

Would purchase another one in the future.

Great vehicle! Really wish it was a 6 cyl. The get up and go really isn't there. It drives and rides really smoothly. I would of liked a 3rd row seat, but they didn't offer that when I purchased my vehicle. After owning it for over a year I would purchase another one in the future.

- Jennifer J

Excellent family vehicle. Would purchase again.

Very reliable. Great for long road trips. It has been very good I am getting through heavy snow. The traction control has been a lifesaver on ice in Iowa. We would purchase this vehicle again as a family car. I love sitting up higher, as I have back pain and it is easy on my back.

- A F

I like that it has buttons that make life easy.

I like the leather interior of my terrain. It is makes it feel very luxurious and the new car smell lasted for a very long time. Also, the speaker system that came with it is nicer than most stock systems. It also has a ton of room! I can fit all of the things I need to transport.

- Jess H

An awesome ride for drivers of any age.

The only problem that I have ever had with this car is that the front shocks went. I believe it was due to road conditions. Other than that it has been awesome. Enough room for a group of people to travel and still have enough room to spread out as well as traveling with luggage.

- Maria K

Great on the go vehicle for moms

I love my Terrain! There is a ton of space in the back for storage and the back seats fold down easily! The only thing that I wish was different is I wish the back seat was a little bigger. Other than that, it's awesome. My children's car seats fit perfectly with ample leg room.

- Amanda H

Reliable and gas efficient.

Great comfortable car with lots of legroom. Also great on gas and safe. Has lots of great features like a backup camera, OnStar, and 4 g Wi-Fi capabilities. It also has lots of storage space in the back. It's a great compact car while still being big enough for kids and storage.

- Ruby P

Interior is extremely comfortable and easy to clean.

It does not have a Bluetooth feature for music, only for talk. Other than that I love everything about my car. It is very reliable, comfortable and has a smooth ride. It is a lease and I have not had any issues with it after two years in which I needed to contact the dealer.

- Amy L

Safe and reliable with a great look

I love the style of my vehicle. It is comfortable and fits my needs and is safe as well as reliable. If I could change anything it would be that it has a larger trunk, I wish it had navigation, and since it is a 4 cylinder it's not exactly the quickest car to merge with.

- Kendall R

How my terrain feels and what it offers.

The terrain runs very smoothly, very reliable, great on gas, can count on the navigation system along with crossing line warning. Seating is comfortable, has heated seats which is a plus. Would not trade for anything else. When ready to trade in will get a GMC terrain.

- Cynthia K

So to summarize my car I would so go get one if you're looking for a new car.

I haven't had any problems with it. I got back in January of this year and I love it. I would recommend anybody to get a GMC. It's very reliable and super safe. It has Bluetooth so it's completely hands free, built in GPS and Wi-Fi. It has OnStar to but I don't use it.

- Brian A

Terrains are comfortable and easy to drive

I love my Terrain. The seats are automatic and it's easier to get comfortable. The back is big enough to carry what I need but if I do need more room the back seats let down. It gets good gas mileage and it's easy to drive. My car is safe and the kids love all the room

- Lora P

Good ride very roomy will probably move up to a 2019 m0del.

The terrain is a very a comfortable SUV to drive' the only issue I have is that it does not have a lot of pep when starting out. Once the terrain is up to speed it drives very well. It drives very well on long trips. I understand that the 2018 units are much improved.

- Joseph W

Affordable and good gas mileage for SUV

My car is a good size, not too big or too small. It has good gas mileage for a SUV. I have not had any issues with performance so far. The only thing I've had an issue with is it not having air vents in the backseat because I have a young child that rides in the back.

- Courtney W

Nice family SUV, fits a family of 5 comfortably and has enough storage.

I have had my vehicle for over a year. Gas mileage is good, I use the 'eco' option all of the time. Bought it used, but it had little miles on it. I love everything about it, except there are no a/c vents in the back. So, my next car needs that since I live in Texas.

- Sina H

My GMC. 2015 slt. Happy with it.

Has a great interior. Uses a lot of gas. The motor is not strong. The body has the look of a h3. I like that. I hope that GMC keeps making it. Like the hummer style. Do not like the tires. Too small. Do not like the dials. Too old looking. Holds its value well.

- William B

Terrain review by a long time driver.

Solidly built vehicle. Quiet ride and good leg room. Lots of storage space as well. The terrain has lots of driver alerts also. This vehicle is my third lease. Good control on the road in the adverse winter weather. Gas mileage is average for this size vehicle.

- Donna P

Perfect vehicle for me and fits all my needs.

Does have some blind spots, very roomy, drives great, no mechanical problems, great for packing lots of items, love not having to bend into a trunk, good on gas mileage, rides smoothly, doesn't feel like driving a huge vehicle, GMC dealer is great for service.

- Joyce R

Great for a small family plus some.

My vehicle is great for a small family. The backspace is excellent for groceries and luggage. The gas is good and can get you from place to place when you are running low on gas. The back row seating is roomie enough to sit 3 passengers, with two car seats.

- Ness M

Not the best choice for a 4 cylinder vehicle.

The seat adjustment is terrible. It burns through gas faster than my v6 charger. No bluetooth was a big killer but since I got a good deal on the car, we took it thinking that we were gonna save on gas..The ride is ok. Roomie enough for a small SUV vehicle.

- Kris P

this vehicle has surprisingly spacious rear seats.

my vehicle is spacious, comfy, and stylish. I dislike the engine options, mileage differences based on advertised and actual, Bluetooth connectivity is only for phone calls, not media, and no cd player. all around nice vehicle with in my opinion few flaws.

- Victor l

I love the sunroof and the space in the vehicle also the back up view.

Sometimes we have trouble adjusting the air conditioner and the heating. There is not enough room for more than to big drinks and they do get in the way of the shifting. Wish it had vents in the back and do not really like the placement of the front vents.

- Rebecca W

The vehicle with enough room to handle big people.

My terrain is very reliable. I have not no problems with its mechanical performance. The only thing I do not like is the seat. They simply are not comfortable. The vehicle is very roomy and there is lots of legroom, but it needs more cushion in the seats.

- Sandra B

The GMC Terrain is top of the line in my book. It is a beautiful ride in more ways than one.

I absolutely love my Terrain. It is roomy, has adjustable seats that raise or lower, (and being short that is a plus) and it gets great gas mileage. If I have any complaint about it, it does not have a CD player and it needs air vents in the back seat.

- Billie D

I love my terrain!! It handles great and is affordable.

I don't care for its wipers but other than that I love my terrain. It handles nice, gets good gas mileage. This is my third one and will keep buying if they keep making them. The performance is very good. I have had absolutely zero reliability issues.

- Lisa C

It is a good, quality family car for a reasonable price, but if you want good mpg, you should look elsewhere.

I like it because it is a small to midsize suv and perfect for my family and easy to get my child in and out of. I do not like it because it doesn't get as good of gas mileage as it was supposed to get. It also has a couple really bad blind spots.

- Hannah B

Decent vehicle needs some design work.

Cons: the only ac vents in the entire SUV is at the very front of the vehicle making the back seat hot and the front seats freezing. The windshield has "acoustic" glass which is incredibly expensive to replace. Pros: great gas mileage in the 4cyl.

- Lauren C

Terrain quality family vehicle.

I love my terrain. It is roomy and comfortable. Smooth drive. Plenty of space for my two car seats. I love that I can easily fit a stroller in the trunk. Gas mileage is decent for an SUV. I have had zero issues in the two years of owning this car.

- Marissa S

The terrain is roomy. It is easy to navigate on the road.

I have had no problems at all with my 2017 GMC terrain. The seats are comfortable and I love having extra areas for charging my devices and lots of cup holders. It rides smooth and the seats are very comfortable. I enjoy the look too.

- Miki B

It has a back-up camera to aid with parking. It is not a gas guzzler.

My Terrain is a nice mid sized SUV. It does not have many added features, which I would like to add later if possible. The back seat is very spacious for my passengers. I like the big open windows so I can see cars around me.

- Whitney R

If you need a midsize SUV, this one is a great choice. Comfortably seats 5 and still has plenty of cargo space.

It's been great. No complaints really. Runs great and gets decent mileage even when pulling the trailer with our motorcycle on it. Use the navigation system regularly. Will probably get another one when the time comes.

- Cristy C

that is has the capability to speed and cruise so you don't get in trouble. It is very spacious inside and nice vehicle to drive. It is good on gas and I don't see any complaints unless you don't tune it up

It is very spacious for a family of 4. It has a lot of trunk room, love the gps navigation and bluetooth. It has that get up and go speed and cruise control. I have not complaints or dislikes about this vehicle

- donna T

Reliable SUV! Great family car and comfortable for long roadtrips

I like the Bluetooth capabilities, navigation, and backing camera. I really enjoy the remote starting in the Minnesota winters. I wish the rear of the truck was a bit bigger without having to drop the seats.

- Kate M

The features that come with the Terrain Denali are worth the extra money.

I like all of the features that the Terrain Denali comes with (heated seats, remote start, built-in navigation, etc.). I also like the look of the SUV. However, I do wish there was more storage space.

- Elizabeth S

The size is perfect not to long for parking .

The SUV rides very good and you can see in all directions. The liftgate is something I can not live without. It get very good gas mileage and is very easy to drive. Plenty of room for five people.

- Laura S

It is dependable and good on gas mileage.

I like how spacious it is on the inside. I also like the low monthly payment and all the radio features. I do not like that it does not have the best pick up and sometimes has a slower acceleration.

- Amanda P

Comfortable and drives great.

I love my vehicle. It is performance is great. It is comfort is awesome. The only thing that I dislike and don't understand is. . It is a Denali but does not have a CD player. I do miss that.

- Gina B

There are many features available through OnStar that make the SUV much more worthwhile.

Overall the car is ideal. It is very reliable and can accommodate to make any size or shaped driver or passenger comfortable. The ride could be smoother, but for the price it cannot be beat.

- Corynn M

It is a great vehicle for smaller family size or with pets.

I wish there was more head room because I have a dane but the next step was a minivan... I love that it is smaller. A little better gas mileage would be nice, but doesn't do too bad now.

- Danielle B

It has a smooth, quiet ride going down the interstate.

I love the look of it. It has a sleek modern feel. It has easy handling. It has comfortable seating and a roomy cargo hold. It has a turbo but does not have much power going up hills.

- Megan M

It is very dependable. We have had it for almost a year and have had no issues or problems.

It is very dependable, economical and efficient. We have had no issues with the vehicle. It has a lot of storage space. It is very nice looking and does not show the dirt.

- Carolyn A

Dependable vehicle at a reasonable price.

My vehicle is very roomy. I just wish the back (trunk area) was a little bit bigger. I also wish there were still standard cd players. Make headrest dvd players an option.

- Traci s

It is not made to fit a decent size family in.

I bought it to have more space for my family to travel in, let’s just say I can only fit two car seats in the back and there is no room to even have a tiny person fit in.

- Rachel D

It has a super deep center console

The gas mileage could be better. I do wish the back was deeper for loading. I love the big Windows and how the seats go down. I like being able to track all performance.

- Chad R

Easy, fun drive. Safe and reliable. Great vehicle.

I really love this vehicle! I have had only 1 problem with the driver side front window, stopped working a few times but was fixed since under warranty. great features.

- Joananh p

It is very roomy inside. And is a great car to travel in.

I love my vehicle. I like that it is a roomy. That it sits higher off the ground than a sedan. I would never get anything smaller than the car I have right now.

- Karla S

Great safety precautions. And great gas mileage. It's very comfortable on long trips.

I love my Denali Terrain because it gets great gas mileage. I dislike the fact that you can't change the radio while in reverse. Overall a great vehicle.

- Debbie B

It has a smooth ride, turns well and gets good gas mileage.

The car has great style and I get a lot of good comments about it. It drives smoothly and gets good gas mileage. The passenger is very difficult to adjust.

- Carolyn H

Car performance matches the overall cost of the car

While it is a decent mid size SUV, at times it feels like it doesn't want to kick into gear, it seems like it takes a minute to rev up to the desired speed.

- Nicole S

Gets the job done in style and safely

Gas mileage could be better - and I wish the technology was better. Sun roof would be cool too. But I like the look of it and it drives and handles well.

- Kristen W

Spacious interior for a small SUV.

The terrain is a comfortable drive, I like the modern details and features of the car. I have not had any problems with the car it is over 1 year old.

- Marie C

The car is great as far as comfort and ease to drive but it is underpowered

Great amenities but underpowered inside is perfect all works well. Keyless entry via buttons on outside would be a plus. It was almost a dealbreaker

- Terry M

Great family car, reliable, and the gold down seats are perfect for pets.

Love the gas mileage and the Bluetooth audio for phone calls. I wish i could play music and pandora without the phone being plugged in via USB though.

- Violet P

My terrain has a great smooth ride even during the winter months.

I love the way my vehicle drives and handles the road. The only thing I hate is when it rains I get soaked by the tailgate when unloading the trunk.

- Francine H

The maintenance cost is very less. Gives enough mileage.

I like the comfort of the vehicle, I like all the safety features, complete entertainment system. This is the best for my family.. No complaints.

- Move J

GMC terrain. Great family vehicle.

I love my GMC terrain! Lots of room for the whole family. Seems to do great on winter roads. All of the features are very nice and user friendly!

- Kay P

I love it- it rides smooth, love the space and the dash design.

I like the size and reliability. I do not like the electronic dashboard which is far outdated. There are a number of squeaks and body noises.

- Alan J

Loving the GMC Terrain Midsize SUV

It's a great midsize SUV. Has plenty of room for a family of 4. Smooth ride and has lots of options such as gps, reverse camera, onstar, etc

- Rachel S

It drives well in the snow.

I like how the car drives. I like the inside specifically the seats and front display. I do not particularly like the way the outside looks.

- Aknee T

The good gas mileage, and, it provides a comfortable ride.

I am pleased with the gas mileage. I am not very impressed with the horsepower. I love the backup camera, and, the dashboard display layout.

- Mary L

It's not a foreign car. I prefer cars that are union made.

I like the roominess, the heated seats (I have back problems), The fact that I sit up fairly high. I don't have any dislikes or complaints.

- Sharon S

Great accessories, fun to drive.

I love my SUV. Perfect size, fits my needs, plenty of trunk space, easy to handle. Drives like a dream. Equipped with convenient features.

- Joannah P

It is very safe. Many safety features. And it drives so smooth.

I love my radio. I have serious. I absolutely love my back up cam. It makes life so much easier. Even though I am still getting use to it.

- Jennifer P

My car drives like an absolute dream. Shocks are very well made.

I love that my vehicle is large enough to fit my family and my dog. It it pretty good on gas as well considering it is a larger vehicle.

- Marcus P

Does not feel cramped! Plenty of room for the whole family to go on an adventure together!

I love how roomy the interior is! It drives really well! It has a nice look to it! Drives like a car but has room for all of our stuff!

- Nick R

Great controls for operating the vehicle

Great Mileage, Styling, comfortable riding. Interior has great styling and ease of controls. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- John W

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

I have a 2017 GMC Terrain. I love it so much. It is very comfortable and makes me feel safe. It also has wi-fi, which is really cool.

- Holly K

Midnight edition. Grills and tire rims are all black.

I have no had any problems with my vehicle so far. It is pretty comfortable. One thing I wish it had was more room and bucket seats.

- Kristin P

It does have very comfy seats and drives well.

It is a reliable comfortable car. Not a lot of bells and whistles in my model. Wish it had more standard features. Like the AWD.

- Nic E

Awesome car, wish it had more air flow though

The only thing I have to complain about is the ac doesn't reach the back seat very well. Other than that we love our GMC terrain

- Sierra Y

it has great safety features things that help you drive better and make you more aware of what's going on on the road

I like the storage capacity, I like the features of my care and i like the look of it. I also like how it drives and handles

- holly p

This vehicle has many safety features

Great reliable vehicle, modern and includes great computerized features. It is a safe vehicle, easy to drive and great MPG

- David A

It is a great family car. Very spacious and comfortable for all my kids.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. I go get oil changes regularly and they do a full inspection every time I go in.

- Michelle D

I have the middle of the line model and it has all of the features I wanted.

So far I am very pleased with my purchase on my 2017 GMC Terrain. I have put on able 20,xxx miles and have had zero issues.

- Megan H

It starts easily when ready to drive even in colder weather.

Very smooth ride.. Good brakes.. Size.. On star, siriusxm.. I like the look,.. I like the color. I feel safe when driving..

- Pat C

It is a great family car. It's great for road trips and all of the in dash features.

I don't like that it doesn't accelerate very fast. I like the looks of it. I love all the features. I like that it's roomy.

- Christy R

Terrain Denali gets great gas mileage

Plenty of room for driver and passengers, great gas mileage and good handling. However, the in-car GPS functions poorly.

- Beth H

It's very compact and fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage.

It's very compact. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have air conditioning vents for the back seat.

- Dave P

It has a lot of space and is a smooth drive.

I like how much room I have in my vehicle. I dislike how it does not read my music through Bluetooth a lot of the times.

- Haley M

GMC are great and reliable cars.

Love my car! Comfortable seats and plenty of room in the back. Rides great and easy to handle. Handles good in the snow.

- Mary D

just ok car. can be better!

a gas guzzler and not not much space even though it is big feel every bump not very comfortable homemade so it is ok to

- kala y

Both side mirrors will fold back & forward if needed

I love my terrain. It's has plenty of leg room in the back & the seat will slide forward if you need more packing room.

- Leah B

It is comfortable, not hard to get into. Roomy backseat.

Love how it rides, not bouncy, seats hug my body for comfort. The only problem I have is an air noise from the back.

- Stacy T

Has no issues and drive real smooth.

Performs very well and does not consume lots of gas. It looks great and I have not had any problems with it at all.

- Bruce A

It's a good, safe car. Decent gas mileage for its size.

Good, comfortable ride. Design and electronics are a bit outdated already. Plenty of space for sitting and storage.

- Alan S

Very comfortable, good on gas, plenty of room for a young family.

No complaints, I love my terrain so easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. Plenty of room for my grandchildren.

- Karen F

Reliable, not fancy car. Simple but comfortable. Safe

It is a reliable vehicle. I have a basic model so I miss having certain features. Comfortable seats. Decent room.

- Nicole E

Reliability and performance.

Just love the comfort of it. Leather seats that I can warm during cold months and enough room for the grandkids.

- Rhonda C

It is affordable and reliable.

I like that it is roomy and reliable, but wish it had more luxury to it. I wish I had opted for more amenities.

- Fancy W

Spacious and good gas mileage.

I like the spacious interior, gas mileage is decent for an SUV. Dislike some of the interior is cheaply made.

- Kate S

It is very comfortable and nice.

It is big and has a really nice ride but is not great on gas especially when the price of gas keeps going up.

- Judy E

GMC Terrain Denali amazing

Super comfortable seats with amazing lumbar support. No problems whatsoever thus far. Love the gps features.

- Kendall B

That it full of extra safety features, such as a back of camera, sensors that let you know when you are swerving into the other lane.

I love all the features of my car. I love the way it looks and drives. It is very smooth and easy to handle.

- Crystal T

My car is American made and tested for many years and gas economy.

My car is roomy and perfect for family. Ideal for traveling. Cannot think of something to dislike of my car.

- Mai C

Amazing vehicle! Super comfortable and great for road trips!

Very reliable suv. It is great in the winter. Super comfortable on the inside and can easily hold a family.

- Danielle G

Safety features, backup assist/camera, front wheel drive.

I like that it is front wheel drive, has more space than last vehicle and is safer than previous vehicle.

- Chelen M

The Acadia is a very safe car from its headlights to its airbags.

It runs very smoothly. It had great MPG. Doesn't have a lot of room but still a lot. Cost it pretty high.

- Bob S

There is a blind spot on the passenger side.

Fairly good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive. It looks nice,. It is a good size good size for me.

- Peg M

The Terrain is very roomy compared to what it looks on the exterior.

Our vehicle is fuel efficient. I like the roominess of the interior. I have no dislikes on our Terrain.

- Bob C

It is very spacious and good for family.

I like the size and versatility, but it has no kick to it and it takes effort to go up small inclines.

- Kurt P

Excellent gas mileage, very safe. Great sound system.

Comfortable, easy to drive. Nice safety features. Great gas mileage. Very reliable. A/C can be loud.

- Tiffany S

It is American made and American name plates all the money stays in the States

Great to drive. Good design and. It is Well built and slot of extras . And it was priced Right.

- Tim C

It is an American car company.

I like the size of the SUV. It is easy to handle and park. I love roominess of the front seat.

- Marian P

It is a great riding vehicle. Very smooth. It gets good gas mileage for a Crossover vehicle. It is a roomy vehicle with good storage space.

It is a nice looking vehicle. It rides smoothly. It is comfortable. Gets decent gas mileage.

- Carol M

It's a GMC Terrain, 26 mpg city 32 mpg highway. Seats 5, comfortably, has a backup camera.

I like that it is comfortable, great on mileage. It has a backup camera that I really love.

- Tracy F

It's gorgeous inside and out

No complaints I love my car wish there were more amenities like Toyota offers for same price

- Carolyn L

That it is comfortable and meets our needs

No complaints, gets me where I need to go. Is roomy enough for vacation. Is a good value.

- Kathy C

It's is very roomie and great on gas for a small suv


- Michelle H

It's a versatile vehicle.

Love the backup camera. Love the comfort. Love the features. Wish it had cooling seats.

- Mark W

Comfortable vehicle that is good on gas mileage and accommodates several passengers

It is large and comfortable and reliable. It's electronic system is old and outdated.

- A J

I think it has a good reputation.

I like the way it drives. No complaints. I would purchase this car again.

- DeeAnn B

Americans make a great car. It is competitive with foreign companies.

Love the advanced style. Love the gas mileage. Love the dealer service.

- Michael B

The Terrain by GMC gets great gas mileage and is very quiet.

Love the mileage, the sound system. Love the bluetooth availability.

- Jan A

Love the color, style and performance. Wish it had apple play.

Reliability and handling. Very comfortable on extended trips.

- Sue K

Safety is the key thing. My SUV is a good size so you can see me coming.

The vehicle looks good, but not enough power going up hills.

- Cindy C

My vehicle is a great family car. It's not too big, so it's good on gas mileage. Just enough room for a family of 4.

It's affordable with its fuel economy for an mid size SUV.

- Brenda F

you feel safe in it. It's big and tall

I like the size of the vehicle. it gives a good ride

- judy M